Wrong Room

Chapter 01

The Schaffer family was all smiles on this particular Friday afternoon. They were leaving for their annual summer vacation. Their bags were packed, the SUV loaded, and all that remained was for them to load themselves up. Every year they took a weeklong road trip with no fixed destination. They just simply picked a direction and went. As they pulled out of the driveway Amanda Schaffer noticed out of the corner of her eye that her son Ryan was starring at her.

“Is something the matter honey?” She asked.

“Oh….uh…..nah, I was just day dreaming.” Ryan said slightly shocked that his mother caught him starring at her.

This trip was special for Ryan for a couple of reasons. For one, he’d just turned eighteen, so he knew this might be one of the last family vacations he went on. The other reason requires a little background. About a month ago Ryan came home early from school. Expecting to find his mother going about her daily routines he was surprised to find the house was dead quiet. He walked through the living room and kitchen but there was no one around. After walking upstairs Ryan decided to check to see if his mother was in her room taking a nap or something. As he neared his parent’s bedroom door he stopped cold in his tracks. The door was slightly open and he could hear his mother moaning lightly. Now, Ryan was pretty sure that he’d walked in on his mother pleasuring herself; he just didn’t know what exactly he should do. Part of him wanted to turn around a go back downstairs. This was his mother after all. But the inner pervert in him couldn’t resist the chance to see a woman, any woman, masturbating.

Amanda Schaffer was lying on her bed naked, except for a short silk robe that was completely undone and framing her nude form. She had worked up a sweat cleaning the house and decided to take a long hot bath. While soaking in the tub she started reading a rather steamy romance novel she’d been meaning to finish. After her bath she dried off and put on her robe, and then she lay down on her bed to finish the book. One thing led to another and before she knew it she was very turned on. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d pleasured herself, but since she was home alone she decided to indulge herself a bit. Little did she know that as she gently rubbed herself closer to orgasm her curious son was getting an eyeful.

Ryan edged closer to the door and peek around the corner doing his best to be silent. His mouth opened slightly at the sight before him. His mother was lying on her bed with her head turned away from the door completely exposed. One hand was squeezing one of her breasts and the other was between her legs. Ryan had never in his eighteen years ever had an inappropriate thought about his mother. However, seeing her like this quickly had his pants starting to expand. The realization that he was getting hard watching his mom was a little weird at first but that feeling quickly faded as Amanda arched her back slightly and began moaning louder.

“Ummm…..oh god…..yes.” Amanda moaned as she neared her climax.

Ryan began rubbing his cock through his pants. He was starting to notice just how good looking his mom was. She was 37 but could easily pass for 27. She was pretty tall for a woman at 5’10, but most of that was in her legs, and she had very dark brown hair. Her tits weren’t very large but this was a good thing because they didn’t sag at all. Although Amanda was a stay at home mom she didn’t skimp on exercise. She was in great shape; she refused to let herself get flabby, as she’d seen almost all her friends succumb to laziness.

“Ohhhh!!!” Amanda groaned as her orgasm warmly washed over her.

The site of his mother climaxing before his eyes caused Ryan to fill his underwear with cum. Amanda writhed on her bed tightly clenching the sheets in her fists with her hips raised off of the bed. After about thirty seconds she collapsed into a heap breathing heavily. Ryan knew she could turn her head any second now so reluctantly he eased back from the door and tip toed back downstairs. After a few minutes he loudly slammed the front door and shouted that he was home, making sure that his mother would hear him.

For the next couple weeks everything went back to normal and Ryan told himself that what he’d done anyone would’ve. It was a onetime thing and he wasn’t going to dwell on it. However, things heated back up unexpectedly one Saturday night. The neighborhood Ryan’s family lived in had a thriving party scene for middle-aged couples. Every month or so Amanda and Ryan’s dad Don, would go out and come home late at night absolutely shit faced. It seemed that his mom and dad would never really settle down. One night at about 2 a.m. Ryan was on the couch watching some cheesy late night sci-fi movie when he heard his parents pull up in the driveway. A few minutes later his mom walked in and closed the door behind her. Ryan could tell by the way she staggered she was very drunk. Amanda walked into the kitchen and Ryan heard her digging through the cabinets. After a few minutes his dad still hadn’t came in so Ryan walked into the kitchen to ask his mom where he was. As he entered the kitchen Ryan saw Amanda standing with her back to him at the sink, with her arms on the counter. In one hand she had a half full glass of Crown Royale. She was wearing a short red dress that showed off her curves very well with her hair arranged fancily on top of her head. Before he said anything Ryan noticed that his mother’s hips were moving back and forth like she was dancing to some music that only she could hear.

“Hey, where’s dad?” Ryan asked finally snapping out of his trance.

“Oh hey baby, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Amanda said looking over her shoulder.

“You didn’t wake me, I was watching TV. Where’s dad?” Ryan asked again.

“Oh, your dad is passed slap out in the car, and I’m not about to carry him in. He’ll be fine.” Amanda said taking a huge gulp of her drink.

“Oh, ok. Well it looks like you two had a good time.” Ryan said slightly amuse at his mother’s drunken state.

“It was a wonderful time honey; I didn’t want it to stop. I just wanted to dance all night. Your father on the other hand couldn’t keep up. Oh well, its late enough I suppose, I’m probably gonna go to sleep myself.” Amanda said before downing the rest of her drink.

“That sounds like a plan; the bed’s probably the safest place for you.” Ryan said smiling.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Amanda asked with her arms on her hips.

“Well, you can hardly walk. If you fall, at least the bed’s a soft spot to land.” Ryan laughed.

“Ha! I can walk just fine mister.” Amanda said smiling.

With that Amanda turned and stumbled out of the kitchen towards the stairs. Ryan followed behind to make sure she made it safely. Sure enough, as soon and Amanda put her foot on the first step she lost her balance and fell backwards.

“Owwwww….” Amanda groaned as she landed right on her ass.

Ryan ran over to his mother to see if she was alright but he stopped a few feet from her when he noticed she was laughing.

“You want to try that again?” Ryan asked sarcastically.

Amanda stuck her tongue out at her son and turned to get up. When she got on all fours the dress she was wearing had slid up considerably. Ryan’s eyes widened as his mother’s ass came into view. She was wearing a red lace thong that left very little to the imagination. For a precious few seconds Ryan starred at Amanda’s round ass.

“Oh man.” Ryan thought to himself as he felt his cock start to tent his pajama pants.

Amanda was drunk when she came home. The big glass of Crown she had when she came in had her blitzed out of her mind now. She was a laughing, clumsy mess on the floor. She tried twice to get up before Ryan decided he’d better help her. Ryan quickly adjusted his cock then walked over to his mother and grabbed her arm to help her up.

“C’mon mom, you need to call it a night.” Ryan said.

“Such a gentleman.” Amanda slurred.

In her drunken state Amanda tried to gain her balance by grabbing her son’s shirt. Her hand slid down his shirt until her fingers latched onto the waistband of Ryan’s pajamas. At first Ryan thought nothing of his mother’s drunken clumsiness but when she attempted to pull herself up the weak elastic couldn’t quite support her weight and before he knew it his mother had pulled his pajamas down about four inches. It wasn’t enough to fully expose his cock but Amanda’s knuckles rested right up against her son’s manhood for a few seconds. Ryan stood motionless for a few seconds waiting to see if his mother reacted at all.

“Thanks sweetie.” Amanda said releasing her grip on Ryan’s pajamas.

As drunk as she was Amanda didn’t know exactly where she was, let alone that she’d almost pulled her son’s pajama’s down enough to free his hard cock. Ryan knew she didn’t know what she’d almost done when she turned to walk upstairs and made no effort to pull her dress down.

“Here, let me help you.” Ryan said placing his hand on his mother’s hip to help her up the stairs.

As she stumbled up the stairs Ryan couldn’t take his eyes off of his mother’s ass. Ryan carefully guided his mother to her bedroom and walked her over to her bed. Ryan gently laid her down and before her head hit the pillow she was dead to the world. Ryan turned to leave then noticed that his mother’s dress was now half way up her waist. The red lace panties were an eye catcher. One thing that stood out to him was that they were so low cut and he didn’t see any hair. As he stood there starring at his mother’s exposed lower half he flashed back to the day he caught her masturbating. He couldn’t tell is she was shaved because her hand was covering her pussy. Debating his options Ryan shook his mother gently. After a few seconds he shook her again this time quite hard. She remained motionless. Sweating profusely with his heart beating a mile a minute Ryan reached out with his index finger and gently pulled down the front of his mother’s panties.

“Oh my god….” Ryan whispered as his mother’s hairless pussy came into view.

Amanda’s arm moved slightly scarring the crap out of her son. Ryan decided he’d seen enough for one night and went back to his room. Moments later Ryan was stroking himself to an orgasm thinking of his mother. As he faded to sleep he shook his head wondering what the world was coming too.

Back in the present, the Schaffer clan had been driving for the better part of the day. Ryan and his mother had slept most of the trip. When Ryan opened his eyes he saw a sign saying “Welcome to Las Vegas.” He had always wanted to visit Vegas so he could hardly contain himself.

“Oh man, this is gonna rock!” Ryan exclaimed.

“I thought you’d approve kiddo.” Don said looking at his son in the rear view mirror.

“Man, look at all the cool places to go. ” Ryan said as his eyes surveyed the surroundings.

“Yeah, I thought this year instead of spending a day in a few different places we could spend the whole week somewhere with enough stuff to keep us entertained. ” Don said.

“Sounds good to me dad, I can’t wait.” Ryan replied.

“What’s all the commotion for?” Amanda asked as she awoke.

“Check it out mom! We’re in Las Vegas.” Ryan said shaking his mother’s shoulders.

“Well I’ll be…Don, this is a wonderful idea.” Amanda said.

“Alright, now that everybody’s awake I guess it’s time to get us a room and see what Vegas has to offer.” Don said pulling off the road at a very nice hotel.

Don went inside and paid for two rooms for the week. The rooms were on the top floor and were right across the hall from each other. Don figured that if they were going to be staying a week his son would appreciate his own room. Besides, if his wife got a few drinks in her, they were gonna need their own room. After about an hour the Schaffer’s had everything unpacked and they were settling into their rooms.

“Oh sweet, I gotta check that out.” Ryan said as he looked down from his window at the hotel’s pool.

Don was in his room looking through a brochure at all the gambling spots. He was an avid gambler and loved the thrill of it. Amanda was in the bathroom freshening up. She was looking forward to a night of dancing and partying. After a bit Don heard a knock on his door. He opened it to see his son standing there in his trunks with a towel draped over his shoulder.

“Seen the pool huh?” Don smiled.

“Yeah, I’m gonna go check it out. What are you two gonna do?” Ryan asked.

“Well I don’t know about your mother but I’m going to go downstairs and see if I can lose some money.” Don laughed.

“Well, alright then, I’ll be back later.” Ryan said.

Downstairs Ryan jumped into the pool and started to unwind and enjoy his vacation. There were plenty of good looking chicks to look at around the pool. He was hoping that this would help get his mind off his mom.

“Don, do you want to get something to eat at the restaurant across the street?” Amanda asked sitting down on the bed.

“Hmmm..I don’t know sweetie. I’m thinking about checking out the craps tables downstairs. We can eat later can’t we?” Don said never taking his eyes off the brochure.

“I guess so, but what am I supposed to do while you blow our money. You know how much I hate gambling.” Amanda said.

“This is Vegas honey; you can pretty much do whatever you want.” Don said standing up.

“I guess so.” Amanda pouted.

“Listen, I’ll call you in a couple hours or so and we can get Ryan and go get something to eat. Don’t get into any trouble now; I’ll only bail you out once.” Don laughed as he walked out the door.

Amanda thumbed through the brochures looking for something to do but came up empty. It was still too early for dancing. She walked over to the window and saw the pool downstairs.

“Well, I could always work on my tan.” She said.

Downstairs in the pool Ryan was having a blast. He’d started talking to a couple guys about the same age as he was. They’d invited him to play some pool volleyball. They game was going great and he was enjoying himself very much. While he was waiting for the other team to serve the ball Ryan was looking around the pool when he saw something that drew his undivided attention.

“Oh boy.” Ryan said as he saw his mother walking toward the pool.

The fact that Amanda was wearing a white bikini didn’t help matters at all. Amanda didn’t see her son in the pool as she went about putting her towel on a lounge chair. She laid down onto the chair and began rubbing sun tan lotion on her legs as she looked around.

“Hey man, you still with us?” One of the guys Ryan had been talking too asked noticing he wasn’t paying attention to the game.

He followed Ryan’s line of sight and saw what had his undivided attention. There was a well built brunette lathering herself up.

“Damn, maybe I should ask if she needs any help.” The guy said.

Ryan debated telling his new friend that the woman was his mother. He thought that he might could have more fun is Chris didn’t know. Ryan knew he wasn’t going to be able to “do” anything with his mom but he could sure as hell watch Chris try to. He knew his mom was far from the cheating type but if she had a few drinks in her she was very flirty.

“Hey Chris, I overheard that chick earlier saying how much she was looking forward to a Crown and Coke.” Ryan said hoping the insider info would aid Chris in getting in the door.

“Say no more man, watch how it’s done.” Chris smiled.

The two boys said their goodbye’s to their volleyball peers and swam over to the other side of the pool from Amanda. Ryan positioned himself behind a group of people to shield himself from his mother.

“Good luck man.” Ryan said to Chris.

Chris walked up to the bar and ordered two Crown and Cokes and then walked over to wear Amanda was laying. He plopped down on the chair beside Ryan’s mom and sat the drinks down.

“Hey babe, you look like you could use a drink to cool you off a bit.” Chris said smugly.

Amanda didn’t know the young man was talking to her at first but she turned her head slightly and made eye contact. Immediately she blushed. She couldn’t believe this kid was hitting on her. She peeked over the top of her sun glasses at this young boy who couldn’t be much older than her son. He was very cute and it’d been awhile since Amanda’s ego had been stroked.

