The Unwanted Houseguest

Chapter 01

Poker on Christmas Day

Beth set the beer down in front of her husband, David with a hard thud. She was really pissed off at him. She was pissed, that it was Christmas and her best present had been some sexy new lingerie, which she hated because it objectified women. She had reluctantly agreed to try it on for him tonight and here he was ignoring her, playing poker with his brother. She was pissed off that David had drank a little too much and that he had gotten carried away, betting part of their rent money. She was also pissed that his good-for-nothing brother had been living with them for the last month, rent free.

Beth hated Steve with a passion. He represented everything she found reprehensible about men. Steve always expected her to wait on him hand and foot, bringing him beer while he watched football, doing his laundry for him, and all other things that he considered woman’s work. Beth always refused which seemed to shock the hell out of her brother-in-law. Beth and David on the other hand shared every household chore, like married people should. She considered herself a liberated woman and loathed Steve as a typical male chauvinist pig.

David and Beth had been married for two years. They had been introduced by their parents at church. David had stared in awe at the beautiful young woman standing before him. She had long curly brown hair that reached down to her firm, oversized, twenty year old breasts. Her thin waist and large hips gave her the perfect hourglass figure. She wore a tasteful, conservative blue dress that reached her ankles. The beautiful young woman’s buxom figure seemed to strain at her dress demanding freedom from the confining clothes.

Beth may have been a conservative, intellectual, feminist at heart but her body was that of the hottest stripper or porn star and David sensed there was a caged wild animal just waiting to be released underneath her bulky clothes. David had pursued her and eventually she agreed to go out with him. Beth was taking women’s studies at college and they were only able to see each other on weekends. They had been dating a year when she found out he had a brother. David’s mother had just rolled her eyes and explained how Steve had always been the black sheep of the family. He had joined the Merchant Marine and after that spent his time traveling the country on his motorcycle doing odd jobs here and there, never staying in one place long, a typical wanderer.

David and Beth got married two years after meeting each other. Steve had strolled into the church on the day of the wedding, surprising everyone. Beth couldn’t believe that Steve was related to her husband. David was 5’6″ and really skinny. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body, but then he didn’t have any muscles either. She loved him because he understood that marriage was a partnership and he treated her as an equal in every way. Steve on the other hand was a giant. He rippled with muscles and towered over everyone at the wedding reception. His skin was tan from being outdoors on his motorcycle and her bridesmaids giggled over his rugged good looks. David had introduced her to Steve and her new brother-in-law had openly eyed her body and whistled as he shook her hand. She found his behaviour to be inappropriate, primitive, and offensive, causing her to immediately dislike him.

David had taken Beth’s virginity on their wedding night and ever since then he had been trying to loosen her up in bed. David couldn’t get enough of her body and wanted sex constantly, which was a shame because she didn’t seem to enjoy sex very much and could take it or leave it. His dreams were of oral and anal sex, but he could never get her beyond plain old intercourse under the sheets with the lights turned out. David had bought a couple of adult movies, hoping that they would turn her on and give her a few ideas. She had sat through the first complaining about how it treated women as objects and how offensive it was. He noticed she had shut up during a scene in which a stud with a large seven inch penis was getting a blow job from a slutty big breasted blonde. He glanced over at his wife and found her staring at the screen, her mouth hanging open in amazement. She had left for bed after that and David followed later, after finishing the film. He had climbed on top of her and inserted his skinny five and a half inch penis into her vagina finding her to be soaking wet. They had some of the best sex of their marriage that night, but all his hopes of a wilder, kinky wife never materialized.

They had been married a year when Steve made his second visit. He asked to stay with them and though he was typically rude and obnoxious, Beth put up with him because it was only for a couple of days. On his last day in town Steve asked if David had any porns and since Beth was sleeping, David got them out and popped one into the vcr. He hit play and the screen immediately lit up with the image of the large dicked man getting a blowjob from the blonde. Steve laughed and asked if this was David’s favorite scene. David blushed and replied that he must not have rewound it all the way. They finished the movie and he put another one in. The screen showed a black man with the largest penis David had ever seen, having anal sex with a well built white girl. His black rod must have been 8″ long and extremely thick to boot. Steve had laughed at him again and David blurted out that his wife must be watching them. Much to David’s embarrassment Steve told him that his wife must have a thing for big cocks, since she wasn’t getting one at home. The day before Steve had walked in on David, when he was changing and had laughed at the little worm dangling between his brother’s legs. David had been so ashamed, that he suppressed his memory of the incident.

Steve showed up again a year later at Thanksgiving and asked to stay through January if he could find a bartending job. Steve wanted to save up enough money to head out to California. Beth was furious but relented when he agreed to pay for his share of the bills. They had been struggling to make ends meat for the past year. David had a fairly decent job as an accountant and Beth had discovered that women’s studies hadn’t exactly opened up a lot of career opportunities for her and she was waiting tables at a nearby diner, much to her displeasure.


David looked at the pot. There had to have been at least $600 there. He glanced at his cards for the hundredth time, four sevens. His cocky brother had just raised him another fifty bucks, money that David didn’t have. The game had gotten out of hand, with each brother throwing in money until the stakes had gotten this serious. David looked up at his brother, Steve was staring back at with a huge grin on his face as he waited for David’s bet. David glanced over at his wife. She was holding another beer bottle for him and staring at the money on the table. They could sure use the extra cash as they were a little strapped for the holidays.

“I don’t have enough,” he said.

“Well then,” said Steve triumphantly, “I’ll just have to take all this cash.”

He was reaching out for the money when his brother interrupted him.

“Maybe, I can offer you something else,” David said. David couldn’t pass up this much cash just because he was short a little money. He had four-of-a-kind, playing one on one with his brother at poker. What were the odds of Steve having a better hand?

“What you offering?” Steve asked.

David asked, “What do I have that you want?”

Steve’s eyes immediately went to Beth standing there with a beer in her hand. “How about a blow job from that sexy wife of yours?” David stared at his brother in shock and heard Beth gasp and then the sound of the beer bottle shattering as it hit the floor.

“You filthy pervert,” she said in disgust and went to get a broom and towel to clean up the beer and broken glass.

“I can’t do that Steve,” said David. “For one thing I don’t own her to bet with and for another thing it’s adultery and that’s a sin. He heard Beth return and stand behind him looking at his four sevens.

Steve said, “It’s not adultery according to the President, but I’ll make you a deal. If you win you keep the money and if I win, I keep half the money and your wife has to jerk me off. You can keep the other half of the cash.”

David had opened his mouth to reply, “no way” when Beth interrupted and said she’d do it. He looked up at her in surprise and she pulled him into the kitchen.

Beth told her husband that there was no way that Steve could beat four-of-a-kind and that they couldn’t afford to lose half their rent money, even if he did have a better hand. Beth added that they could sure use all the money in the pot and that Steve owed them anyway for letting him live there rent free. They argued for a minute and they returned to Steve, after David reluctantly gave in to her.

“Alright, its a bet,” said David holding his cards confidently, while his wife stood behind him.

“Ok,” replied Steve with a grin. “On one condition. Beth has to wear that sexy pair of bra and panties you gave her, when she does it.”

Beth clenched her teeth with rage. She was furious at her husband for putting her in this position and for showing his big jerk of a brother, the sleazy lingerie David had given her. Decent women simply didn’t wear outfits like that in front of men, including their husbands. She gave David a look that told him he would be paying for this later on, after they won the money. “Lets just get this over with,” she said, her heart thumping in her chest from nervousness.

Steve smiled and said, “lets see what you got.”

David spread his cards out revealing his four sevens and he and Beth both shouted in delight at the look of surprise on Steve’s face. David was reaching out to gather up his money when Steve stopped him and spread out his cards, four queens. David was crestfallen and Beth just gasped in shock.

“Steve, your not really planning on making Beth go through with it or you?” David asked.

Steve looked at Beth, she was staring at him hopefully. He openly looked down her incredible figure and felt his cock stir. It looked like her body was straining to be free of her clothes. The only women he had seen with figures like hers were strippers or porn stars and their bodies were usually half fake. “A bets a bet bro,” Steve said still staring at Beth. “You were going to keep all the money if you won right? Now Beth you run upstairs and change into that sexy outfit and bring back some vaseline with you.”

David looked at his wife. She was looking at his brother with both anger and disgust written all over her face. “Honey, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to,” he told her. “Steve can keep all the money and I’ll pick up some extra hours at work to cover the rent.”

Beth shot her husband a look filled with just as much disgust as she was giving his brother. “No dammit, serves you right for getting me in this mess.” She turned and angrily stomped off upstairs to change.

David dejectedly watched his brother divide up their money. At least he got to keep half, not needing to worry about the rent now, and all Beth had to do was tug on Steve’s penis a couple times. David saw his brother breathing heavily with excitement as he waited for Beth and David suddenly remembered something a little unnerving. David was twenty five and Steve was seven years older so they didn’t have the same friends in school. Even so, rumors about what a stud his brother was had trickled down to David’s class. Steve had a reputation for being extremely well hung and he had apparently nailed dozens of women before leaving for the Merchant Marine. David on the other hand, had only had one blow job and been jerked off once before losing his virginity with Beth. He remembered the girls coming on really strong, but they had seemed disappointed with his little penis. They never returned his phone calls after the first date. Had his brother’s reputation caused them to hit on him? David suddenly remembered the incident with the videos from Steve’s last visit. Beth apparently had a fascination with big penises and if the rumors were true, she was about to see one in person. Surely, Steve had forgotten about that incident also? Hadn’t he?


Beth’s clothes hit the floor and she sighed in relief as the cool air caressed her body. She always felt so hot and claustrophobic wearing such heavy dresses, but she endured it since intelligent, decent women always covered up their bodies. She was surprised to see her nipples were hard and jutting out about half an inch. She pinched her nipples and moaned softly in pleasure at their sensitivety. She attributed it to the cold from the air conditioner and went back to changing. Beth put the christmas box on the bathroom sink and removed the little red panties. They were see through and fringed with white fluff, like a Santa hat. She slid them on, the thong running up between her butt cheeks. The bra matched the panties and she put it on, noticing that her areola were visible through the thin material. Her long nipples stretched the thin material out even further. Surprisingly, the outfit felt very comfortable. It seemed to caress her body and she found herself wishing that she could wear this little all the time so that she wouldn’t feel so constrained. There was also a Santa hat in the box to complete the sexy Mrs. Claus look, but she ignored it. She looked at herself in the mirror. It was hard not to feel proud for looking this good, despite being so conservative. Her looks and figure were better then the sluts in David’s porno movies and she shivered as she thought about the big fake penises in his movies, especially the unreal black penis being rammed into that one whores’s ass. She had never confessed to liking David’s movies as she considered them undignified, but there was no denying how much they excited her when she secretly watched them. Beth spun around seeing her bare ass and realized she was about to show off more of her body to her brother-in-law then anyone including her husband had ever seen. She grabbed the vaseline, put on her robe and headed down stairs. Beth knew that this was as much her fault as it was David’s and felt that the humiliation would be punishment enough for both of them. Besides, it would be all over in a couple minutes.

Steve had a smug, superior look on his face when Beth entered wearing the short robe. “Alright Beth,” he said. “Lets see what you’ve got.”

Beth flashed her brother-in-law a nasty look that spoke volumes, and with a resigned shrug, she opened the robe and let it fall to the floor. She braced herself for the whistles and catcalls, but they never came. What did surprise her was the reaction she was getting from the two men. David was staring at her lustfully and she could see the outline of his erect penis beneath his jeans. Steve on the other hand had stood up straight and looked like he was about to rape her right on the spot. She shivered in fear as she looked up at him towering over her. Beth was both surprised and disappointed in herself for finding that the experience was actually arousing her. Here she was a strong, intelligent woman getting turned on by showing off her body before her husband and a man that she despised with a passion.

Merry “fucking” christmas, thought Steve as he eyed Beth dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus. He knew she had been hiding a hot body under all those clothes, but he never imagined it was this perfect. How did my wimpy little brother score a babe this hot, he thought? “Let’s see a little more,” said Steve as he made a circling motion with his fingers.

Beth was ready to slap him, but just gritted her teeth and spun around, showing off her bare rear end and the rest of her body. “Come on Steve lets get this over with,” she said. “Take it out.”

Steve shook his head no. “You get to do the honors,” he said as he pulled his shirt off over his head.

She found herself staring at his bare chest and she couldn’t help but be impressed with his physique, despite her feelings for him personally. She looked down at his pants and reached out to unbuckle his belt. She was reaching for his buttons, when she felt him put his hands on her shoulders and push her down to her knees. She tried to resist, but he was just to strong and she relented, kneeling before his crotch. His pants were really stretched out in the front and she assumed they must be too big for him. She wanted to get this unpleasant experience over with and quickly unbuttoned his pants pulling the zipper down. She tugged at his jeans and struggled to get his tight pants down over his hips. When she had them down around his ankles he stepped out of them and she reached up to yank off his white briefs and stopped. The bulge contained under his briefs was simply immense. Beth was confused and shook her head in denial. She had always thought that her husband had a nice sized penis and that the large ones in the pornos were fake. He must have stuffed a sock or three in there, she reasoned. She grabbed the waist band of his underwear and jumped back in surprise as his massive penis leaped out at her and rested half erect against her right cheek. His penis must be at least 10″ long she thought to herself in shock. His giant penis rubbed against her cheek and then started to rise up the side of her face and it came to rest against her forehead. Beth found herself looking down the underside of his massive shaft at the big blue vein underneath, pulsing with power. It had grown another inch and she realized that it had to be just short of a foot long at full erection. Steve’s penis was close to three times the length of her husband’s and twice as thick. Even his testicles are bigger then David’s she thought as she stared at his big hairy balls. She felt Steve pull back a little and his penis slowly slid down her face over the bridge of her nose and the fat head came to rest on her parted lips. She was still staring ahead in a state of shock and as she felt it on her lips she glanced down its length and then up Steve’s hard, muscular body and she saw his face grinning down at her. Beth spent the next couple of days wondering why she reacted the way she did, but as she thought of herself kneeling half naked before such a strong, powerful man with his super-sized penis resting against her mouth, without thinking, she pursed her lips and kissed its plump head. Beth quickly came to her senses and pulled back so that his penis hovered before her face horrified at what she had done. She briefly worried about David but, he was behind her and hopefully hadn’t seen her do it.

Steve had seen it of course, and he laughed. “What’s a matter Beth,” he said. “I thought you were in a hurry to jack off my cock.”

Beth was offended by his course language. She was in a hurry to get this over with, but the size of his c.., his penis had shocked her. Never taking her eyes off his incredible co.., penis, she reached up and grabbed the vaseline. She put a a glob on her hand and then thinking that it would take a lot more to cover such a large coc.., penis, she scooped up a larger glob. Beth reached out her vaseline covered hand and for the first time in her life grabbed a cock other then her husbands. Steve’s cock was so much bigger then her husbands little penis that she gathered up even more vaseline on her other hand. She covered the head with vaseline and ran her hand down to the base, lubricating it thoroughly and she measured him with both hands to see how big it was. It took four of her hands to cover the shaft and his cock’s fat head was still peaking out at her. Her fingers couldn’t touch as they encircled it and she could feel it throbbing in her hands. David’s erections were always soft and bendable but Steve’s cock was so hard that you could hammer nails with it.

Beth was both awed and shocked by Steve’s cock. She began tugging on it with both hands and then she began running her hands up and down his foot long shaft, stopping only to put on more vaseline. Beth never took her eyes of Steve’s cock as she stroked it. She became memorized by the rhythmic movement of her hands gliding up and down his shaft and entered a strange dreamlike state. In her dreams, her hands turned into lips and she was impossibly swallowing all twelve inches of his rod down her throat. Then her lips grew hairy and his cock was pounding into her vagina, no her vagina was for her husband. Steve was fucking her pussy. His massive shaft darkened, turning black and then she was the blonde slut in the video taking his black cock up her ass. She dreamed she was Steve’s slut and all three of her holes were filled at once by three 12″ cocks. She moaned softly at the thought of having all her holes stuffed full of cocks that large.

David moved around to the side to get a better view. He heard his wife moan and realized that his worst fears had come true. She was completely enthralled by his brother’s gigantic penis and after seeing it for himself he couldn’t blame her. David was both worried, ashamed, and surprisingly, excited at the same time. If these two had been strangers, he would be observing the most erotic sight of his life. He wasn’t used to seeing Beth dressed so sluttily and it was easy to pretend she was some porn goddess stroking off the penis of some well hung stud. David’s little penis was so hard it ached under his pants and he yearned to release it.

Beth’s tired arms brought her out of her dream and she hated herself for the thoughts that had gone through her mind. She didn’t want to take her eyes off that beautiful cock, but she managed to glance at the clock. Then she glanced back, she must have been confused about the time, because she could swear she had started jerking him off fifty minutes ago. Impossible, she thought, it should have been over in five minutes, but then why were her arms so tired? She glanced up at her brother-in-law and found he was still staring down at her an arrogant smirk on his face. There was sweat on his brow and he was breathing heavy. She felt his cock throbbing under her hands, and she returned her attention to his shaft. The head was swelling up even bigger and its eye was opening and closing with each stroke of her hand. She started stroking it faster now. The power she felt at knowing she was about to make him orgasm giving her arms the strength to finish. Beth brought her head down to get a better view of the drops of semen that were about to trickle out of the pee slit. The hood just continued to swell even larger and just when she thought Steve was going to last forever, she saw the eye open wide and then his hot white seed was spraying her face. Her mouth opened wide as she pulled back in horror and she saw a long strand of his cum blast from the head of his cock and it flew into her mouth, striking the back of her throat. Beth gulped as she tried to scream and swallowed his hot cum down before she had time to think. More strands of semen hit her face and breasts soiling her red bra. She fell back trying to escape his sperm bath and even more of his semen splattered on her belly and abdomen. Beth scurried to her feet and ran up the stairs crying.


She could barely see herself in the bathroom mirror through her tears and wiped her eyes. The beautiful woman she had been proud of an hour ago was gone, replaced by a sperm covered slut from one of her husband’s pornos. She saw her soiled new lingerie, splattered with semen and she stripped naked, throwing the stained bra and panties into the trash. She stood there panting heavily watching her large breasts rising and falling with each breath. Beth was very confused. She had read somewhere that the male orgasm normally only filled up a tea spoon, yet Steve’s cum could fill up at least three shot glasses. Some sperm was dripping down over her left nipple and she went to wipe it up with her finger, but instead found herself rubbing his semen around her hard nipple, moaning as the pungent aroma of so much cum overwhelmed her sense of smell, intoxicating her with it’s smell. She still could taste him in her mouth as she brought up her cum coated fingers and began to lick them. She found herself scooping up his semen and shovelling it into her mouth trying to taste more. Beth became a ravenous animal and couldn’t get enough, licking around her lips trying to get it all. She then eyed the sperm on her nipple and she bent her neck and pushed her breast up, licking one long nipple clean. Beth was out of control, scooping a glob of his seed out of her belly button and quickly sucked it off her finger. The only semen left untouched, was on her abdomen and it was trickling down onto her pubic hair. She scooped it up and was about to bring her finger up to her mouth, when her hand reversed course and pushed her cum covered finger into her vagina, trying to push his seed deep into her womb. Beth’s legs grew wobbly as she fingered her hungry pussy. She collapsed to her knees, then she fell forward on her shoulder before the toilet, with her ass thrust up in the air as she rapidly fingered herself. She moaned softly and opening her eyes saw the light reflect off another glob of semen on her red bra hanging out of the trash can before her. Resting her weight on her shoulder, she reached out her free hand and scooped it off the bra. She stared at it shining on her fingertip for a couple of seconds before bringing her hand up over her rear end. She pushed her cum covered finger into her rectum, pushing his remaining sperm deep into her ass. Beth was trembling and moaning softly as she moved her fingers in and out of her two holes. It was a strange, fulfilling experience, and she felt an unfamiliar, but incredible feeling growing deep within her belly and then it erupted spreading waves of pleasure throughout her body. Her ass clenched her finger tight and she felt her pussy expand and contract as the finger in it got soaked by her juices. The powerful feeling frightened her at first, until she realized that she must of had her first orgasm, while pushing another mans sperm into a place only her husbands had gone and another place no man’s cum had ever been, until now.

