Katy’s Reluctant New Look

Chapter 01

“You look so good in your Calvin Klein suit, darling!” I told Jake as he hurried out the door with his orange juice sloshing out of the glass and across his fingers. He was running late for the sales meeting at the brokerage.

I love my husband so much! He’s not one of those pretty boy types. Instead, he’s a man’s man; big, strong and very capable of taking care of himself in any situation, physical or otherwise! Jake’s the kind of guy that knows what he wants and gets it. I guess that’s why he has me!

“Thanks, Katy! You knock em dead today to sweety!” he told me as I kissed him goodbye and shut the door behind him.

Well, I always do ‘knock em dead’! Jake and I are the perfect couple; very conservative and very well connected. We were high school homecoming king and queen; football star and cheerleader! And, nothing changed in college or since! He’s still my big, strong quarterback. Only now, he’s quarterbacking the staff of brokers at one of the Metroplex’s largest firms. And, I’m still a tall beautiful brunette with a very nice figure, if I do say so myself!

Jake is quite proud of my body that is lean and lithe. I’m about 5′ 7″ tall and weigh 115 with measurements of 34, 22, 34. I have nice large breasts that fit nicely into a C cup bra, long slender legs and a great butt.

Jake likes to call me his “Brunette Beauty Queen”, and I love hearing him say it! In fact, each time he does I give him a kiss and a “thank you, darling”. When he is really nice and complimentary I let him take a few extra liberties while he gets his ‘thank you’ kiss that I might not ordinarily allow; like patting my behind and maybe even squeezing my perky breasts, just like this morning during breakfast!

We have two wonderful young children; a beautiful new home in the suburbs in a gated community; all the friends we could possibly want and all the right connections. Most importantly, our image as one of North Texas’s high-profile conservative, up and coming young couples is unimpeachable!

That’s why I am having such a hard time understanding why Jake keeps insisting I dress in more revealing clothes and flaunt myself in front of strangers. It is sooo upsetting! Just like this morning, when he insisted I wear a short miniskirt and tight top to my Conservative Women’s Voting League meeting! “You’ll look terrific in it!” he said.

I told him right away that it was a very sexy outfit and “thank you very much for buying it for me” but it’s not the right look for my meeting. But, he insisted I put it on before he left and he was determined to make sure I wore it to my meeting. “Oh, god, I couldn’t,” I said, “I’d be too embarrassed.”

Jake must have sat pouting at the breakfast table with his arms crossed for the better part of ten minutes! Just to appease him, I took the outfit and walked upstairs to our bedroom. Reluctantly, I slipped into it and came back downstairs to show him. I always want to look good so before I left the bedroom I checked myself out in the mirror and straightened the skirt and blouse; making sure they looked just right!

“Do you like it?” I asked him downstairs. He sat mesmerized for a few moments before telling me how hot I looked.

“I suppose I do look sexy and sassy! And, the high heels are really pretty!” I teased as I bent over, straight-legged, to pour milk into his cereal. As my miniskirt climbed up my bottom, I paused for effect and added, “But, it’s not appropriate for my meeting!”

“See, I can’t even keep them in,” I told him as my boobs fell out of the top. “And, my behind shows each time I bend over!” I added as I playfully pulled the hem of my skirt back over my ass; but only partway down so that my panties still showed.

“What do you mean? What’s the problem?” he asked, knowing full well what the problem was! “Don’t worry about what your girlfriends think,” he replied, smiling, staring at my legs and then feeling me up.

Well, I pranced around the house in the outfit while we both played a waiting game to see who would have to leave the house first. Would it be me or Jake? He had an important sales meeting at his brokerage and I was already running late for the Voting League. I knew my only hope was to wait him out so I kept making a show of it until he left for work, only to rush upstairs as soon as his car left the driveway! “Whew! That was close!” I said and hurriedly changed into a proper outfit; long black skirt, black heels and a white, button up the front blouse.

I didn’t want to be late so I sped down the interstate in a hurry! “Jake Rogers!” I scolded out-loud, looking into the visor mirror to apply my blush as I weaved in and out of traffic on the way. “You are just going to have to get over this little game you’re playing! These little ‘Show Off My Sexy Wife’ episodes are going to stop!”

By the time I pulled into the parking lot of the Four Season’s Conference Center I’d received my fair share of ‘looky-loo’s’ on the road. The men don’t dare oogle me with Jake in the car. But, whenever I’m out alone…My goodness, they think just because I’m a pretty brunette they have a license to stare! If Jake only knew how lucky he was to have a wife that didn’t dress like a flirty slut!

“Hmmph! Jake, you should appreciate being married to a woman that is always thinking of our image,” I said to myself as I slammed the car door shut.

I couldn’t get it off my mind as I walked to the hotel entrance; straightening my suit and hair as I went. Don’t get me wrong, Jake is a wonderful husband. I love him so much! But, he needs to understand that our image is important to our future! He does his part at the brokerage. And, I do my part by setting our social calendar and taking care of the household and family affairs. The way we dress and present ourselves is an important part of it! “This power suit ensemble with matching handbag and heels doesn’t just put ‘itself’ together,” I said under my breath as the automatic door opened and I saw my three best friends in the lobby.

Nicole, Amber and Julie! We run in the same crowds and social gatherings and are all best of friends!

“Hi ladies!” I said to them as we gave each other air-kisses. It’s so nice to be with them. We have so much fun together serving on the fundraising committee! The work is very important to the league and we take it very seriously. In just the past year we’ve held golf tournaments, poker nights, banquets and silent auctions to raise money; not only to benefit the Conservative Women’s Voting League, but also to help local charities. And, Nicole, Amber and Julie are a big part of the effort!

It’s too bad that all three of their husband’s refuse to quit flirting with me! I’ve had to remove their hands from my bottom so many times I’ve lost count! “Exxxcuusse Me, Phil..or Larry…or Joe!” I tell them as I push their paws away! I just don’t understand them. Their wives are pretty…maybe not as pretty as me, but never the less; they are pretty! And, I would never do anything to embarrass or hurt my friends.

I have to admit; It is kind of fun when we all get together for a cookout or social event; all three of my best friends and their husbands; knowing that their husbands want me more than they want their own wives!

That’s when it’s the most difficult; when all the guys are together. That’s when they seem to look for every opportunity to catch me alone and cop a quick feel. My word! I can’t even excuse myself for a bathroom break without worrying they’ll show up in the hallway. But, I push that thought right out of my mind and pride myself on not giving in to them! My mother taught me that a woman of high moral values can never cheat on her husband or her girlfriends. Besides, if Jake ever caught them he’d drop them with one punch!

I got home a little after noon and Jake must have swung by the house for lunch because there was a note and a package for me in the bedroom. “That’s so nice of him,” I thought as I opened the note. It read, “Meet me for racquetball at 2:00pm. I hope you enjoy the new exercise outfit I bought for you! Love, Jake!”

“That’s my man!” I said. “Oooh! He’s so thoughtful to buy me a new outfit.”

I just love getting gifts from Jake! I enthusiastically opened the package to find a very fashionable exercise outfit! “Oh, my!” I gushed as I held out the sports shorts and sports bra. The outfit was white and the bottoms had two delicate blue bands running across the waist. They were shorty-shorts, with the waistband three inches below my belly button on my perfectly flat tummy and the legs ending just below my crotch. I immediately looked at the tag but didn’t recognize the label. “Wicked Weasel. Hmmm, never heard of that brand,” I whispered.

They’re a little bit stretchy, I thought as I held them up. And I wrinkled my nose as I looked at the bra after putting it up to my chest; thinking it looked a size too small and way to skimpy.

“That’s funny?” I said curiously as I held the shorts to my hips. The shorts didn’t have the reinforced gusset that normally comes with these types of stretch-shorts. “Hmmm, must be a new kind of fabric blend,” I said as I wiggled into them. I inspected myself closely to see if my well manicured bush was showing through, but the white stretchy fabric appeared to cover me just fine. The only problem was that they were too small for me!

“Oh my goodness!” I said after putting on the bra. “The men will have a field day oogling me! I can’t wear this.” The tight white sports bra pushed my boobs together and created a very large cleavage that was visible above the neckline. And, the bottoms hugged my every curve! “Thank goodness I don’t have an ounce of fat on my body” I exclaimed as I admired myself in the mirror. I’m so proud to have thin upper legs that don’t rub in the middle like some of my friends! Jake always tells me that the little gap below my crotch is sexy! “So, there! Girlfriends!” I said proudly.

I didn’t want to disappoint my husband by leaving his gift at home. So, I wore a warm-up suit to cover the ‘one size too small’ racquetball outfit, put on my white tennis shoes and took off for the courts.

I entered the club full of apprehension at what Jake might have on his mind. Did he purposely buy my clothes too small? Or was it an innocent mistake? At two in the afternoon the courts aren’t overly crowded and I was thankful for that. But the three center courts are always full. And, today was no exception!

I found Jake and Phil at center court with three young little vixens watching them play. Jake always attracts attention from the “pretty young ladies”. This time, they were sitting at a table in front of his court, sipping their drinks and watching my husband through the glass wall. Why can’t you girls just have your drinks up at the bar? I thought; gritting my teeth and popping my gym bag down in front of the door. I gave them a curt smile and shut the entrance door behind me. “Little gold-diggers,” I murmured.

“Katy!” Jake said, wiping the sweat off his brow and giving me a kiss.

“Blekk!” I huffed and pushed him away as his sweat dripped all over me! “You’re sweating like a bear!”

“Let’s get you warmed up.” he retorted, ignoring my comment.

“Nice to see you, Katy! Thanks for letting me join you guys today.” Phil said. Normally, when Jake and I play it’s only the two of us.

“It’ll be nice to have someone to help cover some court,” I answered. I’m a pretty good player but Jake’s so strong and quick and competitive that he runs me all around the court. I was glad to see Phil because I thought that having him to play cut-throat might keep me from getting too overheated, especially since I didn’t want to take off my warm-ups!

Unfortunately, Jake kept forcing the ball to my side of the court and half way through the first game I was already too hot.

“Take off your warm-ups, Sweetheart.” Jake suggested. “You’ve gotta be burning up!”

I explained to him that I was doing just fine and he should mind his own business, “Thank you very much!”.

My snarky comment only seemed to motivate him even further; as he tore through Phil and me both, on the way to an easy win.

“Damn, Jake! What’d you eat for lunch, dude?” Phil asked.

“Sorry, Phil. I’m just a little miffed because Katy doesn’t like the outfit I bought her.”

He said it loud enough for me to hear him. And, his comment succeeded in stinging me a bit. “My word!” I said to myself. I shouldn’t be playing racquetball in a skin tight pair of shorts and a sports bra that accentuates my cleavage; even if I do have the sexiest physique of any woman here.

“Hmmph! I’ll just show you!” I said, and peeled out of my warm-ups. “There. I hope you’re happy now, Jake!” I noticed Phil was having a hard time keeping his gaze at eye level, but he’s always a gentleman and didn’t allow himself the luxury of eyeballing my figure; at least not while I could notice!

After the first point, I decided that I was probably being a little bit silly. It’s only a racquetball outfit, after all! And, he was so thoughtful to have bought it for me! The least I can do is play one or two games so he can see that I appreciate it! Besides, it’ll be fun showing those little vixens at courtside just how fine Jake’s wife really is!

“Wow, Katy! Jake sure knows how to pick out clothes for you! I wish I was that good choosing clothes for Nicole!”

“Thank you, Phil! That’s one of the reasons I love him so much! And, I’m sure you do just fine with Nicole’s gifts” I answered.

Jake winked at me and gave me that ‘I love you’ look that makes me melt each time I see it. It felt so good to give in to him and take off my warm-ups!

It wasn’t long after we began playing again before a few men showed up to watch me from just outside the glass. I’m used to it from men and it didn’t bother me too much at first. They sure seemed to enjoy seeing my boobs bounce and jiggle each time I played the ball and I figured it wouldn’t hurt for them all to be jealous of what Jake has. Those pretty young girls disappeared in a hurry after I showed them up and the men sat at the now vacant table next to the glass.

The racquetball club is very upscale, with tables and leather sofas in the area directly in front of the glass wall. It had a second floor bar with tables beside a metal railing that overlooked the three center courts and within a few short minutes several men were leaning over the railing; drinking their beers and looking down onto our game.

Before we finished another five points, I was regretting my decision. I had three lecherous men just outside the glass and several more looking down on me from the club level. And, I couldn’t keep my shorty shorts from crawling up the crack of my behind! It was so frustrating! I could feel them sucking into the crevice between my cheeks each time I played a shot. And, Jake seemed to be deliberately hitting the ball onto my side of the court just so I would have to move around a lot! I was certainly not presenting myself in a very lady-like fashion! “Oh, My!” I thought to myself. Here I am, wearing this pretty, feminine outfit that Jake has just bought for me and I’m looking like a tramp with my shorts slid deep into my crack.

Those leering men just outside the glass were getting an eye full and I’m sure Phil was taking as many chances to oogle me as he could without me catching him! Every time I readied myself to receive a serve I could feel all of those eyes on me; watching me bounce on the balls of my feet; my long curly hair fluffing up and down; and my butt poked out as I leaned forward.

Unaware to me, as the game continued, Larry and Joe joined the growing crowd of men watching me play. “Katy is such a fine piece of ass, Joe. Look at her tits. They’re perfect!” Joe commented to Larry as they both sat at the table next to the glass.

As Katy backed up against the glass, Larry chimed in. “I love the way her thighs don’t touch. I wish Amber’s legs were that fine. Man, I’d like to fuck her!”

They looked at each other and smiled. “Jake would kick our ass!” Joe said and they both broke out laughing. The men at the other table overheard them and joined in the laughter as Katy continued her play, unaware she was the topic of their conversation.

“At least he lets us in on stuff like this,” one of them said after finishing his chuckling and taking a long drink of beer. “Yep, I appreciate the phone call,” the other added. Amber and Julie’s husbands continued their conversation about Katy, enjoying the view as they talked; and noticing how her stretchy white shorts were wicking up the sweat that was running down the small of her back and across her tight ass. The fabric on each side of her crack was already drenched with her sweat and with the shorts stretched tightly across her ass all of the men could now see her white skin underneath.

“You think Jake’ll ever let us fuck her?” Joe asked.

“We can always dream!” Larry chimed back.

If I’d known how they were talking about me I would have slapped them both, right in front of everyone!

“My goodness!” I whispered as I found myself constantly grabbing the hem of my shorts and pulling them back into place. I didn’t know that my girlfriend’s husbands were watching me. I didn’t find that out until later. I was focused on what Phil and the other table of men might be able to see. Unfortunately, I was fighting a losing battle and I was concerned that my pussy lips might be showing too!

The game ended with ‘you know who’ winning by ten points and me sweating like a pink baby suckling pig! “Jake Rogers!” I said silently between gritted teeth. “What have you gotten me into!”

I was ready to call it a day so I could cover myself like a proper lady but Jake wouldn’t have any of it! He insisted we play one more and Phil was eager to second his motion! This is when I noticed Joe and Larry outside the glass drinking beer and oogling me! Lecherous men, I thought.

Great! I said dejectedly to myself. Now, there are two tables of men oogling me. One, a table full of strangers. The other, a table with two of my best friend’s husbands. I couldn’t help but feel a slight tingling in my loins as I surveyed my audience, knowing exactly what they were looking at! Isn’t it natural that a sexy energetic woman’s body would have urges in this situation?

Five points into the game I was already getting overheated and I felt sweat pouring from my body and as I looked down I discovered to my absolute horror that my bra and shorts were now almost completely see-through!

My pretty little dark nipples were poking through and I could see my entire areole through the wet, stretchy fabric that had formed to the shape of my breasts! Not only that; but dark pubic hairs were poking out of my bottoms and the white fabric was completely wet and forming itself around my pussy lips!

“Oh, my goodness!” I said to myself as panic started running through my mind. I hope they don’t tell my girlfriends about this, I thought.

The reinforced bands at the top of my white shorty-shorts and around the bottom of the legs were still opaque but the panels were now a fleshy white color because my pink skin was visible through the cloth. Adding to my humiliation, a solid thin white band ran from the center of the waistband below my bellybutton, straight down across my bushy mound, over my clitoris and down in-between my labia; pulling them apart and disappearing beneath my pussy and for all I knew, it continued up the crack of my ass! I could hardly believe my dilemma!

I froze in my tracks and covered myself with one arm across my breasts and the other between my legs. I must have looked quite silly to Phil, who was staring bright-eyed up and down my body! I knew I’d been set up by my husband; tricking me into another one of his ‘Show Off His Sexy Wife’ episodes! I didn’t know what to do so I quickly called for a water break to think over my options while I held a towel to my face to cover my blush!

“You think you’re pretty clever don’t you, Jake?” I scolded and slowly began overcoming my initial shock.

“Whaaat? Whadda you mean, Katy?” he replied, acting innocent.

“You know exactly what I mean, Jake Roberts!” I huffed.

He muttered something about it being my serve and tried to avoid the subject. But, I knew he’d planned this whole episode. What was I to do now? There were at least half a dozen men watching us play…or more precisely, watching me play. I could either run off the court like a little embarrassed schoolgirl or I could maintain my composure and continue the game like a dignified lady; hoping to not totally lose all my self-respect and dignity.

I chose the latter and continued as if nothing was out of the ordinary; and playing some of my best racquetball of the afternoon while my pussy and breasts were exposed to Jake, Phil and my leering onlookers! Actually, I felt a tingling in between my legs whenever I caught one of them staring. I shouldn’t blame them. Men have always had a difficult time trying not to stare at me. The only difference was that this time they could see much more than normal and they were able to stare without any worry of looking devious! I tried to adjust my clothes so that they covered all the bits that should be covered but it was hopeless.

The guys just outside the glass had a front row view each time Jake served. He drives the ball so hard and low that I had to push myself up against the glass back wall to buy myself some time to handle his serve. This only put my transparent shorts even closer to them and I’m sure they took pleasure in viewing every inch of my bottom; as well as my sweat-soaked pussy!

Unfortunately, thinking about them leering at my pussy had an immediate effect, making my nipples hard as little rocks!

“You love this don’t you Katy.” Jake asked me in a whisper too low for Phil to hear.

“Whatever do you mean Jake?” I asked coyly.

“You know very well what I mean Katy; you like exposing yourself in public; you enjoy exhibiting yourself, it turns you on.”

Phil was on the other side of the court acting nonchalant, but straining to eavesdrop on our conversation.

Jake knows very well that I have no such exhibitionist fantasies! “Hmmph! I retorted. “Why I never!” I said. I just wanted to blurt out that I most certainly do not like to expose myself, or even better still, be forced to expose myself in public by wearing this indecent sports outfit.

“Now, Katy don’t be such a baby, I know you want this, I know you are already tingling.” he said as I took up my position to await his serve.

I widened my stance and bounced back and forth from side to side, ready to pounce on his serve. Sweat dripped off my chin onto the floor between my feet and the crotch of my shorts continued collecting the moisture running down my belly. With my stance now wider than my shoulders, the shorts were pulled tight and off of my pussy; which I thought was a good thing, but clearly wasn’t.

Larry leaned forward to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. “Look at that, Joe. The light is shining right through her stretch shorts and you can see her wet hole. Oh, man! That’s sweet!”

I guess my stance was so wide that it pulled my pussy lips apart and since I was bent over with the fabric stretched and transparent they could see into my pussy! How was I to know?

Jake won the point on a low shot to the front corner that I chased down, but wasn’t able to get enough of my racquet on it to hit a winner. As I walked back, Larry and Joe smiled at me and waved. I waved back and yelled, “Hi boys!” even though they couldn’t hear me.

Reading their lips, I thought they said something back like, “You’re tits look great, Katy!” But, I wasn’t sure. I was probably just being paranoid because my sweat drenched bra had now completely formed itself around my plump, fully shaped orbs and my nipples were naughtily poking out through the wet fabric.

At the conclusion of our game my shorts were so wet from my sweat that my pubic hairs were drenched and matted together. They were curled up into little swirls and seemed to be darker than normal because of the moisture they held. And, I could see them clearly through my shorts! I pretended not to notice my exposure as I quickly toweled off outside the court; my chest heaving from the exercise.

I even acted a bit naughty by taking extra time putting on my warm-ups! “I love you, Jake!” I told him as I lifted onto my toes and kissed his cheek. Then, I whispered into his ear, “Was I a nasty little wife for you today?”

He gave me a kiss on the cheek as he held me tightly, “Very nice Sweetheart, I knew you could do it, you were exquisite!”

I struggled to reply, my pulse was racing from the excitement of my exposure and I was still breathing heavily from the exercise, so I just gave up trying and simply nodded yes.

“I knew it was going to be good!” Jake laughed. And, again I nodded because it was.

Chapter 02

I can’t describe how much I regretted letting Jake get away with his little prank. As I drove home I found myself getting more and more upset and by the time I arrived I was so upset with him that I thought about not letting him make love to me!

I was determined to give him a piece of my mind! When he arrived home I brought him a martini; stood in front of him with one hand on my hip; the other one wagging a finger at him and proceeded to let him know exactly how I felt. “I’m not your little trollop, to show off to your buddies, Jake Rogers! I’m a proper lady, well thought of in our community and …..Whoa!”

He pulled me over his knee and gave me three firm spanks on my bottom!

“Yeow! Jaaake…That hurts!” I squealed and kicked my feet like a little schoolgirl! He loves it when I do that! Jake always knows when to take charge and I just love it when he gives me a spanking to let me know who is boss! Afterward, we made love and Jake fucked me hard and long, just like I want it.

“My goodness! That was nice!” I said afterward. “But I’m still made at you! Do I need to remind you that we have an image to protect? Proper ladies do not find themselves prancing about a racquetball court showing off their body in a see-thru outfit!”

“Relax, Sweety! It wasn’t that big of a deal,” he said.

“Not a big deal?” I said incredulously as my temper began rising. “It’s not a big deal when your best friends see your wife’s….your wife’s….boobs and pussy?” I asked bluntly.

