Wrasslin’ Sis

To say it started innocently would be a lie. My sister probably believes that’s the way it began but truth be told I was really looking for a way to get in her pants. I was tired of her teasing and prancing around. Crystal has the kind of body that doesn’t quit; from the age of 14 she turned grown men’s heads and got catcalls whenever she was out in public. She loved to wear revealing clothes and dress like a total slut. My own grandmother said ‘she’ll be knocked up by 15’. And it’s a miracle she made it to 18 not pregnant. The only reason I can figure is that she is so shy, very naïve and my parents didn’t allow her to date.

Crystal is 5’1 and about 95 pounds. She is a tight little package from years of dance and soccer. She has long blonde hair that she loves to have tugged. She is a C-cup with the perkiest nipples and the finest round ass. All of her delicious assets she loves to show off by wearing short skirts, tight jean shorts, tight cutesy t-shirts and halter-tops. She loves to wear those cloggy sandals with 4-inch soles that make her 5’8 and ready to fall over.

I’m her perverted older brother of 20. I’m about 5’10 and 175 pounds dripping wet and have a 7 1/2 inch cock. I had a job but lost it because my boss’ assistant wanted his son to work there and gave him my job. I’ve applied at a couple of colleges but haven’t been accepted on account of some trouble I got into selling hot stereos. My girlfriend of two years left me as she “Didn’t see us going anywhere”. Whatever the hell that means!

Well back to sis. I had secretly dreamed about tapping her tight young pussy and introducing her to the fine art of sucking cock. I had beat off to her pictures, thoughts of her sucking my cock, and sliding her hot little body up and down on my cock about a hundred times when I said enough is enough. But I didn’t have an ‘In’. I couldn’t find a way to break down her defenses and make it appear that I wasn’t a letch and that it happened through normal exploration. We didn’t talk much so I couldn’t approach her that way. I was about to give up any hope of making my move on her when I caught a lucky break.

It was about 3:30-3:45 and my parents weren’t due home for a couple of hours when Crystal was home from school and running around the house looking for her dance clothes when she came banging into my room. She thought our mom had misplaced her dance gear in my clothes pile and she wanted to see if by chance I had it. I knew wear they were but enjoyed the view of her traipsing through my room in a pair of leopard print panties and a pink half shirt that read, “My Boyfriend Is Out Of Town”. She had her hair done up in a pony tail and she meant business.

“Rickie, You seen my dance leotard? I can’t find it anywhere,” she blurted in a huff.

I was lying on my bed reading an article in “Popular Science” on jet propulsion when I looked to see her standing on her toes to look at the top shelf of my closet. Not really, I had a copy of Hustler’s Barely Legal and was reading about the centerfold’s first time with her uncle called “Secret Lover”. He had met her in a bar after his divorce from her aunt and they had become lovers in a torrid affair. I was wearing only a pair of basketball shorts because it was hot and my body glistened with a light sweat.

Crystal’s legs are taut and beautifully proportioned and as she strained to see if her leotard was in my closet her butt muscle tightened and relaxed, catching her panties between her ass cheeks and letting them go. From behind, I could see between her legs and her panties were slightly askew and I saw the outer lip of her little pussy. She huffed again and turned sideways to look at me for help. With that I tossed the magazine under my bed and sat up.

“No, I haven’t seen it,” I stated matter-of-factly as I noticed the lower half of her right breast sneaking out from beneath her half shirt.

“Damn, I’m going to be late,” she moaned and began looking around the room as if it might be anywhere.

I laughed at her investigative skills and her predicament. Who needs a porno mag when your sister has a hot body like Crystal’s and she is stretching and preening around your room. Frowning, she spun back round and went to my dresser drawers and began rifling through them. As she did, she bent over and pointed her delectable ass back at me.

Having not found them in my top drawers, she bent down and looked through the bottom ones. She was now in one of my favorite poses. With her knees bent and outward, she rested on her feet. Her ass and crotch was spread and I admired the roundness of her ass cheeks. I had to contain myself from getting up behind her and running my hands down between her open legs to play with her clit, tight little pussy, and asshole. I couldn’t see her tight little snatch but my mind’s eye was drawing a pretty little picture.

I decided to try something desperate. Desperate enough to get me kicked out of my family but also desperate enough to possibly work. I stood up and playful cleared my throat.