Beth felt another one coming and tried to fight it, whispering “I hate him. I don’t want that big cock,” over and over again, but she shook and almost screamed as the second orgasm overwhelmed her and the pleasure caused her to pass out to dreams of being dominated by her brother-in-law’s giant cock.

She awoke soon afterwards to a pounding on the door and she pushed herself to her hands and knees, her head hanging before the toilet.

David stuck his head in and said “You ok there honey?”

Beth nodded and pointed at the toilet like she was going to throw up.

“Yell, if you need anything,” he said. “and Beth I’m sorry about all this.” David saw his wife look at him sadly without saying anything and he said, “I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.” David closed the door a little relieved. She wasn’t as covered in his brother’s cum as he thought. If she was sick to her stomach she probably wouldn’t have had time to clean it off. So, he reasoned, it must have looked a lot worse then it had been. David felt a little better, as he stripped and got into bed.

Beth threw herself into the shower. The strange urges that had overwhelmed her were gone and she was filled with self loathing as she tried to scrub all traces of his sperm off her body. She spent thirty minutes rubbing soap everywhere his cum had touched her and she still didn’t feel clean. She finally got out of the shower when the hot water turned cold. There were tears in her eyes as she brushed her teeth, at least five times, rinsing out her mouth with mouthwash after each one. She looked at the toothbrush and threw it into the trash on top of her ruined lingerie. She could by a new toothbrush tomorrow.

Beth hated Steve more then ever now. No decent man would ever make her do what he did. Why didn’t he warn her about the size of his orgasms? She was disgusted with her husband from not stopping her from going through with it and for not being a man and throwing his brother out of their house, but most of all she hated herself for reacting the way she had.

David lay in bed waiting for his wife. He was hornier then he had ever been in his life and was worried she would be too pissed off or sick to her stomach to make love to him. He needn’t have worried, Beth practically threw herself on him. She spread her legs and ground her pussy against his pubic hairs trying to get him deep inside her as she rode him up and down. She was trying to kiss him but all he could think of was his brother’s semen shooting into her mouth and he kept turning his head away from her.

Beth felt her husband squirming underneath her to avoid kissing her mouth, and she figured he must think she had vomited. She forcefully grabbed his head and kissed him on the lips slipping her tongue in and out of his mouth. He resisted at first and then kissed her back. She needed the familiar taste and smell of her husband to cover up her memory of Steve. Typical of David, she felt his penis swell up and ejaculate inside her after five minutes. His small load didn’t even penetrate as far as her finger had and did little to stop the invading sperm of his brother. Still, it was the best sex they had ever had and she collapsed beside him, exhausted.

They lay side by side panting and David yawned saying, “Steve sure is well hung, isn’t he?”

“I had no idea there were cocks that big,” she whispered back, staring at the roof, eye wide open at the memory.

David’s eyes narrowed, “What did you say?”

Beth caught her mistake and replied, “I said, I didn’t know penises got that large.”

“Oh” said David closing his eyes, “I love you Beth,”

“I love you too.” she replied thinking about Steve’s cock. Beth laid awake all night thinking of the foot long monster waiting on the couch downstairs. Exhausted, she finally fell asleep about dawn.

Steve slowly stroked his cock all night waiting for Beth to come to him. No woman had ever been able to resist his penis once they had seen it. The sun was coming up, when he realized she probably wasn’t coming and he was both surprised and delighted to think that he had a challenge on his hands.

Chapter 02

Pool on New Years Eve

David finished combing his hair and headed downstairs while Beth was still in the shower. He hadn’t slept well as he kept having disturbing dreams about his wife and brother all night long. He kissed his wife good morning and noticed she looked exhausted, like she hadn’t slept very well either.

He went down to the kitchen and poured some coffee, Steve was sitting at the table reading the sports section of the morning paper wearing only his sweat pants. Steve’s eyes were blood shot, showing that no one had gotten any sleep that night.

David sipped his coffee and looked out the sliding glass door, out over the neighbors houses at the Miami skyline in the distance. He adjusted the glasses on his nose and summoned his courage drawing himself up to his full height, which was still a foot shorter then Steve. David turned and looked at his brother quietly reading the paper. “Steve,” he said. His brother just grunted in reply, not taking his eyes off yesterdays scores.

“I want you to know, that I consider your behaviour last night to be disgusting and immoral. If you ever so much as attempt to do anything like that again, I’m going to ask you to leave.”

Steve couldn’t believe his ears. The wimp had actually stood up to him and for a split second he was proud of his little brother. David was clearly quite nervous and was shaking as he reprimanded his much bigger sibling. Steve never regretted anything he had ever done and he tried to imagine what being remorseful felt like. When he thought he had it, he got a sad, apologetic look on his face. “I’m sorry David. I know I can be a jerk and last nights behaviour was way out of line. It was just that I was drunk, and I hadn’t gotten laid in three days, so I was horny as hell.. I know Beth doesn’t like me and I promise I’ll show her more respect from now on.”

David sighed in relief when Steve didn’t kill him. He thanked his brother for understanding his position and left for work. He walked out onto the deck and was heading to his car when it hit him. That had been only three days worth of cum, yet it had been more sperm then his own balls produced in a year. What if it had been a week since Steve had gotten off? A year? David briefly pictured Beth drowning in a pool filled with his brother’s semen and shuddered in horror at the thought.

Steve watched his brother drive away and promptly removed his sweats, throwing them out into the living room on the couch. He sat there clad only in his tight white briefs from last night and as he had a good hard morning erection, it showed off his bulge superbly.

Beth was also trying to drum up the courage to face Steve. Everywhere she looked were reminders of his big, thick, cock, from her can of hair spray to the curtain rod in the shower. She finished putting on her bulky, pink waitress uniform and went down into the kitchen, knowing Steve would be there.

She suppressed a gasp when she saw him sitting at the table practically naked. His legs were spread wide showing off the enormous bulge beneath his underwear as he sat there quietly reading the paper. She tried to suppress the memory of last night as she got a bowl of cereal out of the cupboard. Beth opened the refrigerator and found herself staring at a large fat cucumber. She ran her hand down the hard, rough skin of the cucumber and grabbed the carton of milk behind it. After filling up her bowl, she saw three long bananas sitting on the counter and thought that one would taste pretty good in her cereal, so she grabbed the biggest one and peeled off the skin. She looked at the long white fruit and decided she didn’t want to cut it up to put in her bowl for some reason and stared at it lying on the counter as she ate her cereal. Beth was uncomfortable with Steve in the room and she wanted to get moving. She looked up at the cock on the wall and realized she was running late. She grabbed his meat out of the freezer and threw it into their cock pot, to let it slow cock all day. It was David’s turn to make dinner that night and he would finish it when he got home. She was relieved to think that it would just be her and her husband as Steve would be bartending until late. She grabbed her purse and the banana and walked out onto the hard wood dick and around the garage to her car. She sat in her car in the driveway for a couple minutes and thought about Steve. Just thinking about him made her mad and she was growing angrier by the minute. Why had he ignored her? She had braced herself to be humiliated and teased by the man she hated and all she had gotten was silence. Why hadn’t he thanked her getting him off? She didn’t even know if he had enjoyed it and for some reason she hoped he had, but did he throw so much as a kind word in her direction. She even wished he had laughed at her when she came into the kitchen, anything but ignoring her. Oh how I hate that arrogant bastard, she thought.

Beth was thinking of Steve’s hard body as she looked at herself in the rear view mirror. She brought the banana up to her mouth to take a bite and rested it on her lips, seeing it in the mirror. A horrible, foreign thought popped into her mind and she pictured herself crawling under the kitchen table and pulling down Steve’s briefs, she had to know what it was like. Beth watched her mouth open and instead of biting, she pushed the banana in deep. She saw her cheeks bulging out as she took the long banana further into her mouth. She thought how natural it looked having something that large in her mouth and pictured how good the slutty blonde in the porno looked stuffing that laughable little seven inch penis down her throat. She was curious as to how much she could take and pushed the banana in deeper until she gagged, crushing the pulp. Like a starving animal she shoved the rest of the banana into her mouth, swallowing most of it without chewing. Beth was still hungry and thought about running inside for another banana, but then remembering she’d have to pass by Steve to get it, so she started the car and left for work.


The rest of the week went by without incident much to David’s relief. Steve had announced that he would be leaving by the end of January and Beth seemed a lot happier knowing he’d be out of their house soon. She avoided him whenever possible, but when he was around she seemed to make every effort to get along with him, from picking up after him to doing his laundry without complaint. She even seemed to anticipate when he wanted a beer and she would bring it out to the living room for him before he asked for one. She still complained in private to David, however, telling him she couldn’t wait until he was gone.

New Years Eve

The three of them were getting along so well that Steve invited them to come out to the bar he worked at, to ring in the new year. Steve told his brother that he’d hook them up with drinks as he’d be quitting soon and didn’t care if he got caught and fired. Steve fed them free beers and shooters all night and they were quite drunk by the time midnight rolled around.

“Three…two…one….Happy New Year,” everyone shouted and the noise makers went off as the crowd downed the traditional glass of champagne.

Beth turned to her husband and gave him a quick kiss. Then seeing Steve had no one to kiss, she leaned across the bar, smiling and puckered up. She felt Steve grab the back of her head and he held her lips to his as his tongue slipped inside her mouth. She wanted to fight it and resisted at first, but then she began kissing him back. Beth could practically hear her nipples pop out under her bra as Steve gave her a kiss that curled her toes. She pulled away from him breathing heavily her face flushed, caught between wanting to slap him or begging him for another kiss. She stared at him for a moment before turning back to her husband, he was out of it and hadn’t seen anything. Steve just nonchalantly returned to his bar tending duties like nothing had happened.

Beth told David she was ready to go and realizing that they were both too drunk to drive home, she asked Steve to call them a taxi. He told her that he’d be off soon and would drive them home. They could take him to pick up his bike in the morning. Beth agreed as Steve hadn’t been able to drink to much while working and seemed sober.

Beth was really wound up and wide awake. She wanted to keep celebrating as she sat next to Steve in the front seat of their car. David on the other hand had passed out in the back seat. She glanced over at Steve driving. He was wearing khaki shorts and a tight blue tank top that showed off his biceps well. She couldn’t resist glancing down at his crotch and was excited to see the large outline of his cock underneath his shorts. She glanced away before he could catch her staring at him.

Steve pulled into their driveway, shook David awake, and asked, “Anybody up for some pool?”

Both David and Beth said, “yes” and they left the car and went into the garage. David had an old, beat up pool table in there and they grabbed some pool sticks and got ready to play. “Beth go get us three beers,” Steve said as he racked the balls.

Beth was half way to the kitchen before she realized he hadn’t even said please. Who the hell does he think he think he is? Just cause he’s got a big dick and can kiss like Casanova doesn’t mean he can order me around like his servant. Then she paused in thought, he had been ordering her around all week and she had waited on him willingly, craving his attention. He had practically ignored her and she was dying to be acknowledged in some way for jerking him off. Her cheeks flushed with anger at herself and her brother-in-law. I’m an educated, liberated woman, she thought, but why am I behaving this way? She grabbed three beers and stomped back to the garage.

David had done a poor job breaking, in his drunken state and gave up saying he couldn’t see the balls as they were moving around too much. He told his wife to play Steve and collapsed heavily on the steps and his chin fell forward, resting on his chest.

Beth was a good pool player and easily ran the table. She felt triumphant beating her arrogant brother-in-law at something and laughed at the surprised look on his face. “What’s the matter, Steve,” she teased. “Don’t you like being beaten by a girl.”

“One more game,” he growled. “and go get us a couple more beer, while I rack.”

“Loser gets the beer,” she said grabbing the rack from him.” She returned his glare with a smile and flushed with pride at seeing him storm off to the kitchen.

Steve returned and stepped over a comatose David lying uncomfortably across the steps. “I’ll be right back,” he said throwing his brother over his shoulder. Steve carried David into the house and deposited him on the couch in the living room. Steve walked back to the garage and Beth easily won the second game. Steve got two more beers and returned to a smug Beth waiting to break the balls.

“You’re very good,” he told her.

“Thanks, my Grandaddy was a professional pool player and taught me a lot of tricks.”

“Well I know some tricks of my own.” he said. “I bet I can win this next game.”

“I bet you can’t,” she replied without thinking.

“Alright, if I win, you have to jack me off again.”

She glared at him thinking how much she’d like shove that cocky attitude down his throat. “Steve, I’m never going anywhere near your cock again.”

“Oh come on Beth, It felt great the other night and I haven’t cum since then. That was the best hand job in my life and besides you only have to do it if you lose.”

Beth was prepared to slap him. What she wasn’t prepared for was the feeling of satisfaction she got knowing that she had pleased him and that he wanted her to do it again. She felt a strong urge to fall to her knees and jack him off right then, but she resisted the urge, ashamed of herself for even thinking it. She gave in to his pleas, thinking there was no way he could beat her. “Alright Steve but, if I win you have to pack your bags and leave my house within two days,” she said almost regretting her words at the hurt look on Steve’s face.

“Hold on there Beth, that’s pretty serious stuff there. Those kind of stakes should be worth a blow job at the very least.”

She looked at him in disgust,”There no way I’m putting anything a man pees from in my mouth and especially not your thing.” Beth said shivering at how cold and clammy her soaking wet panties felt against her thighs.

Steve reached into his pant’s pocket and pulled out a wad of bills. “These are my tips from tonight. There’s about five hundred dollars here. If you win, you get the money and I’m gone tomorrow, but if I win you have to strip naked and suck on my cock until I cum.”

Beth shivered as she pictured herself naked sucking on his big cock just like she had the banana earlier in the week. She forced herself to concentrate and thought of all the things she could do with an extra five hundred dollars. Beth also thought how pleasant it would be to have Steve out of her hair a month sooner then expected. She accepted the bet on the condition that he’d give her plenty of warning so she wouldn’t have to swallow his cum. She also made him promise that he’d point his cock away from her this time when he ejaculated. Steve readily agreed to her terms. Beth broke and immediately sank three balls.

She was lining up the fourth when Steve said, “I didn’t know you hated me so much Beth.”

“Can’t stand you,” she replied moving her stick back to shoot.

“You sure seemed to love my cock though”

Beth missed her shot and stood up all flustered. “I don’t…It was….Your just…”

“I especially liked that little kiss you planted on its head.” “

It was just so big and impressive,” she finally blurted out immediately horrified at what she had said. If he was arrogant now think how full of himself he’d get knowing she thought his cock was impressive.

“Thank you,” he said bowing his head at the compliment. “Think how big and impressive it’s going to feel stuffed in your mouth.”

She resisted an impulse to crack the pool stick over his head.

Steve was studying the pool table. She had left him with no shots. He was worried about losing his money, he needed it to cover his expenses when he took off for California. Beth had turned out to be much better then he had thought and though he had been holding back during the first two games, he realized she still could win. He was saved by the sound of David falling to the floor in the living room.

Beth went to check up on her husband and found him stumbling around the living room. She helped him upstairs to their bedroom, to put him in bed.

Steve watched Beth slowly going up the stairs, her husband hanging on her. He noticed David’s camcorder was sitting on the desk, attached to the computer. He quickly ran over and pointed it at the couch and pressed record.

When Beth returned to the garage, Steve was holding the pool stick between his legs,chalking the end of it. He looked like he was polishing the head of a skinny four foot long penis and she suppressed a laugh as she imagined herself using his foot long penis to shoot pool. She watched Steve bend over to shoot and he easily ran the table winning the game. It was over so fast, her mind didn’t even have time to register the consequences of his victory and she felt Steve grab her hand and drag her inside the house to the couch.

Steve positioned Beth in front of the video camera, she was staring blankly at his chest in a state of shock. He untucked her shirt and started unbuttoning her blouse. He grew impatient and ripped her blouse open revealing her large, white breasts contained by a lacy blue bra.

Beth wasn’t prepared for the feelings that overwhelmed her when he ripped off her top and started taking off her long denim skirt. She was horrified to think that she was about to cheat on David, for there was no doubt in her mind that oral sex was sex and what made it worse was that she had always refused to do it to her husband, telling him it was dirty and immoral, though she had wanted to try it ever since watching his pornos. Despite her feelings of guilt for what she was about to do her body was betraying her. Her nipples were so hard she felt they were going to stretch out her bra until the elastic snapped and her panties felt so damp, she thought they would slide down her legs from the extra weight. It was like her body was conspiring against her, trying to force her to appear nude before this dominant male.

Steve kneeled before her and she trembled thinking how close his head was to her panty covered crotch. He grabbed her calves and had her step out of her shoes leaving her in only her underwear. She once again felt relief at being out of her confining clothes, wishing that she could wear this little all the time. She watched him stand up and kick his shoes off, as he pulled off the tank top. “St-Steve, please don’t make me do this,” she begged.

Steve just grinned as he deftly unhooked her bra causing her breasts to jump out as they were freed from their prison. No man but, David had ever seen her bare breasts before and she held her arms across her chest to hide them. “Nnnoo, Steve, please stop now,” she cried. She felt Steve’s hand grab her panties and she moaned as his knuckles ran across her pubic hairs as he reached inside them. She heard him laugh when he felt how wet they were and she blushed with shame. Steve grabbed them tight and she moaned louder as they twisted and slid into her pussy, parting her vaginal lips. He yanked on her panties pulling her into his arms. Beth used her dainty little hands to catch herself against his chest and she ran them across the muscular ridges in his chest and abs. His body was as hard as a brick wall, as hard as his cock had been the other night. Her nose took in his strong masculine odor and she inhaled deeply. Her legs went weak, and she would have fallen to the floor at his feet but he still held her up by her panties.

Steve encircled his arm around her and leaned down so that he could push her panties down to her knees. He stood back up and used his foot to push them all the way down to the floor.

She was now naked before this handsome giant, ready to suck on his foot long cock. Steve steadied her on her feet and reaching out, he rolled her nipples between his fingers causing her to moan again. Despite the waves of electricity emanating out from her sensitive nipples she gritted her teeth and said, “Ohhh, your not, ahh-llowed to touch.”

Steve held her up for a second looking down at her full breasts and at her vagina just below a beautiful flat, white belly. He put his hands on her shoulders and met little resistance as he pushed her down to her knees.

Beth knelt before her brother-in-law and stared at his shorts bulging out from the pressure of his mighty cock. She reached out a trembling hand and grasped his zipper pulling it down slowly. Then she brought her other hand up and unbuttoned his shorts. His pubic hairs were visible through the open area on his shorts and she realized he wasn’t wearing underwear. Beth reached up and grabbing the waist band of his shorts she slowly began pulling them down, holding her breath in anticipation as his cock slowly revealed itself to her for the second time in a week. She exhaled when the fat head of his cock popped out of his shorts, still in awe over his size. It dangled down about eight inches and she could see the large vein on his cock pulsing with power. With each pulse, it grew a little longer, a little thicker, until it was at full erection pointing directly at her mouth. Her hand reached out and hefted it feeling its weight again. Beth leaned forward and poised her mouth about an inch away from the throbbing head. She looked at the pre-cum oozing from his pee slit, thinking it was as much as David came in a regular orgasm. It must take an awful lot of lubrication to cover this monster completely she reasoned while watching a drip travel down the head to dangle underneath.

She looked up his incredible body and locked eyes with him. Never breaking eye contact she leaned forward and planted a lingering kiss on the head of his cock. Steve acknowledged her gesture of submission and nodded down at her as Beth kissed his cock again. He nodded again in the direction of the kitchen.

