Our Shared Bathroom

Chapter 01

My sister, Jen, was a real bombshell. As soon as she hit puberty her body began to blossom out like the most beautiful flower emerging from a bud. Here and there her body had lengthened, in other places she narrowed down, and in still others, well, let’s just say she had rounded out perfectly. She is now eighteen, two years younger than me. I find her to be one of the most awesome girls I know.

You see, it’s not just that she is shapely. A statue can be shapely, so can the subject of a painting, but neither is alluring in the way she is. She brings feminine beauty to life. She is a girl, all girl, from the tip of her small, button nose to the ends of her delicate, painted toes. She wears her dark brown hair long and straight, usually past her shoulders because she can never keep an appointment at the salon. Her eyes are large and lucid, a deep blue color. She tosses her hair and uses her eyes constantly in her conversation in such a way that you immediately think of her as cute and fun, someone who is really alive. She also has a veil of freckles that lightly dust her face and shoulders, and a little bit on the top of her chest. She’s a t-shirt and blue jeans girl, though she has a great sense of style and always looks great. She knows how to dress to look hot, yet she does it in such a way that looks totally natural. She won’t wear low-rise jeans or shirts that show off a lot of navel because she doesn’t need to. She’s got beautiful, cute and sexy coming out of her pores, so she’s never needed to flaunt it.

Jen and I are great friends together as our parents taught us very early to respect and seek to help each other. So we grew up with a feeling of responsibility for each other, and I think that naturally led into a feeling of mutual admiration. We also have really similar personalities as well, optimistic, trusting, a little sarcastic and honest. We have been told a few times that you don’t normally see a healthy relationship like this between a brother and a sister, so we are pretty proud of our relationship and do what we can to stay as friends.

This bond was a great help to us both when our family moved into our current house. The good part of it was that we would both have larger bedrooms and a nicer backyard. The weird thing about it was that Jen and I had to share a bathroom between our two bedrooms. Both of our bedrooms has a door to enter the bathroom, and the doors didn’t lock so we were careful to knock and make sure the bathroom wasn’t being used. At one time our parents were going to put in new door knobs, but knowing money was tight and things were working out fine, we talked them out of it. It wasn’t that we’d never accidentally walked in on each other, we had, but because of our friendship, we made light of it and never let it bother us.

I mean, what else can you do? It wasn’t a big deal to either of us because we trusted each other. After walking in on each other the first few times we started making jokes about it, and after a while neither of us kept much of a guard up. We’d talked about it and agreed that it was the most embarrassing to walk in when the other one of us was on the toilet, so whenever that happened we would joke about it the most. If I walked in while she was peeing, I’d make a joke that I thought I had heard a snake hissing in here. If she walked in on me, she’d make a quip about making sure my target practice was coming along well. They were silly little jokes, but it helped us make the best out of a not-so perfect arrangement.

As far as nudity went, we had both agreed that if we walked in on the other to just look away, do what you need to do and give them their privacy. We both agreed that seeing each other in towels was fine, so that became a standard each morning when we both had to use the bathroom to get ready. It was actually nice to be able to be open like this with someone else, to let your guard down and be honest about your humanity. We both really appreciated being able to feel comfortable around each other.

That being said, we were both still young and sexually mature adults. I described how beautiful she is, and this was never lost on me. Trust me, I fully appreciated her femininity! Yeah, I am her brother, but there is a side to each man that doesn’t care much who the body belongs to as long as it’s hot. And Jen is hot! She’s about 5’6″, so she’s a few inches shorter than me, and she’s got nice long legs that are toned from exercising. I couldn’t tell you what her bra size is, since I never could understand them, but they were more than a handful each. She’s got a nice narrow waist and a healthy, full butt that makes every pair of jeans look expensive.

So I certainly had my fill of stimulation with her around, but managed to tame it. See, there’s a big difference between blind lust and affection, and having her friendship was of prime importance to me. So I did my best to respect her and treat her like the lady she is. And in return, I know she trusts me and feels free around me when we’re together.

Now, it’s a well known scientific principle that an object in motion will remain in motion forever unless it is affected by another object. Well, in this case our relationship as purely brother and sister is the first object. The second object that changes the course of our relationship was a navy-blue dress.

We had both been invited to her high school dance, she as a senior with a friend from her class as her date, me as the date of Michelle, another senior in Jen’s class. We were both really looking forward to it because it was going to be a more formal dance, so everyone had to really dress up nicely. I was in the middle of my shower when I heard her knock and I hollered that she could come in.

I heard the door open and Jen said, “Thanks Mark. I have to pee and get my dress on right.” There was a moment’s pause as I assumed she was getting on the toilet. A second later I knew I was right as the sound of her urinating didn’t quite blend in with the sound of my shower. She off-handedly asked, “So are you looking forward to tonight?”

“Oh yeah.” I said. “As long as the music this year is better, it should be really fun.”

“I know! Last year the music sucked!” She said, and I heard her lower the toilet lid. “But this year since I was on the planning committee, I was able to make sure they have a good mix.”

“Yeah, as long as they play something for everybody, I think you’ll have one heck of a good dance” I remarked, shutting off the shower and slipping my arm out of the curtain to grab my towel and pull it in.

She giggled. “You’re pretty enthusiastic tonight! You’re just excited because you get to dance with Michelle again.”

I grinned to myself as I dried myself off. She was probably right. Michelle and I had been dating each other through high school and it was always a highlight when we got to dance together. I wrapped the towel around my waist and pulled the curtain back to step out.

Jen was at the sink putting makeup on. She already had her dress on, but it was unzipped in the back. The dress was a gorgeous shade of navy blue, made out of a soft, sheer material that caused the dress to shimmer and change shades as she moved. The dress was strapless, and she appeared to be holding it up by keeping her elbows close to her body. I admired the strip of bare skin I could see of her back where the dress wasn’t zipped. It started at the base of her neck (her hair was pulled up and styled for the evening) and ended just above the small of her back.

I came over to the sink and started combing my hair. We continued to chat about the evening and all the work she had helped do to pull everything together. I started teasing her about James, her date, who was a nice guy but a little shy. He was an okay athlete, but really preferred shop classes and the really mechanical stuff. I always teased her by saying she was dating him just because she doesn’t trust the ’89 Buick she drives.

“So Is James going to treat you properly tonight?” I pestered, acting protective. She grinned and slapped my shoulder.

“Yes, he is! And are you going to be a gentleman for Michelle?” she countered.

“Why, of course, Madame.” I said in my best gentleman’s accent. She laughed.

Seeing I was done getting myself ready, she asked me to zip her up. I stepped behind her and as I tried to grip that tiny little zipper pull with my damp fingers, she continued to talk about James and how she did hope he’d kiss her when he dropped her off after the dance. I began pulling the zipper up and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. It made sense, of course, but for some reason it really turned me on to know she wasn’t wearing a bra and the dress I was zipping up was her only cover. It was a thought to have and my body reacted to it accordingly and my penis began to swell and stiffen. The zipper stuck below her shoulder blades and I took my other hand from holding my towel to pull the ends of her dress together. As I did this, I remarked, “Hey, this dress isn’t going to show off a lot of cleavage is it? I don’t want James looking under your hood, you know.”

She grinned and said, “Yeah, I know. It’s a little low, but I don’t think it’s too bad. See?” With that, she bent over to lean over the sink so I could see how much of her chest showed in the mirror. However, as she did this my hands were both still trying to get the zipper up, so I lost my grip, and her butt pushed up against my groin. My dick was still very erect, and because she had put her hands on the sink and her arms were not holding the dress against her, the front of her dress flopped down and exposed her naked breasts to us both. There was a split second pause as we realized what just happened and I heard her gasp. My first thought was that I had just messed up by not zipping her up, so I was reaching down around her to grab the sides of her dress to pull it up. At the same time, she was straightening up to get her butt off my erection and also trying to grab at her dress. I ended up getting her shoulder in my jaw as she stood and I reached, but she got her dress up. She immediately turned around to see if she had hurt me and I said I was fine. Seconds later we began laughing.

“Um, I think that’s a little TOO much cleavage!” I said, laughing.

She bit her lip, feigning anger and lightly punched me in the arm, saying, “Well yeah! Now zip me up!”

She turned around again and this time I concentrated and got it up. She turned around giggling.

“Well at least I know you think I look good!” she said and grinned playfully.

I blushed and said, “Sorry about that, but you do look good.” I was blushing.

“That’s okay. I’ll take it as a compliment!” she said. She thought of something and giggled again. “Do you mean in my dress or out of it?”

That earned her a playful swat on the butt from me. We both laughed.

So we went back to getting ready, and both of us mutually ignored the lump in the front of my towel. I was so relieved we understood each other, because it helped me feel like less of a dick at that moment.

In the end, the dance went really well. Michelle and I danced until our feet hurt and I had a lot of fun catching up with friends I knew when I was a student there. Jen and James seemed to have a good time too, because they danced almost as long as us and Jen’s face reflected that she as having a good time. James seemed a little more nervous than usual, and I could understand why. Jen looked really good that night. But I later found out that Jen’s wish had been granted because James did work up the nerve to kiss her when he brought her home that night.

A few days later I was in the bathroom shaving with my electric razor when Jen knocked on the door. I let her in and gave her space at the sink to finish fixing her hair. She chatted with me as she brushed her hair and then used some hairspray to smooth out any frizz.

The next thing I knew, she backed up and “bumped” her butt against my groin, holding it there for just a second as she tossed her hair over her shoulder to grin at me. “I guess my outfit isn’t as special today.” she said, sticking her lower lip out to pretend to sulk as she stepped forward. She broke out in a laugh, seeing my perplexed look. “I’m just teasing you, silly!” she said.

I gave her a wry smile and said, “Well, if you checked it again now, you’d probably think you were Miss America. You just gave me a really big buzz.” I shifted uncomfortably in my jeans.

She giggled again, gave me a demure look and said, “Well, I am glad to know I’ve still got it!” She batted her eyes at me and pranced back to her room.

It continued on like this for some time. She saw it as a playful game, a way to tease me a little bit. It always came when I wasn’t expecting it, too, because she’d go for days on end without playing her little “bumping” game. What I realized was that she was actually breaking down another barrier, making it more natural to “touch”. What was surprising to me was the obvious sexual nature of her little game. But knowing her as I did, I understood that she probably didn’t see it that way and was just playing around with me.

It didn’t really trouble me until one day. I had had a lousy day at work as I had missed a deadline and been chewed out for it by my boss. I had a splitting headache most of the day and had to skip lunch to get my project caught up, which made me pretty irritable. Then it rained and I didn’t have an umbrella to cover me for the long walk through the company’s parking lot to my car, so I was pretty wet when I got home.

I got into the bathroom and took a nice, warm shower to loosen up. Jen knocked on the door and came in to pee, having just come back from shopping with our mother. I had finished my shower and had dried off, so I waited for her to close the lid before I stepped out. She was washing her hands at the sink and I came over and waited so I could grab my comb. Well, the next thing I knew, she turned the water off and backed up against me, putting her hands on the towel on my hips and putting her butt up against my groin.

“Just wanted to check if you like my new socks” she said.

I really wasn’t in the mood. I backed off and scolded her, saying, “Jen, knock it off, at least for today okay? This really bugs me.”

She was surprised. She looked like she was trying to think of something to say. Finally she asked, “What’s wrong? I didn’t know this bothered you.”

I sighed. “I’m sorry, I had a really rough day at work.” I went on to tell her about the missed deadline, my boss, lunch, the rain, my headache, and so on. I pretty much whined the whole time. But Jen’s great. She just listened and empathized the whole time.

Finally, when she had finished encouraging me, she said, “But I want to make sure I know what I did wrong. Why did I bother you when I bumped into you?” She asked, honestly.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to explain. It’s just that, I know you are just playing around, but you are really beautiful , you know? And if you weren’t my sister, you’d be at the top of my list of girls I’d want to get to know. I’m a guy too though, so when you do that to me, I can’t help but get turned on. And you don’t just get me turned on where I can relax in a few minutes, I stay hard for almost a half hour. Normally it’s okay, because I can try to ignore it and move on, but today I’m tired and it just adds one more frustration to my day.” I said.

She was a little taken aback and thought about what I had said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it made you that uncomfortable.” She apologized.

“It’s okay. Normally I really like it, it kind of makes my day. But today, I’m just so wiped out that I just wanted to relax, and then you went and turned me on.”

We both looked at each other and smiled kindly. She sighed. “My poor big brother.” She said. Then she grinned. “I’ll tell you what. If you want, you can bump up against me, to pay me back. Would that be a nice way to help you relax?”

“What?” I said, a bit shocked. “Well…I don’t know…” I stammered.

She smiled and turned to face the sink, put her hands on the counter and looked back at me. “If it will help you relax, I’m willing to help you.”

This was a strange situation. However, my dick was now even more erect than when this conversation had begun and she really looked good. She was wearing a thigh-length loose purple skirt and matching black top. She had bent over and her legs were spread a bit so she could stay like that comfortably. She looked hot.

I slowly approached her. She smiled and nodded for me to put my hands on her waist and when I paused for a second to reconsider, she looked at me in the mirror and said, “Go ahead. Really, it’s okay.” So I went ahead and pressed my dick up against her butt. But I was still worried, because I wasn’t exactly sure what she was thinking I would do.

“Were you thinking I would just rub against you?” I asked.

“Mark, just do whatever you need to do to relax. It’s a little weird for me too, but I think I owe it to you.” she said.

What I needed was to cum. I slowly began to rub my dick up and down her butt. It was a little awkward in the towel, but I really didn’t care much. All I could think about was how terrible the day had been but that this was like a dream come true. Jen was asking me to rub myself against her. I gazed down at her butt and admired her womanly curves. I felt the warmth of the flesh where my hands held her waist. My dick was just basking in being able to rub between her butt cheeks.

But it wasn’t all perfect. The towel was beginning to rub me raw. “I think that was enough. The towel is starting to hurt.” I told her.

She grinned at me playfully. “Just take off the towel. I won’t look” She said. And the thing that drove me nuts was that she was just being her innocent, helpful self! To any other woman, I would have taken that to mean that she was horny, wanted me, blah, blah, blah. But Jen just wanted me to be happy and truly didn’t mind.

“But what about your skirt?” I asked.

Her eyes widened as she realized what I meant. “Oh, you’re right!” She said. “Well, go ahead and take of your towel, and you can rub against my underwear. This is an old pair.” she offered.

I was nearly trembling as I undid my towel and saw her lift up the back of her skirt to give me access to her panties. This was wild. We had never, ever done anything like this! I knew it really wasn’t right, but it was okay with her and I really wanted to do it, so I stepped forward again, took hold of her waist and placed my bare penis against her panties.

