Safety First

Susan Warner impatiently tapped her feet. So far the day had not progressed as she would have normally expected. She was sat in the waiting room of a sexual health clinic waiting for her son David to finish his appointment. She was uncomfortable, not only with the surroundings but also the inhabitants. Semi-comatose college students leered at her through drunken eyes, whilst ashen faced young girls tried to avoid her gaze. They were all around David’s age, though she ruefully mused that none of their parents had bothered to accompany them for moral support. Probably because they were too scared to let them know that something was wrong. She still remembered the feeling of shock when David had tearfully confessed his predicament to her. He had recently celebrated his 18th birthday party and after a meal with his family had gone out for a few beers with his friends. Except of course, young men being as they are, a “few” beers had quickly escalated into an all-night bender. David, in his drunken stupor, had got separated from his friends and found himself in one of the seedier parts of town. He eventually returned home in the early hours of the morning; Susan was concerned at his late arrival and his quiet demeanor over the next few days but merely attributed it to playful hi-jinks during his birthday.

A couple of weeks later however, the truth had come out. David came to his mother saying he was ill. Naturally she was concerned.

“It’s not something serious is it David? We should tell your father.”

“No Mom!!! We can’t tell Dad. It’s…Oh God what a mess.”

Susan scrutinized her son’s face; she had rarely seen him this crestfallen. His handsome features betrayed a heavy heart.

“David, what’s wrong? Tell me.”

David gulped for air and suddenly blurted it out. “Mom, I paid a hooker for sex.”

Susan recoiled in shock. She couldn’t believe what her darling son had just told her. “What?!”

“Well…not full sex. Just a blowjob. I know that’s no excuse, but…I was just drunk and horny and stupid.”

Susan tried to quell her rising anger. David was right, they couldn’t tell Jack, her husband, he would hit the roof and most probably his son as well. He wasn’t a violent man, but he was definitely from the old school of parenting.

David proceeded to give his mother details of what exactly was wrong with him. Susan listened attentively; from the sounds of it he had caught an STI, hopefully a mild one.

“What are the symptoms?” she asked. “It hurts to pee and my, err, penis is itchy.”

“Let me have a look”


“Oh for goodness sake David! You think you’ve got something there I haven’t seen before?” she exclaimed in exasperation. David reluctantly pulled his trousers down and then his pants. Susan regarded his penis, it looked healthy. David had gone a very deep shade of red and she felt a pang of sympathy. Suddenly she grabbed hold of it. It came as a shock to David and surprised Susan as well. ‘Why did I do that?’ she thought.

“Erm, do you feel any pain now?” she enquired.

“N-n-no” David stuttered. She gave it a quick squeeze. To her horror and David’s intense embarrassment she felt it go hard. She let go but it kept on growing. ‘Gosh’ she thought, I it must have been slightly longer than Jack’s and in terms of girth it was definitely superior.

“Well, looks like your old Mom’s still got it” she joked in an attempt to diffuse the tension. David was mortified however and quickly put his trousers back on.

She immediately made an appointment with the clinic, and, a week later, was now waiting nervously for David to come out.

One of the college frat boys gazed lasciviously at Susan. Even at 45, she could walk into a room and draw everyone’s attention to her. Her dark hair fell in tresses around her oval face, framing it perfectly. She had azure blue eyes and juicy bee-stung lips, but by far her most impressive assets were her breasts which must have been a double F at least. She may not be as slim as she was once was but she could still draw jealous stares from other women.

The door opened and David walked out. Susan stood up, a look of anxiety on her face. David smiled weakly and walked over to her. They strode out of the clinic in silence and got into the car.

“Well?” she asked him

David let out a heavy sigh. “Well, the doc thinks it’s nothing too serious. It will clear up after a course of antibiotics.”

“Oh David, what a relief.” Susan hugged him and gave him a quick peck.

“I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson.”

“Yup. The hard way as well.” She smiled at him and playfully ruffled his hair.

“You’re not the first guy honey, and you sure as hell won’t be the last. We should just put this behind us and move on.”