Never taking her lips of his cock, Beth turned her head to look in the direction he was nodding and saw their reflection in the full mirror on the back of the door. She saw her lips attached to the end of his penis and thought how beautiful and natural it made her look to be worshipping such a large cock. She watched her tongue come out and lick the pre-cum off the tip and she saw herself lick around his fat head. She opened her mouth wide and took his cock into her mouth watching its head push out her cheeks in the mirror.

“God Beth, I’ve wanted this since the day I first saw you in your wedding dress.”

The mention of her wedding dress brought her back to reality and reminded her that what she was doing was wrong. She was a strong-willed, intelligent woman, not some mindless bimbo at the mercy of a man’s desires. She made a half hearted attempt to get him off, taking his cock head into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down rapidly as she stroked his shaft with her hands, desperately trying to make this disgusting act over as soon as possible. She grunted as Steve grabbed the hair on the top of her head and forcing her head back so that she found herself looking up at his angry face.

“You really suck at this you worthless bitch, You’re gonna do a good job or I’ll make you do it again till you get it right.”

Beth trembled with fear as she looked up at him, her head at an awkward angle to avoid any pain from him pulling on her hair. He released her and she vigorously attacked his cock trying to please him. She began licking it all over and even ran her tongue down its underside and licked his hairy balls. She ran her mouth back up and engulfed his cock swallowing four inches before gagging.

“Damn bitch, you ain’t good for nothing.”

She tried harder and was able to deep throat another inch. She bobbed her head on his cock rapidly while looking up at him to see if he was pleased with her.

“I guess your just too stupid to do this right so, I’m going to have to show you how its done.”

Beth was so ashamed of herself she started to cry around his cock. She was stupid and worthless. She didn’t know anything about pleasing a man. When Steve started to teach her she listened attentively following his instructions closer then she had any of her women’s studies professors at college.

He told her to breath through her nose and relax her throat muscles. Steve had her arch her head, lining up her throat with her lips and he pushed his cock in as far as her tonsils and he began fucking her face. Thankfully he seemed satisfied with only eight inches buried in her mouth.

“Yeah baby, now your doing me right.”

If his cock hadn’t been so deep in her throat she would have beamed in delight at the compliment. Knowing he was pleased with her caused her to redouble her efforts. She was proud of herself for being such a good learner. Beth could only handle about seven penetrations before she had to catch her breath and to keep him happy she licked and slurped around his cock head until she was ready to deep throat him again. This developed into a pattern and time lost all meaning to her as she alternated between taking his cock down her throat and licking along the end.

“Tighten up your lips baby,” he said, getting into it. He was making little thrusts with his crotch every time her mouth came down close to the base. This was turning into the best blow job of his life and it really hadn’t been that bad to began with, he just needed to keep reminding her who was in control here. This wasn’t just a stupid bet, Steve wouldn’t be satisfied until she had willingly submitted to him both her body and her mind.

Beth felt his cock swell up in her mouth and the head seemed to grow impossibly large. On her next breather she licked around the charged head and teased his pee slit with her tongue. “Are you getting close,” she gasped.

“Not yet, baby, keep going,” Steve lied. He was real close. He had no intention of warning her as he wanted his new slut to swallow his cum while it was still hot.

Beth felt his cock grow even bigger and it started to tremble in her mouth. She came up for air again. “Tap me on the shoulder when your ready,” she said and buried his cock in her mouth again. His cock began shaking in her mouth like a volcano getting ready to blow and she instinctively knew he was ready.

Beth began to retreat and was almost in the clear, with just the head in her mouth when she felt it jump and his hot semen sprayed the back of her throat and quickly filled her mouth. She gulped for air and swallowed most of it, feeling his hot juice slide down her throat. The second stream hit her in the face. “You bastard,” she screamed at him.

His cock had jumped up against his hard stomach, when she released it and a third blast erupted from the end splattering on Steve’s muscular stomach. It really did resemble a volcano she thought quickly. It fell back down aimed at her face, ready to cum again.

She could taste his cum on her tongue and the pungent aroma of so much semen filled Beth’s nose, intoxicating her with its scent. All rational thought left her brain and she once again became the cum crazy slut she had been in the bathroom after she had given him the hand job.

Beth saw the eye open as she was racing to take his cock back into her mouth, and fearing she might miss tasting more of his semen, she stuck her tongue out catching it as it flew out again. She engulfed his cock again catching the rest of his load in her mouth. There was another burst that filled her mouth and caused his semen to spill out onto her chin. Then the pressure was gone and there was just a constant stream of sperm filling her mouth and she gulped it down as fast as he came.

When he was done cumming, he collapsed back onto the couch weak in the legs and his cock popped out of her mouth as he fell. She scrambled forward and kneeling between his legs, she began cleaning his dick off with her tongue. When she finished,she saw the pool of his semen liquefying on his belly and she moved up to lick it off the hard muscles on his stomach. She pursed her lips over his navel and sucked most of his semen out, licking the rest out with her tongue. Satisfied she had cleaned him up, she turned her attention to her sperm covered face when Steve stopped her.

“Leave it on,” he commanded.

Beth laid at his feet and rested her head on his knees as they caught their breath. The clock indicated she had spent about forty minutes sucking on his dick and they had been the most exciting minutes of her life.

Steve had stopped panting and looking down at her he asked, “Want to play another game?”

She looked at him with a confused look on her face and replied, “Why not, I’m not the least bit tired.”

That’s because of all the caffeine pills I put into your drinks tonight, he thought. She was bending over to get dressed when he stopped her. “Leave ’em,” he said as he grabbed her hand and dragged her back to the pool table.

She entered the garage and realizing the garage door was still open she ran naked to the door and pulled it down, shivering with excitement at the thought that if any of her neighbors were looking out their windows they would see her nude body outlined against the light.

She enjoyed playing the next couple of games with Steve, winning a few and losing a few. Steve had tried to get her to bet again, wanting to fuck her this time and though her body screamed yes, her mind made her inform him that David would be the only man to ever penetrate her pussy. Beth had never felt as liberated as she did at that moment playing pool naked with her brother-in-law. She loved the freedom that came from not wearing clothes.

“Maybe we should play strip pool in reverse and put our clothes back on when we lose,” he jokingly said.

Beth laughed, thinking that as long as no one else could see her she’d love to stay naked forever. She had noticed his cock rising up again as he watched her bending over to make her shots and she thought that maybe she’d jack him off one last time before saying goodbye to it forever. After tonight, her New Years resolution was to stay as far away from Steve as possible until he was gone. She found it hard to concentrate with his cock staring at her over the pool table, but she managed to win anyway, her third game in a row. “I still can’t believe you beat me that game,” she said shaking her head.

“Actually, I didn’t,” he said and when she turned to look at him questioningly, he continued, “I lined up the balls when you were helping David upstairs so that I could win.”

Beth’s face slowly took on an expression of sheer horror as she thought of the sin she had just committed. All the disgust and self loathing she had felt after jacking him off returned. He had cheated to get her to blow him and worse, she had enjoyed it. She felt so cheap and used, that she wanted to crawl under the pool table and hide. Instead, Beth found herself attacking the man who had tricked her to get himself off. She swang the pool stick at him, which he easily side-stepped and disarmed her before pulling her into his arms. Beth felt his hard cock pressing into her stomach as she futilely beat her hands against his chest. It was like hitting a cinder block and she was hurting herself more then she was hurting him. “You bastard, I hate you, it’s not fair, I should have won and then you’d be gone.”

“If you think I would have actually left, you are stupid,” he said pushing her back towards the pool table. “I’m not going to leave until I want to leave.”

“I wish I could take it back,” she said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I’ll let you take it back,”

She looked up at him confused. How could she take back giving him oral sex? Steve lifted her by the hips and he set her down on the pool table. He moved forward, his cock aimed straight at her pussy and she could swear her vagina was opening up to welcome it when his cock was still a foot away.

Steve stopped his cock from penetrating her at the last minute and grinning evilly he pushed her to her back, after knocking pool balls out of the way. The he was gone. Beth held her head up looking for him and jumped as something flicked along her labia. She looked down between her breasts and saw Steve staring up at her, his mouth on her pubic mound. As their eyes held, Steve leaned forward and kissed her pussy causing her whole body to jump. His was not a kiss of submission. but one of power. He chuckled and attacked her pussy again.

Beth’s clit was engorged as he nibbled and licked around it. She raised her hips to meet the thrusts of his tongue and she reached out for something to hang on to, her hand came to rest on two pool balls. Here was her salvation. All she had to do was lean up and bang him over the head and he’d stop, but she didn’t want him to stop, she thought as the orgasms started coming. His tongue was thrusting in and out of her and she swore it felt bigger and better then her husband’s penis. “Aaagh, I’m cuummming,” she screamed as her first orgasm with a man erupted from her body. She had four more quick ones before she felt a giant orgasm growing in her belly. Her hips rose up to meet his tongue and they stayed up trying to push him in deeper. Then she felt something squirting and Beth found her whole body flopping around like Steve’s cock does when he cums.

Beth was in a daze as she recovered from her orgasm. She was completely satisfied but at the same time craving more. Steve had stood back up grinning at her his face was dripping with her juices. “Oh my god, I peed in your face,” she said in disgust.

“That’s not piss, that’s your cum, you stupid bitch,”

Beth knew there was no way her blow job could of felt that good to him and she wanted to reward him. “Steve you can put your cock in me”

Steve rested his penis on her mound so that it was pointing at her head as she looked down her body to watch him enter her. “I thought you said your pussy belonged to David.”

“Not tonight, tonight I’ll let you have sex with me,” she moaned as Steve began rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit. “Steve put it in now.”

“Tell me you want me.”

“Ooo I want you. I want your big cock inside me.”

“What do you want me to do to you.”

Beth gritted her teeth from the intense need she felt for his cock. “I want you to Fuck me. Please fuck me with that big cock.” She felt his penis enter her for the first time and she had a small orgasm that made her cry out with pleasure. Surprisingly, Steve didn’t feel much bigger then David and she looked down her body and saw that he had only pushed a finger inside her. “Steve quit teasing me, I need you to fuck me right now.”

Steve’s cock was covered n her juices as he ran it along her slit while fingering her. “Tell me you love me, he said”

“No you bastard,”

“Tell me or I won’t fuck you.”

Her face was red with fury as she said, “I love you.”

“Say it again.”

Beth was still angry but her eyes softened. “I love you.”

“Would you still love me if I told you I grabbed the fourth queen from the deck when you and David were arguing in the kitchen.”

“Just stick it in me you fucking bastard.” “

Your pussy’s mine whenever I want it, slut.” Steve said his cock sliding down her pussy as he slowly backed away from her. “And tonight I don’t want it.”

She looked at him in desperation as he backed out the door.The last thing she saw was his cock, all shiny with her juices, disappear around the corner She screamed in fury and threw a pool ball after him. It harmlessly bounced off the wall and rolled back into the garage. Beth needed to cum again. She grabbed the first thing at hand. The pool stick was too awkward so she unscrewed it and used the end. “yes, god yes,” she moaned as she shoved the pool stick in and out of her, wishing it was fatter. Her orgasm never materialized and after ten minutes she threw the pool stick against the wall in frustration.

Beth laid on the pool table crying for awhile before gathering her clothes and heading upstairs. She passed Steve snoring on the couch and she found she hated him more now then she ever had before, he had cheated both at poker and pool.

Steve watched her go under his partially closed eyelids, then he jumped up and ran to the kitchen. He was so horny he had almost masturbated for the first time since discovering pussy at age fifteen. He grabbed some ice cubes and held them against his throbbing cock. By the time they had melted his cock had only gone down an inch and he moaned in frustration. It had taken a lot of will power not to shove his cock into her, but Beth needed to realize that her pussy wasn’t hers to give any more, it was Steve’s to take.

Beth climbed into bed at dawn and woke David up. He groaned and forced his eyes open.

“God, Beth you look as bad as I feel.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your cheeks are all puffy and it looks like you drooled all over your chin last night.” She felt like throwing up. She had forgotten she was still covered in Steve’s cum.

“Whew your breath smells weird too,” said David as he leaned over to kiss her.

“Yours ain’t so fresh either.”

“Happy New Year Beth. I love you”

“Happy New Year,” she said turning away from him.

Chapter 03

Sex on the Beach

David and Beth finally stumbled out of bed around noon on New Years Day. Beth had managed to get a few hours sleep since climbing into bed at dawn, but most of the time she had spent tossing and turning from sexual frustration. David was getting out of bed, when Beth jumped up and raced him to the bathroom. Her husband had noticed his brothers dried sperm on her chin, luckily he thought it was drool, and she wanted to wipe it off before he got a better look at her face. Her chin was caked with her brother-in-law’s seed and there were traces of it all over the rest of her face. Beth felt like puking in disgust until she remembered the feeling of his cock spasming in her mouth, his hot seed flowing over her tongue, swallowing several blasts of his cum and the disgust was gone, once again replaced by arousal.

Beth had wet the wash cloth and was bringing it up to her face never taking her mind off the way she had craved every last bit of his seed. She had licked every little bit of it up and was trying to shove the cum all over her face, into her mouth when Steve had said, Leave it on. Beth sat down on the toilet and thought about Steve while she peed. He had given her the best sex of her life without even penetrating her with anything other then his tongue and finger. He had changed her mind about how boring sex was. He had even changed her vocabulary and way of thinking. She had never used the words cock, pussy, or fuck until this week and now she was even thinking in those terms. The big ass had even made her beg him to fuck her and then he had walked away saying he wasn’t ready. Well, he had lost his chance. Beth still wanted his cock in her pussy more then anything else, but she made up her mind to resist him. She was a proud, intelligent woman capable of resisting anything, though her thoughts had been in turmoil ever since Steve had baptized her face and mouth with his sperm a week earlier. She would avoid him like the plague and try to appear as unattractive as possible when he was around, that was her only hope.

David was begging to use the bathroom and she yelled that she’d be done in just a minute. Beth flushed the toilet and then went to check her face in the mirror on last time. She looked at her reflection and was headed for the door to let her husband in when she did a double take. Her face was still coated with Steve’s sperm. How had she forgotten to wash it off? Like a maniac she scrubbed her face to remove all traces of her defilement and when she was satisfied, she let David in, kissing him on her way out.


David had just left the shower and she could hear him laughing with Steve downstairs over how drunk he had been last night. Beth got in the shower and spent an extra long time trying to clean everywhere Steve had touched her. When she was satisfied she was clean, Beth fixed her hair up into a mess on her head and picking out her baggiest clothes to wear, she went downstairs to face her brother-in-law. Steve and David were sitting at the table sipping coffee. David was waiting for Beth for they were off to take advantage of the New Years Day sales at the mall and thankfully Steve would be watching football before going to work that night. Hopefully she could get through the day without seeing him again and then she’d only have 28 more days to go. She and David were almost out the door when Steve said something that made her shiver as a chill went down her back.

“Care if I tag along,” he said.

Beth didn’t talk much throughout the ride to the mall. She just sullenly shrank down into her seat and let Steve and David talk about football. “What do you need at the mall so bad that it can drag you away from the Rose bowl anyway?” David asked his brother.

“Oh, I got this hot babe I’m trying to break in,” replied Steve with a grin. “She’s stacked but, doesn’t really know how to show off her body so I’m going to buy her some new threads.”

David looked over his shoulder at his brother in the back seat. Steve was sitting behind Beth so that she couldn’t see him and he was cupping his hands before his chest, indicating she had big breasts in the universal language of men. Upon hearing the news that Steve had another woman, Beth was immediately overcome with jealousy until she realized it might be herself he was talking about. She felt a momentary surge of joy before her brain kicked in and she was once again filled with despair and guilt.

“Must be pretty serious, if your passing on football to buy womans clothes.” David commented.

“Actually, I haven’t even slept with her,” Steve said moving his fist before his face to show David that he had gotten a blow job.

David sighed, thinking about the one and only blowjob he had ever gotten back in high school. He was envious of his brother, getting blow jobs and buying sleazy clothes for women he just met. Here was David married to the hottest girl in South Florida and he had barely even seen her naked in a lit room, let alone ever dreamt of her giving him a blow job.

“I’m going to nail her tomorrow,” Steve said confidently.

David cringed, that was just the kind of statement that usually caused Beth to blow up. He glanced at her but she was staring out into space, not paying any attention to them. She was as white as a ghost and he feared she might be getting sick. He thought of his brother’s mighty penis plowing into some large breasted woman dressed up as a slut and mouthed the words, “Good luck,” to Steve who just winked in reply.


Beth couldn’t stand to be around Steve so she told David she wanted to shop alone and quickly headed off in the opposite direction. The two brothers watched her go and immediately raced to the Fredericks of Hollywood.

As the two men sifted through the teddies, baby dolls and camisoles, David found he was actually enjoying spending time with his brother. Steve was still a jerk, but he was the kind of jerk that all men fantasized about being at least once in their lives. David pictured himself riding a motorcycle, cross country, deflowering virgins, seducing married women, and having strippers begging him for sex. Half of his brothers stories couldn’t possibly be true but they still made good fantasy.

Steve had picked out a couple peek-a-boo teddies, garters, and thongs when he noticed his brother eyeing an outfit he liked.

David was holding a French maid costume, imagining how good Beth would look in it. The costume seemed tailor made to fit Beth’s buxom figure. It had your typical fish net stockings, a thong under a black mini skirt, push-up bra, little hat, and a feather duster. Beth would detest this as standard male chauvinistic crap. His wife’s figure was clearly wasted in all the baggy clothes she always wore. Thankfully though, if more men had been aware of Beth’s hot body, there was no doubt in David’s mind some better looking guy would have snagged her long before he had met her. With a sigh, David was returning the outfit to the rack, when Steve snatched it out of his hands.

“Perfect,” he said.

He quickly fingered through the other fantasy costumes and pulled out a sleazy nurses outfit. This one had white garters, bra, panties, ad a little white jacket that reached down to just above the hips and hung open in the front. A little red cross hat, completed the look.

“I still can’t believe that there are women out there who’ll where this sort of stuff,” said David.

“You’ll find it hard to believe, but when your cock is as big as mine, women will do whatever you tell them,” Steve replied casually.

Picturing Beth running her little hands up and down Steve’s rod, David just nodded in reply. He didn’t find it hard to believe at all.

Steve shopped around in some other stores, and had bought some halter tops and mini skirts, by the time they had to rendezvous with Beth. Beth had found herself wandering around aimlessly in a daze and had bought nothing, much to her husbands delight. She heard David ask her what was wrong and she replied she wasn’t feeling too good. He told her to switch with Steve and sit in back to lay down for the ride home. Steve had set the packages right by her and she felt her stomach turn as she peaked at their contents. They dropped Steve off at his bike and he sped off to work leaving them alone for the night. David wanted to know what was taking his wife so long in the bathroom. They had enjoyed a nice romantic dinner and David had indicated he wanted to have some fun in the bedroom a little later on. Beth had told him she’d be ready after taking a bath and had been in the bathroom for over an hour. He saw that the door wasn’t completely closed and pushed it open.Beth was wearing one of his shirts and nothing else, which was pretty daring for her. A razor beside her, indicated that she had just finished shaving her legs and she was bent into the mirror applying lipstick. David watched her for a while and when she was fixing her hair for the third time, he cleared his throat to get her attention and his wife jumped.

“Oh, David,” she said, “you startled me.”

David pushed his glasses up his nose and said, “Hot date tonight?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been primping in front of that mirror for the last fifteen minutes.”

“I do not primp,” she assured him. “I just wanted to look good for you tonight and I guess I lost track of time.”