“Ahumm,” I coughed and put my hands on my hips, thrusting out my chest. Crystal heard me and pivoted slightly on her heels to look up at me. She shook her head and gestured at my weirdness.

“What’s up with you?” she remarked and turned to look for her leotard.

“You have invaded my personal space and for that, you must pay the penalty,” I kidded in a gruff, Old English tone.

“What the hell does that mean?” she retorted, obviously not amused and preoccupied with her clothing, even though she was barely clothed.

“It means you must,” I stated and stopped. I held for a dramatic pause and then added, “It means you must beat me in deadly hand to hand combat or die an excruciating death.” Taking a step back, I struck a Bruce Lee pose and with my left hand challenged her to step forward.

“Whatever dork,” she laughed as she looked back and up at me. He rolled her eyes and turned back to my sport shirt drawer.

“What do you think? I took your dance leotard so I could wear it around my room when no one is around?” I asked, still holding my fighting pose.

Crystal didn’t even bother to turn around and giggled, “I wouldn’t put it past you.”

“Oh, you invade my personal space and then you insult me, its time to pay and pay you will,” I announced and stepped up behind her and bumped her forward with my hips to the back of her head and shoulders. Crystal toppled forward slightly but regained her balance.

She giggled and mocked, “Oh I’m Soooo scared.” I did it again, slightly harder and she almost went over. “Cut it out dipshit,’ she cursed, half laughing, half annoyed. She huffed, as she knew her dance stuff wasn’t in this set of drawers.

“Who’s going to make me,” I challenged, acting more like a 12 year old than a 19 year old but that was my plan. I wanted to get Crystal into a friendly wrasslin’ match so I could play with her goodies.

“You are such a nerd,” she said as she got to her feet, turned to me, and stuck out her tongue. Her half top was askew and she patted it down into place and I checked out her wonderfully full eraser-tip nipples poking against the fabric.

Her eyes were looking past me as she scanned my room for any hint of her dance clothing. She was purposely looking through me as if I wasn’t there, trying to ignore my sophomoric antics.

‘”Oh now you’ve done it,” I bellowed as I looked down at her leopard panties and admired how they had been captured between her delicate young pussy lips. A captivating slit ran about an inch and a half along the panties.

“Oh what now, geek boy,” she retorted as she tried to step aside me and over to an end table I have next to my king sized bed. There is a drawer there and she figured to leave no stone unturned.

I put out my hand and held her at arms length. My right hand cupping her shoulder though it wanted to cup and massage lower. “Stop right there, or I will be forced to use swift and deadly force,” I stated sternly.

“Get away loser,” Crystal said as she tried to remove my arm with a swing of hers.

She missed as I pulled my arm back and dropped my hips and reached forward with my left arm and slid it between her legs, wrapping my left hand onto the small of her back. With my right arm I shifted my body so it caught the back of her head and I lifted her off the ground upside down in my arms. She was now hang in front of me, in a slanted, standing 69 and her arms began to flail about.

‘”Stop it, you idiot,” she yelled as she sensed her predicament, then noticed her shirt had slipped downward exposing all of one and a good half of her other breast. She stopped flailing to fix her clothing and begged not to be dropped on her head. Playing with her, I shook her up and down and watched as she tried to keep her dignity and breasts covered. Her eyes searched mine to see what I had planned. I was enjoying her plight and the warmness of her young pussy rubbing on the crook of my left elbow.

“You want me to put you down?” I asked as I watched her face begin to turn red.

She yelled ‘yes’, as her right hand held her top up and her left hand tried to grab onto my shoulder to keep her from falling to the ground.

“Okay,” I joked and pretended to drop her from my standing position. Her eyes flew open wide and her mouth did the same. I quickly re caught her and laughed at her surprise. “You aren’t getting away that easy,” I told her. I walked over to my bed and set her down on her head and shoulders, with her ass in the air. She looked relieved but soon realized I had other intentions. Now I have done things like this in the past with girlfriends and just commenced to screw our brains out but this was my young teenage sister so I had to move more slowly and more deliberatively.

Taking my right arm from behind her head I steadied her on her shoulders by grabbing her left hip and taking my left hand, I smacked her hard on her bare left butt cheek.

“Ouuuw,” she yelled and moved her hands to cover her ass. She looked at me like she couldn’t believe I had just done that. Raising my hand again, I smacked her right cheek.