I cannot explain just how good it felt. Her butt felt so perfectly warm, and the material of her panties was so soft that I felt like I was in heaven now. I began to slide my dick up and down her crack and soon my pre-cum had smeared up and down her panties, allowing me to slide more easily than before. I moved my hands to her hips and pushed harder against her butt, forcing my dick into her crack to run along that fleshy channel. I began to loose my higher reasoning ability as my body took over and then next thing I knew, I was rubbing my dick lower down than before, trying to feel the dip of her anus. I was pushing myself under her more, making her spread her legs farther to accommodate me. Soon I could even feel the soft flesh of her vulva with the base of my shaft and I pressed harder to work my shaft into those folds of skin. I rubbed against her harder and harder, now kneading the sides of her butt with my hands as I felt my body sweating from the excitement.


Something happened to her panties. They had ripped. How did that happen?

I had stopped thrusting, realizing that her panties were now loose. I looked at her face in the mirror for the first time in minutes and realized how rosy it was. She was breathing hard and droplets of sweat were on her forehead. She barely made eye contact with me, she just reached back to her panties with a hand. I pulled away, expecting it all to be over, but she just said, “Sorry, they had a rip in the crotch, you must have torn it the rest of the way.” then, “Go ahead, you can go under them.”

My head was reeling. This was too much! But again, my higher reasoning was our of commission right now, and I just used one hand to slide the back of her panties up and laid my penis against her bare flesh.

I felt dizzy. I started to slide my penis up and down her crack. She was sopping wet from sweat and my groin slid easily against her butt. I gripped her butt with both hands again and began making longer strokes, sliding my penis between her butt cheeks. I felt her spread her legs and shift her hips to push her pussy forward, so I began sliding myself against her lower and lower until I felt my shaft sliding between the slick folds of her cunt and the head of my dick caressing her anus. She shifted even more, encouraging me to go even lower, so I did and began sliding all of my penis through the very folds of her wet vulva. I rubbed my shaft against her clit and found myself sliding the head of my penis right across the entrance of her vagina.

Her body began to tremble and I felt my balls tingling as they began to tighten. Jen began to shake, her legs quivering and I felt her pussy grow even wetter and hotter than before. I heard her moan and that did it, my body tensed up like a coiled spring and then suddenly unleashed myself upon her, squirting ropes of cum all over her pussy, getting caught by the top of her panties and cascading down to pour from her pussy and run down her legs. I held her tight as my body convulsed and felt my dick squishing against her wet cunt. After my body shot the final rope of cum and I began to relax my hold on her, Jen picked her head up from the counter, throwing her hair across her back and taking a deep breath and gasp.

When I had finally regained my sensed, I gently let go of her body and stepped back to give her room. What a mess I had made of her! Her hair was wet with sweat and clinging together in strands, her skirt was pulled up over her back, her cum-soaked panties hung over her butt like a banner, and cum dripped from between her legs into several small puddles on the floor.

After a few moments, and several breaths to compose herself, she asked me to go to my bedroom so she could clean up. I covered myself with my towel and returned to my room. My head reeled with what had just happened. I flopped down on my bed, exhausted. I tried thinking about what all of that meant, but only succeeded in putting myself to sleep.

Several minutes later, Jen came into the room. Although I couldn’t see it, she smiled. Things had become more intimate than she was expecting, but there I was, sound asleep. That was her goal the whole time. She knew we’d have to talk about this tomorrow, but for tonight she covered me with a blanket, turned out the light and closed the door after her.

Chapter 02

I could not believe how relaxed I was. I was in the shower, letting the hot water stream over my chest. I had just woken up maybe ten minutes ago. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to dwell on the images from last night that were stuck in my mind. It felt like I had had a great dream, but those usually come with a sense of disappointment when you awake to find they were not real. But these images were not from a dream but straight out of my memory.

My penis slowly began to swell as I remembered my sister, Jen, inviting me to rub myself against her butt. It was her cute way of apologizing for teasing me for weeks by “accidentally” bumping her butt against my groin anytime I didn’t expect it. It was just a game to her, and I knew it, so I had felt very strange as I took her up on her offer. We both became more than a little turned on and it progressed to where she encouraged me to drop my towel and rub myself against her panties totally nude. If that wasn’t enough, I ended up grinding against her so heavily that the crotch of her panties tore from the strain. Instead of asking me to stop when her panties tore, she just asked me to get under them and rub myself against her uncovered pussy.

I moved back to allow the streams from the shower to pour unhindered against my fully erect penis as I dwelled on the feel of her bare flesh squishing aside as my dick has mashed against her body. The warm, soft, slick folds of her cunt lips had aroused me to the point where I had lost all control and I ended up blasting her with my ejaculation. I could distinctly remember the sound of my cum splashing on the floor as it dripped in gobs from between her legs.

I finished my shower and took in a deep breath of air, letting it slowly out of my lungs to calm myself down again. I really loved my sister and trusted her more than anybody else. I could neither believe she had turned me on so much, nor that we had been so intimate; but I was not worried. I knew Jen trusted me too as her protective, big brother. But we would certainly have something to joke about later!

Anyway, what she had done last night had worked. All the frustration she had build up in me with her little game had vanished. I was totally satisfied now and I really adored her for being so open and intimate with me. Furthermore, after the tough day I had at work yesterday, she had completely rejuvenated me and changed my mood. I was feeling fantastic! My body was relaxed, my mind was at ease and my spirit was cheerful and optimistic.

I returned to my room and got dressed for the day. This was finally the weekend, so I didn’t need to worry about work. Jen had an indoor soccer game today through the club she had joined around noon. I was planning on attending, as I normally did to cheer her and her team on.

I went down to the kitchen and joined my dad at the table. He was reading the newspaper while my mom and Jen were busy mixing batter and cooking fresh waffles together. I poured myself some juice and exchanged good mornings with everyone. My dad and I chatted for a little while about work and I shared my day yesterday with him as he listened. He sympathized and shared similar frustrations of his own about work.

“Fortunately, I have your mother here to help cheer me up and keep me encouraged.” He said, smiling over at her. She smiled back at him, pleased.

Jen looked back at me cheerfully and I said, “Yeah, Jen let me vent for a while last night too. She helped cheer me up. I guess she gets that from you mom.” Jen’s smile beamed at me and she turned back around to tend the waffle iron.

Mom smiled proudly at Jen and said, “Well, I could only hope I’m partly responsible for what a fine, young woman she has become!”

Mom cracked another egg to add to the fresh batch of batter she was preparing, but the egg cracked unevenly and the liquid dribbled down her hand as she hurriedly moved to pour it into the mixing bowl.

“Yuck. I’ve always hated the feel of egg whites.” She said to Jen. “I can’t stand the sticky feeling of mucous!”

Jen giggled at her. “Oh mom!” She handed her the dishrag. “I guess that’s one difference between us. I don’t mind that feeling at all. I guess I just have a stronger stomach!”

Nobody in the room noticed, but I had to shift in my seat as I grew a slight erection at that last discussion. At least I knew Jen wasn’t grossed out last night when I blew my load on her. It’s kind of humbling letting someone else come in contact with something as personal as body fluids. Peeing into a cup at the doctor’s office and giving that cup, still warm, to a nurse is humbling. In this case, letting my sister touch my semen felt the same way, but understandably a bit more thrilling.

I quickly drowned my thoughts with more juice and breakfast was finally served. We ate and talked about our plans for the day over bites of homemade waffles and just enjoyed the feeling of togetherness. Jen was obviously excited about her game and the train of conversation always made it’s way to her team and her love of the sport. We were all really excited for her as she had overcome an injury to her leg two years that would have made it hard to recover from. But she was determined to recover and she did with such strength and dedication that she became one of the starters of her team and a local favorite. But her girlish nervousness still showed and we were pleased to be able to continue to encourage her and believe in her team and her abilities.

We finished breakfast and mom and dad got ready to leave to spend the day with two friends of theirs from school. I cleared the table and got the dishes done while Jen went back to her room to gear up for her game. When she was ready, we went out to my car. She threw her bag in the back and hopped into the passenger seat, buckling her womanly frame in and reaching back to pull her hair into a ponytail, tying it back with an elastic band.

Jen looked great. She looked hot. Girls seem to get turned on by a man in uniform, but I don’t think it is unique to their gender. Seeing Jen in her team uniform was always a nice treat for me as a guy. Her blue and yellow jersey draped nicely over the curves of her chest. Her black shorts fit tight around her waist and loosely flowed over her strong, tan thighs. I watched her strap on her shin guards and slide her long, black socks up her legs. Even the mixture of aggression in the soles of her indoor cleats with the girlish style of the shoe itself gave her an impressive air of strength and beauty. Not to mention the alluring sports bra I knew she had on underneath, the article that admits femininity, but enables her to keep it at bay.

Her team was called “Hellcats” and although they weren’t particularly as vicious as the name sounds, they were a good team and very determined. Jen chatted as we drove about the other team’s defense and how tough it would be to get through some of their players, but that they had been practicing some new moves to throw them off. A little bit later she had relaxed a bit and sat silent, enjoying the drive.

“So did I really make you feel better yesterday?” She asked.

I smiled. “Yeah, that wasn’t a joke. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a while. You really helped me out.” I told her.

She grinned and giggled, pulling one knee up to her chest and wrapping her arms around it. “Good. I really felt bad when I realized how you were feeling. I’m glad I could help you calm down.”

A moment passed and I asked her, “Did you feel kind of weird about it?”

She thought. “Yeah, of course. But we’re brother and sister, you know?” She laughed. “Come on, we’ve seen each other on the toilet I don’t even know how many times!”

I laughed. “Yeah, that’s true.” I admitted.

We arrived at the arena and she hopped out to meet up with her teammates in the locker room. I got a good seat in the bleachers where I could watch the game from above the walls of the court.

This would be a great game to watch, and I was glad I could be there to cheer my sister on. Jen plays halfback, so she has to put in a lot of energy to support the offensive and defensive lines. Jen’s team had great teamwork and spirit and worked together like a machine. They had even gone so far as to grow their hair out long so they could all wear their hair back in a ponytail.

The game was close! The Hellcats were trailing in the first half by one, but Jen’s best friend, Tracey, scored a goal at the end of the first half and brought it to a tie. Jen and Sandra, a cute redhead who played on the front line, nearly tackled Tracey in celebration. The team cheered and Jen slapped Tracey’s butt as they all got into their positions again as the referee placed the ball down for the other team to start.

The Hellcats were a fun team to watch because they were serious and went all out. Sandra, the redhead, and a cute blonde girl from the other team both went for a stray pass and collided, but Sandra got her foot on the ball first to kick it to Jen. Jen, who had been coming up from behind, kicked the ball up and off of the wall, leaped over the tangled pair and made it over in time to make a good thigh trap and then send it across to Tracey. Tracey trapped the pass with her chest and caught the defense completely in shambles, easily slamming the ball into a corner of the net for another goal. The crowd went wild as everyone recognized the teamwork displayed and the girls down below cheered each other on, faces beaming.

When the dust had cleared, the Hellcats won by one point. Their teammates on the bench ran into the court and they all crowded together in a big team embrace, laughing, cheering, slapping each other’s asses and exchanging high-fives all around. The crowd was ecstatic and the team left the court to loud applause. I sat around and talked to the other family and friends of the team, all of us thrilled at the intensity of the game.

About twenty minutes later Jen found me and practically leaped into my arms with happiness. I took her bag from her and slapped her butt causing her to giggle and slap me back on the shoulder. We got into the car and headed home. Jen was quite a sight with her hair damp and frizzy, her uniform unkempt and one sock halfway down. To my delight, she stripped her jersey off to let the air coming in the windows cool her off. Her gray sports bra was marked with her sweat, causing it to relax its pull on her breasts and allow them some freedom to move. She grinned at me, happily, then leaned her head back and closed her eyes to enjoy the wind.

We got home and I carried her bag to her room for her. I went into the bathroom to pee as she was taking off her cleats.

“That game was awesome! Did you see Sandra cream that girl?” She called from her bedroom.

“Yeah, the girl’s small, but she really nailed her. Maybe you girls should take up hockey instead.” I teased. I stood over the bowl and began to urinate.

She laughed. “That would rock!” She told me. “Hey, I’m coming in to take a shower before I get sore”. She said, coming in and heading for the sink. Her hands were up, working her hair band loose. She bent over to take off her socks and shin guards and I turned my head to avoid looking at her tight butt, or else risk getting hard.

I finished relieving myself and tucked my dick back in my pants and flushed. I looked over to see Jen standing with her back to me in the middle of stripping her wet sports bra off over her head. She tossed it in the pile of clothes and grabbed her hair pick and began combing it through. This was a treat. Her socks and shin guards were off and she stood firm with her legs apart. Her back was completely bare and she only wore her loose team shorts. I could see glimpses of the sides of her breasts as she combed her hair out, letting it fall down the middle of her back.

“Uh, Jen, can I get to the sink?” I asked.

She turned her head back towards me, realizing she was in my way. “Oh, sorry!” She said, wrapping an arm around her breasts and turning to face the sink to let me through. I came over and began washing my hands, glancing up to watch her in the mirror as she held herself and finished combing her hair with her free hand. She saw me looking and grinned bashfully. “What?” She giggled.

I smiled back, shutting the water off. “Sorry. You look really hot like that.” I told her. I dried off my hands.

She looked herself over in the mirror and admitted, “Yeah, I guess I’m kind of showing off a little huh?”

“Uh, yeah.” I teased. “I haven’t seen that much skin since the night of the dance.”

She smiled. “Well, it is a little unfair, you know. You get to show off your chest all the time and I just have to take it.”

My eyebrows knit together in amusement. “What do you mean? Girls don’t get turned on half as much seeing a guy’s chest as the other way around.”

Jen rolled her blue eyes. “Oh yeah, girls are oblivious to all that!” She teased in a sarcastic voice. “Well I get turned on when I have to see you like that every morning!” She said, poking me in the chest and punctuating it with a quick poke to my ribs where I was ticklish. She giggled as I jumped at her touch.

“Well what then? I’d just assumed you wouldn’t want me to see you like that.” I said, then tickled her on the neck, making her squeal.

“Mark, I don’t care! They’re just my breasts! I’d much rather be allowed to be as proud of them in front of you as you are with your chest.” She said.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t quite believe her.

“Okay,” I said, backing off, “I’m fine with it if you are. But we’re still not walking around naked in front of each other, are we?”

She laughed and the tops of her breasts jiggling as she continued to cover them.

“No!” She said. Her eyes twinkled as she continued, “Unless I really get into a mood!”

We laughed and I shook my head, not believing her candor today. The game had really put her in a good mood. I left the bathroom and gave her the privacy to enjoy her shower and began working on an assignment from work on my computer.

In the back of my mind I heard the water from the shower stop. A few minutes later, Jen knocked on my door. I got up from my desk and grabbed the door handle and pulled it open.

The sight that lay before me was nearly surreal in its beauty. Jen stood there in the doorway. The light from the bathroom was shimmering through the steam that had filled the bathroom from her shower. Her dark hair hung in damp strands down her shoulders. She was topless, her breasts completely bare to my eyes. Her white towel was wrapped around her waist and her hands rested on her hips. She had a teasing, proud look on her face as she watched my reaction. Beads of water still dripped from her hair and her rosebud-hued nipples began to contract and grow firm from the cool air of my bedroom. She looked at me demurely and raised a hand to casually pull her hair back behind her ear, then rested her hand again on her hip.