“Umm…thanks.” Was all she could muster at the moment.

“My names Chris, nice to meet you.” He said.

“I’m Amanda, nice to meet you too.” Amanda smiled.

“So are you here on vacation?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve got that tourist look huh?” Amanda replied.

“Nah, if all the tourists looked like you I wouldn’t mind them so much.” Chris smiled.

Amanda smiled at Chris’s comment. He was obviously flirting with her and she liked it.

“Thanks, that’s sweet of you to say.” Amanda said blushing.

“Hey I noticed you putting on some sun tan lotion earlier. Would you mind helping me out, I don’t want to burn.” Chris slyly asked.

“Umm…sure.” Amanda answered.

Chris slid his lounger over close to Amanda’s and turned his back to her. Amanda didn’t know exactly how she came to be rubbing lotion on a complete stranger but she was enjoying herself. She just hoped her husband or son didn’t show up. Nothing was wrong about what she was doing but it would be kind of awkward.

“Lucky bastard.” Ryan thought to himself as he watched his mother rubbing the lotion on Chris’ back.

Chris was enjoying himself as well. After Amanda had lathered his back he turned around to face her. He was in good shape and he was waiting for Amanda to rub the lotion on his chest and stomach. For a moment Amanda paused not sure if she should continue. Amanda surveyed the young man’s body for a second before putting more lotion on her hand and rubbing it onto Chris’s chest.

“Thanks a bunch, but don’t forget my stomach.” Chris grinned.

Amanda couldn’t believe how confident the young man was. She looked into Chris’ eyes for a few seconds, he smiled and Amanda did also.

“Oh, I won’t.” Amanda said sliding her hand over Chris’ firm stomach.

As Amanda rubbed her hands over Chris’s six-pack she realized that she was enjoying herself a little too much. Her heart was beating a little faster and she was getting a warm feeling between her legs. When her hand brushed the waistband of Chris’ trunks she knew she’d better stop.

“That should do.” Amanda said taking a drink and lying down onto her stomach.

Chris didn’t quite know how to proceed from here. Should he offer to put some lotion on her back or should he get her another drink to soften her up more? Maybe his buddy Ryan could help.

“Thanks a lot. Hey, I’m gonna get us another drink. I’ll be right back.” Chris said standing up.

Ryan was across the pool as he watched Chris get up and make his way over to where he was sitting.

“How’s it going man?” Ryan asked.

“Good I think, that drink idea you had got me in the door anyway.” Chris replied.

“Glad I could help, but what are you doing talking to me and not the babe?” Ryan smiled.

“What do you think I should do? Should I try to put some lotion on her or should I get another drink?” Chris asked.

Ryan realized how wrong it was for him to be helping this guy hit on his mom but he couldn’t help himself. If he couldn’t be the one flirting with his mom then he was going to live vicariously through Chris. He remembered overhearing his mom telling one of her friends that she’d gotten a massage at a spa one time that got her a little more excited than she thought it would. She had two spots on her body that, if rubbed, turned her on really fast.

“Hey man, get her another drink, and then offer to help her put some lotion on her back. Oh, and I’ll bet anything that if you rub the small of her back and the back of her knees it’ll drive her crazy.”Ryan said smiling.

“Sound like a plan man, but how do you know all this stuff?” Chris asked.

“I read it somewhere I think.” Ryan replied.

Amanda was starting to relax in the warm sun. This vacation was just what she needed. Also, if her husband was going to ignore her then maybe Chris could keep her entertained.

“Here ya go.” Chris said as he plopped back down on his chair.

Amanda took a big drink and then laid her head back down. Chris sat there a few minutes before working up the nerve to ask her about the lotion.

“Hey, I should put some lotion on your back before you burn out here.” Chris said sheepishly.

Amanda smiled when she heard Chris’ attempt at a come on. But who was she to stop him.

“That’d be great.” She smiled.

Chris’ face lit up. That was a lot easier than he thought it would be. He nervously put some lotion on his hand and began to rub it onto Amanda’s back. Amanda took a deep breath as Chris’ strong hands glided over her upper back and shoulders.

“Ummmmmm….” Amanda quietly moaned.

Chris looked over his shoulder to where Ryan was sitting. He mouthed the words “OH MAN!” Ryan gave him the thumbs up. Chris slowly worked his hands downward until he reached the small of Amanda’s back. Here he began to more massage than apply lotion. He used his thumbs to apply gentle pressure as his fingers wrapped around Amanda’s waist.

“Oh yeah.” Amanda thought too herself as Chris exploited one of her weaknesses.

Amanda was beginning to bite her bottom lip and realizing that she was getting very turned on. As relaxed as she was she wasn’t about to stop Chris though. After a few minutes on her lower back Chris took a chance and turned his hand slightly and let his fingers slip under Amanda’s bikini bottom just slightly. At first he just sat still waiting to see if she would say anything. Amanda was very aware of what Chris was doing but as long as he didn’t go any further she was going to let him enjoy himself. Chris began rubbing his hand back and forth wanting to see how much he could get away with. Emboldened by Amanda’s lack of reaction Chris slid is hand down a bit further until his middle finger started to slide between the cheeks of Amanda’s ass.

“Easy tiger.” Amanda said realizing that she had to stop him.

“Oh, umm..sorry.” Chris mumbled.

Before the moment completely cooled off Chris put more lotion onto his hands and began to rub it onto Amanda’s calves. Amanda was just relieved that his hands were away from her rear. She was enjoying herself but there was a line she wasn’t going to cross. For the next few minutes she just lay there in the warm sun as Chris applied lotion to her legs. Until, that is, he reached the back of her knees. Amanda again bit her lip as Chris expertly massaged one of her most sensitive spots.

“He knows all the tricks.” Amanda thought to herself as her young admirer worked her legs.

Just when she thought she had herself under control though Chris’ hands began to move upward to her thighs. By this time Chris wasn’t rubbing lotion onto her legs, he was kneading her thighs. The sensation took Amanda by surprise at first and she didn’t know what to do. When Chris’ thumbs reached the bottom of her ass Amanda felt her pussy start to tingle. She knew she’d let him go too far and she had to put a stop to it. But she didn’t want to hurt his feelings either.

“Thanks Chris. I think I’m done for today though.” Amanda said sitting up on her lounger.

“Awww….really?” Chris groaned.

“Yeah, I think so. I think I’m gonna head up to my room and take a shower. Thanks again for the wonderful afternoon.” Amanda said getting up.

“Hey, is there any chance that later we could…. I don’t know; maybe grab a bite to eat?” Chris asked desperately.

Amanda starred at the boy for a few seconds. She knew that he didn’t know she was there with her husband and son, but the fact of the matter she was. But Chris was such a nice boy; she really did enjoy his company. Maybe she could find some time later in the week to hang out some more.

“I’ll tell you what Chris, give me your cell number and if I need some company later on I’ll give you a call.” Amanda smiled.

Chris quickly complied and Amanda walked off toward the hotel. Chris ran over to where Ryan had been sitting. He recounted everything that had happened to Ryan. They talked for a while and Ryan wished Chris luck before they parted ways.

Up in her hotel room Amanda was starring at herself in the bathroom mirror with a smile on her face. She looked down onto the counter and saw the piece of paper with Chris’ number on it. She couldn’t believe she’d gotten a guy’s number. She hadn’t done that in eighteen years. Amanda pulled off her top and slid her bottoms down as well. She looked herself over in the mirror and noticed that she was still rather flush and her nipples were very hard. She rubbed her middle finger over her pussy lips and realized she was very wet.

“Little devil.” Amanda said to herself referring to Chris.

She then stepped into the shower and washed the sun tan lotion and sweat off. As the warm water washed over her she began to calm down a bit and she wondered what kind of dance club she and Don would end up at tonight. She’d had her flirty fun for the day but now she wanted to dance the night away with her husband.

After he changed clothes in his room Ryan decided to see what his parents were going to do later that night. He knocked on their room door and after a few seconds the door opened and Amanda was standing there with a towel wrapped under her arms.

“Oh, hey honey. C’mon in I was just getting ready for tonight. What have you been up to?” Amanda asked.

Ryan walked into the room and sat down on the bed. He was starring at his mother’s very exposed legs for a moment before realizing what he was doing.

“Oh, I checked out the pool for a while.” He said curious as to how his mother would respond.

Upon hearing him Amanda swallowed hard. She’d hoped that he didn’t see what had happened between her and Chris. Not that anything wrong happened but she didn’t want her son to see that.

“Really? I was down by the pool for a few minutes. I didn’t see you anywhere.” Amanda said nervously.

“I was playing volleyball, I didn’t see you though. How long were you down there?” Ryan asked coyly.

“Oh, only about five minutes.” Amanda lied very relieved.

Ryan smiled to himself as he heard his mother’s lie. She didn’t want anyone to know she’d been having a little fun with a young stranger.

“Well, I just wanted to know what you and dad were going to do later.” Ryan said.

“He told me to call him earlier and we’d all go get something to eat. After that I’m going to hit the dance floors.” Amanda said.

“That’s cool. Just let me know when you two are ready.” Ryan said getting up.

“Ok honey, see you in a bit.” Amanda replied.

Ryan walked back to his room and watched some TV for a while. After forty-five minutes or so there was a knock on his door. He got up and opened the door to find his mom and dad standing there. His dad had on a nice sport jacket and slacks and his mother had on a very tight little black cocktail dress. From the looks of it they planned on a night of partying.

“You ready to go kiddo?” Don asked his son.

“Sure am, let me grab my wallet.” Ryan said.

The three of them rode the elevator down to the lobby and caught a cab to a nice restaurant. They all talked and enjoyed their meal. Then they decided to go to this nightclub across the street. When they entered the club Ryan split from his parents hoping to find some people a little closer to his age. After sitting at the bar for about a half hour he struck up a conversation with a very pretty blonde. They flirted for a while until the girl asked him to dance. Ryan made his way to the dance floor and started to do his best to keep up with his partner. After a few minutes he noticed that across the dance floor his mother and dad were really going at it. His mother was a dance champion in her younger years and she still could really cut a rug. For the next couple of hours Ryan divided his attention between the cute blonde he was with and the even cuter brunette in the little black dress.

During one break from the dance floor Ryan ran into his dad who was getting a couple more drinks for him and Amanda. Ryan noticed that his dad was stumbling all over the place.

“Geez dad, maybe you should call it a night huh?” Ryan asked.

“Oh I’m about to son. Driving all day is starting to catch up with me. The only problem is I don’t know if I’ll be able to pry your mother off the dance floor.” Don laughed.

“Yeah I see what you mean.” Ryan replied looking at his mother still shaking her ass with no signs of stopping.

About an hour later Ryan had just gotten the blonde’s number and walked her out to her car. When he came back in he saw his dad sitting at the bar with his head down. Ryan knew he’d had enough for tonight. Just then he saw his mother coming out of the bathroom.

“Hey mom! I don’t think dad’s gonna make much longer.” Ryan shouted to be heard over the music.

“Yeah, he said he was tired from driving all day.” Amanda said still shaking her hips to the beat of the music.

“So are you guys ready to call it a night?” Ryan asked.

“Oh honey, I’m just warming up.” Amanda replied.

“What about dad though, he’s through.” Ryan smiled.

“Honey, do me a favor and see if you can’t get your father back to the hotel safely. I’ll take a cab later.” Amanda said.

Ryan wasn’t thrilled with the idea of leaving his mother alone at the club but he was tired too and he could see there was no arguing with her.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Definitely, I’ll see you tomorrow sweetie.” Amanda said before she kissed her son on the cheek.

Ryan smiled and watched his mother’s ass as she walked back to the dance floor. He then went and helped his dad out of the club and into a cab. On the ride home his dad didn’t even ask about his wife, he was trashed. When they got back to the hotel Don could hardly walk. Ryan managed to get him into the elevator and upstairs but in the hallway outside their rooms Don passed out in the floor. Ryan couldn’t help but laugh a bit but when he tried to pick his dad up he realized how heavy an unconscious body was. He used his keycard to open his room up so he could set his wallet and his dad’s coat down. That way he would have both arms free to pick up his dad. He bent down and gently slapped his dad a couple times trying to wake him up. After the third slap Don’s eyes popped open.

“Dad! C’mon you’ve gotta make it to your bed.” Ryan said standing his father up.

“Yeah yeah kiddo…….no problem.” Don said staggering back and forth.

The only problem was that Don was so drunk he headed for the only open door he could see. He stumbled towards Ryan’s room and quickly fell across the end of Ryan’s bed.

“No dad, that’s the wrong room!” Ryan yelled but it was too late.

Too tired and drunk to try and pick up his dad Ryan grabbed Don’s key card from his back pocket and opened the door. His plan was to wait for his mom to come back and tell her that Don had passed out in his room. Just for the night they’d have to switch rooms. But after about twenty minutes Ryan had passed out himself.

Three hours later Amanda Schaffer got off the elevator and stumbled to her room. To put it mildly she was smashed. She kept giggling to herself for no reason. She been dancing for about four hours and the alcohol she’d drank had taken full effect. It took her a few minutes just to get the key card into the slot. When she opened the door the only light was coming from the bathroom. She dropped her purse by the door and pulled off her heels. As she tried to balance herself she knocked over a bottle sitting on the table. The noise was loud enough to wake Ryan from his coma. He opened his eyes and it took him a minute to remember he was in his parent’s room. He looked down at the foot of the bed and saw his mother stumble by. Just as he was about to say something his mother stopped at the bathroom door and pulled her dress down to her ankles. Ryan’s eyes lit up like pie plates. Before him now his mother was naked except for a black thong.

“Oh shit.” Ryan thought as his mother closed the door.