It was kind of hard to force tears, but I managed to get a few to roll down my cheeks. Jake held me tight and apologized again. “I’m sorry, baby. I love you and I promise not to do it again.”

I just melt in his arms when he holds me tight and tells me how much he loves me. I let him know how much I loved him too! And, I emphasized how important our image is in the community. We’re an up and coming conservative couple. The way we present ourselves and act in public is very important and these little games of ‘Showing Off My Sexy Wife’ could ruin everything we’ve worked for.

“Good gracious, darling! I’ll dress any way you want in the privacy of our home. I’ll be your nasty little wife in the bedroom. But, I’m a respectable lady, and respectable women don’t flaunt themselves in public.”

Two months have passed since our talk and everything seems to have returned to normal. The holidays are fast approaching and the weather here in Dallas is turning cold. I just love fall and winter because I can wear all of the pretty outfits that have been in my closet all summer!

Jake surprised me with an announcement at breakfast. “Katy, you and I are going shopping today. We’ll leave the kids with a sitter all day. We can have a nice lunch together, maybe dinner too and I’ll buy you all the outfits we can fit in the car!”

I told him how thoughtful that he was and how much I’d enjoy it! “But, we’ve a scheduled luncheon to attend at the country club,” I reminded him.

“Cancel out, Katy. We’re going to have some fun today! Just you and me!”

Well, it’s a bright, sunny day; perfect for shopping! So, I called up Amber to let her know we wouldn’t make it to the luncheon and arranged a neighborhood teenager to watch the kids.

As we waited for the sitter to arrive I showered and dressed for the day in a pair of sexy jeans and wedge sandals. I wore a pretty top that was sexy but not too revealing. I’m trying my best to dress the way Jake wants but I can’t relax my standards too much just to please him! Jake wore his jeans and a pullover golf shirt. This was going to be so much fun!

We spent the entire day shopping, only taking a break for a late lunch where we both agreed to go to more of my favorite stores and even have dinner out before heading home. The day had been so fun that against my better judgment, I let him buy me two rather risqué’ dresses. But, only after he agreed they were for the privacy of our home and not for me to wear in public.

I have to admit; they were both very beautiful. One was a classic Little Black Dress. The other was a slinky little blue number that wrapped around and tied in the back. Both were very sexy and definitely not for public consumption!

During dinner, Jake suggested we take my pretty dresses into SOL, a trendy lingerie boutique, and pick out some delicates to match them. “What an exciting idea!” I told him, agreeing wholeheartedly and suggested we leave right away as they close in an hour. SOL was only a few blocks away so I had the chance to shop for almost a full hour.

Trendy was the right description the boutique. They served us wine while we shopped and they made sure Jake was comfortable in the modeling area set up next to the dressing rooms. They even had a stripper’s pole! “Hmmph! You can just forget that!” I told Jake knowing his imagination was beginning to run wild as he stared at it. “I know what you’re thinking, Jake Rogers! I’m not about to!”

Fifteen minutes before closing, I walked out of the store with lingerie for each of the dresses Jake had bought me earlier in the day. I looked at him, arms full of packages and smiled brightly! “I love you, Jake,” I told him and lifted onto my toes to give him a kiss.

“Hey guys!” Larry yelled from a few feet away.

Imagine my surprise at seeing Larry and Phil as we walked out of the lingerie shop. Uugh! What a bad way to end a perfect day.

“Looks like you two have been busy!” Larry added.

Much to my displeasure, Jake went on and on telling them all about how we had spent the day buying dresses and shoes. I thought he went too far when he then told them how much fun it was to help me select lingerie. I lifted my eyebrows up and to the left, giving him that “stop it” look, but it didn’t seem to faze him! He didn’t even flinch when I kicked him in the shin!

Larry and Phil commiserated with Jake about how hard it was to choose what to buy their wives for holiday gifts. I felt bad for them and I especially felt bad for my girlfriends, Nicole and Amber. After all, it’s not like they have a husband like Jake that is so thoughtful and attentive! I don’t mean to say they aren’t great guys. They are! And, we’re all best of friends. We hang out together all of the time. It’s just that they’re not Jake! They aren’t even close.

Phil chimed in how much he would love to buy a dress or some other sexy outfit for Amber, and Larry added that he’d like to do the same for Nicole.

“Then just go shopping for them and don’t be afraid to take some chances on what you buy them,” I suggested as I proudly held all the packages Jake had let me acquire during the day.

“I’d probably pick out something that made her look like an old hag,” Larry responded and Phil agreed.

That’s when Jake suggested we go back into the boutique and show them what we’d bought that day. “Just to give them some ideas!” he assured me.

I wasn’t at all sure that was a good idea. It was a lingerie shop, after all. And, what would my girlfriends think? It seemed a bit awkward and I gently let Jake know how I felt about it; while trying my best not to offend Phil and Larry.

Well, Jake had made up his mind and wasn’t going to change it. So, he held the front door for me as I scurried rather reluctantly back into the boutique and tried in vain one last time to dissuade him by reminding him it was about to close.

“Nonsense, they’ll stay open for us,” he replied and followed Phil and Larry into what was soon to become my “Little Shop of Humiliations!”

Jake led us to the back of the shop where the modeling area was located beyond the checkout counter and well out of view from the front windows. Phil and Larry made themselves comfortable, sitting in comfortable chairs; surrounded by sexy lingerie and looking ahead, across the coffee table at me as I hung my dresses on the hooks that were placed on the wall on either side of the dressing room door; a door with only widely spaced downward tilted slats to restrict the view behind it.

I pulled the plastic bag off the first dress, and then the second, as I instructed them on the art of choosing clothes for their wives. I felt sorry for them, and my girlfriends to, as they didn’t seem to have a clue of what Nicole and Amber would like. Jake suggested I put the matching shoes under each dress to help; which I did.

Then, he suggested I hang the matching lingerie beside each dress so that his buddies could get an idea of what a complete package would look like. I wasn’t happy to hear this; as Larry and Phil already had a habit of flirting too much with me when we all got together for cookouts and pool parties. I wasn’t very keen on the thought of them seeing the lingerie I had intended for only Jake to see.

But, I felt sorry for them and agreed to let them see my delicates. “Besides, every girl knows that how good you look in a dress starts with what’s under that dress!” I cheerfully said.

I was nervously pulling my lacy delicates from their packages; anticipating one of those wide-eyed reactions from the boys, when the rather dowdy looking store manager walked up and advised us the boutique was closing. Being the smart girl that I am, I saw this as an opening I could take advantage of and let Jake know that it was getting late in the day and wasn’t it time we be getting home.

“Nonsense, Katy!” he answered. “It won’t take us long and the guys need your help.”

Well! I gritted my teeth but didn’t say a word as he walked the manager back to the checkout counter. I saw him hand her a few bills and they must have been Grants or Franklins because she locked the front door on her way out, saying she’ll be back in an hour; leaving me all alone with my husband and his two lecherous buddies!

Larry asked if he could feel the lingerie and of course I told him “No, thank you. I don’t think that would be appropriate. If you want to touch, it’s on display on the rack just over there.”

Larry was busy fumbling through the lingerie on the rack and Phil was still sitting comfortably in his chair when Jake suggested I model my dresses for them. My eyes opened wide as my jaw dropped toward my chest when I heard his suggestion.

“Jake! That would probably not be a good idea,” I said incredulously, nervously wondering what Jake was up to.

Jake countered with reminding me that I was a model during our years in college and I’d entered several beauty pageants. “What’s the difference, Sweetheart?”

Larry had heard Jake’s suggestion and as he walked up I explained to Jake very forcefully that there was a big difference! “My girlfriends would not approve! That’s only one of the differences. There are lots more!” I said with my voice rising at the end.

“Katy, that’s silly. It’s only Phil and Larry. Besides, they need your help in order to figure out what to buy Amber and Nicole. Hell, you’d be doing your girlfriends a favor. But, if you’d rather be selfish…..” He didn’t finish his sentence; choosing to let it sink in for a moment.

Jake had maneuvered me into a corner and I was more than a little bit upset about it. He knew I didn’t want my girlfriend’s husbands to see me in the dresses I had assumed he bought for his eyes only. But, I wanted to help them out. And, if modeling these outfits for Phil and Larry would help out my girlfriends then I shouldn’t be selfish about it.

I made eye contact with Phil first and then Larry. “Promise me you won’t say a thing about it?” I asked them. “Jake bought these dresses for me to wear only at home. I’ll do it if it’s going to help. But, keep it to yourselves. Okay, guys?”

Both of them agreed to keep quiet about it and assured me several times that Jake and I could trust them. They aren’t bad guys and I felt sure they would keep their word. Besides, if they didn’t then they would have to answer to Jake. And, he wasn’t the type of man they wanted to mess with.

Off into the dressing room I pranced…A day’s worth of shopping in my hands!

I was more than a little embarrassed when my body began reacting to undressing with only a thin door protecting me from the lecherous gazes of Phil and Larry. How’s a girl’s body supposed to react to undressing so close to three good looking men? The dressing room door was short enough that my legs were visible below my knees and if I reached up on the balls of my feet I could look over the top. What I didn’t know was that since they were sitting well back in the cushioned chairs they had a of view of the dressing room between the downward angled slats and could see small slices of my body as I undressed! If I’d known, I would never have agreed to this idea. At the very least, I would have turned off the light in the dressing room.

“Damn, Jake!” Phil said softly so I couldn’t hear. “It’s just like that scene from 9 1/2 Weeks when Kim Basinger is stripping behind the miniblinds. This is awesome!”

Jake agreed and a smile curled onto each of their faces as they watched me undress; exposing my breasts to them before wiggling into my sexy black dress. Thank goodness I was wearing a pair of black panties! I’m sure they enjoyed it immensely when I sat onto the bench and slid my thigh highs up my legs and slipped on my thin stiletto heels. I popped open the door to three admiring men and sashayed about in front of them, doing a few twirls on the stripper pole and letting my dress float high on my legs as I spun around.

I was getting lost in the moment and hearing them compliment me as though I were an erotic dancer was making me hot and I didn’t even notice my nipples harden like little pencil erasers and poke out of the thin silk fabric. I don’t know what got into me! This was completely out of character, enjoying this kind of lurid attention.

Several times they got a full look up my skirt as I spun around the pole, forcing naughty thoughts to rush through my head as they craned their necks to see more of me! “Oh my god!” I said to myself and my face flushed red!

My nipples were still hard as little rocks when I reentered the dressing room to change. My mind was awhirl with excitement and my judgment wasn’t as sharp as it should have been as I took off my little black dress. I still wasn’t aware of my exposure, thinking I was safe behind the door. But, I wasn’t; and the three of them watched me naked except for my panties and stockings as I slid my sexy red dress over my shoulders. I debated for a moment whether to keep my black stockings on or take them off. Deciding on the latter, I spent some time slowly rolling them off my legs and carefully placing them back into the package. I noticed some moisture on my panties from my excitement; and decided to take them off as well because I wanted to keep them nice and clean for when we got home. I didn’t know I was unintentionally letting them see my pussy!

I was so excited to be modeling again and it took my mind back to our days in college when Jake was the sports hero and I was modeling to make a little extra money on the side and I smiled as I thought of it. Jake has always told me how beautiful my body is, how my beautiful face, perfect breasts, and long lean legs are the envy of all of my girlfriends. We have such a perfect marriage! He will always be my hero!

I’m quite sure I looked very sexy as I opened the door for a second time to show the men my outfit which consisted of the short, skimpy blue wrap-dress and a pair of peek-toe pumps. The dress clung to every curve I had and the men didn’t waste any time letting me know how much they liked it. I’m not proud of it, but I admit to camping it up for them and acting rather risqué’ without them even prompting me. After all, I was doing this for my best girlfriend’s benefit. I wanted their husbands to get a very good idea of what type of dress they should look to buy them. If I had to show some extra flair in order to inspire them, then so be it!

Besides, nothing at all had really happened, had it? I was just modeling a couple of outfits for the boys. “Grow up Katy,” I told myself. Jake is always urging me to relax and enjoy myself. So just relax….and enjoy it! Well, I did just that and might have relaxed a bit too much for a respectable woman.

I think I remember Phil asking me to pull my dress up, saying something to the effect of, “Beautiful, Katy. That’s it; now pull it up a little more so we can see your pussy!” Oh my goodness! I wasn’t about to do that but I did give them a show of my legs, stopping only an inch below my pussy and prancing about in front of them. I watched as they both stared at my legs, only averting my eyes when Larry looked up at my face. Phil wouldn’t stop encouraging me; asking me to pull it up “just a little more.” God, this is fantastic, I thought even though my legs were on display for Jake’s friends to see.

For a sexy effect, I stepped my stiletto heel up onto the coffee table. I must have been really caught up in the moment, because as I set my foot onto the tabletop my red dress fell open to my waist. “Oh my!” I worriedly said as I reached to pull my dress closed. It was only open for a second but without any panties to cover me I’m sure Larry and Phil each got a glimpse of my pussy. I was so embarrassed; but titillated at the same time; and my excitement of them seeing me only added to my embarrassment!

“Well, that’s the end of that,” I said to myself as I regained my moral compass and hurried back into the dressing room to change. Jake was concerned for me and let me know it wasn’t a big deal. “Don’t worry about it, Katy” he said to assuage my feelings. “It’s only Larry and Phil.”

As I was taking my dress off, Jake looked over the door. “Come back out for us,” he said rather matter-of-factly.

I gulped and asked him incredulously, “In my lingerie?”

“Sure, Sweetheart! Show Larry and Phil how sexy their wives could look if they bought them lingerie.”

“I….uhmmm….do ahh…” I stammered for a reply with my pussy still on fire from the boy’s comments. I really wanted to show them how attractive I was in my boy shorts and top….but, it wouldn’t be right.

Phil broke in before I could form a sentence. “Don’t worry, Katy. We both promise not to say a word to anyone. You’d be doing us a favor.”

And, Jake added his endorsement. “It’s only Phil and Larry. They’ve seen you in a bikini. Come on, Sweetheart. Don’t be a spoiled-sport.”

As I continued to voice my displeasure with Jake’s suggestion he interrupted me. “Don’t forget the heels Katy.”

“I ahh…I suppose uhmm…I guess I could do it for just a moment,” I answered with a lump in my throat.

“That’s a good girl,” Jake replied.

“Awesome, Katy!” Larry added.

By the time I swung open the door my heart was racing in my chest. I was so nervous and excited and very apprehensive at the same time. I knew my girlfriends wouldn’t approve of their husbands seeing me in my lingerie. But, I was only going to show them for a minute or two and then get dressed again. Besides, I knew Jake wasn’t going to take no for an answer. So, I decided to strike a sexy S-shaped pose in the doorway; do a quick runway walk in front of them; maybe spin around the pole a couple of times, and that would be it!

When I came out they stared wide-eyed at me! I knew I should be embarrassed; and I suppose I was……But, knowing they were leering at my body made me almost swoon and I felt like running back into the dressing room before they had a chance to discover the goosebumps of excitement all over my body. But, I didn’t. If Jake wanted me to show off for him then I was going to do it, and do it well! After all, I’m an ex-cheerleader aren’t I? Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader!

After a few moments displaying myself I began feeling more comfortable being an object for their pleasure and my heart was beating so rapidly that I thought they might see my breasts (they were already calling them “melons”) heaving through the skimpy see-thru material. My hands were trembling as I put them on my hips and pulled my boy shorts up into my crack, exposing the tender skin of my buttocks as the boys whistled their approval and my husband complimented my performance.

My mind was spinning as I displayed myself before them in my matching panties and bra, excited by their attentions and wondering if I had gone too far by flaunting myself so openly. “Oh, my goodness!” I whispered to myself as I felt the wetness between my legs and knew it was time to change.

The boys were going to like my next outfit. It was a decorative set of black sheer bra and panties with a pair of four inch, ankle-strap heels to match. And, for good measure I slipped my thigh highs onto my legs. As soon as I came back out they whistled their approval! I went straight for the pole and started unashamedly camping it up for them, spinning and even lifting my legs off the floor as I held myself up. It was such a guilty pleasure! And, it was fun seeing Jake with his chest puffed out, being so proud of me as he played his little game of ‘Showing Off My Sexy Wife’ as I spun seductively on the pole.

I’m not sure of everything they said this time out, but I do know their comment were more crude and tasteless. Oh, they mentioned my sexy flat tummy and my shapely legs and how beautiful I looked in my bra and how pretty my boobs looked. But, they did it in such tawdry and vulgar way. I guess I got caught up in the moment again because when Jake suggested I take my bra off and lay down on the coffee table I didn’t even think of refusing him.

I continued to flaunt myself as I slipped the bra straps off my shoulders and closed my arms over my boobs and let the bra fall from my soft pointed breasts and gather around my waist. I could feel my hard nipples poking into my wrist and forearm as I leaned towards them; one hand holding the pole and the other covering my breasts. I was so hot!

The boys kept asking me to take my panties off too and the thought of being completely naked in front of them was so exciting! I slipped my fingers under the top of my panties and pulled them halfway down my bottom and drove the boys crazy by wiggling my bottom in front of them! Well, enough is enough I told myself. I pulled my bra back on and let them know the show was over! Jake obviously wasn’t ready for my exposure to end, as he pushed one of coffee tables next to the pole and told me to give us a show of taking off my stockings for them.

I don’t know exactly why doing this little strip for them made me hot! Maybe I’d seen too many old movies where the heroine lifts her leg onto a chair and seductively rolls her stockings down her legs as her lover watches! All I can tell you is that my pussy was on fire by the time both stockings were off! I sat on the edge of the table and spread my legs for the boys as they helped me into a pair of heels. My legs were wide open for them now and my pussy was crying out to be touched and played with!

Noticing how aroused I was, Jake pushed the second table against the first and told me to pose on them so the boys could get closer.

As I spread out across the tables I feigned a protest, “This might not be a good idea, Honey.”

But, Jake would have none of it. “Don’t be such a prude,” he said to me. Oh my god, it turned me on when he said that! It was as if he had given me a green light to be naughty!

I was still a bit apprehensive as each of them scooted up onto the edge of their chairs to get a closer look at me. Jake directed me into several poses, but within moments I took over and began taking up different poses on my own. Poses such as rolling onto my tummy and playfully kicking up my heels; laying on my side and lifting my leg straight up; and sitting on my bottom and pulling my knees into my chest to tease them by covering my breasts. The boy’s comments even naughtier now!

I’m embarrassed to admit how aroused it made me each time Phil and Larry made their lurid remarks. I was so turned on! I couldn’t help myself and started posing to their requests, which were very unladylike and inappropriate, given they were my best friend’s husbands.

“Caress your tits for us Katy,” Phil asked and I was so aroused that I put my hands on my breasts and started kneading them, lifting them up and pointing my nipples first at the boys and them my mouth.

“Like this Phil? Is this what you want to see?” I asked.

“Oh hell yeah!” he replied. “Now put your fingers in your pussy,” he said, and I pushed my hand under my flimsy panties and played with myself without even protesting. It felt so good to touch myself in front of them and listen to them talking about me. Oh, god I was hot!

I might have let out a little sigh; I’m not sure. But, I couldn’t believe what I heard when Larry asked to see my anus; or, “asshole” as he called it. It probably sounds a bit dirty but I wanted to show him, hesitating only until Jake prompted me. “Come on, Katy. Get on your knees and show us,” he commanded.

“I guess if Jake doesn’t mind…” I told Larry. I lifted up onto all fours and backed up to him, pushing my butt up in the air like I was an erotic dancer on the stage. Balancing on my hands and knees, I reached behind my bottom with my hand, grabbed a handful of flesh and pulled my cheeks apart. Well! I was too embarrassed to look at them so I was caught off guard when I felt two hands touching my bottom!

I felt so cheap when Phil put his finger under my panties and touched my little anus, but I was turned on at the same time and became even more so as they comment about it.

“Damn, Katy’s asshole is as pretty as the rest of her,” Larry commented.

“Look at that! It’s the same color as her nipples; a light fleshy pink,” Phil added. “I’d sure love to stick my cock in that!”

“Would you like that, Katy?” he asked.

“I…ahhhh…I….boys,” I was searching for the right words for a moment. “Why, thank you Phil. But, that would certainly not be appropriate, or very ladylike!” I answered, trying to maintain my decorum while my pussy was leaking like a faucet!

“Katy’s such a hot lady,” Larry commented and shoved his elbow hard into Phil’s shoulder. “Of course she doesn’t want to take you in her ass! You moron!”

Both of the guys asked if they could touch my boobs and pussy, but Jake wouldn’t give his okay. I kind of felt bad for them. Their dicks were hard and tent-poling in their slacks and they wanted to touch me so badly that they kept asking; prompting Jake to finally budge a little. “I’ll tell you what, boys. You can play with her tits and pussy for a minute. But, that’s all.” he told them and added a warning to make sure they understood the rules. “I mean it,” he said and then told me to lie on my back.

As soon as I turned over Larry slipped his hand into my bra! I just melted when his fingers touched the soft, forbidden skin of my nipples a jolt of excitement rushed through my entire body! A proper lady doesn’t allow this to happen, I thought. But, it was happening to me and I am very much a proper lady. Well, their fingers felt very nice and my pussy was feeling quite damp and Jake had told me not to be a prude so I closed my eyes and let them keep playing with me while butterflies raced around my stomach.

“Oh, my! That feels so good,” I said spreading my legs open for them, my pussy sopping wet as they took turns thumbing and tweaking my nipples, moving their fingers in and out of my pussy and complimenting me. I honestly don’t know which I me hotter; the feel of their hands on my body or hearing their lust filled comments. Maybe it was a combination of both that made me orgasm when Larry’s hand once again slipped under the band of my panties, touched my clitoris and then began rubbing it vigorously! I just couldn’t hold it back and I tried to cum as quickly and quietly as I could but I’m afraid I might have moaned a soft, “Mmmmmm…..Yeeesssss!”

True to their word, they quit after Jake told them time was up. I know they both wanted to keep playing with me and hoped to get a chance to fuck me. But they weren’t about to cross Jake!