“So, are you hard?” She asked.

My heart skipped a beat. “Um, yes. Like a rock.” I told her.

“Good.” She said and smiled. “That’s how you make me feel every morning when I see you like this. Understand?” She asked.

In astonished amusement, I said, “Yep. I think I do!”

“Good.” She said, acting like she had won a trial.

“One thing though.” I said and motioned for her to come in. She walked a few feet into the room, her breasts swaying gently, and I came up to her. “Aren’t you afraid that I might do THIS!?” I said and stuck my fingers under her arms, tickling her.

She screamed and laughed, struggling to get away, her breasts jiggling and bouncing as she pranced and fought to get my hands away. In a flash, she got a hand under my arm and tickled me just as hard, making me loose my grip with an arm. We laughed and wrestled against each other, trying to get the upper hand. Her breasts mashed against my body, leaving wet prints on my shirt. Her hair also slapped against my body once or twice when I got her really good and she swung her head, laughing hard. I went after the sensitive area near the base of her neck, but she got to my ribs and I flailed and nearly threw her backwards toward the bed to get her to stop. She fell back onto the mattress and I reached down to help her up. She surprised me and grabbed my hand and pulled hard, making me lose my balance and tumble onto the sheets as she escaped. I was on my side and she didn’t waste any time tackling me from behind and going at my ribs again. I dimly registered the cold wetness of her hair on my shoulder and her breasts on my back as I tossed and turned to get free. Finally I got her arm and pulled her right over me. She tumbled over in a mass of hair, flesh and towel and I quickly got her pinned.

We lay there, laughing and breathing hard, staring at each other’s faces. Her hips were twisted slightly to the side but her upper body laid flat on the bed. I held one of her arms up beside her head and had the other one pinned between our stomachs.

She giggled. “You’re digging into my hip.” She teased.

I realized she was right, my strong erection was pressed pretty firmly against her. I raised my eyebrows at her and said, “Oh well. Your breasts aren’t exactly hiding from me either.”

She grinned. “You don’t get it Mark. My towel came off.”

“Oh.” I said, “I couldn’t tell through my jeans. I’ll let you go if you promise to behave”

She nodded and I let go of her hands. I moved my body off of her and turned around so she could cover up.

“Hey Mark?” She said.


“I’m really turned on.” she confessed.

I grinned. “Me too.”

“Do you want to do what we did yesterday?” She asked.

“Are you serious? I was really surprised.

“Yeah! Can we?” She said, excitedly.

To answer her, I took off my shirt. She squealed happily and made room under the covers for me. I got under the sheet and got my jeans undone and worked them free, then slid off my socks and briefs. I couldn’t even begin to explain the excitement I felt being under the covers, naked, with my sister.

She smiled at me and turned over onto her stomach and pulled her wet hair to one side. I lifted my leg to climb on top of her and felt a thrilling shock as our naked skin touched. Her body was so smooth and hot. I felt my body hair rub over her hairless skin and realized we both had goose bumps. I got my chest over her back and dropped my dick down on her butt. She giggled and squirmed, moving her butt around and working my dick between her cheeks. I put my arms around hers and held my chest slightly up so she could breathe.

“Oh yeah, I really like this!” Jen said, then pushed her butt against me even more firmly until I was burrowing through her crack. I drew my penis back and slid it forward. Her butt was slippery from sweat and water from her hair and she squeezed herself around me tightly. I drew back again and slid forward, and continued stroking myself against her body.

Jen moaned lightly, smiling as she felt me slipping between her cheeks. She spread her thighs apart more and got her knees under her to raise her hips up. I followed her lead and pulled my knees up under me as well. When I had lifted my upper body off of her back and was now on all fours above her, she lifted her butt all the way up to meet my throbbing dick. Since only her lower body was raised and she still rested her head and chest on the bed below, her pussy was more fully exposed and available to my penis. She pushed firmly against me and I slid my shaft again between her cheeks, feeling my balls come to rest against the wet warmth of her cunt. I stroked myself through her, feeling her squeeze the muscles of her buttocks tight around my shaft.

She moaned again, then looked up at me and said, “Go lower!” and grinned.

I complied and began sliding my dick against her wet cunt. She was definitely even more excited than the night before. Her vulva was nearly sopping wet by now and we both laughed quietly at the sounds we could hear as my penis sloshed through her tender flesh. I pumped and pumped against her, relishing the feel of her body heat. I began to smell the aroma of her body’s cum and it continued to grow steadily, adding to our excitement. I began focusing the head of my penis on the edge of her cunt where I could feel the hard nub of her clit poking through the hood of her cunt lips. Jen gasped and her hands gripped the pillows under her as her thighs began to tremble. I made short strokes against her clit and could feel more fluids seeping down out of her vagina. Her legs began to shake and her hips began to buck as her body dealt with the rush of impulses being sent out from her clit. Her back grew wet with sweat, her face grew red, her fingers tightened their grip on the pillows and her knuckles grew white. I heard her toes crack as she balled them together tightly.

She gave out a sharp cry, then opened her mouth in a silent gasp, then cried again as I stroked her with my shaft. She trembled sharply and gasped again, and I felt more warm fluids pulsing from her womb onto the head of my dick. Her breathing grew more shallow and she started gasping repeatedly, her body shaking, her eyes tightly shut.

I tried swirling the head of my dick around her clit but suddenly began to feel the rush of an orgasm building between my legs. I began to back off and slide once again against the less-stimulating smooth expanse of her crack. That was obviously not what Jen had in mind, because she let out a questioning groan and picked her upper body up to be on all fours, her back once again against my chest. Then, to my complete surprise, she reached her hand under herself and actually grabbed hold of my penis firmly, then slid the head down through her crack into the flesh of her cunt until it sunk into the entrance of her vagina. She released me and thrust her hips back toward my body and impaled her cunt with my penis.

We both let out a cry as my dick popped right through her hymen and passed into her body. Immediately I reached my orgasm and tried to hold it back until every muscle in my body was strained tight and shaking. My jaw clenched and I began to see stars through my closed eyes. I felt my penis swelling with the enormous pressure as my semen began pumping out of my balls and pulsing through my groin only to be held back at the head. I couldn’t hold it any longer and with a loud shout, I released my hold and felt my semen squirting through my shaft and pouring out into her vagina. The initial blast was more of a necessary release, but it was followed then by pulse after pulse of cum that I shot deep into her body. Jen held herself tight against my groin in order to fully and willingly take it all in. I could feel my cum filling up her canal, warmly surrounding my shaft. My balls tightened up from the strain and I groaned again as I felt myself give one final jet of semen to her body. I knew my sperm was now released into her body, rushing through the entrance of her womb to burrow into her egg and fulfill their duty. Jen let out another cry and allowed her upper body to collapse against the bed.

We stayed like that for a while, letting our bodies cool down and rest. Eventually my penis softened and her body squeezed it out. I dismounted her and she dropped her hips down onto the bed as I lay on my back beside her. She rolled over onto her side and put her arm over my chest and we drifted off to sleep together.

An hour later we had both awoke. She smiled brightly at me and thanked me. “I really needed that. That was incredible”. She said.

I smiled back. “Looks like we make as good of a team as the Hellcats, huh?”

She giggled and agreed. She reached down and got her towel and covered her waist and got out of the bed. She smiled at me again. “See you at dinner? I think I’m going to lie down for another nap.” She said. She closed the bathroom door behind her and I was left alone, naked, under the covers, next to a puddle of my cum that had dribbled out of her pussy.

Another nap sounded like a good idea.

Chapter 03

“Eight…nine…ten” I counted to myself and slowly eased the weights back down. I had gone down to the gym in the basement of our house to work out some frustrations from my job. I was just finishing up my leg lifts which were, by far, my least favorite exercise.

Jen was due to join me in probably just a few minutes. She and I normally would work out together twice a week when we had time. She was so focused in her soccer game that she had asked me to help her set up a weight program to build up her strength. So I guess I was her unofficial coach, and as such I was committed to making it to every game of hers I could.

I just sat down at the weight machine and began a shoulder press when Jen came down the stairs. She smiled over at me, pulling her hair up with a band. She walked over to beside where I was sitting to look at the weights and teased, “Fifty? What, are you tired today?”

Truth be told, I was. But what I told her was, “Hey, you gotta have endurance, not just brute strength.”

She smiled and raised an eyebrow and said, “Endurance for what? Me?”

That little punk! Two days ago she had come into my room, bare-chested, and we ended up on my bed with her letting me pump my dick against her butt. We got carried away and ended up having sex, but as soon as I got into her cunt, I blew and came inside her. We had both been really turned on and she had her orgasm with me, but she kept teasing me about how quick it was. As endearing as she was, she was my sister, and she knew just how to try to bug me.

“Whatever, twerp.” I said and kicked at her. She giggled and walked over to the stair climber.

I finished up my set and took it easy for a moment as I watched her program the machine. She started her workout and I continued to enjoy the sight of her tight butt working it’s way left and right as her legs moved. She was wearing tight, red shorts and a white tank top. I could easily see her black sports bra through the back. In fact, as I looked closely, I could even make out her panty lines where the fabric of her shorts stretched tight against her butt cheeks.

I realized I was cooling off too much, so I got up and went over to the mat next to her machine and picked up the jump rope that lay coiled on the corner. I swung it over my head from the back and began the routine of jumping the rope, alternating which foot I used, to get my heart rate up again. Jen and I worked out side by side, as normal, she on the machine and I next to her on the mat. After about five minutes, I was ready to go again and lay the rope down. I lowered myself to the floor and began a series of pushups. I heard Jen giggle above me.

“What?” I asked her, between gulps of air.

“Nothing.” she said, but then admitted, “I was thinking about the other night.”

“Yeah? What about”

She was quiet for a second, then I heard her clear her throat above me and say, “Just about how good it felt. I mean, to be with you like that.”

I stopped my pushups and rolled to my side to look up at her. Her face was more rosy and her hair had begun to cling to her forehead. I loved how messy her hair got when she worked out.

“Yeah?” I said, looking at her face. She was a little nervous but was being honest. “I felt that way too. You know, to be inside you.”

She smiled. “I liked having you inside me too. Like, we’ve always been so close, and then you were in me and it was like we were completely together, and I loved it.” She tossed a lock of hair from her forehead with a subtle twist of her head.

“Jen, that was sweet. Thanks.” I told her.

“Even if we were only together for like two minutes!” She exclaimed and laughed.

“You twerp!” I said, getting up quickly and landing a nice swat on her butt. She screamed happily in protest and swung a hand back to fend me off, but missed, and I got another swat in before she had a chance to stop me.

She quickly got down off the machine to protect her interests, twirling around to face me with a playful fire in her eyes.

“Whoa there, let’s put that energy into your workout, okay?!” I said, quickly taking on my role as her coach. She obeyed and went over to the weight machine, but not before delivering one good poke to my ribs.

She sat down on the seat and I connected the right amount for her to use and pulled the handles for the chest press forward for her to easily grab. She took hold, then began her reps as I stood in front and encouraged her. Really, it was more of a chance for me to check her out and we both knew it. While she was straining to complete a set, I got to watch her full breasts push together as she pushed her arms forward, then pull tighter to her body as she drew her arms back and to the sides of her body.

When she was done with that, I pulled the bar lower for her to grab and she spread her hands to grab onto the ends and began pulling the weights down toward her chest. She had to arch her back on this one, so again, I got to enjoy myself by watching my sister working up a sweat, her muscles tight and firm, and again, her breasts prominently displayed and straining against her sports bra.

Eventually I left her to jump rope for a few more minutes to get my heart rate up so I could finish off my exercise with some of our free weights. I grinned over at her as she began her leg lifts. She smiled in, between gulps of air, then looked back down to focus on her lifting. I began some bicep curls and continued on in my routine.

Eventually she finished up on the machine and came over to join me. I had a weight in each hand and was lifting them with straight arms from the sides of my thighs and out, spreading my arms wide and lifting the weights to shoulder height. She smiled at me as she came over, then turned around, right in front of me, to pick up a dumbbell on the floor. Her cute butt was only about a foot and a half away from my groin and I couldn’t help but grin at her when she stood up and smiled mischievously at me over her shoulder.

She began her own exercises and we worked out side by side for a few more minutes until I finished my sets and began to stretch out and cool down.

“Well, I’d going to head up for a shower.” I said. I pulled my shirt off and wiped the sweat off of my forehead before tossing it over my shoulder.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” she said, “Why do you always grab the shower first when we work out?”

“Because you’re always late for your workout, wuss.” I replied.

“well, not this time!” she said with a grin, then threw her weights down and rushed past me to the stairs. With a shout I clamored after her, grabbing at her waist as I followed her up the stairs. She screamed and laughed and got out into the hallway upstairs and raced thru the living room toward the stairs to the second floor. I was in close pursuit and finally grabbed a handful of her shirt and pulled her backward. I almost made it by her and was on the stairs when I felt her hands on my waist and suddenly she had pulled the back of my shorts and briefs down, exposing my butt. I shouted and she laughed and ran past as I regained my decency. She didn’t make it far though, because I caught her at the top of the stairs and tackled her to the carpet.

She was laughing and gasping and I grabbed the hem of her shirt and yanked it up her back until I could grab the back of her bra. She screamed when she felt me grab the strap, and I pulled one of her hands behind her back and looped her bra strap around her wrist so that her arm was stuck. I stood up and walked a few steps forward, laughing as I watched her struggling to get loose. She got up to her knees, then reached back with her free hand under her shirt and I saw her arm come free. She glared at me with a determined glimmer in her eye and I jogged down the hallway and into my room.

I was determined to make it into the shower first. In just seconds I had thrown off my t-shirt, shorts and socks and made it into the bathroom. However, just as I was closing my door, Jen’s opened and she tore into the bathroom with a big, mischievous grin. She had also stripped down to just her thong, so I was distracted for a second to see her naked breasts hanging there, freely in my view. Her dark, red thong covered her pubic triangle tightly. I had never seen her this close to being completely naked.

She left me little time to think about it though as she sprinted for the shower and ducked in one side of the shower curtain just as I made it in the other. Fortunately for me, I was at the end with the faucet and intended to turn it on and declare myself the winner, but she dug her shoulder unto my ribs and shoved her hand in between mine and the knob. The water came on and splashed around our feet as we fought to get the plunger up to start the shower. I had got my hand on it first, but she was holding it down with hers and trying to get her other hand under mine.

“Mark, wait!” She exclaimed, giggling. “You’re going to soak our underwear!”

Trying to ignore the naked breast she had against my arm, I said, “Oh well, let me know what second place is like!”. With that I stuck my other hand under her slick armpit and tickled her. She squealed and jumped back and I yanked the plunger up. Cold water began streaming out of the showerhead, drenching us both. Jen yelped as the water hit her and she retreated to the end of the tub where only her legs were getting wet. Her nipples were now hardened nubs and she was quick to put an arm across her breasts to keep them warm.