Ryan laid there in the dark with his heart beating like crazy. In just a few minutes his drunken mother is going to come out of the bathroom and get into bed with him laying in it. He knew he should get up and turn the lights on and tell her what had happened but he couldn’t help but want to see what would happen if he didn’t. In the worst case scenario he could just pretend he was passed out. Just then the bathroom door opened and the light went out. Ryan was now safe in complete darkness.

Amanda felt her way to the bed and pulled the covers back. She lied down and snuggle up to who she thought was her husband. Amanda was drunk and horny, she thought that maybe if she tried she could stir her husband and they could have some drunken sex.

“Hey baby, are you awake?” She said gently kissing Ryan’s neck.

Ryan was trying not to hyperventilate as his mother kissed his neck. He wasn’t too worried about her noticing anything because he was built very much like his father. The only difference was that he had a little more hair on his head. Not knowing what to do he simply grunted. “Ummhmmm”

“Oh baby, I’m so wet right now.” Amanda moaned as she kissed her way up Ryan’s neck.

Amanda tilted her son’s head toward her and pressed her lips against his. In her drunken state she didn’t know anything was amiss. Ryan was in heaven, he was kissing his mother finally. It was wrong but he didn’t care at the moment. Daringly Ryan reached over with his hand and groped his mother’s tit. Amanda responded by forcing her tongue into her son’s mouth. They kissed like lovers for a few minutes. Ryan didn’t want to stop but what he felt next made him break the kiss momentarily. Amanda’s hand had slid down and she was undoing his belt.

“Ohhh……god I need this.” Amanda moaned.

Ryan could do nothing but lay there motion less as his mother’s hands quickly had his pants undone. Ryan took in a deep breath waiting to see what would happen next, and he didn’t have to wait long. Amanda reached into her son’s pants and wrapped her hand around her son’s rock hard cock. She was surprised that for some reason Don’s cock was bigger than usual. Her drunken mind didn’t dwell on it very long as she began unknowingly stroking her son’s cock.

“Oh godddd…..”Ryan quietly moaned.

Amanda’s lips once again found her son’s and her tongue danced with his as she jacked his cock. After a few minutes she got up and in the darkness Ryan couldn’t tell what she was doing. Then the most wonderful feeling he’d ever felt happened as a warm wetness engulfed his cock.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Ryan thought as his own mother sucked his cock.

Amanda rarely gave her husband a blowjob but since he’d managed to get it up that well she was going to reward him. The room went quiet except for slurping sounds as Ryan’s cock went in and out of his mother’s mouth. Boldly he grabbed the back of his mother’s head and began to control the pace of the best blowjob he’d ever had. Before long he was fucking his mother’s mouth. It didn’t take much longer and Ryan knew he was about to cum.

“Oh god!” Ryan hissed doing his best to disguise his voice.

He knew he could ruin the whole thing buy cumming in his mother’s mouth without warning her but he just couldn’t resist. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t do it. Amanda felt the cock in her mouth began to swell and she knew her husband was about to cum. Part of her hoped he would’ve lasted a bit longer because she could really use a good fucking but another part of her was in the giving mood. Ryan’s hips bucked uncontrollably as his cock erupted into his mother’s mouth.

“FUUUUUUUUCKKKK!!!” Ryan moaned deeply.

Amanda sucked harder and harder being careful not to let any cum go to waste. Normally swallowing cum made her a little sick but as drunk as she was it went down easily. Even after she’d milked her son’s hard cock of all its cream she still sucked. Finally relenting Ryan’s cock slipped from his mother’s mouth with a loud pop.

“God baby, that was hot.” Amanda said running her finger nails down her son’s thighs.

It usually took her husband at least an hour to recover but to her amazement when her hand brushed against his cock it was still rock hard.

“Oh baby, gimme that cock!” Amanda moaned as she straddled her son.

Ryan couldn’t even speak he was so drained from his orgasm. He laid there amazed that any of this was happening. He felt his mother grab his cock and guide it to her pussy. In one slow motion Amanda sat down onto her son’s cock. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her son’s cock penetrated her pussy deeper than she’d remembered ever being penetrated before.

“Oh fuck baby! God what’s gotten into you?” She moaned.

Slowly but surely Amanda increased the pace as she rode her son. Ryan reached up into the darkness and squeezed his mother tits together. All that could be heard was the sound of Amanda’s ass slapping against her son’s hips. After ten minutes or so Ryan rolled on top of his mother and kissed her deeply as he slowly fucked her wet pussy. Amanda was in pure ecstasy, her toes curled as she felt her orgasm building.

“C’mon baby, fuck me harder!” She groaned.

Ryan took her cue and began to pound her harder and harder. He raised her legs to her chest and began fucking his mother as hard and as fast as he could. It only took a couple of minutes before he knew he was about to lose it again. Just as he felt his balls tighten he felt his mother’s body began to tremble.

“OHH FUCK BABY, I’M CUMMING!” Amanda screamed.

At that moment Ryan tensed up and unloaded a massive torrent of cum inside his mother’s hot pussy. Amanda groaned loudly as her son’s cock emptied load after load of hot cum inside her convulsing cunt. The two lovers remained joined for another minute or two before Ryan leaned down and kissed his mother again. Their tongues coiled around each other as Ryan’s cock softened inside his mother’s soaked pussy. After a bit Ryan rolled off his mother and went to pee. He looked at his self in the mirror and smiled. When he walked back into the room he heard his mother snoring. She’d finally passed out.

After the euphoria of what happened wore off a little Ryan knew he had to get his dad back into his own room. A quietly as he could he opened the door and knowing that his life depended on it, Ryan managed to get his father back into his own bed. To complete the scene he pulled his dad’s pants down then he went back to his room.

As he lay down on his own bed Ryan couldn’t believe he’d just fucked his own mother and she was none the wiser. This vacation was shaping up quite nicely he thought to himself as he drifted off.

Chapter 02

The next morning Ryan awoke with a huge grin on his face. He’d managed to sleep with his own mother without her knowing it had happened. He laid there for a while just reflecting on the past night’s outcome. Eventually, Ryan came to a couple of realizations. First, he had to fuck his mother again. Second, thanks to her propensity for drinking too much, he had a real chance to get his mom between the sheets at least once more. As he laid there with his arms above his head Ryan began to try and think about just how to proceed.

“I just can’t believe it. I fucked her. I fucked the shit outta her.” Ryan smiled.

In the next room Amanda was coming to herself. Like her son she also smiled widely. As she stretched Amanda felt a slight soreness between her legs. Last night was the best sex she’d had in a very long while. Amanda glanced over at her husband Don who was still dead to the world.

“Hmmm…that’s odd.” Amanda thought noticing that Don still had his shirt and underwear on.

She could’ve sworn that last night her husband was naked after they’d had sex. After a few minutes Amanda chalked up her foggy memory to the insane amount of alcohol she drank last night. Soon Amanda was up and showering the night’s funk away. Looking forward to a day with her family, Amanda sang softly to herself as she washed. Amanda was very satisfied with her vacation so far. The young stud at the pool, the night out dancing, and some seriously good sex topped off a wonderful day.

Don finally came too and was thankful that he’d made it to his own bed. He was a bit surprised that he still had on all his clothes but his pants were around his ankles. He was still scratching his head when his wife came out of the shower with a nothing but a towel wrapped around her hair.

“Good morning stud.” Amanda said kissing her husband on the forehead.

“Morning.” Don mumbled.

“Hey I was thinking that you and I could spend the morning sightseeing with Ryan and then you and I could have a romantic dinner later tonight. What do you think?” Amanda asked as she put on her panties.

“Yeah, I guess so, we’ll see.” Don answered.

Amanda was surprised by her husband’s sudden lack of interest in her. Last night was the hottest they’ve been for each other in years and now he wasn’t giving her a second look.

“Maybe he’s just hung over.” Amanda thought.

“I’m going to get some ice from the machine, I’ll be right back.” Don said getting up.

Amanda went back into the bathroom to dry her hair and put on her makeup. As she dried her hair she didn’t hear the door to her room opening. Only when the thud of the door closing grabbed her attention did she say anything.

“Hey honey, let’s go to a magic show today. I’ve always thought that would be fun.” She called out.

Unbeknownst to her that her husband was still in the process of finding some ice. The machine on their floor was out of order so he had to go downstairs. Ryan had showered off and was curious as to what his parents were going to do today. Before Ryan could let his mother know that it was him and not his father, Amanda walked out of the bathroom in nothing but her panties.

“Well what do you…..” Amanda stopped mid sentence as she saw her wide eyed son standing before her.

Even though it was only about two seconds Ryan did his best to memorize his mother’s naked form. She was standing there with her arms above her head brushing her hair. Her breasts were hanging freely and the only bit of clothing she had on was a pair of bright yellow panties. Knowing he had to do something fast or risk getting screamed at Ryan thought fast.

“WHOA MOM, SORRY!” Ryan yelled covering his eyes reluctantly.

Amanda wasn’t mad; it appeared to be an honest mistake. Besides so far no harm was done and her husband wasn’t even in the room.

“It’s okay Ryan.” Amanda said grabbing a towel off the bed.

“Next time you should probably knock though.” Amanda smiled.

“I did.” Ryan lied as he uncovered his eyes.

“Oh……well no harm no foul, but you’d better leave before your father comes back. It would be…awkward.” Amanda said.

“Ok mom, I’ll come back in just a bit.” Ryan replied as he closed the door on his way out.

“Damn, what a way to start the day.” Ryan thought to himself.

After about fifteen minutes Don made it back with some ice. Amanda didn’t know what was up with her husband but he wasn’t paying her any attention at all. She had put on a little sundress and was nonchalantly posing on the bed when Don came into the room. He didn’t even glance in her direction.

“I’m gonna rinse off.” Don mumbled.

Amanda pouted for a few minutes then got up to look out the window. Below her she could see all the people swimming in the pool. After a while Amanda spotted someone familiar. The young guy, Chris, from yesterday was lounging by the side of the pool. Amanda stared at Chris for a while before realizing that she was smiling and rubbing her shoulders gently.

“I bet he’d pay attention to me.” Amanda thought as she stared at Chris.

Amanda’s daydream came to an end when she heard the shower cut off. Don spent the next couple minutes drying off and getting dressed. The shower had done wonders and he felt a lot better. Today he was going to see what kind of poker joints Vegas had to offer. After he got dressed he finally made eye contact with his wife.

“Hey, I was thinking I’d…” Don began but was interrupted.

“Spend the day with your family.” Amanda said sarcastically.

Don knew his wife was slightly perturbed at him so he chose his words wisely. He knew he could check out the poker tables later. If he had to do a little time and walk around Vegas with his wife and son to keep things smooth so be it.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking.” Don smiled.

“Smart man.” Amanda smiled back.

After calling to let Ryan know what was going on the family met downstairs for some breakfast. They chatted and tried to decide what to do for the day. They all agreed to see some of the local sights and if the opportunity presented itself attend Amanda’s magic show.

Throughout the day they passed lots of casinos and gaudily decorated establishments, just the usual Vegas attractions. Ryan used every opportunity to stare intently at his mother’s ass as they walked. After a quick lunch and a magic show the group was making their way back to the hotel when they passed a casino that was hosting a weeklong poker tournament. Don was instantly curious.

“Hey, let’s check this out for a second.” Don said.

Reluctantly Amanda and Ryan followed Don into the casino. Ryan noticed the twinkle in his dad’s eyes and began to see that this might just be what he needed to keep his dad busy.

“Bingo!” Ryan said as he spotted a sign that said: All Night Poker Tournament.

Ryan talked to a man sitting by the sign and it turns out that for $65 he could set his dad up in the tournament for the rest of the week. Ryan paid the entrance fee and put the ticket into his wallet with visions of his mother running through his mind.

A few minutes turned into a couple of hours and Amanda and her son were becoming bored. Ryan had noticed a strip club a few blocks back and was interested to say the least.

“Hey mom, I think I’m gonna blow this Popsicle stand.” Ryan smiled.

“I don’t blame you, I won’t last much longer either.” Amanda replied.

“I’ll catch up to you guys later.” Ryan said as he headed for the door.

Amanda waved and went to try and drag her husband out. After a few minutes it became abundantly clear that Don was mesmerized and wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

“But what am I supposed to do while you’re standing here with your tongue hanging out?” Amanda asked with her arms on her hips.

“Baby this is Las Vegas! You can …”

“I know, I know. I can do anything I want to.” Amanda interrupted.

“Uh huh……sure……sure.” Don replied staring back at the craps table.

Frustrated Amanda went back to the hotel and flipped through the channels on the television. After a while Amanda walked into the bathroom to do a quick touch up on her hair and makeup. As she messed with her hair Amanda glanced down at the little folded piece of paper lying on the corner of the cabinet. As she unfolded the paper Amanda smiled. It was that good looking boy’s number. Amanda thought back to yesterday and the young man rubbing lotion her back. A warm fuzzy feeling enveloped her body and Amanda wondered if the young man was still by the pool. Like a giddy schoolgirl Amanda skipped over to the window.

“Hey there.” Amanda whispered as she noticed her young admirer still lounging by the pool.

Amanda felt slightly guilty about wanting to go down to the pool; she was a married woman and had no business flirting with the young man. But on the other hand, her husband wasn’t around and he didn’t seem to be too interested in what she was doing anyway. Besides, it’s only flirting she told herself. Amanda slipped off her dress and searched through her luggage for a swimsuit. She pulled out a black string bikini that she’d bought before the trip. She’d planned on showing Don first, but if all he wanted to see were cards then so be it. After tying the top together Amanda looked herself over in the mirror. The reflection that stared back at her was sure to grab the young man’s attention.

“Just right, only slightly slutty.” Amanda laughed putting on her sunglasses.

Ryan was just leaving the strip club. He was trying to decide how to go about getting his mother alone again tonight. He decided to make a pit stop by the casino his dad was at to tell him to enjoy himself and that he’d take care of his mom for the night. Then maybe he could take her out dancing and get her sloshed again. After searching for a few minutes Ryan found his dad at the craps table. He was grinning widely and from the size of the stack of chips in front of him Ryan could tell why.