Jake realized it was getting very late and the store manager would be back any time now; so he called an end to his game of ‘Showing Off My Sexy Wife’ and let the boys know it was time to be leaving. They were both disappointed and to tell you the truth, so was I. I got up from the coffee table, stood on wobbly knees and tried to compose myself as Jake shooed his buddies from the lingerie shop.

Both of them thanked me and complimented me one last time as Jake escorted them away.

“That’s so sweet of you, boys!” I answered and reminded them of their promise; which they both acknowledged as they left.

“You need to hurry, Sweetheart. The manager’ll be back any minute,” he warned after closing the door behind Larry and Phil.

“Why should it matter?” I smarmily responded. “You just exposed me to two of our best friends. Maybe you’d like to show my pussy to the manager too!”

“You loved it, Katy,” Jake insisted as he watched me gather up my clothes.

“Hmmph!” I retorted. “I certainly did not!”

“Oh, come on! It turns you on.”

“Why I never!” I assured my husband that I didn’t become the least bit aroused by his little game. “Respectable ladies don’t have fantasies of exposing themselves!”

The manager arrived just as I finished dressing and collecting my things. We were walking out the door, our arms full of packages, as she stood stoically; holding it open and looking rather put off by the situation.

“Ol biddy!” I said after passing by her and in a voice loud enough for her to hear.

When we arrived home I apologized to the sitter for our tardiness and gave her a very nice tip. After putting the kids to bed Jake fucked me long and hard; just the way I like it! Afterward, as we snuggled together I asked him, “Was I a nasty little wife for you today?”

He didn’t need to answer because I knew I was.

Chapter 03

“Hmmph!” I snorted at Jake as he continued to insist I go outside with him to wash our car wearing my blue satin panties in the place of my blue bikini bottoms. Jake knew I wanted the car looking spotless for tonight’s party and he thought it might give him an opportunity to leverage me into showing off for him.

“Relax, Katy. The kids are at Grandma’s. The garage is a hundred feet from the sidewalk. Nobody will even notice. We’re too far away from the street. Just put on the panties instead of the bikini bottom and I’ll meet you outside,” he responded.

“I’ll do nothing of the sort,” I scolded and continued brushing my hair.

Tonight’s party was the ‘End of Summer’ ball; one of the biggest parties of the year for the North Texas chapter of the Conservative Women’s Voting League and everything had to be just right. The league had reserved an entire floor of rooms in the Four Seasons hotel downtown. All our friends would be there; Phil and Nicole, Larry and Amber, Sam and Ana, and Joe and Judy. Tonight was going to be so much fun!

“Yes, you will,” he replied playfully, grabbed them from my panty drawer and tossed them onto the bed beside my bikini.

I must admit; the satin panties, with small front and back panels and thin straps between them did look very similar to my bikini bottoms. And, from a distance it would be hard to tell the difference. But, even if no one else knew, I would know. And it was Saturday morning and our neighbors would be out and about. What if they decided to come over and chat while we washed the car?

I decided it was time to stand my ground. I stood up with my feet apart; my hands crossed indignantly in front of my chest and told him, “I’m not your little floosy, Jake. I don’t exist solely for your pleasure and you will treat me like a lady!”

When he didn’t respond, I assumed I had won the argument. “Wow!” I thought to myself. “That’s a first.” Jake always gets his way and to be truthful, I was a little disappointed he didn’t bend me over his knee and give me a spanking. I just love it when he does that! He’s such a man’s man. He’s an ex-marine, over six feet tall and made of solid muscle.

I needn’t have been disappointed because no sooner had I finished my little display of defiance, than he took charge. All in one motion Jake pulled me by the arm, sat on the edge of the bed and laid me across his lap.

Knowing how this game is played, I pulled my legs together and kicked my feet like a little girl while he held me down with one of his strong arms and pulled my pajamas down with the other. I wanted to scream, “Spank my bottom hard!” Instead, I stayed in my role and screamed for him to let me go as I struggled to get free from his grasp.

Well, my protesting didn’t convince him to release me. In fact, it seemed to have the opposite effect and I braced myself to receive his first swat. “Ouch! That hurts!” I yelped as Jake’s big hand stung my bare bottom and my only disappointment was that it wasn’t hard enough.

I kicked my feet more rapidly and was wiggling in his lap to get away when the second swat came. Oh, my goodness! That one stung! “Owwh!” I screamed. I could feel the heat rising on my butt cheeks as I prepared for my third swat; hoping it would be just as hard as the second.

The third swat came quickly on the heels of the second. It stung just as much and my pussy warmed up right along with my bottom. This time Jake asked me, “Now, are you going to wear the panties?”

I feigned a whimper, forced a few tears and reached behind me to cover my behind with my hands before answering. “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll parade around for you in my panties. Now, let…me….go!”

He let me break from his grasp. I stood, and as I pulled my pajamas up he told me, “Good girl, Katy.”

“Hmmph!” I snorted, letting him know how much I disapproved before grabbing the panties and bikini top and marching off to the bathroom to change, rubbing my tender bottom as I went.

“Oh, and wear your new wedge heels too, baby! I’ll see you outside!” he shouted gleefully from halfway down the stairs.

We live in a community of new homes in the suburbs and the houses are set back onto large lots with long driveways and about fifty feet of space between each house. The house on the east side of us was still unsold. But, the house on the other side was lived in by an up and coming conservative couple like ourselves, named Brian and Mandy. Now, we’re all good friends.

I keep telling Jake that his little game of ‘Showing Off My Sexy Wife’ needs to come to a quick end. We have an image to protect, for goodness sakes! But, he doesn’t seem to care and it’s very frustrating! He’s already tricked me into several rather compromising situations that I’d rather not talk about. Suffice it to say; he’s being a horny devil and I’ve just about had enough of his antics.

After arranging the bikini top over my boobs, I slid the panties up my long firm legs and onto my butt. Then, I stepped into my new wedges. With them on, I’m almost six feet tall with long, curly black hair and brown eyes. Jake likes to call me his brunette beauty queen and I just love him for thinking of me in that way.

“Jake Roberts! You’re up to something. I just know it,” I said to myself as I arranged my panties on my hips until they mimicked how my bikini bottoms would look. “Hmmm, pretty close match, but that is trouble,” I said, noticing how my black bush was visible through the thin fabric and wondering if it could be seen from the sidewalk once I was outside.

I felt so naughty walking out the door and into the late morning sun to join Jake in our driveway dressed so scantily. He acted nonchalant about the whole thing and threw me a sponge as he filled the bucket full of soapy water. I kept myself hidden as best I could behind the car where nobody walking down the sidewalk could see me below my waist.

Jake just carried on as if nothing was out of the ordinary; as if it was perfectly normal for his beautiful, conservative wife to be washing the family car on a sunny Saturday morning in her high heels, panties and bikini top!

I wasn’t about to admit it to Jake, but my pussy was tingling from the excitement of being so exposed. “Hellooo?” I said, incredulous that he hadn’t said anything. “Here I am in my underwear. I can’t believe I’m doing this for you, Jake. Are you happy now?”

“Oh, stop your whining and get over here to help me with the front grill,” he answered playfully as he sprayed down the front of the BMW. “You love doing this,” he added.

“Hmmph!” I retorted and pranced myself out into the open for the entire world to see. “What if Brian and Mandy see me, Jake? I’ll be sooo embarrassed.”

“They’ve left for the day, Katy. I talked to Brian earlier this morning as they were pulling out of their garage.”

Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about them seeing me. But, across the street I saw that Ron and Debbie Wilson, a fifty-something couple, were both outside working on their front yard flower beds. I noticed that Ron looked up as I soaped up the grill and seemed to be staring quite intently. Well, I could hardly blame him and I wondered if he could see my pussy. “I hope so,” I thought naughtily.

“Looks like Ron is enjoying the morning,” Jake said sarcastically as I bent over to wash the underside of the bumper. “But, Debbie doesn’t seem to approve.”

I sneaked a peek across the street and saw her staring at Ron with her hands on her hips, and giggled. “The old biddie. Poor Mr. Wilson. He’s in trouble isn’t he?”

“Yep, I’d say so,” Jake replied. “She just swatted him on the back of the head.”

We took our time washing the Beemer. And, why not? It was such a nice, sunny day and the car was so dirty. I have to admit to getting a bit more daring as time went on; doing things like bending over straight-legged to soap up my sponge and bending over the hood to wash the windshield.

I felt so sorry for Mr. Wilson. His wife shouldn’t be mad at him for staring at me. It’s not his fault. It’s Jake’s! Just as I was thinking about it, Jake sprayed me with the hose!

“Eeeeekkkk!” I shrieked as tiny droplets of cold water sprayed across my chest. I hopped about in my high heels; my boobs jiggling up and down as I bounced from one foot to the other and pushed my arms straight out toward him as if I could block the spray with my hands, and shouted for Jake to quit. “These are brand new heels,” I protested and added, “You’re going to mess up my hair!” He eventually stopped; but not until my outfit was wet.

I was so embarrassed. There I was, standing in my driveway with my nipples poking out of my bikini top like little pencil erasers and the wet satin fabric was clinging to my pussy lips and completely see-thru. I wondered if any more of the neighbors were watching.

“Now you look good,” Jake said and snickered at me.

“Honey, look what you’ve done. You’ve got me all wet and my nipples and pussy are showing.” I tightened my jaw and spoke through clenched teeth. “What if they can see?” I said as I motioned with my eyes toward the Wilsons.

“If he cranes that neck much more, he’ll give himself a whiplash,” he retorted. “Come on, the car’s only halfway washed. Let’s finish up. We’ve got a lot to do before the party.”

“You just love playing your little game, don’t you?” I asked sternly as I bent over the fender to scrub the hood, showing off my wet bottom in the process.

“What? Me?”

“Yes, you,” I said and soaped up the hood as I spoke.

“Hey, A guy has to have some fun, doesn’t he? Besides, you love it too, Katy.”

“I most certainly do not,” I told him. But, the truth is that I most certainly do! My pussy was wet from being exposed to our neighbors. But, we have an image to maintain and I’m not about to admit that his little game of ‘Show Off My Sexy Wife’ is so much fun for me. That would only encourage him.

Well, by the time we finished there seemed to be a few more husbands out in their front yards, all sneaking looks down the street toward me. Jake was parading about with his chest pushed out, proud as a rooster. I suppose no harm was done, except with the neighborhood wives. “Jealous little vixens,” I whispered to myself as we finished up.

Jake must’ve heard me whispering because he asked, “What’s that hon?”

“Oh, uh,” I had to think of something to say pretty fast. “Just some little sticks in…..here, Sweety!” And, I bent over one last time, pretending to pick them from the spokes of the wheel rims.

I spent the afternoon checking up on our two kids and running last minute errands to get ready for the party. I made the circuit of Grandma’s house, the pet food store, Victoria’s Secret and the liquor store. Jake was running some errands as well, and we were both scheduled to meet back home by six.

“Perfect,” I said while applying my last bit of lipstick doing sixty-five down the interstate. I pulled my sunglasses out of my long dark hair and over my blue eyes. I always want to look terrific when I leave the house. I want just the right outfit and just the right look for all occasions. Like, today for instance. After we finished washing the car I put on my color coordinated Chanel blue skirt, white blouse and matching accessories. Our image is important to us. Jake understands this and supports it completely.

That’s why I didn’t really understand the little episodes of ‘Showing Off My Sexy Wife’ that Jake had forced on me a few weeks ago. He knows that all we really have is our reputation. If we ruin it, we might as well move out of town! Showing me off in front of two of his best friends in my panties and bra was so reckless! “What if Nicole and Amber had found out, Jake!” I said out loud, as I weaved between slower cars, adding, “Damn it, Jake! You let them stare at my pussy, for goodness sakes!”

Pulling into our neighborhood I was still thinking about it. “Just model the dresses I bought for you,” Jake had said. “C’mon baby, this is Phil and Larry we’re talking about here. You’ve modeled before in beauty pageants, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to model for them. They need your help to get gift ideas for their wife’s Christmas presents,” Jake had said. “Besides, they aren’t going to tell Nicole and Amber.”

I had been completely embarrassed that afternoon. Nicole and Amber are two of my best friends. They would never have approved of their husbands watching me model sexy dresses for them. Let alone, allowing them to see me all but naked! By the time Jake was done sweet-talking me, the only clothes I had on were my stiletto heels and a see-thru g-string.

And that episode was not long after he had me wear that tiny little pair of low-cut stretch shorts to the racquetball game with Phil. By the end of our second game my perspiration had made the shorts transparent. With the crotch liner cut out, the stretchy, wet fabric had molded to the lips of my pussy. Not only was it producing a huge camel-toe, but it was transparent. How completely embarrassing!

Jake’s car was already there and after parking the car I looked into the mirror to make sure my makeup was in place, saying out loud to myself, “I’m not a tramp, Jake. I’m a respected, conservative woman in our community. I’m attractive, tall and slender, great legs, long thick curly hair and blue eyes. That should be enough for you, honey!” I let out a little frustrating whine as I slammed the car door. “humph!”

Attending parties with my girlfriends is always fun. We always get together at the same table. We were all in our late twenties or early thirties; pretty and opinionated conservative women! Oh, my goodness, if they knew that Jake had shown me off to each of their husbands, I would just die!

To be truthful, I did enjoy thinking about it when I was around them. I enjoyed the thought of having done something nasty with the husbands that my girlfriends didn’t know anything about. Of course, I would never do anything to hurt them. I was embarrassed to even think those thoughts. But, it was fun to know that all of their husbands wanted to fuck me. I would never do it. Not in a million years. And, Jake would never ask me to. Or, would he? No, no way! He had his fun with his buddies and now it’s over.

Besides, Jake’s buddies are scared of him. They wouldn’t want to be on his bad side and in his crosshairs. Jake may be an investment banker, but he’d be just as comfortable in a platoon of Marines! He’s a tough man, period. That’s one of the things I love about him. He’s a man’s man! He’s strong, smart and sure of himself! Jake is 6’3″ and 225lbs with blonde hair and real good looks.

I like to think that I am the perfect match for him! I know he would never consider leaving me. After all, we are both 30 and in the prime of our lives. We have two beautiful children. And, we have each other’s hearts.

The problem is a lot of other young and attractive women think they are the perfect match for him too. I am not going to give those little vixens a chance to cause trouble. So, in regards to his little indiscretions with me; my thinking was that if Jake wants to have a little fun by dressing me up sexy and showing me off like a little tramp, then I’d just play along. Which I did! And, now we’re done!

Besides, I did get a lot of sexy lingerie and pretty dresses for my effort! The dress he bought me for End of Summer Ball is so pretty. And, the high-heeled sandals he purchased match it perfectly! I love my dress so much that I promised Jake I would wear the French-cut bra and panties with it. And yes, I would even wear the garter belt and stockings! Nobody can possibly see them under my full-length gown anyway! It was so thoughtful of Jake to let me buy a dress that didn’t make me look like a high priced hooker. “Elegant and conservative,” I said as I held it in front of me, while looking in the mirror after arriving back home.

After a bath, Jake packed up the car with our clothes for the party, my makeup case and overnight bags. Then, we sped downtown to the Four Seasons. After running across some friends in the lobby we made our way up to the 12th floor to find out that our room was directly across from Sam and Ana’s and only a few doors down from Larry and Amber’s.

The room was very impressive. Jake had reserved a suite, complete with a living area in the front, furnished with a wet bar, comfortable sofa and two high backed arm chairs. In the back of the suite was a very nice king sized bed and a cushioned sofa on the far side of it. And, the bathroom came with a Jacuzzi large enough for four.

It wasn’t long before they were all in our room for a pre-party drink and a chance for us girls to compare our outfits. My goodness, Larry was already drunk and Amber was none too pleased about it! But, that didn’t stop us from our fun. We all had drinks, us girls gossiped about the people we would see downstairs, and the men joked and cut up like they always do.

Us girls took turns unzipping our garment bags to show off our dresses and I went last because I knew mine was prettier than theirs. Ana and Amber’s were very pretty but as I unzipped mine I knew they’d be jealous of my long red gown.

When I saw what was inside my eyes opened as wide as saucers. Gone was my beautiful red gown! It was replaced by the tiny little black silk dress that Jake had bought for me and promised I would never have to wear outside of our own bedroom!

Well, I held it up in front of me and gave Jake an angry look. And, all I got back was a shit-eating grin.

“Whooohooo!” Sam hooted, earning him a punch on his arm from Ana.

“Girlfriend!” Amber said jokingly. “This isn’t the Erotic Ball!”

My face turned ten shades of red and my jaw tightened, but I managed to maintain my composure and tried to make it sound like no big deal. “Isn’t this a nice surprise? Jake, you’re so thoughtful to include my after-party, for-your-eyes-only dress! I’ll go down to the car in a few minutes and get my beautiful red gown.”

Larry chimed in, “Jesshhh, Kashee. We coood shhee urr titsh in zzhat.”

“Larry, I’m sure that’s just the alcohol talking,” I replied as Amber kicked him in the shin.

The comment from Larry worked to clear out the room and once the door closed I turned to Jake.

“What?” he said, as I my eyes stared like laser beams at him.

“Jake Roberts, what are you up to? Where’s my red gown?”

“I left it at home, Sweety,” he replied and held up the little black dress. “This’ll look much better on you. I even bought you a sexy pair of strappy sandals and stockings to match it.”

I looked in the bottom of the garment bag and pulled out the stockings and heels but didn’t find any panties or bra. “Honey, you didn’t bring me any undies.”

“Yeah, the sales lady said this dress is too skimpy to wear normal panties so I purchased a little g-string to go with it,” he said.

I looked back into the bag and found the tiny g-string. “It was so small I missed it the first time,” I replied, holding the little thing in front of me, dangling delicately off my fingernail. “Honey, this won’t even cover my pussy.”

“She said your panty lines would show through the thin fabric and a bra wouldn’t let the halter cling to the swells of your breasts. Oh, before I forget; I brought you this for later,” he said, reached into the dresser and pulled a leopard print corset from the drawer with a sexy pair of matching stockings and heels.

“Jake, you’re so thoughtful,” I said sarcastically with a smile on my face. With my voice rising I added, “That’s what I love about you.”

Larry was right about my dress. The halter top hugged my breasts; barely covering them and showed way too much cleavage. And, that wasn’t all. The thin silk dress was tight around my waist, draped seductively off my hips, and was way too short.

“Jake, this dress is inappropriate for tonight’s festivities,” I told him.

“No it’s not.”

“Yes, it is. It barely covers my boobs and it’s way too short.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Jake, it certainly is! It’s as short as of one of my teddies.” Okay, so I was exaggerating; but only a little bit. The dress was so short that it barely covered the lacy tops of my stockings.

No, it’s not,” he answered one last time and looked at me with his chin down.

Well, I know what that means and I wasn’t in the mood for a spanking so I gave up my protestations. “Hmmph!” I sounded off indignantly, pulled the little dress over my hips and fastened the halter behind my neck.

Next, I slid the tiny g-string on and then my black thigh-high stockings. I slid into my high heels, admiring the feminine strappy sandals and complimenting Jake on his choice. I mixed Jake and I one more drink for the trip down to the party. After handing Jake his drink I spent a few moments adjusting my g-string, trying desperately, albeit unsuccessfully, to keep the string from finding its way between my labia.

“Jake Roberts,” I said as I lifted the front of my dress up to show him. “I’ll spend the entire evening with my panties crawling into my pussy.”

“Just the way I like it, Sweety. You look lovely. You’re my beauty queen.” he replied. “Finish your drink. The party is waiting and I’ve got a surprise for you downstairs.”

“You know I love surprises,” I said to him.

It’s so hard for me to say no to him. Especially when he calls me his beauty queen. I just melt every time he says it. Besides, he loves me so much and he’s just a teddy bear inside of a marine’s body. I decided to make the best of it. If he wants me looking like a floosy tonight, then that’s what he’ll get.

Off we went! Jake walking fast and me trying to keep up as best I could in four inch heels; my boobs jiggling and my dress bouncing off my butt. As we made our way into the ballroom I was wondering what my surprise was going to be.

The party was in full swing when we walked into the ballroom. Thankfully, my girlfriends had staked out a table in the corner, giving us all a nice place to party away from the busy lanes of traffic. At first, I was still self-conscious about my dress. But, with the help of a couple of drinks the feeling faded away.

We all partied and drank and danced. All my girlfriend’s husbands flirted with me. They always do and they get quite brazen about it when they’re drunk. I feel bad for my girlfriends; but what am I supposed to do? I just fend them off as best I can; gently removing their hands from my hips, and reminding them we are all married.

“Katy, let me introduce you to Senator George Hastings,” Jake said. interrupting a joke I was telling my friends at the table right before I was to deliver the punch-line. I swung around to see the current senator of our state; a large man in his mid-fifties. He was bald on top but it seemed to suite him well. He wasn’t fat. Instead, he was just a big man and he reminded me of what Jake might look like in twenty years.

“Hello, Katy Roberts. Very nice to meet you. Jake tells me you’re quite a handful,” The Senator said. “I see that his assessment was spot on.”

I gave Jake a quick glance, raising my right eyebrow and said, “He’s quite the judge of talent, Senator.” I put my hand on his forearm, ignored his look at my cleavage and told him, “Thank you and it’s very nice to meet you to.” I don’t know why, but whenever a powerful man looks at my body I get a tingly feeling. And, this time was no exception. Senator Hastings had a great deal of influence in North Texas. He obviously liked how I looked in my dress and I began thinking that maybe Jake knew what he was doing all along.

“Let me introduce to you a friend of mine, Katy,” Senator Hastings said and motioned to the tall man standing beside him. I smiled pleasantly and extended my hand, noticing how good looking he was as I was introduced to Marc Amiri; a journalist for Der Spiegel magazine. Jake explained that Marc was on assignment, covering the Senator’s re-election campaign.

Marc spoke in a heavy German accent, introducing himself and telling me about his assignment. “I will be here until the election. I understand you and your husband will be involved in the campaign?”