She had already forgiven him, after all he was a young man now and his thoughts would inevitably turn to sex. He had not had a proper girlfriend so far but she put this down to the fact that he went to an all-boys school, and was still a little awkward around members of the opposite sex. Susan had been reluctant to push her son into that kind of environment, but Jack had been fairly adamant arguing that it would keep his mind on his studies if he wasn’t distracted by girls. To be fair to Jack, David had graduated near the top of the class but Susan worried if this had been at the cost of some of his social skills. This episode with the prostitute had reaffirmed her fears unfortunately for her, she was mistaken. Susan was glad that David had suffered no permanent damage for his indiscretion and hoped this was the last they would hear about the matter.

The next few weeks were fairly uneventful; David kept Susan up to date about his recovery and after a second appointment with the clinic got the all-clear. She made him show his penis again, although she wasn’t exactly sure why. ‘To make sure he’s ok’ she told herself.

The first indication that Susan had that things were not alright was a couple of weeks after David had visited the doctor. She returned home from work early and found herself alone in the house. She had some work to type up and so went to get her laptop to finish it. Suddenly she realized she had left it at work and cursed out loud; she could really have done with getting this done. She quickly glanced at her watch. It would still be a good hour before David was home; she could use the computer in his room and be done before he got back. David like most teens was very wary of his privacy, and Susan knew it would have been a bit of a struggle to persuade him to let her use his PC normally. She fixed herself a drink, grabbed her notes and headed to his room. In fact Susan managed to clear her work within quarter of an hour. She knew she shouldn’t but curiosity got the better of her and she had a quick browse trough David’s history page. She fully expected to see some porn site listings but seemed a little taken aback by how much there was.

“Where does he find the time to do work?” She asked herself. Still, she thought, he’s at “that” age, I suppose its better he relieves himself than sees whores.

Suddenly one site jumped out at her. ‘What’s this? ‘Escorts-net?’ She clicked on the link. There were no gratuitous pictures or anything to suggest it was a pornographic site. Susan decided it warranted further investigation. What she discovered shocked her. Escorts-net was a review site for prostitutes. Men across the country would detail their experience with a particular girl and then rate her on her performance, looks, value for money, etc.

“Oh David, no.” She murmured. Suddenly she heard the door slam. Panicking, Susan glanced at her watch; she had been there for over an hour almost. She shut everything down as quickly as possible and rushed out of the room. She was fortunate, David was home but downstairs making himself a snack. Susan tried to compose herself and went to join him.

“Hey Mom, you’re back early.”

“Uh yeah, there wasn’t much work on today.” Susan had to resist the urge to confront him over what she had just seen.

“You okay Mom? You look a little flustered.”

Susan gritted her teeth. I’m fine honey, just a little warm in here.”

She made small talk about school before excusing herself. Susan went and sat in her bedroom pondering how to broach the subject with David, She knew she couldn’t mention this to Jack; the burden would have to be borne by her alone. On the one hand, it was just a website, like the hundreds of others David had visited whilst…masturbating. She blushed. Her son’s sexual activities hadn’t been high up on her list of priorities for today. There was no proof that he was actually acting upon the fantasies he had. Plus he would be furious with her for invading his privacy. On the other hand, what if he was actually visiting hookers? He could be addicted to it. Where would he get the money from? He had a part-time job and his Dad would often give him money for doing well at school, but certainly not enough to fund a habit like this. Susan dearly wished she could dismiss her concerns but they kept nagging away at her. David was her only child, born after she and Jack had to endure several miscarriages and other ordeals as she attempted to get pregnant. There was no way that she was going to let her only son go down this road. She waited till 10. Jack had come home, eaten his dinner and was sound asleep in the marital bed. Susan sighed as she glanced over at his snoring form. He had had this routine for longer than she cared to remember.

She donned her dressing-gown and quietly exited the room. She gave two raps on David’s door. “Just a minute” came the cry. Susan rolled her eyes; it was fairly obvious that this wasn’t a good time.

“Come in”

Susan opened the door to find David in bed, reading apparently.

“Something wrong Mom?”

He looked pensive, well aware that a late night visit form one of his parents wasn’t usually a good sign. He had the shock of his life when he heard someone knocking on the door, he had been in the middle of jacking off to some porn, and had quickly turned his monitor off and scrambled into bed. He brought his knees up to cover the outline of his erection under the duvet.

“Actually honey, there is.” Susan pulled the chair out from under his table and sat by his bed. David’s face showed a mix of curiosity and worry.