“Well it was time well spent, cause you sure do look good,” he said taking his wife into his arms. David reached out and started unbuttoning her shirt. He was startled, when she didn’t stop him and haul him into the dark bedroom and not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth he quickly finished and opened her shirt. David gasped at the site of his wife’s naked body. They had been married two years and this was the first time she had ever let him look at her nude without quickly covering herself up. He shook his head in wonder that this incredible woman had agreed to marry a little nerdy guy like himself.

He ran his hands down her breasts, gently caressing them and tweaking her nipples to hardness. She was trembling as his hand moved down her belly and across her pubic hairs. Both of them gasped when his finger encountered her wetness. Beth was never ready for sex like this. He alway had to lubricate his penis before penetrating her. Not wanting to waste an opportunity like this, David pulled his wife to the bedroom. Beth was very active during sex and David being used to her lying passive while he made love to her, wished this night could last forever. Unfortunately, forever to him was seven minutes.

Beth lovingly clung to her husband after he orgasmed and in a few minutes she was listening to him breathe steadily indicating he was asleep. She got out of bed and tiptoed into the bathroom. Normally Beth would get a tissue and wrinkle her nose in distaste as she cleaned David’s small load out of her vagina. Tonight, she just reached in a finger and scooped it up. She looked at the small glob of semen liquefying on her finger and without a second thought plopped it into her mouth. Her husbands sperm tasted as good as Steves, just the amount was so small, like an unfilling appetizer before a main course. Definitely better warm and straight from the source she thought, as the cold gooey cum slid down her throat. Beth looked at herself in the mirror and spent the next fifteen minutes fixing her hair and makeup before returning to bed. She snuggled up to her husband and laid there trying to fall asleep. Around three in the morning, she heard Steve’s motorcycle pull up and her brother-in-law entered the house. She heard him sit heavily down onto the couch and then she heard the sound of his boots hitting the floor. She shivered excitedly knowing that he was stripping for bed. Beth fell asleep shortly thereafter.


Beth awoke to the sound of the alarm going off and she heard David groan as he turned it off. She grabbed him as he was leaving the bed. “Stay with me,” she begged.

David smiled and shook his head. “Love to honey but I’m running late.”

“Call in sick and we’ll spend the day in bed,” she said patting his side of the bed.

Wow, he thought, I must have really gotten her juices flowing last night. “I wish I could honey,but I’m up for a raise and we need the money.” He kissed her on the forehead and went into the bathroom to get ready for work.

After dressing, David leaned over, kissed her again and then he left the room. She heard his car start up and then it slowly pulled out of the driveway. Beth jumped up and went to the bathroom to pee. When she was done she checked her hair and make-up once again without even realizing it. Still nude she returned to the bed and got under the covers. Beth was like a child who was afraid of monsters, constantly eyeing the closet. She just stared at the door waiting for Steve to come for her. Was that him moving around downstairs? Did she just hear a creak on the stairs? She stared at the door for an hour before getting up and walking over to the window.

Steve’s motorcycle was gone! If she could make it to her car, she would be safe. Beth quickly threw on some plain old underwear, covering that with her baggy sweats. She had to go to work later and she grabbed her uniform figuring she could change at work. She snatched her keys and made a run for the car. Beth was outside and on the deck when she ran into Steve. She nearly screamed in frustration when she saw him and glanced behind him at her car. Her salvation was only ten feet away.

“Where you off to in such a hurry,” he asked?

“I…I have some errands to run,” she answered nervously. She eyed Steve he was wearing tight biker shorts and a small tank top that showed off his massive arms and he was carrying a small package.

“Bitch, I didn’t give you permission to leave,” he said threateningly. “Get inside that house now.”

Beth was inside before she realized it shaking with fear.

“I forgot to buy you this yesterday, he said handing her the package. “Put it on we’re going to the beach.”

She opened the package and saw a teeny blue bikini. The cups were a little bigger then eye patches and the bottom was a thong. Beth was horrified at the thought of wearing something that skimpy in public. She even refused to wear a one peice bathing suit. “Steve, I c-can’t w-wear this,” she told him drawing herself up proudly, “and I’m not going to sleep with you, I hate you.”

“You we’re begging me to fuck you the other night.”

“I was drunk and I wasn’t thinking straight that night.”

“We need to come to an understanding, cause I’m sick of playing games with you,” he said grabbing her arm.

Steve roughly dragged her to the couch and forced her to sit down in front of the tv. He hit play on the remote and sat back to watch her reaction.

The tv screen showed some slut bobbing her head up and down a super-sized cock. Her eyes widened with recognition, then shock, then wider in horror when she realized it was a videotape of her blowing Steve. Beth felt sick to her stomach as she watched herself sucking up his sperm like a wild animal.

“Here’s the deal,” he said to her. “For the next four weeks, your going to do everything I tell you to do or I show this video to your husband, mother, and I’m also prepared to send copies to those fucked up college professors you seem to be so fond of.”

Beth felt the tears pouring out of her eyes and collapsed sobbing. The girl in the video was exactly the kind of girl her feminist professors were always raving against. Real woman didn’t perform oral sex on men and they certainly didn’t get pleasure out of it.

Steve in an unusual show of compassion leaned over and patted her on the head. “Don’t worry about it Beth, everything you’ve done or are going to do with me, you’ve either been tricked or forced into. It’s not your fault.”

Beth nodded between tears. He was right it wasn’t her fault. She was still the strong independent woman she had been a week before. He had lied and cheated to get her to perform disgusting sex acts on him and then he had done something to her. He had drugged her or he had hypnotized her with his cock, forcing her body to respond to him against her will. Yes, that was the only possible explanation.

“Beth go change into your bikini.” When Beth didn’t move but just sat there sobbing, Steve grew angry. “Now go put your bikini on Bitch, and don’t make me tell you again or there will be pictures of you sucking me off all over the internet within an hour.” Steve, his patience at an end, watched her jump up off the couch and run up the stairs after grabbing the box containing her new bikini. Why do they always have to get so emotional, he thought.

Beth ran into the bathroom and quickly stripped off her clothes. She lifted her leg and stepped into the panties, pulling them up and feeling the string slide between her ass cheeks. She put the top on noticing how little of her breasts were covered by the flimsy top. She tied the one string around her back and the other around her neck. She looked at herself standing sideways in the mirror.

In college, one of her professor had brought in a men’s magazine to illustrate how men thought of women as mere sex objects or servants. She had pointed out a cartoon of a typically over proportioned blonde girl with big lips cooking dinner for a man laying on the couch watching tv. The girl had been wearing a flimsy see-thru negligee and had overly large breasts and an upturned ass that arched upwards behind her. Beth’s bikini clad body resembled that cartoon girl. Beth had always been shy and conservative but when she had first seen the cartoon girl’s resemblance to her three years ago, she had immediately tried to cover her assets up with large baggy clothes so that men wouldn’t think of her as just a sex object. Now Steve was about to make her show off her body in front of hundreds of complete strangers. Beth left the room, her eyes downcast, she slowly walked downstairs and up towards a beaming Steve.

“It’s too small,” she complained.

“Of course,” he replied. “I checked your measurements off your underwear and picked a bikini a size smaller. Now its perfect.” Steve grabbed a towel and some suntan lotion and said, “Call in sick to work, I’ll be waiting by my bike and don’t dawdle.”

Beth watched him go and did as she was told, telling work she had come down with the flu. She was completely nude except for the string bikini, no shoes, no towel, not even any money to get home in case of an emergency. She slowly walked over to the door, still open from when Steve had left. If she went outside, she would be completely exposed to the world and dependant on her brother-in-law to get her home. The sun was shining through the door warming her skin and a cool, fresh smelling, breeze blew inside, caressing her body. The old man next door was mowing his lawn and stopped to ogle her as she stepped across the threshold and into a new world. **********

Beth clung to Steve’s back as he sped down I-95 and took an exit towards Miami beach. She had been nervous at first getting behind him on the bike, then scared when he took off down the street. Now, it felt exhilarating. She had never felt such an overwhelming sense of freedom before, then from speeding half naked down a highway, wind blowing through her hair, other drivers ogling her body as she zipped past them. She could understand why Steve had never settled down and spent all his time traveling across country.

Steve turned onto Ocean drive and drove through South Beach. Beth had always avoided South Beach as a den of sin filled with transvestites, homosexuals, and scantily clad models, both male and female. Steve found a parking space and pulled into it.

After feeding the parking meter, he stripped off his tank top revealing his well defined chest and pulled off his biking shorts and stored his clothes in a knapsack, throwing it over his shoulder. Steve stood clad only in a small brief bathing suit, proudly showing the world his muscular body and massive bulge.

He grabbed her hand and they set off walking down the sidewalk two perfect specimens of the sexes. Everywhere they went, people stared, many simply stopped what they were doing and openly ogled either Steve or Beth and sometimes both.

Steve was hungry and they stopped to eat at one of the many sidewalk restaurants. The host seemed really put out by their attire and made them sit outside. Not that Steve seemed to mind, he just sat there, legs spread, letting all the girls walking by get a good look at what he had to offer and Beth felt a twinge of jealousy at all the pretty young models eyeing her man. No, her blackmailer, she corrected remembering where she was, a little surprised that she had just caught herself enjoying the day and his company.

After an expensive lunch, they crossed the street and headed down to the beach. A pretty raven haired model in a fish-net dress that covered a black bikini was getting her pictures taken by a chubby old photographer. The photographer stopped what he was doing when he saw Beth and Steve walk by. The swarmy little man ran over to them. He was panting and he wiped away beads of sweat from his brow as he handed Beth his business card. “I’d really like to get a chance to photograph you sometime,” he said. “If your ever interested give me a call.”

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Beth had begun to like having everyone stare at her. She felt empowered, knowing that so many men found her attractive, and wasn’t that what feminism was all about, being empowered? She was extremely flattered to think that someone thought she had what it takes to be a model. “Wow, you want to photograph me,” she said staring at the card. “What kind of clothes would I wear dresses or evening gowns, oooh or business professional? She pictured herself looking like a young executive walking down the runway.

The chubby man looked a little surprised. “Actually I was thinking of some nudes or lingerie. I could even pay $2000 for some sex shots with a partner, male or female doesn’t matter.” He noticed Steve’s bulge, “You too buddy. If your as hung as you look, you could make some big bucks.”

Beth’s fists were clenched as she trembled with rage. “What kind of girl do you think I am?” she practically screamed.

“The kind who’d where a bikini that small,” he replied holding his hands up in surrender. “If you change your minds, give me a call.” He backed away returning to the model.

Beth was getting ready to rip up the card, when Steve yanked it out of her hands and put it in his knapsack. “I can always use some quick cash,” he explained.

Beth was a little appalled that he’d be willing to pose nude for money, then she realized that unlike her, he was proud of his body and liked showing it off.

Beth was still in a daze as they continued walking down the beach a few more blocks. She was paying little attention to her surroundings and didn’t notice Steve reach over and yank off her top. Beth awoke from her daydreaming and screamed as she covered her breasts with her arms. She looked around at the people staring at her and realized that all the woman here were topless.

“Don’t worry Beth. It’s legal here. Put your arms down.”

“No, I can’t” she said shaking her head back and forth.

Steve moved around in front of her and grabbed her wrists, holding them tight. “Beth,” he said looking into her eyes. “I never ask. I tell. Now put your arms down or I’m not going to fuck you later on.”

Beth quickly jerked her arms down to her sides in fear, showing off her large breasts to the world. She heard him laughing and her eyebrows shot up as she realized what he had said.

Steve was still laughing as he pulled her down to the water. “Let’s go for a swim,” he said dropping the knapsack.

“N-no Steve, I can’t swim.”

‘I’ll hold onto you,” he said easily picking her up into his arms. Beth was trembling with fear as he carried her out into the water. He seemed to stumble and she clung to him tighter in fear. The water was just below his nipples when he pried her off of him and laid her back in the water. She struggled but he told her to relax and he’d keep her afloat.

The water was warm, but chilly enough to cause her nipples to pop out and she found herself enjoying her first dip in the ocean, as she closed her eyes, loving the sensation of floating in the water, feeling her body lift up with each gentle wave.

She felt Steve lean over her and she moaned as his tongue flickered across her nipple. She opened her eyes in shock and said, “Don’t do that there are people watching.”

“Don’t worry,” he said kissing her other nipple, “We’re to far out and they can’t see us cause of the waves.”

He lifted her body up a little so that the sea water cascaded down her sides. Steve sucked on each of her nipples and slowly kissed down her stomach, planting one on her belly button. Beth wanted to protest, but she was scared of him showing everyone the video and even more scared of him letting her go and of sinking to the bottom. She felt Steve grab her legs and he quickly moved between her thighs and planted his mouth on her bikini bottom. She moaned as his tongue pushed at the fabric of her bikini and she wished she was naked so that he could push it inside her pussy again.

She almost panicked when he let go of her but her breasts held her afloat and her legs were secure on his shoulders. She wondered what he was doing and soon found out that he must have pulled his swimsuit down for she felt his cock poking her in the back. It slid along her back and toward her left arm.

Beth opened her eyes and turned her head to the left and watched the head of his cock break the surface and rise up like a one-eyed sea serpent. He pointed it at her mouth and she reached out and grabbed it at the base still awed that the urethra was a full 12″ from the bottom of her hand.

In what was rapidly becoming a tradition, Beth bent her neck and kissed the big head, before taking the whole crown into her mouth, teasing the pee slit with her tongue.

Steve moved his hands up and grabbed her ass cheeks, sliding a finger on each hand under her g-string and pulling it out underwater. He slid his left hand down all the way and pulled the fabric of her bikini away from her pussy, revealing her labia. He quickly nibbled on it with his lips before he penetrated her with his tongue feeling her lips tighten around his cock as she tried to moan with pleasure. Steve thought his sister-in-law had the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted as he continued to tongue her. He massaged around her sphincter with his other finger, before pushing it deep inside her rectum. He felt her struggle briefly and she let his cock pop out of her mouth, then she relaxed and began humping is face, moaning. Her ass seemed to squeeze his finger and then she whimpered as she came around his mouth. He pulled his fingers out of her ass and let the thong snap back into place. He positioned himself so that she could take more of his cock in her mouth and when she had recovered from her orgasm, she bent around and swallowed five inches.

In her 24 years of life, Beth had never had an orgasm until a week ago and since then she’d had about nine. She could easily see herself growing addicted to the feeling and for the first time since Steve had arrived on Thanksgiving, she found herself wishing he’d never leave. She tried to reward him, by taking as much of his cock down her throat as she could, but the awkward position only allowed her to take about half. She was lovingly slurping on his cock, wanting more then anything to taste his cum again, when she felt him jerk it out of her mouth and it quickly slipped under water.

She was wondering what was going on, when she heard splashing and a bikini clad teenager waded past them eyeing Steve. Beth turned to Steve questioningly and with a grin he stood up revealing that the water was only about three and a half feet deep. He pulled her up and she realized he had tricked her yet again. Instead of getting angry this time she just playfully splashed water at him and they ran into shore.

She noticed a few sunbathers staring and she realized that they probably suspected them of a little hanky panky, then when they made it to shore, the people around them started gasping. Wondering what was going on, she glanced over at Steve. His cock was still rock hard and couldn’t be contained by the small bikini brief. Half of it stuck out reaching up to his navel. He just shrugged, grabbed a towel out of his bag and wrapped it around his waist. Beth swore that some of the woman sighed in disappointment when he covered his monster up.

She put her top back on and they hurried back to his motorcycle. Soon they were on the road again, this time heading towards Key Biscayne. Beth felt her skin getting sunburnt and yelled in Steve’s ear that she needed to put some lotion on. He nodded and pulled into one of the hundreds of picnic areas that surround Biscayne bay. This one was deserted and Steve parked and grabbed his bag. He lead her down to the water and around a mangrove tree out of sight of the road. Steve pulled out the towel and spread it out in the sand. He then got out a bottle of sun tan lotion and stood up before her.

Beth saw some boaters out on the bay, but they were too far away to see anything. She turned and stood before Steve staring into his eyes. He reached out and untied her top letting it fall to the sand. For the first time, Beth neither tried to stop him nor did she cover herself up. She stood still trembling with anticipation as he stripped her naked again. She let Steve eye her for awhile before she bent down and pulled at his swimsuit. His cock was still hard and thrust upwards magnificently. She pulled down his bottoms and suppressed the urge to yell timber as it fell towards her. Once again she leaned forward and planted a lingering kiss on the big head. She was preparing to take him in her mouth when he pulled her to her feet.

Steve opened the bottle of lotion and squirted it into his palm and then some more into his other palm. Steve reached out and began rubbing the oil onto her breasts and around her nipples. Beth’s eyes were open and staring at his cock as he covered her body in suntan lotion. She murmured softly when he tweaked her nipples and sighed as he ran his hands down her stomach towards her crotch. He pulled her forwards and into his arms. Her oiled body rubbing against him. Steve’s long cock was squished between them and it reached up all the way to the bottom of her breasts. Steve continued to massage her with the lotion, kneading it into her back as she rubbed her wet body against him. He moved his hands down to her ass and covered her cheeks in lotion. When he had finished Beth stepped back and did the same for him. She revelled the feeling of his hard muscular body, as she ran her hands all over him. When he was as wet as herself, Beth poured oil on the base of his cock and continued to squirt lotion along the length and towards the crown, which was hovering in the air before her. She rubbed it well into his cock, running both hands up and down its length hearing him grunt with pleasure at her efforts.

“I want your pussy now,” he said.

Beth just nodded, staring at her hands running along his glistening cock. Never taking her eyes off his monster, she knelt before him and kissed the crown now smelling of coconuts from the lotion. She laid back on the blanket and spread her legs, looking up at him her face was a mixture of fear and trepidation.

Steve knelt between her legs and grabbing his knapsack, he pushed it under her head to prop it up so that she could watch him penetrate her. He pushed her legs open even further exposing more of her to his view. Steve slowly worked his way closer to her so that his cock was slowly approaching the entrance to her vagina, thus increasing her anxiety. He saw the fear in her eyes as he continued to bring it closer. Steve could see how wet she was as he stopped the head an inch away from her pussy. He teased her with it before moving it the remaining inch and she spasmed in a large orgasm as soon as it touched her labia, he hadn’t even penetrated her. Steve just slid his cock along her slit waiting for her to recover.

When she had quit moaning, she looked at him in awe at the power he had over her body. Most of the time, Steve was either grinning at her or looking like he was about to kill her. Now, his face was expressionless, except that his brow was sweaty and knit in concentration at the task on hand.

He pushed down on his cock and she stretched open to let it in. Steve loved to watch his dick disappear inside a woman. After taking hundreds of women, It still never failed to amaze him that they could stretch to accommodate his big piece of meat. With a loud slurping sound the crowned head of his cock disappeared, plugging her like a cork on a bottle of wine. He saw Beth staring at it in amazement, her vaginal muscles squeezing to pull more of him inside her. Steve grinned and willingly complied with her bodies demands. He pushed a little over five inches inside her watching her eyes roll up into the back of her head as she moaned. Steve stopped at five and a half inches. “Ready to go beyond what your husband can give you.”

“We’re already way beyond that,” she replied loving how thick he was.

He pushed six inches in and she started whimpering as she tossed her head from side to side. At seven inches, she felt completely filled, her body writhing in ecstasy around his magnificent cock. Beyond that the pleasure was gone.