The news caught me by surprise. Jake must’ve been working on this without letting me in on it. I pretended to know, saying, “Oh…Uhmmm, yes. Yes, we will. We’re very excited to be helping Senator Hastings’s efforts.” I put on my best charming face. Perhaps I could convince Marc to mention us in his articles. Der Spiegel was Europe’s most popular and influential weekly. Working our way into Marc’s correspondence would help our image tremendously!

“Perhaps you would like to come to our home next week and interview us, Marc. You might benefit from gaining the perspective of an up and coming conservative couple,” I suggested.

“That’s a terrific idea, Katy,” Senator Hastings broke in with his support for the interview.

“Then, it’s a date,” Marc assured me. “I’ll contact Jake to set it up.”

The Senator then excused himself, saying he had a lot of hands to shake and people to meet. He and Marc made their way back to their table. All of my girlfriends were impressed; and jealous too! The guys began patting Jake on the back and congratulating him.

“Very nice work, Sweety,” I told him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Nothing to it, Katy. With you looking so sexy, it was an easy close,” he answered, making me feel very proud of myself and my husband.

Around eleven thirty Jake took me out onto the dance floor. He’s such a gentleman. Unlike his buddies, he hadn’t flirted with their wives. To show him my appreciation I let him twirl me a few times on the dance floor. He just loved it! I’m sure my stocking tops showed each time he spun me around. I’m not sure if my dress flew high enough to show anything else. I certainly hoped not.

After the last twirl he pulled me in close. “It’s time for your surprise,” he whispered into my ear.

I played right along with him, nibbled his ear and whispered, “I’ve been waiting all night.”

“It’s eleven thirty,” he said. “For the next half hour you’re not allowed to say no to anything my buddies ask. You’re not to push their hands away or deny their advances.”

I pulled away from his neck. “Excuse me?” I said in a voice a bit louder than I should have.

“You heard me. It’s a different kind of surprise, Katy.”

“It certainly is,” I replied, still trying to figure out if he was serious.

“It’s only a half hour. I’ll be out here dancing with the girls. You can stay at the table. You might get away with nothing happening at all.”

“Jake, those guys come at me like bees to honey,” I replied.

“Don’t be such a prude,” he said and led me off the dance floor.

“Jake, Senator Hastings and the president of your brokerage is only two tables away. The chairwoman of the Voting League is right over there. You can’t be serious.”

He didn’t even answer me. Instead, Jake deposited me at our table and led Ana away in his arms. She was all smiles; having her first dance with my man! Meanwhile, my head was still spinning from Jake’s little ‘surprise’.

I sat down in our spot at the table with my back to the corner of the banquet hall, facing Judy and Nicole across the table. With Jake on the dance floor, it didn’t take long for Joe and Phil to move in; one on each side of me. While I talked across the table to my girlfriends, their husbands talked across me with each other. Everyone was partying and having fun. Everyone except for Amber and Larry. They were already gone and I wondered why.

First things, first; I needed to protect myself from these two pervs. I crossed my legs tight and pulled my dress as far down my thighs as it would go, hoping that would dissuade the boys from taking liberties. “There, that should do it,” I said to myself.

I asked Nicole where Amber and Larry had gone. “He was so drunk,” she replied. “She chewed him out and went to her room.”

“Poor Larry. He’s been drunk for hours,” I said. “I feel bad for him. And, Nicole to.”

Judy chimed in. “Yeah, he staggered away after her. But, he could barely walk. I’m sure they’re okay by now. He needs to learn how to behave at a party; like our hubbies!”

I replied with a nervous giggle. “Behave, like your husband?” I said to myself as Joe’s hand rested on my leg; two fingers and his thumb playing with the hem of my dress and the other two resting on my stocking. He’s tried to feel me up many times before, without any luck. So now, when he didn’t encounter any resistance from me a smile curled on his lips and he pushed further into the previously undiscovered territory of my upper thighs.

He slid his hand under the hem of my dress which was still tucked tightly under my legs. His hand rose onto its fingertips, walking up my thigh like a cat stalking a mouse and very soon he found the tops of my stockings. Joe spent a few moments enjoying the feel of the lace and the velvety soft flesh of my thigh, only inches from my panty.

Normally, I’d have already pushed Joe’s hand off my leg and reminded him that his wife was only a few feet away. But, Jake had told me not to deny any of his buddy’s advances so I let him continue. I looked at the clock; twenty minutes to go. Then, I looked out on the dance floor and found Jake staring at me while Ana had her head buried in his neck. “Little hussy,” I said to myself as I watched her flirting with my husband.

I didn’t take long for Phil to notice what was going on under the table.

“Well, look at you two,” Phil whispered to me. “Looks like I’ve been missing out on a good time.” His hand joined in the action. Now, I had a hand on each leg; both above my stocking tops and my dress was being pulled, scrunching up at the top of my legs. I looked down and saw that they had it pulled up far enough for my panties to be visible.

“I don’t know what you mean, Phil,” I said indignantly, but very quietly, trying to save a small semblance of my honor.

“It’s nice to get another look at that pretty bush of yours, Katy. But, I want a chance to play with it too,” he said.

“Humph!” I snorted back at him. Then, I leaned into him and lectured, “You two had better not let my girlfriends see you.” I warned them both, adding, “And, you sure don’t want Jake to see you with your hands between my legs, do you?”

“That’s for damn sure,” he said. “But, Jake’s still out there dancing,” He said.

Thank goodness the back of my dress was firmly tucked under my tush or they’d have it around my waist! I nervously looked at the clock. I still had fifteen minutes to go. Jake had already swapped Ana out for Nicole and was back on the dance floor. Maybe this is all they’ll do, I thought.

I found out how wrong I was when Joe whispered with his hand over his mouth, “Lift up.”

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I knew Jake would be mad if I didn’t comply, so I kept my legs tightly crossed, balanced a hand on the chair cushion and lifted my bottom ever so slightly off the cushion while I continued talking and laughing with my girlfriends.

I could feel the cold air rush under my dress as Phil and Joe pulled it off my hips. “Oh, my!” I said quietly, noticing for the first time that my pussy was wet, and hoping the men didn’t notice it to. No such luck! The tiny front panel of my g-string was already soaked. Now that it was wet, it clung to my outer lips. “Oh, no!” I said softly, as I stole a quick glimpse down. My pussy’s lips were swollen to the point of pulling the see-thru fabric tight; making it even more see-thru than before and I could clearly see a dark, wet slit between them, glistening invitingly. The boys both looked down at my crotch as if they were they were admiring their first conquest.

My words seemed to encourage them further and they played with my g-string; sliding their fingers under the strings and eventually pushing under the panel covering my bush and running their fingers through my pubic hair.

All of this was rather embarrassing. They couldn’t reach my pussy, but it was already sopping wet and responding to their probing fingers. “Please, please, don’t notice what’s happening,” I said to myself as I talked with Ana and Judy across the table. Thank goodness the guys were doing a good job of acting normal from the waist up; To my left, Phil had his right hand in my crotch and the other on the tabletop. To my right, Joe was caressing my thigh with his left hand and holding a cigarette in his right. Apparently their wives didn’t suspect a thing.

I looked at the clock. It was ten minutes till midnight and the second hand seemed to be moving excruciatingly slow.

“At least they can’t get their fingers in my pussy,” I said to myself as I held my legs tightly together.

I was so wrong about that. “Scoot up to the edge of the chair and spread your legs wide,” Joe instructed.

Reluctantly, I did as he said and scooted my tush forward until my pussy was clear of the cushion’s edge. I uncrossed my legs and took up a wide stance with my feet far enough apart for their hands to have easy access to my sex. I was dripping wet!

I thought of how lucky I was that the table had a long white tablecloth. I leaned forward and rested my chin in my hands, pretending to be engrossed in my conversation with my girlfriends. In reality, all I could think of was Joe and Phil’s hands on the inside of my thighs, pulling my legs so far apart that I felt the air flowing across the lips of my sopping wet pussy. Thank goodness we were in the corner of the ballroom with nobody behind us.

Naturally, as my legs opened, so did my labia. As they pulled apart, my g-string quickly slipped between them, tickling my clitoris. I needn’t have worried about my panty being uncomfortably situated between the lips of my pussy because Joe wasted little time pulling it to the side and began sliding juice from my cunt onto my clit, rubbing his finger across it and pinching it between his first and middle finger.

I thought of what a nasty little wife I was. These two had been trying to get in my pants for over three years and I’d always spurned their advances. Now, right in front of their wives I was letting them play with me. Phil and Joe acted as if nothing was going on; laughing and cutting up with the girls and of course I joined in the conversation.

My pussy was on fire! I held the moans in as I looked at the clock. It was five minutes till midnight! Joe was tickling my clit and Phil was pushing his finger in and out of my cunt. I felt so nasty when I began pushing and wiggling against their fingers and I wasn’t sure I could hold off an orgasm before the clock struck midnight. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to.

Only two minutes to go and I was grinding on their fingers in front of my girlfriends, but I couldn’t help it. What’s a lady supposed to do? My body responds just like all the other girls. If Judy or Ana were in my position they’d have done the same thing. Wouldn’t they?

Thank goodness they were clueless to the goings on under the table! “Thirty seconds,” I told myself, working hard to keep my body under control as the second hand moved toward the twelve. The boys were working my pussy over pretty good and I wanted to moan out loud. But, I settled on gritting my teeth and pushing bursts of air silently across my lips.

“Twelve, eleven, ten, nine,” I counted down the seconds as I fought back an almost uncontrollable urge to let myself orgasm. I was beside myself with lust and snuck a peek under the tablecloth to see their fingers working on my cunt. I shouldn’t have done that. Seeing both their hands on my pussy threw me into an even higher state of arousal.

Only a few seconds to go, I thought. “Five, four, three,” Just as I thought I’d made it, I lost control and an orgasm swept through my body. I pulled my legs together, closed them on their hands, trapping them in my grasp and covered my face with my palms to hide my expression from Ana and Judy.

Joe and Phil pulled free and smiled at each other as I felt another wave rush up my body. With my eyes covered, my girlfriends couldn’t see them rolling back in my head. But, they could tell something wasn’t right.

“Katy, are you okay?” Ana asked with concern.

I had to wait a few seconds to collect myself before answering. “Just a little head rush. No big deal,” I replied with a shaky voice as my orgasm began to fade.

“I was worried about you for a second,” she said.

I lifted my head up, shook it, and pulled my hair back from my face. “It’s nothing, Ana. Oh, look. It’s midnight,” I replied, trying to change the subject. Joe and Phil quickly left the scene of the crime and headed for the bar to get another round.

That’s when Jake showed up. He’d obviously been watching the entire thing and timed his return. “Surprise!” he said sarcastically. “It’s getting late, Katy. Ready to go up to our room?”

“I certainly am!” I replied cheerfully, stood up and added, “You might have to help me. My legs are feeling a bit wobbly.”

“Yeah, she had a bad head rush,” Ana told him.

“I’ll take good care of her,” Jake responded and led me toward the elevator; holding me up until I regained my equilibrium.

“I hope you enjoyed that,” I said to him once we were alone on the elevator.

“Not as much as you did,” he replied.

“I most certainly did not enjoy it,” I answered quickly, adjusting my g-string and stockings before the elevator reached our floor.

“Want some help with that, you little schemer?” he asked as the doors slid open.

“Hmmph!” I snickered and walked ahead of him toward our room. “We both know that the female gender is not of a proper mind to scheme as we are too worried about looking pretty,” I added.

As we got closer we saw Larry sitting on the floor, leaning against his door. Jake and I exchanged a ‘what the fuck’ questioning look and stopped to find out what was going on.

“Larry, what’re you doing out here?” Jake asked.

He was really wasted. “Ambi ish pishhed. Shewonn lemme in,” he said, not even pulling his head off the door when he spoke.

Amber must have been listening because she announced through the door. “He’s not sleeping in here drunk on his ass like that. He can sleep in the hallway for all I care.”

“Amber, you can’t leave him out here all night,” Katy told her.

“Yes, I can. He’s so drunk it won’t matter to him if he sleeps in a bed or in the hallway.”

Jake spoke up. “He can sleep it off in our room, Amber.”

When he said that I elbowed him in the ribs! Through clenched teeth I whispered so Amber couldn’t hear. “No he cannot.”

“Katy, just leave him there,” Amber replied. Damn, she heard me!

It’s so embarrassing to get caught and I recovered as best I could, saying, “I meant to say; he cannot stay out here, Amber. We’ll get him into our suite until he sobers up. Don’t worry about a thing. Goodnight Amber.”

“Goodnight, Katy. Just toss him back out into the hall when you’re tired of him. Thanks,” she replied.

Amber didn’t know how much I wanted to leave him right where he was. I hate it when Jake’s buddies get drunk. That’s when they start coming on to me. Why can’t they hold their liquor like him? Jake’s such a man! I suppose that’s one of the reasons I love him so much.

Jake pulled Larry up and practically carried him into our room. He sat him on the bed, stripped him down to his boxers so he’d be comfortable and laid his head onto the pillow.

“Shanks, ol buddy,” Larry slurred and fell asleep without saying another word.

“At least Larry’s a gentleman. He’s the only one of your buddies that hasn’t tried to put his paws all over me. Unlike Phil and Joe!” I said.

“Yeah, Larry’s harmless. You want me to give Joe and Phil a call, Katy? They might enjoy doing some more partying,” he said with a wry grin.

“Such nice boys,” I said to Jake. A sly grin had crept across my sexy lips. “You do that Jake Roberts, and you won’t touch these for a long, long time,” I added, coyly pushing out my chest.

As soon as I said it, he pulled me into his arms. “I want some of those right now.”

“You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow morning, when Larry is gone,” I teased. I broke loose from his grasp and mixed us another drink while I continued to flirt. “So, you like the way this dress decorates my titties? It really lets them jiggle.” I cupped my hands under them, hoisted them up and down a few times, grinned and wiggled my eyebrows at him.

Jake chuckled and made a comment on what a sight I was. Phil and Joe would have squirted their brains into their pants.

“And, what about my friends? Did you have fun dancing with them?” I asked.

“Nothing special, Katy?” he replied.

“Were they looking cute tonight?” I asked in a tickling tone of voice. Then I gave him the staged pouting. “Cuter than me?” I whimpered.

“They couldn’t hold a candle to you.”

“Good!” I said, my eyes sparkling. “You’re not allowed to dance with anyone better looking than me.”

I turned away from him and waited for him to come up behind me. His hands migrated up my slim waist and stopped for a moment below my breasts. I turned my head. Jake ran his fingers up to the sides of my melons, “Beautiful,” he said. Then, in one smooth movement, he slid them into my halter, cupped my breasts in his hands and gave them a firm squeeze.

I drew a long, rasping breath. “Oh, Jake, no, Larry is here.” I whispered, my head falling back against his chest as he caressed me. Jake thrust his hips forward and rubbed his big, hard cock against my ass. “Mmmm, I love your big cock,” I said softly and arched my back in response.

He pulled his right hand from my breast, slid it up my neck to sweep my hair away and then kissed below my ear. With his other hand, he pulled my left breast from my dress, thumbing my nipple while he squeezed my tit.

I craned my arms back and closed my hands onto Jake’s muscled ass, pulling him into me. He ran his mouth up and down my neck a couple of times and then moved to my right ear. “You are so beautiful,” He whispered before thrusting the tip of his tongue into it.

“Oh, my god,” I said, shuddering as I turned my head toward him. “You’re such a man,” I said and pirouetted. Facing him, I grabbed his head and stuck my tongue into his mouth. We kissed passionately as he continued to fondle me.

“Let’s fuck, baby,” he said.

“Oh, honey, we can’t do this. Larry is right there,” I replied and pulled my halter back over my boob. I looked over at Larry lying drunk and passed out on the bed.

His penis was hard as a rock and had worked its way out of his boxer’s fly. “Oh my god, Jake. Larry’s penis is out of his boxers. It’s huge!” I exclaimed before realizing what I’d said. “Well, you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, Katy,” Jake snickered and squeezed by boob. “Hell, it’s even bigger’n mine. Does it turn you on, Baby?”

“I should slap you right this minute, Jake Roberts. It doesn’t turn me on in the least. I’m sure a big strapping cock like that keeps Amber happy, but I’ve got my own,” I told him and grabbed his cock.

“But it would be so nice to fuck you right now, and he’s passed out, so he’s not gonna see us,” He said. “Besides, I drank too much myself and I don’t know how long I can stay awake.”

“Oh, I know, baby, I know,” I said. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer. And, I didn’t want to say no, but what if Larry saw us? I decided the best strategy was to delay.

“Hey, honey, don’t forget about my corset,” I said, picking up the lingerie he’d bought me and dangling it from my pinched thumb and index finger. “You want to see me in this don’t you, Sweety? If you’ll wait here I’ll change in the bathroom.”

I darted in and closed to door behind me. “Whew, that was close,” I whispered to myself. The entire day’s events; Jake giving me a spanking, teasing our neighbors by washing the car in my undies, wearing this risqué dress to the party, Jake forcing me to let Phil and Joe take liberties with me. It all had me so worked up that I almost lost control of myself and let Jake fuck me with Larry in the room.

I took off my clothes, washed myself off and put perfume on all the right places. Then, I slid the sexy corset over my hips and pulled it onto my tits. “My goodness, don’t I look good in this!” I said, admiring myself in the mirror.

My smooth, creamy white breasts contrasted with the dark lace of the corset. The corset’s bra squeezed my breasts together, creating a deep cleavage. This further emphasized the fullness of my breasts, making them look like they wanted to spill out of the cups of the bra. Picking up the stockings Jake had purchased I put them on. They were black thigh-highs with a lace edge around the top that matched the corset.

As I admired my hot little body, I wrestled with the idea of letting Jake fuck me. Conflicting thoughts ran through my head; I can’t let Larry see me in this; But, I really want Jake’s big cock; But, it wouldn’t be proper for Larry to see Jake fucking me; He’s passed out drunk and won’t notice. I ended the argument with my conscious by deciding it would be okay if I let Jake fuck me as long as we weren’t in the bed with Larry.

I spent some time fixing my hair and adjusting my make-up. I wanted to look perfect for Jake. “Hmmm, It’s kind of quiet out there,” I said to myself. Normally, Jake would have been knocking on the door, telling me to hurry up. I’d been primping longer than I’d planned so I quickly adjusted my stockings and stepped into my high heels. “Here I am, Sweety,” I announced as I stepped through the door.

To my surprise, Jake was already laying on the bed. “Come and get it!” I vamped. He didn’t answer. He just laid there on his side, facing toward the sofa and away from Larry.

“Yoohoo, big boy! You’re witty bitty sex kitten is waiting for you!” I had to get him out of that bed and over here; so we could have our fun.

No answer.

He’d better not be asleep, I thought. I hurriedly walked past the foot of the bed and sat on the edge of the sofa in front of Jake. There he was; facing me, eyes closed and mouth slightly open, rhythmically breathing in and out.

“Jake Roberts! You’re asleep!” I shouted and punched him on the shoulder.

He grunted, but barely moved as I stood beside him in my lingerie, stockings and heels with my hands on my hips.

“I…….want…….that,” I bent over and punched him as I shouted each word. “big……cock. Now, wake up!”

He snorted like a hibernating bear and rolled over. “Hmmph,” I snorted back, trying to decide what to do next. I figured if I could get my nipple in his mouth, he’d wake up; and I’d end up getting his cock in my pussy. So, I stripped out of my corset. Still in my stockings and heels, I carefully stepped into the space between him and Larry.

I laid down beside Jake. While being careful not to touch Larry, or his exposed penis, I held my boob against Jake’s mouth and slid my nipple onto his lips. “Here’s a nipple for you to suck on, Sweety,” I told him.

He twitched his nose and scrunched his lips as if he was being tickled with a feather; then rolled over again with his back to me. As he turned, he bumped me. “Oops!” I yelped as I lost my balance and fell backwards into Larry; my legs flying up and my hands reaching behind me to find a way to break my fall.

My left hand landed in his crotch and instinctively grabbed for something to hold on to. My heavens! I ended up with a handful of Larry’s big cock! “Ohh!” I said with surprise.

Larry swung his arm around my waist and started talking in his sleep, as if I were Amber. “Awww Ambi, yoosh shur feel sho shexy. Owwws my big shtick feel?”

He was still stone drunk and didn’t even open his eyes. Before I could answer, he slipped his hand up my ribcage and squeezed my titty. “Oohh, that feels good,” I thought and quite naturally responded by tightening my fingers around his penis. One good deed deserves another, doesn’t it?

Then he mumbled, “Ambi, yur titsh ur shrinkin. Betsher fatten you up, babee.”

What was I going to do now?! If I woke Larry up he’d see me naked. I didn’t even know if he could be woken up. “Drunk, passed out, and insulting my tits,” I thought to myself. I giggled and whispered out loud, “At least you’ve got a big hard cock.”

“Jake….Jake,” I hissed. “Wake up, Sweety.”

He didn’t move a muscle.

“Jake, your buddy’s squeezing my boob,” I whispered in my little girl voice and giggled again.

Not a peep came out of him.

My voice rose in pitch and tone with each word as I added, “Jake, your witty bitty sex kitten has Larry’s big hard cock in her hand.”

Nothing moved from Jake’s side of the bed and I could hear his heavy breathing; even through the loud pounding of my heart. I blew one of my curly dark bangs out of my eyes and wished that Jake would either wake up right now or not interrupt me till morning.

“Ambi, do yoush till luv me?” Larry asked, still stoned drunk and talking in his sleep.

I paused before answering. I knew what I was supposed to do; be a good girl and extricate myself from this delicate situation. That’s what a good and proper woman would do. But the days events had left my pussy tingling. Jake had set me up for so many teasings that I was beside myself! Exposing myself to our neighbors in my underwear, wearing the flimsy dress to the party, letting the boys play with my pussy under the table….And, now this.