“Looks like I win.” I said.

She raised her eyebrow and said, “I think this looks like a tie.” She held back a shiver as I adjusted the water and it grew warmer.

“Okay,” I conceded, “It’s a tie then. So who gets to use the shower?

She grinned. “What, are you afraid to share the shower with your little sister?”

I looked at her standing there, her dark hair clinging to her shoulders, arm wrapped around her bulging chest, tight stomach and nearly naked pussy.

Daringly, I said, “Well I’m not going to shower with my underwear on.”

She shrugged and said, “Okay, neither will I.”

We looked at each other, a little nervously. We’d never seen each other naked before.

“Okay, um, we’ll share the shower.” I said, absently.

There was a moments hesitation as we looked at each other, both feeling kind of guilty, but way too excited to care much. She looked away first and turned a little to face the shower curtain. I turned toward the wall, and we gave each other a little privacy. I slid my soaking wet briefs down to my feet and picked them up, the water spraying my back. I reached back over my shoulder and pushed around the curtain and dropped them to the floor.

I turned back to face the wall and saw Jen out of the corner of my eye, straightening up and turning her head towards me. Slowly I turned to face my sister, now completely naked. Our eyes met and I suddenly felt a little dizzy as I realized she was naked too. She tried a smile, but it faltered in her nervousness. We both wanted to look down, so I said, “Go ahead.” to give her permission.

She turned her eyes away and looked down and I did the same. My gaze flitted to her bare breasts, her nipples still darker and hard with beads of water clinging to them like dew. But what I really wanted to see was farther down and soon my gaze traveled between her legs.

It is kind of a little adventure to see a girl’s pubic hair for the first time. Jen’s bush was beautiful and caught me by surprise. Her hair was dark brown and had a gentle curl to it. Her hair was trimmed a little from the sides, but otherwise was relatively intact. As my eyes dug deeper, I looked even farther down and could make out the cleft between her legs where the fold of her cunt began. Taken as a whole, she looked awesome. Firm, long legs, joined in the center by her clever bush, tight abs surrounding her bellybutton, her breasts full and pert, nipples pointing at attention under her rounded shoulders capped with the wet strings of her dark hair. I looked back up at her face and appreciated her fully now, seeing my sister’s womanhood in it’s glory.

Her eyes lifted from my crotch and met mine, and for the first time in a few minutes we both smiled at each other.

“This is so weird!” Jen exclaimed. “I can’t believe we’re doing this!” she said.

I had no idea what to say, but I sure did agree with her!

“I keep wanting to cover myself up.” she said, smiling, and making a point of keeping her hands at her sides.

I chuckled. “You think you’re having trouble? I’m trying not to point straight up at the ceiling!” I admitted.

We both laughed at that, and Jen eyed my dick to see if she could tell.

She shrugged and said, “I’m okay with it, Bro, if it makes you more comfortable.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, already feeling the blood rushing down.

She nodded, a little nervously, but trying to look like she was cool with it. So I took in a breath, let myself gaze at her bare nipples, and felt my cock swell up and begin to stiffen. It really only took a moment and I was at full-mast, completely stiff and pointing straight up.

Jen just stood there, staring at it for a few moments. Finally, a bashful smile broke out across her face and she looked up at me with a little bit of a blush in her cheeks. I just grinned back.

“Well, come on and get into the water. I’ve been hogging it up this whole time.” I said. She stepped forward and we both turned sideways so we could get past each other to trade places. Her back was facing me as she stepped over and I tried to give her room, but my dick brushed against her butt and she let out a little giggle.

Now I stood in the end away from the water and watched Jen stand under the jets from the showerhead, allowing the water to pour over her face and chest and stomach as she combed her fingers through her dark hair. My dick throbbed as I watched her buttocks flex as she rocked from one foot to the other and as the sides of her breasts peeked out from under her arms. She turned around to let the water cascade through her hair and wiped the water from her eyes to smile at me again. I got a good, long look at my sister’s tits and tried as hard as I could to memorize her little pussy down below.

“Does it feel weird to you, to see me like this?” Jen asked quietly, reaching her hands back to continue combing her hair out in the water.

“Yeah, it really is weird. I feel like we shouldn’t be in here together.” I answered.

“Me too.” she said. “I feel naughty, letting you see…you know…my pussy.”

I couldn’t help but grin when she said that. She smiled too, knowing she had just said that word for the first time.

“Yeah, me too. But I have to admit that I don’t mind you looking at my dick.” I said. She grinned bashfully and looked down at it again.

Reaching over to the shelf and grabbing her shampoo, she asked, “Isn’t that uncomfortable? How do you walk with that?”

I grinned at her. “Well, yeah, it’s tough to walk around when it’s like this. Especially in jeans. But usually I’d calm down if I needed to.” I told her.

She ran the shampoo through her hair and began rubbing it in and working the lather through. “It’s so strange that we’ve had sex together but this is the first time I’ve seen you naked before.”

Again, I smiled at her. “Jen, it’s okay. Just relax.”

I stepped closer. “Here, turn around and let me do that.” I said. She obeyed and turned to face the water, letting it splash on her chest as I reached up and sank my finders into her soapy hair. I put my fingers on the top of her head and kneaded them through her hair to her scalp and gently massaged her from the front of her head to the back. I moved my fingers forward to the sides of her head and massaged her scalp from her temples down to the nape of her neck. Then I worked more on her hair, combing my fingers through it, working it over until the top of her head was fully lathered. I ran my fingers down through her hair and continued working the shampoo in.

Suddenly, Jen leaned back a little and put her hand on my hip.

I felt her fingers kneading the flesh of my hip and continued to lather up her lush, full hair. I was down to her shoulder blades now, my fingers deep in a handful of her hair and suds. I tried to focus on completing my task when Jen leaned back even more and pushed her butt back against my hard dick. The suds from her hair had been running down her back and my penis slid right in between her cheeks with little effort on both our part. I felt her put her other hand on my other hip and since I couldn’t easily hold onto her hair, I set my soapy hands on her shoulders and gently squeezed her muscles there.

My sister moaned, feeling me massage her, and I felt her buttocks tighten around my cock. She arched her back and drew her butt up a few inches, then slid it back down, allowing my shaft to travel between her cheeks.

By this time, I was just as turned on as I could possibly be. I really didn’t feel like continuing to be teased like this, so I slid my hands down her arms and lifted them, guiding her to reach forward and put them on the wall. She took the hint and leaned forward, ducking her head down so the water splashed across her back as she put her hands against the wall. I slid my hands down her sides and grasped her waist. Jen didn’t bother waiting and spread her legs apart.

Now with my sister under more of my control, I began to take charge and slid my dick down her butt crack and back up. I pumped up and down for a few moments, then pulled down lower to feel more of her body than her crack. I held myself tight as I slid down and felt the hair on my balls tickle a little as it began to touch the soft hair in her cunt. I pressed my balls against her more firmly and heard her moan softly. I figured that was a good sign, so I began to slide myself against her body again, working my balls into her fleshy cunt. I slid them up and down, pushed them against her and rubbed them over her cunt and enjoyed feeling her pushing back with her hips.

“Hey Mark…” Jen said.

“Ungh, yeah?” I grunted.

She was panting. “Do you know where your dick is touching me?” she asked.

To be honest, I was enjoying rubbing my balls through her cunt so much that I hadn’t been paying attention.

Not waiting for me to answer, she said, “You’re rubbing it on my…other hole.”

I slowed my pace. “Oh, sorry…do you want me to stop?” I asked.

She waited a moment, then answered, “No, it’s okay. I just didn’t want you to get grossed out that you’re touching me there.”

“Oh, okay.” I said. I continued rubbing myself against her and now began to recognize what my dick was feeling. While I was grinding my balls against her cunt, the shaft of my dick was pressed firmly against Jen’s anus. It didn’t feel bad, it was just a spot where her crack dipped in and became a little rougher over her hole.

It was a strange sensation, now that I knew what I was doing. I continued to rub my balls against her pussy, but began to press my shaft against her more firmly. I dragged the head of my cock over the entrance and pressed until it dipped slightly in, then continued sliding it further up her crack.

“I guess you don’t mind.” Jen said, breathlessly.

“No, it feels kind of good. I don’t mind it if you don’t.” I said.

She grunted, feeling the head of my cock press against her again. “I don’t mind.” she said.

I continued stimulating myself against her anus. I would slide my shaft down her crack, press my balls against her cunt, then push forward with the tip of my cock until I felt her hole underneath and would press down again, pushing the tip of my cock against her muscle, then slide back up her crack a few inches. I did that a half dozen times until Jen suddenly bent further down and stuck her butt up a little more.

“Keep rubbing me there.” she said.

I obeyed and worked the head of my cock back to her anus and pressed against her. I began to slide myself up and down her crack, but didn’t allow my dick to leave her anus. In her new position, however, it was less easy for me to rub up and down along her crack. To my surprise, she began to moan softly as I stroked her anus with my dick.

“Will you push in a little more?” she asked.

My head began to spin a little bit as I thought about what I was doing. But I obliged her and instead of sliding the head of my cock across her entrance, I pushed it gently forward into it.

Jen moaned.

I pushed a little more, the tip if my head pressing firmly against her sphincter.

“Mark…yes. Push a little more?” she asked, her voice strained.

I pushed my hips further and felt my dick jamming against her sphincter. Suddenly, I felt the pressure giving way and felt my dick pushing into her anus, bit by bit. Her muscle was relaxing, so as it loosened, it stretched around the tip of my cock and began to expand even more to admit the full width of my head, then slowly took in the start of my shaft.

Jen began to let out a deep grunt that sounded almost like a prolonged growl. My cock was now about a little over an inch deep into her body, her sphincter tightly clinging to the shaft at the entrance.

“You okay Jen?” I asked.

“…hmm?….Yes…Please, do it. Just do it Mark. Go in, please.” she panted.

I couldn’t believe this was happening, The water was splashing across her back, dousing my chest with it’s warmth. Jen was bent over before me with her hands stretched out against the wall, her soapy hair hanging in strands beside her head.

I pushed my hips forward even more and felt her body accept more of my shaft, then suddenly I began to sink in deeper without as much effort. In just a moment, my full length pushed up between her butt cheeks until my pubic hair pressed against her crack.

She let out a long sigh or gasp of relief and hung her head down, her chest heaving as she gulped in air.

“Hey, you okay?” I asked.

She giggled, then moved her butt around a little. “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” she said, her voice sounding much stronger.

“Me either.” I admitted.

She giggled again. “Hey Mark, you have your dick up in my butt! Isn’t that so weird?!”

“Um, yeah…” I said, not knowing what else to say. “Does it hurt?”

“A little. It hurt a lot more at first. Now I’m just really turned on with you in there.” she said. “It feels like I have to go, but you’re holding me open, so it just feels like…I can’t explain it.”

“So this actually turns you on?” I asked.

“Yeah!” she said. “Do you want to cum in me there?”

“Oh my gosh, yes!” I said and began pumping my dick in her butt.

Jen giggled and spread her legs a little more and I pushed and pulled my cock in and out of her butt hole. I had my hands on her waist and pushed with my hips until my balls nestled against her cunt, then drew back and shoved myself into her butt again. Jen would attempt to hold me in with her muscle sometimes, and the effect was like that of being milked, feeling my shaft get squeezed as I drew it back as though it would pull my cum right out.

In and out I pumped, her butt cheeks jiggling with my efforts. Jen was grunting and moaning in delight as I jammed my cock into her over, and over. I gripped her butt tightly with my hands and the thought hit me again that I was pumping my dick in and out of my sister’s butt.

Man, that turned me on and I totally lost control after that thought.

Jen felt me jam myself deeper and push harder with each thrust. She clamped down as tight as she could, squeezing my cock with as much strength as she had. It was almost impossible to pull my shaft out, but she relaxed as soon as I began to push so I could slide right back in. I ground my cock as deep as I could get it into her bowels and began thrusting with quick, deep jabs until I felt my balls tingling and a warm sensation begin to envelop my body.

Jen felt me tighten and grinned as my cock burrowed deep into her, then felt my body buck sharply and a blast of hot cum spilled into her body. She took the risk and removed one hand from the wall and stuck it between her legs to stroke furiously at her clit as she felt jet after jet of semen squirt up into her butt. As I came into her, I saw her reaching down to finger herself and felt her fingertips brushing against my balls. I shoved further and she fell forward a little but caught herself with one hand on the rim of the tub. The shower was now spraying all over my head and shoulders and I continued to pump semen into her body. I felt her hand continuing to rub away and she started to shake and convulse. I let out my last stream of cum with a grunt and heard her let out a cry and her hips bucked sharply.

It took a few minutes before either of us could move our bodies again. I slowly pulled my penis out of her anus and it came out with a pop, followed by a slow dribble of my cum. I backed up to give her room, and Jen rose to her knees, stretched out her back, then grabbed the edge of the tub to help herself stand up. She was shaky on her feet for a while, but we were able to rinse out her hair with a little effort. We washed ourselves off in the water, then turned the shower off. I pulled our towels in and we both dried off.

We were both totally exhausted, first from the workout, then from our shower. But Jen was grinning at me and I could do nothing but smile back at her.

We both stepped out of the tub. I wrapped my towel around myself and headed for my room. Jen did the same, but then grabbed a tube of ointment from the medicine cabinet with a smile, then returned to her room.

Chapter 04

It was a beautiful day outside. The sun shone down brightly this afternoon as small, white puffs of clouds lazily drifted by. It was an unusually comfortable day, given that it was not yet springtime, but I would not complain one bit. I was enjoying this respite from the weather and gazing out upon it from the open door of our garage. My dad was busy under the car, working to get the nut loose from the oil pan. I tore my eyes away from the deep, blue sky and went back to where the car stood jacked up and resting on braces.

It had now been several weeks since my sister, Jen, and I had had sex in my bedroom one afternoon after her soccer game. I was still working through the realization that I was no longer a virgin. In fact, she had also now lost her virginity. My virginity was something I had always just come to accept. I was never worried that I would be a virgin forever, but I had just assumed my first time would be when I was older and on my wedding night.

I was glad, though, very glad that it had been with Jen. My sister and I really loved each other and admired each other for so many things. She was the closest friend in my life and it felt so natural to now see her as intimately connected to me. Odd to think that we came from one flesh, our mother, and were now one flesh together. Granted, it had only been momentary. I had ejaculated into her within moments of thrusting into her body, but it had happened nonetheless.

She had confided in me a week ago that she wasn’t pregnant and had started her period. She was so cute, too, with her cheeks red as she blushed while telling me. I could tell that there was a little spark deep inside her that was disappointed, and I adored her for it. She has always loved children. And she was a bit embarrassed to talk to me about her period too, something we never got into the habit of discussion, even though we shared the same bathroom and it was hard for me to ignore the wrappers in the trash can and her alternating moods.

