Dad and Daughter Love

Hello. My name is Oscar Bernidino I’m forty three years old and I’m a single parent. I have one daughter and her name is Jenna. She’s eighteen years old and she’s a mixed child. My wife died when Jenna was only five years old and even since then I have decided to stay home and take care of my only child. Well I guess I have spoiled her and isolated her for a good while. She’s never really seen any men outside of me in her life. I guess after the mom died I bought a house in the rural area of the United States. There isn’t anybody around for a good one hundred miles. So it really has been me and Jenna to ourselves for the last few years. I have been teaching her giving her the education she needs and being a mother and father. I guess you can say I’m overstressed especially emotionally since I haven’t had sex in thirteen years. I tried to sate my sex drive with a few masturbation toys and magazines and they seem to hold up ok but they can’t begin to compare to the soft warm tight feeling of a women’s labia lips. Well I guess I’m going to be lonely for a bit longer since Jenna is a little scared to move out but that’s ok. I love her all the same.

Well it was in September 1999 when I was in my room I was you know. Masturbating. I was relieving some sexual tension with some porno movies I have just ordered. I was stroking my cock up and down slowly but after about ten minutes into the movie I start doing it more rabidly. I start to go up and down faster and faster and then when I’m getting close to climax the door opens!

“Dad?” Jenna looks at me surprised.

“Yeah?” I say covering up with a embarrassed grin.

“Hey Dad I have some laundry that’s dirty could you please take it out of my room?” Jenna said while looking at me a little strange.

“Sure thing” I said “Just get out for the moment”

“Uhhh…. Ok daddy” She says then leaves the room with a look of confusion in her eyes.

Damn I thought to myself. That was too close. Did she know what I was doing? Oh of course not I grin. She’s never been around any boys she’s barely left the house she doesn’t know what masturbation is. But by then I was already turned off and couldn’t finish my masturbation session. Oh well. I go into her room to pick up her clothes and she’s on the computer like she usually is after exercise and home schooling her. I pick up her laundry (Which is a few pants some pajamas a skirt and several pairs of panties) I start to leave the room and I look at what she’s doing on the computer. She looks a little embarrassed and tells me “No daddy please don’t look” As a man that respects my daughter’s privacy I stop looking at what she’s reading and leave the room.

After I leave the room I go to my room to get my laundry. I notice I really let it pile this week so I had about two weeks of laundry in my room. I got the clothes and went downstairs to do the laundry. After I’m downstairs I start to load up the washing machine with my clothes. I sort what needs to be sorted from colors and whites then after that I just sit down and wait. Well I look at Jenna’s cotton panties and touch them noticing they’re quite damp I start getting perverted ideas in my head and take the white cotton panties to my room to masturbate.

I take off my clothes and put the damp used panties over my head and start inhaling the crotch of my daughters panties. They smell quite delicious. She has turned into a true women her vaginal secretions are such a heavenly scent. I start rubbing myself vigorously while inhaling the beauty of my daughters damp panties. Pretty soon I cum with raw ecstasy and realize I have just gotten off on the smell of my daughter’s pussy. What kind of pervert am I? I remembered that I had some laundry downstairs so I run back downstairs to tend to it. I leave her panties on the floor.

Well I changed the laundry and put them back in the dryer then I run back upstairs to hide the pair of panties that I have used to get off. Unfortunately when I get back upstairs I see Jenna in my room with a look on her face.

“Hi daddy” She smiles but looks a little concerned.

“Hi Sweetie” I say with a smile on my face. “Is there anything you wanted to see me about?” I ask.

“Yeah” She says. “Why are my panties on the floor?” She asks.

“Oh nothing I probably just dropped them when I was coming back up and down getting my laundry” I say with a straight face.

“Oh yeah I wanted to ask if I could order something is that ok?” She says with a look of embarrassment.

“Yeah sure.” I say without asking her I proceed to hand her my credit card.

“Thank you daddy!” She smiles then pecks me on the cheek.

“No problem.” I say then I go lie down.

I have fallen asleep for a couple of hours. I go into her room to see if she is awake. I see she’s asleep but she left the computer on. Usually she turns it off so something was up. I checked her cache history and noticed she was in a message board. Then I read some of what she was reading and I found something quite shocking. She was asking what I was doing and about masturbation! She was asking on how to masturbate and how it felt and what should I do. Then I check to see what she ordered and to my shock I found out she ordered a small vibrator! Shocked was a understatement. I looked at my innocent daughter and started to realize that she’s turning into a women and wouldn’t be a girl too much longer. I moved some of her blanket to the side and saw her panties firmly hugging her body. I get closer and noticed they’re quite damp. Curious about what’s behind my daughters undies I move the panties to the side and see a beautiful sight. I look at the small tuft of pubic hair my daughter has neatly trimmed. It’s actually trimmed to the point where if anymore of it was cut off she would be bald. I stare at her vaginal lips for a moment then slowly approach them. I take a sniff and am consumed by the heavenly aroma of her vagina. It was the same feeling I got when smelling her damp panties except this time the smell was coming from her pussy directly. I take another sniff and notice that I’m starting to get hard. What a beautiful vagina my daughter had. I put her white panties pack in place and leave her room. I then get on my computer then order a very special gift with one week shipping. I then proceed to go to sleep.