I slowly stroked Larry’s big dick as I made up my mind. What’s a girl to do? My pussy needs a nice cock and Larry’s is available. But, that would be nasty; and I’m not a nasty girl. Or, am I? At this moment I wasn’t sure. I was confused and horny.

Well, my mother always said a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and right now I had just what I needed in my left hand. I threw caution to the wind. “I sure do, honey,” I said in a lower tone, imitating Amber’s voice as best I could.

Thank goodness he’s not a man of many words, I thought as I rolled him onto his back, stroked his big cock a few times, threw my right leg over him and centered myself. “Oh, honey. You’re sexy Amber wants you to fuck her with your big cock,” I hissed in his ear. I lifted up on my knees, leaned way forward until my flat tummy rubbed against his, reached between my legs, grabbed his cock and guided it to my wet cunt.

“Dasha girl. You shtill ruv me,” he said with a drunken smile and his eyes closed. His body promptly went limp; except for his cock.

“The wonders of copious amounts of alcohol,” I said, knowing he was completely passed out again. I was at the point of no return. I could be a good girl, or I could be a bad girl. My sex lips were pushed over the head of his staff. If I pulled my hips forward my pussy lips would close back up and I’d be a good girl. If I lowered them, my lips would spread open and envelope Larry’s hot, erect staff and then there’d be no going back. Jake would never know.

I was nervous and excited. My cunt was dripping wet. What was I to do?

Angel Yoni Massage London

I held Larry’s cockhead at the opening of my cunt. My lust won out and I slowly lowered myself onto it. “Oh, god. This is a nice one,” I purred. I started out with a short, dainty motion of my hips, moving them in a circular pattern to seat his cockhead in my opening. And soon, I felt the circular ribs on his shaft ripple against the walls of my pussy as he filled me up and once he was all the way in I paused to enjoy it.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned, sitting still and enjoying the sensation of such an exquisite cock filling me up.

“Jaaake,” I whispered, still using my little girl voice. “Sweety Bear. Larry’s big dick is in my pussy. He’s about to take me to paradise. Are you sorry you’re sleeping like a hibernating bear now?

Oh my, his cock felt good. I’d been wanting this since my pussy was played with by Phil and Larry. I began undulating my hips in a circular pattern on Larry’s shaft. “Ooohhh! That’s so nice!” I moaned. My pussy was so hot and juicy! I placed my hands on his chest for balance and leaned the weight of my body forward; freeing my hips to move up and down.

“Oh, that’s a nice cock,” I hissed as I pumped my hips on the big dick. “That’s real, real nice!” Finally, I was getting what I needed. With each push of my hips, his staff penetrated me, forcing my vagina open and hitting the opening to my cervix. It was so big around and so very long.

“Sweety Bear. Larry’s….got a nice…..hot cock….for me, baby,” I whispered with a broken cadence as I fucked him. “Mmmmmm,” I moaned. I pulled one hand off his chest and squeezed my own tit as I threw my head back and let a louder moan escape from deep within me. “Mmmmmm! Yessss! I bet you want to suck my tits, Larry.”

I bent over and pushed my nipple between his lips. He suckled like a newborn baby. Oh, boy, it felt so nice to have my nipples sucked while I fucked his cock. I whispered quietly so as not to wake up Jake, “Oh, Larry! Is this what you do to Amber? Do you suck her tits like this while she’s on top?”

He didn’t reply but sucked my nipples further into his mouth and in his sloppy drunkenness he left saliva dripping down my breast.

Neither Jake nor Larry were moving a muscle so I kept riding Larry’s cock. “I bet Amber’s never fucked you this good, Larry-boy!” I squealed. I squeezed my pussy tight around his shaft and pulled way back, lifted onto my feet and in the process I almost let it slip out of my cunt. But, I stopped just in time, keeping the helmet in me. I dug my high heels into the mattress, sat on my haunches and fucked him by lifting my buttocks up and down without letting them touch his groin. “You’ll think this is the best fuck Amber’s ever given you,” I whispered to him.

His balls were covered in my cunt juice when I turned my head toward Jake. “What do you think, Sweety Bear? Do you think Amber could fuck this good?”

I was passing the ten minute mark and my hamstrings were burning so I settled back down onto his crotch for a rest and grabbed his balls. “Larry, who would have known you had such stamina? These big chestnuts must have something to do with it,” I said as I fondled his balls with one hand and played with my clit with the other, all the while balancing on his cock.

“Larry’s nuts are just like yours, Sweety Bear.” I said out loud and began grinding again; this time harder and faster. Soon I was slamming myself down on his big shaft, riding him as if he were a wild bull, sliding my lips all the way up to his helmet, and then down to the back of my pussy on each stroke.

I felt his balls tighten. He’s got a big load for me, I thought. His cock pulsed and twitched; and the feeling threw my arousal to a fever pitch. I pulled and kneaded my tits as I whimpered with satisfaction. I started fucking him faster and faster; my hips pumping up and down as I whimpered out loud, “I’m cumming! Oh, god, I’m cumming!”.

Just as he began pumping hot cum into me, my orgasm was in full swing. “Yesss….Yesss…oh, god, Yesss!” I moaned and bucked on his spurting cock. “Ooooohhhhhh! Yessss!” I squealed, and kept pumping my hips as my cunt filled with cum.

“Ooohh, Sweety Bear! Larry’s cum is so hot! Mmmm!” I moaned.

I rode his dick until it went limp and slipped out of my pussy. When it did, I dismounted him, put his cock back into his boxers and hurried to the bathroom to clean up, giggling all the way. I showered and washed all of his goo from my pussy. I put on the casual clothes I’d worn before the party and neatly packed my lingerie back into our overnight bag. “Aaahh! I feel so much better,” I said out loud and returned to Jake’s side, snuggling into him and quickly falling asleep.

I woke before my two sleeping hulks and ordered a big breakfast for three; coffee, eggs, bacon, muffins, toast and hash browns. I felt satiated from the previous day’s sexual escapades. Jake’s little game of ‘Show Off My Sexy Wife’ was so much fun! But, I knew I couldn’t let him know how much I enjoyed it. After all, we’ve a very important conservative image to maintain and admitting it would only encourage him further.

The smell of the breakfast and my gentle nudging woke them up. They both sat against the headboard and I served them coffee and a plate full of breakfast. Jake didn’t suspect a thing. It’s not like Larry to make a pass at me and risk Jake’s retribution. He’s too afraid of Jake to try anything in front of him.

As for Larry, given the shape he was in last night there’s no way he could remember anything that happened. The feeling of having my cake and eating it to was exhilarating!

“Thanks, Katy,” Jake said.

“Yeah, this is awesome, I’m starved,” Larry added.

“You certainly should be. It’s almost nine o’clock and you both slept so hard I couldn’t have woken you with a car horn!” I said, giggling and feeling like the cat that ate the canary.

“Bud,” Jake said. “You were drunk as a skunk. I had to drag you in from the hallway so you’d have a bed to sleep in.”

Larry agreed he was pretty drunk. “Yeah, I guess I was. But, I slept great. I even dreamed that Amber came in the middle of the night and fucked me. Man, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had! Too bad it was all a dream.”

My coffee flew out of my mouth, landing all over the bedspread! I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to hear that! Ever the proper lady, I regained my composure and made them think I was shocked at his language, reprimanding him by saying, “Larry! If my mother were here she’d wash that dirty mouth of yours out with soap. I hardly think Amber would approve of you talking about her like that.”

Larry was taken aback. “I…..I’m sorry Katy,” he said. “I shouldn’t talk like that in front of you.”

“No you shouldn’t, Larry. You shouldn’t talk like that in front of any lady. I accept your apology.”

“It’s just that the dream seemed so real. Anyway, enough of that. Let’s finish this breakfast. I’ve got to go and apologize to Amber for embarrassing her last night.”

“I suggest you not mention your wet dream. If I know Amber, she won’t want to hear anything of the sort,” I counseled. Whew, that should cover my tracks, I thought.

We finished our breakfast and said goodbye to Larry. When the door closed, Jake pulled me into his arms.

“Were you Sweety Bear’s nasty little wife last night?” he said playfully.

I didn’t say a word because he knew I was.

Chapter 04

Scene 1: “The Interview”, as told by Marc Amiri

“Hello, Marc. I’m glad you came by,” Jake Roberts said as he walked around the big mahogany desk, arm extended, to greet me.

“Yes, thank you for seeing me Jake,” I replied and sat down in a fine leather high-back chair in his office in downtown Dallas.

I’m a journalist with Der Spiegel; Europe’s most popular weekly magazine. I’d flown into the U.S. from Germany ten days ago to cover the election campaign of the popular United States Senator from Texas, George Hastings. Since then, I’d spent large portions of each day with the Senator; including attending the Conservative Women’s Voting League party, where I met Jake and Katy.

The Senator had introduced me to Jake, a big strapping Texan looking tough enough to take on the entire German army. One of my assignments was to interview a young, conservative woman that was politically active and a supporter of the Senator. I have to tell you; once I was introduced to Katy, I knew my search was over.

Truth be told; I’d noticed her long before the introductions. She and Jake were sitting at the table in the corner of the banquet room with four other couples. All the ladies were beautiful but Katy was the prettiest of the bunch. And her outfit…exquisite! She was definitely flaunting her assets in the dress she wore. I half expected her tits to pop out each time she moved. And, I couldn’t count the number of times I saw the tops of her stockings as she sashayed about the table, socializing with her friends.

Suffice it to say, she was a very popular young lady. The other lady’s husbands kept their eyes on her and seemed to take advantage of every opportunity to flirt. It was hard to figure out if she enjoyed their attention as she seemed to send mixed signals; pushing them away one minute, only to let them take a few liberties the next.

I was in Jake’s office to talk with him about interviewing his wife. “Marc, you won’t regret your decision to interview Katy. I can promise you that,” he told me. “She’s perfect for it. Katy’s very active in the political scene. She’s full of energy, holds strong conservative opinions, and she’s the best looking woman in Texas. And, I’m not joking.”

He’s right about her looks. When I say, “beautiful”, that’s exactly what I mean. She’s every German man’s dream. Tall and slender, very beautifully curved hips, small waist and perfectly proportioned breasts. She has long, dark curly hair and a beautifully sculpted face. She would fit right into the cosmopolitan scene in Berlin.

Jake poured us both a scotch as we talked about his wife. “I’ll need to take some photographs to go along with the article. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photographer with me so we’ll have to take a few breaks from the interview to take them.”

“No problem, Marc,” Jake replied, with a moderate Texas accent that exuded self-confidence. “Katy loves to be photographed and you can count on her cooperation. I’ll make sure she does a couple of outfit changes so you can have a nice sample to choose from. She’s got some that’ll knock your breath away, Marc.”

That comment peaked my curiosity and I left his office feeling very good about the interview scheduled for the next day. “Outfits that’ll knock my breath away? I can’t wait,” I said to myself as I pulled my rental car onto the freeway and began formulating the interview questions in my mind as I drove to my hotel.

The next day, Katy Roberts greeted me at the front door of their expansive home; my arms loaded with camera gear and lighting equipment. I smiled brightly and thought; America, home of the free, land of the brave and the hottest looking women on planet Earth.

“Marc Amiri, welcome to our home. Please, come in,” she said. She was dressed as if she and her husband Jake were about to leave for an important social engagement. He was wearing an expensive pair of slacks, shirt and tie. All he needed was a sport coat and he was ready to go. She was in a black Chanel suit with matching everything, looking very sophisticated and business-like.

“Such a beautiful woman,” I said to myself, looking her up and down. We each offered pleasantries and I was escorted into the living room to prepare for the interview.

“Mr. Amiri. Please come in,” she said.

I interrupted, “Please…..Just call me Marc. And, can I use Jake and Katy?”

“Marc, heavens yes,” she responded. “I was just going to say how exciting it is to be chosen by Der Spiegel. Can I get you a drink?”

“Scotch please,” I answered.

“Certainly…single malt?” she asked.

“You bet,” I answered as I sat my gear down and began the task of setting up the light stands and reflectors. I thought of how attractive she looked as she walked toward me, drinks in hand and her stiletto heels clicking on the expensive tile floor as she approached, hips swinging easily and seductively.

This woman was very at ease and self-confident. I have found it is this kind of woman that provides the best interviews and I was anxious to get started. But, before I could begin, Jake insisted on showing me around the house and telling an understanding Katy that we’d only be a few minutes.

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about being taken away from my work for a tour of their home. One house is like the next and I’m not here in the U.S. to tour homes. I’m here on Der Spiegel’s nickel and I’m used to getting in, getting the job done and moving on to the next assignment. I saw my accommodation of Jake as a courtesy to the master of the house. A courtesy that was commonly extended prior to sitting down to an interview.

Jake changed my mind for me when he showed me the master bedroom. What peaked my interest wasn’t the size of the room, although it was expansive. It wasn’t the decor or the furniture, although it was rich. Instead, it was the large collection of boudoir photographs arranged stylishly along the length of the wall beside the entrance to the dressing area and bath.

“What do you think of these, Marc?” Jake asked.

I couldn’t answer at first as I wondered what response he was expecting. “Very nice,” I said as I stood looking at photos of Katy in various stages of undress. There must have been at least a couple dozen photos of Katy in several different outfits and poses.

Jake spent some time showing me his favorites; one of her naked in heels and stockings, another of her with a slinky dress pulled above her hips, and a third of her laying on their bed, showing her off in a matching pair of panties and bra with her legs together, crossed at the ankles and pointed at the ceiling.

I have to say that in Germany, exhibiting your wife is a common fantasy. But, I didn’t expect to find it here in the States. Especially not in the home of this conservative, up and coming, politically active couple.

Katy looked exquisite in the photos. In the ones showing her pubic hair, her dark bush was always perfectly sculpted and coiffed. In every shot, her breasts were displayed beautifully and I noticed she had applied blush to her nipples. Katy took great care to make sure her hair was perfect for the photos and her makeup was just right. I was impressed.

“Wonderful artwork, Jake,” I told him. “You are very good.”

“Thanks, Marc. She’s a hot little lady. I thought seeing these before you begin her interview might serve as inspiration.”

He was right, of course. I was inspired. And, my big German cock was twitching as I looked them over.

“You could probably get some shots like this today, if you play it right,” Jake told me.

“Ohhh?” I answered coyly. “How so?”

“Marc, Katy’s a fine, conservative woman. She’s the envy of every friend I have. I like to say that she’s my ‘trophy wife’ and I’m her ‘trophy husband’. She’s kind and caring and always concerned about others. She’s a wonderfully principled woman and I’m proud of her involvement in politics.”

“Yes, yes. I’m sure all that is true…..But…?” I asked, knowing there was more to come.

Jake explained further. “But…..She also has a very playful side; an inner slut that I love to see come out and play from time to time. I’d like to see that inner slut come out today. Look, Marc…I know you’ve got a job to do. I don’t want to get in the way of that. But, I can tell that Katy would like to play. I can tell by the way she’s been acting all day. And, I want to help her along. Look, let’s get the standard interview done and the photographs taken for the magazine. Afterwards, let’s have some fun.”

Needless to say, this was a highly irregular request. I’m a professional journalist and I’m not a freelancer. I’m on Der Spiegel’s payroll. If my editors found out I was playing ‘wink, wink’ during an interview and taking sexy photos of the very interviewee they were planning to feature in their magazine, they would fire me.

On the other hand, Katy is a doll. And, I’d be letting down all German men if I said no. A smile curled onto my face as I gave Jake my answer. “Let’s give her what she wants.”

“Awesome!” he replied. “Just take her in the right direction with your questions and I’ll follow your lead.”

I assured him that I could, and would, do just that. After which, we made our way downstairs to begin. I took some time making sure the lighting was set correctly and checked my audio recorder. Katy readied herself for my questions.

“I’ve studied the issues and you won’t trip me up, Mr. Amiri,” she teased as we began.

I assured her I wasn’t here to “trip her up” and that she should just relax and be herself. I started out with a series of standard background questions such as “Where did you grow up” and “How did you meet your husband”. Then, I moved into questions about her life here in Texas and what her typical day consists of. I followed those questions up with pointed questions concerning her involvement in the Conservative Women’s Voting League.

We took a break from the interview to take photographs of her and Jake. They were the standard “Loving Couple” photographs and couldn’t have been more normal. Up to this point, Katy wasn’t showing any inclination to playfulness. She was very businesslike, informed and assertive with her answers. I began to question Jake’s assertion that Katy was in a playful mood and all she needed was to be stimulated by a flirtatious question or two from me.

By what would have normally been the end of the interview, I was impressed with her performance and also eager to move her into a conversation of a more sexual nature. I gave Jake a wink out of the corner of my eye, letting him know I was ready to change direction.

“Hey, let me get us all a drink,” he said and left me alone with Katy as he poured a round of scotch for each of us.

On the fly, I sketched out a plan of asking a few suggestive questions and, depending on her answers, increase the sexual nature of them as we go.

“Katy, put away your modesty to answer this question. You are obviously very beautiful with a thin, slender body. Does it come naturally to you or do you have to exercise to keep your look?”

“How kind of you to say, Mr. Amiri. A proper lady always keeps herself in shape. I have an obligation to my family and myself to look my best. I call it ‘Nature and Nurture’. Nature gave me my body and looks. I nurture it by eating correctly and exercising to keep in shape.”

“Katy, I noticed how popular you were with all of your friends at the party the other night. To what do you attribute your popularity?”

Katy shyly looked down at the floor before lifting her head to look at me as she answered. “I believe my popularity is due to my high moral character. I try to be kind and helpful and cheerful at all times. And, I try to set an example for young ladies to follow.”

Two harmless enough questions so far, I thought. Let’s try another about her beauty. “Katy, what benefits does your husband receive from being married to a beautiful woman?”

“Why thank you for the compliment, Mr. Amiri,” she said and thought for a moment before answering. “I like to think Jake gains access to social situations that benefit him because of me. I’m sure a lot of his customers find me attractive and want to spend time with us because of it. So, I suppose you could consider that a benefit. Mr. Amiri, one of the roles of a wife is to help her husband’s social standing. If my looks help in that way, then I’m grateful for it.”

“You’re gorgeous, baby,” Jake chimed in as he returned with drinks and gave Katy a kiss. “And, I love how you’re always the hottest wife in the room.”

Katy beamed with pride. She obviously enjoyed Jake’s compliment, but thought it proper to show her humility during the interview. “Well, I don’t know about ‘the hottest’.”

“Oh, yeah you are Katy. Pull your skirt up a few inches and show Marc those pretty legs,” he replied.

Katy seemed caught off guard. She impulsively reached for the hem on her dress, as if she was used to following Jake’s instructions. Just as her fingers closed on the fabric she regained her composure, pulled the hem down instead of up, and offered a reply. “I’m not sure that would be a good idea, darling.”

“Oh, yes it is,” he retorted.

“Oh, I’m sure it’s not,” Katy replied; her voice rising an octave as she spoke.

“Sure it is,” Jake answered.

“No it isn’t,” Katy answered back through gritted teeth and a forced smile.

Their interaction was playful. And, I was left with the impression they both enjoyed this little game of deny and insist. “Which one is going to win?” I thought to myself as they bantered.

“You’ve got great legs, Baby. Show em off,” he insisted.

“Jake Roberts! I’m sure Mr. Amiri has no interest in my legs at this moment,” she replied.

“If you say so, Katy. But, the least you could do is take off your suit jacket and undo a couple of your blouse’s buttons,” he replied.

I smiled and wondered if this had been his strategy all along. Distract her with his insistence on giving me a leg show; then settle for a nice display of cleavage. Regardless of intent, Katy agreed to his compromise.

“Hmmph!” she retorted. “I suppose it won’t do any harm.” She looked at me and spoke my name in the form of a question to seek my approval. “Mr. Amiri?”

“By all means…Yes, please do,” I replied.

Katy stood and removed her jacket. She wore a long-sleeved white blouse underneath. It was semi-transparent. Transparent enough that I could make out the bra underneath. I could clearly see that the bottom half of the cups were solid and the top half was lace and I could even see her puffy nipples under the lace.

As she unclasped the top two buttons she alternated between looking at Jake and stealing quick glances at me watching her. She stopped after two buttons and took her seat. Without the reinforcement of the top two buttons her blouse was pulled open and I could see the top of her cleavage but no further, as the button between her breasts held the two sides of her blouse together, albeit precariously, against the pressure of her boobs trying to free themselves.

She had done what Jake asked, but he wanted more. “You’re not done yet,” Jake said.

Katy gave him an incredulous look and looked at me with her hands on her hips as she pushed her chest out. “Mr. Amiri,” she said. “I must apologize for my husband. He’s being a bit overly playful today.”

“Please, don’t apologize. I can’t say I blame him,” I replied, grinning. She smiled a naughty smile back at me.

“I suppose a bit of indulgence won’t hurt,” she said and reached for the third button down from her neck, located just an inch below her bra. With a quick maneuver of her forefinger and thumb she slid it free and her blouse splayed open to show a small portion of her lacy bra and the swells of the velvety soft breasts they held tight.

“Good girl,” Jake said with praise.

She gave him a huffy look before returning her attention to me. “Now, shall we continue with the interview?” she said, more as a demand than as a question.

I admired this woman sitting before me. She was smart and sassy! She understood the power her sexuality held and she carried herself with degree of class that seemed unfazed by her husband’s demands for her to show herself off.

And, I had the impression that she enjoyed his naughty demands. She enjoyed being a naughty flirt, sitting there all prim and proper, knowing how sexy she looked and knowing how it affected me and how much I wanted her to go further.

Their play opened the door for a more probing question. “Katy, do you intentionally dress sexy when you attend parties and banquets with your husband? For instance, the dress you wore to the party the other night was rather revealing. Why did you choose it?”

“I most certainly do not intentionally dress sexy,” she replied. As she continued with her answer I visually surveyed her. She sat with her legs crossed and her high heel dangling sexily off her foot. She was engaged, leaning forward. Her cleavage was on full display, as was her thighs halfway up her legs, but still not to the tops of her stockings.