“Steve please stop it hurts,” she cried frantically as he pushed it in from seven to eight inches. He didn’t seem to care that it was hurting her and the pain reminded her of what a bastard he really was. Why had she let herself sink this far. His cock didn’t feel good, it only looked good. “Ooww!” It actually hurt being stretched this much and she started to cry from both the torment between her legs and the joy of knowing that she wasn’t enjoying cheating on David. Her pussy was rubbing against the invader and she could feel her juices flowing around it. “Aarggh!” She jumped from the pain as he tried to push it in deeper, but to no avail. God, she hated him and she hated his big cock. Steve had apparently given up getting any more of it inside her and was moving his hips in little circular motions, letting about three inches slide in and out of her. “Ooooh,” she said proud that her hated brother-in-law couldn’t defile her with any more of his cock then eight inches. “Aahhh,” she gasped, raising her hips to meet his hated cock. She was matching his thrusts now. “Nooo” she pleaded as he pulled all but the head out afraid that he would stop fucking her. Then she cried, “God yes,” as he pushed all eight inches in her again. her pussy clamping down around his wonderful cock as another orgasm overwhelmed her. Beth recovered faster this time wanting more. She started pinching her long, oil soaked nipples, moaning as the sensations added to the pleasure she was getting from Steve’s incredible fuck stick. “I had no idea it would be this good,” she yelled to the world. Beth was shaking all over from the pleasure of her first fuck. David’s little penis didn’t count as sex. Beth would forever remember this day as the day she lost her virginity.

She started turning her head back and forth again as she felt his cock start to tremble and swell up in her pussy.He was about to cum and his orgasm was triggering hers. Beth looked inland at the mangrove tree then out at the bay, then at the tree again, then at the boat. Boat! She turned and looked at the boat just as Steve’s cock exploded within her pussy and she screamed in orgasm. The man on the boat came when she did. He had come in close while they were fucking and started masturbating while watching them. Steve had just fucked her in front of a complete stranger. The man on the boat waved and yelled “Thanks,” then he powered up the motor and cruised back out into the bay. Beth laid there waiting for the horror and shame of being caught screwing her brother-in-law in front of a stranger, come to overwhelm her but the guilt never came. Instead she felt her pulse pounding from the thrill of exhibitionism. She just laid back on the towel feeling Steve’s sperm pouring out of her pussy. She was completely satisfied and laid back closing her eyes. She felt something pushing at her lips and opened her mouth to receive Steve’s cock tasting the remains of his orgasm on her tongue, wishing she could swallow a whole load of his.

“That’s a good slut,” he informed her. “You clean that cock off good and I’ll fuck you again tonight.”

She did as he ordered, cleaning both their juices off his cock with her tongue. When he was satisfied, Steve pulled her to her feet and they got dressed before returning to his bike.


“Beth that’s too bad,” David said “I hope Valerie’s feeling better.” Beth had told her husband that she had to work the night shift because one of the waitresses was sick. “I hope your not coming down with something also,” he said remembering how puffy her cheeks had been the other morning.

“Why do you say that honey”

“Well you keep tugging at your uniform like your really hot.”

“Oh,” said Beth “It’s just really itchy.” After experiencing the freedom of wearing next to nothing all day, Beth found her waitress uniform to be a prison, confining her body from the outside world.

Beth kissed her husband goodbye, walked out to her car and drove off. She stopped at the end of the street and got out of the car, tearing at the hated uniform as she stood in the street. She sighed as the cool night air caressed her bare belly and waved at a guy driving by when he whistled at her.

“That’s better,” she sighed, feeling as if she could breathe again. Beth was wearing one of the outfits Steve had bought her at the mall. A short halter top barely covering her large bra-less breasts and a short skirt that was showing off her lean legs. She got back n the car and drove off to meet Steve. Steve was closing up the bar tonight and she hung out there drinking and flirting with the male patrons, revelling in the attention. None of the men she talked to asked her to come home with them though. It’s like they automatically knew she belonged to the giant man behind the bar. After he locked up, she kissed his cock and he fucked her on top one of the tables. She screamed as he pounded nine inches of his cock into her pussy bringing her off dozens of times.

She woke up the next morning, after David had left for work and found Steve’s hard cock pointed at her lips. She blew him, managing to swallow all his sperm this time. He fucked her before leaving for work that night feeding ten inches of his cock into her hungry pussy. Each day she felt like a virgin again and her orgasms just got bigger and bigger as his cock explored new territory deep inside her. Two days after loosing her virginity she was taking eleven inches.

The next night, she laid beside her husband listening to him snore. She looked over at the clock. It said 2:30. Beth quietly got out of bed and tiptoed downstairs.

Steve pulled his bike up into the driveway and went up the deck and into the kitchen. He was dropping his keys on the table when Beth spoke up. “You wanted to see me Doctor.”

Steve looked up. Beth was wearing the sleazy nurse costume. White nylons attached to a garter belt covered her lean legs. her white panties were thin and you could see her curly pubic hairs beneath the material. The garter belt encircled her trim waist just above her belly button and just above that was a white half shirt covering her chest. A red cross hat topped off the outfit.

“Yes nurse,” he said grinning. “You haven’t looked so good and I wanted to check you out. Please remove your blouse.”

“Yes Doctor,”she said slowly undoing the buttons and letting it swing open revealing her breasts covered in a lacy white bra.

“Let me check your heartbeat,” he said grabbing her breasts and caressing them after removing her bra.

Steve pushed nurse Beth to her knees, unzipped his jeans and stepped out of his pants. He pushed is briefs down and stuck his cock in her face. “Open your mouth and say Aaah.”

Beth kissed his cock and opened her mouth wide, saying “Aaah” as he slid his cock down her throat. She blew him in the kitchen for about twenty minutes before Steve hauled her out to the couch. He pushed her over the back of the couch so that her ass was arched into the sky and positioned the head of his cock on her pussy. “Let’s take your temperature,” he said pushing his cock in. “Oh nurse, your burning up inside. Being so hot and wet is the perfect breeding ground for sickness you know.”

“Ooh Doctor, I can’t help being hot and wet around you,” she said leaning forwards over the couch.

“That’s ok nurse, I’ll just have to keep checking your temperature then.”

The fantasy was gone as the two got down to some serious fucking. Steve had fed her 11″ and was fucking her hard. Beth was just making little grunts every time he plowed it into her. Steve grabbed the blouse that was hanging open around her back. He removed it and twisted it up into a gag, bringing it around to her mouth, surprising her. He held the ends on the blouse like he was riding a horse and controlling her with a bit. Steve pulled his cock out hearing it slurp as it exited her vagina. There was a brief period of silence before he slammed all twelve inches into Beth’s pussy.

She screamed into the gag and started bucking trying to throw him off, but he held on like a rodeo star keeping all twelve inches inside her. The pain was fading and Beth could feel her pussy changing shape. It seemed to stretch out and confirm itself to fit it’s new owner. Beth new that from that moment on her pussy belonged to her brother-in-law and no one else. “Please fuck me with that big cock,” she begged after he removed the gag.

Steve did just that and started fucking her with the entire length of his cock while grabbing onto her hips.

Beth tried to keep talking but her words just came out in grunts and moans as she came around his big dick. He had been fucking her with all twelve inches for a half an hour when she felt it swell up inside her and start to tremble just like it had in her mouth the first time she had given him a blow job.

“Time to take your medicine nurse,” he grunted out between breaths. Steve bellowed as his orgasm erupted from within and sprayed his sperm deep into her pussy for thirty seconds.

Beth felt his cum hosing down places so deep that she hadn’t even know they existed and it started pouring out of her pussy around his cock. The powerful spray of his cum triggered her to have the biggest orgasm yet and she passed out from the sensations.

Exhausted, Steve left Beth hanging over the couch and walked around to the front, finding her in the way, he pushed her off over the back, hearing her body thump as it struck the ground. He laid down on the couch and promptly fell asleep.

Beth woke up, from the cold floor touching her bare skin, but otherwise she felt completely satisfied for the first time in her life. She got up and cleaned up their mess as she listened to Steve snoring. She wished he was snoring beside her in bed every night. Beth kneeled before him and kissed his cock again before heading upstairs to her husband.

Chapter 04

The Final Submission

The air blew Beth’s long curly hair straight out as she clung to Steve’s back. She slid her hand down and grabbed his cock through his shorts and felt it jump at her touch. She had been fucking her brother-in-law for two weeks now and hadn’t regretted it since the first time he had pushed his incredible cock into her. The pleasure she got from pleasing him far outweighed any guilt she had for betraying her husband or hatred she had once felt towards Steve for essentially cheating and blackmailing her into adultery. He had done her a favor, teaching her about sex with a real man. He had even given her the video he had made of her blowing him, knowing that her body was now his to do with as he pleased. Beth had almost destroyed the video when she realized that Steve would be gone in two weeks and she would probably need the video to help her get off. Beth felt a tear run down her eye as she thought about losing his massive cock at the end of the month and she wished she could spend the rest of her life riding behind him on a motorcycle wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini like she was now.

Steve had told her he wanted to celebrate their two week anniversary the same way they had the first time they had fucked. Steve was heading along Biscayne Bay again and he turned into another picnic area. The parking lot was empty except for an old van. Beth was afraid their plans would be ruined until she noticed the red cloth hanging out it’s window signifying it had broken down.

“Don’t worry about it,” Steve said. “It was here on the day I found this place. This spot is so secluded that no ones been here to call a tow truck.”

He held her hand and led her out to the beautiful white beach. Soft waves traveled across the clear blue water lapping at the shore. The best thing about it was that the beach curved around with mangroves and other bushes blocking the view from the bay. Strangely, Beth felt disappointed knowing that no boaters would be able to watch them this time. Trees and bushes also blocked the view from the parking lot and the isolation created an atmosphere of being marooned on a desert island.

Delighted, Beth ran down into the shallow lagoon and fell back in the warm water, floating contentedly while Steve spread out a large blanket. She looked up at him when he was finished. He was standing by the water watching her, wearing nothing but his small bikini brief swimsuit. As she watched, he bent over and slid the suit down his legs and stepped out of it. She could see his long cock hanging down halfway to his knees and stared in awe. She still couldn’t believe her eyes after seeing it at least twice a day for the last two weeks. She knitted her brow, wondering what he was up to, when he turned around facing the bushes and flexed his muscles. She could see his hard ass cheeks tighten up when he flexed. Steve then turned back to her and posed again. Well if Steve wanted to pose for her, she could pose for him. She loved showing off her body. Beth waded a little closer to the shore and reached behind her and undid the strings on her bikini. Beth threw her bikini top on to the shore and she turned around to bend over, showing off her firm upthrust ass as she slid her thong down her legs.

Beth was now completely nude before Steve as she stood in the knee deep water. She ran her fingers around her nipples teasing them to erectness and when they were hard, she brought one up to her mouth and gently bit her nipple while staring at her well-hung lover the whole time.

Steve turned sideways allowing her to see his cock fatten and it rose from hanging straight down to sticking straight out. He turned back to her and waded out into the water, taking Beth into his arms.

She could feel his steel cock squashed between their bodies as he held her tightly in his arms and kissed her passionately. Steve disengaged himself and moved around behind her. She turned to follow, but he held her in place so that her breasts were thrust out towards the beach and he grabbed her from behind. Steve held her in his arms and she could feel his cock nestled between her ass cheeks, running up over the small of her back. His big hands were rubbing all over her breasts, belly, and abdomen, caressing her. He cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples, causing a soft moan to escaper her lips. Beth leaned back into his arms and arched her neck up to kiss him.

Steve kissed her back, then he effortlessly picked her up and carried her to the blanket. Steve laid Beth down on her stomach and he straddled her, letting his cock rest between her cheeks once again. Steve poured coconut oil all over her back and on her ass so that it ran over his cock and between her ass cheeks. She could feel his cock sliding up and down as he kneaded her muscles.

Beth felt his big rough hands began to rub the oil into her skin and she sighed contentedly closing her eyes. Steve’s expert massaging technique could easily put her to sleep. “Whirl.” For a guy that really only cared about himself, he sure knew how to make her feel good. Beth was almost asleep when Steve rolled her over and began rubbing oil all over her breasts and belly. “Whirl.” She could see his big cock pointing at her, waiting.

“Let me do you now,” Beth said and Steve laid down on his stomach. Beth ran her hand over the hard ridges of his muscles and rubbed the oil into his skin. She worked her hands down to his ass and covered them with oil. She turned him over and stared at his cock, reaching up slightly higher then his navel. and she straddled it, rubbing her pussy along the length as she worked her oil soaked hands across his chest. “Whirl.” Beth slid down between his legs and held his cock up straigh,t rubbing the oil that already covered it along its length.

“Whirl,whirl,whirl.” “I bet god doesn’t have a cock this big,” she said before leaning her head down to kiss the fat head like she always did before the engaged in sexual activity. “Whirl” Beth reluctantly removed her lips from Steve’s cock and looked around. “What’s that noise,” she asked?

“It’s just locusts,” he replied. “Now put those lips back on my dick, bitch.”

Beth happily complied with his wishes and began rubbing her tongue around the pee slit and the crown of his cock. She ran her lips down the sides, wishing it wasn’t covered in oil because it ruined the taste and covered up his masculine scent. “Whirl” Beth stroked his cock with her hand, while kissing his balls. She worked her lips back up to the head and removed them staring down its intimidating length.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” he reprimanded.

Beth angled her body and took several deep breaths. She bent down and plopped the head into her mouth and started breathing with her nose. “Whirl” Beth relaxed her throat muscles and began sliding his cock deep into her mouth. She felt like a sword swallower as her lips kissed his pubic hair for the first time. “Whirl”

Steve jumped in delight when she took all twelve inches into her throat. “That’s it baby. Your the best damned cock sucker in the world.”

Steve’s kind words gave her the incentive to try harder and tightening her lips, Beth began running her mouth up and down his entire length, breathing whenever his head popped out. “Whirl,whirl,whirl.”

Steve let Beth suck his big cock for twenty minutes before pulling her up to mount him. He held his rod straight up, and it was simply too big to put in her pussy from a kneeling position, so Beth had to stand up slightly and lower her pussy down to meet his cock head.

“Whirl” The fat head parted her lips and she slid her body down its entire length, moaning as he impaled her. She was always wet and ready for Steve and with the addition of the coconut oil, she was well lubricated and took his cock easily. Her vagina had molded itself to the shape of Steve’s cock weeks ago and he had awakened nerve endings so deep inside her that only big cocks could completely satisfy her from now on. “Whirl”

“Oh god Steve, I love you and your big cock, she said when his dick had completely filled her.

“Is it bigger then your husbands?” he asked.

“You know it is,” she replied somewhat curiously. She had told him how big (or how small) David was before. She figured he must get off hearing it. “Your giant cock is over twice as big as my husbands and its three times as thick,” she said while riding him to a small orgasm. “Whirl”

“Are you such a slut that you don’t mind cheating on your husband with his own brother?” he asked.

“F-forgive m-me David,” she said panting from the orgasm. “but your penis is so small and insignificant compared to your brother’s big cock. I am a slut for your cock Steve, I am a slut.” Beth leaned forward and slid her body up his so that only half his rod was buried in her. She bent forward and hung her large nipples in his face, moaning from another orgasm when he took her nipples into his mouth and started flicking his tongue across them. “Whirl”

Beth was startled when Steve suddenly yanked his dick out of her pussy and pushed her off him. She was laying on her side on the blanket in a daze from her second orgasm, when he got behind her and pulled her up to her knees. Beth’s perfectly shaped ass was arced into the sky glistening with oil in the sunlight. “Whirl” Steve kneeled behind her and buried his cock in her pussy once again, hearing her whimper of pleasure muffled by the blanket.

Steve continued to slowly fuck her as he leaned over and grabbed the bottle of oil. He opened it and poured oil down the crack of her ass, feeling it run down over his cock and drip to the blanket. He began massaging her sphincter with one beefy finger, before pushing it in to loosen her up. “Whirl”

“Oh Steve,” she said pushing her ass back into his finger. “I love it when you finger my ass.” “whirl”

Steve pulled his finger out and he held her rosebud open between his thumb and forefinger. He began pouring oil into her ass, watching to run down inside her. He easily pushed his fat thumb into her well lubricated hole feeling Beth start to tremble.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” she started breathing heavy feeling a big orgasm building up. “I’m cuuummming, oh oh oh oh ow owww,” she screamed when he removed his thumb and replaced it with two fingers, stretching her out. “whirl”

Beth had been about to protest, when the orgasm had overwhelmed her. Seeing she had almost passed out, he took advantage of the situation and pulled his cock out of her pussy, running it up the crack of her ass. He rested the head against her sphincter and pushed down, seeing her stretch wide to receive him. The head had disappeared inside, before she had recovered. “Whirl”

“Oh god no,” Beth moaned crying. “Please don’t fuck my ass. It’s too big. It hurts.”

Steve had pushed eight inches in when he met resistance. He heard her whimpering and begging him to take it out between her cries of pain. He held it buried in her so that she could grow used to his cock in her ass. “Whirl,whirl,whirl,” her cries completely blocked out the sounds of the locust.

Beth had never felt such pain in her life. She grabbed handfuls of sand through the blanket and squeezed them into her hands. The pain resurfaced her hatred of her brother-in-law and she wondered how it was possible to hate someone so much and yet be so addicted to them at the same time. This must be how an addict feels, hating themselves but at the same time craving to satisfy their addiction, and she was addicted to Steve. She was not only completely hooked on his cock but on the way he treated her like such a slut. The overwhelming desire to please him suppressed the pain and her hatred. She pushed herself up to her hands and knees. Her ass was still a little sore as she looked over her shoulder at the fat four inches of cock meat still sticking out of her ass. “Click,whirl,click,whirl.”

Look at that big cock in my ass, she thought. Her rear end had been the last new territory for him to conquer and she felt a momentary feeling of sadness, thinking she had now surrendered completely to his dominance. She couldn’t believe she had been able to stretch out to take so much of his dick in her ass. She felt Steve adjust his cock a little in her well lubricated anus and she moaned in pleasure. Look at that big cock in my ass, she thought again still staring in awe at it. “Look at your big cock in my ass,” she said looking up at Steve, who just smiled and nodded. “Click,whirl” “Look at his big cock in my ass,” she said to the man with the camera.

********** “I see it you slut,” said the camera-man. “Now beg him to fuck your ass.” Click,click,click, whirl. He snapped off a bunch of close-ups of Steve’s cock in her ass.

Beth just stared at the man and she let out a cry of sheer terror. She recognized him as the fat little photographer from South Beach that had wanted her to pose nude. She struggled to get away from the man but Steve just held her impaled upon his cock while the greasy little man snapped off a roll of film. The whirling sound had been the camera’s motor. Steve had thought it was locusts, unless, he was lying to her again. Steve had taken the man’s business card from her. The whole thing was a set-up. “Steve you fucking bastard,” she screamed at him. “I hate you.” The tears started flowing down her cheeks. ” How could you do something like this?”

“Easy. I’m doing it for the money,” he replied casually. Beth started wailing again and he tried to calm her down. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you half.”

“Its not about the money,” she sobbed. “I thought you were doing something nice for me bringing me here, instead your treating me like a common slut.”

Steve started sliding his cock in and out of her ass, feeling her rectum expand and contract with each slow thrust. “You are a slut Beth, Beth the slut, you called yourself one a few minutes ago.”

She felt her addiction, her need for his cock taking over and she started pushing her ass back to match his thrusts. “Oh god I am a slut.”

“That’s right Beth the slut,” Steve told her. “and like all sluts you like it when other men look at your body.”

“Ugh, ugh, yes, yes, I like being watched,even if it’s by this ugly little man.” she managed to stammer out between thrusts.

“Look at his crotch Beth,” Steve ordered.

Beth looked over at the photographer, he had never stopped taking pictures and just kept snapping them off, swiftly changing rolls and putting them into a pack on his belt. She glanced down at his crotch, sure enough his shorts were bulging out from an erection.

“You did that Beth,” Steve said. “Your slut body made him hard. The least you can do is let him photograph you.”

“I can’t let people see me in a porn magazine,” she protested.

“Hey baby,” the sweaty little fat man said. “I’ll put someone else’s head on your body if you want. That way no one will know it’s you but thousands of people will see your hot body.”

“That’s right Beth,” Steve added. “Think of all the hard cocks masturbating to nude pictures of us.”

The thought of all that tasty semen erupting from hundreds of cocks to splatter across nude pictures of her in a magazine was really working Beth up. “Wh..what do you want me to do?” she asked.

