My Sister, The Bitch

“Robbie, you are grounded!” Ellen snapped at her son. “I can’t believe you thought you could get away with something like that.”

“Mom! That’s not fair!” Robbie protested.

“I told you that if you forgot to take out the garbage for pickup one more time that you’d be grounded for a week. Well, you forgot. What will we do until next week?”

“But Mom, Dani was supposed to wake me,” he protested. “She deliberately didn’t wake me up.”

“Oh, right, asshole,” sneered Robbie’s sister, Dani.

“Dani, I’ve told you about your language,” Ellen admonished her daughter. “Robbie, you’re still grounded and maybe next time you won’t rely on anyone except yourself.”

“It’s not fair,” he wailed, leaving the kitchen. “I’ll get you!” he whispered threateningly under his breath as he walked by his sister.

“Yawnnnn,” Dani said, bringing her hand to her mouth. “I’m so bored.”

“You too, get out of here,” Ellen told her. “You may be out of school for the day, but I have to go to work and this kitchen’s a mess.”

“Sure, Mom. Sorry,” Dani said, pushing to her feet and leaving the kitchen.

“And don’t think that I don’t know that you did deliberately shaft your brother,” Ellen said just as Dani was about out the door.

“I – I – I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mom,” Dani stammered.

“Of course you do,” Ellen said with a laugh. “And if I know your brother, payback is certainly going to be hell.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Dani insisted as she left the room.

But of course she knew exactly what she was talking about, because she had deliberately not woke up her brother, knowing he’d get in trouble. Now she had to worry about him paying her back and the fact that her mother really knew what had happened and she’d have no protection there either. “Oh, well,” she thought, “that’s life.”

Robbie was in his room fuming. Dani was such a brat. Even though she was old enough to know better, she still pissed him off like only a child could. The fact that she was the most beautiful girl in school and all of his friends thought that she was a goddess infuriated him even further. They only saw her with their dicks. If they knew what she was really like they wouldn’t think she was so hot. Sure, she was tall at 5’10” and had a long willowy figure with nice full tits, blonde hair down to her waist and bright blue eyes, but beneath all of that was a total fucking bitch.

Well, now she’d gone too far and payback was going to be very very serious, Robbie thought as he picked up his phone to make some phone calls. Just 15 minutes later he had finished and sat back with a smile on his face. Payback was not only going to be incredibly serious, it was going to be almost immediate.

Robbie heard his mother leave for work and then a few minutes later he heard the water running as Dani showered. Grabbing a small computer screwdriver, Robbie went to the bathroom door and quickly unlocked the door. Being as quiet as possible, he opened the door and grabbed Dani’s clothes that were on the floor, as well as the towels on the towel rack before exiting and closing the door. He wasn’t sure if Dani had seen or heard him or not, but he really didn’t care. The only thing she could wear now when she came out of the bathroom would be toilet paper.

Quickly going to his room, Robbie got out his digital cameras, one a video camera and the other for still shots. He mounted the digital camera on its tripod and made sure both cameras had full batteries plus a couple of spares. He didn’t want to run out. Going to Dani’s room, Robbie put the tripod in the closet, leaving the door cracked enough for the lens to be able to see the room, pointing at Dani’s bed. The still camera he just put on the dresser. He then went to the front door and unlocked it before going back upstairs and into Dani’s room, where he booted up her computer and opened the file that he knew contained her diary.

Boy, was she stupid, Robbie thought as he read the past week’s worth of entries. No password protection or anything. Just a nice big link on the desktop that said Dani’s Diary.

Hmm, looks like she sucked Pete’s dick a couple of times at school, and she let Brian play with her pussy and tits behind the gymnasium.

She sure likes sex, Robbie thought as he heard the shower stop. Here we go, he thought, sitting patiently and reading.

“Robbie! Goddamnit! Robbie!” Dani shouted from the bathroom. “You fucker!” she screamed. “I’m going to kill you!!!”

Robbie smiled to himself as he pictured her rage, then he heard the bathroom door slamming open and Dani stomping down the hall.

“I am going to kill that fucking asshole,” she fumed out loud as she made her way down the hallway, naked as a jaybird.

Opening the door to her bedroom, she stormed inside, slamming the door before she realized that the object of her anger and loathing was sitting at her desk using her computer.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she shouted at him.

“Getting ready to hit the ENTER key,” Robbie replied, holding a finger very obviously above the key.

“So what!” Dani screamed at him. “I hate you!!!”

“Maybe you should ask me what’s going to happen when I hit the ENTER key,” Robbie suggested with a smile on his face, his eyes not failing to take in her nakedness.

Totally forgetting that she was standing completely naked in front of her brother, Dani asked him, “So what’s going to happen when you hit the stupid key?”

“Oh, it’ll only send your diary to everyone in your email address book, plus mine, plus the email list from school,” Robbie said, letting his finger rest on the key.

“Oh My God!” Dani exclaimed, her face blanching white. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Actually, I would,” Robbie said, letting his finger slide back and forth on the key.

“Robbie, please don’t do that,” Dani pleaded, real fear in her eyes.

“Why shouldn’t I?” he asked. “The way you fuck with me, always trying to get me in trouble. I never do anything to you! You are such an incredible bitch to me!”

“Robbie, if you do that you’ll ruin my life,” Dani pleaded. “That’s going too far.”

“I don’t know,” Robbie said. “Seems to me like you’re the one that likes going too far,” he said with a smile and a leer at her nakedness.

“That’s not fair,” Dani said, blushing all over her body.

Robbie saw her nipples suddenly get hard, twisting into gnarled pink nubs that stood out proudly from her tits. Now Dani tried to cover herself with her hands, though she made no move towards the towels or clothes on her bed, just 10 feet away.

“What do you want?” she asked. “I’ll tell Mom the truth, that I really did deliberately not wake you up to take out the trash,” she offered. “Then she’ll un-ground you.”

“No, I don’t think that’s going to be nearly enough,” Robbie said. “You need to be taught a lesson that will last you the rest of your life.”

“Robbie, don’t. Please don’t,” Dani pleaded. “I’ll do anything, anything you say, just please don’t send that.”

Robbie was pleased to see that there were tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Served her right, he thought, resolving to be tough and go through with his plan.

“Anything, huh? That covers a lot of territory,” he said.

“Anything, Robbie, anything. I mean it,” Dani pleaded earnestly, feeling a slight chance of hope.

Now was the moment Robbie had thought about for two years now. He had Dani so totally in his power that she’d have to do anything he wanted if she didn’t want her life completely ruined.

“Then I want you to be my slave for life,” Robbie said with a completely straight face.

“You what?” Dani asked, her mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“You heard me, I want you to be my slave for life,” Robbie repeated, looking her straight in the eyes.

“You’ve got to be joking! No! Of course not!” she expostulated, glaring at him.

“No problem,” Robbie said, turning the computer chair around to face the screen once more. “I’ll just send this and leave you alone……until everyone reads it, that is.”

“Robbie! Stop!!! Please, don’t do that!” Dani begged. “Please!”

“To you, whenever there’s nobody else around, you will call me Master Robbie,” Robbie told her. “The next words out of your mouth will determine whether I hit this key or not,” he said, his finger poised over the keyboard.

Dani just stared at him. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She had the perfect life. She was beautiful. Everyone wanted her. Everyone. She was always in charge. She decided what happened. And with whom. Whose dick she sucked, who fucked her, who sucked her. And she spent hours every day writing in her diary, every single detail, every single time. Even the thought that even one person had seen it, read it, made her sick to her stomach. But what if everyone who knew her read it. She’d never ever be able to show her face in town again. Her life would be ruined.

But be Robbie’s slave! Oh, god, how could she!!! She just hated him so much. She didn’t know why she hated him, but she hated him anyway. He was always just that much better than her. It didn’t matter that she got straight A’s, was captain of the cheerleaders, captain of the girls’ volleyball team, Robbie had never gotten anything but an A. He’d been the quarterback of the football team since his first year and had won two state championships. He was 6’4″ and always had girls hanging all over him. And he was nice to everyone. And she just hated him!!!

But now he had her. If she said no, she’d have to leave town right now. Period. But what did he mean by slave? Do his laundry? Run errands? Be nice to him instead of a bitch? How bad could it be? After all, everyone thinks he’s such a nice guy, he wouldn’t do anything mean to her. Would he?

For life? FOR LIFE??? What could he possibly mean? After school they’d go to college, probably meet someone and get married, have a family, move on. Maybe this is just his way to get me to leave him alone and stop being so mean.

“Robbie, please….” Dani froze at the look on his face as she began to speak and his finger moved closer to the keyboard.

Oh, god, he’s serious. If I don’t say what he wants to hear he’ll push the key. Ohgod ohgod ohgod ohgod, what am I going to do!!! I feel sick.

“Master Robbie,” Dani practically whispered.

Robbie relaxed a bit, lifting his finger from the keyboard. “Yes?”

“Master Robbie, I want to be your slave,” Dani choked out.

“I can’t hear you,” Robbie said.

“Master Robbie, I want to be your slave,” Dani said in a stronger voice, her eyes still on the floor, unable to look at him.

“And?” Robbie asked.

Dani didn’t understand what he wanted. And? What did that mean. She was afraid to look at him. She was so ashamed of herself. Then she had an idea.

“For life,” she said softly.

“I can’t hear you,” Robbie said softly. “Speak up and look at me when you talk to me.”

Dani’s knees were shaking as she looked up at her brother sitting in front of her computer. He had a completely neutral expression on his face as he watched her stand there, naked and basically helpless.

“Master Robbie, I want to be your slave for life,” Dani managed to say, keeping her eyes on his the whole time.

“And do you know what a slave is?” Robbie asked.

“Y-y-yes……..I don’t know,” Dani finally said.

“That means I own you. Totally. I tell you to do something, you do it without any further thought. Period. I tell you to not do something, you don’t do it. Period. Forever. Do you understand that?” he asked.

Dani stared at him. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This was like backwards time travel. A slave! What was she getting herself into?

“Yes,” Dani said, “M-m-master,” she finished, seeing his eyes narrow.

“Fine,” Robbie said, turning to the computer. “Come stand over here,” he told her.

Dani quickly walked over and stood slightly behind her brother as he sat at the computer. Looking at the screen she saw that it was indeed an email with the file name of her diary as an attachment, only it wasn’t addressed to all of the people he had said, it was only addressed to him.

Robbie pressed the ENTER key, sending the email, and Dani gasped.

“Why did you do that?” she demanded. “You said you wouldn’t!”

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again,” Robbie told her, turning to look at her. “You are a slave. Slaves don’t question anything about their masters. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Dani hissed after a moment’s pause.

“But to make you feel better, I sent myself a copy of your diary. Now if you delete yours, which I now forbid you to do, I’ll still have a copy. Which I can send to whomever, whenever I want. Which I will do if you’re not the perfect slave……forever.”

“Oh, god,” Dani moaned, putting her face in her hands.

“You don’t have to call me that, Master will do,” Robbie said, laughing.

“It’s not funny,” Dani said, adding, “Master,” after he glared at her.

Robbie stood up then, putting him front to front in physical contact with his naked sister. Dani gasped and started to step back, but Robbie grabbed her by one arm to stop her, his other hand moving to cup and hold one of her tits, squeezing it and then pinching the nipple between his fingers before releasing her.

“Robbie!” Dani exclaimed.

Robbie glared at her.

“M-m-master,” Dani stammered, unable to get her mind used to the change. “I’m your sister.”

“You’re my slave,” Robbie corrected her. “Anything else is just incidental now.”

“R-r….Master,” Dani began, “that’s………….illegal,” she finally said.

“Anytime you want to stop being my slave, all you have to do is say I AM FREE three times and you’ll be free. But then I’ll feel free to do what I want with your diary. As long as you’re my slave, you and I are the only ones who will ever see your diary. As soon as you decide you want to be free, that can change,” he told her. “So it is really up to you. Whatever happens is going to happen of your own free will, by your decision and agreement. So you need to make up your mind,” he told her.

Dani just stared at him, not six inches separating them, he dressed and she totally naked, brother and sister.

“Yes, Master,” was all she said.

Robbie nodded, seeing that she had finally accepted her new situation. He then slowly pushed his shorts down to the floor, standing naked but for his t-shirt in front of his shocked sister. He then sat back down in the chair in front of the computer and picked up his still camera, looked through it at his sister and snapped a shot.

“W-w-what are you doing, Master?” she asked.

“You’re so beautiful, I just had to have a picture of you,” Robbie told her. “I’ll email I to you so you can put it in your diary.”

“M-my diary?” she asked.

“Yes, your diary. I really like the way you write. You really pay attention to the small details. I want you to continue your diary, just like you always have, only now you’ll have something more, something new to put in it. And I’ll take pictures for you so you can include them. That’ll make your diary really special.”

“Oh!” was all she managed.

“Now I want you to beg me to let you suck my dick,” Robbie told her.

“Master!” Dani said, her eyes wide.

“And it better be very very believable,” Robbie told her. “If anyone is listening to us, I want them to believe you are really begging. Right now!”

“Oh, oh, oh, Master, I – I – I……oh, Master, I….can I……Master, please let me suck your cock,” Dani finally managed to get out.

“What was that?” Robbie asked, watching her through the camera.

“Master, please, let me suck your cock,” Dani said.

“I don’t know,” Robbie replied. “I’m not sure I’m in the mood,”

“Oh, Master, please. Please let me suck your cock.” Dani said, this time with some feeling in her voice.

“Do you really want to?” Robbie asked.

“Oh, Master, yes, I really want to. I want to suck your cock. I want to taste your….” Dani said before catching herself and stopping.

“Yes? You want to taste what?” Robbie asked.

“Master, I want to taste your cum,” Dani said in a small voice.

“You like cum, Slave?” Robbie asked.

“Yes, Master,” Dani replied, blushing.

“Then suck my dick until I cum in your mouth,” Robbie told his sister.

“Yes, Master,” Dani said, sinking to her knees in front of him.