She continued, “I’m active in the community and have an image to maintain. I like to think I dress stylishly, but conservatively. Now, about the dress I wore to the party; Jake picked it out for me and I was uncomfortable wearing it but didn’t want to hurt his feelings by refusing to wear a dress he spent so much time choosing for me. And, thank you very much for noticing.”

Katy hadn’t refused to answer any of my questions and I was having a lot more fun with these than the usual boring lot of interview questions. I decided to compliment her performance and ask her an easy one before I probed deeper. “Katy I appreciate your candor. It makes for a terrific interview.”

“Thank you. You’re very welcome, Marc. I’m trying to be as honest and open as possible.” She seemed to be enjoying this line of questioning and I noticed her body posture was indicating her receptiveness to my questions. She crossed her right leg over the left, exposing a nice amount of her lower thigh. Katy unconsciously moved it like a cat’s tail, bobbing up and down from the knee, dangling her high heel from her toes, occasionally pushing her leg out straight and rotating it below her knee as she responded to my questions.

“Now, you obviously have a witty personality to go along with your sexy looks. Katy, which one of those qualities is what attracted your husband to you?”

“Why, Mr. Amiri. Are you flirting with me? Are all the men in Germany as charming? Hmmm, I’m sure Jake was attracted to my wit and charm and intellect.” As she answered she winked; then slowly crossed and re-crossed her legs, giving me a nice look up her skirt. She winked at me again before continuing. “Although, my trim, fit body and perky breasts certainly helped.”

Well, well. That exchange was fun! “Katy, let’s talk about your social life. When you are around other couples with wives that are not as attractive or playful as you….Do the women get jealous of you? If so, how do they show it?

“I love my girlfriends to death and don’t you print this, but they do get jealous of me. We can’t help it that we’re an attractive, fun-loving couple. All my girlfriends are so special and I would never want them to know it….But, their husbands come on to me like bees to honey!”

“Do they? In what way, Katy?” I asked.

“I’m constantly having to fend off their flirtations and innuendo. It’s very frustrating. For instance, If my dress accidently rides up my hips like this.” Katy scooted forward on the sofa, causing her skirt to pull up her legs until the hem was above her stocking tops.

Trying to sound dispassionate, I interrupted, “Yes, please continue.” She tilted her head slightly, waiting for me to look and disappointed that I did not.

“Well, once they get a look at my legs, or heaven forbid a glimpse of my panties, they start thinking with their little heads and I can’t drive them away. It becomes quite embarrassing!”

At this point it was becoming difficult to continue with my matter of fact delivery. Katy was obviously having fun with these questions. But, I felt a need to continue with my role of professional journalist so I concentrated hard on maintaining my even delivery. “Katy, during my tour of your home, I couldn’t help noticing the boudoir photos in your bedroom. Tell me, what was your initial response when Jake asked you to pose for boudoir photos? And, are they professionally done, or did Jake take them himself?”

The expression on her face indicated surprise, but not annoyance, that Jake had shown me her photos. “Jaaake!” she said in mock anger.

“What?” he replied with a shrug of his shoulders and arms. “It’s an interview, Baby. I want Marc to know all about you.”

“They were all so beautiful, Katy. I’m impressed,” I told her.

“You have probably seen thousands of models prettier than me, Marc,” she replied.

“I’ve seen many models’ portfolios, Katy. But, none of them were as beautiful or showed as much personality as the collection of photos Jake showed me.” I was being truthful. There was something about this lady that oozed sexuality. It came through in her photos and in person. Jake obviously saw it and was proud to show her off.

“Thank you, Marc. I told him there was no way I would do it. But, Jake is used to getting his way. I love him too much to say no. And, I’m glad I relented because I found that I enjoyed posing for them. It’s the kind of sensual activity that a husband and wife can enjoy in the privacy of their home without being subjected to other’s prying eyes and judgments. Most of the photos were taken by Jake. A few of them were taken by a professional photographer that Jake brought to our home.”

She smiled and asked if I enjoyed viewing them, to which I replied, “Very much, thank you.”

“Katy, who has the more difficult task during a photo shoot? You or the photographer?”

“Me for sure!” she said playfully. “My hair and make-up has to look perfect for every photo session. Jake makes me do several wardrobe changes during each shoot. I’ve got to hold difficult poses for several minutes while he gets the right shot. And, I have to fend him off all the way through the photo shoot.”

Jake had been sitting in the chair across the room, enjoying the questions and answers. He decided to interject at this point, suggesting Katy do a wardrobe change so I could take a few photographs in a more casual setting. “I’ll have a fresh drink for you when you come back down, baby,” he told her.

“Great idea,” I added.

“Well…I….uhmm. I suppose that might be fun,” Katy replied, seeming a little bit unsure of where this was all going but intrigued by the thought of posing for me.

“I laid an outfit on the bed for you, baby,” Jake told her as she started upstairs. “We’ll meet you downstairs in the bar.”

“Okay, darling. I’ll be down in a moment,” she answered.

Jake and I didn’t scheme about anything while she was changing. We both knew where this was going. Instead, we made small talk about my trip to America and the Senator’s campaign. Jake suggested we move the interview to their game room and bar.

“This will be perfect,” I told him as we entered the room. It was a game room decorated in 1950’s style and in the corner he had a stripper’s pole. “Katy must look good on this!” I said.

“I have my moments,” Katy replied as she entered the room dressed in a very short tartan skirt and white blouse and four inch high heels. She wasn’t wearing stockings. She didn’t need them with her perfectly shaped legs, so slender and lithe.

My German cock seemed to take on a life of its own as I watched her prance across the room.

“Where were we, Marc?” she asked, and as she spoke I thought of how interesting this afternoon was becoming. It certainly wasn’t what I had expected.

Jake helped me get set up and then poured yet another round of drinks as we began again. With Katy dressed in what I would describe as a Naughty Schoolgirl outfit, my line of questions was obvious.

“Katy, which did you do first for your husband. Wear a revealing dress in public for Jake? Or, let him take a photograph of you in a revealing dress?

Katy sat on the piano bench as she answered, crossing her legs slowly and seductively for my enjoyment. “Mr. Amiri! I’ll kindly ask you to stop this line of questions. My heavens! I would do neither on my own. But, based on what Jake insisted I wear on our honeymoon, I would have to say that I wore a revealing dress in public for him long before he began taking sexy pics of me.”

Very teasing answer, I thought. I figured another like it was in order. “Katy, if given a choice, which would you enjoy more? Posing for naughty pictures or dancing with an interesting man while your husband watches?

“Mr. Amiri, I do not find myself in the habit of dancing with anyone other than my husband….except for the men my husband chooses for me to dance with.”

“Katy, why don’t you dance for Mr. Amiri,” Jake suggested and started a classic strippers song on the juke box.

“Jake, Mr. Amiri is conducting an interview. I’m sure he isn’t interested.”

“Oh, no no. Please, do, Katy. We’ll conduct the interview while you dance. Jake, could you take some photos for me while we continue?” I replied. He was more than happy to help.

I could hardly believe my luck as Katy began a seductive dance on the stripper’s pole.

“Let’s pick up with that same line of questioning, Katy. What was the most difficult photo session you have done?

She answered while she danced in front of me. “Marc, it has to be the time Jake had me dress up as I am now, a Naughty Schoolgirl. My goodness! He had me posing for an hour. I had to pretend to be doing my homework while I was sucking on a lollipop! He gave me crayons and a coloring book. I had to lay still as he very carefully placed stuffed animals around me. I was in pigtails for one shot and then my hair down for the next. Jake even had me pose with his leather belt laying across my behind as if I was about to get a spanking!”

“Very interesting! Tell me, how do you and Jake decide on which poses to hold during a photo shoot? Also, does the photo shoot itself turn you on? If so, please explain why?”

“Mr. Amiri, I hardly think it proper for me to discuss my sexual arousal with you sir. As far as the poses; Jake decides on them. And, yes. I do get aroused. What healthy American girl wouldn’t? I don’t know about German girls. But, here in America we enjoy being the center of a man’s attention.”

“Katy, if you had to label yourself…Which label would apply: Playboy or Penthouse?

“Shame on you, Mr. Amiri, for asking such a suggestive question. Playboy, for sure.”

I chuckled at her teasing answer and almost lost my focus as she danced for me. She is such a lovely, sassy lady. As I thought how much I’d enjoy taking her to my hotel room, my dick was tent-poling in my slacks. Realizing what an exhibitionist she was, I thought of my next question. “Has Jake ever invited his friends over to watch one of your photo sessions, Katy?”

“Oh, my goodness no! Jake knows how important our image in the community is. That kind of irresponsible action could ruin our standing.” Her face brightened as she continued.

“Well, there was that one time, when he insisted on letting his friend Larry watch one of my photo sessions. After quite a bit of pleading, I agreed. But, I made Jake sneak him in beforehand and hide in the closet so he wouldn’t know I was aware that he was watching. That’s as far as I would let Jake go. I’m not about to have my girlfriends think I’m a little hussy!”

“Katy, tell me how a pretty lady like yourself feels when you are out for the evening with your husband and dressed somewhat risqué’? What runs through your mind as you become the center of attention and your husband is with you?

“What an interesting question, Marc,” she walked to the bar and sipped from her drink and returned to her dancing as she answered. “You have to understand something, Marc. A pretty lady is given attention by men from the time she is a teenager. We grow to enjoy it very much and to be honest; we expect it. So, when Jake insists I go out with him dressed sexy, I am expecting to turn men’s heads as I walk past them. I enjoy feeling their eyes on me. It gives me a sense of power, knowing they want me for their own. And, I enjoy Jake seeing those very same men looking at me. What girl wouldn’t?”

“Has he ever asked you to flirt with another man?” I asked.

Katy face me and squatted in her heels, showing me a view up her thighs and a delicious glimpse between her legs as she answered. “Not so much here at home because of our position in the community. It’s an entirely different situation when we’re on vacation or away from home on business.”

“How so, Katy?” I asked.

“When we’re away, Jake just loves to watch me to flirt. When we’re at a bar he’ll find a table of handsome men. Then, he’ll have me sashay past their table, swinging my hips and make eye contact.” She made her way across the room, demonstrating her walk for me.

“He knows the men can’t resist asking me to dance. When they do, Jake will say yes or no, depending on what he thinks of the man. Sometimes he’ll even ask the gentleman to sit at our table; knowing full well what is going to happen.”

I asked her what kind of man she and Jake would find acceptable. “How would he have to present himself for you both to want him to stay, have a drink, and flirt with you, and maybe more?”

“Marc, it’s not about who I would find acceptable. It’s about who Jake finds acceptable. I want to please Jake. But, to answer your question; He would only choose a well dressed man that displays a lot of confidence and is easy to converse with. Jake doesn’t like me flirting with slovenly men or rude and pushy men. He only chooses ones that he would also enjoy having a conversation with; like you.”

A wry smile crossed my face. “Thank you for the compliment, Katy. Earlier, you inferred that Jake will ask a man to sit at your table even though he knows what is going to happen next. What is it that is going to happen next, Katy?”

Katy gave Jake a sexy wink before she answered. “Oh, my husband will usually settle for just hearing the man flirt with me. And, I can accommodate him that way. Flirting is easy and harmless. But, sometimes he wants it to go further. Sometimes he wants me to give the man a signal to kiss me.”

“How does he signal you, Katy?”

“Let’s just say, we have our little secrets, Marc.”

I bet they do, I thought.

“Oh, and Jake loves to hear all about the sweet nothings that were whispered in my ear by my suitors.” She looked over at Jake again as she continued, “Jake has promised me that he would never ask me if what I tell him is true or if I made it up. He just wants to hear all about how much my suitors want me.”

“And, do you tell him what you whisper to the men?” I asked.

“The big strapping men that are courting me?” she paused for effect before saying, “Of course! Jake wouldn’t think I’m acting like his delicious little slut if I didn’t.”

“How did you discover Jake’s…shall we say, peccadillo?”

“Peccadillo?” she replied. “His slight little sin? Jake’s love of a trifling indiscretion? Jake? Do you care to answer Mr. Amiri?”

“I’ll give it a go, Baby,” he offered as he poured us all another drink. Katy removed her blouse before continuing her seductive dance on the pole. “We’ve been together since high school, Marc. We’ve known that we were made for each other since we were Homecoming King and Queen. As far as my ‘peccadillo’ goes….I’ve been having Katy show off for me since we were in college.”

“Jake Roberts, you have not!”

“Oh, yes I have. You can’t turn me down, Katy. Admit it.”

“I will not admit any such thing,” she answered.

He continued, “I remember buying her a skimpy little honeymoon bikini and during the honeymoon I showed polaroids of her with the bikini top off to the men we met in the dance club at night.”

“Jake Roberts!” she punched his shoulder. “I forgot all about that. You just can’t resist showing me off, can you?”

Katy hopped into his lap, gave him a hug and laid her head against his chest as she spoke. “I understand he likes me being his little slut and I’m quite flattered that he is so proud of how I look. To be honest, I like pleasing him. He’s the most handsome and manly man I know.”

She went on to admit that she enjoys dressing a little more sexy for him when they’re on vacation. “As I said earlier, it does feel good to command a man’s attention, even when he’s with his wife. Showing me off is Jake’s way of saying to men, “Take a look at what I’ve got and you want.” It’s rather flattering that my husband wants me to be his pretty little slut.”

I asked her if being his pretty little slut ever meant more than just flirting or kissing.

“How very clever of you to ask, Marc.” Katy said as she hopped off the barstool, walked to the stripper’s pole and spun slowly while answering. “It depends on Jake’s mood, and how well the man is performing. If Jake isn’t happy with him, he’ll run him off. But, if Jake finds him acceptable he’ll give me a sign that I should play. Mind you, I never want to. I’m not the ‘pretty little slut’ he wants me to be. But, I just can’t tell him no. After that, it doesn’t take long before the gentleman is taking his liberties under my skirt or top.”

I was really starting to get in to the interview and it was no longer a game to me. Instead, I was intrigued by it all and wanted to know more about her thoughts and feelings. “Katy, you’re obviously very beautiful and I can imagine that when you have flirted and played, some men would take it the wrong way and think you wanted them exclusively. How have you and your husband handled those situations?”

“Marc, as you can see, Jake is a man’s man. He’s ex-special forces, built like a tank and he can be very intimidating. I don’t worry myself in the least that one of my admirers is going to harm me. All I have to do is give Jake a certain look. He takes care of the rest.

Jake was busy taking photos as I asked the next question.

“Katy, let me ask you a hypothetical question. Suppose your husband attended an office party after work on Friday evening. He then called you at later that same evening to tell you he was bringing home an associate from work, but didn’t tell you anything else except the person’s name. Previously, during sex with your husband, he had told you that he wanted to watch you flirting and teasing this same man. What would you be wearing when they arrived at your door?”

“Marc, I know what makes my husband happy. Given your ‘hypothetical’ I would put on something sexy. Probably a short skirt, revealing top and high-heels. He loves me in high heels! Jake would want me to show him my breasts in an accidental way. So, I would be sure to find a way to bend over in front of the gentleman and give him a nice long look at my tits. I would either sit beside him or in front of him and cross my legs so he could look down my dress. That would make Jake very happy.”

Jake was still playing the role of interested, but detached, observer; taking photos, pouring drinks and enjoying the interview. He wanted Katy to be the center of attention and his efforts worked to that end. It was obvious to me that they both enjoyed this Pas De Deux; this dance where he was the support and she was the artist. They had danced this dance many times.

In my mind, I could picture it playing out in different venues. For instance, an oceanside bar in the Caribbean, or possibly an upscale dance club in a cosmopolitan city. And, as I watched them both, I wondered how many times they had repeated this dance and my admiration of this interesting couple increased.

How unordinary they are, I thought. How wonderfully complicated, and trusting their relationship must be, to begin the dance without knowing how it will end; Each being able to communicate to the other with winks, facial expressions, and body language.

Obviously, I was playing the role of a living prop. Undoubtedly, it was the same role played unwittingly by her gentleman suitors in the bars. But, still only a prop; an arrangement set into the dance for the purposes of highlighting the ballerina’s beauty and skill. I decided that I was well suited for this role, and continued with my questions.

“Katy, give me three adjectives that describe you during sex.”

Katy looked at Jake. He winked and nodded, and then she stepped in-between my legs and lowered her derriere onto my crotch. She lifted her hand up her neck, pulling her hair high onto her head and turned to look at me over her shoulder. “Mr. Amiri! That is not a proper inquiry for a lady of unquestionable standing in our community. Now, I hope this is the last question along these lines. Hmmm, three adjectives…..What comes to mind is enthusiastic, vocal and naughty.”

She placed a hand on each of my thighs, balancing herself above my rock hard cock and slowly rotated her hips on my lap. “How is my dancing,” she asked as she trapped my hard manhood in the crack between her buttocks.

“You’re very good, Katy,” I replied. “Please describe for me what nasty sex means to you.”

She continued wiggling on my cock. “Marc, I would have to say; anything other than the missionary position….Not that it’s any of your business,” she responded coyly. Katy stood up, still between my knees and facing away from me. She slowly bent over straight legged, reached behind her and pulled her skirt above her hips.

She had a gap between her legs forming a little champagne-glass shape and the lips of her pussy hung delicately in the gap. Her panties were wet and her sex lips pressed against the transparent fabric. “I think this is nasty,” she said with the emphasis on ‘this’ as I stared at her beautiful soft ass and admired her beautifully formed legs.

My cock was rock hard as I asked the next question. “Katy, which do you enjoy more? Nasty sex or making love?”

“Mr. Amiri! I should slap your face this very instant. A proper lady makes love to her husband and nothing else. I must protest to this line of questions.”

I was enjoying her little game of cat and mouse and decided to play along. “You’re right, Katy. Let’s change things up a bit. Shall we? Let’s play a word game. Let me throw a few sets of words at you. I want you to describe the difference between them!”

“Okay, Marc. Fire away!” she replied and continued to wiggle her ass in front of me as Jake clicked picture after picture.

“Sweet versus Innocent,” I said.

Katy stood, walked over to the bar and sipped her drink as she pondered her answer. She turned to me with a mischievous smile. “Sweet is like cotton candy. It’s how a young lady like myself should act in the presence of a group of men. Innocent is a schoolgirl that hasn’t yet learned how to act sweet.”

“Very nice answer, Katy.”

“I’m glad you like it,” she replied, and sauntered over to the stripper’s pole.

“Okay, next comes Naughty versus Nasty.”

She again took her time and swung around the pole before giving her reply. “Naughty is when I misbehave and Jake gives me a spanking. Nasty is when he decides to play ‘Show Off My Sexy Wife’ with me and exposes me to men.”

“Sassy versus Slutty,” I offered next.

Katy walked across the room to me and squatted on her haunches with her legs open wide and her skirt around her waist. “Sassy is when I’m showing a confident and sexy attitude.” She moved her first two fingers up and down her slit through her panties and then pulled the thin, wet fabric to the side, leaving her wet cunt open for me to see. “Slutty is when I open up my legs and move my panties to the side to show you my pussy,” she said.

With her panties pulled away, Katy pushed her finger into her lips while she gave me a ‘come fuck me’ look. Jake snapped off pictures as she teased me and my cock continued its struggle to get out of my pants.

“Okaaay,” I said while exhaling a gush of air. “Next comes, Flirtatious versus Playful.”

Katy left her pussy exposed, brought her legs together and leaned forward onto her knees. I closed my legs around her, pulling her into me. It felt so good to feel her against my legs. “Flirtatious is when a lady touches a man’s forearm and compliments him. Do you know how handsome you are, Marc?” she asked as she ran her hand down my arm.

She didn’t wait for an answer. Her hand left my arm and moved onto my crotch. “Playful is when she runs her hand across his hard cock. “Mmmm, very nice,” she said with her fingers pressing against my tool as it was pulsing in my slacks.

She unclasped my belt, ripped it out of its loops and unzipped my slacks. I lifted my hips. She leaned back, slid my slacks down my legs and popped my staff out of my briefs. “Nice cock,” she said.

“It gets a few compliments,” I replied calmly. It felt so good to have it freed from confinement. I looked down to enjoy the sight of my stiff tool only inches in front of her beautiful face. My cock was rock hard with the big vein on the underside protruding the full length and smaller dark veins meandering their way around the shaft. My circumcised cockhead stood out proudly like a helmet on a big German soldier and clear precum was dripping from the tip.

Katy once again looked to Jake to receive his approving nod, then rubbed her fingers slowly up the shaft of my cock while looking into my eyes. She pinched my helmet between her thumb and index finger, causing a stream of the clear fluid to ooze from the hole at the top; which she deftly captured with her fingertips before it could escape. She slowly brought her fingers up to her nose, where she took in my scent; then to her mouth, where she slipped them between her lips and onto her tongue. “Mmmmm,” she teased.

I could tell how much she loved playing like this in front of Jake and it was turning her on immensely. As she played with me, Jake bend down behind her, reached around her ribcage, unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her arms one by one, exposing her luscious globes to me. Now topless, Katy let the velvety soft skin of her tender breasts slide against the inside of my legs. Her erect nipples danced across my skin, teasing me further.

“Would you like my lips on your cock?” She purred.

“I’d love it. I haven’t had a pretty woman on my dick since I left Germany,” I replied.

Jake unbuttoned her short tartan skirt and slide it off her hips. She was naked now, except for her panties, stockings and heels.

Katy twirled her hair, cocked her head back, and then pushed her finger between her lips. “You want your cock right here, don’t you? You would just love it if I begged you to cum in my mouth. You would love that, wouldn’t you, Marc?” She was right. I wanted exactly that. And, I could tell she wanted it to. She was dying to suck on my dick.

With Katy’s skirt and blouse in his hand, Jake retreated to the bar to pour another drink and watch his wife play. I don’t know what visual cue he had given her the ‘go ahead’ with. And, I don’t know when he had given it. At this point I hardly cared. Suffice it to say, I was just happy that he did. And, I was eagerly looking forward to the benefits of their little game.

They were dancing their dance; their pas de deux, and I was enjoying every bit of it. Katy was enjoying the sweet tease she was putting me through. And, based on the tent pole in his slacks Jake was enjoying it to.