“I need some shots of your facial expressions as he fucks you, and Steve when you get close, pull your dick out of her ass while it’s still coming, so I can get some shots of that. By the way, Beth talk dirty, it puts me in the mood.”

“Oh fuck me, fuck my ass. Your cock feels so big in my ass,” Beth said while Steve fucked her with slow steady strokes. She never paused to think why he would need shots of her face if they were going to use another model’s face.


Harry, the photographer couldn’t stand it any more. They had been fucking for close to half an hour and Beth had been talking dirty for most of it. Now, she had apparently given up on talking and had laid down on her knees, resting her head on her crossed arms, a very satisfied look on her face as Steve continues to slowly fuck her upthrust ass. Harry had photographed hundreds of couples and had never seen anything this hot. He had never seen a cock as big as Steve’s and had almost cum in his pants when the slut swallowed it all. She could even take it all in her pussy. If only Steve could bury the remaining four inches in her ass, then she’d be perfect. “You getting close,” he asked Steve and he quickly started stripping when Steve shook his head no.

Beth awoke from her trance when she heard the photographers knobby knees hit the ground in front of her face. Thinking he wanted some more close-ups she smiled up at him and instead found herself staring at his ugly cock. She couldn’t keep the disgust off her face as she looked up at his nude body. He wore about five gold chains that dangled down upon a hairy chest. Sweat glistened off the rolls of fat that hung down across his substantial stomach. His cock was about half the size of Steve’s but just as fat, making it look disproportionate. He was uncircumsized and the wrinkly foreskin made his fat little cock resemble it’s owner.

“What are you waiting for Beth? Suck him off,” Steve said.

“No way,” she replied looking completely revolted.

Beth heard a loud smacking sound and a second later the pain hit her causing her to jump a little. She jumped into the photographers penis feeling it rub across her cheek, leaving a trail of pre-cum in its wake. She recovered and looked back at Steve in shock. Her left ass cheek was bright red and stinging from where he had slapped her. “Y-you spanked me,” she said, an incredulous look on her face.

“That’s what you get when you disobey me,” he replied. “Now suck him off.”

“You spanked me,” she said again.


He spanked her again, this time on her right cheek. Harry was ready this time and had snapped off a quick picture. Beth didn’t need to be told three times. She turned to look at the fat cock pointing at her face. It’s big head was peeking out at her through the fore skin. She wrinkled her nose in disgust and brought her lips around the fat knob. Beth surprised herself and kissed it first, just like she always kissed Steve, just before putting the whole head into her mouth.

She could feel her ass cheeks aching around Steve’s cock still embedded in her ass. It hadn’t really hurt all that much, it just surprised her. Now the nerves in her ass seemed ultra-sensitive to the 8″ of cock buried in it and she moaned around the dick in her mouth. She really didn’t want to blow the nasty little man and found herself trying to get away with just kissing and licking around the head hoping she could get by with just that.

“For a slut she’s an uppity little bitch,” Harry informed Steve.

Steve shrugged, sometimes it was better to be feared, then loved and sometimes it was better to be loved hen feared. He reached around between her legs and stuck two fingers into her pussy. He heard a muffled moan come out of his slut’s mouth stuffed with the photographer’s dick head. He moved his fingers out so that only the tips were inside her.

Beth now had something filling every one of her holes and she found she liked it. A musky scent from the fat mans crotch assaulted her nostrils and she found his manly smell to be intoxicating. He may have been a disgusting little pig of a man but his cock was very hard, very fat, very nice. She wished Steve would bury his fingers in her, she thought as she licked across the tip of the man’s dick. She felt Steve move his fingers across the tip of her pussy and she jumped at the movement. Beth took about half the fat mans cock in her mouth and she felt Steve’s fingers slide about halfway inside her. She realized that her cock sucking was controlling Steve’s fingers and if she wanted them buried in her pussy she’d half to swallow all the photographer’s cock into her mouth. Beth began lovingly slurping on the fat dick in her mouth feeling her efforts rewarded by waves of pleasure in her pussy. His cock really was quite nice and she managed to say “I love your cock,” to him in between swallows. Somewhere during the blow job, Steve had once again taken control of her body and her mouth was now following the movements of his fingers.

Like all men, Harry loved his dick and it excited him to hear someone else say they loved it. He was getting close to orgasm and he brought his camera up to get some pictures of his cock in her mouth. Few women had been able to take his fat six incher completely in their mouths and this slut could do it effortlessly, but then again she had practiced on a cock twice as big as his. Harry realized that Steve’s big dick had inadvertently turned Beth into the best damn cock-sucker in the world and Harry revelled in the knowledge that this was the best blow job of his life.

“Oh god, I’m getting close,” he shouted.

Beth felt the fat cock in her mouth swell up and at the same time Steve started rubbing around the little nub deep inside her pussy that always caused her to orgasm. The photographer’s, hot salty cum erupted into her mouth, just as her own orgasm came. Beth had an epiphany at that moment. The looks and appearance of the man didn’t really matter, nor did the size of his cock. All that mattered was that she gave them pleasure with her body. Oh god I am a slut, she though as she lustfully inhaled the photographers load. He pulled his fat cock out of her mouth and a strand flew across her lips. “I love your cock and I love the taste of your sperm,” she said as her tongue licked up the cum around her mouth.

Harry looked down at the slut between his legs. She was staring intently at his cock while stroking it like she was trying to milk out any remaining drops of his cum. “Thanks,” he said.

She looked up at him lovingly. “No, thank you sir,” she replied.

They were staring at each other, smiling, when Steve said, “I hate to interrupt your moment, but this monsters about to blow.” Steve looked like he was in sheer ecstasy, as he grabbed her hips fucking her hard. It had been difficult restraining himself because her ass was just so tight around his cock, it felt absolutely incredible. He didn’t want to cum before Harry so he had paced himself. Harry scrambled around behind Beth zooming his camera in on Steve’s cock. He moved it down and snapped off some quick shots of Steve’s balls slapping against her thighs. Those things are huge, he thought, This guy must cum buckets.

They heard Beth moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Steve’s cock swelled up, stretching her ass out even further. “Here it cums,” he cried.

Harry zoomed in on Beth’s stuffed rectum. He heard Steve grunt and incredibly she seemed to take another inch of his cock, as he thrust it deep into her when he orgasmed. Harry could see Steve’s seed rise to the surface then sink again as he pulled all but the tip out. Steve thrust forward again, grunting as he came another load. This time sperm trickled out of her anus, running down the crack towards her pussy. Incredibly, Steve still had some more and he pulled it completely out before stabbing her again. His massive cock displaced air inside her ass and she made farting sounds as the air pushed his cum out, to squirt up around his cock. Harry heard Steve groan and watched him pull his dick out and rest it between her cheeks. The head swelled up yet again and another large wad flew out to strike her between the shoulder blades. Then it was done but he continued to cum. His cock looked like a garden hose with the water left on to trickle, as sperm continued to ooze out, pooling in the small of her back.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Harry thought over and over again. He watched Steve fall backward and collapse gasping for air. Beth fell forward on her face, ass still arched up towards the sky. Harry could see her own cum dripping down her pussy and he guessed that she must have orgasmed at the same time Steve did. He snapped some close ups of the semen pouring from her gaping anus and swore he could even see it close up a little, but not much. She was probably permanently stretched out a little.


Later, Harry was walking up to his van carrying the precious rolls of film. Beth was cleaning herself up in the lagoon and Steve had followed him to get paid. Harry took out a wad of about five thousand dollars. “Lets see,” he said, counting out the money into Steve’s open palm. “Two thousand for the pictures, a thousand for getting her to blow me, and another thousand for the best anal sex scene I’ve ever seen.” Harry looked thoughtful for a minute before shoving the remaining thousand into Steve’s hand. “Here take it all,” he said. “It was worth every penny.”

Steve thanked him and Harry replied in a female voice, “No, thank you, sir,” and the two men laughed together until Beth ran up to them while tying her bikini top back on.

Harry told them he had to go get his camera tripod from the bushes and was delighted when Beth hugged and kissed him on the lips before following Steve to his bike.

When Harry was gone, Steve said, “Here’s your half of the money.,” handing her one thousand dollars.

Beth’s eyes went wide with delight at all the extra cash and as they sped off on his motorcycle, her mind was already thinking of the sexy outfits she could buy with it.

Harry heard the sounds of the motorcycle fade off into the distance and he smiled as he went to gather up his hidden video cameras. Five thousand dollars was chump change compared to the money he could get selling a video of those two fucking. He would of had to pay extra if Steve had known about the cameras. Harry had marked the spot for Steve to put the blanket telling him he needed it to focus his camera. He used this beach a lot and knew all the perfect angles for getting good shots of people fucking in that location. Harry only hoped that his own fat body hadn’t blocked to many views of Steve and Beth. He had a friend that paid good money for amateur videos and his friend could have his tapes edited together and copies being sold all the way to the west coast by the end of the week. Yeah, thought Harry, Today had sure been worth it and in more ways then one, thinking of the blowjob. He gathered up his equipment chuckling to himself the whole time.


Steve really took to fucking her ass, not that Beth minded except that it meant a couple less loads she got to swallow. Her ass had behaved similar to her pussy, stretching out to take more of his cock after each time. Steve had just finished fucking her this morning, managing to get eleven inches in her ass after first fucking her pussy. He had filled her butt with his cum and then left without saying a word while she lay there recovering.

Beth didn’t feel like cleaning up and put her thong on to hold his semen inside her rectum and then she put on her now well used bikini top. She called in sick to work again, not thinking that she could bare to put on that heavy pink waitress uniform. She’d probably be fired soon, she thought as she walked out to the deck and laid down in a chair. Beth cocked her ear and soon enough was rewarded with the sound of the neighbor firing up his lawn mower. The old man had taken to doing a lot a yard work lately coinciding with her appearances in her bikini. His lawn sure was looking good too, she thought. Maybe she’d reward him by “accidentally” forgetting to tie her bikini top back on. “

Ah ha,” said a familiar voice. “caught you.”

Beth was lying on her stomach and must of jumped a mile when David walked around the corner.

“Well young lady,” he said. “Just what do you think your doing?”

“Oh god David,” she said starting to cry. “Don’t be mad. I just wanted to….” she stopped when she noticed he was smiling at her embarrassment.

“Your not mad,” she said?

“Mad? I’ve been praying to see you in a bikini for three years now and I was hoping I’d catch you today.”

“You mean you knew?”

“Honey,” David said smugly. “Nothing escapes this keen mind. You’ve been as white as a sheet ever since I’ve known you and all of a sudden your skin has been slowly turning darker over the last three weeks.”

They laughed together and David ran his hand down her back, while running his eyes over her ass. “Er, honey,” he said “Your ass is all swollen and red.”

Beth’s eyes opened wide and she flipped over, praying that the thong had covered up the large hole that had once been her cute little rosebud. “David,” she scolded. “Don’t look at me down there. I have a bad rash.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” he replied rubbing his hand across her stomach.

“What are you doing home anyway?” she asked.

“I came home to pack,” he informed her distracted by her partial nudity. “An important clients getting audited and I have to fly out to him tomorrow. I’m sorry but I’ll probably be gone a week.”

Beth tried to contain the burst of joy she felt at knowing she’d get to be alone with Steve for the entire week before he left for California. She caught herself and hoped she looked appropriately sad as she leaned up to hug her husband.

“You know Beth,” he said pulling her up and inside the house. “I haven’t been without sex for a week since we were married.”

They were in the living room by Steve’s couch/bed when she remembered her distended clit and stretched out pussy. “Sorry honey, but the rash is down there too.” David looked absolutely crestfallen and Beth feeling sorry for her husband, pushed him down onto the couch. She stood in front of him and removed her top, leaving the thong on, since it was the only thing keeping Steve’s sperm from running down her legs. David was staring at her a surprised look on his face when she kneeled before him. “I”ve wanted to try this ever since you first showed me one of your pornos.” she said unzipping his pants.

It was David’s turn to want to shout with joy. The porns had worked. They had loosened her up. He moaned as his wife took his penis into her hot velvety mouth and she began sucking on him. For an amateur, she sure knew what she was doing. He tried to contain himself but found his rock hard cock blasting what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth after five minutes.

Beth felt her husbands half hard penis give a little jerk and a couple drops of semen ran onto her tongue. Definitely just a tasty little appetizer, she thought.


That night Steve came home from work. Tomorrow would be his last day tending bar and he was eager to move on. Beth was waiting for him in her nurses outfit.

“Doctor, I think I need my temperature taken again.”

“Is that right, nurse.”

“Yes Doctor, but this time I think you should use a rectal thermometer.” She managed to take all twelve inches that night.


Beth drove David to Miami airport and walked him to his gate. David stopped at a newstand to get a couple newspapers and Beth idly looked past the hispanic attendant and over at the magazines. Her eyes grew wide and she gasped before fainting, hitting the floor with a thud. Beth awoke a few seconds later with her husband and the hispanic man looking at her concernedly.

“You ok,” said the hispanic man.

Jose was written on his shirt. “I’m fine,” she said getting up. “I just need some water.”

David helped her to a water fountain saying, “Do you want me to cancel my flight, honey.”

“No, no dear, I’m fine, it’ just that cold I’ve been fighting since New Years.”

The time came for his flight and David reluctantly kissed his wife goodbye and boarded the plane.


Jose had been eyeing the pretty brunette since she had walked up to his newsstand with her husband. She had been eyeing the porn magazines….”Aha” he said aloud.

There on the cover of Anal Encounters was a shot of her kneeling in front of a man on the beach. A black dot blocked out the good parts. The caption read “Cheating wife: First time anal with husbands brother!” Jose ran out to try to get her autograph but she was gone. He leafed through the pictures, whistling softly. There she was sucking what had to have been the biggest cock in the world, riding that monster, and taking it up the ass. Excellent fakes , he thought, not believing that any woman could deep throat that monster, nor could any cock be that big or cum so much.

The pictures were incredible though and Jose felt his cock leap in his pants. He would have to add this magazine to his collection and was getting ready to put it in his bag, when he noticed the last page said, “video available $19.95” and the ad gave an eight hundred number. He would have to see it to believe it. Jose copied the number down.

Chapter 05

Flirting With Disaster

Beth was so flustered seeing herself on the cover of a porn magazine, she almost got involved in two accidents while driving home from the airport. She tried to calm herself so that she could think. She didn’t know any people who read smut magazines, so she was probably safe from getting caught. David liked porn, but he only rented the occasional video. She would cross her fingers and hope no one would recognize her. The magazine would be off the shelves in a month and she could get on with her life. Steve would be gone in a week and there would be no more incidents like this to worry about. Strange, but the thought of Steve leaving didn’t fill her with joy like it should have. It actually depressed her to think that she would be going back to an orgasm free existence and she pictured herself riding behind Steve on his bike heading out West to California.

Beth pulled into her driveway and like a zombie slowly walked into the house. Steve was waiting for her in the kitchen, an excited look on his face.

“Have you seen these,” he said throwing three magazines on the table.

Beth just nodded feeling nothing. There was no desire to yell at him or to hit him. She felt empty inside. Beth looked over at the magazines. In addition to Anal Encounters, there were two others. She was on the cover of another riding Steve’s cock. The last cover was a collage of different people and She saw herself kissing his massive cock in the upper corner. The contact point between her lips and his cock head were covered by a black dot and the picture bore the caption, A Cock You Gotta See to Believe.

Beth looked through the magazines while Steve walked out into the living room to change for work. As she leafed through the pictures, she felt herself becoming aroused. The photographs of her and Steve were awesome. There was one where she had the photographers dick in her mouth and her eyes were half closed as she swallowed it wantonly. The picture didn’t resemble the Beth she knew from the mirror. The woman in the picture was the most beautiful, sensual woman she had ever seen. The emptiness inside her was being replaced by one emotion, lust.

Beth started rubbing her pussy through her slacks as she looked at the pictures. Hundreds of men were probably looking at her body right this minute, all stroking a wide variety of cocks, all wishing that they were Steve. She could see him naked in the living room. His fantastic penis was half erect and it seemed to radiate power, calling to her. They should make it illegal to cover that thing, she thought as he was pulling on his shorts.

Steve, come fuck me now,” she screamed.

“Can’t,” he said walking back into the kitchen dressed and ready for work. “I’m running late.”

Beth didn’t give him much time to react. She was on her knees, with his cock in her mouth before he had even realized his zipper was down. It quickly swelled to full erection under her now expert ministrations and he let her worship it for about five minutes before pulling it out of her mouth.

“Meet me at the bar around nine,” he said looking at the crestfallen Beth. “We’ll fuck all night when we get home.” Steve stuffed his cock into his shorts, knowing that once it was hard, it stayed hard until he came. It was going to be a long night, he thought, but at least his tips would be bigger.

Beth remained on her knees staring in disbelief at the empty doorway, fully believing he’d come back until she heard his bike start up and drive away.


Beth opened her bedroom drawer and she looked at her old baggy sweaters and tops. She removed them, revealing her newer sexier outfits, hidden underneath.

Beth then stripped, noticing how soaked her panties were. The magazine pictures had her hornier then she had ever been and she didn’t think she could wait for Steve to get off work. She wished he could give her a quickie out behind the bar tonight. It was probably the only time she had ever regretted his amazing stamina.

She leafed through her clothes and settled on a tight halter top and a short black skirt. She pulled on a black thong, but decided against a bra. She could see the large outline of her aureola through the thin material of her top. Her bare flat stomach was now a perfect light brown color, matching her hair and the rest of her body. Her ass cheeks were the same color from being bare all the time in her bikini as she rode on the back of Steve’s bike. Her tan was almost universal now, her crotch and a small area around her nipples being the only white spots left on her entire body.

She ran her hand down her belly, resisting the temptation to continue on under her skirt. Steve could take care of that problem later. She smiled at the beautiful woman in the mirror and almost laughed at the foolish girl she had been just a month ago. She had been as white as a ghost and hadn’t even been able to look at herself in a mirror, being ashamed of her voluptuous figure. Now, Beth realized, her entire body was designed to please men, from her face to her ass and she was a fool to try to deny them that pleasure. David would never be able to satisfy her and within days after Steve was gone, she would be on the prowl for some new cock to fulfill her needs. Beth twirled around, watching the skirt fly up, revealing her lower butt cheeks and then she left the room heading for her car and Steve.


The cold night air had caused her nipples to pop out. Her entire areola were swollen and straining at her top. They were so hard, they got a little swore rubbing against the material of her top. The club was crowded that night and it almost fell completely silent when Beth entered the room. Without even realizing it, she thrust out her breasts and wiggled her ass a little more, as she crossed the room towards Steve. Every male eye was upon her and some she thought seemed to recognize her. She was afraid they recognized her from the porn magazines and she shrugged it off to her imagination until she noticed the same men staring in awe at Steve behind the bar. Yeah, they knew who she was alright.

Beth sat down at the bar and crossed her legs, showing off just a hint of her panties to people at nearby tables. Steve set a strong drink in front of her and he kept it filled, though he was too busy to stay and talk with her. He wasn’t too busy to scare off all the horny men though. Every time she saw one approaching her, Steve would be there to scare him away. She began to wish he would let her flirt a little just so that she could have someone to talk too.

She finished her drink and Steve set a fresh one in front of her before getting busy with a bunch of drink orders. Beth was idly twirling her swizzle stick around in her drink when she heard a deep masculine voice behind her.

“You here alone, Miss.”

She looked down the bar. Steve was busy and not paying any attention to her. She put on her most dazzling smile and turned to face the man. She found herself staring at a white t-shirt covering an incredibly muscular torso. She looked up to see a very handsome black face smiling down at her.

“Y-yes I’m alone,” she stuttered. “I mean no, I’m waiting for the bartender.”

“Well, I’m sure he won’t mind if keep you company until he’s off,” he replied sitting down beside her.