“Hey dad, looks like you’re doing pretty good.” Ryan said.

“You bet kiddo. I’m on a hell of a streak.” Don replied.

“Hey I got something for you I think you’ll enjoy.” Ryan smiled.

“Hold on just one sec son.” Don said as he gathered his chips.

Don piled all of his chips into two chip holders and walked with his son.

“So what’s this about?” Don asked.

“Well dad, I thought you might get a kick out of this.” Ryan said handing his dad the admission ticket for the tournament.

Don looked the ticket over and smiled broadly. He’d always wanted to try tournament poker.

“Ryan, that’s a damn fine present.” Don smiled.

“I would love to but I don’t think your mom would like sitting here with me all night.” Don said.

“Don’t worry about dad, I’ll take care of mom for tonight and you can have some fun.” Ryan said.

“But I’m supposed to take her out to dinner tonight. I don’t think she’d like me standing her up.” Don said.

“Don’t worry about it dad, I said I’d take care of it.” Chris replied.

Don rubbed his chin for a second and then put his hand on his son’s shoulder.

“Ryan that might be the best idea you’ve ever had.” Don smiled.

“Just remember if you keep winning, I like Corvettes.” Ryan joked.

“What color?” Don replied jokingly.

“Surprise me, I’ll see you tomorrow dad.” Ryan said.

Back at the hotel Chris was soaking up some rays when a shadow covered him. With his eyes closed Chris at first thought it was a cloud but after a few seconds he cracked open his eyes slightly.

“I hope I’m not interrupting.” Amanda said standing there in her black bikini with her hands on her hips.

Chris sat up so fast he got dizzy headed. With his mouth slightly open he stared intently at the beautiful woman in front of him. Amanda blushed because of the look Chris was giving her.

“You can interrupt me anytime you want.” Chris finally said.

Amanda sat down on the chair next to Christ and stretched out. The two made small talk while Amanda put lotion on her arms and stomach.

“That Vegas sun doesn’t mess around. It’s gotta be 120 degrees out here.” Amanda said.

“It got a lot hotter when you came out here.” Chris smiled.

“How long did you rehearse that one?” Amanda laughed.

“All morning. Hey, I could use a drink, how about you?” Chris asked.

“Sounds good.” Amanda smiled.

Chris returned with two Crown and Cokes and the two talked for a while. Amanda was really starting loosen up, they talked liked they’d known each other for years. Besides, all she could think about was how good it felt the other day when the young man was rubbing lotion onto her back. The only problem was that Amanda knew where this train of thought was leading her. She was going to ask Chris to put some lotion on her back, and if she did, she’d be the one opening the door for something she’d have a hard time controlling. After putting lotion on her legs Amanda handed Chris the bottle and smiled.

“You mind?” Amanda said as she turned over onto her stomach.

“No problem at all.” Chris replied.

Amanda figured there was no reason to be shy, besides, with the Crown in her system she was really starting to relax. She just wanted to lie in the sun and enjoy herself. What better way was there than to have this young stud rub lotion all over her.

Chris was so horny he almost couldn’t control himself. He thanked his lucky stars that he’d decided to come back to the pool today. He gently rubbed the lotion into Amanda’s shoulders and began to work his way down her back. Deciding to be daring Chris untied Amanda’s top without warning. Before she could react he continued rubbing the lotion into her skin.

“You’d better be careful back there.” Amanda said as she smiled at the young man’s cockiness.

“Just don’t want you to burn.” Chris smiled.

Amanda was almost asleep she was so comfortable. It was warm, she felt wonderful, and as Chris’ hands slid over her body she didn’t think it could get any better. Her eyes opened a little wider as Chris’ hands began to slide down to her sides. Amanda softly gasped as Chris’ fingers rubbed along the outer swells of her breasts.

“Oh man…” Chris thought to himself as his fingers slide along the edge of Amanda’s tits.

Amanda debated stopping him but she decided against it. He wasn’t being overly inappropriate and he eventually moved on. However, it wasn’t before she began to feel a tingle between her legs. Chris continued his gentle assault and worked his way down to Amanda’s lower back.

“Umm………” Amanda moaned as Chris began massaging the lotion into the small of her back.

Chris remembered form yesterday that she loved having the small of her back rubbed. He was more than happy to comply. After a few minutes, slowly but surely, Chris began to run his fingers under Amanda’s bikini bottom ever so slightly. At first Amanda didn’t think too much about it but as time went on she could feel Chris’ fingers going ever lower.

Chris was breathing very fast by now. He knew he was treading on dangerous ground but he couldn’t resist. Eventually he felt his middle finger slip in between Amanda’s cheeks. Chris barely moved. He was waiting to see if she would react and stop him like the day before.

“Damn.” Amanda thought.

She knew she should stop Chris but it felt soooo good. Glancing over the top of her sunglasses she surveyed the scene. No one seemed to be paying them any attention. Amanda smiled and decided to be naughty and let Chris have his fun, as long as he didn’t go too far.

Chris was surprised that Amanda didn’t seem to care where his hands were. He took a deep breath and began to run his hands farther under Amanda’s bottoms. Before long he was rubbing lotion all over Amanda’s ass. Ever so gently Chris squeezed the firm globes of flesh. Becoming even more mesmerized Chris slightly pulled Amanda’s cheeks apart and firmly squeezed her ass.

“Ohhhhhhh……..my god.” Amanda moaned as she bit her bottom lip.

She knew she had to do something but she didn’t want to scare the boy off.

“Hey babe, I could use a refill.” Amanda quietly said.

“Oh… um… sure. I guess I could use one myself.” Chris said.

Reluctantly Chris removed his hands from Amanda’s ass and he grabbed their glasses and made his way over to the bar. About this time Ryan was coming back to the hotel. He noticed Chris at the bar and decided to say hello.

“Hey man, what’s going on today?” Ryan said.

“Oh man you won’t fucking believe this. That hot ass chick from yesterday came back.” Chris smiled widely.

Ryan quickly surveyed the poolside and finally found his mother. She was lying on her stomach and couldn’t see him without turning over. At first he was a little surprised that his mother would come back down to the pool and seek out Chris.

“Really? Man that’s gotta make your day.” Ryan said.

“Man if you’d gotten here just a few minutes ago you’d have seen me with a handful of that ass.” Chris bragged.

Ryan couldn’t believe what he was hearing at first. But his mom wasn’t one to be very shy and with his dad not around she seemed a little flirtier than usual. Quickly Ryan’s scheming brain kicked in and he began to realize that if he could get Chris to get his mom all worked up maybe that would work to his advantage. If he could get Chris to take her out to dinner that night and get her all excited and then wasted she would fall right into his hands. He didn’t think his mom wouldn’t ever cheat on his dad so he decided to go forward with his plan.

“Damn man, that’s sweet. I bet if you keep working your magic you could get her to go out with you tonight.” Ryan said.

“Really? I was kinda planning to try something like that. I just hope she doesn’t blow me off.” Chris replied.

“Just give it a shot man. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Just work her a bit more then spring the question.” Ryan said.

“Yeah, I’m gonna give it a shot.” Chris said taking a drink.

“Good luck man. I’m gonna grab me a drink then head up to my room.” Ryan said.

Chris grabbed the drinks and made his way back over to where Amanda was laying.

“Now where was I?” Chris said putting some lotion into his hands.

Amanda downed about half of her drink and lied her head back down.

“I don’t think my butt will burn anytime soon.” Amanda laughed.

Chris smiled at her comment and began to rub the lotion onto her legs. He started on Amanda’s feet first. The sensation caused her to giggle slightly. She was ticklish after all. Chris continued gently rubbing her feet. Eventually Amanda got used to it and began to really relax. Soon Chris was working his way up to her calves. Amanda inhaled sharply once he reached the back of her knees. It was one of her most sensitive spots. Chris knew he had her where he wanted her so he began to firmly massage the back of Amanda’s thighs. Before long his thumbs where gently pulling the cheeks of her ass apart.

“Ohhh………” Amanda moaned.

Chris did his best to get a view of Amanda’s pussy but he had to be very careful not to be too overt.

Amanda was getting really turned on. She could feel her pussy getting wet as her toes curled uncontrollably. She knew she had to stop the young man but she really didn’t want to. After a few more seconds Chris felt Amanda’s ass tense and he knew he’d gone a bit too far. Before she could say anything to ruin the mood Chris decided to spring the question.

“Hey, what do you think about dinner with me later tonight?” Chris smiled.

Over at the bar Ryan noticed that Chris wasn’t rubbing lotion onto his mother anymore. They appeared to be talking. He knew that his mom was going to turn Chris down because she thought she was going to dinner with her husband. Quickly Ryan pulled out his cell phone and called his mother.

Amanda blushed slightly at the young man’s offer. She really like Chris but she was married and she knew that just by flirting with him she was on thin ice. She decided to be very sweet in turning him down. Besides, she might spend a little more time with him later in the week.

“That’s really sweet of you Chris but…”

Just then Amanda’s phone began to ring. She reached into her bag and pulled the phone out.

“Hello?” Amanda answered.

“Hey mom, it’s Ryan. I was just gonna let you know that dad told me to tell you he wouldn’t be able to make it later. Something about poker I think.” Ryan said smiling.

“What?!?” Amanda said sitting up in her chair doing her best to hold her bikini top on with one arm.

“Don’t sweat it mom. I told him I’d take you to dinner. Or you could just do something cuz there’s this really cool arcade I saw earlier.” Ryan said.

Amanda was fuming mad. All she wanted was to spend a romantic evening with her husband, who just last night, made love to her better than she could remember. But if all he cared about was poker then he could play all the damn poker he wanted.

“That’s fine. I think I can find something to keep me busy tonight.” Amanda said.

“Ok mom. I’ll see you later.” Ryan said hanging up the phone.

Covertly Ryan made his way back upstairs. He was confident he’d succeeded with his plan.

“On Second thought Chris, I would love to have dinner with your tonight.” Amanda smiled.

“Sweet!” Chris yelled.

“Give me a couple hours to clean up and I’ll give you a call.” Amanda said standing up.

“Will do, I’ll see you in a bit babe.” Chris said standing up as well.

Chris wrapped his arms around Amanda and gave her a tight hug. Amanda was still holding her top on with one arm. Instinctively she wrapped both arms around Chris. After a few seconds the two separated slightly and when they did Amanda noticed Chris’ eyes getting wider. Follow his eyes Amanda realized that her breasts were almost completely exposed.

“Whoops!” Amanda giggled.

As Amanda quickly tied her top back together something caught her eye. Chris had a sizable bulge in his shorts. Amanda felt flush and a grin formed on her lips.

“My my my.” Amanda whispered to herself.

Eventually she gathered her things and made her way back upstairs. When she got into her room she stripped off her swimsuit and got into the shower. As she washed off she began to get really pissed that her husband and blatantly blown her off so he could play poker. She thought about calling him but she didn’t want to get into a big fight on their vacation.

“I can’t believe that man. ” Amanda said.

Eventually her anger disappeared and she began to realize that she didn’t need her husband to have a fun night on the town. Chris seemed to be more than willing to accompany her. After her shower Amanda took her time getting ready to go out. She carefully did her hair and makeup. She knew she didn’t have to try very hard to get Chris’ attention, but he was such a nice boy that she thought she’d go the extra mile to make sure he had a hot date tonight. After digging through her luggage for a while Amanda decided on a very tight, strapless, sky blue dress that she’d worn several times before. It was one of her favorites because although it was tight, the material stretched enough so she could really move on the dance floor. The only thing that gave her pause was the length of the dress. It was rather short. The bottom only came down just below her butt. She’d only worn the dress when she was out with her husband, but tonight she’d have to be careful.

“I hope you have fun playing cards dear.” Amanda said to herself as she pulled her panties up under her dress.

After one last glance in the mirror Amanda picked up her cell and dialed Chris’ number. She’d be lying to herself if she said she wasn’t nervous. She was a married woman, calling a younger man to take her out on the town. The naughtiness did give her a slight thrill but she knew she could keep things under control.

“Hello?” A voice said after a couple rings.

“Chris? Hey this is Amanda. I’m ready whenever you are.” Amanda said.

“Cool. I’ll be there in five minutes. Meet me out front.” Chris replied.

Amanda hung up and grabbed her purse. Across the hall her son Ryan was waiting by his door. He was waiting to hear her door close so he would know about when to put his plan into motion. After hearing his mother’s door open Ryan looked through his peephole. He was treated to the vision of his beautiful mother, all dolled up, as she walked away. Ryan took notice of his mother’s choice of what to wear out with Chris. She didn’t look overly slutty but she’d be sure to get a few glances. Satisfied that everything was going according to plan Ryan laid back down to watch a movie. The way his mother partied he knew he had plenty of time.

Chris was pulling up to the front of the hotel when he saw his date for the evening. He shook his head with a huge grin on his face. Amanda was standing patiently by the curb and she looked great to the young man.

“No turning back now.” Amanda thought to herself as she spotted Chris in a black Mustang.

“Need a lift pretty lady?” Chris smiled.

“My hero.” Amanda replied as she got into Chris’ car.

As they drove Chris kept staring at Amanda’s legs. He could hardly keep his mind on the road. Amanda thought the way he was acting was so cute.

“I’m not just saying this, but you look beautiful.” Chris said.

“Why thank you.” Amanda replied blushing heavily.

Without really thinking, Amanda covertly stole a glance at Chris’ lap, but quickly scolded herself for even thinking about it. She wasn’t even at the club yet but the sexual tension was high already. Tonight she was going to have to be very careful or she could easily do something she would regret.

Angel Yoni Massage London

When they eventually got to the club they saw that there was quite a long line at the front door. After parking, Chris and Amanda made their way to the back of the line.