This experience had definitely brought us closer together. The last vestiges of privacy had gently been scrubbed away as we now felt much more free around each other. We had seen each other naked a few days after we had sex, plus we ended up having anal sex in the shower. However, out of respect, we continued to have boundaries. We gave each other privacy and lived day by day as normal. But we began to act more as a couple, complimenting our sibling affection. She had even begun asking for foot rubs after her soccer practices and she returned the favor by tidying up my room every day.

“Mark, can you hand me that rag?” My father said, sliding out from under the car. His name was Richard, the same name my grandfather had.

I grabbed the rag off of the bench and handed it to him as he got up.

“Well, the oil’s draining. We’ve got a few minutes.” he said. He sat down on the shop stool we had in the front corner of the garage and wiped his hands clean.

“Mark, I wanted to talk to you about something.” He said.

“What’s up?” I asked.

He tossed the rag back onto the bench and leaned back a little. “Well, your mother told me today that Jen asked her a few days ago if she could start on birth control.”

I nodded.

“Well, she obviously wanted to know if there was a reason she thought she needed to, other than the obvious, of course.” He cleared his throat. “Well, Jen told her about the two of you, and mom wanted me to talk about this with you.” He glanced at the car. “Is it done draining?”

I stooped down and checked. “Nope, not yet.” I told him.

“Okay. Well, as your father, I’m supposed to come down on you and be angry and threaten you to never do it again. But to be honest, I don’t buy all the bull that people dish out about this kind of thing. You and Jen are brother and sister, but you’re also two adults. You guys know right from wrong and you’re not stupid. You are both responsible and thoughtful and you’ve been taking good care of each other all your lives.”

He kicked at the car tire absently. “A lot of people see sex as the ultimate expression of love. But those people also say that love has to fit inside the tiny box of rules they’ve made up. That’s never made sense to your mother and I. Love happens. Whether you’re ready for it or not. You’re mom and I are married because we love each other and want to live with each other for the rest of our lives. You and Jen love each other as brother and sister. You’re also a guy and a girl and I don’t see anything unnatural that you guys feel comfortable enough with each other to be intimate. It’s a lot safer than fooling around with people you hardly know!”

This was quite a surprising conversation. My dad is normally pretty open, but this was obviously something he’d been thinking about for a long time.

“Anyway, just man to man, I want you to know that if you have any questions, feel free to ask. You obviously have the basics down, but I think you know what I mean.” He told me, giving me a kind smile.

I looked down at the ground, and with a little embarrassment, agreed.

He asked me if I did have any questions for him and I shyly told him that I wasn’t sure if I could really have sex very long before getting too excited.

He grinned and confided, “You know, I had the same trouble with your mom. It’s just something you learn. You know the old joke about thinking about baseball right? Well, you just have to figure out what things really get you overly excited, and don’t do those until you’re ready.” He smiled and said, “Although with Jen, I’m sure it might take a little extra time for you to learn how to stay calm.”

I smiled too, still a little shy about it.

“Anyway, just know that you can always ask me anything you want. Your mom and I will give you guys your privacy.” He said, and got up off of the stool. He looked under the car.

“Looks like it’s all finished. Since you’re a man now, why don’t you grab the filter wrench for me.” He said with a grin.


That evening, our family sat down for dinner together. Since it was the weekend, everybody was casually dressed. My mom, who I have always been proud of for her looks, wore a blue, full length cotton skirt and yellow blouse that really made her shoulder-length chestnut hair stand out. My dad and I were in t-shirt and jeans, and Jen wore a gray, athletic-style t-shirt and brown corduroys.

I was going to take my normal place at the table down at the end, but mom stopped me.

“Mark, honey, why don’t you and Jennifer sit together. Your father and I don’t mind.” she said.

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Jen raised her eyebrows at me and smiled, so I got up and took the seat beside her.

Dinner was great. Jen and Mom had made baked ham with pineapple, steamed vegetables, rice and fresh bread. We all talked and enjoyed the meal thoroughly. Oddly enough, Jen and my escapade seemed to free mom and dad up to talk a lot more openly about their own experiences with relationships, love and sex.

“Well I certainly remember my first time…” mom was saying. “Your father and I had a lot of trouble waiting until we were married. But that first night, wow! I don’t think we’ve topped it yet, have we honey?”

Dad chuckled. “No, I don’t think so, Janet. Your mother was a bit of a wildcat. No sooner were we in the doorway of the hotel room that she had the front of my pants undone.”

“Mom!” Jen said, giggling in surprise.

Mom shrugged, a playful gleam in her eye as she took a sip of water and set the glass back down. “I couldn’t help it!” she said. “I had wanted to see that thing since I met your father!”

Jen looked over at me and smiled, then glanced down at my waist.

Feeling Jen’s gaze, my dick stiffened completely in only a matter of seconds.

“Anyway,” mom was saying, “I started giving your father a blowjob right there on the spot. I was just kneeling there in front of him in my wedding dress, bobbing my head when we heard somebody gasp and we realized your father hadn’t even got the door closed yet!”

“Oh my gosh!” Jen laughed, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Yeah, your mother had started in on me so fast I didn’t even think to shut it. I had barely even put our bags down! I looked back and there was an old man and woman returning to their rooms who had walked by our door. They saw us and nearly fell over!”

“What did you guys do?” I asked, holding back my laughter.

“Well, I just told them ‘Sorry, she’d a bit anxious’ and reached backward and pushed the door shut.”

Mom laughed and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear as she remembered. “He was right, I was anxious! You didn’t seem to mind though.”

Dad grinned. “No, no I didn’t mind at all. And when I got to see that rack, I nearly died.”

“Dad!” Jen shrieked, laughing.

Dad just shrugged and smiled at our mom. He looked at me and said, “Mark, tell your sister if you don’t think my wife has a great pair of breasts.”

Mom grinned at Dad and I took a second to actually consider what her chest might look like. I turned to Jen and said, “Dad’s right. I would probably die too.”

Jen burst out laughing and Mom blushed happily.

We continued chatting and eating, enjoying the candor of the moment.

As mom was serving dessert, a rich, creamy mousse, Jen asked mom, “So how did you know how to give dad a good blowjob?”

I almost choked.

Mom smiled. “I don’t know honey, it just came naturally. I don’t know that I could tell you how I knew, I just did.” she explained, handing her a dish. “Why, are you interested in trying it?”

Jen nodded, taking a spoonful of the mousse and slipping it into her mouth.

“Well Jen, maybe we can talk about this in private.” Mom said, smiling at Jen.

There was a moment of silence as we all enjoyed our dessert. Then Jen piped up again. “So you and Dad are okay with Mark and I?”

Mom smiled, kindly, and pulled a lock of her hair behind her ear. “Hey, you two are adults. It’s not like you’ve picked up someone off the streets. I think you both made a good choice of how to begin to learn about sex.”

Jen smiled. I chimed in and said, “You know, I think you two are probably the best example I know of really being in love.”

Mom and Dad both grinned. “Well thanks, Mark. That was nice of you to say.” said Dad.

“Did you guys know that Mark and I can hear you having sex from our rooms?” Jen asked. I chuckled.

They both exchanged startled looks, then began to laugh, embarrassedly.

“Well no, no we didn’t!” Mom said.

“Yeah, and you both should probably warn us if you’re going to do it in the living room. We were coming down the stairs to watch TV when we saw you two on the couch.” I said, grinning.

Again, they both looked totally shocked, then blushed before starting to laugh. Mom covered her mouth with her hand as she laughed and dad said, “We thought you two were asleep! We never even heard you!”

Jen giggled. “Yeah, we actually watched for just a minute because we just couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Then we snuck back upstairs and joked about it for an hour!”

We all laughed at our parent’s embarrassment.

“Well, I guess this family is a little more open than we all thought!” Dad said, still chuckling.

Wiping tears from her eyes, mom said, “I think I feel a little taken advantage of! They actually watched us ‘for a minute’ Rich!”

“Terrible kids.” he joked. “Just terrible.”

“So you’ve both seen us naked before, and we never knew it until now?!” mom asked. Jen and I both nodded and laughed.

“Well why do they get all the fun, Rich?” Mom asked Dad.

“I don’t know, Janet. I think they owe us one for that.” Dad teased.

“What?!” Jen said, giggling. I laughed.

“I think your father and I get to see you two in the act, to be fair.” Mom said, grinning.

“Mom!” Jen and I both exclaimed. Everyone laughed.

We all calmed down for a few minutes, resting from all the laughter and excitement.

Soon, Jen spoke up again. “Actually, I think that would kind of be fun.”

Everyone looked up at her. She went on, “I mean, why not? We’re all family, so who cares? Everyone in here has seen each other naked at least once now. Does it really matter now?”

I shrugged. “I think that’s a little weird, but whatever.”

Mom and Dad looked at each other. Mom looked back at us and said, “Well I was only kidding, but if you two would like us to see you both like that, I think we’re willing.”

Dad nodded. “Hey guys, we’re a family. If you’d like to include us in this part of your lives, I think that’s okay.

Jen looked at me and cracked up, merrily. “Do you want to?” She asked.

“Uh, let me think about that.” I teased.

Jen took my hand and led me down the hallway past our family pictures and into the den. We sat down together on one of the brown, leather couches and waited nervously for Mom and Dad. Mom walked in and smiled at the two of us and reached over to the dimmer and lowered the lights. She put her hand on my shoulder and sat down next to me, smiling at us both. Dad came in and sat down on the recliner, smiling at us all.

Jen grinned brightly and looked over at me. Our eyes stuck there for a minute, and our eagerness was slowly tempered by a feeling of honesty. I felt myself relax and she visibly calmed down too, and we smiled at each other as brother and sister. She raised her eyebrows, asking if I was ready, so I stood back up and turned to face Jen and my mother on the couch.

Jen smiled over at Mom and giggled.

Mom smiled, then looked at me and said, “Well Mark, are you going to show us girls what you’ve got hidden in there?”

I complied and reached down to begin unbuckling my belt.

I tried not to let it get to me that both my mom and sister were sitting in front of me, watching me undo my pants. I got the belt apart and easily undid the top button of my blue jeans and eased the zipper down. The front of my jeans began to spread apart as my erection finally was given room to stretch out. Both Jen and my mom had their eyes glued to my crotch as I spread my jeans apart and slid them down my waist, dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them.

I now stood in front of Jen and my mom wearing my t-shirt and a pair of black boxers, the fabric patterned with red gridlines. My dick was throbbing mightily, tenting forward against the opening of my boxers. I noticed Jen bighting her lip with a look of such enthusiasm and desire that I will never be able to get it out of my mind. She glanced up at me, then tucked her hair over her ear and scooted over on the couch to sit right in front of me. She reached up to my waist and slipped her warm fingertips under the top edge of my boxers. I felt a shiver race up my spine at her touch and felt myself starting to sweat. Jen looked no better. Her cheeks grew rosy and began to shimmer. Her hands trembled as she slowly began to slide the elastic down, centimeter by centimeter.

She began to expose the edges of my hips, then the front slid down and the trail of hair from my stomach down came into view. The front edge began to catch on the tip of my penis and would refuse to move any further, despite her continued pull on the sides of my boxers. Jen looked up at my face. Her clear, blue eyes were moist. She was less confident now, the excitement and nervousness becoming almost overwhelming to her. I lifted my hands and gently placed them on hers and gave her a smile, forcing my jaw to relax and pushing the corners of my taught lips upward. It wasn’t a great smile, but she knew the meaning behind it. I was okay and was giving her permission.

I took my hands away and she looked back down at my boxers straining against the top of my penis. She took a deep breath, then slid her fingers forward toward my groin and pulled the elastic upwards to unhook me, then out and down in one smooth motion, freeing me of my covering. She pulled the boxers down past my butt and let them fall as she gazed at my nakedness.

There I was in my full glory before her. My mom smiled, looking over to see Jen’s reaction as she took in this view. My naked penis stood before her hungry eyes, throbbing and pulsing in time with the blood coursing through my body. She looked at the vain traveling from the base of my scrotum to just under the head, then saw the skin tighten and firm into the smooth, mushroom-shaped, point. With wonder, she watched as the clear drops of pre-cum began to leak out of the tip, and she watched long enough for it to build up enough to begin it’s slow dribble down my shaft. I tried not to fidget nervously as I watched her looking now at how the wrinkled pouch of my scrotum hung down between my legs, gently drawing up and expanding back down as my body reacted to the air currents in the room. She allowed herself to indulge in looking at how my balls were cradled within that soft flesh, admiring the odd, yet pleasing shape of my sack.

She reached a trembling hand up towards my body and set her fingertips against the side of my pubes. She gently ran her fingers though the hair, gradually letting herself get closer and closer to the shaft. Her nails brushed through the denser hair as she cautiously inched their way deeper, and deeper, until she felt them come to rest in the slight dip just before my shaft protruded away from my body. She picked her other hand up and placed it on my bare thigh and slowly began to drag it up. She began to knead her fingertips in my pubes as she slid her other hand closer and closer to my groin. Pre-cum was continuing to leak out of my dick, occasionally gathering on the edge of the head and dribbling down onto the carpet.

Mom continued to watch as her daughter finally worked her hand up my thigh and slid her fingertips up through the hair on the other side of my dick. She continued to massage her fingertips into my body, her motions causing my shaft to bob up and down gently, sometimes causing my pre-cum to swing forward and back before falling to the ground or against my shaft.

Finally, Jen worked up her nerve and began to edge her right hand toward my shaft. When her hand lightly touched the skin I felt a jolt of warmth and my body trembled at the touch. Jen smiled quietly and drew her fingertips to the base of my shaft, then slid them up and around the top of the base, wrapping her lithe fingers around the shaft. My skin touched her palm and her fingers grasped the velvety flesh of my cock. Her grasp slowly became more firm as she admitted to herself that she was actually touching me. Her other hand began to slide downwards, traveling through the hair until I felt her nails sliding over the soft flesh of my scrotum. As one hand became accustomed to the feel of my pulsing dick, the other gently began to cup my balls and cradle them, balancing them on her fingers.

She looked over at mom, who smiled at her, and said, “I think he likes it!”

Mom smiled. “I think you’re right.” She said, teasing me.

Jen giggled. “So how should I start?” she asked.

Mom scooted closer to help coach my sister. “Well, what I usually like to do first is wipe all that pre-cum off with my hand. I never liked the feeling of it.”

Jen wrinkled her nose and giggled. “Mom! It doesn’t bother me!”

Mom shrugged. “Well okay. The next thing I do is to put the tip of his penis between my lips. No tongue, just my lips, right on the tip.”

I held my breath and watched as Jen leaned forward and pulled my shaft downward. I nearly fainted when her hot, wet lips came into contact with my dick. I felt my body leak out another drop of pre-cum, but this drop was permitted to pass between Jen’s lips and dribble down the inside of her lower lip. She lowered her other hand from my balls and put it on my him to steady herself.