“Stop, you jerk,” Crystal laughed. She was a little perturbed because she still had plans of finding her leotard and making her dance class in 10 minutes but she was seemingly enjoying the playfulness of my actions.

Her two hands covered her ass cheeks. Actually she grabbed them and held them, protecting them from my smacking assault. This only served to spread her crotch open to my prying eyes and as the little finger on her right hand caught her panties; she unintentionally pulled them to the right exposing the left side of her pussy lips. I pretended not to be looking but saw them out of the corner of my eye. My nose caught a delightful whiff of her young twat and I felt my cock begin to stir in my shorts. I feared her discovering it before I could break her down so I worked now to divert her attention.

“Stop it, stop it,” I mocked her as I took my left hand now and rubbed my palm on her face, especially her mouth. She licked at my hand and her wet mouth felt awesome. Getting into the spirit of things she tried to bite my hand but I withdrew it to cover her eyes and tweak her nose.

With her eyes covered now it afforded me a chance to look down her shirt and her sweet little pussy. Her small top was bunched up at her nipples and I could only see half of her wonderful round orbs. Her panties still mostly covered her twat but I tried to unveil it by moving my right hand from her hip and placing it on her right hand and moving it outward. The ploy worked as her right little finger pulled her panties to the side and I got a glance at her heavenly gash. Her lips were full and I detected the slightest hint of moistness and I wondered if my game was having an effect.

Crystal must have sensed her helplessness and nudity as she wiggled her finger free of the fabric and moved her hands to fight my hand off her face. This left her ass open again and I slapped her left cheek hard with my left hand.

‘Ouuw, you prick,” she cursed and kicked her legs hard to get off her shoulders. For being only 95 pounds, she is quite strong and flopped onto her belly in front of me. She had her right hand under her, as she swung her left hand behind her to block my second and third smacks at her ass.

Sensing my quarry might attempt to flee, I quickly mounted her and placed my hips on top of her hips pinning her to her stomach on the bed. Taking my right hand, I caught her left hand and pinned it to her side. Once there, I pinned it with my left knee beside her and went to work on her right hand. I hooked her elbow and pulled it from her chest and pulled it behind her back.

Crystal fought me but she was really no match for me as I toyed with her young nubile body, thoroughly enjoying her squirming, grunting, and groaning as I took control. Getting her right arm behind her back I slipped my hips down her legs and sat on her thighs. Now laying in front of me on her stomach was the hot little girl who had tormented so many men, not to mention me for so many years. Her head swiveled right and left trying to see behind her as she awaited my next move. Taking her left hand, I brought it to her right and using my left hand pinned them to the small of her back. From all the wrestling’, her leopard print panties were bunched low on her ass and were barely covering her sweet quim. Her half shirt was pushed up and her naked young breasts were pressed to my bed sheets.

“Get off me you dick,” Crystal protested, still teetering between pissed off and mildly amused. She was probably still holding out hopes to make it to dance class so her intentions were to get up and leave. I tried to put her mind at rest so she could get more into my game. “Dance class has already started, you’ll just have to go next week and kiss the teacher’s ass for missing,” I told her reaching for her hair.

“‘Instructor’, you weenie,” she corrected me sarcastically.

“Let’s see, I’m a dork, a dipshit, a nerd, a geek boy, a loser, an idiot, a jerk, a prick, a dick, and a weenie,” I said as my right hand grabbed her ponytail.

“That’s because you are!” she shouted with a laugh.

“Oh yeah?” I asked. I awaited her answer ready to pounce.

“Yeah, you are a dork, dipshit,” she started t rattle off all her pet names for me and stopped in a wail, “Owww”.

I pulled gently on her ponytail at first to snap her head back and then kept up steady pressure on it. She went with it and giggled as she realized she had hit a nerve with me or that the game had escalated. Her head bent back and I was amazed at how limber she was. A pleasant surprise hit me as her head bent back her ass rose to rub against me thinly covered cock. My cock had grown from the game playing was a half mast or better. Much more of this and he’d be poking out of my elastic waistband. I didn’t know if Crystal could feel it but was going to keep wrestling’ and allow things to play out.

“So who’s the dork now?” I mockingly asked, as I pulled on her hair and looked to the side of her face for her reaction.

“You are!” she steadfastly maintained and giggled.

I pulled her hair harder and her head pulled back and up from the bed.