“Well, we might be here a while.” Chris smiled.

“Oh well, I’m patient.” Amanda said.

“Good thing I brought something to pass the time.” Chris said reaching into his pocket.

Amanda smile as Chris pulled a flask out of his pocket and took a drink. Amanda took a drink as well and the two began talking to pass the time. After a while the flask was bone dry and Amanda was giggling uncontrollably as she talked to her young friend. Her resolve was starting to fade as the night went on. Combined with the alcohol, Chris’ charm was starting to weaken Amanda’s restraint. As the line slowly moved Chris started to slowly make body contact with Amanda. A gently touch here and there, just testing the waters. Amanda was all too aware of what Chris was doing and thought it was very sweet that he was being such a gentleman. Wanting to let him know she was ok with what he was doing Amanda grabbed Chris’ arm and put it around her waist. Chris smiled and the two continued talking as they inched closer to the door. Amanda was in mid-sentence when she felt Chris’ hand slip down from her hip to her ass. She just smiled and continued talking. Soon though she couldn’t really ignore what Chris was doing. He was gently squeezing her ass. She didn’t know if it was the alcohol or not but she didn’t think there was anything terribly wrong with what he was doing. After all, they were on a date. It was almost standard procedure.

“You’re the hottest woman here.” Chris said half drunkenly.

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” Amanda giggled.

Just as they were getting close to the front of the line Amanda gasped as she felt Chris’ hand drop to the back of her exposed thigh. The short length of her dress made it easy access for her daring date. Before she could say anything Chris’ hand was massaging her inner thigh with his thumb just inches away from her pussy. As Amanda turned her head to say something Chris leaned in and kissed her.

Amanda’s eyes opened wide and she inhaled sharply as Chris’ lips touched hers. This kiss wasn’t rushed or rough, it was gentle and if she was going to be honest, it was perfect. As they kissed Amanda was relieved that Chris’ hands were now around her waist. She knew she’d crossed a line but she was still convinced she could control the situation.

Chris broke the kiss and stared into Amanda’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, I…just couldn’t wait any longer.” Chris said.

“It’s ok, that was very….nice.” Amanda said not believing what she’d allowed to happen.

“Good, because I think you’re just about the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I wouldn’t want to do anything you didn’t want me to.” Chris said.

“Chris, I really like you to but you’ve got to…”

Before Amanda could reply Chris kissed her again. This time, in the heat of the moment, Amanda didn’t fight at all. In fact, she did something she didn’t expect herself to. Her lips parted slightly and her tongue quickly darted into Chris’ mouth. Amanda’s heart was racing and she could feel Chris’ hard cock pressing into her abdomen. Just as she was about to lose control a deep voice interrupted their moment.

“Alright you two, break it up and get inside or get to the back of the line. ” A particularly large bouncer said.

Amanda smiled at Chris and they made their way inside. Before she did something she knew she’d regret Amanda excused herself to the bathroom to calm down a bit.

“Oh my god, what in the hell was I thinking?” Amanda said looking at herself in the mirror.

She knew she had to slow herself down a bit. It was one thing to have some fun but she wasn’t about to cheat on her husband, no matter how ticked off at him she was. Amanda looked around to make sure she was alone in the bathroom before pulling up the front of her dress.

“No surprise there.” Amanda said as she looked at her completely soaked panties.

Eventually, Amanda convinced herself that as long as all that she let Chris do was feel her up a bit and occasionally kiss her, she wasn’t cheating, she was just having fun.

Back at the hotel Ryan was had already used the spare room key to get into his parents room. He casually pulled the sheets down on the bed and sat down. His mind was really starting to wonder. He knew that in a few hours there was a very good chance that he’d be fucking his mother again. Tonight he was going to take his time though. He was going to enjoy what might be his final opportunity.

At the club Amanda and Chris were on the dance floor having a great time. They danced for almost an hour straight and Amanda was glad to see that her date was a very good dancer. They danced close and grinded each other like they’d known each other for years. Finally they went to the bar to rest and cool off a bit. They were both covered in sweat.

“You’re a very good dancer.” Amanda said to Chris.

“Thanks, but I don’t hold a candle to you. ” Chris smiled.

As the minutes wore on the two went through quite a few drinks. Before long, both Amanda and Chris were, to put it lightly, trashed.

“Hey lets go sit down at a table, my feet hurt.” Amanda said thinking of an excuse before she fell off her bar stool.

Amanda spotted a table in a back corner and dragged her stumbling date behind her. Once they got to the table Amanda helped Chris sit down. But, before she could get to her chair, Chris grabbed Amanda by the arm and pulled her onto his lap. Amanda smiled and wrapped her arms around Chris’ neck to steady herself.

“God, you look so good.” Chris slurred with a grin.

Amanda smiled, both at Chris’ comment, and the trouble he had getting the words out.

“Thank you baby, you’re not too bad looking yourself.” Amanda replied.

As Amanda sat there on Chris’ lap she looked around the club at all the people dancing and having a good time. Although she was having a great time with Chris, part of her wished her husband was there with her. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt Chris’ hand on her bare thigh. She decided not to do anything; Chris could have his fun for now.

Minutes later Amanda realized that her sitting on Chris’ lap was having another effect that she should’ve seen coming. She could feel Chris’ cock starting to grow under her ass. Amanda couldn’t really blame the poor kid.

“Hey babe, I could use a refill, how about you?” Amanda asked trying to think of a way of getting off Chris’ lap.

“I could use a refill of this…” Chris said as he pulled Amanda’s head towards his.

They kissed for a few seconds and Amanda was alright with it as long as nothing else happened. Chris sucked Amanda’s tongue into his mouth and really started going to town. After a minute or so Amanda was breathing really heavily and she was almost lost in the moment. She could feel the warm tingle between her legs that let her know she was very turned on.

“Chris…..uhhh… ummmmm…” Amanda tried to stop herself unsuccessfully.

Alarmingly, Amanda felt Chris’ hand slide up her thigh. Thankfully her legs were crossed because Amanda didn’t think Chris would’ve stopped.

Chris started to kiss his way down Amanda’s neck as he squeezed her thigh. Amanda stared at the lights on the ceiling as Chris’s head went ever lower until his tongue tasted the flesh between her tits.

“Oooooooo…..shit.” Amanda groaned as Chris nibbled on her cleavage.

In her drunken state Amanda’s resolve had greatly weakened. Thoughts of her husband were nowhere to be found. Chris wrapped his arm around Amanda’s back and he used his free hand to cup one of Amanda’s tits tightly. Amanda leaned in and kissed Chris as he fondled her breasts. She knew she was in dangerous territory but she didn’t care at the moment. The two made out heavily for a few minutes until Amanda shifted her position on Chris’ lap a little. When she did she unknowingly uncrossed her legs. It didn’t take Chris long at all to seize the opportunity. He quickly slid his hand under Amanda’s dress.

“Ummmmmm….hmmmmmmm” Amanda moaned as Chris’ index finger made contact with her panty covered pussy.

Amanda’s mind was screaming at her to stop what was happening but her body was on fire. She hungrily bit Chris’ bottom lip as her fingernails dug into his back.

“Shhhhiiiitttt…..” Amanda moaned as Chris pulled the front of her panties to the side.

Amanda was lost in her desire as her tongue hungrily explored Chris’ mouth. Chris slowly rubbed Amanda’s soaking pussy before slipping his middle finger inside.

“Ohhhhhhh….fuuuck.” Amanda groaned.

Amanda knew she’d crossed the line by letting Chris finger her but she was too caught up in the moment to stop. She clenched her thighs around Chris’ hand as his fingers explored her. Chris began using his thumb to rub Amanda’s clit while his index and middle finger dug as deep as they could. Amanda’s ass ground into Chris’ lap as the young man brought her closer to her goal.

“Don’t stop….just like that baby.” Amanda hissed as she bit her bottom lip.

Amanda began to breathe very quickly and the warmth coming from her pussy let her know she was almost there.

“OH….OH FUCK…OH FUCK!!!” Amanda groaned as her pussy clenched around Chris’ fingers.

Amanda shook uncontrollably on Chris’ lap as she came. She smiled as the euphoric feeling washed over her. She was sitting on a young man’s lap in the middle of a crowed club and had just came very hard. The line Amanda feared she’d cross was very far behind her now.

“Ohhhhh!” Amanda yelped as Chris removed his fingers from her sensitive pussy.

“Well, I think it’s my turn now.” Chris smiled.

Amanda didn’t know what to say at all. She’d just for all intents and purposes cheated on her husband. Now Chris wanted her to return the favor he’d just given her. Amanda’s mind was full of all kinds of thoughts and she didn’t know what she should do next.

“Chris…what you did felt…. it was… wonderful but…” Amanda trailed off.

Chris stared at the woman sitting on his lap he’d just finger fucked. He didn’t know why she seemed so reluctant to go any farther but he didn’t’ want to ruin his chances of fucking her.

“It’s alright babe. Hey look…if things are moving a little too fast for you we can chill for tonight.” Chris said.

Amanda felt very relieved that Chris seemed to be letting her off the hook. She felt guilty that he’d gotten her off and now she was leaving him holding his dick so to speak, but she couldn’t have sex with him. She was a married woman and she’d crossed a line she didn’t think she ever would.

“I think I’m going to go back to my room and call it a night.” Amanda said.

“Can I call you tomorrow?” Chris asked.

“Sure.” Amanda said.

With that Amanda leaned down and kissed Chris on the forehead and called a cab to take her back to the hotel. On the ride Amanda began to feel very bad for what had happened. She couldn’t believe she’d let things get so out of hand. If only her husband would’ve been the one with her. But no, he had to play cards.

Back at the hotel Ryan was lying in his parent’s bed naked under the covers. He patiently waited as he gently tugged on his cock. He knew his mother would be home sooner or later, and knowing her, she would be sloshed. As an extra precaution Ryan had turned the air conditioner on full blast. It was loud enough he thought, to help disguise his voice if his mother asked him any questions.

As Amanda’s cab pulled up at the hotel her head was still spinning. She didn’t know if it was the alcohol or Chris getting her so worked up, but she was very light headed. On her way to the elevators she spotted the hotel bar and decided that just one more drink would help her pass on out quietly in her room, or at least that’s what she thought. After about an hour and three glasses of crown and coke Amanda finally stumbled into the elevator and made her way to her room.

“HA! I might just have to sleep in the hall.” Amanda laughed as she tried four times to get her keycard into the slot.

Inside the room Ryan heard the commotion and quickly turned off the television. The door slowly opened and Amanda stumbled inside. Ryan could tell from her movements that she was drunk; he smiled knowing his planned had worked like a charm.

Amanda stumbled into the room and closed the door. She was surprised that her husband had made it home before her.

“Honey, are you awake?” She asked.

Not knowing what to do Ryan rolled over and grunted something to the effect of, “Uh Huh.”

Amanda dropped her purse on the floor and slipped off her shoes before sitting down on the bed. She felt terrible about what she’d done but that was hopefully behind her now. All she wanted to do was cuddle up next to her husband and go to bed.

“Did you have fun tonight?” Amanda asked.

“Uh Huh.” Ryan mumbled.

“That’s good, I had a pretty good night myself but I’m glad you’re here baby.” Amanda said as she laid down beside who she thought was her husband.

Amanda cuddled up next to Ryan and laid her head on his chest. Ryan was in heaven as his cock began to tent the sheets. Slowly Ryan let his hand slide down Amanda’s back and slip under her dress. He rubbed his fingertips slowly up and down trying to spark a reaction from his mother.

“Ummmm…that feels great.” Amanda said.

Amanda ran her hand over Ryan’s stomach and accidentally bumped something with her hand. Not knowing for sure what it was Amanda reached further down and slowly a smile crept across her lips.

“I guess you really are awake.” Amanda said as she rubbed her son’s cock through the blanket.

“UmHmmm.” Ryan groaned with his mother’s hand on his cock.

“Well, since we’re both still up…” Amanda said as she sat up in the bed.

Ryan watched breathlessly as his mother pulled down the sheets leaving him completely naked. Amanda was still very turned on from earlier. Besides, in her mind, the thought of fucking her husband senseless could possibly make up for what she did earlier. Amanda grabbed Ryan’s cock and slowly stroked it up and down. Ryan grinned broadly in the darkness. Amanda licked her lips and then lowered her head to her son’s crotch.

“Ohhhhh….shit…”Ryan hissed as the wonderful feeling of his mother’s warm, wet mouth enveloped his hard cock.

Amanda moaned as Ryan’s cock passed her tongue and bumped the back of her throat. Expertly her pink lips slid up and down her son’s hard shaft. As she sucked Amanda could feel Ryan’s cock pulse with his heartbeat. She held a steady pace before popping the head of Ryan’s cock out of her mouth and running her tongue over her son’s balls. The salty taste on her tongue and the musky smell in her nostrils had Amanda’s pussy absolutely dripping wet.

“Oh god baby….I’m so fucking wet.” Amanda moaned as she swirled her tongue around the head of her son’s cock.

Ryan was very close to cumming. He was slightly relieved when his mother removed his cock from her mouth and began planting little kisses up his abdomen. Amanda swung one leg over her son and sat atop him breathing heavily. Very slowly she pulled her dress over her head. Even in the darkness Ryan could slightly make out the sight of his mother sitting on top of him.

“C’mere sexy.” Amanda said as she leaned down and unknowingly kissed her son.

Their tongues danced as the room went silent. Ryan grabbed one of his mother’s tits and squeezed very firmly as his other hand squeezed her ass.

“Fuck yeah baby!” Amanda moaned as Ryan took her nipple in his mouth.

Amanda groaned and moaned as unbeknownst to her, her son’s expert mouth had both her nipples standing at attention. After working on her tits for a while Ryan pulled his mother’s head back to his and they kissed passionately for minute after minute. The taste of Amanda’ soft lips were driving her son crazy.