“David. Um, I don’t quite know how to start. I suppose the truth is the best place. When I came home early to day, I had some work to catch up on, I’d left my laptop at home so I thought that I would come in here and use your PC before you got home.”

“Mom!” David was indignant, not only at her disregard for his rules but also because he knew what she was leading up to, or, at least he thought he did.

“David, I’m sorry. I was just…curious, I know I shouldn’t have but it just happened.”

David would have stormed off in indignation were it not for the fact he still had a hard-on.

“David, I don’t mind you looking at porn.” Her son looked up at her in surprise.

She smirked, “come on David, I think Vie been around long enough to know that there are at least four certainties in life-death, taxes, porn and guys masturbating to porn.”


“Please David, were all adults here.”

David looked bemused. If his mom wasn’t there to lambast him for the porn then why was she there?

“I thought we agreed that hat happened on your birthday was a lesson learnt?”

A look of surprise and fear entered David’s eyes confirming Susan’s suspicions.

He opened his mouth but the words didn’t come out. How did she know about that? David had seen another working girl after he had healed up. This time however he had taken all the necessary precautions and also went through an internet site that recommended which girls to see. The experience had been an overall disappointment. Because of his inexperience he had come very quickly and he trudged home disconsolate at having squandered all his birthday money. It had been an illicit thrill to visit the hooker but he felt incredibly depressed and awkward afterwards. He had tried to talk to girls but he was shy and gauche, and they lost interest in him despite his good looks.

David suppressed the urge to cry as he held his head in his hands.

“I’m so sorry Mom. I can’t explain it, I’m just so…well, horny I guess.”

He tried to laugh it off but Susan could see he was hurting. Truth be told, she felt sorry for him rather than disappointed. She put a reassuring hand on his bare shoulder. She cast an admiring look over his muscular chest.

“Its ok sweetheart, we all have these urges, but this isn’t the way to deal with them. This is a habit that could have serious implications for your heath and your wallet.”

He felt so ashamed at having let her down. “I know Mom, I tried so hard, heck I probably jack off a dozen times a day to try and control myself but even so…”

Susan was a little taken aback at this piece of information but continued to sympathies with him. “Its ok honey, you just have to be strong.”

“Mom, it’s not that easy. I, I need female contact, I wish I could just go out and get a girlfriend like other guys but it’s so hard for me.”

“You have to try sweetie, you know you can’t take this route.”

“But Mom, the first time I was stupid, not using a condom, not going through the right channels.”

“The right channels? David, you know this isn’t right.”

“What, not even to get a hand job?” David was reaching and he knew it.

“Was that all you went for the second time?” Susan had a doubtful look on her face.

“Yes” he lied. “I’m sure if you carried on you would ‘graduate’ to other activities though.” David looked surprised; his Mom looked like she was buying this.

“No way Mom, after what happened the first time? It’s a bit of a thrill I guess.”

Susan looked skeptical. “That doesn’t make it right David.”

“I know, I know, it’s just that, I need this, just to be more confident and know more.”

Susan got up. She felt for him, but there was no way she could allow this. Could she?

“I, I’ll have to think about it David. Good night” And with that she was gone.

David breathed a sigh of relief. His erection had remained throughout the entire chat with his Mom. In a way he wasn’t surprised. Her huge breasts had been jutting out of the skimpy dressing-gown the whole time. He had always been fascinated by his mother’s breasts, although he had never really looked at her as a sexual creature, even though she was very pretty.

Susan retired to her bedroom. She knew she couldn’t possibly countenance this. David reminded her of a younger Jack, back in the days when they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. She well believed that he was masturbating up to 12 times a day. She also caught sight of the bulge in the duvet and was more or less sure she’d interrupted him jacking off. She rolled over to face her husband. They hadn’t been intimate for a long time and even when they were Jack seemed less than enthusiastic. What she wouldn’t give for a good hard cock now she ruminated. She smirked as she realized that there was one in the next room, only problem it belonged to her son. She felt a shiver as she thought about it and quickly reproached herself. ‘What a thought Susan Warner! I’m not Kay Parker.’ She remembered watching Taboo the film with Jack and having mind-blowing sex with him afterwards. He had called her “Mommy”. She grinned recalling it. She recalled what David’s penis had looked like erect, ‘Shame it’s going to waste’ she mused. Susan Warner drifted of to sleep, her head full of naughty thoughts.