Her eyes were open in surprise and her mouth-hung agape. She sensed my eyes and tried to glance at me. She couldn’t turn her head where I held it and laughed at her predicament.

“That’s what I thought,” I goaded her and did a quick pull and release several times, allowing her head to fall forward and then snap it back again. She giggled and uttered a nervous, “Ahhhunn.”

“You came into my room unannounced and uninvited and now you are going to have to pay,” I announced. I lowered her head and face back to the bed and taking my right hand held the left side of her face to the bed sheets. She looked up at me using her right eye and waited for what I was going to do next. With her mouth still agape, I decided to fish hook her. I slid my right index finer into her mouth and hooked her cheek.

‘Fish hooked, I got me self a ‘Marlin’,” I warbled, doing my best imitation of a mariner.

This made Crystal laugh as I pulled her cheek wide and she drooled on my finger and bed sheets. Her velvety tongue licked at my finger and added to my already sexually charged delight.

If one hook is funny, two hooks must be hilarious is my motto, as I let go off her hands and reached my left hand around her head and hooked the other side of her mouth. She sensed it but was too slow to stop me and pulled her head up from the bed. I pulled her head and face back and laughed at my gentle torment.

“Yeah, I caught me a big fish,” I teased. Leaning forward to look over her head and down at her stretched face and mouth made me drop my pelvis and rigid cock onto her ass and the small of her back. Crystal’s hands were still there and she grabbed at me in order to fight me off of her. She grabbed my cock with her right hand but let it go as soon as she realized what she had. Her eyes went wide and I feared the game was over.

She uttered a garbled sentence and I was afraid it was something about my hard on. I loosened my fingers on her cheeks and she repeated herself, this time more clearly, “Jeez how far do you think my mouth stretches?”

“I don’t know, let’s see,” I quipped, playfully regaining my hooks. She grabbed at my gym shorts and pulled at them and I was relieved to have her keep up the fight.

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Not wanting to hurt her, I allowed her head to fall back to the bed sheets. Allowing my left finger to slide out of her mouth, I sought to recapture her hands. She tried to bring her hands forward but I caught her left hand and held it behind her. I pinned it to her back and sat on it as I went for her right. She tried to post herself on her right hand but my weight was too much for her so she tried to get my right finger out of her mouth.

“Ha, ha,” I laughed as she pulled her head away from my hand as she tugged on my wrist. I fought her and forced a second and a third finger into her mouth. She playfully bit at my fingers but stopped and began sucking on them. Her tongue licked at my fingers and it felt incredible.

I enjoyed it for a couple of seconds, as well as the view of the crack of her ass that was almost completely uncovered as she wiggled beneath me. I pulled my hand from her mouth and grabbed her right wrist and pulled it around behind her back.

“No, No, No,” Crystal yelled as she realized she was going to be pinned down again with her hands behind her back again. She was helpless to stop me and she stopped wiggling as I forced both wrists in to my left hand. ‘Fuck,” she swore and tuned her head to the side and dropped it on the bed in a huff.

“Aww, you swore,” I teased her and bringing my right hand to her side, tickled her.

‘Ah No, ah no,” Crystal yelled as I began playfully tickling her side. Her body wiggled and writhed beneath me and I enjoyed her helplessness. As I tickled harder, she dropped her chest and pushed her ass higher. As she did the panties, already slipping off her ass, slipped lower. I lifted my hips and watched as her ass drop and rose and eyed her tight, little sphincter and lower half of her pussy. Tickling her other side caused her to try and roll side to side and exposed her young breasts and hardening nipples to my view.

‘Ah stop, ah stop,” Crystal begged as I tickled her relentlessly, enjoying her flopping and growing nakedness. I quickly reversed myself, by swinging my hips over to the side of her body, switching my hand hold on her wrists from one hand to the other and remounting her. Instead of tickling her sides now I tickled her legs and inner thighs.

“Ah please stop, please stop,” she begged harder and swung her heels up at my hands.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop,” I said as I sat back on her and allowed her to catch her breath. “But see what you get for invading a guy’s sanctuary,” I explained, tongue in cheek.

“Your sanctuary, please,” she scoffed at my proud pronouncement. “You really are a big Weenie,” she giggled sarcastically.

“Big weenie hunh? Look at you and the name calling,” I kidded back. Noticing her panties not really covering her ass anymore, I decided to put them back in place and then some. “For that, you get a wedgie,” I told her.