“That’s good Jen. Now just lightly begin to suck the head in and out of your lips, like you have the top of a lollipop between your lips.”

Jen obeyed and I felt her warm lips slide the rubbery head of my penis between them, sucking me in, then pushing her lips together and sliding it out to just the tip, then drawing my head back in. Jen’s full lips drove me wild, and this teasing movement set my heart pumping frantically. I longed to make one, good shove and relieve the pressure she was building, but stood my ground and allowed her to play with me at her own pace.

Mom continued, “If you want, you can open your mouth a little and just rub the head back and forth along your lower lip.”

Jen looked up at me, grinning, and relaxed her mouth. She opened her lips and used her hand to rub the head along her bottom lip. I couldn’t help but gasp at the erotic feelings that were coursing down my shaft and into my body.

“Are you okay Mark? Do you need her to stop teasing?” Mom asked.

I grunted, closing my eyes as a particularly intense impulse ran through my body and I said, “Yeah, this is getting to be too much. She’s good!”

Mom smiled. “Okay Jen, what you can do next is to go ahead and slide his penis into your mouth and rest it on your tongue. Get used to the feeling of having him in your mouth and relax the back of your throat so you don’t feel like gagging if his head touches you there.”

Jen looked back down at my pubes and used her fingers around just the base of my shaft to tug my penis down toward her mouth. She opened her mouth again and moved her head forward, engulfing my penis inside. I felt the heat of her breath bathe my penis and then registered myself touching and sliding along her tongue and her warm lips wrapped back around my shaft. She moved her tongue around cautiously, rubbing the tip back and forth against the vain on my shaft. I still had a good inch and a half to go before I was completely inside her mouth, but my body took no notice and shuddered at this onslaught.

“When you feel comfortable, pull him in further and see if you can get him the whole way in.” Mom guided.

Jen complied and I felt her tongue stretch forward to free up the back of her mouth. She pushed her head forward even more and slid the remaining length of my shaft between her lips. I realized that her nose was now nestled against my groin, poking into my pubic hair. I felt the back of her mouth working as she tried to relax her throat and allow the tip of my penis to push against her uvula.

“Good job sweetheart!” Mom said. “It took me a while before I could get your father all the way in.” Mom smiled up at me. “Now you can start to slide him in and out of your mouth. Make sure you get a lot of spit in your mouth so he slides easily. I usually slide your father all the way out until my lips are around his head, then I tighten my lips and push him through a little faster than I slid him out.”

I clenched my fists and buttocks involuntarily as all the feelings she had caused thus far this evening paled in comparison to the rush of impulses that began coursing through my spine. Jen had drawn her head the whole way down my shaft until the tip was between her lips, then thrust it forward again until my penis hit the back of her throat. She drew her head back again and I felt the tip of her tongue swipe against the entrance of my dick just before she plunged me back in again. Her hair began to swing back and forth as her head bobbed in a regular rhythm. Her eyes were closed and she moved her hands up to tightly hold onto my waist as she threw her mouth up and down my bare dick, pumping me between her lips with a hunger I had no idea existed in her spirit.

My hips began to buck with each thrust, my thighs and calves visibly trembling, my hands grasping hers tightly. Her nose mashed fully against the hair of my groin and her chin jutted against my balls as she sunk down on me. Then as she withdrew, she would circle her tongue around my head, collecting the gobs of pre-cum that were now regularly leaking out of my body. She would then impale her mouth on my shaft again, each time pressing the head of my cock against the back of her throat, at times even pushing my head down on a slight angle into her throat. I was sweating profusely now and could see Jen’s hair clinging to her forehead as we both fought together for the culmination of tonight’s passion.

I felt my scrotum begin to tighten and fluids gathering and beginning to boil within me to seek escape. “I’m about to cum!” I gasped out, my vision beginning to grow dark.

If anything, Jen redoubled her efforts and bobbed her head up and down my shaft with greater fervor. My penis was soaring through her lips, sloshing through her wet mouth, gliding over her frantic tongue and crashing against the back of her throat. My body froze and every muscle tightened until I thought I would snap. I thought I felt my eyes roll back and it felt like a volcano welled up from within me and erupted in force. I began to scream gutturally through clenched teeth and began shooting my cum into Jen’s mouth with more force than I thought possible. Jen tensed up as the first salty blast was ejected straight down her throat, followed quickly by a succession of large blasts of cum to the back of her mouth. Her mouth began to fill up with cum as my body pulsed it out and she wretched and started to heave as my body’s syrup started to pour down her throat. Jen slid her mouth off of me and pulled a ragged breath into her lungs to power a cough. I was in mid-orgasm, however, and as she turned her face to cough my cum from her throat and lungs, a rope of cum pulsed out of my body and crashed against her cheek. Another volley of cum pushed out, spilling on her hair and forehead, and yet another poured out onto her neck and shoulder. My orgasm slowly began to subside. She turned her head back just in time for one final, small jet of cum to spit out onto her lips.

There was a moment of peace as we all collected ourselves from this event. I gasped in large amounts of air and virtually crumpled to the floor, just barely sitting upright as my chest heaved in and out. Jen looked at me, then rose her hand to her face and wiped off a glob of cum that was hanging from her chin. My semen had dribbled down her cheek and fallen onto her shirt, creating several large spots on her shoulder and chest. She looked at the cum on her hand, seeing my body’s fluids now for the third time. She coughed once more and smiled tiredly down at me.

We both then looked at our mom who sat there with flushed cheeks and a surprised smile.

“Wow, you two. I have never seen anything like that!” she said, breathlessly.

We suddenly heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind us and we looked to see Dad looking a bit surprised and pleased as well.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” he said, his eyebrows raised.

Mom looked over at Dad and said. “I think I’d like to try this on you tonight, Rich.”

Dad smiled and mom got up from the couch. “If you’ll excuse us kids, your mother and I have to…uh…practice wrestling.” he said.

We laughed and watched them walk out; Mom’s legs a bit wobbly.

Jen and I grinned at each other. What a day.

Chapter 05

It was late in the evening when our bus finally arrived at the hotel. Travel weary, I gathered up all of the snack wrappers, my MP3 player, water bottle and book and stood as the interior lights came on. All around me Jen’s teammates from the Hellcats were doing the same, all wearing the same tired and slightly dazed look I’m sure I had on. A few rows in front of me, Jen was standing up, her headphones still in as she hoisted her bag over one shoulder.

We were in Tennessee for a soccer tournament. The Hellcats had won in their division and had been invited to a tournament with some of the top teams in surrounding states. It was no surprise, really, as the Hellcats had worked hard for their success and played with the determination and precision of some professional teams. Not bad for a group of high school to college aged girls. They still all kept their hair long and in ponytails when they played, just to present opposing teams with a unified front that betrayed their toughness.

I had been invited to go along mainly due to my being Jen’s brother and because everyone on the team knew me as one of their most dedicated fans. The coach and I knew each other from my workplace, so when the tournament came up, I was one of the first he asked to come along. I was able to get the time off from work without much trouble; in fact, many of my coworkers were big fans of the team themselves.

Our parents had opted to ask us to share a hotel room, probably in part to lower the cost but also so I could watch out for Jen, of course. Given all that had transpired in the last month between Jen and I, neither of us minded and were both a bit excited at the prospect.

We had been far more intimate in the past month than we had ever been after overcoming our hesitation to get physical together. It was still strange to remember her telling me I could rub my dick against her butt that first time and how that progressed to getting to see each other fully naked. We were both still a little embarrassed at ourselves for getting so involved as to briefly have sex, but having discussed the whole thing with our parents we felt much more confident that we were allowed to appreciate each other this way. It was really new to both of us, but in an exciting way. That’s what made this trip all the more exhilarating.

After a few minutes wait, we were all finally off the bus, checked in and busy carrying our luggage to our rooms. The team had a block of rooms reserved, so all the rooms were adjoining. Jen and I had one on the end and it was a welcome sight to us both. As the other girls moved their things into the rooms beside us, we got the door unlocked and got our bags inside.

“Oh, the beds look so good!” Jen cried, dropping her bag on the nearest one. She stepped over to the nightstand and turned on the lamp on her side.

“You aren’t kidding.” I said. “Whose idea was it not to bring a movie on the coach?”

“Don’t even get me started! Coach is good at a lot of things, but I swear that man could forget his head if, well, you know.” She replied. Jen gave a light yawn and stretched, then smoothed out the wrinkles in her shirt and pulled her hair behind her ears.

I dropped my bag on the other bed, then checked the rest of the room out. Jen went into the bathroom to pee, leaving the door open so we could keep talking.

“Hey, do you want to get something to eat? I’m starved.” She said, beginning to pee.

“Sure. There’s a steakhouse in the hotel. I should be fine wearing jeans, right?”

She laughed. The whizzing sound slowed to droplets. “Yes Mark, jeans will be fine. No one cares at a steakhouse. And I’m not changing out of mine, anyway.”

So in a few more minutes we headed down there. We got a booth before we spotted some of Jen’s teammates, but she didn’t feel like moving once she sat down. The food was great, and it was fun going out with my sister. We kept each other entertained the whole time as we talked about school, sports and our family. Once in a while, we’d both glance at each other. Jen would give this demure smile at me and I’d grin back at her, then we’d both go on and talk about something new.

Towards the end of our meal, Tracey, Jen’s best friend, stopped over. “Hey, a few of us are going to use the whirlpool in Sandra and Rachel’s room tonight. Do you want to come and hang out?” she asked Jen. “Mark, you can come too, if you don’t mind hanging out with us girls.”

Jen looked at me and I shrugged.

“Sure!” She said, happily. “We’ll be over after we’re done. Room 202, right?” Tracey confirmed the room number and told us she’d see us there.

Jen teased me about coming along, but in the end she insisted, saying she thought it would be fun. So when we were done with our meal, we returned to our room. We gave each other a little privacy to change into our bathing suits (we had brought them knowing the hotel had a pool), then wrapped ourselves in towels and left our room and walked down the hall.

We knocked on the door and Tracey let us in, wrapped in a towel herself. We all walked further into the room to where the whirlpool was located in a corner of the bedroom. Sandra, the cute redhead was already in the tub as well as Rachel, the blond who played goalie. I tried to ignore the impulse to gaze at these girls in what I could see of their two-piece suits, and just focused on the girl’s conversations.

Jen and I were invited in, and as Tracey pulled her towel off and stepped into the tub, Jen and I shed our towels as well and I followed her in. The water was really warm and the tub a bit crowded, but not too bad. I was sitting nearly shoulder-to-shoulder with Sandra, trying to ignore her cleavage, while Jen was in a seat across from me. She and I were both on the right side of the tub, Tracey in the upper left corner, Sandra beside me more in the center and Rachel in the lower left corner. Apparently Rachel and Sandra had little legroom, so Tracey offered for Sandra to put her feet on her knees to Rachel could stretch her feet out a bit more.

The tub had a little control panel near Tracey, and she turned down the lights in the room to just a dull glow and turned on the jets. The following few minutes were pretty silent as everyone relaxed and enjoyed the warmth and the pressure of the water pulsing over our bodies. I watched Tracey as she pulled her long, curled brown hair back from her face and lean her head back with a sigh. Jen’s eyes were closed and she had a happy smile on her lips.

“Hey,” came Rachel’s voice. We all turned to look at the blond. “Would you guys mind if I took off my suit? I mean, if we turn the lights down a little lower?” She leaned forward to see me past Sandra and said, “Are you okay with that Mark?”

Sandra and Jen giggled. “Is Mark okay with it? Hell yes he is!” Sandra said, evoking giggles from Tracey as well.

“Well you know what I meant.” Rachel said.

“I don’t mind. I think I’ll do the same if you are.” Tracey said.

“Yeah, I will too.” Sandra said.

“Mark, you’re just going to have to bear it!” Jen teased.

No one really waited for my input, as Jen’s words seemed to have made up my mind to them. So I didn’t say a word and Tracey turned the lights lower, nearly off, and I could dimly make out the girls leaning forward and undoing their tops, and scooting around as they worked the bottom of their suits off. Their suits were dropped over the tub side or draped over the edge, and everyone settled back in down to their necks with a good bit of giggling.

“Hey, you too Mark.” Jen said.

They all looked at me. “Yeah, come on, your sister wants you to get naked!” Tracey teased, earning a splash of water from Jen.

“Shut up, perve!” Jen said, sticking her tongue out at Tracey. All the girls laughed and watched as I worked to get my trunks off. When I hung them over the side there were a few more jokes and giggles, but then everyone settled back in.

All of us being in the tub naked together made everyone a bit more rowdy, since it’s hard to relax when you’re naked with other people. Sandra accidentally goosed Tracey as the was lifting her legs back up to set them on her knees and Tracey reacted by poking a foot between Sandra’s knees. Everyone laughed at their antics and I caught a good view of the top of Sandra’s breast as she jumped at Tracey’s touch. I also got to see a good bit of Rachel’s cleavage as she moved more to her left to put her back more fully on the leftmost wall of the tub. That made Sandra and Tracey have to reposition their legs just a bit, causing Sandra’s hand to accidentally land on my thigh as she tried to scoot over more toward the space Rachel had vacated. The girls laughed at her jump and she apologized quickly. I couldn’t see well enough to tell, but I knew she must have been blushing.

It was just as I was settling in and relaxing that I suddenly felt Jen’s foot on my shin. I peeked over at her and she just lay there, smiling slightly. But her foot pushed a little more and so I spread my legs a bit. She extended her leg out far enough until the soft sole of her foot set fully against my semi-erect dick. I could not believe this.

I risked taking a look around to see if anyone noticed, but all the girls had their heads back and eyes closed. I felt Jen’s toes fondle the head of my cock and she began to press her foot against my full shaft and stroke it up and down. I chanced a look to my left at Sandra and realized I could faintly make out the outlines of her breasts in the dim light whenever a smooth patch of water made it’s way above. I knew they weren’t as big as Jen’s just by observation during the games, but now I could confirm it to myself.

Jen smiled, feeling my dick hardening even more, and she dug the tips of her toes under my balls, making me want to jump, or groan; anything but just sit still. I looked back at Sandra’s chest just as a clear patch of water made its way overtop and I almost had a full view of her breast. Jen’s toes lifted and began to fondle my balls and I just leaned my head back and sighed quietly.

Just then, Rachel lifted her head to whisper, “Tracey? Would you mind rubbing my shoulder? I still have a knot from falling asleep during the bus ride.”

We were all roused a bit from the broken silence and everyone had opened their eyes. But Jen’s foot remained where it was, tenderly feeling the base of my shaft with her toes. I gave her a glance, but she just smiled and looked over at Rachel.

“Sure.” said Tracey. “But I knew I shouldn’t have told anyone I got a job at the spa downtown.”

As she awkwardly turned to face her back to Tracey, Rachel said, “I’m sorry! I just can’t get relaxed with it like-Oh!” and then she slipped, tried to catch herself and got her foot under her but pushed too hard and she popped her upper body above the water for just a moment, her wet breasts hanging there for all to see, before she could sit back under the water again. “Oh my gosh!” was her response as she wrapped her arm around her chest, but much after the fact.