“That’s what you want isn’t it, Marc?” she continued. “You want me to worship your cock with my sweet lips. You want me submitting to you by kissing your cockhead while I look into your eyes….You want me sliding my lips slowly onto this big swollen helmet of yours and stretch my mouth around it….That’s what you want isn’t it?”

Such a beautiful tease, I thought. She continued to softly stroke it. Slowly and gently, but rhythmically as she pulled it toward her face and then back against my belly.

She continued. “You want your big German cock in my mouth until it explodes with hot thick cum. You don’t care if you mess up my face with it do you, Marc? You think my pretty face will be even prettier with your cum all over it…You want to see your cock cumming in my mouth…filling it up with your spunk until I can’t hold any more and it drips on my face. Mmmmm….”

“Who’s asking the questions, now?” I asked, wanting desperately to grab her head and push her face all over my cock and balls. She was bringing out the animal in me and I wanted to fuck her face until I came all over her. I didn’t know how much more of this teasing I could take!

But, I knew I’d better keep my composure and if I did I’d be rewarded with a happy ending. Besides, that ex-marine of her’s was a big as a bear and although I’ve been bear hunting before, I didn’t want to have to test him.

Katy could tell I was highly aroused by her teasing and I had the feeling she wasn’t anywhere near finished. “What a country,” I said aloud. “My balls are filling up fast and you’d better watch it or they’ll reach a point where I’ll lose control and they’ll shoot my seed all over you, Katy.”

“Mmmmm, wouldn’t that be nice,” she mewed. “I’d love that.” She looked up at me and grinned, her fingers trailing down my cock, coming to rest under my ball sack.

“Marc, I’ve answered all of your questions about my teasing and flirting. I’ve told you about a few of our adventures haven’t I? What I never told you, is how much Jake loves to watch me using my mouth on men’s big cocks.”

She wetted her lips with her tongue again. “When I’m sucking a big cock like yours….And, Jake is watching…..I just get so hot….I get so hot that I can’t even stand it….Sometimes I cum without even being touched.”

She massaged my balls as she said the words softly, and deliberately, licking her lips between each phrase, making me imagine her sweet mouth on my big tool. She kept up the tease. “I love holding men’s big cocks in my mouth, sucking them off, letting them fuck my mouth, letting them slap their big tool against my cheek. I love it when they use their big, hard cocks against my face and tell me how beautiful I am.”

“Oh, man you’re good,” I said as she turned her face to look at my erection. It was as big and hard as it has ever been. Katy moved her lips close and blew her warm breath across it, eliciting a grunt from me that brought a smile onto her face.

My balls were full and hard. They were pulled tight against my groin and the ridges of my ball sack were deep and firm as she glided over them with her fingernails. “My, my!” she said, undoubtedly impressed with my chestnut-sized balls.

“The gentlemen suitors Jake chooses for me usually like me to play with their balls when I’m sucking them…” Katy whispered. “I like it too because I can feel them getting ready to cum. Are you going to cum in my mouth, Marc?”

“I sure am. I’ll fuck your mouth till I cum in it, Katy,” I groaned.

“Mmmm, I’ll count on that, Marc. When I feel your balls start pulsing I’ll let you fuck my mouth faster and faster till your hot cum gushes out. I’ll let you cum in my mouth and then I’ll let you decorate my face.”

Katy rubbed the soft cheeks of her face against my upper thighs and she came close to my big staff but she wouldn’t touch it with her face. Tilting her head back, she leaned forward, lifted up on her knees and kissed me while reaching down and playing with my prick. Our tongues explored and intertwined and I covered her lips with mine in a passionate kiss.

Katy pulled away from my lips. “Do you want me to suck it now?” she said.

I said nothing, and pushed my lips against hers as she moved her free hand up her body and onto her breasts, fondling herself.

“Let me take another look at it,” she whispered playfully and slid back down between my legs. “Your cock is so fine,” Katy said as she slowly jerked me off. “Do you have a big load saved up for me?” she purred as she stroked.

“Oh, yeah..” I grunted. “I haven’t cum since I arrived in America. I’ve got a big load of cum waiting for you.”

That made her smile again and she turned and smiled at Jake. “Jake’s cum for me three times since I met you last week, Marc Amiri. You mean you didn’t jerk off after the party last week. You must not have liked my dress. You’re such a bad boy. I’ll have to tease you some more for not jerking off after you met me.”

She moved her hands onto my hips and finished lowering my briefs and pants off my legs and then slipped to her knees again in front of me. My erection pulsed in front of her face. She smiled, looked into my eyes and licked her lips. My cock was more than ready for her mouth as I placed one hand on her shoulder while the other reached for her tit.

She dropped her eyes to my cock and moved her head forward, her mouth open and eager.

“Oh….yeah,” I moaned, pushing my hips closer to her face. Katy’s tongue flicked out and my body tensed in anticipation. Then she stood up, leaving me wanting, and my now aching cock throbbing.

She sensed my agitation. Katy stepped back a few feet. “I think you need to watch me dance a little more.” She started another dance and wound up on the pole again as I sat frustrated, but very attentive.

Jake poured us all another drink and brought one to me. “She’s something else. I told you that you wouldn’t be disappointed,” he said.

I couldn’t even answer him.

I was entranced, watching her play with herself; rubbing her gorgeous tits. They looked so inviting, with big erect nipples and I wanted them in my mouth. But, I had to settle for watching her dance. She was marvelous. I could hear her heels clicking on the floor as she danced, spinning around the pole like an experienced stripper.

She bent over and sensually wiggled out of her panties, letting them pool around her ankles. She stepped out of them and while standing straight-legged, she bend back down and picked them up. Katy pranced across the room to me, sweating from her dance and stuffed her silk panties into my front pocket.

“What do you think of American girls now, Mr. Amiri?” she asked.

“I am quickly learning to love the conservative ones like you, Katy,” I replied.

She giggled and Jake laughed. “I bet you’re you ready for me to suck your cock. I feel like a naughty girl for teasing you so much,” She said before throwing a bombshell. “But, that would be nasty…And, I’m a naughty girl; not a nasty girl.”

“I see,” I replied and realized for the first time that I was going to have to take care of my erection all by myself when I got back to the hotel room. “So, you are going to leave me like this.”

Katy collected her clothes as she replied. “Mr. Amiri, it was a wonderful tease and you should feel lucky to have received it.”

I gritted my teeth. “And, the story about playing with strange men when you’re on vacation and how you love to have their big cocks in your mouth as you massage their balls?”

“Well, let’s just say that perhaps I embellished a bit.” She tilted her head and looked at me with a quizzical expression. “Marc, you’re not angry, are you? Surely, you don’t expect a woman of my standing in the community to give you a blowjob?”

I thought exactly that, but I held back my words. I looked over at Jake shrugging his shoulders and giving the “what?” look. It wouldn’t do any good to express my thoughts. This game was over and to be honest, it was a very good tease. Sure, I was left with a hard, pulsing cock in need of attention. But, she performed her role exceptionally well.

I admired her. And, as I pulled my slacks up my legs Katy pranced about the room, preening for her husband. She even posed for several more photos before leaving for her bedroom and returning in an elegant silk robe and slippers. We continued to engage is some flirtations, but the Pas de Duex was largely complete and eventually we returned to the more normal roles of husband, wife and friend. In this case, it was a friend with a still pulsing erection.

After arranging my gear, I left the Roberts house with a set of blue balls and a determination that I was going to have my cock in Katy’s mouth before I left for Europe.

Chapter 05

It had been a week to the day since the interview with Der Spiegel and I was still feeling embarrassed about my shameless teasing of Mr. Amiri. I wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been for Jake’s constant pressuring. My goodness, it was all he could talk about from the time Mr. Amiri approached him for the interview.

I just can’t believe I was so naughty. All I intended to do was dance in front of him. Jake had the strippers pole installed the weekend before and he was dying to see me twirl myself around it so I thought a bit of harmless dancing would be okay.

I know a lady shouldn’t lose control of her emotions, but I couldn’t help it. Once I knew how much Marc was enjoying my dancing, I didn’t want to stop. I couldn’t stop.

And, the things I said! Oh, my goodness! I didn’t plan on talking dirty like that. I just meant to say a few flirtatious things about how much he would like it if I played with him. Before I knew it, I was teasing him with phrases such as “You’d love to cum on my pretty face” and once I got started I couldn’t seem to stop.

Oh my goodness! My lips came within an inch of his big cock’s head before I finally stopped myself. I could feel the heat radiating off his staff and it took all of my effort to pull away. I was so mad at Jake afterward. Sometimes he can be so demanding. But, that’s part of why I love him! As for Marc Amiri; He should be happy that I went as far as I did.

To tell the truth, I hope I’m never put in that situation again. I don’t know how I’d react. I’m just thankful that it’s over and a week has passed and today’s my birthday.

“Oh, Darling! You shouldn’t have!” I said to Jake as he surprised me with a gift. Jake never forgets my birthday and he always buys me something I love. This time it’s a wonderful dark gray business suit!

“Jake, I love you!” I told him excitedly. “You know how much I wanted this! I’ll wear it to the Conservative Political Action Committee dinner tomorrow night.”

“Try it on, Katy. Let’s see how a thousand dollar women’s suit looks on my beauty queen.”

Jake makes my heart melt every time he calls me that. We were high school sweethearts, homecoming king and queen, and now married with beautiful children! Jake calls me his beauty queen because I competed in a few Miss Texas pageants when we were in college.

I have to admit I get quite a few looks when I’m out and about. I suppose it’s my long dark hair and slender legs. Having a nice cleavage and a pretty face probably helps too. It certainly feels good to turn heads as I walk through a room.

As I walked to the bedroom to try on my new suit I thought of how happy I was that Jake didn’t buy me anything risqué’ or revealing. “Buying me this suit is a nice change for you Jake,” I said under my breath as I looked into the bedroom mirror, turning this way and that, to admire my look.

“Much better,” I said. For the past year, the only clothes Jake has been bringing home for me are very inappropriate for our image! Short miniskirts, tight low-on-the-hip pants and revealing tops. It’s been awful! He seems to want me to dress like a hooker. That’s why I’m so glad to open my present and it not be another ‘Show Off My Sexy Wife’ outfit. He probably got it all out of his system with the interview hijinks he pulled last week.

“I’ve got my old Jake back!” I said with pride as I slid into the pants. The suit came with a pair of pants and a skirt. A nice women’s suit often has both, but I chose the pants because the skirt was a little too short for me. Jake must have given the tailor the wrong measurements because it’s hemline is seven inches above my knees! But, the pants fit perfectly; even in the high-heels that came with it!

“Va-va-voom!” Jake said upon seeing me walking into the living room. “Baby, you’re beautiful!”

“Why, thank you kind sir. I do try!” I said teasingly and gave him an ‘Aw Shucks’ pose. “I wish I’d had it for the Der Spiegel interview last week.”

The suit really was a nice look on me. The jacket was short, ending just below my waist and covering up the top of my pants. The blouse was made of expensive silk. It was a short, button up blouse that was semi-transparent. “Not to worry,” I thought. I’ll just wear a camisole underneath to cover my bra.

“You look great in the high-heels! They show off your pretty legs and ass,” Jake told me.

“Jake! Don’t be silly! I don’t care one bit about showing off my legs and behind. If that’s what you think, then I’ll just wear flats with it.”

I was surprised when Jake didn’t respond. I expected him to pull me over his knee and give me a nice, firm spanking. That’s what he usually does whenever I’m not letting him get his way. He knows how much I love a firm spanking to put me in the right frame of mind.

I kinda tilted my head just a bit, and waited for the response that never came. “Well, well,” I thought. My old Jake really is back. What a breath of fresh air! Does this mean he is done with his little episodes of wanting to show me off?

“How’d the skirt fit, Katy?”

“Oh, just wonderful, dear. It’s not too tight and not to baggy! Just a bit too short. I’ll have it tailored next week.”

“No. Don’t do that. It’s just the way I want it. You can wear it to the County Club tomorrow for the PAC dinner,” he said. “And, I expect you to wear garters and stockings instead of those pantyhose.”

I quickly explained to Jake how inappropriate it would be for me to wear the skirt to the dinner. “It’s too short, honey. All the top conservative political players will be there,” I told him. “Including Bob Townes and Senator Hastings. You don’t want me dressed inappropriately in front of the President of your brokerage do you?”

“Katy, it’s only a short skirt. Oh, and make sure your bra and panties are skimpy and see-thru.”

“Hmmph!” I snarled. Then, pivoted on my toes and marched to the bedroom to change. So much for having my old Jake back.

I was still mad at him the next afternoon as I shopped for matching lingerie at Victoria’s Secret. “Just who does he think he is,” I whispered through clenched teeth as I held my selection of bra, panty and garters at arm’s length to admire them.

“Will this be all?” the pretty brunette sales assistant asked.

“Black, lacy and sheer! You’re husband will love you in these,” she added. “Ma’am, do you need stockings to go with the garters?”

“Oh, silly me! Yes, please. You’re best quality stockings!”

She selected a pair from the drawer and wondered aloud if they would fit. Looking at my long skirt she gave me a questioning look.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine. That’s the size I normally buy,” I assured her.

“Yes, but these are a new style. Please, can I convince you to try them on?” She motioned toward the changing room and walked away carrying my stockings.

“Well, crap!” I whispered, I wasn’t in the best of moods and I was thinking she was a pushy little hussy to assume I would simply follow her. I wasn’t really made at her. I was mad at Jake for making me wear clothes that were not appropriate for a conservative woman.

What else could I do but indulge her? She poked her head back around the corner, seemingly impatient with me as I lagged behind.

“Coming!” I said aloud, forcing a cheerful smile.

As I entered the changing room I met her outstretched arm with the stockings in hand. I forced another smile and a thank you as I accepted them, knowing full well they would fit perfectly, and feeling a bit frustrated at having to go through a useless exercise. I rolled them up my legs while she waited outside the curtain. I was certainly caught by surprise when I discovered they didn’t fit well at all. “My Goodness!” I exclaimed.

The next thing I knew, my pretty sales assistant was poking her head thru the curtains, looking up my legs! “Those don’t fit well at all,” she fussed. “Your legs are much to slender for them. I’ll get a smaller size.”

She was gone before I had time to stop her and returned with a smaller pair. Well, to my surprise she sat down on the bench beside me and began opening the package. “Let’s be sure to connect them to your garters too. We want to make sure they fit properly.”

I paused for a moment with the new pair in hand, hinting that it was time for her to leave. But, she didn’t take the hint and seemed determined to stay and make small talk as I slid on the stockings, saying, “Ma’am, did I tell you how pretty you are? I hope one day I’m as pretty as you!”

I’ve had just about enough of this, I thought. So I decided to do something about it. “What’s your name, young lady?” I asked somewhat sternly.

“Danielle,” she answered. “And yours?”

“Well, uhmmm….Katy,” I replied and shook her outstretched hand. I was about to tell her to stop calling me “ma’am” and that I’m thirty-four years old, not fifty! After that, I planned on telling her to kindly remove herself from my changing room!

Before I could get a word out she disarmed me with her kindness. “Nice to meet you, Katy! I hope you don’t mind me helping! It’s like, you’re so pretty and all. I just want to make sure everything’s perfect for you!”

My heavens! What can I say to that? I felt as though I had just met a nineteen-year old version of myself. I can’t hurt this young girl’s feelings just because I’m angry at Jake.

“You’re so sweet!” I told her. “I’m just not used to anyone helping me try on my stockings!” I said, feeling better about my attitude. “You’re very helpful, Danielle. Thank you!” I was obviously being too hard on this young woman. “Relax, Katy,” I said to myself. Let her do her job.

I must admit to being taken aback when Danielle asked me to step out of my skirt. “Excuse me?” I asked quizzically.

“You know…so I can help you with the stockings,” she answered.

“Oh, yes, of course,” I replied. After my awkward double-take, I reluctantly stood. Just as I was coming to grips with my lack of privacy she spun me around and all in one motion she unzipped the back of my skirt and slid it off my hips!

With my skirt pooled around my feet, Danielle took my hand to balance me as I stepped out. Her hand was soft, warm and slender. I noticed her fingers were exactly the length of my own. “Such a sweet girl,” I thought.

“And your panties too, Katy. We want to make sure your new ones fit properly.”

As Danielle undressed me, the feeling of her warm hands clutching my hips and her fingers slipping under the bands of my underwear made my body shiver. I was uncomfortable being in this intimate situation with Danielle; but didn’t want her to stop. A rush of doubt, anger and excitement swept through me. “Does she notice my goosebumps,” I wondered, and held her hand as I stepped out of my panties.

Danielle held my new panties delicately between her thumbs and forefingers as I slipped my feet into them. She slowly pulled them up my calves, over my knees and up my thighs toward my hips; where her soft hands once again made contact with my flesh. The back of her fingers slid up the side of my legs, stretching open the waistband until it fit over my hips.

She tilted her head. “There,” she said slowly, as if admiring the look of the panties on my body and she primped and tweaked at the waistband and crotch as she admired me; sending shivers up my spine as I felt her touch so close to my kitty.

I was so glad I had a bikini waxing done yesterday when she complimented me, “Ma’am, your little bush is so beautiful! It’s like, perfectly trimmed and everything!”

With a pensive look on her face she continued primping my panties, brushing her fingers across my pussy as she straightened the fabric in front.

Danielle slipped her fingertips under the leg bands on the side of my hips and slid them forward, down the bands and toward my crotch, pretending to be adjusting the fit of the fabric on my legs; and as she reached my pussy they touched the outside of my labia.

Her tongue pushed out, between her lips and she licked them as she moved her fingers up my crotch and through my pubic hair, seemingly unable to resist exploring me, before a look of being caught with her hand in the cookie jar came across her face. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself!” she apologized.

I wondered if she could tell my pussy was tingling and wet. “My goodness! Danielle, you’re so attentive! Don’t apologize. And, thank you. I don’t believe I’ve ever received a compliment on how pretty my bush is,” I replied nervously while trying to figure out what was happening to my emotions.

“Next comes the garter belt,” she said with a voice that had changed from cheerful to sultry.

I’m so lucky to have a nice firm behind and shapely legs because Danielle spent a lot of time fastening the garter belt and adjusting my panties.

Danielle then slowly rolled the stockings up my legs. At first, I kept telling myself that she was only doing her job. But, I gave up on the pretense when she slid her fingers under my panties for the second time, her knuckles brushing across my pussy lips, pulling them apart.

“Oooh! That tickles,” I exclaimed and pushed up onto my tippy-toes as her fingers tickled against my clitoris.

“Sorry! I needed to make a small adjustment, ma’am,” she said.

I was somewhat embarrassed to see the overhead light glistening off my pussy’s moisture on the back of her fingers as she connected my stockings to the clasps of the garter belt.

“Step into your high-heels and let’s take a look, Katy,” Danielle suggested. “Perfect!” she added as I posed in my heels. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Danielle.”

“Oh, hold on. There’s a loose strand of fabric sticking out of your panty. Please, sit down and let me get that for you.”

“Don’t worry about that, Danielle. You’ve been so helpful. I can cut it off at home.” I said, but sat down just as she had asked on the bench beside her.

“Nonsense,” she responded, lowering herself onto her knees in front of me, pushing against my knees and forcing them apart. The feeling of the inside of my legs touching the soft skin of her shoulders was electric. “I’ll cut it free with my teeth. Won’t take a second.”

“Danielle! I, uhmm..Isn’t this highly irregular? Oh, goodness. Mmmmm!” I went from a gentle protest to a gentle moan as she placed her mouth on the thin silk fabric covering my clitoris and sucked the loose strand into her mouth.

Obviously, no woman had ever been between my legs! I looked down to see her beautiful dark hair tickling my upper thighs. I unconsciously closed my legs until they held her shoulders. Her nose was against my bush and only the thin, silk fabric was separating her mouth from my clitoris as she struggled with the loose strand.

“Oohh, my, my! Danielle, did you get it?” I asked with my voice quivering. “Did you get that bothersome little strand?”

As she looked up to make eye contact she answered, “It’s a bit more stubborn than I thought, Katy. Give me one more minute.”

Danielle’s lips kept tickling my clitoris as she tried to cut the strand with her teeth. She brought her hands up inside my legs and pushed them further apart; presumably, so she could better access the troublesome panty thread. I was becoming aroused, not even noticing my pussy flowing with moisture while she completed her task.

I’m sure I just imagined it. But, if I didn’t know better I would swear she closed her lips around my clitty several times.

“There! I got it!” she exclaimed, and pulled the little strand from her mouth to show it to me.

Completely flustered, and disappointed she had finished, I properly thanked Danielle and stood to change.

“Oh no!” she blurted. “Katy, I’ve smudged lipstick on the front your panties! How foolish of me. I wanted everything to be perfect. Now, look what I’ve done.”

“Nonsense! You’ve been so helpful. You are such a good saleslady,” I kindly scolded her and added, “It will come out with little effort. Don’t worry about a thing, Danielle!”

Not to be denied, Danielle dropped back to her knees, resting her buttocks on her heels. She quickly began rubbing at the lipstick. “I’ll fix it,” she replied. With her finger moving back and forth across my clit and pussy lips I began another low, embarrassing moan. She had me so sexually excited I could hardly stand it.

Without even thinking, I lifted my leg and placed my foot on the bench as she tickled my pussy. “Mmmmm, Danielle,” I cooed. “Oh, my heavens! Take good care of that pesky lipstick smudge, dear.”

“I think I have most of it, Katy. Let me get the inside too.” Danielle slid her fingers under my panty and rubbed the inside to erase any possible lipstick. The back of her fingers were now in contact with my flesh, teasing my clitty. When her fingertips pushed out on the fabric her knuckles bent, and moved into my wet hole, spreading my pussy lips apart.

I tried without success to control myself. But, I was melting with lust. “Oh, my goodness! Not now!” I said and felt both embarrassed and fully aroused to be cumming in front of this pretty young woman. I couldn’t stop myself. My body convulsed in an orgasm. “Ooooohhhh! Mmmmm, I can’t take it anymore, Oooooohhhh!” I moaned aloud.