For the first time Dani really looked at her brother’s cock and with a shock realized that he had a really nice one. Even mostly soft it was at least 6″ long and very thick. With Robbie watching her through the camera, Dani reached out and took her brother’s cock into her hand for the first time. Almost immediately it began to grow harder in her hand as she instinctively began to jerk him, helping him get hard. In just a matter of seconds it was rock hard and at least 10″ long and thicker than any cock she had ever seen. She couldn’t believe that it more than filled both of her hands.

Robbie was taking pictures the whole time as Dani knelt between his legs and began to play with his dick. The look on her face when she saw him hard was a great picture, as was the one when she first leaned forward and tasted the slit of his dick with the tip of her tongue. Then she was swirling her tongue all around the head of his cock, licking up and down his shaft, sucking on his balls, until she finally locked her lips around the head of his cock and began lowering her mouth onto him, initially taking almost 6″ into her mouth before sliding back and doing it again.

Dani fucked her face with her brother’s huge cock like this for several minutes, frequently stopping to swirl her tongue around the head and into the slit before going back down on him. Finally she took him into her mouth until the head of his cock was pressing at the entrance to her throat. As big as he was, Dani was somehow able to get her throat to relax enough for her to force herself down on his cock, pushing it into her throat until her face was pressed up against his belly.

She instinctively gulped and Robbie groaned, feeling her throat flex around his cock. Then she drew back until just the tip of her tongue was resting in the slit of his cock before sliding back down again, once more taking him into her throat. Dani felt her pussy getting wet as she sucked her brother’s huge cock. It tasted so good and filled her mouth like no cock had ever done before.

Even though she was young, Dani had already given over 100 blowjobs. She kept count. She had fucked 7 different guys, two of them more than once. And she had let two of them fuck her in the ass, also more than once. And now she was sucking the biggest, most beautiful cock she had ever seen and it belonged to the brother that she had hated more than life itself up until this minute. And now she was on her knees sucking him off in her own bedroom and loving it.

Robbie felt his balls begin to churn and knew that he was close to cumming. He also knew that he wasn’t ready to cum yet. Reaching down he lifted his sister’s face from his dick.

“Just a second,” he told her. “I want better light for the cum shot. When I’m ready I just want you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” Robbie instructed her.

“Yes, Master,” Dani gasped, her eyes wide with excitement. She couldn’t wait to taste her brother’s cum.

Robbie adjusted the chair so that he was facing the door and Dani scooted over to continue kneeling between his legs, his cock sticking straight up in the air. They heard the sound of a car horn going off in the distance.

“Okay, keep going,” he told her.

Eagerly Dani grabbed her brother’s cock and began licking and sucking on him again and in no time had him buried deep in her throat. Robbie groaned as he continued to take pictures. Just as he felt his balls beginning to tighten again Robbie saw the door to Dani’s bedroom slowly open. What little noise it made was more than covered up by the sounds of Dani sucking his dick.

Two of Robbie’s best friends from school, fellow football players, were standing in the door looking at Dani’s naked back as she knelt between Robbie’s legs sucking his cock. They couldn’t actually see anything, but it was obvious to them what was going on. They stood there silently until Robbie groaned and put his hand on Dani’s head.

“That’s it, I’m cumming now,” he said, holding the camera with one hand and continuing to snap pictures, while with the other hand he held his cock, jerking it as the head lay on Dani’s outstretched tongue. He groaned loudly as the first shot of cum spurted from his dick all the way into his sister’s open mouth. His cock kept spurting cum, covering her tongue and dripping down the sides of her mouth and her chin. When he finally stopped cumming, Dani’s tongue was covered in a pool of cum and her whole face below her nose too.

“Now suck it and swallow all of it,” Robbie told her.

Not needing any encouragement at this point, Dani went completely back down on her brother’s cock, taking him directly into her throat and sucking hard on him with her whole mouth. Robbie groaned and continued taking pictures as his friends stood by the door with big grins on their faces. Finally Dani stopped sucking on him and sat up, his cock still hard and gripped firmly in her hand.

“Let me help,” Robbie said, taking his cock in his hand and wiping the cum from his sister’s face with it, then offering it to her open mouth where she sucked it off.

“That was great,” Robbie sighed, sitting back in his seat. “You really know how to suck dick.”

“Yes, Master,” Dani said with a smile.

“I’ll bet you’d like to suck some more, wouldn’t you? Eat some more cum, wouldn’t you?” Robbie asked.

“Oh, yes, Master,” Dani said, a big smile on her face.

“Then I think that’s just what you’ll do,” Robbie said, getting to his feet, his cock slapping her in the face. “John and Brett are here to help you make yourself happy,” he told her, looking over at them.

Dani gasped and looked over her shoulder and saw John and Brett standing there, big grins on their faces.

“Robbie!!” Dani began before stopping when she saw the look on his face.

“Try to make them both cum at the same time,” he told her. “And remember, this is what you want, so you better act like it.”

Dani stared at him for a moment before turning to look at John and Brett, both of whom she knew but had never been out with.

“Why don’t you guys undress and sit on the edge of the bed,” Robbie suggested.

It didn’t take them long to strip and sit on the bed, their cocks dangling in front of them. John’s cock was as big as Robbie’s and jet black, like the rest of him, while Brett’s cock wasn’t as long, but it was even thicker around. Robbie stood behind Dani, his semi-hard cock poking her in the back.

“Make it really good, Slave,” he whispered into her ear. “I want to see cum all over your face and filling your mouth,” he said, reaching down to caress her ass cheek.

“Yes, Master,” she whispered back to him, dropping to her knees.

“Mmmm, I just love sucking cocks,” Dani said, taking them both in her hands. “And I’ll bet you two are going to cum buckets too, aren’t you?” she asked, leaning forward to lick first one, then the other cock.

Robbie was very busy with the camera taking pictures as his sister began to suck off his two friends. Just like she had done with him, she licked each of them all over before sucking them into her mouth, then her throat. They were both groaning in no time, Dani’s talented mouth bringing them quickly to the point of no return.

“Oh, god, I’m gonna cum,” Brett moaned while his cock was buried in Dani’s throat.

Dani pulled off of him, turning again to John and swallowing his cock, continuing to pump Brett’s cock with her hand. She quickly had John at the point of orgasm too and left him, returning to suck on Brett once more. After just a few seconds he was groaning as he began to lose control of his balls. Jerking Brett’s cock furiously with her hand, Dani began sucking John’s cock once more, taking him all the way into her throat as the first of Brett’s cum shot from his cock into her face. Turning from John, Dani opened her mouth and aimed Brett’s cum onto her tongue, even as she pumped John. Then John began spurting cum onto Dani’s face and the two of them were covering her. She held both of their cocks to her mouth, trying to suck them both at the same time as they continued to spurt cum. She had to swallow twice as her mouth filled up before finally sucking first one, then the other, getting the last of their cum before scooping up the cum from her face and licking it off of her fingers.

“God, that was great!” Brett said, staring at Dani. “I never dreamed anyone as beautiful as you would be sucking my dick.”

Dani just kept swallowing, trying to get all of the sticky, salty cum out of her mouth. She had never eaten so much cum before and her mouth was all clammy.

“Here, suck me for a bit while they get dressed,” Robbie ordered Dani.

Dani stared at him for a moment before turning on her knees and taking his cock in her hand, opening her mouth and swallowing him. Brett and John slowly dressed, not wanting to miss the sight of the most beautiful girl in the world sucking her brother’s cock.

“See you guys later,” Robbie said when they had finished dressing, his cock buried in his sister’s mouth. “Thanks for stopping by.”

“No sweat, Robbie,” John said. “Anytime, anytime at all.”

“Yeah, me too,” Brett chimed in. “I’m in heaven.”

Dani was totally involved in sucking her brother’s cock when they left. Her mind was spinning. The taste of cum filled her world, just like her brother’s cock filled her mouth and throat. She hated him, she really did. But she loved his cock even more than she hated him, she realized, sucking even harder.

Then Dani felt her brother grab her hair and slowly pull her up and away from his cock. She felt a momentary panic. She wanted, no, needed another mouthful of his cum. Without saying a word, Robbie led his sister by the hair over to her bed where he positioned her so that she was on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy pointed right at the closet.

“So, Slave, what do you want?” Robbie asked, rubbing his sister’s ass cheeks.

“Oh, Master, I want to suck your cock. I want you to cum in my mouth again,” Dani moaned in reply.

“I see,” Robbie said, letting one hand slide between Dani’s ass cheeks, his finger sliding over her puckered asshole and between her pussy lips, feeling how drenched with juices she was.

“Maybe I will let you suck my cock again,” he said, now rubbing his cock up and down her slit, feeling the heat emanating from her as the head of his cock quickly became slick with her juices.

“Oh, Master,” Dani moaned, feeling more excited than she had ever felt in her whole life.

“Oh, Maaassstterrrrr,” she groaned as Robbie slid his entire cock into her in one steady push, stretching her young pussy to its maximum as he buried himself deep in his sister.

Robbie couldn’t believe how hot and tight and wet his sister’s pussy felt. It was like magic. He had certainly fucked his share of girls, being so popular and girls wanting to be with, especially seen with, somebody popular. So getting pussy was not that new to Robbie. But the feeling of his sister’s pussy was blowing his mind. It was like it was alive, writhing on his cock as he steadily fucked her.

Dani was moaning, her face in her arms as she knelt on the bed, her ass up in the air, her pussy impaled on her brother’s big cock. This was the best fuck she had had yet, she thought as her pussy stretched to accommodate her brother’s pounding cock. She gasped when Robbie suddenly pulled his cock from her pussy and spun her around to sit on the edge of the bed, his rock-hard cock glistening with her pussy juices in her face.

“Suck it now, Slave,” Robbie told her, grabbing her hair and pulling her face towards his cock.

But Dani needed no encouragement any more. She couldn’t wait to get her mouth wrapped around her brother’s cock again. As she felt him slide onto her tongue to the back of her throat, Dani tasted herself for the first time. She had never sucked any of the boys who had fucked her after they had fucked. This was the first time. And it was a strange but wonderful taste. She closed her lips around his shaft and sucked with her whole mouth, letting her tongue slide all over him, tasting her juices.

Then Robbie gently began fucking her mouth, sliding his cock in and out, stopping at the back of her throat and then sliding back out to where just her lips and tongue were in contact with the head. And then he pushed against her throat and Dani swallowed, taking his cock down into her throat until the whole thing was buried. She sucked with her mouth and continually gulped with her throat, milking him.

Robbie groaned and pulled Dani’s hair so that her face was tilted upwards as he slid his cock from her throat and mouth.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” he told her.

Just as Dani’s tongue slid out of her mouth Robbie exploded, cum shooting into her mouth and then covering her tongue. He slid his still spurting cock into her mouth and Dani wrapped her cum-covered lips around his shaft and began sucking on him, drinking and swallowing his cum, probing the slit it was shooting from with the tip of her tongue, driving him out of his mind. Dani sucked him and licked him until there was no more cum for her before stopping, her lips swollen, her face smeared with cum as she looked up at him.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, a sly smile on her face.

Robbie stared at his sister, not believing what he was seeing. She was actually enjoying this. He could probably give her back the diary and she would still let him do whatever he wanted. But that would be stupid. His mind was awash with the possibilities open to him if Dani would indeed be his slave.

Turning and walking to the closet, Robbie opened the doors completely, revealing the video camera mounted on the tripod. He turned it off and took it from the closet. Dani sat with a stunned look on her face. It was one thing to have done what she had done for the past couple of hours, but to think that it had all been video taped was entirely different.

“W-what is that, Master?” she asked in a small voice.

“I knew you’d want a permanent memory of your conversion from free woman to slave, so I taped it for you. All of it.”

“But what if someone sees it, Master?” she asked.

“Nobody would be able to see it unless I let them see it,” Robbie replied. “And why would I want to do something like that?”

He really had her now, Dani thought to herself as she stared at him. Even though she would now happily and willingly play this game with him, without a doubt she was completely and totally in his power now…….and forever, as long as he had her diary and the video….oh, god, and all of those pictures he took with the camera.

“Yes, Master,” Dani said softly, dropping her head in resignation.

“Bring my clothes,” Robbie commanded, picking up the camera from the desk before heading for the door.

Dani started to reach for something to put on when Robbie interrupted her.

“You don’t need clothes. In fact, when it’s only you and me in the house, you are to be naked. All the time. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Dani replied, gathering his clothes from the floor and getting to her feet and following him down the hall to his bedroom.

“I want you to go work on your diary now,” Robbie told her. “I’ll send you the pictures and you can use whichever ones you want. You can even include video clips when I edit them. When you’re finished, you are to email me your diary. Every time you write in it, when you’re finished, you are to email me your diary. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Dani replied.

“Now throat me one more time and go work on your diary,” Robbie told her.

“Yes, Master!” Dani said, a smile on her face as she dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock in her hand. “Yes, Master,” she said as she opened her mouth and engulfed him, quickly getting his entire cock in her mouth and sucking on him.

“That’s good,” Robbie said, pulling his cock from her mouth to her obvious disappointment. “You can go now.”

“Yes, Master,” Dani said, getting to her feet and leaving the room.

Robbie flopped down in his computer chair and let out a long sigh, not knowing that Dani had paused outside of his door and listened for a moment before continuing to her own room.

That was absolutely incredible, Robbie thought to himself as he extracted the memory stick from his camera and inserted it into his memory stick reader to copy the picture files he had just made to his computer. It was so easy, he thought as he copied the pictures to a new folder, all 48 of them. And she totally loved it, he thought as he then sent them with an email to Dani. DSL sure is great, he thought as he remembered how it felt to cum in her mouth that first time, seeing her face covered with his cum, watching her swallow it all.

Oh My God, Dani thought as she went back to her room, closing the door behind herself. I can’t believe what just happened. I was a total slut, she thought. And with my own brother. Oh, god, and I sucked his two friends too. Oh, when he pushed his cock into my pussy I thought I was going to die it felt so good, she remembered. God, my face is still covered with cum, she realized as she felt the dried stuff caked all over her cheeks and chin. There was even some on her breasts that had dripped from her chin. And she had dried pussy juice all over her inner thighs.