Ryan flipped over on top of his mother never breaking their kiss. Ryan slowly made his was down Amanda’s neck. He ventured even lower, dragging his tongue down between his mother’s tits, and then to her stomach. Amanda’s toes curled in ecstasy. Eventually Ryan arrived at his destination.

“Oh god yes.” Ryan moaned with his face right over his mother’s panty covered pussy.

He’d waited a long time for this moment. Like a conquering king Ryan pulled his mother’s panties down her long legs. He then brought them to his face and inhaled deeply. Amanda cooed with delight as she felt her legs being spread. It’d been forever since her husband had eaten her pussy and she was ready.

“Oh god baby…please…” Amanda moaned in anticipation.

Ryan didn’t wait around for long. He spread his mother’s pussy lips and in one long, slow lick, coated his mother’s wet pussy with his tongue. He slowly sucked at her clit while massaging her inner thigh with his free hand.

“OH MY GOD! FUCK!” Amanda moaned.

Ryan was like a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet. He hungrily sucked and licked his mother’s pussy for all he was worth. The sweet taste of her pussy coated his tongue. After a few minutes Ryan could feel his mother starting to shake. Just a little at first but then she started to really thrash.

“OH GOD BABY….DON’T STOP! FUCK YEAH…” Amanda moaned.

Caught up in the moment Amanda grabbed her son by the head with both hands and pulled his face tightly against her pussy. Ryan’s tongue never missed a beat.

“OH SHIT!!! OH SHIT…I’M CUMMING!!!” Amanda screamed as her pussy exploded into her son’s sucking mouth.

Ryan’s tongue was covered in his mother’s love juice but he never relented. He kept up his pace as Amanda convulsed in absolute pleasure.

“GODDAMN, THAT FEELS GOOD!” Amanda screamed as she slowly regained control of her body.

After a few minutes Ryan removed his tongue from his mother’s pussy and crawled up between her legs. He stared down at his mother, almost completely obscured by shadow. He leaned forward slightly until the tip of his cock touched Amanda’s soaking pussy.

“Give it to me baby.” Amanda said.

Ryan’s mouth hung open and he slowly eased his cock into his mother’s warm, smooth pussy. The feeling was like no other, pure sexual pleasure. Amanda gritted her teeth as her son’s hard cock spread her sensitive pussy wide. Eventually Ryan came to rest, his cock buried all the way inside his mother’s pussy. Amanda didn’t know if it was something in the Las Vegas water or what but her husband’s cock seemed to be bigger and harder than ever. Ryan leaned down and kissed Amanda passionately with her juices still on his lips. Amanda swirled her tongue around her son’s mouth. They were connected in every way in that moment.

“Fuck me baby…” Amanda quietly begged.

Ryan began to rhythmically slide his cock in and out of his mother. He fucked her slowly at first, but then hard and fast. Soon the room was filled with the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Ryan’s cock slammed deep into his mother’s pussy. Amanda couldn’t remember the last time her husband had fucked her so hard but she loved it.

“Yeah…that’s it….” Amanda groaned as she wrapped her legs around her son’s back.

Ryan was doing his best to hold out but he knew he was about to blow. Wanting his mom to remember this fucking, even if she didn’t know it was him, Ryan pulled out all the stops. He wrapped his arms around his mother’s back and lifted her off the bed. Ryan was on his knees on the bed with his mother wrapped around him. He began bouncing Amanda up and down on his cock violently. Amanda didn’t know what had gotten into her husband and she didn’t care. She moaned loudly as the hard cock between her legs seemed to go even deeper into her hot, wet pussy.

“Oh shit…..goddamn.” Ryan hissed as his climax neared.

Ryan slammed his mother back onto the bed and with three mighty thrusts his cock exploded into his mother’s waiting pussy.

“UUGGGGHHHHHH……FUCK!” Ryan groaned as his cock emptied volley after volley of his seed into his mother’s pussy.

Amanda’s hands uncontrollably clenched the sheets as her son’s hot cum coated the inside of her pussy. Ryan came for what seemed like forever. Amanda felt cum dripping from her pussy and knew that her husband was filling her up like he hadn’t done in a long while. After several minutes Ryan stopped cumming and as his cock softened inside his mother he leaned down and sucked her tongue into his mouth once more. Amanda’s tongue wrestled her son’s as she felt his cock slip from her pussy. Ryan rolled to the side and the two just laid there in a sweaty heap as their breathing returned to normal.

After twenty minutes or so Amanda got up and went to the bathroom. Ryan laid on the bed thinking about what’d just happened again. He was really getting addicted to his mother’s pussy. As he lay there thinking of his mother his cock began to come back to life.

In the bathroom Amanda looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled at her reflection. Her hair was a mess and her lipstick was smeared slightly. She had the look of a well fucked woman. After she turned off the light she closed the door and climbed back into bed. She snuggled up to Ryan and laid her hand on his stomach.

“That was amazing.” Amanda said rubbing her son’s abdomen.

Feeling daring Ryan grabbed his mother’s hand and guided it down to his hard cock.

“Damn Don, what’s gotten into you?” Amanda asked amazed at her husband’s new found endurance.

Ryan smiled when his mother called him by his father’s name. He ran his fingers tenderly through his mother’s hair and gently pushed her head down toward his cock. Amanda didn’t fight her son’s insistence to suck his cock at all. In fact, she was all for round two.

“Oh baby…is this for me?” Amanda asked as she stroked the hard cock in front of her.

Ryan didn’t reply, he just gently pushed his mother’s head down onto his cock. His mouth opened and he exhaled loudly as Amanda’s lips slipped over the head of his hard cock. Amanda took about half her son’s cock into her mouth and sucked hard on the way back up. Ryan’s cock escaped his mother’s mouth with a loud pop. Amanda rubbed her pussy as she took her son’s cock back into her warm mouth. After what had happened with Chris Amanda felt like she owed her husband some tender loving care. Amanda released the hard cock from her mouth and licked her way down to her son’s balls. One after the other she sucked them into her mouth.

Ryan was in heaven with his mom’s head between his legs but he wasn’t about to just lay there. He sat up slightly and slapped his mother on the ass trying to make her lift her rear end off the bed because he had something special in mind.

Amanda momentarily stopped her assault on her son’s cock when he slapped her on the ass. Not knowing what he wanted she went back to sucking his dick. Ryan was tempted to tell his mother what to do but he didn’t want to risk it. Instead he laid back down and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her on top of him while she was still giving him head.

“Whoa baby!” Amanda said as Ryan’s cock popped out of her mouth.

With her feet up by his head, Ryan forcibly spread his mother’s legs apart, and pulled her up until her pussy was right over his mouth. He had to taste her again. Ryan spread Amanda’s pussy lips and stuck his tongue in as far as it would go.

“OH SHIT!!!” Amanda screamed.

Never before had her husband had her this turned on. In between moans of pleasure, Amanda sucked her son’s cock, all the while not knowing that her husband was miles away. Amanda clenched her thighs around her son’s head, put her hands on his abdomen and pushed herself up until she was literally sitting on his face.


Ryan’s tongue went into overdrive as his mother’s pussy began to quiver in his mouth. Amanda pinched her nipples hard and began running her hands through her hair like a woman possessed. Her pussy was on fire. She couldn’t control her breathing and was becoming very light headed. She surely would have passed out if she knew it was her own son’s tongue doing this to her. Ryan ran his hands over his mother’s ass as he ate her pussy for all he was worth. In an act of daring Ryan slipped the tip of his index finger into his mother’s ass. That was all Amanda could handle.

“OHHHHH….. OHHHHMYGOD…OHHMYGODOHHMYGOD!!!” Amanda screamed as she came like she’d never came before.

Amanda lost all muscle control as she came in her son’s mouth. Amanda’s whole body shook and quivered uncontrollably. She was out of control as she sat there, on her son’s face, with her mouth open wide. Never before had she came three times in one night.

After almost two solid minutes Amanda finally collapsed to her son’s side. In the position she fell her head was right next to the edge of the bed. Amanda was literally in a trance. She couldn’t talk or move. She just lay there silently. Ryan was ecstatic that he’d made his mother cum so hard but he still needed release. He put his hand on his mother’s hip and pulled to see if she was still game but it was like pulling a dead body. Undaunted, Ryan got off the bed and went around to where Amanda’s head was.

Amanda was still in a fog when she felt what could only be a cock pushing into her mouth. Trying her best to suck her husband’s cock she opened her mouth. Ryan slid his cock deep into his mother’s mouth. He didn’t need long he just need a few seconds and he’d be satisfied.

“Oh Fuck Yeah.” Ryan hissed as he neared his climax.

Even in her current stated Amanda knew what was coming. Wanting to give her husband as much pleasure as he’d given her, she used what little strength she had left to grab his cock and suck as hard as she could.

“FUUUUCCKKKKKK!!!!” Ryan groaned as his cum erupted into his mother’s mouth.

Amanda moaned in delight as hot cum coated her tongue. Her hand milked the hard cock in her mouth relentlessly. Ryan’s hips bucked wildly as he filled his mother’s mouth. Amanda swallowed hard and kept jerking her son’s cock, but as violently as Ryan’s hips were bucking, his cock popped out of her mouth and a long rope of cum landed on her face. Then another landed in her hair and finally, one right across her lips.

Ryan collapsed onto the floor in a heap. Amanda rolled over onto her back and licked the cum from her lips. As she lay there utterly exhausted, with cum on her and inside her, she’d never felt so dirty. She’d also never felt so satisfied. In minutes Ryan had recovered and climbed back into the bed with his mother. Amanda got under the covers and before Ryan knew it she was out cold. Ryan smiled as he got up and put his clothes back on. If he died tomorrow he’d die a happy man he thought as he closed the door behind him.

Much later in the morning, around 6 a.m., Don made it back to the hotel room. He’d had a great night and one hell of a streak of luck at the casino. All told, he’d won close to fifteen grand. As happy as he was he just didn’t know how he was going to tell is wife that he was a finalist in the tournament and he’d be there all night again tomorrow…

Chapter 03

The following morning Amanda’s eyes opened slowly. Her mouth was dry and as she tried to swallow she could taste the remnants of last night’s fun in the back of her throat.

“What a night.” Amanda thought to herself as she sat up in bed.

Looking over at her husband who was fast asleep Amanda started to remember bits and pieces of what happened. She couldn’t believe all the crazy stuff that had happened last night, all she knew was that she’d had a good time. Amanda made her way into the bathroom and looked herself over in the mirror.

“That was a wild night.” Amanda smiled; all too aware of what was matting her hair together as she tried to run her fingers though it.

Oh well, she was on vacation and things got a little wild. You only live once she thought as she got into the shower. As the warm water ran down over her body Amanda started to emerge from the fog of last night’s drunkenness.

“Owwww…” Amanda moaned as she ran her soapy hand over her pussy.

She was really sore. Not only had her husband fucked her very hard, but she was even starting to remember Chris plunging his fingers into her at the club. As the details became less and less foggy Amanda started to realize that she was getting turned on. The naughtiness of what she’d done added a bit of a thrill that she was starting to like. She’d let a guy young enough to be her son finger her in a crowed nightclub. As she remembered more and more she could feel her nipples hardening and she knew she had to have some relief. Amanda eased herself down until she was sitting in the bathtub. She stretched her legs out and began to run her middle finger along her pussy. Amanda closed her eyes and slowly pushed her finger into her sore pussy.

“Ohhhh……” Amanda moaned.

It didn’t take Amanda’s mind long to begin picturing Chris doing unspeakable things to her. Amanda felt guilty for about half a second before continuing to bring herself closer to cumming. She imagined what would’ve happened last night at the club if she’d let Chris continue. Maybe she would’ve taken the boy to the bathroom and sucked his cock in a stall.

“OHHHHHH…FUCK!” Amanda squealed as she came.

Amanda laid there for a while longer rubbing her pussy before standing up and getting out of the shower. She didn’t think anything was particularly wrong with masturbating while thinking of someone other than her husband. He had Playboy and now she had her young admirer.

Amanda dried off and walked out of the bathroom naked. She walked toward the closet to get some clothes but on the way Amanda saw what she thought was a large stack of money on the table.

“What in the..” Amanda mumbled as she picked up the stack of hundred dollar bills.

Next door Ryan was waking up slowly. He was still a bit tired but he definitely knew why. Just hours ago he fucked his mom for the second and third time. He lay on his bed relishing the memories of having his cock inside her. He loved the fact that she didn’t know that it was her own son with his cock buried in her pussy as she moaned in pleasure.

Back in the other room Don was startled awake by what he first thought was an earthquake. The bed bounced hard and almost threw him to the floor.

“What the hell!” Don screamed.

“Baby! Where the hell did this come from?” Amanda screamed after having jumped onto the bed.

Don couldn’t help but smile. His wife was sitting naked on the bed holding a stack of cash. He was slightly worried that she would be mad at him for skipping dinner but now those worries had faded.

“I won that last night at the casino.” Don said nonchalantly.

“How much is it?” Amanda asked still amazed.

“Almost fifteen grand.” Don smiled.

Amanda’s mouth opened slightly and in her amazement didn’t even realize that she was still completely naked.

“Now we can finally afford to buy you some clothes.” Don joked.

Amanda blushed finally realizing she was sitting on the bed, holding a load of cash, completely oblivious to the fact that she was stark naked.

“Ha ha.” Amanda replied.

“I’m gonna hop in the shower while you think about what you want to buy.” Don said getting out of bed.

As Don showered Amanda put on some clothes and tried to think of what she wanted to do with the money. She could get a whole new wardrobe, or some jewelry, or any of a myriad of other things that she’d wanted for a long while.

After Don got out of the shower he told Amanda to get Ryan and that he was treating them to lunch. The family made it to a very nice restaurant and talked as they ate about how much fun they’d all had this week. Don took out the stack of money he’d won and split it in half. He put half back into his pocket and then halved what was left. He gave one stack to his wide eyed son and then did the same to his wife.