“You’re so thorough and….Oh, god…..Your teasing has me so fucking hot…….Mmmmm, Danielle,” I stammered, losing control of my thoughts and unable to stop my orgasm. All the while, running my fingers through her hair.

“Ooooh, noooo!” I moaned and tightened my leg muscles as my orgasm swept over my body.

“Thank you, ma’am. You’ve made me feel so good!” she responded from her knees as I finished.

“Well, certainly dear. And, I do so apologize for my baudy language,” I told her.

I could hardly believe what had just happened! In fact, I am not sure it did happen. It’s all such a blur to me now. I would never allow another woman to play with me like that. I wouldn’t, and I’m quite sure I must have imagined it!

Danielle waited outside and within a few moments I had changed back into my long skirt and left the changing room. I found myself walking on wobbly legs toward the register. In a desperate attempt to regain my composure, I stopped to pick out several additional sets of lingerie and added an expensive dress to my purchase.

“Thank you so much for your assistance, Danielle!” I said, trying to forget the entire episode as she wrote her telephone number on her card and slipped it into one of my bags.

“You’re very welcome, Katy! Call me anytime I can help!”

My pussy felt warm and tingly as I drove home. Weaving in and out of traffic, I complained aloud as I played tricks with my mind in an effort to regain my moral compass.

I looked into the rearview mirror and talking to myself I said, “I can’t believe you want me to wear that short skirt to the dinner, Jake!” I added, “You have a modest and beautiful, conservative wife. You should be proud of our image and want to protect it!”

It took the entire drive home to settle down. Jake had left a message that he would be running late and I should be ready to go as soon as he got home. After the children arrived from school I gathered them up and took them to our sitter. Then, I began preparing for this very important evening with some very important conservative movers and shakers!

I thought of Danielle as I admired myself in the mirror, wearing my new lingerie. “You did a very nice job, young lady! I look marvelous in black and it all fits perfectly!” I wore the black lace push-up bra and matching lace panties. The panties were full back but completely sheer. The front was also sheer and my pussy was easily visible through the thin fabric. My garter belt matched and my stockings were black sheer.

I knew Jake wouldn’t want me to do it, but I slipped a thin white camisole over my bra. Otherwise, everyone would be able to see it through my blouse. “There, that’ll show you who’s boss!” I said.

I put on the skirt and admired it’s fit. “Very nice!” I complimented myself. The skirt matched my jacket precisely. Charcoal gray pinstripes and a hemline that was short, but very well tailored. “It’s beautiful,” I added.

“And, no one is going to get a peek up this skirt if I’m careful,” I assured myself as I pulled down on the hem. The skirt wasn’t cut to fit tightly. Instead, it fit comfortably, but loosely across my hips and would flare out with every turn. When I stood, it covered the tops of my stockings and if I was careful sitting down it would cover them when I was seated. I finished my outfit with a pair of black 3 inch high-heel pumps.

I was feeling much more positive about my outfit as Jake drove us to the dinner. “I’m sorry, Jake,” I told him as we pulled into the country club parking lot.

“Sorry? For what, Katy?”

“For being such a prude! This suit looks incredible with the skirt instead of the pants,” I told him. I also confessed to feeling a bit naughty wearing the sexy lingerie underneath my conservative suit. “I’ll just have to be careful when I sit down!” I cheerfully said.

“You’ll do fine, honey. I’ve arranged for us to sit with Bob Townes and George Hastings.”

“Oh, how wonderful! We’ll be the center of attention, Jake. How much better can it get than sitting at a table with the president of your brokerage and the Senator of our great state of Texas, George Hastings.” I told him as I walked around the back of the car.

“Just the way you like it, Katy,” Jake said as he grabbed his briefcase from the back seat and shut the door to the car.

I gave my husband a quizzical look when I saw his briefcase.

Jake read my face and explained that he had volunteered me to present a 50-minute video on the upcoming campaign. He nodded toward the briefcase and said, “Brochures and CDs for the guests.”

I gave him a soft punch in the shoulder and asked what else he had volunteered me for. He said something about tending a charity bar with the Senator. I smiled, satisfied in knowing I had finessed myself into an entire evening spent with the power brokers of the state.

The dinner was outstanding. I sat in-between Jake and George Hastings. Just as I suspected, our table was the center of the social scene, with guests introducing themselves to us throughout the meal.

Both the Senator, and Bob Townes, seemed to enjoy my company. They flirted with me as all men do. But, they did so in a tactful way; for which I was very appreciative.

My skirt rode up my legs a few times, but I managed to keep it covering my stocking tops. There might have been one or two times when Mr. Hastings caught a glimpse of my garter straps and stockings; but only for a moment. I was very impressed that he didn’t stare. He chose to remain a gentleman even with his wife absent for the evening.

Truth be told, there might have been a couple of other times when I relaxed a bit too much and forgot to pull my skirt down. “A woman cannot possibly be on guard 100% of the time,” I told myself.

After dinner Jake, Bob Townes, the Senator and myself made our way to the elevator. We were the last group to leave the dining hall. I was so pleased to be in the company of these powerful men! This is where I’m at my best! My image as a clear thinking, conservative woman pays dividends during these important functions.

“Just watch me in action upstairs introducing the campaign video,” I whispered to Jake as we waited at the elevator doors.

“Such an elegant setting,” I thought, as the doors slid open. The four men graciously allowed me to enter first.

“Thank you very mu……Oh My!” I knew something was wrong as I felt the back of my skirt rise up my legs.

Something had hold of the hem of my skirt! I turned sideways, looking back at Jake and made the situation worse. “Goodness, Dear,” I said and felt cool air brush past the bare skin of my legs above my stockings.

A wardrobe malfunction is every girl’s nightmare. Something sticking out of Jake’s briefcase had somehow caught on the hem of my skirt. “Jake, your briefcase,” I shrieked. I was mortified! Looking down, I could see my garter straps and stocking tops. And, if I could see them, the men could to.

All I could think to do was hurry into the elevator to hide myself. But when I took a step, the only thing I accomplished was to pull my skirt away from my hips, showing everyone my panties. Jake’s briefcase was still hooked to my skirt, pulling it up and away from me, exposing me even further.

I panicked! Mistakenly thinking I could hide my exposure I instinctively lowered my hips and squatted down onto my heels. That only provided the men a better look. Now, they could see both my garter belt and panties.

I briefly looked down. “Oh, my god!” My pussy was showing through the transparent silk panty as I sat, looking helpless on my haunches below the control panel of the elevator.

“Oh, god no!” I said and stood up straight. This didn’t help one bit. I couldn’t get my skirt to cover myself because it was pulled tight around my waist by my husband’s briefcase. Jake wasn’t helping things at all and a thought crossed my mind that this little briefcase malfunction hadn’t been an accident. I mean; how does a briefcase latch catch itself on a lady’s skirt?

Jake bend over slightly and lifted the briefcase closer to his face so he could get a better look at the problem and successfully exposing me up to my waist. “What is it caught on?” he asked out loud.

“Just hurry!” I exclaimed through clenched teeth, while I pushed my skirt down with my left hand and held my right hand over my crotch to cover myself!

“Jake! You’re pulling up my skirt! Stop that!” I shrieked.

“Katy! I’m just trying to get this loose,” he replied with frustration.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Not this. Not my skirt lifted above my hips in front of these men.

I could see them leering at me. They had a nice clear view. “Why did I have to wear see-thru panties,” I scolded myself.

“George, can you help me with this clasp?” Jake asked calmly, seemingly unfazed by the fact that his pretty wife was exposed from the waist down. After that, I somewhat accepted the situation, stopped struggling and stood patiently, pushing my skirt down but resigned to my humiliation.

There I stood, backed into the corner of the elevator, my skirt above my waist, pushing as much of it down my legs as possible and several important men leering at me. How embarrassing.

Mr. Hastings, ever the gentleman, was quick to help. He succeeded in freeing my skirt from that terrible suitcase clasp. But, the effort took an excruciatingly long time.

“I’m so embarrassed,” I said to them.

“Don’t worry your pretty little self, young lady,” George Hastings said as the doors closed. “You look mighty sexy in those panties.”

The ride up two floors took forever. Jake didn’t make it any shorter; joking about the situation by carrying on about his “Hungry Briefcase” and “Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Model Wife.”

I spent the ride making sure my skirt was pulled down and attempting to regain my composure. It’s not every day that a lady has three powerful men leering at her pussy. “Finally!” I whispered as the doors opened to the banquet room.

“I understand that we’ll be tending bar together, Katy,” Mr. Hastings said as we walked in. It felt good talk about something, anything, other than the embarrassing situation with Jake’s ‘hungry briefcase’.

The bar he was referring to was a charity fundraiser. All tips and profit went to the local orphanage. It was set up at the back of the room facing the tables and dance floor. The white screen for the campaign video was on the opposite wall.

“I hope we’re a good team, Mr. Hastings,” I answered, already feeling more comfortable after the episode a few minutes ago. I was anxious to get to work, and knowing that George Hastings was a gentleman sure helped my state of mind.

“Finally, all of my hard work is paying off,” I told Jake as I pulled him to the side. “I don’t stay this smart and pretty by accident, you know.”

“You’re right, Katy. You never disappoint me. Enjoy the attention tonight, Sweety. You deserve it.” Jake gave me a kiss and an affectionate pat on my behind as I headed for the bar.

Jake made the rounds, doing the ‘meet and greet’ with the crowd. I went to work behind the bar with our current and future Senator. The bar was about six feet long and L-shaped, with the short end of the L against the wall. The level of the bar was surprisingly high, being even with the bottom of my ribcage.

After thirty minutes we’d raised quite a bit of money for charity. Everyone had purchased drinks and our tip jar was overflowing. The guests were grabbing their seats, preparing to watch the campaign video, leaving us an opportunity to talk.

“I’ll have to leave for a few minutes to introduce the video, Mr. Hastings,” I said.

“You’re husband was right, Katy,” he replied.

“Oh? What about?” I replied, hoping we were about to engage in a substantive conversation about the campaign issues.

“You’re a very attractive woman in your lingerie. Your husband’s description of you as a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model is spot on.”

I gulped hard and paused for a moment to make sure I heard him correctly. How do I respond to this, I thought nervously. Mr. Hastings has been a gentleman all evening and I’m sure he was giving me an innocent compliment. “Don’t take unnecessary offense,” I told myself and replied, “Why, uhmm….thank you, Senator Hastings. I’d better get to work. We need the video started.”

“You’re welcome, honey. Before you go, lift that cute skirt of yours and show me your ass again,” he demanded quite nonchalantly as we both stood behind the bar, facing the guests.

I was outraged at his suggestion and told him quietly through clenched teeth that, “I will most certainly not lift my skirt. Furthermore, you had best count your lucky stars that I don’t want to create a scene. Otherwise, I’d slap you!”

Unfortunately, he didn’t seem fazed by my threat. “Katy, I’ve been very impressed with your husband’s performance tonight. Don’t spoil it for him,” He said and let me know that if I didn’t do as he suggested he would make sure Jake and I regretted it. “C’mon baby. You were showing me your stocking and garters all through dinner. And, you made sure I got a nice look at your pussy in the elevator. Stop your little righteous indignation act and lift up your skirt.”

Jake was at the front of the room, about to introduce me. I was confused, and in such a tither that I didn’t know what to do!

I decided that given the situation, discretion was the better part of valor. I kept my eyes fixed on Jake, placed both hands under my skirt and lifted it up to my waist. Thank goodness the bar covered my indiscretion. As my husband was introducing me over the loudspeaker, our Senator copped a nice feel of my behind and gave me one good hard spank.

“Thwaakk!” it sounded and caused me to jump forward. I hoped the clapping covered up the sound.

“Go get em, Katy,” he said. “And hurry back afterwards.”

My behind was stinging all through the introduction of the video. I dreaded the video starting up because I knew I was committed to returning to the Charity Bar with Senator Hastings. I had to go back because I’d cause a huge scene by refusing.

“I’ll just make sure he minds his manners,” I told myself as I reluctantly assumed my place beside him. It could be worse, I thought. At least George Hastings wasn’t an ugly, repulsive man. Quite the contrary, he was tall, large man and in very good shape for a man of fifty. He was very distinguished looking with gray temples and chiseled features. He’s quite handsome, I thought to myself. And, he certainly has big strong hands! My behind still tingled from the spank he had given me earlier.

“You were terrific out there, Katy,” Mr. Hastings told me as he placed his big paw under my skirt and onto my slender behind.

“Thanks,” I said rather timidly. “Now, please behave yourself. Let’s not cause a scene.” I pushed his hand away, but within a moment or two he put it back onto my bottom.

I pushed it away again, and again it returned. I tried to push it away again. But, I couldn’t budge it. He was too strong for me and since I didn’t want to bring attention to my situation, I quit trying.

“Hmmph!” I snorted to show my displeasure with him. I told him that he could leave his hand on my bottom as long as he cared to. “I’m not letting you get the better of me, Senator,” I said.

Thankfully, he seemed satisfied just massaging my behind and playing with the back of my panties. This isn’t too awful, I thought. I tried to keep a cheery attitude, convincing myself that a massage is not really crossing the line of proper decorum. Just to make sure everything stayed under control, I talked about the issues that were important to my Conservative Women’s Voting League.

He seemed to give lip service to our conversation while he continued to fondle my behind. Just when I thought he might be settling down he ratcheted up his rambunctious behavior by pushing his big fingers under the top band of my underwear and pulled them off my bottom.

“Mr. Hastings,” I whispered angrily, as I wiggled and squirmed, trying to pull up my panties and still look normal to the crowd watching the video.

“Oh, don’t get yer panties in a wad, little darlin,” he replied.

“Mr. Hastings! It’s very difficult to maintain a lady-like, professional image while you’re attempting to take liberties with me.”

With a strong jerk of his hand, he pulled my panties further down; all the way to my stocking tops, bunching them up under my garter straps. I felt the air touching my pussy and thought of how embarrassing it was that this man’s actions had caused my pussy to moisten.

“Please, sir! Keep your hands to yourself and…..Ooohh!” I moaned as his hand reached under my behind and he pushed his thumb into my wet hole. “Whoa, Senator!” I whispered and wiggled my hips on his large thumb. It’s a natural reaction to the teasing he had given me.

“Spread your legs for me,” he instructed.

What was I to do?! My pussy was on fire! “Ooohhh my!” I moaned and asked myself what have I gotten myself in to?

“Just relax and enjoy yourself, little missy. Nobody’ll notice a thing. They’re all busy watching the campaign video. Besides, they’re not about to show any disrespect to me by leaving their seat.”

I could hear him unzip his pants. I reached down to stop him. But, he grabbed my hand and forcibly placed it on his penis. A quick rush of air escaped my lips when I touched him.

“No,” I told him. “You can’t do this, sir.” I was telling him no, but my pussy was sopping wet.

“I’m not asking your permission, Katy. I’ll only tell you one last time. Relax and enjoy it.”

Our current and future Senator was now fingering me in front of 200 guests and my hand was wrapped around his cock. “Oh, my goodness,” I whispered as his fingers sloppily stroked in and out until my juices were all over my crotch and the inside of my thighs.

“Please, just don’t let anyone see us,” I pleaded with my hand massaging him. “I…I don’t think I could stand to have someone see us.”

“Just keep looking out on our guests and act normally. They’ll never know.”

I tried to do exactly as he instructed. I kept smiling and watching the campaign video. But, it was sooo hard to do. He was finger-fucking my pussy just the way I like it. He closed two of his fingers together and fucked me hard with them. Then, he tickled and pinched my clitty while one of his fingers massaged my G-spot.

“You sure know how to finger a girl, Senator,” I said with my voice cracking slightly as I balanced one hand on the bar and began enjoying the attention he was giving me.

I spread my feet wide apart to give him more of myself. Then, I stroked his cock harder and faster as my body began an early orgasm. I hope none of the guests saw me look upward and moan!

“Do you realize how difficult it is to be lady-like under these circumstances?” I asked him as my body tingled.

George Hastings assured me that I was doing just fine. “I think your husband is convinced. Look at him,” he said.

Across the room, Jake was giving me a smile and thumbs up sign. “Hmmm…Is that thumbs up for the video or a thumbs up for being fingered to an orgasm by our Senator?” I asked coyly.

“Perhaps it’s for the job your pretty mouth is going to do on my cock, little missy,” Mr. Hastings answered while I attempted to pull up my panties with my free hand.

“Leave them down, Katy,” he demanded and gave me another hard spank on my behind. “Thwaack!”

“Ouch! Senator Hastings!” I scolded him again; this time through smiling lips.

My emotions were all over the place. I didn’t know if I wanted more of the Senator’s attention, or my husband to rescue me. A tear welled up in my eye as Jake turned to watch the screen for the remaining ten minutes.

“What? No white knight to save you, Katy?”

I sniffled a bit and explained to him that if Jake caught on to what was going on he would beat him senseless. “Senator or not, my husband would pummel you, sir.”

“Then, for his own protection you had best not let him catch on. The room is full of 200 witnesses and all of them either owe me a favor or want to impress me. If he tries anything, I’ll ruin him. Keep that in mind as you suck my cock, young lady.”

I felt like a little schoolgirl in the principal’s office; Helpless and powerless, but desperate to please him! I squatted down and took him into my mouth.

“That’s it, Katy. Sit back and enjoy this big cock of mine,” he said vulgarly.

What’s a lady to do? I wasn’t about to tell him my little secret. I loved the thought of sucking a powerful man’s cock. Ever since the interview with Marc Amiri it was all I had thought about. But, I wasn’t about to let the Senator know it.

I pulled his balls out of his underwear. As his cock hardened in my hand I turned my head, moved my mouth onto his balls, and licked them clean of the day’s musty sweat. “Mmmmm,” I moaned a my tongue licked slowly up his shaft and circled the head of his cock.

I could see precum oozing out as I closed my mouth on him and sucked in my cheeks. “Nice cock,” I said after backing away; stroking him with one hand and massaging his balls with the other.

“Gimme a double scotch, Senator,” was the voice I heard from the front of the bar!

I immediately tried to pull away, but Senator Hastings’s strong right hand was on the back of my head; and he pulled me back onto his hard tool and started fucking my mouth.

“You bet, Bob. A double scotch it is,” George Hastings replied, poured the drink with his free hand and held my head on his staff with the other. “How’s the evening going, Bob?”

Oh, my word! It’s Jake’s boss, Bob Townes. Will my humiliation never end? Maybe he won’t see me, I hoped.

“Not quite as good as yours, George,” Bob Townes answered and they both laughed. He leaned over the bar and added, “Looks like Katy is taking good care of you, Senator.”

My heart sank as they talked about me while I sucked off the Senator’s cock. Will he tell Jake? Will he tell everyone? Thoughts of running away ran through my mind while my head was bobbing on Senator Hastings.

I had to do something. I knew I couldn’t let him leave without an explanation. So, I jerked my head back and freed myself from the Senator’s grasp.

“Bob, this isn’t at all how it appears,” I said. “It’s….It’s…..Oh, Bob…Please, don’t tell anyone. Please!” The Senator nudged my head back toward his erection. I crave being manhandled like this and I eagerly went back to work on his cock, awaiting a reply from Bob Townes.

The Senator broke in saying, “Let’s keep it to ourselves, Bob. Katy’s a fine little cock-slut and I’m sure she’d be willing to do you a favor sometime to repay your discretion. Wouldn’t you, Katy?”

“Oh, yeth! Yeth, uff kuth I wua,” I said with my mouth full of U.S. Senator. I knew what “doing a favor” meant and so did Bob Townes. What else could I say?

George and Bob discussed the situation. Bob must have thought I was a total slut. I wanted to scream at him that I wasn’t any such thing. I do crave cock, but there’s a time and place for it. And, this certainly wasn’t it. I wanted him to know that this wasn’t my fault.

Instead, I licked and sucked our Senator’s balls while my husband’s boss cheerfully agreed to keep the situation between us three. “I think I’ll take that favor right now, Katy. It’ll be good P.R. to get behind the bar with the Senator.”

Bob Townes took up a position behind the bar, sandwiching me between them and unzipped his slacks. “You don’t mind do you?” he said and plopped out his half hard erection.

“Nuh uh,” I replied. What’s a girl to do but service them both?

“That’s a pretty site,” he said as my mouth took them in turn. “Are two cocks better than one?” he asked.

“Oh yeth,” I mumbled. He was right. I’d never experienced anything like this. It was exhilarating and naughty at the same time.

That’s when I heard the camera. With the Senator’s cock in my mouth, I lifted my eyes up, my eyebrows moving with them, to see Marc Amiri taking photographs of me with my face framed by their erections.

“You’re beautiful, Katy. That’s it, keep it going….I’m just taking a few photos for remembrance purposes,” He said as he clicked away.

It should have startled me and brought me to my senses. Instead, it had the opposite effect of further arousing me. I started sucking them off more eagerly and pumping them with my hands. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I thought, still hungrily jacking them off. There were now three men at the bar with me. It was all terribly exciting and at the same time terribly terrifying that someone else might walk up and see me.

Marc Amiri spoke up, “Senator, Mr. Townes, we should take Katy into the conference room where it’s more comfortable. We’ve got another 40 minutes before the video is over.”

“Good idea, Marc. We need to do this in a more private setting,” The Senator said and popped his cock out of my wet lips, causing me to whimper.

Bob Townes took my hand and lifted me onto my feet. It scared me to think of being in a room all alone with these three men. But, at least I wouldn’t be as exposed as I was behind the bar. My reputation couldn’t handle being caught in this situation.

Bob kept his grip on my hand and pulled me with him as he and Senator Hastings left from behind the bar and began walking to the conference room with Marc Amiri trailing behind us.

“My goodness,” I complained with an arm outstretched and being pulled along by Bob Townes. “Can’t you give a lady enough time to pull up her panties?”

Well, I suppose their reply is an entire new chapter. TTYL!!