Dani sat down at her computer and opened her diary. But she couldn’t type anything. It’s different now, she thought. Now I know someone else is reading. How can I possibly be so open, so honest when I know he’s reading everything. She tentatively started typing and when she finally stopped, an hour had gone by. She emailed it to her brother and then went to take a shower.

“Where are you going, Slave?” she heard as she passed Robbie’s room.

“M-master, to take a shower,” Dani replied.

“Did you do your diary?” he asked.

“Yes, Master. I just emailed it to you.”

“Wait right there, I’ll read it,” Robbie told her.

“Master, I need to take a shower. Mom’s going to be home soon and I’m covered with dried cum,” she said, a smile creasing her face.

“Go ahead, then,” Robbie told her. “I’ll read it while you’re in the shower.”

“Thank you, Master,” Dani said in a dramatic voice, laughing as she went down the hall.

Robbie smiled to himself as he checked his email. This was just perfect! There was absolutely no nastiness or resentment or anger from Dani about anything. Now she was behaving like the perfect sister, albeit his sex-slave sister. Robbie opened the diary entry Dani had sent and quickly read it, then sat back in his seat in disgust, waiting for Dani to finish her shower. Ten minutes later he heard the bathroom door open and Dani coming down the hall.

“Come in here,” he commanded.

“Yes, Master,” Dani replied, entering his room, a towel wrapped around her.

“What’s that?” Robbie asked, nodding towards her.


“I told you that you are to be naked whenever we are alone in this house. What part of that do you not understand?” Robbie asked as Dani stared at him wild-eyed. “This is not a game. You are my slave. You might like it sometimes, but my slave you are. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Master,” Dani said, letting the towel fall to the floor.

“Now come over here,” Robbie told her.

Dani quickly moved over and stood next to him.

“What is this crap?” Robbie asked, indicating the open diary entry.

“Master, my diary,” Dani replied.

“Bullshit,” Robbie said. “You write much better than this. This is flat, not descriptive, no mention of how you felt when everything happened. Not your usual way of writing. This is not acceptable.”

“Master, it’s so hard to write like that when I know you’re reading it. It was supposed to be a private place where I could be honest with myself. I never intended anyone else to read it,” Dani told him.

“That’s all changed now. You are to write the same and I will read it. And I told you to use pictures. Everywhere you describe something and there’s a picture of it, use a picture. I want it to be as visual as well as descriptive.”

“Yes, Master,” Dani sighed, realizing that this might not be that much fun.

Standing up, Robbie leaned over and sucked one of Dani’s delectable nipples into his mouth, his hands coming up to caress and squeeze her breasts.

“Oh, Master,” Dani sighed, one hand resting softly on the back of his head as he suckled her.

“What am I doing?” Robbie asked, stopping for a moment.

“You’re sucking my tit, Master,” Dani replied, wishing he would continue.

“No, describe it for your diary. Say it for your diary while I’m doing it,” Robbie instructed, once more sucking her now hardened nipple into his mouth.

“Oh, Master is sucking my tit,” Dani began as Robbie gently bit down on her nipple, causing her to gasp.

“Mmm, he’s biting my hard nipple. I can feel his tongue teasing the tip of my nipple and his hand is squeezing me. It feels so nice. Ahhh, now he’s doing it to the other one,” Dani sighed. “Oh, he bit my nipple hard and it hurt a little and now it’s so hard and he’s just sucking and chewing on it,” Dani described. “And my pussy is getting so wet and I want his cock so bad,” Dani panted.

“That’s better,” Robbie said, standing up and looking at her. Her nipples were both rock-hard and standing out a half an inch from her full tits. He could see moisture glistening on her pussy lips, which he realized for the first time were absolutely hairless. Her whole slit was clearly visible. She must have shaved when she took a shower.

“Turn around,” Robbie told her, sitting down.

Dani turned her back to her brother, standing astradle his legs. She knew he could easily and clearly see her freshly shaved pussy and she wondered what he was going to do to her.

Robbie glanced at the clock. Their mother was due home from work at any moment and then he’d have to behave… least for a while. But for the moment…

Dani gasped when she felt her brother’s hands on her ass cheeks, squeezing them and then pulling them apart, spreading her ass and pussy open to his gaze. Then she felt him pulling her downwards with one hand on her hip, so she began to squat down, squealing with surprise and delight when she felt his cock sliding between her pussy lips. She continued sitting down until she felt his entire cock ensconced deep in her pussy, filling her. She felt Robbie’s hands reach up and wrap around her, grabbing her tits and pulling on her hard nipples as she began to bob up and down on his cock.

“Kids, I’m home,” they suddenly heard from downstairs as Ellen arrived home from work.

Dani instinctively tried to jump up off of her brother’s cock, but Robbie grabbed her tits firmly in his hands, holding her firmly on his cock.

“Answer her,” he told her. “Now.”

“Uh, up here, mom,” Dani managed as Robbie resumed fucking her.

“Okay,” they heard, then her footsteps on the stairs.

Dani stared in horror at the open door, feeling her brother’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Then Robbie released her and she bolted for the door and down the hall into her own room, just as her mother got to the top of the stairs. She stopped at the entrance to Robbie’s room and noticed that he was sitting at his computer with a towel around his waist.

“Hi, Robbie,” she said. “Everything okay?”

“Hi, Mom,” he replied. “Yeah, fine. I’ve been working and I’m going to take a shower now,” he told her, getting to his feet.

“I’m going to change myself,” Ellen told her son, noticing that his towel was tenting quite a bit in front. “I wonder just what kind of studying he was doing?” Ellen wondered as she went to Dani’s room, knocking and opening the door all in one motion.

“Hi, Dani,” she greeted her daughter. “Everything okay?”

“Oh, hi, Mom,” Dani greeted her mother, turning from the mirror of her vanity where she had been brushing her hair in her robe.

“Did you behave with your brother today?” she asked.

“Yes, Mom, we were fine. I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch. I’ll try to be better,” she offered.

“That would be nice, dear,” Ellen said, turning to leave.

Well, at least it seems there was peace here today, Ellen thought to herself as she went into her room where she quickly undressed and stepped into the shower. Maybe they’re finally growing up. That was quiet a blow-up this morning, worse than usual, she remembered.

She finished with her shower and dried off, then went into her bedroom to dress. Stopping to bend over and pick up her clothes she had just dropped on the floor, she sensed or heard something and stood up, turning around. To her surprise she noticed that she hadn’t closed the door completely and that it was 6-8 inches open and that Robbie was just moving away from her room towards his own across the hall. If he had been standing in her doorway he would have seen her come out of the shower naked and then a clear view of her ass and pussy when she bent over to pick up her clothes.

Oh, god, just what I need, she thought as she pulled on running shorts and a t-shirt and glanced at the mirror as she was leaving the room. What am I thinking, she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Ellen had always been a beautiful woman, having been homecoming queen in high school before going to college and meeting and marrying Joe. As she looked at herself in the mirror now, she saw that her 36D breasts were almost completely visible through the t-shirt, which also seemed to be a size or two too small. She had large nipples and they were sticking out prominently through the t-shirt. At 5’10” tall, she still had nice long legs without an ounce of excess fat on them, due to the constant aerobics classes she took each evening.

Oh, you’re just being silly, she told herself as she left her room. She always dressed very casually around the house and there was no reason to change that now. Joe would be home in about 30 minutes, so she had to get dinner ready, she thought to herself as she went to the kitchen, forgetting about what might have been just a few minutes earlier.

Wow, what a body! Robbie had never seen his mother naked before, though the way she usually dressed around the house left very little to the imagination. But actually getting to see the parts that were usually left to the imagination was something else indeed. Actually seeing her naked tits with the huge nipples was different than seeing them through a t-shirt or the tiny bikini she wore when she sunbathed. But it was when she had bent over to pick up her clothes and he had seen her pussy that he had almost stopped breathing. She had the fattest pussy he had ever seen, with her inner pussy lips sticking out almost an inch from between the fat, puffy outer ones, and her clit had bulged at the top of her slit. He wasn’t sure if she had noticed him at her door or not as he moved away, but his cock was still rock-hard from the sight.

The dinner was uneventful except insofar as Robbie and Dani did not exchange even one unpleasant or unfriendly word. Robbie couldn’t stop himself from taking surreptitious glances at his mother’s tits. Now that he had seeing them, he couldn’t stop picturing them, especially the big hard nipples. After dinner Robbie opted to watch television with his parents while Dani excused herself, saying that she needed to work on her diary.

“You sure spend a lot of time with your diary,” Ellen said to her daughter.

“I just know when I’m older it will be so much fun to be able to read and remember and re-live all the things I did when I was young,” Dani said. “So if I want to get all of the details, it takes time.”

“How come you don’t keep a diary?” Ellen asked Robbie.

“I’d never leave the evidence written down like that,” Robbie replied with a laugh.

The movie they were watching ended at 11:00 and they all got to their feet, stretching.

“Well, goodnight, Robbie,” Ellen said to her son, putting a hand on his shoulder as she leaned over to kiss him goodnight on the cheek.

“Goodnight, Mom,” Robbie replied, trying not to blush as he felt one of his mother’s breasts lightly rub against his arm as she kissed him.

“You and your sister have the whole week off from school, don’t you?” Joe asked his son.

“Yes,” Robbie replied.

“It’s a shame that you have to spend the entire week being grounded,” Joe said, “but I think this will teach you a lesson that we will not have to revisit in the future.”

“I think I can practically guarantee that,” Robbie said as he went to his room.

Robbie went to his room and did a video capture of the day’s activities and began to edit it, making sure it reflected exactly what he wanted it to, his sister begging him for sex and then begging his friends too. It was incredible footage, as good as any he had ever seen, and he couldn’t stop smiling as he finally finished, then emailed it to his sister.

He had heard his parents almost an hour ago going to bed and he now peeked out from his door towards theirs across the hall and saw no light coming from under the door. Tip-toeing across the hall, he put his ear to the door and heard nothing, so he knew they were asleep.

A smile on his face, Robbie went to his sister’s door and let himself in without knocking, quietly closing the door behind himself. It was dark and he could see his sister in her bed, a sheet pulled up over her. Quickly removing his shorts, Robbie went to the side of the bed and suddenly grabbed the sheet and pulled it off of Dani, revealing her in a t-shirt and panties, suddenly jerk awake.

“R-r-robbie!” she exclaimed in surprise. “What are you doing?” she asked, suddenly noticing his hard cock standing out in front of him and pointing at her.

“Slave,” he said, emphasizing the title, “suck my cock. I want to cum.”

“M-m-master,” Dani stammered, struggling to come awake. “What about mom and dad? They’ll hear.”

“No they won’t,” Robbie told her. “They’re asleep. And I didn’t ask for a discussion. Suck it now!”

Dani sighed and sat up, reaching for her brother’s rock-hard cock.

“Wait,” Robbie told her. “Take off your clothes first. In fact, you are to sleep naked from now on. There’s no excuse for you to wear any clothes when you go to bed. That way when I want a blowjob or to fuck you or whatever, I won’t have to wait for you to get undressed.”

Silently Dani removed her t-shirt and panties before reaching once again for her brother’s cock. Once she had her hand wrapped around it, she couldn’t wait to get her lips wrapped around it. It was just the most magnificent cock in the world to her and somehow she was able to ignore who it was attached to.

Robbie watched with satisfaction as his sister sucked his cock, loving it when she went totally down on him, taking his entire cock deep into her throat. He felt his balls begin to churn and wasn’t yet ready to cum, so he pulled his cock from her mouth, leaving her gasping.

“Lay back,” he commanded, stroking himself.

Dani lay back on her bed, automatically bringing her knees up to her chest and spreading them, opening her pussy wide to her brother. Robbie rubbed his cock up and down Dani’s wet slit a few times before finally sliding into her hot tight hole. He fucked her for about a minute before his balls once more started churning. Pulling his cock from her pussy, he pulled her into a sitting position and stuck it in her face.

Dani opened her mouth and sucked on him again, this time tasting her own pussy once more on his shaft. She had decided that it was a good taste and made it all the better. Almost immediately Robbie started cumming, shooting cum into her mouth which she quickly gulped down, continuing to suck on him, trying to get all of it. When he finished cumming, Dani stopped, sitting up and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as she continued to swallow his cum.

“When you get up in the morning, you come suck me off before you go to the bathroom,” Robbie instructed her. “Every day. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Dani replied as she looked up at him.

Robbie picked up his clothes as he left his sister’s room, a big smile on his face as he walked naked to his room next door, dropping his clothes on the floor and collapsing on his bed, sprawled on his back.

He awoke the next morning to the incredible sensation of a hot wet tongue on his quickly growing cock. Opening his eyes he saw his sister kneeling next to his bed, one hand wrapped around his cock while she began to suck him off. He ran his fingers through her hair as she took all of him into her mouth, sucking and milking him with her mouth and throat.

“Climb up here and let me suck your pussy, Slave,” Robbie said to her.

Without releasing his cock, Dani swung herself up onto the bed, settling her soaked pussy right on her brother’s face. Robbie stuck his tongue up into her sweet hole, drinking her juices as she continued to suck his cock.

Dani was squirming around on his face as he sucked her pussy, holding her clit between his lips and teasing it with his tongue. Robbie felt his balls churning as Dani continued to suck him and he knew that he wasn’t far from cumming. Just as he felt his balls begin to spasm and cum start to shoot through his cock into his sister’s mouth, Robbie jammed three fingers deep into Dani’s pussy, causing her to begin to have an orgasm at the same time she was struggling to swallow all of the cum he was pumping into her mouth. When she had finished sucking the last drop of cum from his cock, Dani rolled over onto her hands and knees on the floor next to his bed.

“Was that what you had in mind, Master?” Dani asked, licking her lips as she stared at him.