A few weeks have passed since that incident with my daughter. I notice something comes in the mail for my daughter but I refrain from opening it. I tell Jenna that a package came for her and if I should open it. Blushing like a sweet little schoolgirl she yells out a sweet little “NO!” grabs the package then runs into her room. I quickly proceed to take a peek at her. I open the door just enough to see what she’s doing and I see one of the most shocking events I have ever experienced with my daughter. I saw her secretly inserting a two inch vibrator inside her pussy. I watch her turn the vibrator on and slowly moan out in lust as she starts creaming in her panties. I start to notice my cock rising and I start to caress it. I watch my daughter have the time of her life with her new toy and watch her lie down on her bed like a little angel and spread her legs squirming enjoying the sensations. I start to see the crotch of her panties become wet with pussy juice and I just decided I had enough of it so I walk into her room. When she heard the door opening she opened her eyes wide and covered herself with a blanket. I start to talk to her.

“Hi Sweetie” I say smiling.

“Uh Hi Daddy!” She says in a embarrassed tone of voice. I noticed she tries hard not to squirm but her vibrator is still on. I can hear a faint buzzing noise.

“Do you want to go to the store with me?” I say watching her face fluster as she tries to fight back the vibrating that’s happening inside her panties.

“Yeah sure.” She says then she says one more thing. “Can you leave my room while I change?”

“Yeah Sure” I say then I get up and leave.

A few minutes later she tells me that it’s ok to come back in and I go into her room. She looked stunning wearing a pair of curve hugging jeans with a beautiful shirt that showed the soft subtle curves of her body. I move my eyes to her bed where I see a wet spot possibly her pussy juice from the earlier incident.

We then go to the store and we talk about how we’re doing. My daughter says that she has been finding some interesting websites that are giving her some nice information and then when I ask her what kind of information she quickly clams up and turns red in the face. I tell her to wait here while I get something from the special PO Box address. I go to the PO box section that the store and pick up my package. The custom vibrating panties! I then go back to my daughter and she asks what they are and I just tell her with a grin “A very special gift”.

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We then drive home and I notice that she asks to be excused to her room. I tell her before she goes that I bought a very special gift for her. I open them up and hand them to her.

“Daddy what are these? Why’d you buy me panties?” She said with a confused look. “I thought you said it was a special gift” she said.

“Oh they are. They are.” I say with a grin. Go put them on.

“Ok daddy but close your eyes” She says sheepishly.

“Sure Jenna” I close my eyes then lift one eyelid up just enough to see.

I watch my daughter take off her pants then her panties and then slowly put on the other panties. They were a little small on her but they fit. The tightness made it so I could make a good view of her pussy lips.

“I’m done daddy” She says. “What’s so special about these underwear?” She says.

“They just are” I tell her.

“Ok Daddy” She says then jumps on my lap.

I then switch the remote control to light vibration and then I notice the look on Jenna change to ticklish.

“Daddy these panties…..” She said with a little moan.

“Yeah?” I ask.

“They’re…..They’re rubbing my privates. It tickles.” She said trying to control herself.

“How does it feel?” I say then I put one hand on her crotch. I feel that she’s already becoming wet.

“It feels…. Tingly……” She says trying to get my hand off of her crotch.

“Hey how would it feel if I did this?” I say in a giddy voice. I start pushing my fingers grinding her panties inside her slit.

“Ahhh” Jenna moans. I can already tell she’s Cumming in her panties. I turn press the off button.

“Hey Daddy.” She says. “Was that sex?” She asks innocently.

“No” I tell her. That was just masturbation. I reply answering her question.

“Can you show me what sex is then?” She asks me with puppy dog eyes.

“I dunno Jenna” I tell her. “I am your father after all” I tell her.

“Please? Nobody will ever find out. We live alone remember?” She persuades.

“Ok Ok fine. Daddy will show you what sex is.” I say then proceed to take off my pants then underwear. I then finally take off my shirt.

“…” Jenna stares in awe at my cock. “Is that.. Is that what a erection is daddy?” She says in amazement.

“Yes it is.” I say calmly. Jenna stares at the veins in my cock.