“A wedgie, what’s a wedgie?” Crystal asked in earnest.

“I’ll show you,” I told her and taking my right hand, grabbed up the waistband of her panties and tugged them up her ass crack. Now guys have been known to tear underwear off another guy’s ass in the most painful and sadistic manner as some twisted rite of passage, but that wasn’t my aim. I already had Crystal turned on and playing my little wrestling game, now I wanted to get her off. I tugged her panties until they split her ass cheeks but once there, I wiggled them back and forth and strategically until they split her moistened pussy lips.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she repeated as her panties rubbed her lips and tiny clit. She acted like she was fighting me off but her body and utterances were telling me something totally different. She stuck her ass in the air and it afforded me a beautiful view of her tight little twat. I could tell before that Crystal bikini waxed but now knew she was completely shaven. My cock was at full mast and the head was fighting for air between my waistband and stomach. “Oh stop, please stop,” Crystal moaned now and I sensed the change in her voice and pleading. Before she had been grunting and groaning and fighting me, but now she was fighting back an orgasm and the waves of sensation she was getting from her gentle massage her panties were giving her and all the wrestling, tickling, and rough play.

Her pleading fell on deaf ears as I slowly allowed her to begin to wiggle underneath me and turn from her stomach to her back. All the time, keeping up my massage and pressure on her clit and pussy by tugging her panties deliciously higher and tighter. As she turned to her back, her pussy came into glorious view. Her leopard panties were now a thin, moist strip running straight through the middle of her honey pot.

“Oh please, oh please stop,” Crystal moaned and writhed as her legs tightened and her legs opened and closed. Her arms were free now and she hugged my hips from behind. They just clung to me and she no longer fought to get me off of her.

“Somebody doesn’t want me to really stop, does she?” I teased and awaited a reply. She seemed too willing of a captive now and my game had broken her down.

‘Oh yeah, oh yeah,” Crystal moaned as she brought her knees up and swung them from side to side before spreading them in a wide frog-like pose as she moaned a long soft sigh, “Yeahha”. Her legs opened and closed and they trembled as she came beneath me. She had my hips in a vise-like grip and then softened it as her body relaxed and came down from her orgasm.

I was proud of myself, as I had been able to get her off without any direct contact and all by ‘innocent’ means. I looked back at her and she had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip. I could tell she was trying to slow her breathing and looked down at her heaving breasts. Her top had rolled up above her tits and her nipples stuck straight up on her perky, firm C cups. She seemed so enthralled with her orgasm that she didn’t even move to cover her breasts and through squinted eyes stared up at me.

‘Oh please, oh please stop, Oh please, oh please stop, Oh yeah, oh yeah, Yeahha’ I parroted back to Crystal as I looked her in the eye and mocked her powerful cumming performance. I faked a shiver rising up my spine and she smiled and then barked.

‘If you tell anyone, Soooo help me god I’ll kill you,” Crystal cursed, ever defiant, even in such a compromising position. Her top was around her neck and her panties were wedged up her ass crack and between her dripping pussy lips.

I laughed at her and said, I won’t and added my caveat, “If?”

‘If, what?” she asked, taking her hands and pulling her half shirt down over her wonderful orbs.

I pivoted around above her and she didn’t even move to get up. She noticed my bulge as I remounted her and when our eyes locked she knew. I smiled, as she shook her head ‘no’. As she continued to shake her head no, I mocked her by shaking my head ‘yes’.

‘No way,” Crystal protested.

“Yeah way,” I teased. We went back and forth with it, getting louder and overlapping each other’s assertion. Finally, I switched and said ‘No way’ hoping she’d fall for the old gag. She didn’t but smiled at my ploy.

“Come on, just give it a little kiss,” I urged and using my right hand squeezed my shaft. Her eyes were drawn to it and I could tell she was intrigued by my size and suggestion.

‘No way, you pervert.” Crystal argued. She said it as her eyes switched from my bulge to my face.

“Come on, suck on it,” I teased her with a wink, continuing to squeeze it and define its length in my gym shorts.

“I won’t tell anyone,” I added and mocked, “Oh please, oh please stop, Oh yeah, oh yeah, Yeahha.” I made her laugh as her eyes had trouble looking away from my package.

“Come on, you know you want to,” I asserted as I began stroking it through my shorts.

‘No, I don’t,” Crystal answered, shook her head incredulously.