“That’s exactly what I had in mind,” Robbie told her, sitting up, his less than hard cock dangling in front of him. “You can go get ready for school now,” he told her.

“Thank you, Master,” Dani said, getting to her feet.

“Don’t forget, I want to read your diary every day,” Robbie admonished as she walked to the door, her naked ass swaying enticingly from side to side.

Robbie sat on the edge of his bed shaking his head in wonder as Dani left the room for the bathroom. He heard his parents’ door open just as the bathroom door closed and smiled to himself at the reaction Dani leaving his room naked would cause. Then realizing that his door was wide open and that his parents would be able to see in, he jumped up to close the door, his hand grabbing it just as his mother stepped out of her room.

They both froze for a moment, Ellen staring at her son’s cock hanging down in front of him half hard still. Then Robbie shut the door, his face burning at the thought of his mother catching him like that.

Oh my god!!! Ellen thought as she went to the kitchen. I cannot believe what a cock my son has. Even half hard he was bigger than his father. How am I going to face him now? That was so embarrassing.

Joe came into the kitchen and took the proffered cup of coffee from Ellen, kissing her on the cheek as he thanked her. She tried to tear her mind from the sight of Robbie’s cock as she began to put breakfast on the table. Dani came in wearing a mid-thigh length bathrobe, a smile on her face and a bounce to her step, kissing first her mother, then her father before sitting down at the table.

“My, aren’t you in a good mood!” Ellen commented.

“And why not?” Dani retorted.

“And why not indeed!” Ellen agreed, shaking her head.

You just never know with kids, she thought. Then Robbie entered the room and she froze, for only a few seconds, but she froze, her eyes locked with his before he averted his eyes and sat down at the table between Dani and Joe.

“Morning,” he said, filling his plate.

“So, you think you and your sister can manage another whole day without killing each other?” Joe asked.

“We’ll find a way,” Robbie replied. “Maybe I’ll just make her my slave for life and then there’ll be no more problems.”

Dani choked on her food as Joe and Ellen laughed and Robbie sat there with a straight face.

“I can’t imagine Dani as anyone’s slave,” Ellen said. “Way too much spirit. Maybe the other way around,” she said.

“What do you mean?” Dani asked.

“Just that you’re more likely to make Robbie your slave than the other way around.”

“Now that’s an idea,” Dani said with a smile.

“I’ll see you all later,” Joe said, getting to his feet. “Maybe if you two can actually show us that you’re getting along, we’ll cut the grounding short so you can enjoy part of your vacation week.

“No problem,” Robbie said.

“Yeah,” Dani agreed, nodding.

“Joe, you forgot your bag,” Ellen shouted, grabbing it off the counter and hurrying after him.

As soon as she was out of the room Robbie reached over and pulled Dani’s robe open, then slid his hand down between her legs and jammed two fingers into her pussy.

“Oh, god,” Dani gasped in shock.

Hearing the car door close, Robbie removed his hand, bringing his fingers to his mouth where he sucked on them as Ellen re-entered the room. Dani hastily tried to shut her robe but didn’t wholly succeed, one of her breasts almost completely visible.

“Well, I’m going to get ready for work,” Ellen said, her eyes suddenly registering the fact that Dani’s breast was exposed and that her bathrobe wasn’t quite covering the rest of her either.

She saw Dani arrange her robe and everything was as it should be, but Ellen couldn’t help thinking about it as she went to her room to shower and get dressed for work.

Robbie got to his feet and pulled his cock out, grabbing Dani by the hair and pulling her face to him. He watched with satisfaction as she opened her mouth and sucked his cock.

Ellen had undressed and was getting ready to step into the shower when she suddenly gasped. Quickly opening the door and stepping into the hall, she called out, “Robbie, Dani, I forgot to turn off the stove. Will you please do it?” Then realizing that she was totally naked, she ran back into her room and into the bathroom where she got in the shower.

When Robbie and Dani heard their mother call out, Dani had automatically tried to stop sucking her brother’s cock while Robbie had gripped her hair even tighter, holding her face against his stomach, his cock down her throat as he replied, “I got it, mom.”

Dani stopped struggling against her brother and he eased his cock from her throat. Gasping for breath she licked the head of his cock, sticking the tip of her tongue into his pee slit while her hands cupped his balls and stroked his shaft.

“Stand up!” Robbie ordered.

Flustered, Dani released his cock and stood up in front of him.

“Take off your robe!” Robbie ordered.

“But Mom…” Dani began, then stopped when she saw the look on his face and shrugged out of her robe, standing naked in front of him in the kitchen.

“Turn around,” Robbie ordered, getting to his feet. “And bend over and grab your ankles.”

Dani did as she was told, presenting her ass and pussy to her brother. She felt his hands on her hips, then his cock pressing into her pussy.

“Oh, god,” she groaned as her brother’s cock filled her pussy.

“Nice tight pussy, Slave,” Robbie said, pumping his cock in and out of his sister’s pussy.

“Y-y-yes, Master,” Dani gasped, struggling to keep her balance and wondering how they would ever be able to explain this if their mother were to walk in on them.

“I’m going to cum on your face, Slave,” Robbie informed her.

“Yes, Master,” Dani gasped.

Robbie fucked her hard, slamming his cock into her. Then he suddenly pulled his cock out of her pussy and spun her around onto her knees in front of him. Grabbing his cock in his hand and stroking it, long thick ropes of cum began to shoot from the end into Dani’s face, spurt after spurt dripping from her eyebrows and nose and covering her cheeks and mouth, dripping from her chin onto her chest.

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“Leave all of the cum right where it is,” Robbie instructed, pressing his cock into her mouth so that she could suck him dry. “You can clean up in your room.”

“Yes, Master,” she said from around his cock.

“Let’s go,” he said, pulling her to her feet, picking up her robe.

She reached for the robe, but he held it from her, guiding her by the arm to the hallway to their rooms. Dani felt her knees shake as she thought of being caught like this, naked, her face covered with her brother’s cum.

As they approached their parents’ door, Dani was surprised and frightened to see that it was wide open. Ellen had not closed it when she had dashed back in after calling to them. Just as they got to the opening, Ellen emerged from her bathroom, her arms above her head toweling her hair. They all three froze, staring at each other, Robbie’s eyes locked on his mother’s nakedness, her huge tits suddenly sprouting large hard nipples, and her pussy, the lips smooth and shaved, her fat clit sticking out from between them.

Ellen couldn’t breath. She thought she was caught in some kind of a nightmare. She was standing naked in front of her children, her arms above her head, posing for them. But her children, something was wrong. Robbie’s cock was sticking out in front of him, glistening, huge, and he was holding Dani’s robe in his hand. And Dani, she was next to him, naked, her face covered with cum, which she saw was dripping from her upper lip into her wide-open mouth.

Robbie handed Dani her robe and gave her a nudge, snapping her out of the frozen trance she was in. Dani grabbed the robe and dashed into her room, shaking with fear and embarrassment as she shut the door behind her, leaning against it. She felt cum dripping from her eyebrow and she instinctively reached up and wiped it away, automatically licking it from her hand before she realized what she was doing. She groaned as the taste of it made her pussy ooze wetness and she continued wiping the cum from her face into her mouth as she stumbled over to the bed and sat down, wondering what was going to happen next.

After Dani had left, Robbie just stood there, staring at his mother as she remained frozen with shock, staring at his cock. As he reached down and wrapped a hand around it, Ellen came to her senses, lowering her arms and slowly walking over to the door, gently closing it in her son’s face.

“What was happening?” Ellen wondered. What she had just seen was so bizarre as to defy her ability to believe it. Hardly aware of what she was doing, Ellen managed to dress for work, even as her mind roiled in turmoil. It was with great trepidation that she finally opened the door again to leave, letting a big sigh of relief escape her lips as she realized she had been dreading finding Robbie still standing there, his incredible cock in his hand.

And that’s what bothered her the most, the fact that she couldn’t get the image of that beautiful cock out of her mind. She had never had a sexual thought about Robbie, or Dani for that matter, yet here she was confronted with the most blatant evidence of perverted sexuality between her two children. Her mind flashed back to the image of Dani standing with her mouth open in shock, cum dripping from her upper lip into her mouth. But what she most remembered was Dani reflexively swallowing and then licking her lips. Her face had been just covered with cum. And it was very obvious that it had to have been Robbie’s.

Stepping out of her room, she couldn’t help noticing that Robbie’s door was wide open. She couldn’t just leave and pretend that nothing had happened. She looked into Robbie’s room and saw him sitting at his computer, his back to her.

“Robbie,” Ellen managed finally after clearing her throat, “I think we need to have a talk later when I get home from work.”

“Sure, Mom,” Robbie replied without turning around.

“Robbie, are you okay?” Ellen asked, feeling uneasy.

“Fine, Mom. I’m fine,” Robbie said.

“Robbie, I mean it,” Ellen insisted. “We need to talk. Turn around and look at me,” she ordered.

Sighing, Robbie pushed away from the computer and spun his chair around to face his mother. Ellen gasped when she saw that he was naked and that his cock was rock-hard and sticking straight up into the air almost to his belly-button. She felt her bottom jaw go slack as she stared at his cock. She had never seen one so big in all her life. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy get moist.

“Do you want to talk now or after you get home from work?” Robbie asked, grabbing his cock in his hand and stroking it up and down.

“We-we-we’ll talk later,” Ellen managed to breathe, tearing her eyes from his cock to look him in the face, surprised to see an almost blank expression, indifferent.

“Okay. Have a nice day at work,” Robbie said, turning back to his computer.

Ellen turned and numbly left the house, driving on autopilot to work. She felt like she was going to go crazy. Even though she had one of the most voluptuous bodies, totally sexual, she had been a virgin when she married Joe. Sure, she had fooled around a bit before then, letting her tits be played with and once even stroking a boy’s cock for a few minutes before he exploded all over her hand and skirt. But Joe had been her first and only and she had loved every minute of being married to him. He was a wonderful lover, even though she had nothing to compare him to, a wonderful father who loved his children and who was loved by them in turn.

But now she was faced with the fact that her two children were sexually interacting with each other and that Robbie seemed indifferent to the fact that she was aware of it. And it was even more complicated by the fact that he had now seen her naked. She was sure of yesterday now, that he had been watching her from the doorway. And she couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to touch, suck and fuck a cock like his. And the thought made her ashamed and a little sick to her stomach. What was she going to tell Joe?

As soon as Robbie had heard his mother leave, he had called out to Dani.

“Dani, Slave, come here!” he had shouted.

Almost immediately Dani appeared at his doorway, once more wearing her robe.

“Yes, Master,” she said.

“No clothes when we’re alone in the house,” Robbie said, smiling as she immediately shrugged the robe off and let it slide to the floor.

“You are to clean the house today,” Robbie told her, seeing her face fall. “And I mean a million dollar job,” he told her. “I want mom to be totally shocked when she gets home.”

“More shocked, you mean,” Dani quipped without thinking. “Master,” she quickly added.

“You leave her to me,” Robbie told her. “Just worry about being my slave and you’ll never have a problem, believe me.”

“Don’t you think this slave thing is a bit stupid?” Dani asked. “Master.”

“You think I want the brat bitch sister back that I had before I got a slave?” Robbie asked with a laugh. “You must be crazy.”

“I’ll never be like that again,” Dani implored him. “I promise.”

“Well, you’re not like that now and I’ve got you as a slave,” Robbie told her. “It seems like I’ve got the best of everything just the way it is. Why would I want to change?”

“I’ll still suck your cock and you can fuck me whenever you want,” Dani implored him.

“I think we’ll leave things just the way they are,” Robbie told her. “You’d better get to work.”

“Sara was going to come over to visit me today,” Dani told him.

“That’s fine,” Robbie said. “Just remember the rules.”

“Yes, Master,” Dani replied.

Dani turned and left the room and Robbie returned to his computer. It was very tedious work editing the video he had taken yesterday in Dani’s room. Almost three hours later he sat back and stretched. It was finished and he was now e-mailing the individual files to Dani so that she could use them in her diary. Getting to his feet he left his room and wondered around the house, noticing that Dani had indeed done an incredible job of cleaning. There was no chance that their mother wouldn’t notice how good it looked when she got home from work later in the afternoon.

He finally found Dani in their parents’ room leaning across the bed as she made it, her sweet naked ass pointing at him. He quickly reached between her legs, running his fingers between her slick pussy lips and rubbing her clit, causing her to gasp out loud.

“The house really looks good,” Robbie told her, rubbing her clit and sliding two fingers up into her hole.

“Yes, Master,” Dani moaned as Robbie began to fuck his two fingers in and out of her pussy.

Just then the telephone rang, startling both of them.

“Answer it,” Robbie told her, removing his fingers from her pussy.

Dani rolled over on the bed and grabbed the phone.

“Hello,” Dani said. “Oh, hi, Sara.”

“Put it on speakerphone,” Robbie told her.

Dani hesitated for a moment, looking at him, then did as she was told. Now Sara’s voice could be heard coming from the speakerphone.

“What are you up to?” Sara’s voice asked from the speakerphone.

“I’ve been cleaning the house,” Dani told her as Robbie grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

“Is your asshole brother there?” Sara asked with a laugh as Robbie began to rub his cock up and down between Dani’s pussy lips.

“Yes,” Dani gasped as Robbie slowly pushed his cock into her pussy.

“Will he be there when I come over?” Sara asked.

“Probably, yes,” Dani replied with a grunt as Robbie began to fuck her.

“What’s he doing now?” Sara asked.

“Tell the truth,” Robbie whispered in her ear as he slammed his cock deep into her tight little pussy.

“Umm, he’s fucking me,” Dani said, trying to sound normal.

“Yeah, right, he’s always fucking with you,” Sara said. “What’s he doing this time?”

“I want to hear details,” Robbie whispered in her ear as he continued to fuck her.

“He’s slamming his cock into my pussy,” Dani told her, trying not to moan out loud.

“You are too much,” Sara laughed. “And does he have a big cock?”