They struck up a conversation and Beth found it difficult to concentrate as she stared at the black giant. His physical presence was so powerful that she wanted to surrender her body to him right then and there.The only other man who had affected her that way before was Steve and the similarities between the two were amazing. Duane, the black man, was a loner just like Steve. He wandered about the country on his motorcycle, never staying in one place for long. Beth just listened raptly to him, wandering what his cock looked like. She had developed a fascination with black cocks ever since seeing the one in David’s porno movie. She had thought that cock big at the time until encountering Steve’s in real life. She was so focused on Duane she didn’t even notice Steve fill up their drinks, nor did she notice the angry look he flashed both her and the black man. Duane excused himself to go to the bathroom and Steve was immediately in front of her.

“That black guy bothering you,” he said gruffly.

“No, Steve,” she said a little flustered. “He’s just keeping me company until your off, that’s all.”

“Well just make sure he keeps his dirty black hands off you.”

“Don’t worry,” she said a little confused. She had never known Steve as a bigot. In fact, he seemed to consider himself superior to all other men, whites and blacks.

“On second thought,” he said, an evil grin on his face. “I want you to mess with him.”

“What!” she said her eyes growing wide.

“Flirt with him, make him hard. Grab his dick,” he explained. “No sex, your body belongs to me this week. I want you to make him so fucking horny his balls hurt. I want to see the look in his eyes when he sees me leaving with you, knowing it’s my cock that’s about to be buried in your pussy.”

“I d-don’t think I can,” Beth said shaking her head, which quickly changed to a nod of agreement at the cold look of fury on his face.

Steve left the minute Duane returned. They talked a little while before a nervous Beth reached over and set her hand on top of his thigh much to his delight. He replied by putting one big callused hand on her knee and squeezing it while looking down the bar at Steve to make sure he wasn’t paying attention. She grew a little bolder and began sliding her hand up towards his crotch, expecting to come into contact with a humongous black cock at any second. She was somewhat confused when her hand didn’t encounter anything and she continued on up to his crotch while he just stared into her eyes, a smug look on his face. She encountered the thick stem between his legs and her eyes widened in awe as she realized his cock ran down his other pant leg. His cock had to be almost as big as Steve’s and she felt it throbbing all the way through his pants. Duane let her run her hands up and down his cock a few times before asking her to dance. She nodded and he led her out to the crowded dance floor.

Duane was an excellent dancer and as they were out of sight of Steve, she found herself getting a little carried away. She flipped her skirt up, flashing Duane her bare ass and jumped away from him when he grabbed her cheeks with his big hands. She wagged her finger at him saying he was naughty and she backed her ass up into his crotch, feeling him grind his cock against her. Then she spun around and held him rubbing their crotches together. The beat was rhythmic and sexual and she found herself wishing her pussy was full of some big black dick at the moment. The set ended and they returned to the bar sweaty and breathing heavy from the dancing and their arousal.

Beth downed her drink and excused herself to go to the bathroom. She was drunk, horny, and she had to pee really bad so she spent a few minutes in the bathroom. When she had finished and freshened up her make up, she left the bathroom.

Beth was walking by a partially opened broom closet when a strong pair of hands grabbed her and pulled her inside. She struggled at first until he flipped the light on revealing Duane making shushing motions with his finger and lips. His hands were quickly all over her body.

“Duane, I can’t be in here with you,” she said moaning as he tweaked her nipples through her halter top.

“Come on Beth,” he said while kissing all over her face. “You gotta let me fuck you. I’ve never been this turned on in my life.”

“I can’t cheat,” she said without realizing that her hand was unconsciously stroking his cock through his pants. “That big guy behind the bar is my boyfriend and he’s a little overprotective,” she explained still rubbing his cock through his pants.

“He didn’t seem to mind you messing with me though,” said Duane as he ran his big black hands under her halter top and flicked it up, freeing her bare breasts.

“He said I could tease you,” she explained moaning as he bent over and took one of her large nipples into his mouth. “I could grab you, but not have sex with you.”

Duane didn’t respond, he just continued to lick around her nipples and he gently bit them from time to time. Beth could never remember being so horny. First, the magazine pictures had gotten her all worked up, and then Steve had left her hanging this afternoon. Now, being trapped in a closet with a well hung black guy had her dripping with excitement. She even found his sweaty smell to be sexually stimulating. Duane stood up and began unbuttoning his jeans, a smug, self-assured expression on his face the whole time.

“Wh..what are you doing?” she asked nervously.

He dropped his jeans and then bent over to pull down his underwear freeing a cock as equally impressive as Steve’s. It was about an inch smaller but was about half againt as thick.

“He said you could grab,” Duane answered her, putting her hand on his cock. “So grab.”

Beth began running her hands along his throbbing ebony shaft feeling it jump at her touch. A nasty thought occurred to her. Steve had said she could touch him. Wasn’t jerking him off, just touching him? Beth gave him a quick kiss and said, “Let me jack you off.”

She saw Duane give a little nod and Beth fished around in her purse for a minute until she located a small tube of hand moisturizer. She kneeled down and covered both hands in moisturizer until they were well lubricated. Beth knew from experience that it would take a lot of lubrication and she emptied the bottle in her hands. Beth looked up at his cock and froze. The narrow confines of the janitors closet had it swaying before her eyes, less then a foot away. It was simply the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The black cock in David’s video had a light colored head but, Duane’s was a dark black all the way through. His balls were bigger then Steve’s and they hung down further. The head was a lot bigger then Steve’s, as was his urethra which was oozing pre-cum.

Without thinking, Beth leaned forward and planted her ritual kiss of submission on the head feeling it jerk up at the touch of her lips. She kept her lips poised about an inch away from the head, his musky smell filling her nostrils. She wanted nothing more then to swallow it whole but Steve had forbidden her. Beth figured one taste couldn’t hurt, and her tongue flicked out and licked the pre-cum off his head. It tasted salty and the amount was almost as much as her husband’s entire orgasm.

Duane wasn’t moving his body at all. but she could swear that his cock was straining to find its way past her lips. Beth came to her senses and backed up a little. She brought both her hands up and began rubbing moisturizer all over his cock feeling how hard he was. Beth developed a a pattern of stroking and soon found herself becoming mesmerized like she had the first time she had stroked off Steve. She had fantasized she was blowing Steve, then getting fucked by him, and then his cock had turned black and he had penetrated her ass, just like the stud in the video. Now all her visions were of black cocks and she decided that if Duane was going to be in town after Steve left, she would be fucking him the minute Steve was gone. This cheered her up thinking that she had just discovered a new source of orgasms and semen to satisfy her once Steve was gone.

Speaking of semen, the taste of his pre-cum was still on her lips and she wished she could have more. His cock was swelling up now meaning he was approaching orgasm. The big pee slit was opening and closing with her strokes. Then an alarming thought hit her. Big cock, big balls, big pee slit, it all meant that this guy was about to shower her with a tremendous amount of cum and Steve had forbidden her from letting him cum. He’d kill her if she walked out into the bar covered with a black man’s sperm. Beth had gone a little too far and she didn’t really have much choice. She would have to swallow the evidence.

“You white slut,” Duane said watching her swallow his entire cock into her mouth. “Where did you learn to do that?”

“Around,” she said when she came up for air.

Beth got into her pattern of deep throating him and licking around the head while she caught her breath. Her skills quickly had him ready to explode and she felt him start to explode when she had his entire cock buried down her throat. The overly large head of his cock had swollen so big that she found it hard to suppress her gag reflex. Beth felt the ridge of his cock head scrap along her throat as she quickly slid it out so that just the head was in her mouth. Where Steve always came in several large wads, Duane just constantly hosed out sperm. She could feel it spraying her esophagus and then the sides of her throat as she slid it out into her mouth. His hot cum poured into her mouth and she let it fill up at least three times before swallowing. Beth had described swallowing David’s load as an appetizer and Steve’s as a main course. Duane’s was a seven course dinner and Beth was proud when she swallowed every drop.

“Oh my god,” said Duane as his legs went weak and he caught himself against the wall to keep from slumping down. “You’ve got to let me fuck you,” he said pulling her to her feet and rubbing his long wet cock along her bare belly and across her belly button.

“In a week,” she said panting with desire. “My boyfriends gone within a week.”

“Sorry, but so am I,” he said sadly.

“Oh.” the smile on Beth’s face fell and she sadly wondered where she was going to find another cock like Steve’s or Duane’s to satisfy her in a week.

Duane opened the door and looked around, “Coasts clear,” he said and he slipped out the door.

Beth fixed her clothing and wiped off her hands on a dirty rag in the closet, following him out the door. He had disappeared and she returned to her bar seat and an angry looking Steve.

“Where the hell have you been?” he demanded. “Just out dancing,” she lied.

“Where’s your black boy?” he asked.

“I guess he left.” she replied trying to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

“You leave him all high and dry like I told you?”

“Yes Steve,” she lied again.

“Good,” he said laughing. “I’m getting off in an hour. Why don’t you run home and be waiting for me in my brother’s bed.

“Yes Steve,” she said jumping up. She needed to get fucked and she didn’t think she could wait another hour.

Beth needed to use the bathroom again before she left and she glanced at the broom closet as she entered the ladies room. Beth relieved herself and stopped off to check her make up. She gasped when she saw how swollen her cheeks were. Beth looked down her body and gasped again when she saw a line of dried semen running down her stomach and across her belly button looking like a snail had crawled across her belly leaving a trail behind it. Thank god the bar must have been too dark for Steve to see her cheeks and belly. Beth quickly poured warm water into her hands and wiped off the semen on her stomach.

Beth quickly left the building and made her way to her car. She couldn’t wait to have Steve’s cock buried in her vagina. The days events had gotten her so worked up that she was so horny it actually hurt. Her need for sex was so bad that she almost regretted her introduction to good sex. Almost.

The club had been packed when Beth arrived and she had been forced to park in a dark corner of the lot far from the building. The club had emptied out quickly leaving her car alone except for a motorcycle parked nearby. Beth had taken her keys out of her purse and was reaching for the door when she was grabbed from behind. A strong arm held her tight and a big beefy hand covered her mouth immobilizing her. Beth struggled in fear until she realized the futility of it and calmed herself. She stood still feeling her heart beating in her chest until her attacker spun her around revealing himself to be Duane.

“Duane, what the hell are you doing?” she asked.

“Beth,” he said frantically. “You’ve got to let me fuck you.” He lifted her up onto the hood of her car and yanked her thong off from under her skirt, setting it beside her on the hood. His pants were already around his ankles and his cock was rock hard again.

“No!” she said firmly, covering up the entrance to her pussy with her hands. “I can’t let you fuck me, my boyfriend will find out.”

“Damn it Beth,” he protested. “Then you’ve got to blow me again. No woman has ever swallowed me whole. ”

“I can’t Duane,” she replied. “Your big cock stretched my cheeks out so much, that I almost got caught.”

“Aaagh,” Duane cried in frustration. “Then let me look at you while I jack off.”

Beth nodded yes. She really wanted to see the what the cum looked like flying out from his cock. “Just promise that you won’t cum on me.” “I promise,” he said before spitting into his hand and then he started running it up and down his long black shaft.

“Show me your tits,” he demanded.

Beth lifted up her top and stretched out the elastic around her large breasts and let it snap back above them so that her breasts were free.

“Spread your lips so that I can see your insides,” he ordered, stroking his cock rapidly.

Beth’s skirt was around her waist and she could feel the cold metal of the car hood on her ass causing her to shiver as she spread her legs wide for Duane. Beth reached down and held her pussy open for him. Beth looked down at her spred pussy and then back up at Duane, he seemed closer. She wasn’t sure whether Duane just kept moving closer or if she was sliding forwards to get closer to his cock. The next thing she knew, she was staring in awe at his big black dick as he stroked it just inches from her open pussy.

Duane thrust his cock through his hand and the big head touched her labia for a brief second causing her to practically jump into the air with desire. She felt every nerve ending in her pussy screaming for sex at his touch. Her hands were shaking and sweat broke out on her forehead as she tried to resist her need to orgasm. Beth tried slipping her finger into her pussy but it was no use. A big orgasm was lurking beneath the surface of her body and it needed more then her finger to bring it out.

‘Duane, you can rub your cock along my slit,” she said. “but don’t put it in me.” Duane eagerly complied and they both groaned as he began rubbing his dick along her pussy. It felt great but did nothing to help along her orgasm and she whimpered in frustration.

“Poor Beth,” he remarked. “Why don’t you let me push my head in a little? That should help.”

“Ok,” she said, “but just a little.”

Duane pushed down on his cock and watched about half of the fat head disappear inside her.

Beth sighed and clawed futilely at the hood of her car when he entered her. Duane just obediently moved part of his head in and out of her. Beth felt that she would be able to cum with just a little more inside her. “Go ahead and push the rest of the head in.” Beth felt her impending orgasm move up into her abdomen and it lingered there teasing her. Beth smiled up at Duane thinking about how nice he was. Steve wouldn’t have taken no for an answer and Duane was just politely complying with her wishes. She should reward him. “You can push about half your cock in but don’t cum in me,” she reminded him.

Duane grinned down at her and began slamming about half his cock in and out of her. He noticed her body was responding to his thrusts, her hips rising up to meet his cock every time he pushed it in.

Beth couldn’t stand it any more. Her orgasm felt like a caged animal, trying to latch onto his cock with each thrust, hoping to escape her body. Beth opened her mouth to tell the handsome black man to bury his cock in her pussy, but Duane seemed to be anticipating her request and slammed all 11″ into her before she could get out a word. His massive black cock stretched her out further then she had ever been and she felt her long awaited orgasm explode from her body. She screamed in pleasure and just kept screaming as he continued to fuck her.

Duane became alarmed at her cries of pleasure and seeing some people leaving the bar, he shoved her panties into her mouth. She clamped her mouth down and the panties helped to muffle her screams. He continued to slam her hard against the hood, watching her body writhe in pleasure as she flung her head back and forth in disbelief at the intensity of her orgasms. He could feel his cock grow even bigger and he said, “Here it comes baby.”

Beth’s eyes widened in fear and she yanked the thong out of her mouth and screamed, “Pull out, pull out.”

The look on Duanes face was purely predatory as he made like he was pulling out, only to slam his entire cock into her pussy. “Nooo,” shouted Beth as she felt his cock jerk in her pussy and it began spraying it’s large load of sperm. He held it buried in her pussy and it leaped uncontrollably as it sprayed her pussy with his semen. The powerful jet of semen just kept spraying the sensitive area around her cervix, triggering her to have one constant orgasm that lasted as long as his. Beth passed out as she felt his cum trickling out of her pussy around his cock.

She awoke a few minutes later to the sound of his motorcycle taking off and found herself lying length ways along the car hood still practically naked. Her breasts ached a little and her ass was sitting in a large pool of sperm. She’d have to run home really fast to clean his mess up. Beth jumped off the car and licked her lips tasting his cum and her own juices on them. That bastard must have used my mouth to clean his dick off, she thought in disgust. For a brief second she felt ashamed at what she had become but just as quickly shrugged it off as it simply felt too good to regret.

Beth looked around for her thong but it was gone and in a daze she stumbled into her car. Beth looked at her face in the mirror seeing the dried sperm on her lips and she made sure she licked it all off before starting the engine. Beth’s aching nipples demanded attention and glancing down she saw that she had forgotten to pull her halter top back down over her breasts. For some reason, it had been pulled down to her nipples so that it looked like her nipples were holding her top up. Both nipples were fully erect and swollen from where he had apparently bitten them after she had passed out. A little angry, Beth was lifting up the top to stretch it out over her breasts when she saw something that almost made her faint again, this time with fear. Duane had left two big hickies just above her nipples.

“Oh my god,” she said out loud, thinking about what she was going to do. On the verge of panicking, Beth calmed down, reminding herself that she was a strong, intelligent woman. She brightened up a little when she realized that she might be able to use make up to cover the hickies. Hopefully she had enough time to clean up and try to cover up the evidence of her infidelity to her husband’s brother. Beth put the car in drive and saw Steve walk out of the bar and head around back towards his motorcycle. An hour had passed and Duane had fucked her for almost the whole time! She slammed on the gas and squealed out of the parking lot. She would have only a few minutes until Steve got home.

Chapter 06

Whose that Knockin’ at My Back Door

Beth could see the single headlight on Steve’s motorcycle following her the whole way home. Duane had taken her panties and there was nothing holding his semen inside her pussy. His large load constantly oozed out of her body staining the car seats and soaking her thighs. Beth had never been so scared in her life as she was at that moment. She had given into lust and let a giant dicked black man fuck her. He had apparently chosen to mark her as his property by cumming inside her and giving her two large hickies on her breasts. Now Steve was just minutes away from finding out.

Beth turned the car on to her block and pulled into her driveway. She was naked and halfway up the stairs when she heard his bike pull up beside her car. She was out of time. Beth heard the front door slam as she ran into the bathroom and quickly ran a cold wash rag between her legs, shivering as the clammy rag cleaned up a little of Duane’s sperm. Beth gave up searching for makeup to hide the hickies when she heard Steve walking up the stairs. She had just thrown herself onto the bed and had managed to pull the covers up and turn out the light when Steve entered the room.

Steve flipped on the light and strolled into the room. He didn’t say a word to her as he stripped and stood before her in all his glory. “Get out from under those covers so I can see your body,” he said while stroking his cock to full erection.

“I..I’m cold,” she said nervously. “Come get under the covers with me.” Beth patted the bed and tried to smile seductively at him.

Steve stared at her for a moment, shocked that she had contradicted him, before yanking the covers off the bed. Beth scrambled to cover herself, folding her arms across her breasts.

She saw Steve staring between her legs and to her horror, she realized that still more of Duane’s sperm was leaking out of her leaving a big wet spot on the sheet. Beth thrust both hands down to cover her pussy revealing her hickie covered breasts.

Her eyes widened in fear as she saw Steve start to shake in rage. “You fucking slut whore,” he roared. “You let a black man soil your pussy didn’t you slut?”

Beth curled up into a fetal position and began to rock back and forth as Steve continued to hurl insults at her. He seemed so mad that she was afraid he was going to hit her even though he had never physically abused her, other then the time he had spanked her on the beach. After a while she almost wished he would hit her, if it would get him to stop verbally abusing her. She cried as he continued to belittle her and she was afraid he’d never stop. She was even more afraid he’d never fuck her again.

Everything he says is true, she thought continuing to cry. I am a slut. I am only good for one thing. My body was built to please men. She was so caught up in self realization that she failed to notice he had stopped screaming at her.

“Now go clean your ass up,” he yelled. “I don’t want to feel any trace of black man’s sperm in you when I fuck you.”

Beth’s heart gave a little leap of joy knowing he was still going to fuck her but the tears continued to roll down her eyes as she ran to the bathroom.


Beth stepped into the tub and lowered herself into the hot water. She had run out of tears a long time ago but she continued to sob as she scrubbed herself up. What had she become? What would her feminist professors think of her now? Four years of their teachings had been disproven by one hand job. No, not even the hand job, just the sight of Steve’s twelve inch cock had begun filling her head with ideas. She had wanted to lose the pool game so that she could taste his cock in her mouth. She wanted him to fuck her pussy and her ass. She enjoyed sucking on the fat photographers cock and she loved the thought of thousands of men jerking off to nude pictures of her in magazines. Here she was trying to clean all trace of Duane from her body and she actually wanted more of his sperm filling her belly, pussy, and ass.

Steve had taught her more about herself in the last month then any college professor ever could. Steve was the only teacher that mattered. Beth could hear Steve walking around downstairs as she winced as the wash cloth touched the bruised skin from her hickies. She dropped the cloth when she heard his motorcycle, but calmed herself when it shut off a minute later. She was confused, had he changed his mind and almost left her? She heard him stomping up the stairs and then the bed creaked as he got back on it. Beth dried her body off and then swished mouthwash around her mouth feeling a moments regret that the taste of Duane’s semen was now gone forever.