“Yeah, you do,” I argued back and watched her giggle at my insistence. “Want to see it?” I asked as I watched her eyes watch my hands every move. She didn’t answer but instead watched me stroke its length through my shorts. With her eyes on my cock, I slowly pulled up my right short leg to reveal my aching balls. They fell out of the short leg and when they came into view, Crystal cooed as she stared at them.

“Go ahead lick on them,” I urged her as I slowly inched my hips towards her face. I was still over 18 inches away but I closed the distance quickly. As I went my legs pushed her top back up and it slid off her bosom.

Crystal didn’t move to stop me until I got within six inches of her face and I was almost sitting on her chest. Her wonderfully hard nipples rubbed up against my inner thighs and I noticed her sigh. ‘No, no,” Crystal protested, bringing her hands up, placing her left one on my right hip and her right pushed against my chest. She turned her head away from my balls but her eyes stayed on them. I pushed against her and probably cold have won but decided to wrestle with her instead. I took my hand off my shorts and caught her hands. With a struggle, I fought her hands up over her head and pinned them to the bed with my left hand. I laughed in triumph and pulled my short leg open with my right hand, bringing my scrotum back into sight.

Crystal closed her mouth and pursed her lips in defiance. She was putting up a fight but it was only a playful one.

“Go ahead lick on them,” I reoffered, bringing my balls to her face. Pre-cum wet my head as I stroked myself and watched Crystal’s pretty face come in contact with my scrotum. I laughed as they slid across her chin and bumped her nose. She was holding her breath as she kept her mouth closed and when she was forced to expel air to breath through her pursed lips and nose, she tickled my scrotum.

“Oh wow,” I joked and Crystal sensed what effect she had on them and me. Playfully she blew on them and I eagerly egged her on, ” Oh yeah, that’s it.” Moving my hips I began rubbing my scrotum on her face and stroking myself. Crystal blew but wouldn’t lick so I decided to cover her mouth and nose with my balls.

Crystal sensed what I was doing as I rested them right on her lips an up against her nose. She warned me through pursed lips, “I’ll bite’em.”

“Go ahead, I’ll probably like that,” I admitted with a smile, looking down on her. It made Crystal laugh and her resistance gave way and I felt her wet tongue swirl around my sack. I smiled wider now and gave her and groanful, “Yeah.”

She started with teasing licks and then lapped hard at my tightening balls. She either knew what she was doing or her willingness to please was making her hit all the right spots.

‘Oh yeah, lick up,” I urged her and lifting up on my cock made her slip her tongue lower to the base of my sack. I began stroking my cock harder and it caused my balls to rise and fall on her pretty face.

Crystal licked for a good minute and stopped and she stared me in the eyes. She muttered, “Don’t you ever tell anyone or I’ll kill you, I mean it.” Fun and games aside, I knew I wouldn’t anyway. No one would understand that I had seduced my sister and got her off and now she was repaying the favor. I shook my head in agreement and smiling inched myself forward so she could lick my asshole.

Crystal didn’t hesitate and went about licking my taint and rimmed me for a good half minute until I had to have her mouth. I leaned forward and pushed my hips back so my cock pointed right at her mouth. She didn’t open it at first so I smeared my cock on her lips. She opened up and playfully began licking only the tip as I jerked my rod hard.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I swore in delight as her young talented tongue teased the slit on my cock. “Suck it good,’ I said and tried to feed her a little more. Sitting up higher I released her hands and pulled her head up to my cock. Seeing my pillow, I grabbed it and quickly propped it behind her head. Crystal closed her eyes and concentrated on sucking me off and her mouth made little slurping sounds that added to the sensation and sent chills up my back.

I felt like a champ sitting above her hot little body watching her give me her mouth. I glanced behind me and could see her opening and closing her legs. Now I know from an ex-girlfriend that some girls get so into sucking cock that they can get off and I watched in amazement, as she seemed to be doing just that. Reaching back with my left hand, I patted her puffy little pussy lips and I felt her moan on the head of my cock and drool slipped from her lips. Her hips began to wiggle as I patted her engorged lips and tired to pull the moist fabric out of her tender slit.