“Yes, it’s huge,” Dani told her.

“Is he bigger than Jim or Dave?” Sara asked with a laugh.

“Much bigger,” Dani told her, also laughing, as Robbie continued to stroke his cock in and out of her pussy. “It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

“You are such a liar!” Sara laughed. “If he’s so big, you can share.”

“Why not,” Dani said. “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

“I’ll bet he wouldn’t,” Sara laughed. “He can do anything to me you’ll let him do to you,” she said.

“Then you’d better hurry,” Dani told her. “First we’ll suck him, then he can fuck both of us.”

The both heard Sara laughing hysterically from the speakerphone. Robbie pulled his wet glistening cock from his sister’s pussy.

“See you in 10 minutes,” Sara said, then they heard the phone hang up.

“She didn’t believe me,” Dani said, sitting up and staring at her brother’s cock pointing in her face.

“That’s her problem,” Robbie said, rubbing his wet sticky cockhead on his sister’s lips.

“I better put some clothes on,” Dani suggested as Robbie slid his cock into her mouth.

“You are to bring Sara to my room and prove to her what you were telling her on the phone was true,” Robbie instructed her as she sucked on his cock. “And you are going to remind her that she said she’d do whatever you did.”

“Y-y-yes, Master,” Dani gulped, looking up at him.

“Alright, then,” Robbie said, pulling away and going to his room.

Dani hurried to her room and pulled on a t-shirt and shorts and was washing her face when she heard the doorbell. She hurried to open it and was greeted by a smiling Sara who grabbed her in a big hug.

“You are so funny,” Sara told her as she came into the house. “How do you even think of the things you come up with?”

“Oh, it’s easy when it’s just the truth,” Dani told her, laughing as they went to her room.

“I can’t even picture your brother with a big cock, much less in your pussy,” Sara said, flopping on the bed.

“Or jammed down my throat?” Dani asked, collapsing next to Sara on the bed.

“You do love sucking cocks, don’t you?” Sara asked. “How many is it now?”

“Over 100,” Dani told her. “There’s just something about the feeling of a hard cock in your mouth. It’s hard and warm and soft all at the same time.”

“I like the part when it grows just before it starts shooting cum,” Sara said, rolling over onto her back. “I just love the taste of cum.”

“Me too,” Dani agreed. “All this talk is making me hungry for some too.”

“God, I’d love a nice hot mouthful of cum right now,” Sara sighed.

“Then lets get one,” Dani said with a laugh, sitting up.

“Right. Where?” Sara asked. “You have one hidden in the closet or under the bed?”

“Robbie,” Dani said plainly, trying to keep her face still.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Sara exclaimed, sitting up. “Your asshole brother?”

“I told you he has a big cock,” Dani said.

“Yeah, and he was fucking you while we were talking on the phone,” Sara said with a laugh.

“You said you’d do anything to him that I would,” Dani reminded her.


“So I think I’ll go suck his cock and get myself a mouthful of cum,” Dani told her.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Sara said.

“I think we’ll see if you’ll dare to put your mouth where your words were,” Dani laughed, getting up off the bed.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Sara said as she watched Dani move to the door.

“Only one way to find out,” Dani told her as she left the room.

Sara immediately jumped up off the bed and ran after Dani, catching up to her in front of Robbie’s door.

“Dani, you’re not going to do this!” Sara whispered, giggling.

“Don’t you want that nice mouthful of hot cum?” Dani asked, knocking on the door. “Robbie!” she called out.

“Come in,” they heard Robbie’s voice from the other side of the door.

Opening the door, Dani stepped in, Sara right on her heels, blushing furiously at the situation she found herself in, not knowing whether Dani was messing with her or not. She had to be. She hated her brother more than anything in the whole world.

“Robbie,” Dani began to say as Robbie continued pecking away at his computer, his back to them. “Can you do us a favor?” she asked.

“Depends,” Robbie replied, not turning around even as Sara gasped. “What favor?”

“Well, you see, me and Sara were just talking,” Dani began, feeling Sara stiffen next to her as she grabbed one of her arms and squeezed.

“Uh-huh,” Robbie grunted, still ignoring them.

“And we decided that what we wanted more than anything else right now is a mouthful of nice hot cum,” Dani finished, Sara gasping out loud now next to her.

“So?” Robbie said, still ignoring them. “Go find someone and suck his cock.”

“Well, we sort of thought it would be you,” Dani told him, feeling Sara tugging at her arm.

“Me!” Robbie said, slowly turning around to face them. “You two want to suck my cock?”

“Yes, please, if you wouldn’t mind,” Dani begged, feeling Sara’s fingers dig into her arm.

Robbie looked at her, a blank expression on his face, then let his eyes roam to Sara standing next to her, frozen with shock. She had to be the best looking of all of Dani’s friends, with thick red hair that hung in ringlets down to her shoulders, pale freckled skin with a cute upturned nose and C-cup breasts. Her green eyes were staring at him now, her mouth slightly open.

“I don’t know,” Robbie said finally, shaking his head. “Why should I?”

“Oh, we’ll do a great job,” Dani told him earnestly, “won’t we, Sara?”

“I-I-I…” Sara stammered.

“Have you two ever sucked the same guy at the same time?” Robbie asked.

“No,” Dani answered.

“Have you ever seen Sara suck a cock?”


“Then how do you know she sucks cocks or not?” Robbie asked. “Or that she does it good.”

“Well, she’s told me lots of times about boys she sucks,” Dani told him, Sara gasping next to her at the broken confidence.

“Is this true?” Robbie asked, looking at Sara. “You tell Dani about the cocks you suck?”

“Y-y-yes,” Sara stammered.

“You like to suck cocks, Sara?” Robbie asked her.

“Uh, yeah,” she replied, blushing.

“Are you any good at it?” Robbie asked, a smile on his face now.

“Uh, I guess so,” Sara replied with a shrug.

“And you want to suck my cock?” Robbie asked, staring at her.

Sara just stared at him, not able to answer. She felt Dani nudge her and blinked, “if Dani does,” she gulped.

“And if Dani doesn’t want to suck my cock, you don’t either?” he asked.

“I don’t know, maybe,” Sara replied nervously.

“I think we’ll just let Dani watch you,” Robbie said.

“No,” Sara said quickly. “I said I’d do it if she did.”

“Do what?” Robbie asked.

“Whatever,” Sara replied. “She said you two were fucking and I don’t believe her.”

“You don’t? Why not?” Robbie asked.

“Everyone knows how much Dani hates you,” Sara said, gathering courage. “She’d never do you.”

“But you’re here and she asked me,” Robbie told her. “What do you say to that?”

“She’s probably trying to trick me,” Sara laughed.

“Take off your clothes,” Robbie said.

“What?” Sara exclaimed. “Why should I do that?”

“If you want to suck my cock, you have to be naked,” Robbie told her.

“I told you I’m not doing anything…” Sara began.

“Yes, yes, that Dani doesn’t do,” Robbie finished, looking at Dani who was pulling her t-shirt off over her head, her naked tits spilling out.

“Oh, my god!” Sara exclaimed, not believing what she was seeing. “What are you doing, Dani?”

“I don’t know about you, but I really do want a nice hot mouthful of cum,” Dani told her with a laugh, reaching for her shorts.

“Wait a minute,” Robbie said, holding a hand up towards Dani, stopping her. “Now you,” he said to Sara.

Sara stared at him, then turned to look at Dani next to her, naked from the waist up. Looking back to Robbie, Sara saw that he was slowly rubbing his crotch where a rather large lump seemed to be forming.

“It’s put up or shut up and get lost time,” Robbie said, smiling at Sara. “What’s it going to be?”

Glaring at him, Sara grabbed her shirt and pulled it off over her head, leaving her in a bra. She unhooked it in front and shrugged it off her shoulders, standing now with her naked tits exposed. Her nipples visibly screwed themselves into hard pink knots on the tips of her heaving breasts. Then Dani was peeling her shorts off to stand completely naked in front of them. Staring at Sara, Robbie didn’t say a thing or change his expression until she slowly hooked her fingers in her shorts and eased them down, stepping out of them and leaving her in only a thong panty. Then taking a deep breath, Sara removed her thong, standing naked next to Dani, her fire-red pussy hair flaming above her fat pussy lips, her inner lips sticking out a good half an inch from between them, the nub of her clit just visible.

Getting to his feet, Robbie stood in front of them, looking at first one, then the other, comparing the blonde to the red. His cock was so hard he thought it would burst through his pants. Slowly he unzipped them and let them slide to the ground, his cock springing out in front of him like a cannon.

“It’s huge,” Sara gasped when she saw it.

“I told you,” Dani said, dropping to her knees in front of her brother.

“You mean, you really were fucking?” Sara asked, her voice shocked.

In response Dani opened her mouth wide, letting Robbie step forward and slowly slide his cock in. Sara stared in amazement as Robbie began to fuck his sister’s mouth, his huge cock gliding in and out, in and out. Dani seemed so small now, her mouth stretched to its maximum to accommodate him.

Finally Sara could stand it no more and sank to her knees next to Dani, watching closely as Robbie continued to fuck her mouth. Then Robbie withdrew his cock from his sister’s mouth and Sara involuntarily let her mouth sag open. She wanted to feel that cock in her mouth and she didn’t care if it was Dani’s asshole brother.

And she got her wish. Robbie turned slightly towards her, his cock almost touching her lips, and Sara opened her mouth wide and leaned forward, sliding her face down onto his cock, tasting him, feeling him fill her mouth, stretching it. She felt him push against her throat and she knew that she would never be able to take all of him into her throat. He was just too big.

Robbie grabbed her head from behind in a handful of hair and began fucking her face just like he had done to Dani, who still knelt next to her, watching with wide eyes as her brother fucked her face with his big cock. Robbie pulled out until just the head of his cock was in her mouth, which she sucked and teased with her tongue, darting into the slit at the end and finally hearing him groan.

“Dani!” Robbie said suddenly. “You too.”

Dani leaned over and began running her tongue along the shaft of his cock that wasn’t in Sara’s mouth. Then Robbie began slowly fucking Sara’s face again, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth with Dani still licking whatever portion of his shaft that happened to be available. Then Robbie pulled his cock out of Sara’s mouth and immediately thrust himself into Dani’s mouth again. Robbie fucked her mouth for a bit, then grabbed her by the hair and began forcing himself into her throat. Sara watched in amazement as Robbie’s entire cock disappeared into Dani’s mouth. She could see it bulging in her throat. Then he pulled it out and Dani was licking the head before he pushed back in, again forcing his entire cock into her mouth and throat.

Then Robbie was pulling his cock from his sister’s mouth and pushing it once again into Sara’s mouth. Sara was so hot now that she went nuts on him, sucking and stroking him, trying desperately to get him to cum. But Robbie had other ideas. Grabbing her by the hair, he began forcing his cock further into her mouth, pushing against her throat. Sara thought she would choke and started to panic, but gulping for air was all Robbie needed. He pushed into her throat and groaned as he felt her throat convulse on his cock, squeezing it. He didn’t stop pushing until he was pressed up against Sara’s face, his entire cock buried in her face.

Sara managed to not throw up and to push down her panic when Robbie’s huge cock pushed into her throat. She had deep-throated cocks before, but nothing comparable in size to Robbie. Once she adjusted to the size and realized that she wasn’t going to choke to death, she relaxed and began to enjoy the sensation. Then Robbie was slowly pulling his cock from her throat, letting the head rest in her mouth so she could suck on it. Then he was pushing back into her mouth and Sara concentrated hard on relaxing and accepting him into her throat, almost cumming at the sensation of him filling her.

Then Robbie pulled his cock from her mouth, its erect length throbbing in front of the two girls. Putting a hand on each of their heads, Robbie pushed them both towards his cock. They both started eagerly licking and sucking him. When they both tried to suck the head of his cock at the same time, Robbie could feel their tongues dueling with each other as they both tried to get him to cum.

Finally Robbie pulled away, looking down at the two girls kneeling naked in front of him, their eyes wide and mouths open.

“You want to see me fuck Dani?” Robbie asked, looking at Sara.

“Yes,” Sara breathed, her breasts heaving, her nipples rock hard.

“Dani, get on your hands and knees,” Robbie told his sister.

Dani immediately complied, her ass and pussy pointing at him.

“You want to see real close?” Robbie asked Sara as he knelt behind his sister, his cock almost grazing her ass.

Sara just nodded, licking her lips.

“Then lay down under Dani and get a good look,” Robbie told her, rubbing his cock against his sister’s very wet pussy.

Sara quickly scrambled underneath Dani until her face was scant inches from her pussy and Robbie’s cock rubbing at the entrance. Dani had a similar view of Sara’s pussy, the first time she had seen one other than her own when she played with herself in front of the mirror. She found the sight of Sara’s fire-red pussy hair fascinating, and the way her inner pussy lips extended out and spread apart was very different from her own. She could see Sara’s clit glistening with her juices.

Robbie rubbed his cock up and down between his sister’s pussy lips, Sara’s face just inches below. Reaching down and pushing on the shaft of his cock, Robbie pushed until the head of his cock slid into Sara’s wide-open mouth where he let her suck and tease him for a moment before pulling away and placing his cock at the entrance to his sister’s pussy.

Sara watched in fascination as inch after inch of Robbie’s beautiful cock disappeared into Dani’s pussy. She had never seen anything like this before. When he began to pull out, Sara could see the shaft of his cock glistening with Dani’s pussy juice. Dani was groaning as Robbie began to fuck her, his cock sliding all the way in and then out, over and over and over again.

Then suddenly his cock was not in her pussy and she gasped at the sudden loss. Looking beneath herself, she saw that Robbie had pushed his cock down and that Sara was sucking on it. She felt an incredible thrill knowing that Sara was tasting her pussy on Robbie’s cock. She knew how good that tasted. Then his cock was once again filling her pussy, pounding in and out, driving her crazy.

“Lick me,” Robbie said to Sara as he continued fucking his sister.