All the girls couldn’t help but laugh and I couldn’t help it myself from the look of sheer astonishment and horror on her face.

“Did you all see…?” She asked, training off.

“Uh, yep. You gave us the whole show!” Jen said, giggling.

Rachel was trying ever so hard not to look at me, but eventually did. I just shook my head and shrugged and said, “It’s okay. It was real quick.”

She calmed down after a bit and Tracey got her to sit down by her and she began to rub her shoulders. Jen’s foot, which she had removed during the commotion, returned, and she again began to stroke my cock with her foot. I watched as Tracey kneaded the flesh of Rachel’s creamy pink shoulders and couldn’t help but let my dick swell to a full erection. Jen pushed the flat part of her foot against my shaft and the head of my dick and gently pumped it up and down, all the while just lying there with her eyes closed. There wasn’t much I could do but take it all in.

Soon I felt my balls begin to tighten and that semi-dizzy sensation came over me as Jen’s foot began to bring me to an orgasm. I tried hard not to squirm, feeling my cum rising and my cock tingling with each stroke. I watched as Rachel lifted an arm to pull a strand of hair back and I just lost it. My orgasm hit and all I could do was sit there as my cum spilled out from my dick into the water. Jen pushed her foot up my shaft to milk my cum out and with several more pulses I had released all of my semen into the tub.

After a few more moments, Jen retracted her leg and I just set my head back and my entire body relaxed.

I didn’t notice a thing for a while until the girls decided it was time to get out. Jen grabbed the towels from over the side and passed them out, and I watched as each girl struggled to get out of the water without revealing herself. Jen just put an arm over her breasts and got up a little, pulled the towel over her chest and around her back, and then lowered it as she stood up. Rachel got up next, mimicking Jen’s technique. But as she stood, she said, “Ew! What’s this?” and pointed to a small white glob on her thigh.

“I don’t know; it must have come from the filter.” offered Sandra.

Rachel wrinkled her nose and wiped it off, then climbed out of the tub. Then Sandra and Rachel both used their towels to cover themselves, but Sandra was not as thorough in her actions and with her so close, I got a good eyeful of the side of her breast, even seeing the edge of her nipple, as she worked to get the towel around her small frame. Tracey was finished and had stepped out before her, and as Sandra stood, I spotted another longer white glob about two inches long on the back of her leg before she turned around to step out.

They all gave me some privacy with their backs turned, but I easily got the towel around myself and was out without too much trouble. Jen and I gathered our suits and said goodnight and walked out into the hallway, nude under our towels, and back into our room.

Once inside, Jen turned around and put her arms over my shoulders and around my neck and said, “So how did you enjoy that, brother?”

I just shook my head and grinned.

She didn’t let go, and for a moment we just looked into each other’s eyes. Without thinking much, I put my hands on her waist. She bit her lower lip ever so slightly and then I leaned in and kissed her, lip to lip. She returned my kiss readily, and lifted her hands up to the back of my head.

I pulled her body closer and she melted into me as we kissed. Her lips were so soft and sweet, and as they parted I knew I was drinking her in. I moved my arm up to her back and turned my head so we could kiss even more and allow our lips to rub against the others even more. She gasped and her breath poured over my face tenderly. I parted my lips and our lips touched more deeply, until I felt the tip of her tongue brush my lower lip and I responded by pointing the tip of my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues met, and as the softness of our lips pressed together, the textured firmness of our tongues slid over each other. We tasted each other with passion and delight, our saliva mixing together as we drank deep of each other.

She leaned her head back, breaking our kiss and gasped, and I set my lips at once on her throat. She melted completely into me, gasping again and clutching my head to her neck. Without any resistance, I pulled her towel apart and it slid to the ground, leaving her exposed against me. Her gasps turned into moans as I kissed her soft neck, using a hand to brush her wet hair aside. I pulled her body tight against mine until her breasts pressed firmly against my chest and continued to neck with her as she swayed and moved with me.

Finally she had to lay her head against my shoulder as her legs began to tremble and she had to gasp for air. I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her naked body up and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I walked over to her bed and slowly eased her down onto it so that she was lying flat, then let go of her and straightened up. She looked up at me, breathlessly, and I knelt down on the floor in front of her legs.

“Oh Mark!” she gasped and laid her head back.

She let me spread her legs apart and allowed me to look at her pussy without a hint of doubt. The lips of her cunt were swollen and obviously wet. Her trimmed pubic hair couldn’t hide the wet folds of pink flesh that protruded from between her legs.

I leaned forward and kissed the inside of her right thigh, then her left. She gasped sharply each time. I leaned in closer and could smell the scent of her excitement mingling with the delicate perfume she wore. I breathed on those swollen folds and she raised her hands to her head, plunging her fingers deep into her hair. And I bent down and set my lips between her legs, touching them to her wetness. Her thighs trembled and shook at my touch, and I waited for them to calm with my lips still pressed against her. My nose was buried in her hair on her crotch; my lips pressed on her vulva, my chin brushing her buttocks.

She reached a hand down and put it on my head and I parted my lips and began to kiss her flesh. She groaned and shook again, but this time I didn’t stop. I mashed my lips between hers until they sunk in and I could feel them to either side of my mouth. I extended my tongue and plunged it inside, tasting her juices with fervor. She began to moan higher and pulled my head tighter between her legs. I licked her cunt up and down and, finding her vagina, eagerly pressed my tongue deep into this slick, pulsing hole. Her vaginal muscles tightened and her whole body began to buck, pushing against my face, mashing her wetness into me. I licked her still, sliding my tongue around as deep as I could press it, swallowing her cum as I felt it pour out of her body.

Then I slid my hand under her butt and used my thumb to feel her crack. She moaned again, almost a whine, and spread her legs wider. I lifted my mouth and slid my tongue up her cunt until I felt the erect nub of her clit. She trembled violently at the first caress of my tongue, and she began to shove her fingers into my hair and hold my hair tightly as I licked her again. I found her anus with my thumb and pressed gently against it. In response, her legs widened yet more, so I pushed the tip inside. I pulled my lips back enough so that I could lick at her swollen pussy lips, swirling around the head of her clit with each pass. As I pressed my thumb into her anus yet more, and continued licking her, she couldn’t help but begin to whine loudly, crying out with her moans as her entire body trembled and shook.

I continued licking and pressing my thumb in, and her other hand joined the first in gripping my head tightly. She convulsed and cried out, then convulsed again and again, and I could feel her fluids pulsing out of her vagina on my lips.

Finally her thighs swung shut and tightened around my head and all she could do was lay there and gasp in air amidst her cries. I pulled my lips slowly away and eased my thumb out and just put my hands on her thighs to stroke her. After a few moments, she began to calm down and relaxed her thighs to allow me to lean back.

I got up and got onto the bed next to her, then leaned over and kissed her again. Her hand tenderly gripped the side of my face as we kissed, then slid down to my shoulders as I leaned in to hug her.

After that, all Jen could get herself to do was brush her teeth, change into her pajamas and go to sleep. Fortunately, the events of the next day didn’t start until the afternoon and she slept most of the morning. I got her breakfast from the hotel lounge, and after another hour, she was able to get up and begin getting ready.

The Hellcats did well in the tournament. Not undefeated, but they took a strong second place and we all returned with the feeling that it was an exceptional trip.

“Mark, could you hand me the next tile?” asked my father.

We were busily working on our hands and knees to finish putting down a new floor in our parent’s bathroom.

“Sure…here you go.” I said, handing him the next one in the pattern.

I was surprised. Things between my dad and I were just fine. I was expecting today to be really awkward.

Only yesterday, something had happened that I figured he would be upset about. If anything, he and I were getting along even better. The bathroom would soon be done, and he and I had bonded a lot by doing it ourselves, even with what I did yesterday.

My parents have a bathroom attached to the master bedroom, which they use, leaving the upstairs bathroom for my sister, Jen, and I to use. Well, my parents decided to finally use some of their savings on renovating their bathroom by putting in a tub surround, new tile on the floor, light fixtures and fresh paint. They used our bathroom for the two weeks it took for my Dad and I to get the work done.

Last evening after I got home from work, I went up to my room and took all my work clothes off so I could go take a shower. I heard that the shower was on and heard Jen singing in the bathroom. I smiled to myself and quietly opened the door and shut it behind me without making a sound.

Jen and I had mutually agreed that we could use the bathroom together, and had recently begun to develop our bond as brother and sister by becoming more intimate with each other. We were letting ourselves be naked together once in a while, and things had escalated from me accidentally ejaculating on her to actually having anal sex. A month ago I had given her oral sex for the first time during a trip we were on.

We still had not had what I would call “real” sex yet. It wasn’t like we had agreed not to, but we just hadn’t become that intimate. I’d entered her once, by accident, but it was quick, and she still teased me about it. Even so, we were enjoying becoming closer. Neither of us was perfect, and we’d still have our disagreements, but we worked through them because we trusted each other and really loved each other.

So that evening, I was excited to join her in the shower and to see where it might lead. She had the main lights off and was just showering with the light of the ventilation fan. The dim light cast a silhouette of her shapely body on the shower curtain. I stood there watching and listening; just enjoying her.

Finally, I cleared my throat. The singing stopped.

“Hey, it’s me. I’m coming in. I’m turning the light off.” I said. I flicked off the switch and cautiously slipped around the shower curtain and into the shower with Jen in the dark.

Breathing deeply of the scented steam, I raised my hand out until I came into contact with her warm, wet flesh. She was facing the water, so I stepped forward and pressed my naked body against her back. The water was splashing on her shoulders and running down her back as I pressed my penis up between her butt cheeks.

I was surprised when she immediately tensed up, her entire body going rigid when I touched her. Quickly I backed off and instead reached up to her shoulders and began to massage her. She must have been shampooing her hair when I came in and it was hard for me to deal with the slipperiness of her skin, but I managed as I could. I noted to myself how long her hair was growing as I pulled her hair together, running my fingers through it and reaching up to massage her scalp. Jen’s hair was beautiful long and had always been something about her I really liked.

She seemed to be relaxing now as I continued to massage her scalp and neck, and back to her shoulders. I felt her shoulders move as she sighed. I stepped closer again, gently pressing myself against her as the water played over our bodies in the dark. I kneaded the muscles on her chest, just above her breasts, as my erection was touching her from behind. Then I moved my hands lower and cupped her breasts, surprised at their softness. I had one thing on my mind now and gently and firmly glided my hands down her sides to her hips, making sure she felt the pressure of my dick between her cheeks.

I heard her moan and felt her lean forward and put her hands on the shower wall. I felt the water splashing against her back as I grasped the slick flesh of her hips tightly and pushed my dick up her crack. She seemed to tense up again, but only for a moment and then pressed back against me. I slid myself down and back up again. She cooperated and began to grind her hips back into me and I reached up with one hand and grabbed a chunk of her wet hair and gently pulled back on it. She gasped quietly, arching her back, feeling me slide my dick through her crack.

She squeezed her buttocks together around my cock and I burrowed it between the thick muscles, pushing my flesh between hers. I pressed my balls against her as I reached the crest of my push, then slid my cock down again. She squeezed tighter and the head of my cock lodged against her anus, so I pressed it against her there and pushed with short strokes up and down her hole. When that became too much, I pushed my cock further up between her cheeks again and held it there to let some of the stimulation wear off. I let go of her hair and reached down around her waist and slid my fingers over her pubic hair and between her legs. She used to only have a strip of hair and must have let it grow out more – I was excited to see what she might look like in the light. I heard her gasp and her legs spread a little more until my fingertips found the soft flesh of her pussy lips. I began to massage them, feeling her wet folds and gently molding the flesh. I focused in on her clit and used my middle finger to gently circle the soft nub until her legs were shaking.

After a few moments of this, I felt her hand on mine and she pulled it back up to her hip and pushed back against my cock. I took the hint and began to slide myself through her crack again. The water was splashing all over me as it poured over her back and it sloshed through her butt as I pumped my dick between her cheeks.

Finally I was almost at my climax. “I’m about to cum.” I told her.

Suddenly I felt her pull away from me then felt her hand on my shoulder, then on my hip, as she must have turned around and was now moving toward my cock. I felt the vibration on the tub floor as she got down on her knees, then felt her leaning in towards me, one hand on my hip and her chest beginning to press against my groin. Her other hand reached around and took hold of my erect penis and began to pump it. I leaned back against the rear tub wall and groaned as she rubbed the head of my dick side to side on her chest between her breasts.

In the darkness, I could feel the softness of her breasts as she pumped my shaft and rubbed the tip back and forth. Her hand left my dick and went to my waist and she mashed her chest against me, squeezing my penis between her wet breasts. She arched and flexed her body to rub against my dick, sliding it through her cleavage.

“Oh, god!” I exclaimed, “I’m cumming!” I said through gritted teeth as I felt my penis grow white-hot and felt the fluids rushing through my shaft.

Her hand slid back around and grabbed my dick and started pumping forcefully, holding the head of my cock to her chest. I grunted and felt my cum shoot out of my body. Her hand didn’t stop pumping and jets of my cum sprayed out of my cock and onto her bare flesh. After three gushes of cum I thought I was done, but her fist slid up and down even more and my head began to swim as I felt my cock swell again and let out another, and then another jet of cum. I sucked in a breath and immediately felt it well up again and I let out yet another shot of cum, grunting loudly.

Her hand finally slowed down and she tenderly rubbed her thumb on the underside of my head until my shaft softened and my body relaxed. I felt her get up again and get back into the water. I was too spent to take my shower, so I found my washcloth and dampened it and wiped myself down with that. She turned the water off and I reached out and found our towels.

“I’m going to turn the light on…” I warned, flicking the switch.

My eyes burned for a second and I blinked in the glare, then focused. I looked over at Jen…and my heart leapt to my throat. I had expected to see my sister, but standing there, completely naked, was my own mother. My mind immediately began reeling; I felt dizzy.

“Mom!” I said, “I didn’t know…” I stuttered and couldn’t get anything else out as my mouth became dry. I sat down on the edge of the tub, my heart pounding in my chest so hard I could hear it in my ears.

“Oh, honey…” she said, bending down and putting a hand on my shoulder to steady me. “Calm down! It’s okay! Just relax…” she said. “Breath honey…”

I tried to obey, but I could not believe what I had just done. And she was still totally naked, right there in front of me. I almost felt sick with fear for what had just happened.

“Hey Mark…” she said. “Mark!” She said again, lightly slapping my cheek. “Don’t make it seem like it was so bad!” She said, sounding a little miffed.

I took a breath and looked up at her, swallowed, and said, “Mom, I’m sorry. I thought you were Jen.”

She smiled warmly. “I know honey. I’m sorry, I should have said something. Now shut up and breathe!”

I looked back down at the tub and breathed slowly. The spots in my eyes started to fade. She sat down on the edge of the tub next to me.