“Can I touch it daddy?” She says with innocent eyes.

“Yes you can have fun” I tell her. She proceeds to touch my cock with her soft smooth fingers. She gasps in amazement as she touches it precum starts dripping out.

“Oh daddy what’s that?” She looks confused.

“Oh that’s precum” I tell her. It’s a way that shows that daddy is excited. I say.

“Is that thing supposed to fit in me?” She looks nervous.

“Yup it is!” I say with a grin. I brandish my six inch cock in front of her.

“But daddy. That’s too big!” She looks shocked.

“Don’t worry it’ll fit” I coo. Then I tell her to stuff my cock in her mouth.

“But daddy. That’s gross” she says.

“No it isn’t” I say “I just have to prove it to you” I say in a nice voice.

“How are you going to prove it to me?” Jenna says.

“Take off your clothes and I’ll show you” I tell my daughter “Oh ok…” She starts to blush then she takes off her shirt and unfastens her bra. I stare at her magnificent body. Smooth curves and a 32B sized bust. Such a cute little girl. Then she takes off her panties in embarrassment and starts to blush as I stare at her slit.

“Oh… It’s already wet” I grin with excitement.

“Daddy that’s embarrassing. Please don’t say that” She says but it’s too late I can already see that she’s aroused.

“Come here Jenna” I tell her. “Lie down on the bed”

“Ok.” She says. She does as she’s told.

“Spread your legs” I tell her.

“How embarrassing” She says. She spreads her legs and I can see her beautiful moist slit. I go between her legs and she gasps. I start to run my hand softly across her mounds and she quivers with pleasure.

“Daddy” She says softly “Are we really going to have sex?”

“Yes” I say “Tonight your not my daughter your going to be a woman.” I say with lust.

I stop rubbing her mounds and then I spread her lips wide. I can smell the heavenly aroma coming from her pussy and I can see nothing but beautiful pink. I put my nose on her slit and inhale her beautiful smell.

“Ahhhh you smell so good I’m going to eat you up” I say with a lecherous smile on my face.

I then put my tongue in her slit and start licking up and down. Her juices are simply divine. Her pussy tastes like heaven. It’s been so long since I have been with a women that this is a rush of pure ecstasy that I’m in right now. I’m licking her slit like a rabid dog eating meat. She starts to squirm then she blurts out.

“Daddy that tickles!” She starts giggling.

“Do you like how it feels?” I say.

“Yeah it’s great.” She says with a look of pleasure.

“Ok good because now it’s time for the main event” I say. I stand up then I grab my daughter.

“Daddy!” she says with a quick look of surprise. I grab her and lift her up. “Here is what real sex is” I say then I insert my hard cock inside her pussy.

“OW!” She shrieks. That hurts!

I start to pump her vagina with my cock straddling her.

“It may hurt for a little bit but it will soon feel very good” I tell her.

“Ok Daddy.” She said. “Just try not to hurt me too much” With those words I pump all my cock inside and then start to slide out. Ahhh it’s been such a long time since I did this. It feels like heaven. I start going in and out.

“Oh…” She says. I start to notice blood is on the floor. The true sign of a first timer. I start to realize after five minutes of pummeling my daughters cunt that I’m about to explode.

“Jenna” I say. “I can’t hold it in anymore I’m going to cum!”

“I think I already cummed daddy it’s ok” she said with a drained look.

Argh….. I cummed inside her cunt. Boy that felt good. Eighteen years of no sex have made this one of the best sex experiences in my life. My daughter is a true beauty. I put her back down on the ground. She looks pretty tired.

“how was it sweetie?” I said with a nice voice.

“That felt GREAT daddy!” She said. “But… you cummed in me…. Am I going to get pregnant?” I look at her wet pussy.

“Of course not I wouldn’t let that happen to you” I say. “I’ll buy you birth control pills tomorrow” I tell her

“Thanks daddy” She giggles.

Jenna starts to go to her room when I tell her. You don’t have to sleep in your room anymore you sleep with daddy now. She then comes back and goes into my bed then closes her eyes.

“Thanks daddy” She says tired.

“No problem” I say. I then reach for her mounds again and start massaging them softly.

“Oh daddy!” She says excited.

“Heehee” I say with a grin” I then go under the blankets and lick her slit out again” “Ohhhh that feels great daddy!” She says trying to contain her squirming.

“Only the best for my little girl sweetie!” I say.

Well then after that she never slept in her room again. We had sex almost every night since then. I eat her out every time before we go to sleep. We now live even happier now that we’re having sex every night. I guess there isn’t much to say except that this is one of those happy endings. She loves me even more and never asks about other men since daddy is the one she truly loves. Well that’s about the end of it. Goodbye.