“This is SAWEEEEET!” Ryan screamed thumbing through the hundred dollar bills he’d been given.

“Don this is very nice of you, I don’t know where I’ll be shopping first.” Amanda grinned.

“It’s the least I can do to make up for not spending more time with my family.” Don smiled.

“Oh honey, it’s ok. I’ve had a wonderful time.” Amanda replied.

“I think you should’ve played poker more often.” Ryan joked.

“Well here’s the thing. I’m a finalist in the tournament. I have a really good chance of winning a lot more money.” Don said.

Ryan grinned thinking about all the cool stuff he was gonna buy but Amanda seemed reserved upon hearing her husband’s news.

“Don honey, I’m really happy for you that you did good but I think Ryan and I would like you to spend at least one day with us.” Amanda said.

“Speak for yourself mom, he needs to find the nearest deck of cards!”Ryan replied.

Don knew his wife was starting to feel a little neglected but he’d hoped the money would soften the blow.

“Well honey, this is a big deal to me. I mean I could really win the whole thing. Besides, with the money I’ve already won we can go on another vacation anytime we want.” Don said.

Amanda realized that she was in a tough spot. How could she really tell her husband that he needed to spend the day with them and miss his chance to do something he’s always wanted to do? And he was right; with the money they had they could take another vacation anywhere they wanted.

“I guess you’re right. But next time I think we’re going to Tahiti. They don’t play much poker there.” Amanda smiled.

“Anywhere you want to go, I’ll be there.” Don replied.

The trio finished up their meals and went their separate ways. Don went to the casino and signed in. He took his usual chair and eagerly waited for the first round to begin. He was really glad his wife relented and let him finish the tournament. He knew she wasn’t completely happy with the situation but the stack of money he gave her sure helped to soften the blow.

Ryan headed straight for the electronics store. About an hour later he emerged with a brand new IPod and a laptop. He was all grins as he headed back to the hotel with his loot. For the first time in the whole vacation his mind wasn’t on his mother.

Amanda casually strolled down the sidewalk looking at all the stores and was having a hard time trying to decide what to buy. Every so often Amanda’s mind would drift back to last night and Chris. She scolded herself for thinking about what she let him do but she couldn’t help herself. After shopping in a few boutiques she eventually found herself in a huge shopping mall. After sitting down to rest a bit and getting herself some lemonade, her cell phone rang. Amanda looked down at her phone and froze for a second or two. It was Chris trying to call her and she didn’t exactly know what to do. She could play it smart and just ignore the boy but she really liked him. She was feeling a bit lonely and she knew he would be great company. But she also knew what it might lead to. After about the fifth ring Amanda relented.

“Hello?” Amanda said.

“Hey babe, it’s Chris. What are you up to today?” He asked.

“Hey there. Oh I’m not doing anything special. I’m at the mall doing a little shopping.” Amanda replied twirling her hair.

“Would you like some company?” Chris asked.

“Well of course I would silly.” Amanda laughed.

“Oh ok cool. I was kinda worried that after last night you might be mad at me.” Chris said.

Amanda wasn’t mad at all, in fact, now that she could remember things a little more clearly, she was surprised at how well Chris handled himself. He didn’t pressure her at all to do anything she didn’t want to. Even after things got a little heated he was a gentleman and Amanda respected that.

“Mad at you? Not at all, you were a perfect date.” Amanda said.

“So where at in the mall are you?” Chris asked.

“In the food court.” Amanda answered.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.” Chris said before hanging up.

Amanda waited patiently on the bench watching the shoppers going about their business. It didn’t take long at all until she saw Chris walking up. Amanda felt a tingle between her legs as more memories of what happened between her and Chris flashed through her mind. She didn’t realize until a bit later but she’d chewed her straw into a gnarled mess as she watched her young admirer approach.

“Hey sexy!” Chris said wrapping his arms around Amanda.

“Hey yourself.” Amanda said as Chris’ hard chest pressed against hers.

They talked for awhile before getting up and walking through the mall. Amanda bought a couple of pairs of shoes and even got Chris a pair. After an hour or so as they were walking Chris took Amanda’s hand into his. Amanda just smiled as they strolled through the mall holding hands. She was feeling like a giggling teenager. Amanda was glad to have met Chris; he was someone who she got along with really well and he was so good looking.

“Wow, those are nice.” Chris said.

Amanda turned and looked at what Chris was staring at. It was a mannequin dressed in a really nice pair of slacks and a black silk shirt.

“That would take a month’s worth of paychecks for me to get.” Chris said.

Amanda smiled and then decided to reward Chris for keeping her company all week. She led him by the hand into the store and found a salesman.

“Excuse me. I’d like to see that outfit in a size…” Amanda said looking at Chris.

“Oh you really don’t have to…” Chris replied realizing what Amanda was doing.

“What size, you big baby?” Amanda laughed.

Chris took another look at the outfit before telling the salesman his measurements. In no time the salesman brought Chris the clothes and pointed him toward the dressing rooms. Amanda took a seat and Chris disappeared into the dressing room.

A few moments later he came out smiling. Amanda looked at the young man and smiled broadly. He looked fantastic.

“Well turn around.” Amanda said.

Chris turned around and Amanda’s face blushed. She really like how Chris’ butt looked in the dark slacks.

“Not bad at all!” Amanda said.

Chris smiled at Amanda’s compliment. He could tell she liked what she saw.

“Hey could you help me with something for a sec?” Chris asked.

“Sure thing.” Amanda said.

Chris walked back into the dressing room and Amanda stepped in behind him. The dressing room was small so they were very close to each other.

“This top button always gives me fits.” Chris said reaching around Amanda to close the door.

Amanda reached up and tried to get the top button on Chris’ shirt to come undone but it was a little difficult. As she jerked on the shirt Chris faked a stumble forward until he was pressed up against Amanda.

“Sorry.” Chris smiled.

“Oh it’s ok, I’m fine.” Amanda said staring up at Chris.

“Yes you are.” Chris said.

Amanda blushed and reality finally sat in. She was in a very tiny room with a guy that she liked a lot more than she should. She knew something like this could easily happen, and at the moment, wasn’t completely against it.

“You are a charmer…” Amanda smiled.

Chris ran his fingers through Amanda’s hair and down her neck. Amanda took in a deep breath as a shiver ran down her body. Chris stared into her eyes and slowly brought his lips closer to Amanda’s.

Amanda didn’t really know what to do. She was happily married and loved her husband very much, but here she was about to do something she told herself she would never do again. Her thoughts were interrupted when her lips touched Chris’.

“Ummm….”Amanda moaned as a warm tingly feeling overtook her body.

Chris’ hands found their way down Amanda’s back and to her ass. She gasped as Chris firmly grabbed her tush. Amanda opened her mouth and frenched her young lover with abandon. Eventually her hands drifted to Chris’ ass and she returned the favor he’d showed her.

“Verrrrry nice.” Amanda smiled as she groped the young man’s hard rear.

Chris unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor. Amanda smiled as she admired Chris’ young hard body. Chris pulled Amanda to him and began to gently kiss down her neck. Amanda’s nails ran down Chris’ back as his mouth nibbled her shoulder. Chris slowly pulled down the straps of Amanda’s dress until her breasts came into view. Amanda stared at the young man intently knowing what he was thinking.

“Ohhhh….my god..” Amanda moaned as Chris took her nipple into his mouth.

His tongue swirled around her areolas gently until both her nipples were erect. Amanda leaned her head back against the wall as Chris continued to devour her tits for several minutes. Amanda’s eyes remained closed until she felt her dress being pulled down to her knees.

“You are so hot…” Chris moaned as he knelt down and kissed Amanda’s stomach.

Amanda waited breathlessly as Chris kissed even lower. After a few scant seconds Amanda felt Chris’ fingers wrap around the sides of her panties. She looked down at the gorgeous young man at her feet as he looked deeply into her eyes. Amanda knew she was crossing a point of no return. Was she really going to become one of those wives who cheated on their husbands? Looking down at Chris Amanda answered her question with a nod of her head.

Chris slowly pulled down Amanda’s panties. Once they were at her feet Amanda put her hands on Chris’ shoulders and stepped out of her dress and panties. Chris looked at the shaved pussy in front of his face and smiled. He lifted one of Amanda’s legs over his shoulder.

“Come and get it.” Amanda smiled.

Chris kissed the inside of Amanda’s thigh before diving in. Gently his tongue spread her wet pussy lips.

“Ohhhhh Fuck!!!” Amanda moaned as an electric jolt surged through her body.

Amanda grabbed the back of Chris’ head and pulled him tightly against her quivering pussy. The sensation of his tongue on her clit was driving her crazy. Chris drove his tongue deeper and deeper into Amanda’s pussy as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Oh God Baby!” Amanda moaned.

Chris continued his assault on Amanda’s smooth pussy for a few more minutes before using his middle finger to up the ante. Amanda’s teeth clenched tightly together as Chris’ finger entered her hot snatch. Amanda ground her pelvis into Chris’ face as her body began to shake.

“Baby, I’m….gonna….cum..” Amanda moaned.

Chris was intently licking away at Amanda’s clit when he heard her. Wanting to send her over the edge he slammed two more fingers into her dripping pussy.

“OH GOD..OH GOD…” Amanda groaned as Chris’ fingers spread her further apart.

Finally what sent her over the edge wasn’t so much what she was feeling but what she saw when she opened her eyes briefly. The reflection in the mirror on the wall was one of the most erotic things she’d ever seen. There she was, a married woman, a mother, with a young stranger’s head between her legs. Her leg was draped obscenely over his shoulder as one hand clenched his head and the other her breast.

“OHHHH…. FUCK FUCK FUCK…..OHHH YEAH!!!” Amanda groaned as she came fiercely.

Her legs shook and her breathing ceased as her orgasm racked her body. Uncontrollably Amanda smeared her quivering cunt over Chris’ face. Chris did his best to keep his tongue on Amanda’s pussy as she gyrated in front of him. After a minute or so Amanda began to calm down a bit. Chris stood up and looked at Amanda who was still slightly shaking as she leaned against the wall.

After a moment or two Amanda opened her eyes to see Chris undoing his belt. Chris unzipped his pants and Amanda’s eyes widened as they fell to the floor.

“Oh my…” Amanda said as Chris’ manhood popped into view.

As far as she knew Amanda had only had one cock in her lifetime, her husband’s. Chris was obviously larger than that, much larger.

“Something the matter?” Chris smiled.

“Ummm…weeeeellllll…” Amanda grinned as Chris’ huge cock jumped with each heartbeat.

Amanda knelt down in front of Chris and tentatively reached out for the monster in front of her. She smiled as her hand wrapped around Chris’ fat cock. Amanda licked her lips and leaned her head closer to Chris’ cock.

“Oh FUCK!” Chris groaned as Amanda’s lips slid over the head of his cock.

“Ummmm….Hmmmm..” Amanda moaned as Chris’ meaty cock slid into her mouth.

Her tongue probed the slit on the tip of the massive cock. Precum slid down Amanda’s tongue before she swallowed. After sucking intently Amanda pulled Chris’ cock from her mouth and began sucking his balls. They were heavy and she knew they were just waiting to be emptied.

“God you’re huge…” Amanda said before sucking Chris’ cock back into her mouth.

Chris watched feverishly as Amanda’s pink lips slid up and down his thick shaft. His cock was dripping with Amanda’s saliva as her mouth teased him. Chris didn’t know how much longer he could hold off against Amanda’s expert mouth and he just had to have some of her pussy.

“Get up here.” Chris said as he pulled Amanda to her feet.

Amanda knew what he wanted and she wanted it too. Without any instruction Amanda turned away from Chris and put her hands up high on the wall. She arched her back and stood on her toes offering Chris what he wanted. Chris grabbed Amanda by the hips and lined up his cock with the opening of her hot pussy.

“FUUUCCKKKKKK!!!” Amanda moaned as Chris slowly inserted his cock into her pussy.

Amanda had never had such a big cock inside her. She felt like she was going to split in half. Before she could fully adjust Chris began fucking her harder and harder.

“FUCK YEAH!” Chris moaned as he fed his entire cock into Amanda’s hot pussy.

Amanda groaned loudly as Chris’ cock touched parts of her pussy she didn’t know she had. His heavy balls slapped against her sensitive clit repeatedly causing her to near a second orgasm.

“Yeah! Fuck ME!!! Fuck ME!!!” Amanda begged.

Chris pulled his cock from Amanda’s tight pussy and turned her around to face him. He picked one of her legs up around his waist and slid his massive cock back inside her. In moments Chris was driving his cock into Amanda so hard her other foot was coming off the ground.

Amanda knew she couldn’t take much more and from the look on Chris’ sweat lined brow he couldn’t either.

“Give it to me baby… ” Amanda moaned.

Chris took his queue and began fucking Amanda’s cunt for all he was worth. After another minute or so he kissed Amanda deeply. As their tongues wrestled Amanda could feel his cock swell even bigger.

“OHHHHFUUCKKK!!!” Chris yelled as his cock erupted inside Amanda’s tight wet pussy.

The feeling of Chris’ huge cock jerking and pulsing as it filled her pussy with hot cum sent Amanda over the edge as well.

“OH GOD YES!!!” Amanda moaned as her pussy clenched down tightly onto Chris’ pulsing cock.

Chris pumped a huge load of cum into the sweating brunette wrapped around him. After a few minutes Chris’s cock softened and slid out of Amanda’s pussy.

“That was fucking great!” Chris said.

“Oh my god…was it ever.” Amanda replied.

“What do you say we get outta here and go someplace for some food.” Chris said.

Amanda stared at the young man who she’d just cheated with and knew that her naughty adventure had to come to an end. She’d had her taste of cheating and as great a fuck as Chris was she was still committed to her husband. Hopefully after today she could put all this behind her.