It was the first thing she thought of when she awoke the following morning. She tried to put it out of her head but it persisted throughout work and even when she got home.

She put it down to residual horniness, she had always been highly sexed and Jack had usually managed to satisfy her until after they had David. Back then she was so caught up in being a mother she didn’t really miss the sex that much. Until now she realized. She had always laughed at her married friends regale her with how bored she was. One of them described herself as a sex camel traveling through the desert of celibacy searching for that oasis of fucking. Now she was starting to know how it felt. The more she thought about it, the more curious she was to see David’s cock again. She chided herself for these thoughts but there was no doubting that she was more turned on than she had been in a long while. And then it came to her. A plan.

David heard the knock on his door again. ‘Godammit’, he thought, ‘can’t a guy whack off in peace?’ He yanked his pants up and dove under the duvet. “Come in.”

It was his mother again, wearing that skimpy dressing-gown. He willed his erection down but no such luck. He presumed that she had come to continue their talk form the other night. She smiled at him; quite seductively in fact, David looked cautiously.

“Hi sweetie, what are you up to?”

“Er, not much Mom.”

“I had a think about what we talked about the other night. And well, I can’t allow you to go to some strange woman and fork over your hard-earned money; it’s just not worth the risk. I want you to have fun but not at the cost of your health.”

David looked deflated but this is what he had been expecting.

“But I appreciate that it will be difficult for you. Maybe we can work out a compromise.”

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David had a bewildered look on his face. “Compromise?” he repeated.


“I was thinking that perhaps I could help to relieve you once In a while to help you cope with the temptation.”

“Er Mom, I’m not sure I understand.” David did understand but he couldn’t quite believe what his mother was suggesting.

“Well Honey, I am prepared, put bluntly, to give you a hand job. Purely for your sake you understand.”

“Um, yes, but…”

“That was what you wanted wasn’t it?”

“I guess” David was shell-shocked; he wasn’t sure what to say.

“Look, I can tell you’re undecided. How about we try it once and if you’re too weirded out by it then well stop?” Susan was grinning innocently at him and it freaked David out even more.

“Well, I, I mean, we could try that”

“Only if you’re comfortable.”


David moved uncomfortably in bed, what the heck he thought suddenly, anything beats whacking off on my own.

“Ok, we could try it I guess.” Susan beamed at him, he smiled shyly back at her.

Then he realized. “You want to start now?”

She grinned and nodded at the bulge under his covers, “Well, it looks like you’re ready to go.”

David had never heard his Mom use that tone before and it made him horny. At first he did find it strange that his Mom wanted to whack him off but he was warming to it very quickly.

“Heh, I suppose so.”

He slowly lifted the covers up. Susan was not disappointed. Fully erect, he was at least as big as Jack and much thicker around the shaft. A dribble of pre-cum oozed from the tip.

“Well, “Susan said, “it looks like you started without me.”

David smirked a little; from the sounds of it his mom was enjoying it. He shifted across the bed towards where she sat in her chair. Susan realized she was crossing a line, but seeing David’s hot erect cock had made her really horny, she knew she was teasing him slightly and chastised herself, this was supposed to be a motherly act after all and she should try to remain as clinical and detached as possible, she couldn’t let David know how much she was enjoying it.

She reached out with her hand and grasped it just above his base. David immediately let out a gasp and for a moment Susan was afraid he was going to come straight away. He managed to control himself and slowly, very slowly, Susan began pumping her son’s cock. Although it was over relatively quickly, David came copiously after half a dozen pumps; it seemed like an eternity for both mother and son. Susan was enthralled with how much come David had produced, his chest and nether regions were coated in the stuff. David couldn’t remember the last time he came so hard. They were both speechless for a few moments, before eventually Susan ventured, “Well, I’d better go and get cleaned up. And leave you to do the same.”

“Yeah, ok. Thanks Mom.”

“Ok Sweetie.”