She opened the door and saw Steve laying on the bed. He was holding his massive cock up so that it reached towards the ceiling. He still looked angry and she shuffled towards the bed holding her head down. Beth kneeled on the edge of the bed at his feet and she began crawling up towards his cock. She heard sounds coming from her throat and realized that she was whimpering, like a bad dog, crawling back to its master begging forgiveness.

Beth reached his cock and leaned forward to kiss it. “Not this time Slut,” he said, yanking it away from her lips. “Just climb up and fuck me.” Beth started sobbing again when he jerked it away. She had always kissed his cock before sex and now she wasn’t worthy of it. She threw her leg around him and rose up above his crotch.

With one hand Steve held his cock up towards her pussy and with his other he reached over and turned out the lights. “I don’t want to have to look at your slut ass while I fuck you,” he explained.

Beth gave a cry of anguish at his words, but continued to squat down towards his cock head. She had left the bathroom light on and a little light leaked into the room. Her eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to the darkness but she could sense his cock below her. She let gravity take her down onto his cock and heard a loud squishing sound as it was buried in her pussy. She was soaking wet, and not from the bath or from Duane’s cum, it was from a burning desire to please Steve that had her so aroused. She decided to give Steve the best fuck of his life and she did squats over his cock so that she could use his entire length to fuck her. She was panting from the exertion but after five minutes her efforts were rewarded when Steve started bucking his hips to match her squats and she orgasmed knowing that he was enjoying it. After another five minutes, Steve grabbed her hips and pulled her down to her knees so that most of his cock remained buried in her pussy as he started to fuck her hard.

Beth was giving little cries of pleasure as she felt Steve slide his hands down to her ass cheeks. She moaned, knowing that he was about to stick one of his fingers in her ass. Steve gave a powerful thrust of his cock, causing the entire bed to jump and she had another orgasm from the force of his thrust.

She felt his finger probe at her rectum and then he pushed it in. No, it was too large to be his finger, he was stuffing something else in. Then Beth felt another pair of hands on her hips and a massive, well lubricated cock was sliding into her ass. Steve’s hands were holding her ass cheeks spread for another man.

The pleasure she felt from being simultaneously penetrated by two meaty cocks was incredible but it still shocked her and she tried to struggle. Steve’s grip on her ass strengthened, holding her in place while the other man shoved his entire cock into her until his balls slapped against her thighs just above the base of Steve’s shaft. Beth could feel the two cocks rubbing against each other separated by only a thin layer of flesh and they felt incredible. She heard a click as Steve reached over and switched on the light. He was smiling at her now and Beth looked over her shoulder to see Duane also smiling at her, his white teeth standing out against his black face.

“Beth,” Steve said, “I’d like you to meet one my buddies, Duane.”

“We’ve met Steve,” Duane added.

“I don’t understand,” said a very confused Beth as she looked back at Steve.

“I owed my bro a couple favors,” said Steve, “so I decided to share the new slut I was breaking in.”

“Oh,” said Beth, feeling both their cocks began to move a couple of inches inside her. “So your not mad?”

“Fuck yeah I’m mad,” said Steve. “Duane bet me that he could fuck you before you knew who he was and I hate to lose.”

“Oh,” said Beth again, as they began to fuck her two holes with about half their cocks.

“Yeah bro, pay up tomorrow,” said Duane pulling his black cock out of her ass until just the fat head stretched out her sphincter grotesquely and then slamming the entire length back in.

“Ohh,” moaned Beth, feeling Steve doing the same thing with his cock. “How much did you lose?”

“One fucking dollar,” Steve snarled, and then at Beth’s surprised look added, “Never bet on a cock slut to turn down a big dick.”

“Ooh, ooooo, fuck me,” cried Beth upset that she was only worth a dollar but enjoying having both her holes stuffed too much to care about it. They were taking turns slamming their cocks into her and Beth felt her nerves tingling around whichever cock happened to be buried in her at the moment. She cried out in pleasure as the stimulation turned into a series of orgasms that caused her to buck wildly around their cocks. Almost on cue, the men changed their tactics, both pulling out and both ramming their cocks in together and her orgasms grew bigger and continued to come in a series of waves.

“Ow,” she cried, as their cocks began to swell as they approached orgasm. It was like thier big organs were competing for space in her body. Duane lasted longer, probably because he had already cum twice that night already and she felt a thick wad of Steve’s semen strike her cervix and his giant cock was jumping deep inside her pussy as it continued to spit out wad after wad. Duane’s fat black cock began hosing the insides of her rectum before Steve had finished his orgasm and she felt her ass filling with his seed.

The cocks quit jerking after a minute or two and the two men paused to catch their breath, while Beth just laid there stunned by the feelings she had just experienced. She felt a trickle of cum leak out of her pussy and drip onto the bed. It was soon joined by a trickle from her ass that turned into a stream and then a gusher when Duane slowly pulled his cock out of her rectum and collapsed beside Beth on her husband’s side of the bed.

Steve apparently didn’t like having his buddies sperm dripping onto his balls, so he pulled out and threw Beth off of him. Cum continued to gush out of her holes as she laid between the two men. She’d be sleeping in a big wet spot tonight.

Later, Beth laid between the men on her back, gently stroking their long cocks. Duane was softly snoring but Steve’s cock started to respond. Not wanting to work too hard at cumming Steve pushed Beth’s head down towards his cock and soon felt her take the head into her mouth.

“Beth,” he said grabbing her head to push it up and down his cock. “Duane’s going out to California with me at the end of the week. “He’ll be staying here until then.” He felt her head bob around his cock enthusiastically and continued. “Call in sick to work the rest of the week, your going to be too busy serving us until were gone and by the way, starting tomorrow morning I want you wearing that sexy maid’s uniform for the rest of the week.


“I didn’t like that job anyway,” said Beth as she hung up the phone. They had just fired her for calling out too many times this month and weren’t about to let her take off for a whole week.

Beth heard the sounds of the men stirring upstairs and her high heels clicked against the kitchen floor as she ran over to the stove to prepare them breakfast. The bacon and eggs sizzled in the pan as she stared down at her proud breasts held upwards by the black push up bra she wore. She continued to look down over her lean tan stomach at he black miniskirt covered by a frilly white apron. Her skirt showed off her shapely legs covered in a black fishnet stocking. I hope the boys like me in this, she thought.


Steve and Duane sat at the table after eating. Duane was sipping coffee and Steve was reading the sports section of the paper. “Y-you almost done with the paper,” said Duane his voice strained.

“Almost,” muttered Steve.

Duane’s brow had broken into a sweat and he set the coffee cup onto the table so that he could grip the edge of the table with his hands. He started grunting and his knuckles whitened as he gripped the table tighter. Duane bellowed and fell back in his seat panting.

“Get me some more coffee first slut,” said Steve when he felt Beth kiss the head of his cock under the table.

Beth crawled out from under the table, her skirt had flipped up showing off her ass cheeks with the thin black string of her panties between them. She jumped when Duane playfully spanked her cheek just above the black garter. She smiled as she poured Steve a fresh cup of coffee, the spanking was all the thanks she’d get. Neither man ever complimented or thanked her. She wasn’t even allowed to eat breakfast with them. Beth set the coffee before Steve and crawled under the table again, kissing his cock and starting his morning blowjob. She may not be allowed to join them for breakfast but she was still getting plenty of protein.


Steve had mentioned something to Duane about riding to South Beach and partying all day. Delighted, Beth ran upstairs and changed into her bikini. She heard their motorcycles riding off when she bounced down the steps to join them. Duane had left her a note telling her to wash his clothes for him and that they wouldn’t be back for dinner. Dejected Beth gathered up his clothes and headed to the washer.

Steve returned late that night without Duane and asked for a blowjob. Beth kissed his cock and buried it in her throat. Steve’s cock tasted of dried semen and another womans juices. She stopped and looked up at him, a hurt expression in her eyes.

“Men like Duane and I can never be satisfied with just one woman,” he explained as he reached out and began moving her head up and down his cock. “Now do a good job cleaning that dick off.”

Beth continued to blow him thinking that if that bitch were here now, she’d scratch her eyes out.

“Besides Beth,” Steve added in a rare show of compassion, “Most women only get fucked once by us. I’ve stayed with you over a month now. You should consider yourself lucky.”

She did.

The rest of the week went by quickly. She only left the house to by them beer and food, other then that she spent her time serving their needs and waiting for them to return home. They both fucked a different woman almost every day and were rarely home at the same time. Beth found herself growing depressed as the week passed. Not because of the way they treated her, but because they’d be leaving soon. This last week had actually been the happiest, most fulfilling week of her life. Most of all she wanted to feel both their cocks in her at the same time again.


The morning of their last day in Florida was here and Beth found herself bent over Steve’s bike securing his bags. She didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious any more and hadn’t given a second thought to wearing her french maid outfit out in the yard. She could feel a gentle breeze blowing on her ass cheeks and she knew that her mini skirt had blown up as she leaned over the bike. She didn’t even have to turn and look to know that her neighbor was staring at her bare ass through his binoculars next door. She finished readying their bikes and returned to the bedroom.

Duane was in the shower and Steve was lying on the bed naked his erect cock in his hand. Beth stared at his cock a little surprised that she was still in awe of it. “What will you be requiring for breakfast?” she asked.

“No breakfast today Beth,” Steve said grinning, “We’re leaving.” He saw the look of despair cross her face and added, “But, not until we both fuck you for a couple of hours. Now strip and come suck my dick.”

Delighted, Beth stripped naked and crawled into bed with Steve. She took his thick cock in one of her little hands and planted what she feared would be her last kiss of submission on it. She licked around his pee slit, then the head, then up and down his entire cock, before swallowing it into her throat.

Duane finished drying himself and walked into the room, his cock stiffening to full erection at the sight of Beth sucking on the only cock he knew of, that was longer then his. He got behind her and put his hands on her hips, positioning his cock for entry into her pussy. Duane could see her juices running down over her thighs and as he watched, her pussy lips separated to receive him. He pushed the abnormally large head of his cock up to her pussy and watched as his black cock stretched her out quickly disappearing into her pussy.

The next three hours were the happiest moments of Beth’s life. The only time she didn’t have two cocks buried in one of her holes was when they were switching positions or during their brief rest periods. By the time the men had finished using her body, they had each cum four times and she was covered in their sperm. She put her head down and cried when they stood up off the bed, knowing that they were leaving her.

“Beth,” said Steve and when she looked up he added, “There’s some champagne left over from New Years downstairs. Go get it and three shot glasses.”

Still crying, Beth raced downstairs to get the champagne. She picked up the bottle seeing that it was almost empty. She and David had drank most of it on New Years just before meeting Steve at the bar. Hours after drinking this she had become unfaithful to her husband, taking Steve’s wonderful cock into her mouth for the first time, after losing to him at pool. Beth grabbed the shot glasses and ran back upstairs.

“I’d like to propose a toast to Beth,” he said as she set them on their dresser before Steve and he took the champagne from her. This was the nicest thing he had done for her all week and she cried with joy and sadness at the compliment.

He ran out of champagne after pouring the second shot. “Oh Beth sorry, looks like you don’t get any,” he said.

“Come on bro,” said Duane snatching up the empty shot glass, “She’s gotta drink something.” Duane held the glass under his cock and began squeezing out any remaining sperm. He was rewarded by a couple large wads squirting out and falling into the glass.

Duane passed the shot glass now half full of semen to Steve who proceeded to do the same thinking. Milking his cock until a large glob of semen filled it to the rim, mixing with his friends seed. He handed her the sperm shooter and she hesitantly took it into her hands.

“Heres to Beth,” toasted Steve, holding up his drink. “The best damned cock-slut in the world.” “Here, here,” added Duane and the two men downed their champagne. Beth looked at the sperm filled glass before her. Light reflected off the semen causing it to sparkle before her eyes. Nothing made sense any more. How can one hand job turn someone from a conservative feminist into a slut who waited on men and drank sperm from a glass. She should throw this into Steve’s grinning face. If she could do that she could reject what she had become and go back to being a faithful wife who shared the household duties equally with her husband.

She wanted it to last, so she let their sperm roll over her tongue, tasting them for the last time before swallowing it slowly down her throat. When she finished running her tongue around the insides of the glass to make sure she had gotten it all, she looked up to see that Steve and Duane had gone. She hadn’t even realized they had gotten dressed and had quietly left the room. She ran to the window in time to hear their motorcycles start up. She gave a scream of despair at what she had lost. Steve hadn’t even given her a chance to thank him for everything he had done for her. She looked down at the men revving their engines. Steve’s bike was crowded with his bags, but she noticed an empty spot behind Duane….


David pulled into his driveway and checked himself in the rear-view mirror. His hair was unkempt and there were bags under his eyes. He sighed and grabbed his bags as he got out of the car and headed towards his house. He set his bags down on the kitchen table and removed something from the suitcase and proceeded to the living room. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that his brothers things were gone. “Beth,” he yelled. Hearing nothing he proceeded up the stairs yelling once again for his wife.

He could hear her crying as he entered their bedroom. She was lying on the bed naked, crying into her arms. Her ass was upthrust and he could see sperm dribbling out through her distended anus. Looking down he noticed her labia was separated and oozing semen also. In fact, it looked like some kind of sperm bomb had exploded on her. Wads, splatters, flakes, and trickles covered her back, ass, and thighs.

She heard him and spun around, a look of joy on her face, which quickly turned into a frown when she saw who it was. “Oh! Hi honey,” she said trying to hide her body under the covers.

David wanted to throw up. Her entire chin was covered in flakes of his brother’s dried sperm. Semen even covered her cheeks, like he had pulled it out of her mouth while it was still erupting. Her tears had plowed little furrows through the flakes. “Don’t bother trying to cover up you slut,” he said throwing the item he was carrying at her.

She cringed and picked up the video cassette. “What is it?” she asked. “It’s a video of my brother fucking your ass on a beach while you suck off some fat man,” he paused while she wailed in despair. “I got horny thinking of my faithful wife, the last night in my motel and decided to watch one of the house porns. I almost threw myself off the balcony last night when I saw you and Steve.”

Somewhere between the screaming and the crying that ensued, Beth told David everything that had happened. He clutched his stomach when she explained the photographer and he sat down heavily on the bed when she got to the part about Duane, which explained her current appearance, no one man could cum that much, not even Steve. He looked at her aghast when she got to the part about the sperm shooter. The shot glass were still over on the dresser, though it looked like it had just been washed.

“One thing, I don’t understand Beth,” he asked with his head bowed down, “why didn’t you go with them?”

“They didn’t want me,” she wailed. “Steve said it was time to break in some new pussy.”

Beth leaned up to hug her husband for comfort and she was roughly pushed away as he stood up, a disgusted look on his face. “I should divorce you,” he coldly told her. “No judge will give you anything when he views that tape. You’ll get nothing.” He turned and left the room.

Beth heard David return about ten minutes later. She turned to him an expression of hope written all over her face and saw he was naked, his erect penis, no his erect cock bobbing before him. “Things are going to be different around here from now on,” he said in a deep masculine voice she had never heard before. She kneeled on the bed and turned her head towards his crotch. His cock seemed a lot bigger like it had grown a couple inches. It was also the hardest she had ever seen it.

“I don’t want to look at you, Bitch,” he barked at her. “Turn around so I can fuck your slut ass.”

“Yes David,” she answered, but before she turned around she kissed the head of his cock in submission. It seemed to swell even bigger when her lips touched it and his intoxicating man scent filled her nostrils. She inhaled deeply looking up his body, her lips still on his cock. He was standing up straighter and he seemed bigger, more powerful. She saw the angry look on his face and scooted around to obey him.

David pushed his cock into his wife’s ass and was rewarded by her moan of pleasure. “From now on your going to do all the cooking and cleaning around here.”

“Anything David,” she purred. “Fuck me harder”

“And your going to wear whatever I tell you,” he told her shoving three fingers into her wet pussy.

“Yes David,” she panted feeling an orgasm approaching. “Fuck me, shove your cock in my ass.”

She consented again when he said he was going to fuck her anytime, anywhere he wanted and he thought, maybe this didn’t turn out to be so bad after all.

“Your big dick’s making me cum,” she moaned in orgasm. It was the first orgasm she had ever had with her husband. She had another orgasm a minute later. It was the second orgasm she had ever had in her life.

Epilogue: The Wanted Houseguest by Stormbringer

She awoke soon afterwards to a pounding on the door and she pushed herself to her hands and knees, her head hanging before the toilet.

David stuck his head in and said “You ok there honey?”

Beth nodded and pointed at the toilet like she was going to throw up.

“Yell, if you need anything,” he said. “and Beth I’m sorry about all this.” David saw his wife look at him sadly without saying anything and he added, “I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.”

David closed the door a little relieved. She wasn’t as covered in his brother’s cum as he thought. If she was sick to her stomach she probably wouldn’t have had time to clean it off. So he reasoned, it must have looked a lot worse then it really was. David felt a little better, as he stripped and got into bed.

Beth threw herself into the shower. The strange urges that had overwhelmed her were gone and she was filled with self loathing as she tried to scrub all traces of Steve’s sperm off her body. She was the most confused, she had ever been in her life. Her dream had been so realistic that the boundary between reality and fantasy was blurred. She wasn’t sure what was real any more. She sighed in relief, she was still the proud, faithful wife she had always been.

Beth spent thirty minutes rubbing soap into everywhere his cum had touched her and she still didn’t feel clean. She finally got out of the tub when the hot water turned cold. There were tears in her eyes as she brushed her teeth, at least five times, rinsing out her mouth with mouthwash after each one. She looked at the toothbrush and threw it into the trash on top of her ruined lingerie. She would by a new toothbrush tomorrow.

Beth hated Steve more then ever now. No decent man would ever make her do what he did. Why didn’t he warn her about how big his orgasms were? She was disgusted with her husband from not stopping her from going through with it and for not being a man and throwing his brother out of their house, but most of all she was disgusted with herself for reacting the way she had.

David lay in bed waiting for his wife. He was hornier then he had ever been in his life and was worried she would be too pissed off or sick to her stomach to make love to him. He needn’t have worried, Beth practically threw herself on him. She spread her legs and ground her pussy against his pubic hairs trying to get him deep inside her as she rode him up and down. She was trying to kiss him but all he could think of was his brother’s semen flying into her mouth and he kept turning his head away from her.

Beth felt her husband squirming underneath her to avoid kissing her mouth, and she figured he must think she had vomited. She forcefully grabbed his head and kissed him on the lips slipping her tongue in and out of his mouth. He resisted at first and then kissed her back. Beth was disappointed that his cock wasn’t the proud member of her dream, but thought that if she tried harder it would grow big enough that she could cum. Typical of David, she felt his penis swell up and ejaculate inside her after five minutes. His small load didn’t even penetrate as far as her finger had and it did little to stop the invading sperm of his brother. Still, it was the best sex they had ever had and she collapsed beside him, exhausted.

They lay side by side panting and David yawned saying, “Steve sure is well hung, isn’t he?”

“I had no idea there were cocks that big,” she whispered back, staring at the roof, eye wide open at the memory.

David’s eyes flew open “What did you say?”

Beth caught herself and replied, “I said, I didn’t know penises got that large.”

“Oh” David closed his eyes, “I love you Beth,”

“I love you too.” she replied thinking about Steve’s cock. Beth laid awake thinking of the foot long monster waiting on the couch downstairs. She needed to cum again. She needed to be dominated and taken by a real man. She wanted to be fucked and used by two well-hung men at the same time. She didn’t bother putting on clothes as she got off the bed and headed towards the stairs.

Steve slowly stroked his cock waiting for Beth to come to him. He had some fun plans for the two of them once she submitted to him. He smiled to himself when he heard her footsteps coming down the stairs. No woman had ever been able to resist his cock once they had seen it.