“Chris there’s something I need to tell you. You see…I’m married.” Amanda said softly.

“Oh……wow.” Chris said as his heart sank.

“Please don’t look like that. I had a great time with you…a really great time.” Amanda said as she slid her panties back on.

“So this is it I guess…” Chris said pulling his pants up.

“Yeah…but look…thank you again sweetie. You don’t know how much I enjoyed you keeping me company.” Amanda said.

With that Amanda kissed Chris on the lips and walked out of the dressing room. She winked at the clerk behind the counter after paying for Chris’ outfit. On the walk back Amanda thought about all the crazy things that had happened to her over the last few days. She did things she didn’t believe she was capable of and she learned a little about herself. She did, however, think she would be very happy to be back home.

At the casino Don was just getting warmed up. He’d already advanced to the semifinals and if he’d counted correctly he was nearing forty thousand dollars in winnings. The next round was gonna be tough though, but with lady luck on his side so far, he was surprisingly calm.

Ryan was back in his hotel room surfing the net on his new laptop when his brain finally disengaged from the trance that new electronics bring. His mind began to race. He knew this was his last night in Vegas and maybe is last chance to have his way with his mother. This was probably the last time he’d be able to slide his cock into his mother’s tight pussy, and if it was, he was going to enjoy himself.

Moments later Ryan heard his parent’s room door slam shut. Knowing his dad was playing poker he knew it had to be his mom. Amanda put all the stuff she’d bought on the floor and fell across the bed. She was still feeling great after Chris had ravaged her but she still had plenty of energy to spare. She didn’t have long to herself before there was a knock on her door.

“Who is it?” Amanda asked.

“It’s me mom.” Ryan replied.

“You can come in.” Amanda said.

Ryan opened the door and walked into the room. He tried hard not to stare at his mother’s legs as she lay on the bed.

“I was wondering what you had planned for tonight since dad’s kinda busy?” Ryan asked.

“Hmmm…I don’t know. But I don’t want to spend the last night in Vegas in my hotel room.” Amanda said.

“How about I take you out dancing?” Ryan asked knowing his mom would have a hard time saying no.

“Sounds like a plan honey, gimme an hour to get ready.” Amanda said.

“Sure thing.” Ryan said as he went to get ready himself.

Amanda eventually got up and took another shower. She was looking forward to loosing herself on the dance floor one last time in Vegas. Ryan got ready pretty quickly and waited a bit before knocking on his mom’s door. When it finally opened he was speechless for a moment. His mother stood before him in the same tight little red dress that had started his infatuation with her all those weeks ago.

“Is something wrong?” Amanda asked.

“Uh…ummm…no not at all.” Ryan replied.

As they walked to the lobby Ryan’s eyes stayed glued to his mother’s ass as she walked. He thought it was kinda cruel that they even made mothers that looked like his. After calling a cab it didn’t take long for them to get to their destination. Ryan took his mother directly to the bar and ordered her the first of many drinks. Tonight his plan was simple. Just let her dance and drink until she’s about to pass out. Then take her back to the hotel and fuck her to death.

As the night wore on Ryan made small talk with a couple of different girls all the while keeping his eyes on his mother as she danced the night away. Although he was preoccupied with his mother, Ryan began to drink a few himself, and before long he was pretty buzzed. He knew he had to be careful and not get too wasted or tonight would be a total waist. After about three hours Amanda was covered in sweat when she made it back to the bar for another drink. Ryan stared for a moment at a trickle of sweat as it made its way down between Amanda’s tits.

“You want another?” Ryan asked.

“You bet babe.” Amanda slurred.

Ryan knew she was about where he wanted her as he ordered another drink. Amanda finished it in a couple gulps and stumbled back out onto the dance floor.

“Any minute now.” Ryan smiled.

About thirty minutes later Amanda stumbled back to the bar and had some trouble getting back onto the stool.

“You ready to go?” Ryan asked.

“I guess so…. But I tink I need nother dink.” Amanda barely managed to get out.

Ryan happily obliged and then helped his helpless mother back into the cab. Once back at the hotel Ryan took his mother to her room and laid her down on her bed. He slipped her shoes off and turned off the light before going to his room for a bit. He knew he had to wait but it was killing him to know that his mother was dead to the world right across the hall.

After the longest hour of his life Ryan made his way back across the hall. He quietly opened the door and walked inside. The room was nice and dark as he made his way over the bed. He took his time taking his clothes off before sitting down. He was still a bit drunk but Ryan was as ready as ever. Amanda didn’t move a muscle so Ryan decided to start without her. He reached over in the darkness until he found what he wanted. Slowly Ryan pulled up his mother’s dress until it was around her waist. He began to kiss her stomach as he gently pushed her panties down her legs.

“Oh fuck yeah.” Ryan said as he slowly spread his mother’s legs.

Ryan used one hand to spread Amanda’s pussy lips. Hungrily, he dived in tongue first. He bathed his mother’s pussy with his mouth taking great care to enjoy himself. Ryan was amazed at how good his mother’s pussy tasted.

“I could do this forever.” He thought.

Amanda slowly started to stir and at first didn’t know where she was or what was going on. But that quickly changed. Amanda arched her back and groaned in pleasure as her mind registered the sensations that her pussy was sending it.

“Oh baby….god that feels wonderful.” Amanda moaned thinking her husband had made it back.

Ryan knew she’d wake up eventually but he wasn’t quite done with her pussy yet. He began to drive his tongue deeper into Amanda’s hot pussy while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Amanda’s hips began to move up and down as Ryan’s tongue continued dealing out pleasure.

“Ummmmm………” Ryan moaned as his mother wrapped her legs around his head.

“Fuck…..c’mon baby deeper!” Amanda moaned as she neared climax.

Ryan stuck his tongue as deep as he could into his mother pussy and began rubbing her clit as fast as he could. Amanda’s breathing was bordering on hyperventilating as she grabbed the back of her son’s head.

“OH FUCKKKKK!!!” Amanda moaned as she came.

Ryan sucked his mother’s clit as hard as he could as she came. Amanda’s pelvis bucked wildly but her son’s mouth matched every move. Eventually Amanda began to calm down and Ryan freed his head from the grip of his mother’s thighs.

“God baby, you’re unbelievable.” Amanda moaned.

Ryan crawled up onto his mother and kissed her deeply as his rock hard cock hovered inches from her pussy. Amanda felt what she thought was her husband’s cock bump her pussy lips. She reached down between her legs and spread her pussy wide. With the other hand she grabbed her son’s cock.

“Ohhhh……..” Ryan moaned.

Amanda guided the hard cock to her pussy and then closed her eyes as it entered her. Ryan plunged his entire cock into his mother. For a moment he laid there on top of her relishing the feeling. He could feel his mother’s pussy squeezing is cock. Slowly he began fucking his mother.

“Goddamn baby.” Amanda moaned as her own son’s cock went deep inside her.

Ryan steadily began fucking his mother faster and faster. Before long the room was filled with the sound of flesh loudly slapping flesh. Ryan greedily groped one of his mother’s tits through her dress as he kissed her. Amanda grabbed her son’s ass and began pulling him harder and harder into her.

“Ohhh…..fuuuuuuuuck!!!” Ryan moaned as he got close and closer to blowing his load.

Amanda began to feel the cock inside her starting to swell even bigger and she knew what was coming. She wrapped her legs around her son and pulled him on top of her. Her tongue dove into his mouth as she felt his cock explode deep inside her pussy. As hot as her pussy was, she could feel the scalding cum coating her pussy. Ryan struggled to breathe as his mother kept her mouth sealed to his as his cock emptied a massive torrent of cum into her pussy. Seconds later Amanda released her son and he fell to her side breathing heavily.

“Oh my god……” Amanda whispered.

Ryan laid there breathing heavily for a few minutes. Eventually he felt his mother snuggle up beside him. He turned his head slightly and kissed his mother passionately. They kissed for what seemed like a very long time. Amanda’s hand eventually found its way to her son’s cock and began to pump it slowly.

“Ohhh….” Ryan moaned as his mother brought his cock back to life.

Amanda licked her son’s nipple as his cock grew in her hand. She was as horny as she’d ever been. Whatever else happened on the trip didn’t matter to her at all. All she knew was that she’d been fucked better this week than she’d ever been before. She sat up in bed and pulled her dress over her head.

“Oh yeah…” Amanda said as she threw one leg over her son and straddled him.

She grinded her pussy on top of Ryan’s hard cock before grabbing it with one hand.

“Fuuuuuucckkkk……” Amanda moaned as she impaled herself on her son’s cock.

Slowly Amanda began bouncing up and down on the hard cock between her legs. Ryan grabbed his mother’s hips and began thrusting up as she came down. Amanda could’ve sworn his cock was in her belly it was so deep.

“Fuck baby…fuck me..fuck me…” Amanda moaned.

Ryan loved to hear his mother talk dirty to him. If only she knew who was fucking her so well. Ryan pulled his mother off his cock and positioned her on her knees. He lined his cock up with her pussy and in one violent thrust, buried his cock inside his mother as deep as he could.

“FUUUUUUUCK!!!” Amanda screamed.

Ryan slapped his mother’s ass and then began to fuck her doggy style. Amanda had never known Don to fuck her so hard but she wasn’t opposed to his new found skills. Every time her son’s balls would slap against her sensitive clit Amanda would get closer and closer to cumming again. As her son fucked her she began rubbing her clit furiously.

“Don’t stop baby…. Please ….don’t …stop…” Amanda moaned as she neared her goal.

Ryan knew his mother was about to cum and he wanted her to really get off. As she began to shake Ryan slowly pushed his thumb into his mother’s tight asshole. The sensation caused Amanda’s eyes to open wide and her mouth to hang open. She was teetering on the verge of cumming, and as her son began to slide his thumb in and out of her ass, she lost all control.

“OH FUUUUCKKKKK!!!! FUUUCKKK I’M CUUUUUMMMING!!!” Amanda screamed as all the muscles in her body contracted.

Ryan smiled as his mother’s cunt gripped his cock tightly. He never let up fucking her as she convulsed beneath him. Amanda moaned and shook for well over a minute. Ryan pulled his thumb from his mother’s ass and continued to fuck her slowly as she came. Eventually Amanda fell forward onto the bed. Ryan ran his hands up his mother’s thighs until he found her firm ass. He began to knead the firm flesh between his fingers. Whether it was the alcohol or the fact that he knew it might be his last chance Ryan decided to be daring.

Amanda was still half comatose when she felt who she thought was her husband climbing on top of her as she lay face down on the bed. Her eyes opened slightly when she felt a hard cock probing between her cheeks.

“What does he think he’s doing?” Amanda thought to herself.

Ryan spit in his hand and coated the head of his cock before using both hands to spread his mother’s ass apart. He leaned forward slowly until the head of his cock was right against Amanda’s puckered hole.

“Baby..I don’t know…” Amanda whispered as she realized what her husband wanted.

Ryan leaned down and kissed Amanda’s back as he pushed forward a bit more. Amanda’s mouth opened wide as the head of her son’s cock disappeared into her ass.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…” Amanda hissed.

Ryan took his time and slowly fed another inch of his cock into his mother’s ass. Every so often he would pull back before going even deeper. The feeling of her ass muscles clenching down on his cock was unbelievable. Amanda was in a little bit of pain but it wasn’t so bad. She realized that the alcohol was probably numbing some of it.

“Fuck yeah.” Ryan whispered as his cock disappeared entirely into his mother’s ass.

He laid there for a few seconds to let Amanda adjust before he began to fuck her with slow deep thrusts. Amanda was beginning to get used to the feeling of a cock in her ass. After a few seconds she began to like the warm sensation that was coming from her stretched asshole. She grinned when Ryan slapped her ass.

Ryan knew he wasn’t going to last long with his mother’s tight ass milking his cock. He pulled his cock from his mother’s ass and rolled her back onto her back. Amanda spread her legs wide and Ryan buried his cock back into her ass.

“OH SHIT!!!” Amanda moaned.

Ryan began to fuck his mother’s ass as hard as he could as his balls tightened. He tightly groped his mother’s tits as he pounded away at his mother’s virgin ass. Amanda’s fingernails dug deeply into her son’s chest as his cock plunged into her ass time after time.

“C’mon baby…. That’s it… Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Amanda hissed as she neared yet another orgasm.

Ryan’s eyes closed tightly and his mouth opened wide as his cock finally erupted into his mother’s tight ass. His cock coated the walls of his mother’s ass as Amanda came herself. Neither one of them made much noise as they came with a ferocity that they’d never known before. Ryan’s hips bucked uncontrollably but Amanda’s tight ass kept his cock firmly in place. Finally after a few minutes Amanda could feel the hard cock in her ass starting to soften.

“Oh my god…” Amanda groaned as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Ryan was totally drained. The alcohol he drank earlier combined with fucking his mother’s brains out had him completely exhausted. As his cock popped out of his mother’s ass he uttered a few words he didn’t mean to.

“Oh fuck mom…” Ryan said as he collapsed next to his mother.

Amanda’s eyes opened wider than pie plates upon hearing the words. Not knowing what to do, she quickly turned on the lamp by the bed.

“Oh my god…” Amanda said as she saw her own son passed out beside her.

Amanda didn’t take a breath for a while as the enormity of the situation sank in. She looked down at her son’s flaccid cock and then at her well fucked pussy and ass. The reality of the situation sank in bit by bit. No wonder her husband had been so different in bed the last couple nights. It wasn’t her husband at all. Amanda’s alcohol filled brain did it’s best to process the situation but she really couldn’t comprehend what had happened. After a few minutes Amanda smiled, then reached over and turned the lamp.

“What happens in Vegas…” She said as she drifted off.


…Oh, and if you’re wondering about Don. He didn’t win the tournament, but he did come in second place. He won a lot of money and ended up partying all night with some of the contestants. What he found when he finally made it back to his hotel room is a story for another day.