Sara heard Robbie groan as she leaned up and let her tongue slide along the shaft of his cock as he pushed it in and out of Dani’s pussy. Sara had never tasted another pussy before and the taste of Dani’s pussy on Robbie’s cock had been the tastiest thing she had ever tasted in her entire life, even better than the taste of her own pussy on a cock. She found herself with her tongue jammed against Dani’s clit with Robbie’s cock sliding back and forth above it. Then his cock slid all the way out of Dani’s pussy and straight into her mouth. Sara eagerly sucked on him, delighting in the fuck-juice cocktail that coated his cock.

“Time to switch,” Robbie announced as he pulled his cock out of Sara’s mouth.

Sara quickly got on her hands and knees in front of Robbie, now desperate for his cock in her pussy, while Dani crawled underneath her until she was laying right beneath her spread pussy. She watched in fascination as her brother rubbed his cock up and down between Sara’s spread pussy lips. The paleness of her skin in contrast to the pinkness of her pussy was striking, as was the flaming red hair just above her slit. When Robbie pushed his cock down to her mouth, Dani didn’t think twice about sucking it. She noticed how different Sara’s pussy juice tasted than her own, but it was wonderful and she felt so wicked as she sucked on her brother’s cock.

Then Robbie once again rubbed his cock up and down between Sara’s pussy lips, but this time he slowly pushed himself into her, inch by inch, and Sara groaned in delight as Dani watched in wide-eyed fascination. When his entire length was buried in Sara’s pussy, Robbie rested for a moment to enjoy the sensation of her pussy clamping and unclamping on his cock before slowly beginning to fuck her.

Sara was moaning and groaning as Robbie’s cock slid in and out of her pussy. It felt so good. He was so big and filled her like she had never been filled except by some of her toys and a few select vegetables. This was heaven as far as she was concerned. She could see that Dani’s pussy was red and puffy from its recent fucking. Her clit was swollen as big as the tip of her little finger and she could see juices coating her lips and upper thighs.

Dani couldn’t believe how sexy it was seeing her brother’s cock sliding in and out of Sara’s pussy. Her pussy lips clung to the shaft of his cock each time he pulled back, glistening with her juices. She inhaled him when he finally pulled his cock from Sara’s pussy and offered it to her. It was so erotic to be sucking him with Sara’s pussy juices flavoring everything. She let him push all the way into her throat as she sucked him.

“Suck her pussy,” Robbie said, pulling his cock from her mouth.

Dani looked up at him, lust filling her eyes. This was so depraved. Lifting her face towards Sara’s pussy, Dani gasped. Sara had thought Robbie was talking to her and had lowered her mouth to Dani’s pussy, sticking her tongue into her hole and sucking on her. Dani immediately dove into Sara’s pussy, sticking her tongue into her, sucking and licking, delirious with lust at this first lesbian experience.

Robbie watched in amazement as the two girls ate each other’s pussies. This was hotter than anything he had imagined. They were total sexual animals. He could see Dani sawing two fingers in and out of Sara’s pussy as she sucked on her clit, then she would suck her fingers and stick her tongue into Sara’s hole, gluing her mouth to her and drinking her juices.

Getting to his feet, Robbie moved around to watch Sara sucking his sister’s pussy. She had hooked Dani’s legs under her arms, spreading and opening her pussy to easy access. Robbie could see her fucking her tongue in and out of Dani’s hole. Kneeling down in front of them, Robbie began rubbing his cock up and down his sister’s slit as Sara continued licking and sucking her. Then she grabbed his cock and began sucking on him for a minute before positioning it at the entrance to Dani’s pussy and watching him push inside. When he pulled back out, Sara grabbed him once again and sucked him into her mouth until he sat back and stood up, at which point she dove back into Dani’s pussy and continued licking her.

Robbie moved back around behind Sara where Dani was still enthusiastically eating her pussy. Kneeling down, he pushed his cock into Sara, groaning in delight as her tight pussy grabbed him. As he began to fuck her, he could feel his sister’s tongue on the shaft of his cock and on Sara’s pussy. Sara was moaning and groaning, her face buried in Dani’s pussy. Robbie felt his balls tighten and knew that he was about to blow his load.

Pumping Sara’s pussy furiously, he threw himself into her one last time and exploded, cum shooting from his cock to splash deep inside of her. After the second spurt he pulled his cock out, shooting cum all over Sara’s pussy. Dani went crazy trying to lick it all up and suck him at the same time. Robbie grabbed Dani by the hair and held her face in front of his erupting cock, shooting streams of cum onto her face. Only then did he allow her to take him into her mouth and suck the remaining cum directly from the source.

Sara turned around, sitting next to them, her hands on her spread knees, her pussy spread open and oozing cum. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the cum all over Dani’s face. Robbie stepped back, pulling his cock from Dani’s mouth as she licked her lips. As Sara moved up onto her knees right in front of Dani, Robbie reached for his camera on the desk, snapping his first picture as Sara stuck out her tongue to scoop a stream of cum from Dani’s cheek.

Without seeming to notice or mind, Sara continued to lick the cum from Dani’s face, every few seconds stopping to passionately kiss her, as Robbie continued to take pictures. Then Dani was pushing Sara down onto her back on the floor, crawling between her legs to her cum-covered pussy. Robbie didn’t stop taking pictures as Dani sucked Sara’s pussy, getting every last bit of cum that she could.

When she finally sat up, her face shining with pussy juice, Dani had a big smile on her face. What a day! Sara let out a deep breath and sat up, looking first at Dani, then looking long and hard at Robbie sitting in his computer chair, his cock dangling in front of him.

“Wow!” Sara said. “That was incredible. I never imagined.”

“Yeah,” Dani agreed. “I can’t believe I sucked your pussy. I didn’t think I was a lesbian.”

“Me too,” Sara laughed, “and you’re not and neither am I. I think we just discovered that we’re bi.”

“Does Master like having two slaves?” Dani asked coyly, leaning her arms on her brother’s knee and smiling up to him.

“Yes, sex slaves,” Sara laughed out loud. “We’re sex slaves in sexual bondage.”

Just then they heard the sound of the kitchen door and Dani jumped to her feet.

“Mom!” she exclaimed, grabbing her clothes. “She can’t catch us again,” she said.

“What!” Sara said as she too grabbed her clothes and followed Dani at a run out the door.

“I’ll tell you later,” Dani whispered to her as they rushed into her room, shutting the door behind them and quickly pulling their shirts and shorts on.

Ellen had been dreading returning home all day. She just didn’t want to deal with what had happened this morning. But she knew she had to. And she wanted to somehow keep it from Joe if she could, she had decided. It would just kill him if he knew what was going on.

After changing out of her work clothes into a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt, Ellen decided that she would talk to Dani first. She wanted to put off facing Robbie as long as possible, she realized. Knocking on Dani’s door, she entered when she heard Dani’s voice. She was surprised to see that she wasn’t alone, that Sara was there. The two of them were sitting cross-legged on the bed.

“Oh, hi Sara,” Ellen greeted Dani’s best friend. “I didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Hi, Ellen,” Sara replied. “I figured I’d have to visit since Dani’s grounded if I wanted to see her.”

“Well, that’s really nice of you,” Ellen told her. “You’re a good friend.”

“We’ve had a nice day,” she said, smiling.

“No problems?” Ellen asked. “Robbie left you alone?”

“He was in his room all day,” Dani said.

“Well, that’s good then,” Ellen said, nodding her head. “Maybe your father will un-ground the two of you since you seem to have learned how to get along.”

“That would be nice,” Dani said.

“Are you going to stay for dinner?” Ellen asked Sara.

“I hadn’t thought about it,” Sara answered.

“Why don’t you spend the night,” Dani suggested. “Do you think your mom would mind?”

“No, she won’t mind,” Sara replied. “Is that okay with you, Ellen?”

“That’s fine,” Ellen told her. “I’ll check on Robbie and then start getting dinner ready.”

“Okay. Thanks, mom,” Dani said as Ellen left the room.

“Well, that solved that,” Ellen thought to herself as she closed Dani’s door behind her. At least with Sara here all day she didn’t have to worry or wonder what Robbie and Dani might or might not have been up to all day.

“Robbie,” Ellen called out, knocking on his door after taking a deep breath.

“Yeah,” she heard from within the room.

Opening the door and hesitating for a moment before entering, Ellen saw that Robbie was for all intents and purposes still sitting at his computer. He had his digital video camera and also his SLR digital camera on the desk next to him. Obviously he was editing photos but she couldn’t see exactly what from the doorway.

“Was everything okay today?” she asked.

“Yeah, fine,” Robbie replied, continuing to work at his computer.

“No problems with your sister?” she asked.

“No, no problems,” he replied.

“Robbie, please at least look at me when you talk to me,” Ellen said. “I don’t appreciate talking to your back.”

Sighing, Robbie pushed away from his computer and spun his seat around to face his mother. Ellen gasped as she saw that he was just as naked as he had been that morning, only his cock wasn’t sticking up to his navel, it was laying across his thigh.

“Robbie, what is this with you being naked?” Ellen asked him, feeling her face flush as her nipples screwed themselves into hard knots which had to be obvious through her t-shirt.

“It’s more comfortable,” Robbie said, staring at her breasts.

“But what about the rest of us?” Ellen asked, not able to look away from his cock.

“It’s only in my room,” Robbie said. “You came in here.”

“Robbie,” Ellen said, closing the door behind her and stepping closer to him, not wanting Dani or Sara to walk by and see her talking to her naked son, “this is not appropriate behavior,” she told him. “This has to stop,” she said, her voice trailing off as she happened to look at his computer monitor.

“Oh, my god,” she gasped as she looked at the picture on the monitor. It was a picture of Dani on her knees, naked, her face streaked with cum, her mouth open and a cock, it had to be Robbie’s, resting on her tongue, cum dribbling from the slit onto her tongue.

“Ellen, I’m home,” she heard Joe call out at the same time she felt Robbie’s hand slide up the inside of her leg into her gym shorts, his fingers easily sliding right into her sopping pussy.

“Robbie!” Ellen exclaimed, spinning away from him, seeing his fingers glistening with her pussy juices. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Robbie was staring at his fingers in front of his face. Just as Ellen opened the door and stepped out of his room, she saw him stick his fingers in his mouth and suck on them. She tried to compose herself as she went to greet her husband in the kitchen, her nipples so hard they felt like they were going to break off, her pussy literally dripping. She wished she had put on some panties to soak it up.

“Hi, sweetheart,” Joe greeted her when she entered the kitchen, taking her in his arms and giving her a big kiss. “Happy to see me, are you?” he asked with a laugh, cupping her big breasts in his hands and pinching her big hard nipples between his thumb and finger.

“You know I am,” she said, happy at the way things were being interpreted.

“Where are the kids?” he asked, pulling her close, cupping her ass in his hands.

“Dani’s in her room with Sara,” Ellen told him, feeling his cock hardening in his pants against her belly. “Robbie’s at the computer as usual,” she said.

“Feel like living a little dangerously?” Joe asked, pulling her against his now hardened cock.

The fact of the matter is, Ellen was feeling very horny. The whole issue of Robbie and Dani the past day had had the effect of putting her into what she thought of as sexual high gear. She had almost cum when Robbie had stuck his fingers into her pussy.

Joe started tugging at Ellen’s shorts, trying to pull them down. Ellen stopped him, grabbing his hands.

“Let’s go to our room,” she suggested, pulling him from the kitchen.

Joe wanted her right then and there, but he was willing to be led to their room. When they got to the doorway, he grabbed her pulling her into the room and throwing her on the bed. Grabbing her shorts, he ripped them down her legs, leaving her naked on her back. Quickly stripping out of his clothes as Ellen pulled her t-shirt off, exposing her big tits with the very hard nipples, Joe crawled onto the bed between her legs, stopping only when his mouth was firmly covering her soaking pussy.

“God, you are so wet,” Joe said, lifting his pussy-juice covered face to look at her.

“Oh, Joe, fuck me, please just fuck me,” Ellen begged, pulling at him.

Joe crawled up her body, stopping to chew on her nipples before letting his cock sink into Ellen’s pussy. Even though he was only about six inches, his was the only cock her pussy had ever known and it filled her so nicely. The image of Robbie’s cock flashed into her mind, so much bigger than Joe’s, and she felt her pussy clench Joe’s cock as she thought of how it would feel to have such a cock inside of her.

Joe loved the feeling of Ellen’s pussy surrounding his cock. She was always so incredibly wet and her pussy clenched and unclenched his cock the whole time he was inside of her. He pumped and pumped his cock in and out of her eager pussy, her legs up and wrapped around his back. He wasn’t going to last long so he wanted it to be intense. Thrusting as hard as he could, Joe groaned as his balls spasmed and cum shot from his cock into Ellen’s pussy. Ellen was squeezing him tightly to her with her legs, her pussy milking his cock of its hot load. Joe arched his back as his orgasm finished, managing to fall next to her on the bed as he collapsed.

Ellen just lay there on her back, her legs spread wide. She could feel Joe’s cum oozing from her pussy. God, she had needed that. She had been would up so tightly and sex was exactly the release she had craved. Pushing up onto her elbows, Ellen’s eyes opened in shock as she realized that the door had not been pushed closed and that Robbie was standing there looking in, staring at the gooey mess between her legs.

Looking quickly over at Joe, who was on his stomach, his face turned away, Ellen returned her gaze to her son who hadn’t moved. He was standing there rubbing his crotch. Carefully, so as not to disturb Joe, Ellen swung her feet off the bed and got to her feet. She could feel Joe’s cum start to leak from her pussy, so she put a hand between her legs, cupping herself as she walked over to the door. For some inexplicable reason, she brought her cum-covered hand up from her pussy and licked it as she slowly shut the door in her son’s face.

Robbie stood there for a few seconds, the images of his father’s cock plunging in and out of his mother’s pussy burned into his mind. The way she had looked laying there, her legs splayed wide, her pussy gaping open, cum oozing from it, he was so horny now that he had to do something about it.