My cock fell from Crystal lips as she moaned and groaned and her hands reached around me to touch her thighs. She was getting off and her little body was trembling. I pulled the twisted fabric out and to the side and looked at her tight little box. Her tight little folds were so well defined against her tight and firm legs and abs. I wrestled her panties down her legs and she helped as best she could by lifting and wiggled her sweet ass. Pushing her left leg to the side, I careful took her meaty lips between my thumb and forefinger and this drove her crazy.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she moaned and her arms wrapped around my waist and she seemed compelled to hug me to her and hold on for dear life. ‘Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she pleaded and spread her knees and thighs wider

“Put my cock, back in your mouth,” I chastised her and she responded immediately by trying to devour me. Her knees and thighs came up and pushed my ass forward and my cock deeper into her mouth. I felt like a rider on a bucking bronco and hung on for the ride, jacking my cock into her pretty mouth as if I was holding onto the reins for an 8 count. I lasted much more than an 8 count but not much more as my diddling got Crystal off in less than 8 seconds and she cried out in pleasure around my cock as she came for the second time.

“”Oh fuck, swallow,” I groaned to her as my own orgasm hit me and I began ejaculating into her mouth, onto her cute nose, cheeks, chin, neck, and tits. Not a real fan of man goo, she feigned and flinched as each stream struck out and hit her with amazing accuracy. “Open your mouth,” I ordered under my breath as my hips bucked forward and I wanted to feel her tongue and lips on me one more time. She hesitated a second and then sensing no more eruptions, took me back into her mouth. She seemed intent on getting it all into her mouth and I helped her by cupping the back of her neck and pulling her to me. Her face buried into my crotch and though she couldn’t take me all in hard, she could deep throat all of me as I softened coming down from my orgasm.

Spent, I allowed her head to come of my cock and felt my cock stiffen slightly from her extra oral ministrations. I looked down at her and smiled and I think she was worried about what I was going to say afterwards. My smile seemed to set her at ease and I said “Wow.

She giggled and moved to get out from under me. I got up off her and helped her to her feet. She was silent and I think she was waiting for me to say something. I can honestly tell you for once in my life I was speechless but decided to play her so more and ran from my room screaming, “I’m telling, I’m telling.” I got as far as the hallway outside my room and stopped laughing; knowing Crystal was a step behind me with a sick look on her face.

“Ha, ha, you should see the look on your face,” I kidded and poked at her. My shorts had fallen back in place so I was dressed fine for even outside. But Crystal in her haste to catch me was still bottomless, with her disheveled half shirt.

“You prick that’s not funny, no one can ever know, EVER,” she warned, poking her finger back at me. Poking back, I poked at her still stiff nipples as they hid behind the shirt.

Noticing her shirt message, “My Boyfriend’s Out Of Town”, I asked, “Does your boyfriend know you like to suck dick?” She was disarmed because she didn’t know initially what I was referring to. She looked down at her shirt and smiled.

“You’ve got to swear to me, you’ll never tell anyone,” Crystal said now, shifting gears from ordering me to pleading for me to be serious for a moment to quell her fears. Looking down at her smoking little body and shaven twat had me hard again and I wanted to fuck her.

“Sure.” I said and added, “If.” My eyes looked her up and down and stopped on her young snatch. Her eyes followed mine and when she realized what she thought I was referring to she balked.

“Oh no,” she started to exclaim; she had bent in our sexual negotiations once but she wasn’t bending again.

‘Oh yes,” I countered and didn’t wait for her to equivocate. Bull rushing her, I picked her up at the waist and threw her on my shoulders and carried her back into my room. She let out an excited squeal that said even though she was going to protest she wasn’t against it. I smacked her on the ass as I took her back to the side of my bed. Once there I thought about setting her down but realized she wasn’t very heavy and decided on another plan of attack. Swirling her in my arms again, I put her and I in a standing 69 position, this time she didn’t fight me but instead knew what was going to happen next. I don’t know who buried whose face first in the others crotch but it happened with the same intensity and gusto. Burying my face in her sweet, moist quim was like heaven and got instant results as Crystal ground her hips into my face as much as she possibly could from her position. Below, she pulled my shorts aside and pulled my cock out. Her mouth began moistening it with long licks up and down my shaft.

Crystal legs wrapped around my head and she hung almost effortless, tonguing and mouthing my now rigid cock. I returned the favor by licking and sucking on her puffy pussy lips and hardened clit. I could hear her moans of pleasure as she began sucking and stroking my cock.