She shut the door to his room and rushed to the toilet. She looked at her hand which had been splattered with his hot semen. She slowly licked it off whilst using her other hand to frig her sopping cunt to a hard and very wet climax. ‘I’m doing this for David’ she told herself. She couldn’t bear to see him unhappy

The next few days were a little awkward. David was a little embarrassed when around Susan, like a gawky teen too afraid to ask the object of his affections out. Susan found this very endearing and she struggled with the urge to whack him off again. She had promised herself she would leave it at least a week, least David realize how horny she actually was. As it was she could feel the tension building between them and 5 days after she first jacked him off, she knew she had to do it again. After Jack had dozed off, she got ready with a little make-up, she desperately wanted to wear something more revealing than her normal pajamas and dressing gown but was afraid that would be going too quickly. This thought alone was enough to scare her a little. She realized that on some level that she had already decided to play out her seduction of David fully. She had been masturbating frequently over the past few days and these images had popped into her often. Susan didn’t feel guilty though, just extremely horny. She nervously knocked on David’s door. She was ushered in straight away.

“Hi Honey”

“Hi Mom.” David smiled at her.

“How have things been? You holding up okay?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Ok then…I was just wondering that’s all. Heh” They both giggled at the situation they found themselves in. Susan didn’t want to make the first move. David eventually realized this.

“So, er, Mom.”

“Yes Honey?”

“I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind, y’know, helping me out again?”

“Of course sweetheart. Do you want to assume the position?” Susan give a flirtatious smile that was enough to get David’s sap rising. Truth be told, he had gotten hard as soon as he heard the knock on his door and his trousers were displaying an unmistakable bulge. He got undressed and lay on the bed while Susan pulled up a chair. She grabbed his cock, it was rock hard. She started pumping slowly again and to Susan’s pleasure lasted much longer this time before once again unleashing a mighty load. She took her leave quickly and once again retreated to the bathroom to bring herself to a furious climax. The third time David was the one who initiated it. It was only a couple of days later. Jack was working late and Susan was in the basement doing some ironing. David brought down some laundry to do. He greeted his mother shyly and she winked at him, it was a look that once again had the blood flowing to his nether regions. He tried to suppress himself but clad only in shorts and a t-shirt it was difficult. As he turned around Susan could not help but see his stonking hard-on through his shorts.

“Oh my” she intoned.

“Er Mom, would you er, mind?”

She put the iron down and flashed him a fabulous smile. “Of course not sweetheart.”

She took him by the hand and led him upstairs where he quickly disrobed. As she proceeded to jerk him off, she noticed that his gaze was fixated on her breast. Both other times the two of them had concentrated solely on Susan’s hand whacking him off. She was still in her work clothes, a white shirt that accentuated her gargantuan breasts. David noticed that she had caught him staring at her bosom. “Um, sorry Mom.”

“Don’t be Honey, if it keeps you hard, carry on.”

David didn’t need a second invitation, a couple of minutes later Susan brought him to a messy climax. This time she stayed to clean him up with a couple of tissues, and as she was wiping him down, found to her delight, that he was hard again. David looked at her sheepishly and grinned. “Sorry bout that.”

“No need to keep apologizing honey, want me to take care of this for you?”

David moaned his approval as Susan had already started fisting away and soon he reached an even more explosive climax. David was lost for words. A week or so ago he was a lonely oversexed teen scrimping pennies together to o go and visit some whore. Now he was watching his mom clean him up after giving him a hand job. He was flabbergasted that he hadn’t realized how sexy this woman was before. Sure she was his mother, but hot damn! She was so beautiful. Susan smiled as she saw the ecstatic look on David’s face. Any lingering doubts she may have had about entering into this relationship with her son had evaporated into a haze of pleasure. She stooped to kiss his forehead and then left to go and relieve herself.

They quickly settled into a pattern, Susan had no qualms about making a daily visit to take care of her darling boy. Slowly, almost imperceptibly they were beginning to push the boundaries as well. Susan started to wear sexier, more revealing clothing and David would openly gawk at her shapely body. His endurance seemed to increase with each passing day, Susan was having to work harder than ever to bring him off but it was a chore she did with a smile on her face. One night after Susan had returned from the gym, she was just about to have a shower and go to see David when she impulsively decided to go and see him as she was. When David saw Susan enter that night his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Susan was wearing a skimpy pair of shorts and a sports bra struggling to contain her cleavage. She was also still hot and sweaty and David breathed in her heavy musk. “Wow Mom, you look incredible.” Susan was thrilled. David was naturally very quiet but slowing learning to compliment her and she loved it. He didn’t last very long tonight after staring at her semi-naked body, but was quickly hard again. Susan decided to give him a surprise.