Turning, he walked over to Dani’s door, just opening it and walking in without knocking, surprising both Dani and Sara who were still sitting on the bed.

“R-Robbie,” Dani said, surprised by him bursting in like that. “What do you want?”

“Pussy,” Robbie replied, unzipping his pants and pulling his hard cock out.

“Oh, yes,” Sara said, quickly sliding to the edge of the bed and laying on her back, pulling her shorts off and spreading her legs, opening her pussy to him. “Fuck me, Robbie,” she said, rubbing herself.

Robbie dove into her pussy, impaling her with his cock in one vicious thrust. Dani watched in amazement as Robbie furiously fucked Sara. It was like he was possessed. Sara was thrashing about on the bed as Robbie pounded her pussy, moaning and groaning. Dani glanced towards the door, wondering if their parents were able to hear, realizing that she wished it was her pussy getting the action.

Then Robbie stiffened in orgasm, thrusting his cock deep into Sara’s willing pussy. He grabbed Dani by the arm, pulling her close, then pulled his spurting cock from Sara’s pussy. Without hesitating Dani dove onto it, sucking it deep into her mouth, tasting his hot cum and Sara’s pussy juices. She sucked him until there was no more cum, then Robbie pushed her down towards Sara’s messy pussy. Eagerly Dani stuck her tongue in Sara’s pussy, slurping at the cum cocktail that oozed from her hole.

“Dani, dinner’s ready,” they heard Joe say from the door just as he knocked.

Robbie jumped to his feet, moving towards the closet out of sight of the door instinctively, just as it opened and Joe stuck his head in.

“We’re –” he began, stopping abruptly when his eyes took in the sight of his daughter’s face looking up from Sara’s wide-spread, bright pink pussy.

“Daddy!” Dani exclaimed, covering Sara’s pussy with her hand as Joe quickly closed the door, not believing what he had just seen.

“Oh, god, how can I face him now!” Dani said, licking her fingers as she sat up.

“It’ll be okay,” Robbie said, going to the door. “You’ll see.”

Five minutes later they were all sitting around the table eating dinner. It was uncomfortably quiet. Everyone was uneasy with the exception of Robbie. Joe couldn’t look at Dani. He also couldn’t get out of his mind the sight of Sara’s bright pink pussy spread open, Dani’s wet face just above it. Ellen couldn’t stop thinking about Robbie watching her and Joe fuck, seeing her so exposed, cum leaking from her freshly fucked pussy.

They finished the meal with almost no conversation. Robbie then surprised them by volunteering to do the after-meal cleanup. Dani and Sara disappeared into her room and Ellen and Joe went to theirs. Robbie cleaned up the kitchen, a smile on his face.

“Joe, we need to talk,” Ellen said to him once they were safely in their room.

“I know,” Joe replied.

“You do! How could you…”

“I just walked in on Dani,” he told her.

“W-w-what do you mean?” Ellen asked, her face blanching white at the thought of him catching Dani and Robbie together.

“I think I caught her eating Sara’s pussy,” Joe managed to say, unable to meet her eyes.

“You what!” Ellen exclaimed. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, that when I called her to dinner, I poked my head in the door and there she was, her face above Sara’s pussy. And Sara was naked.”

“Oh, my god,” Ellen moaned, sagging onto the bed. “What is happening? Was Robbie there?”

“Robbie! Why do you ask?”

“This morning after breakfast I saw them together just outside our room in the hall,” Ellen told him.

“So?” Joe said. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Well, Dani was naked. Her face looked like it was covered with cum. It was dripping into her mouth from her lip. And Robbie’s cock was sticking out of his pants,” she told him.

Joe just stood there stunned, unable to picture what he was being told.

“And he was watching us when you got home from work,” she added. “He saw everything. We didn’t close the door.”

“What should we do?” Joe asked, sitting down next to Ellen on the bed. “What can we do?”

“Well, we need to talk to them, I just don’t know what to say,” Ellen replied. “It’s not like they’re little children anymore.”

“Maybe if we just ignore it…” Joe began.

“We can’t stick our heads in the sand,” Ellen said. “Either we talk to them and let them know that what they’re doing is wrong and that we disapprove, or they’ll just assume it’s okay and that we don’t mind. That we agree with their behavior.”

“I guess I’m shocked about Dani because it never occurred to me that she was sexually active,” Joe said. “She seems so young.”

“They’re not like we were,” Ellen said, shaking her head. “In some ways they seem older than us.”

“Do you want me to talk to Robbie then?” Joe asked. “And you can talk to Dani.”

“I don’t know,” Ellen said. “My head is so confused right now. I think I’ll go for a walk and think about things.”

“Well, I’ll talk to Robbie while you’re gone,” Joe said. “We’ll decide about Dani when you get back.”

“Oh, Joe, I’m so frightened,” Ellen said as she got to her feet, hugging him close. “I thought everything was so perfect.”

“It is — was,” Joe told her. “This is just a bump in the road. I’m sure we’ll get it straightened out. You’ll see.”

“I hope you’re right,” Ellen said, leaving the room.

Joe waited a minute or so after Ellen left before going across the hall and knocking on Robbie’s door.

“Robbie, you got a minute?” he asked through the door.

“Sure, dad, come on in,” Robbie said from within his room.

Joe entered and saw Robbie sitting in his usual place at the computer. Robbie blanked the screen and turned around to face his father.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Well, I’m not real comfortable with this,” Joe began. “But I’ve been talking with your mother.”

“What about?” Robbie asked, wondering what she had told him.

“About you and your sister,” Joe said, fixing him with a look.

“Dani? What about her?” Robbie asked, relaxing as he realized where this was going.

“Your mother seems to be under the impression that you two are behaving inappropriately towards each other,” Joe said, feeling awkward.

“What do you mean?” Robbie asked, playing the innocent.

“She is under the impression that you are interacting sexually with your sister,” Joe managed to say.

“Interacting!” Robbie exclaimed. “Dad, you don’t know Dani very well, do you?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Joe asked.

“Look, Dani’s a brat and usually impossible to get along with,” Robbie began. “But lately she’s changed.”

“How do you mean?” Joe asked his son.

“Well, I hate saying anything like this, because it’s not nice and she is my sister, but lately Dani’s been pretty obsessed with sex,” Robbie told him.

“Well, I know she’s done some things with some of my friends,” Robbie said.

“I’m not talking about your friends,” Joe said, trying to stay on track and not sure that he wanted to hear what Robbie was telling him. “I’m talking about you.”

“Look, I’m sorry, dad, but she begged me,” Robbie protested.

“Begged you what?” Joe asked.

“She begged me to let her suck my cock,” Robbie told him. “She said she wanted to try out her technique on me.”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Joe said.

“No, I’m not,” Robbie replied. “Every time she sees me now she begs me to let her suck me. I’m only human, you know.”

“But she’s your younger sister,” Joe said. “You should know better.”

“Dad, if she was here begging to suck your dick, I guarantee you she’d suck your dick. You wouldn’t be able to resist.”

“That would never happen,” Joe said nervously. This was not how he had envisioned this conversation progressing.

“I’m telling you she is absolutely cock crazy,” Robbie said to his father. “I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. She loves cock. She’ll suck anyone. Probably fuck anyone too.”

“Robbie! I don’t ever want to hear you say anything like that again,” Joe admonished. “You’re talking about your sister.”

“That doesn’t mean it’s not true,” Robbie defended himself. “I’ll prove it.”

“What do you mean, you’ll prove it?” Joe asked.

“I’ll call her in here and ask her if she wants to suck my dick,” Robbie told him. “I guarantee she’ll say yes. And then she’ll suck your dick too.”

“What has gotten into you?” Joe asked, staring at his son. “I don’t even know you anymore.”

“Hey, you’re accusing me of something and I’m telling you it’s not my fault,” Robbie said heatedly. “And I’m willing to prove it but you just don’t want to believe what I’m telling you.”

“This just can’t be true,” Joe said, shaking his head.

“I’ll prove it,” Robbie reiterated. “I’m not taking the blame for her on this.”

Joe just stared at him, not believing what he was hearing.

“Stand over by the closet so she won’t notice you right away,” Robbie told him. “You’ll see.”

Joe hesitated, not really wanting to find out it might be true.

“Dani,” Robbie shouted out suddenly, startling Joe.

“What,” Dani shouted back from her room.

“Come here,” Robbie called out.

“Just a sec,” they heard, then Dani’s door opening.

Joe stepped backwards to the closet, holding his breath as Dani entered the room, followed by Sara.

“You called, Master,” Dani said with a smile as she sauntered over to him, Sara on her heels.

“Would you like to suck my dick?” he asked, smiling at her.

“Oh, yes,” Dani said, dropping to her knees in front of him.

“I want to blindfold you first,” Robbie told her, reaching for a necktie on the rack next to the desk.

“Oohh, kinky,” Dani giggled, letting him tie the tie around her head.

“You too, Sara,” Robbie told her, handing her another tie which she tied around her head.

Joe watched in horrified fascination as Dani reached forward, finding Robbie’s pants, and began undoing them, pulling them down off of him and freeing his cock. And Joe noticed too that Robbie had a rather large cock, certainly larger than his. He couldn’t believe it when Dani grasped his cock and began sucking on it. His little girl was eagerly sucking her brother’s cock. Joe was shocked. He watched as Sara joined in, the two of them alternately sucking Robbie’s cock and passionately kissing each other.

“Should we get you another cock too?” Robbie asked as Dani deep-throated him.

“Mmm, one for each of us,” Sara giggled, taking his cock from Dani and sucking on it.

Robbie got to his feet, moving around to stand in front of them, grabbing his father by the arm and pulling him over. He then reached down and took one of Dani’s hands, guiding it up and placing it right over their father’s cock before releasing it. Joe stood there mute as Dani quickly undid his pants, lowering them to the floor and freeing his now hard cock.

“Mmm, nice,” Dani said, wrapping her hand around her father’s cock as Robbie fed his into Sara’s mouth.

He watched as Dani leaned forward, licking the head of their father’s cock, then sticking her tongue out and letting him slide into her mouth until her lips locked around the base of it and she sucked hard. Joe groaned as his daughter sucked his cock like a pro, at least what he had always imagined a pro’s blowjob would be.

“You like that cock, Dani?” Robbie asked as he watched her sucking their father, his own cock buried in Sara’s throat.

“Mmm, tastes like pussy,” Dani said, releasing her father’s cock for a moment to reply, “but not Sara’s.”

They stood side by side as the two girls sucked them off, father and son. Joe felt his balls getting ready to blast and wondered whether he should cum in his daughter’s mouth or not. Dani must have sensed his imminent orgasm, for she grabbed him by the ass and pulled him deep into her mouth, swallowing his entire cock.

“Oh, my god,” they heard from the door just as Joe’s cock exploded in his daughter’s mouth.

Joe attempted to step back from his daughter’s vacuum-like mouth as he turned to see his wife standing in the doorway. Dani grabbed his cock, trying to suck on it, cum shooting all over her face while Robbie held Sara’s head firmly with one hand, his cock in her mouth, while with the other hand he reached over and pulled the blindfold off of Dani’s head.

Dani blinked at the sudden light, still struggling to keep her father’s spurting cock in her mouth. Looking up to see whose cock she was sucking, she almost fainted when she saw that it was her father and that her mother was now standing right next to them, glaring.

“M-m-mom,” Dani sputtered, one hand wrapped around her father’s cock, the other wiping the cum from her face into her mouth. “I-I-I thought it was just another cock, I didn’t know it was dad,” she said lamely.

“Robbie!” Ellen exclaimed as he continued to fuck Sara’s face.

“One second, mom,” Robbie groaned as he began to cum.

Ellen stared in fascination as Robbie pulled his cock from Sara’s mouth until only the head was resting on her tongue, cum shooting into her wide-open mouth. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth until she had to gulp it down, then Robbie slid his cock back into her mouth so that she could finish sucking him dry.

Ellen looked again at Dani and saw that she was once more sucking on Joe’s cock.

“Dani, stop that immediately!” Ellen screamed at her daughter. “Joe, how dare you! What do you think you’re doing?”

Joe just stood there mutely, his mouth hanging open, staring at Ellen. He just didn’t know what to say. What was there to say? He had been caught with his cock in his daughter’s mouth.

“And Sara, what would your parents say?” Ellen asked as she continued to suck Robbie’s cock.

“Mmm, I don’t know,” Sara replied, not releasing her grip on Robbie’s cock.

“You need to relax,” Robbie said, turning to face his mother, his cock pointing at her.

“Relax!” Ellen shouted. “Is everyone here crazy?”

“Look, sit down and just be quiet,” Robbie said, pushing her backwards into the chair.

“Joe!” Ellen said, looking to her panic-stricken husband standing there with his cock sticking straight out in front of him, Dani’s hand wrapped around it.

Robbie moved right in front of his mother, standing between her knees, his cock pointing right at her face.

“Dani, come here,” Robbie said, reaching down and pulling his mother’s short skirt up.

“Robbie! Joe!” Ellen exclaimed, trapped in the chair, trying desperately to pull her skirt back down.

“Go ahead,” Robbie said, grabbing his mother’s arms as Dani’s head appeared between his legs.

“No, no, oh, god, no,” Ellen protested as she struggled unsuccessfully against her son’s grip. “Oh, gooodddd,” she gasped when she felt Dani’s mouth on her naked pussy. She hadn’t bothered to put on any panties.

“Sara, suck dad,” Robbie said, holding his mother’s arms while he watched his sister’s tongue sluicing into her pussy.

Joe was still standing frozen in place, unable to move, not believing what was happening. Sara smiled coyly up at him as she reached for his rock-hard cock.

“Mmm, this looks good,” she said, opening her mouth and licking the head of his cock. “It is,” she said, letting his cock slide into her mouth.

Joe groaned out loud as Sara began sucking him, while in front of him Robbie had moved around behind Ellen in the chair, still holding her arms, while their daughter was loudly eating her pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Ellen was crying as her body writhed under Dani’s tongue.