Feeling myself ready to cum and as much as I hated to stop Crystal from licking and sucking my engorged cock and balls, I stopped her and flipped her onto her back on my bed. She rolled around and using her hands to fix her hair, looked at me to see what I had planned. She had a devilish smile on her face as she allowed me to grab her wrist and pull her to me. She bit her lip and gave me a perfect ‘fuck me’ smile as I turned her onto her stomach and pulled her hips to me.

‘Ahhha,” she cooed as she knew what was next. If she had any hesitation or apprehension about screwing her brother, she didn’t show it as she lowered her chest to my bed sheets and tuck her ass in the air. Her hands were beneath her and she moved her right hand underneath and between her legs to split her tight little pussy lips. Seeing this naughty little display made my cock twitch and I was ready to fuck her silly and I slapped her ass cheek hard.

“Ooohh,” she moaned and her left hand pulled on her left ass cheek and split her backside wider for my viewing and fucking pleasure.

‘What do you want?” I teasingly asked and Crystal laughed and sighed. She was wet from our foreplay and my tongue and now wanted me to screw her. Since she didn’t answer, I asked again.

“Awww,” Crystal moaned and preened. She was looking over her shoulder at me and gave me a hurt little pout.

“Tell me what you want?” I ordered this time smacking her playfully on her left cheek. My hand slipped and came down on her asshole and engorged pussy lips. Thinking I might have cracked her too hard and looked at her eyes for a reaction.

“Oohh,” she groaned and a surprised smile came on her face. Her asshole tightened and relaxed and her hips rolled downward and then back upward.

‘”Say it” I said, knowing she liked my rough smack.

“Fuck me,” she whispered as her left hand re-gripped her left ass cheek and her right fingers played with her moist lips and clit. “What?” I kidded and cupped my right hand to my ear. She laughed at me and said it a little louder but barely.

‘Aaaa,” I teased her, pretending to be an old man and hard of hearing.

‘Oh please fuck me,” she kidded back and took her left index finger and placed it in her mouth.

I didn’t make her ask again, taking my cock in my right hand, I pointed towards her wonderfully pink little hole and inserted an agonizing inch. She was really tight and I wanted her to feel every inch on me. She leaned away and as my cock sank, backed up on it.

“Ahhh.” She groaned as she felt my rod stretching her wet lips wider and her muscles relaxed and tightened around it. Applying a little pressure, my cock sank another inch and she blew through her lips as she tried to take more. “Oh fuck,” she moaned as soft as a whisper and I think she came or spasmed as she stopped rubbing her clit and tightened up.

“Oh god,” she groaned, “It feels so good”. Her eyes were closed now and her mouth hung open as pushed back on my cock. Her words came breathlessly and she moaned with every movement. She did something wonderful and it caught me by surprise. Her right hand, which was rubbing and playing with her clit and pussy lips, moved further under her so that she was massaging my nads. Here left hand came up beside us and she clutched my hip as if to keep me from pulling out and leaving her wanton. ‘Oh please fuck me,” she repeated now as she was getting off on my hard cock and her wrist sliding against her clit as she cupped and massaged me.

The sight of her was too much. She was moaning and groaning and pushing back against me trying to take me deeper and hold me there. I was getting off too and knew her small fingers fondling my cock were going to make me boil over. In animal lust, I began banging at her backside with fervor now. I held her hips and humped at her pussy with abandon as she stuck her ass in the air and begged for more. I wanted to see her face so I grabbed at her ponytail and pulled her head back to me. She groaned as I pulled too roughly but was so much in the throes of passion she didn’t fight me and I pulled her face to the side and kissed her. She moaned her appreciation and began to cum on my cock.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she repeated and her hips wiggled and spasmed as she came. She breathlessly kissed me back as my orgasm hit me and I began unloading my warm whiteness in her sweet little pussy and on her ass and asshole as I slipped out and fell onto her back as we collapsed to the bed sheets. We lay there for about five minutes, though it felt like hours. She had a content smile on her face as she sat up and tried to find her panties. She gave up finding them and stood up to go. She reached my door when I called to her. She looked over her shoulder with a priceless expression. Her body glistening with sex sweat and her tight butt clenched as she smiled like the cat that ate the canary.

“Oh were you looking for this?” I asked incredulously as if I finally understood her and winked. Reaching under my pillow lying next to the area we had just screwed, I pulled out her ‘dance leotard’ and flipped it to her.