“Honey, would you like to come on my breasts?”

David struggled not to come there and then.

“What? Are you serious Mom?” She smiled at his innocence. Even he must have realized that this had gone beyond its original purpose. She nodded her assent whilst slowly milking him. He gulped a yes and she took her bra off.

Seeing his mother’s huge breasts unleashed was too much for David. He let out a low moan and discharged his come all over her cleavage and neck. He collapsed on the bed and mumbled an exhausted thank you. Susan ruffled his hair and hurriedly made her way out. She didn’t want him to see the large wet patch on her shorts where she had come as well.

The following day Susan surprised David by picking him up from school. David was a bit mystified because Susan didn’t seem her usual cheery self and the drive was muted. Susan didn’t say where they were going but eventually they reached a little lay-by in the countryside. Across from them was some marshland that led into a lake, resplendent with various flora and fauna.

“David. Do you know why I brought you here?” Her son shook his head

“I just wanted to talk about us.” David nodded. He had almost half-expected this.

“I know Mom. You want to stop. It’s…ok, to be honest I kinda expected it.”

Susan smiled at him, “Well…not really, I just wanted to give you the option. Let’s face it, this isn’t exactly normal, I know were both enjoying it, but it probably isn’t healthy, you should be out having fun with girls your own age, not being held back by our old mom.”

“That’s not true at all Mom, I love our time together, I would spend all day with you if I could, you’re gorgeous.” Susan looked into his earnest eyes and saw he meant every word. She had begun having doubts again over how far they were going, but she loved him so much and it was clear that he reciprocated. She had started out of curiosity and was concerned that she was going too far. David was so unlike his father. Jack was a bit of a macho man, whereas David was shy and introverted. She knew he wasn’t happy and had convinced herself that she was doing this for his benefit. She leaned in to kiss him. Just a peck on the lips. And again. She reached out and placed her hand on his toned chest and kissed him again, this time he pulled her into him and soon their tongues were entwined. They petted heavily for a few minutes before Susan reluctantly broke off.

“Come on, if we hurry we can have some time together at home before Dad gets back.” She gave his penis a playful squeeze and revved the engine up.

Once home, David stripped naked and Susan down to her bra and thong. As David lay down she unclasped the bra and freed her heaving chest. A she pumped him she encouraged him to touch her. David tentatively touched her erect nipples and softly squeezed her flesh, his hands struggling to contain her breasts. Susan sighed contentedly and increased her rate on his penis; from his moans she knew he was close. Just before he came she leaned I suddenly and shared a wanton kiss with him, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. David came with a grunt. Susan drew back and gazed into his deep blue eyes. “I love you honey.”

“I love you too Mom” whispered David. She stood up and put her bra back on,

“Better get changed before your Dad gets back.”

“Guess so.”

”Don’t worry; I’ll be back later tonight.” She said with a twinkle in her eye. Sure enough David heard that familiar knock on his door later that night. Each time they met Susan would let things progress a little further, this time she stripped fully for him, and David marveled at his mother’s shaved snatch. “Mom, you’re so beautiful!” Susan blushed; she didn’t usually shave down there but wanted to surprise him. This time their lips were on each other from start to finish, Susan found David to be a wonderfully tender kisser, not too much tongue, not too little. David was so lost in pleasure he didn’t notice that Susan was openly masturbating herself. She came quickly and long before David had reached a sticky conclusion.

Susan started picking up and dropping off David at school so they could have more time together, but they usually restricted their activities in the car to a heavy make-out session. Susan also started leaving little notes in his textbooks or sending him text messages to tease him. She was giddier than a schoolgirl. After she had dropped him off one day, David received a text from her. It simply read “When you get home I am going to suck your cock till you spurt down my throat…” David almost choked on his snack and throughout the day he had difficulty hiding his erection, as you can imagine at an all-boys school, walking around with an erection was never a good idea. She sent him another message telling him to get the bus home, when he eventually got back, he could barely move because of his hard-on and al he could hear was his beating heart. He saw no sign of his mother downstairs so ventured up to his room. He opened his door to fin Susan on her knees in front of him. She was completely naked and had a wanton look on her face. She didn’t say anything, just amble up to him and undid his belt. David closed his eyes and summoned all his self-control. His mother pulled down his pants to reveal his throbbing penis.