Robbie reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head, releasing her huge tits, their nipples large and rock-hard. Ellen was no longer fighting, instead she was pressing her pussy even harder into her daughter’s face, driven only by the pleasure she was experiencing, as Robbie explored her tits with his hands, squeezing them, pinching her nipples almost painfully between his fingers.

Robbie moved around to the side, standing so close that his cock brushed against his mother’s cheek. Turning her head to the side, Ellen saw the sticky pre-cum dripping from the slit of her son’s cock. Dying with desire, she opened her mouth and watched as her son slowly slid his cock in. She closed her lips on the shaft of his cock and ran her tongue all around the head, tasting the wonderful sticky fluid as Dani continued eating her pussy.

When Joe saw his son’s cock disappear into his wife’s mouth, he groaned and his balls exploded, cum shooting from his cock into Sara’s mouth. Sara eagerly sucked and swallowed, drinking up every drop of his cum.

“God, I just love cum,” Sara said, licking her lips as she smiled up at Joe. “Did you like that?”

“Oh yes,” Joe sighed, reaching down to caress Sara’s head, running his hand through her bright red curls. “That was incredible.”

“My pussy is so hot,” Sara said as she rose to her feet, looking over at Dani still eating her mother’s pussy and Robbie fucking her face. “Would you lick my pussy for me?” she asked Joe, squeezing his cock and massaging his balls.

“Come on, you’ll like it,” Sara said, quickly stripping out of her clothes to stand naked in front of him. “And it looks like they’re busy,” she said, seeing his eyes fixed on Ellen and Dani and Robbie.

Joe allowed Sara to pull him over to Robbie’s bed where she sat down and laid back, bringing her feet up to the edge of the bed, wide apart, exposing her bright red pussy glistening with the juices of her excitement.

“Lick me right here,” Sara said, running her fingers through her pussy, spreading her pussy lips open and sliding a finger into herself.

With one more look over at his wife, Joe dropped to his knees and buried his face in Sara’s sweet wet pussy, his tongue delving deep into her. Sara sighed loudly, pinching her own nipples as Joe ate her pussy.

Meanwhile, Ellen had lost track of the number of times she had cum as a result of Dani sucking her pussy. Joe had licked her there on occasion, but she had never experienced anything like this. Once her mouth had adjusted to the size of Robbie’s cock, she had marveled at how wonderful it felt to have such a large cock in her mouth, how good it tasted. She had sucked Joe’s cock, many times, and even enjoyed it when he would cum in her mouth. But this was a whole different order of things.

“I think we should change places, Dani,” Robbie said, pulling his cock from his mother’s mouth.

“Mmm, her pussy tastes so good,” Dani said, looking up from between Ellen’s thighs. “You’ll love it.”

Robbie pulled his mother to her feet, where she stood on shaky legs. Unzipping her skirt, it fell to the floor, leaving her standing stark naked in front of her children. Dani quickly stripped out of her clothes while Robbie led Ellen over to the bed, pushing her onto her back right next to Sara, whose pussy was still being enthusiastically eaten by Joe.

Pushing her legs up into the air, Robbie exposed his mother’s pussy. It was glistening from the tongue-lashing Dani had given it, her fat clit sticking out from between her pussy lips. He was aware of his father next to him lifting his face up from Sara’s juicy pussy to stare as he lowered his mouth onto his mother’s pussy, tasting her for the first time in his life. Ellen groaned as Robbie stuck his tongue into her, writing when his lips fastened on her clit and he sucked, bringing her instantly to orgasm.

Dani had crawled onto the bed, kneeling above Ellen’s head. She reached forward, taking Ellen’s ankles in her hands and holding her legs up and apart, giving Robbie more freedom to use his hands while he sucked her pussy.

Joe lifted his face from Sara’s juicy pussy to watch as his son ate his wife’s pussy. Though he had from time to time done it, he had never done it like Robbie was not doing it, or for that matter the way he had been eating Sara’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me now,” Sara begged, reaching down and grabbing Joe by the face and pulling him up on her. “Fuck me,” she said, pulling him forward.

Joe’s cock slid right into Sara’s willing pussy. As he and Sara both moaned with pleasure, Ellen managed to rouse herself enough to push up onto her elbows, staring in amazement as her husband’s cock slid into Sara’s pussy. Joe was staring right into her eyes as Sara humped up against him, fucking herself on his cock. Ellen gave him a wan smile and lay back down, now reaching down to caress her son’s head as he continued to eat her pussy.

Then Robbie stood up and without any hesitation or ceremony shoved his cock into his mother’s pussy, burying himself to the hilt. Ellen groaned out loud at the sudden invasion. She had never had anything bigger than Joe inside of her pussy and Robbie’s cock almost split her open. She arched her entire body in response with the unintended result being Dani sliding forward just enough to plant her pussy on her mother’s mouth.

Overwhelmed by the combined sensations of her son’s cock plunging in and out of her pussy and her daughter’s pussy plastered over her mouth, Ellen tried to gasp for breath only to find her mouth filled with her daughter’s juices. She gulped, then being unable to move, she began to tentatively explore Dani’s pussy with her tongue, tasting her, feeling the slick softness of her, then plunging her tongue up into her as far as she could. She was eating her own daughter’s pussy while her son fucked her. She was in a state of delirious disconnect as the ravishment continued.

Then Robbie was pulling his cock from his mother’s pussy and crawling up the bed to staddle her chest. Dani moved out of the way as Robbie fed his pussy-slick cock into his mother’s mouth. Ellen sucked him, tasting herself for the first time in her life, and Robbie exploded, cum shooting from his cock into his mother’s mouth.

Ellen had never let Joe cum in her mouth the few times she had sucked on his cock, so when Robbie’s cock exploded in her mouth she was surprised at the force of the cum shooting against the back of her throat. As her mouth quickly filled up with hot thick cum, Ellen gulped, swallowing it as Robbie’s cock continued to ooze cum from the slit.

“Dani,” Robbie said, and Dani quickly bent over, sucking his cock into her mouth, her chin resting on her mother’s forehead. Ellen watched as her son’s cock was sucked by her daughter literally right in front of her eyes. She impulsively let her tongue reach out and lick his balls.

Then Robbie pulled away, climbing off his mother, leaving her on her back, her legs spread wide, her pussy gaping open, her tits heaving with hard nipples sticking straight up in the air.

“Come on, dad,” Robbie said, pulling his father by the arm where he had collapsed on top of Sara after cumming in her pussy. “Your turn.”

Joe allowed Robbie to >help’ him off of Sara and between his wife’s legs. He could see her pussy was red and swollen from the fucking Robbie had given her. Only when Robbie had nudged him into straddling Ellen’s chest, his now limp cock hanging in her face covered with his and Sara’s juices, did he step back and watch.

Ellen looked up at her husband, his cock dangling in her face. Robbie had moved up above her head and was sliding his cock into Dani’s pussy. If she arched her head at all she could see everything. Reaching up and grasping Joe by the ass, Ellen pulled him closer, opening her mouth and sucking on his cock, tasting Sara’s pussy all over him. T her surprise he quickly became hard and she now eagerly sucked him while Robbie’s cock was sliding in and out of Dani’s pussy right above her head.

Then Robbie pulled his cock out of his sister’s pussy and positioned her so that she was kneeling over Ellen’s head. Dani reached back beneath herself and grabbed her father’s cock, pulling it from her mother’s mouth and guiding it to her very ready pussy.

Ellen stared in amazement as her husband’s cock slid into their daughter’s pussy just inches from her eyes. Dani’s pussy lips clung to Joe’s cock’s shaft each time he pulled out, her engorged clit sticking out as he rubbed against it. Then Dani pulled forward just enough to dislodge Joe’s cock and it fell right into Ellen’s mouth. Now she eagerly sucked him, tasting their daughter’s pussy all over him.

Then Dani was wriggling her ass over Ellen’s head in invitation and Joe quickly plunged back into her tight little pussy. When Joe began to groan as he felt his orgasm approaching, Dani encouraged him to cum inside of her.

“Yes, dad, that’s it, fill my little pussy with your cum. Yes, yes, yes,” she cried, feeling his cock spasm as cum began to shoot into her pussy.

Ellen watched as cum began to seem from around Joe’s cock and drip onto her face and into her open mouth. Finally Joe’s cock slid from Dani’s pussy, along with a long thick stream of their combined juices right into Ellen’s mouth. Then Joe’s cock was in her mouth and she was sucking him clean, tasting their combined cum. When Joe’s cock was clean and he moved away, Dani lowered her gooey pussy onto her mouth. Ellen immediately began licking and sucking her daughter’s cum-filled pussy, drinking up the cum cocktail that filled her. When she finally stopped after getting every last drop, Dani collapsed onto the bed, totally spent, while Ellen lay there gasping for breath, her mind in shock at what had just transpired.

When she finally sat up, she saw that Robbie was sitting in his chair, Sara kneeling between his legs sucking his cock.

“So, you were saying?” Robbie asked, a smile on his face as he looked at his mother.

“Oh, god, what have we done?” Ellen moaned, putting her hands to her face and shaking her head.

“I’d say we all just got good and laid,” Robbie laughed as Sara giggled around his cock in her mouth.

“I think it was fun and really kinky,” Sara said, smiling at everyone. “I mean, you all doing each other like that. That’s really cool.”

“I better get dinner ready,” Ellen said as she shook her head. “I’m sure everyone’s hungry.”

“I’ll say,” Joe said with a laugh as Dani fondled his cock.

“Are you going to help me or stay here?” Ellen asked him, noticing his cock growing in Dani’s hand.

“Uh, I’ll give you a hand,” Joe said, reluctantly getting to his feet.

“It’s okay, dad,” Dani said, rubbing her pussy. “This’ll still be here later.”

Everyone laughed as Joe followed Ellen out of the room, their clothes left behind on the floor.

“Oh, god, that was so cool!” Sara exclaimed, jumping on Robbie’s cock and swallowing it.

“That was pretty amazing, Robbie,” Dani said, still rubbing her pussy. “Somehow you’ve got the whole house fucking and sucking.”

“Are you complaining?” Robbie asked, a big grin on his face as Sara sucked his cock.

“Hell no,” Dani said, getting to her feet and walking over to him. “Excuse me, Sara,” she said, nudging Sara out of the way and climbing onto her brother’s lap, lowering herself onto his now very erect and hard cock.

Sara licked and sucked on Robbie’s balls while Dani rode her brother’s cock, sliding her pussy up and down on his shaft. She amazed Robbie by passionately kissing him the whole time. She was going wild on him, fucking him as hard and fast as she could, her pussy squeezing his cock.

Robbie rolled and squeezed his sister’s nipples between his fingers while she fucked him. He squeezed them as hard as he could, expecting them to burst between his fingers. Dani only moaned into his mouth, fucking him even harder. Robbie couldn’t believe how good his sister’s pussy felt squeezing his cock as she rode up and down on him. It was like a living milking machine. Even though he had already cum several times he felt his balls getting ready to below yet one more load of hot sticky cum up to into his sister’s pussy.

Dani was crying out as her own orgasm tore through her body, Robbie’s cock exploding with spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her pussy. She ground herself down onto his cock as hard as she could, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone until he stopped cumming.

Throughout all of this Sara had never stopped licking and sucking on either Dani’s pussy or Robbie’s cock as they fucked. Now she was slurping up the combined the gooey mess that was leaking from Dani’s pussy from around Robbie’s cock. When Robbie’s cock finally slipped from Dani’s pussy, Sara gobbled it up, sucking the combined cum cocktail from it before pulling Dani down onto the floor and drinking up the mess oozing from her pussy.

Finally the three of them just looked at each other, their breathing slowly returning to normal.

“I guess we should go eat some dinner,” Dani finally said, sitting up. “I’m starved. I’ve never fucked so much in my life.”

“I know, this is so cool,” Sara laughed. “I’m hungry too. Cum only goes so far to satisfy hunger.”

“There’s always dessert,” Dani laughed as she got to her feet. “Do we have permission to go to dinner, Master?” she asked Robbie, a big smile on her cum-smeared face.

“Why not,” Robbie laughed. “You’re going to need your energy.”

“Do we have to get dressed?” Sara asked, holding her clothes in her hand.

“Doesn’t make any sense really,” Dani said. “What do you think?” she asked Robbie.

“What the hell,” Robbie said, getting to his feet.

They left the room together, completely naked, and went to the kitchen. When they entered they were treated to the sight of Joe behind Ellen, who was bent over the sink. He was fucking her and they could hear him slapping up against her ass every time he buried his cock in her pussy.

“Uhg, oh god, Joe, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Ellen was gasping as Joe pounded her pussy.

The three of them stood there watching as they fucked, smiles on their faces. When Joe started groaning in imminent orgasm he pulled his cock from Ellen’s pussy and spun her around, pushing her onto her knees in front of him. Ellen’s eyes widened in surprise when she noticed them standing there, but that didn’t stop her from sucking Joe’s cock into her mouth just as he started cumming. When she had swallowed all of it, Ellen blushed as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and got to her feet.

“God, I’m so embarrassed,” she said.

“I don’t know why,” Dani said with a laugh. “It’s not like we all didn’t just have sex together or anything. Besides, I kinda like watching dad fuck you. It’s how I got here, after all.”

“I think we should eat,” Robbie said, sitting down at the table. “But I sure want you to suck me after dinner like you just did dad,” he added. “You can think of it as dessert.”

Sara and Dani laughed and Joe slowly smiled as he realized that everything had permanently changed. It was quite apparent that he would be sharing his wife and daughter with his son, and the thought really didn’t bother him. Dani was the best fuck he had had since the first time he fucked Ellen. He definitely wanted more of that. And if it took Ellen getting ravished by others to get her sexually turned on to the degree that their sex life improved, he was all for that too.

So it was with a big smile on his face that Joe sat down between Sara and Dani, letting a hand slide between each of their thighs until he had his fingers deep in their pussies. Bringing his fingers to his mouth, he sucked on them, sighing as he tasted their young juices. What a night it was going to be.