“David look at me. I want you to watch while I’m doing it.”

David opened his eyes and looked down as his mother slowly took his member in his mouth. It was an incredible sensation. At first she was gentle, softly nibbling on his the tip of dick and licking the shaft up and down. Suddenly she changed pace, trying to envelop as much of it in her mouth as she could, she gagged a couple of times as she felt the head touch the back of her throat. She slowly bobbed her head along the shaft, looking at up and winking at David. This was too much for him and he released his load. Susan clamped her mouth shut and felt his hot come hit the back of her throat. She felt overwhelmed at the quantity but dutifully swallowed. She released his limp cock from her mouth and gave it a few motherly sucks to clean it up. David looked like he was about to pass out. “Well,” she breathed huskily, “that was a lot of come, wasn’t it?”

He mumbled his assent. Susan fingered her already soaked pussy, David suddenly dropped to his knees and started kissing her, before she knew it, he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her on to her back. ‘Omigod’ she thought, he’s going to fuck me! She was filled with anticipation rather than dread, but any fears she might have had were misplaced. David headed straight for her juicy cunt. A soon as she felt his tongue on her cunt lips Susan started moaning, it was obviously his first time doing this but what he lacked in technique and experience he was more than making up for in enthusiasm. “Oh God David, suck meee!!! Suck Mommy!!!” This was the first time David had heard her being vocal; they had usually conducted their activities in breathless silence apart from the odd grunt or moan. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face further into her snatch all the while exhorting him. “Make me come David, make Mommy come!!!” Then she came with a scream, the most intense orgasm that she could remember ever having. David watched his mother lie and convulse in pleasure, when she finally opened her eyes she saw his grinning face glistening with her pussy juice. “Well” he smirked “that was a lot of come wasn’t it?”

Both knew that it was only a matter of time before they took the next step but neither wanted to be the one that initiated it. They were frantic in their new roles though, Susan would get up early to go to David’s room and wake him up with a morning blowjob and then at night she sent him to sleep with a goodnight blowjob. David couldn’t reciprocate the favor at home because of how loud Susan got so they started meeting at lunch. Susan would drive to a secluded area and David would tongue his mother’s pussy for all he was worth. She let him suck and nurse on her breasts as well, a task he enjoyed thoroughly being buried in her massive bosom. They began to take more and more risks as well, usually at Susan’s behest, she was hornier now than she could ever recall being and it only required the slightest look from David to send her to her knees unbuttoning his trousers. The fact that Jack seemed totally oblivious to the change in mother and son turned her on as well, she was enthralled that she was cuckolding him with his and her own son. Susan was surprised that she didn’t feel a little sorry for Jack, after all she was cheating on him, but such thoughts were quickly dismissed from her head.

David acted like he was in heaven, he did still badly want to fuck Susan but wasn’t entirely sure how to approach it. He decided it would just be best to grasp the nettle and do it. Ladies love confidence he had always heard. The day he decided to go for it he surprised Susan by leaving early to go to school.

When she found her way into his room that morning she was surprised to see that her daybreak dose of come was not to be forthcoming. She left for work disappointed, but perked up once she got there. A huge bouquet of flowers, tulips, her favorite was waiting for her on her desk. “Someone has a secret admirer” joked one of her colleagues. “Just Jack, I’m sure” she replied blushing. Inside was a card that read, “Thanks for making the past few weeks the best of my life. No-one else compares. D”

Susan was touched and texted David on his cellular phone thanking him. He answered that it was no problem and that he wanted to make today special. Susan twigged. Today was the day. She was almost delirious and it scared her. She tried to maintain a calm exterior throughout work but struggled. By the time she reached home she was very flustered indeed. She was thankful at having reached before David. She rushed to her bedroom to have a quick shower and put on her skimpiest lingerie. She made herself up and preened more than she had done for her own wedding day. Susan could not fathom that the cause of all this excitement was the fact she was going to fuck her own son. It was such a delicious naughty act that no mother would dream of entertaining normally. All Susan knew was that it set a fire in her pussy that could only be stoked and satisfied by David. She didn’t even pretend to try and justify what they were doing; all she knew was that nothing else had ever felt so right and pleasurable in her life.

She heard the door go and her heart immediately skipped a beat. She tried to get up but her legs wouldn’t respond, she couldn’t ever remember being this nervous. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. “Come in.” she croaked.

And then he was there, her darling boy with a smile as big as a house and an erection to match. She returned his smile and got up to greet him with a gentle kiss. They didn’t utter a word as they undressed each other. David was so nervous he was almost shaking, but she soothed and reassured him with soft kisses and playful touches. He lay on the bed while she took his cock in her mouth; Susan noted he seemed even harder and larger than usual as she moved her head up and down the shaft. All of a sudden she stopped and met his eyes. ‘I’m going to do it’ she thought, ‘I’m going to fuck my son in the bed where he was conceived. God this is so nasty!’

She moved over to straddle him, both of them breathless as she lowered herself onto his steaming cock, inch by inch. David had thought that his mother’s mouth was incredible until he felt himself impaled in her snatch, it was so warm and tight. Susan regarded the spaced out look on her son’s face and smiled to herself, he was in her up to the hilt and she was loving it. As she started bouncing her engorged pussy up and down she felt her first orgasm.

“Oh God David! You’re fucking me, you’re fucking Mommy!!!”

David was flat out on his back in pleasure. ‘Actually Mom’, he thought ‘I think you’re fucking me.’

Susan ground her pussy against him, she was surprised and thankful that he had managed to last this long, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise she thought, considering how many blow jobs I’ve been giving him. She twitched the walls of her cunt and more of her love juice flowed down his already coated shaft. She took his hands and placed them on her bouncing breasts.

“Touch me David, feel Mommy’s tits!!! Oh God David, I want to feel you come in my hot pussy!!!”

David came suddenly with a low moan. As soon as Susan felt her son’s hot sperm spurt into her she came again. She collapsed onto his chest and they spent several minutes lip-locked. Susan eventually extricated her soaking cunt from his penis. She stuck a finger and pulled out a sliver of come which she wolfed down as David stood open-mouthed.

“Mmmmm, delicious.” She giggled as she saw this was enough to get him hard again.

Susan gave his penis a quick kiss and then shooed him out of the room for fear that Jack would return any moment. “Don’t worry Honey,” she called after him “Mommy will take care of you soon enough.”

Sure enough David’s father returned a few minutes later to find his wife in the marital bed reading a book, her son’s come gently oozing out of her pussy onto her panties.

The phone rang and David reached out to grab it. “Hello? Hi Dad, how are things in Japan?”

“You want to talk to Mom? Just a sec Dad, she’s busy at the moment”

David looked down. His mother’s pretty head was bobbing up and down on his cock. He tapped her gently on the shoulder. She stopped and looked annoyed. David shrugged his shoulders and she let his penis fall from her lips. She got up and took the phone.

“Hello Darling, how are you?” “I hope your keeping well, Uhn”

Susan grunted. David had bent her over and slipped his cock into her velvet pussy. Susan glanced back at him and mouthed a ‘naughty boy’ at him. David winked at her and slapped her ass as he started fucking her.

Susan recovered quickly “Oh no, it was nothing honey, I, er, just stubbed my toe”.

Susan bit her tongue, David had increased his speed and she just hoped Jack couldn’t hear his cock squelching in and out of her pussy. The past two weeks since they had slept together had been beyond her wildest fantasies. The excitement heightened by the little time they had together, every available moment David had his cock buried in her pussy or her mouth. Then Jack had had to go to Japan for a week and they had been incessant, like a pair of honeymooning rabbits. They had even called in sick to work and school for the first day of Jack’s trip and spent the day fucking in each different room of the house.

She made small talk with her husband for a few seconds more and wished him well. As soon as she had hung up she started moaning out loud.

“Come on David, harder!!! You want to come in Mommy don’t you, you naughty boy?” She pushed back against him, matching him stroke for stroke. David said nothing but increased his tempo; Susan was usually the more vocal of the two, urging him onto greater efforts. “Oh David, you’re going to make Mommy come again, come with we Honey, I want to feel your jizz in my pussy!!!”

That was enough for him and he deposited a steaming load in her. They’d been fucking so much David’s cock was raw and painful, and still it wasn’t enough to quench her hunger, Susan was like a madwoman, she took his limp member in her mouth and immediately set out resurrecting him. She looked up at her son and lover. He smiled back at her and soon the house was alive with the sounds of their incestuous humping again.