“I’m sorry Mark. I didn’t mean to shock you like this. Just calm down, I’m not mad, everything’s okay.” She said.

I looked over at her.

She grinned ruefully at me. “When you came in and turned off the lights, I was startled for a moment and should have told you right then. I’m sorry honey, I didn’t know what you were doing.”

“I guess you found out pretty quick.” I said.

She smiled again. “Yeah, I didn’t think any of that was going to happen! As soon as you touched me, I didn’t know what I should do. I thought you’d say something first and I was going to tell you then.” She pulled a wet lock of hair behind her ear. “Then, to be honest, I stopped caring. After a few minutes, I didn’t even think about telling you it was me. I guess I was a little greedy. It’s been a while since your father and I were that frisky!” she said and grinned.

I moaned. “Oh my gosh, what’s dad going to think about this?” I said, putting my head in my hands.

“Hey!” she said, poking my shoulder. “That’s my business. I decided to do this with you and I’ll tell your father what happened. He’ll understand.” She smiled. “I may have to make it up to him, but he’ll understand.”

After a while I finally calmed down enough and could stand. We dried off together, and I tried not to look at her too much. Really…

Okay, I did look. My mom’s really hot. Her hair is long and wavy; a deep chestnut color that stuck together in thick strands until she towel-dried it off for a bit. Her breasts were much larger than Jen’s. They were broad and full, and her nipples were larger than Jen’s as well. They hardened as she dried off and I was amazed to realize how lucky I was to have at one time suckled from that chest. Her pussy was dark haired and well trimmed around the edges. Jen kept hers a little bit thinner, but with my mom’s rounder hips it made her look all the more womanly. Her stomach was toned and her thighs tight, and as I already knew, she had a firm butt.

She put her robe on, then smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving for her room. I went into my room and dressed, then went and watched a movie with everyone as though nothing new had happened to me that evening.

Chapter 06

Rolling over in my sheets, I grimaced as I heard the piercing sound of my alarm clock going off. I felt like I had only just fallen asleep, but judging by the state of my bed sheets that were all wrapped and tangled around me, I had slept well. Grudgingly, I got up and trudged over to the clock and turned it off.

I had been thinking about something before I must have fallen asleep. I struggled, sorting through the fog in my head to remember what it had been. It seemed very important, but I could not remember what it was. As I stretched, I dismissed the thought as perhaps just part of a dream I had been having.

Sitting down on the edge of my bed for a moment, I realized why I had set my alarm so early. I had to get in to work early to work on an important project. I yawned, then stood and shucked my pajamas off and slipped into my robe. I opened the door to the bathroom that my sister, Jen, and I shared, to see the light off. Jen was awake, as the light coming from under her bedroom door testified. I flipped the lights and fan on and closed my door. I stumbled over to the toilet, raised the seat and noisily emptied my bladder. I was careful to put the seat back down, not wanting to get into that discussion with Jen again.

I moved over to the sink and washed my hands, then began to brush my teeth. I heard a soft knock coming from Jen’s door and grunted a “Come in” with the brush in my mouth.

The door opened and Jen came in. She looked like she had been up for at least a half-hour. She smiled merrily at me and I grunted a hello. She was still in her pajamas, a loose tank top and cotton pants with a girlish kitten pattern. Her hair was a little messy, but it looked like she had brushed it at least a little.

“Morning!” She chirped, then laughed, seeing my face. “Looks like you should go straight back to bed!” She teased.

I bent over to spit and rinsed out my mouth before replying.

“Why are you up already?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I went to bed at nine last night. I had nothing to do since you were out at work late and there was nothing on TV. And I know you had to get up early to go in again, so I wanted to at least see you this morning.”

I grunted again and looked at myself, then at her and raised an eyebrow. “Was it worth it? I don’t think there’s not much worth seeing. I want to go back to bed.”

She laughed at me, then came up and gave me a warm hug. “You look just fine. Now don’t be silly, you have to stay up!”

I sighed. “Maybe I can just go in later.”

Jen frowned at me. “Mark! You have to stay up! You’ve been telling us all week how important your project is.” She giggled and tapped my chest as she said, “Would you stay up if I take a shower with you?”

Seeing my eyes get a little wider she laughed. “Well, go ahead! I’ll be right in!” She said.

Jen went to the sink and began brushing her teeth as I stepped over to the tub, undid my robe and stepped in. A moment later, I felt my senses clearing as the steam rose from the hot water beating on my chest. I heard the shower curtain rustle and turned to see Jen stepping in, fully naked like me. My penis immediately began to stiffen as I saw her bare breasts and short pubic hair. Her nipples had hardened from the cool air outside of the shower and she was quick to step close to me and wrap her arms around me to get warmer.

The water sprayed and splashed over both of us, wetting her hair and causing her to blink as she grinned up at me. The water filled up the cup between her breasts where they were pressed against my ribs and my erection pressed against her pelvis. I bent down and kissed her forehead.

After a moment, she let go of me and stepped back, telling me to go ahead and wash up. I took the shampoo and worked it through my hair, facing the showerhead, and rinsed it off, feeling Jen’s hands running lightly up and down the skin on my back. I then grabbed my soap and began lathering up. She offered to wash my back, so I let the water pour over my chest as she rubbed soap into a washcloth and rubbed the suds all over my neck, back and shoulders.

Feeling her hands slide over me was so relaxing and exciting at the same time. My penis stayed erect the entire time, pointing out into the water that streamed down my body. She put the washcloth down and I felt my sister’s hands go up to my shoulders and begin to massage my tense muscles. I groaned in approval as she squeezed and worked her fingers into my skin. She worked her hands down my back, gently massaging my aching muscles.

Her hands went back up to my shoulders and then stepped forward into me and pressed her body against mine. She sighed happily, holding me tight. She ran her hands over my soapy shoulders, then slid them around to my chest to hold on as she began sensually sliding her breasts across my slick body. She slid them back and forth, covering herself in suds. Her crotch ground against my butt and I could feel her hair rubbing against me. Her hands slid lower and she bent her knees and slid her breasts down my back, then up, then crouched down, sliding her body down mine again.

Jen let go of me and grabbed the washcloth again, staying crouched, and began to rub the cloth up and down my calves and thighs. She covered me in soap, rubbing it in with tenderness. Then she reached up further and ran the cloth over my buttocks. She rubbed each cheek, then slid the cloth between them and massaged my anus with the soapy cloth. Jen then slid the washcloth forward more and cupped my balls, gently massaging the soap over the sensitive flesh. She then set the washcloth aside and asked me to turn around.

The hot water rinsed the soap from my back as I looked down at my sister, kneeling in front of me. Her hair was all wet and tangled, her face beaming with excitement. Suds were all over her body, covering her breasts and shoulders and stomach. She bit her lower lip and moved closer to me so that we were almost touching. My erect dick jutted out towards her chin. She leaned forward and set her chest down on my erection, her soapy breasts surrounding me. I groaned and she looked up at me happily.

Jen looked back down between her breasts as she stuck her butt out and arched her back to slide her chest down. Then, with her hands on my hips, she pushed forward, sliding herself back up. Since her head was in the way for me to see her chest, I looked over her head to see the round curves of her buttocks as she slid her soapy body down and up again on my cock. I reached down and caressed her head with my hands as she slid herself down and up again, then I began to knead the muscles of her shoulders. My erection slid up and down through her fleshy cleavage and I could feel the front of each of her breasts sliding up and down my groin.

I couldn’t help but moan, as this stimulation was more than I could handle this early in the morning. Jen looked up at me, smiling, and continued rubbing her breasts up and down my body, squeezing my penis between them.

Grabbing her shoulders more firmly, I began to take charge and started thrusting my dick against her chest. She giggled and began pulling my hips towards herself to encourage me. I could already feel the fluids starting to run their course between my legs as I pushed against her. My awareness of my surroundings faded as my body focused in on the feelings being generated by the friction of our bodies. I could feel her chin hitting my stomach as I stroked my dick through her breasts, and her arms hugged around my waist tightly.

Finally, the head of my dick grew white-hot and I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. Jen squealed as my cum squirted out and sprayed her face. I held her tight to me and bucked, launching rope after rope of white semen at her, sticking to her mouth and eyes, dribbling down all over her chest. My balls tightened and still more cum splashed out in successive pulses.

My grip on her shoulders slowly loosened and I stepped back as she let go of me. Jen’s face was covered in thick ropes of cum. She blinked, trying to clear the glob out of one eye as a glob swung haphazardly from her chin. Her nose and lips had been hit, and a thick spray had clung to one cheek and her forehead. Large droplets of my semen were stuck to her chest and running down her cleavage.

She looked up at me with cum still partially blocking one eye, her mouth open in a surprised grin.

“Oh my gosh!” She exclaimed, laughing. She looked down at her chest, then tried wiping more of my cum off of her face. “I can’t believe you came that much!”

I just grinned at her, watching her try to clean herself off. There was even a nice-sized gob stuck in her hair.

“You know, sometime I’d really like it if you put this where it belongs.” She said, referring to some of the cum in her hand. “We still haven’t done this for real.” I stepped out of the way so she could rinse her face off.

I couldn’t believe her. “Jen, you’re going to make me go crazy.” I told her.

She giggled, stepping back and wiping the water from her face. “Well, we’ve done everything else, but we haven’t been together for real.” She looked straight into my eyes. Reaching out and taking my hands, she said, “I just want to…you know…be with you that way.”

It wasn’t the right time to tease her, but I couldn’t think of any way to reply, so I said, “What do you mean, ‘that way’?”

She rolled her eyes and gave me bit of a sisterly condescending look. “You know what I mean, Mark. Don’t tease me about it.”

“I’m sorry, you’re right.” I said, sobering up. “You mean that you want us to…become one, I guess. To have sex for real. Right?”

Her eyes glowed with intensity as she said, “Right.” Then, a little bashfully, she said, “I want you inside of me.”

“Well, I was, once.” I said.

“Yeah, for about three seconds!” She teased, lightly slapping my chest.

“And we have done a lot together. I mean, geez. I can’t believe what you and I have done!” I said.

“I know.” Jen said, quietly. She stepped up to me and put her arms around me, putting her head on my shoulder. The water poured down my back as I enjoyed feeling her naked body against mine.

She relaxed her hold on me slightly so she could turn her head toward mine. She looked down at my chest as she said, “It’s just that…it’s special. I know we’ve done a lot of stuff I never even dreamed we would, but it’s different. It’s like just playing a game we both like, or making each other feel good.”

She looked back up into my eyes again.

“But I want us to have sex together. Real sex, like a man and a woman who love each other very much.”

Her eyes actually were getting moist and her voice was a little strained as she continued.

“Because I love you Mark. I love you and I want you, and I want to give you all that I have.”

She embraced me again and I held my hand to the back of her head, tenderly.

“Jen, let me think about it. You know I want it too, okay? I want this with you too. I just need to think about it.” I said, softly.

She nodded, then released me slowly and we smiled at each other. It took her a moment to calm down, but we eventually began finishing the shower we had started.

The rest of the shower was less eventful if you ignore the very sensual part of getting to shower naked with your sister. If I hadn’t already cum a minute ago, seeing her as she stood under the shower and watching the soap bubbles slide down the curves of her butt, I would have seriously considered consummating our relationship right then.

But as it was, I did have to finish up and get to work, so the rest of the shower was just very, very stimulating. She decided to stay in the shower, but hugged me tightly before I stepped out to dry off.

Although it was the best morning a guy could get, it just made the rest of my day at work even more unexciting. I couldn’t wait to get home and see Jen again. But I had a hard time thinking over the sex question.

It really should not have been an issue in my mind, considering that we had technically had sex once, if only for a second, and had done just about everything else in our experimentation. But Jen was asking for more than sex, really. She was asking that we do it out of more than just lust, or fun. She was asking me to have sex with her as though she was my wife. To become one with her, not just by the act, but by a choice.

Something about that gave me pause.

It was a little confusing, really, and I’m afraid that my work that day was pretty poor as my mind was devoted to this issue. I really did love Jen. She was an awesome sister and a great girl. I trusted her like I did no one else. She was beautiful, sexy, fun. I loved being around her. I was proud of everything she was becoming. She was probably the most special person in my life. Why in the world would I hesitate to have sex with her as though she was my wife?

By the end of the day, I had come up with no good answer. I had come up with hundreds of reasons, but none of them really fit how my heart felt about it. I was frustrated, because I didn’t want to just give in and have sex with Jen and have a lingering doubt in my mind. If I did it, I wanted to make love with her honestly.

I left work just as frustrated as when I had entered, and drove home.


When I got home, my mom was just setting the table for dinner and Jen wasn’t home yet. I wearily went up to my room and changed into some jeans and a t-shirt, then laid down on the bed. The room seemed like it was spinning around me as my mind kept going over my worries about Jen and I.

Jen got home and we all had dinner together. Mom and Dad talked most of the time as I couldn’t come up with much to say and Jen was strangely silent as well. She did catch my eye and the look on her face was of someone hopeful. She wanted to know if I had an answer. Seeing that I didn’t, her face became a little more troubled and she seemed to focus more on her mashed potatoes than someone should really need to.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the evening was over and I was back in my room getting ready for bed. I sat down and waited patiently until I heard the soft knock I had been anticipating all day.

Jen came in, wearing her loose pajamas and I made room for her to sit on my bed with me.

It was obvious that she was worried and didn’t want to bring it up, but she asked, “So did you think about it today?”

My heart started to ache.

“Yes. All day.”

“And have you decided?” She asked.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. She sighed in frustration and had turned her head away from me.

After a moment of silence, she looked back. Her eyes were filled with tears.

“How could you dare to do all these things with me-” she sobbed, “-and not do this?”

My heart crumpled and I embraced her. She cried silently into my chest.

I cried too; my tears falling into her hair.

Time turned into a hazy fog of sadness.

Things didn’t seem real. It was just she and I, crying together, because we were so in love but so confused.

It took a while, but eventually we both calmed down. She sat up and I pulled over the tissues and we wiped our eyes and cheeks, giggled softly as we blew our noses, and regained our composure.

I sighed heavily. “Jen, you know why.”

She looked in my direction, but kept her eyes downcast.

“I couldn’t love you any more than I do right now, but we both know we can’t build a life together like we were married. I…I couldn’t do that to you. I couldn’t rob you of the joy of meeting someone else that you really love, getting married to him and having kids with him.”

She turned her head away slightly, but was still listening.

I continued. “There’s just something different about it, and I know you know it too. There’s something good about leaving your family and starting a family of your own. And if we did that together, we wouldn’t grow like we should, and we’d be hurting each other in a way.”

She sighed.

“And I just feel like if we stopped fooling around like we have been, and we got serious, we couldn’t break free from each other. I know I wouldn’t be strong enough to. I could never leave you.”

She started to cry again.

Looking down at the crumpled tissue she held in her lap, she muttered a sad, “I know…I know.”

Then she got up, gave me a quick hug, and left my room.

I felt like my heart had just been torn out.


The next several weeks were, well…depressing. Jen and I eventually recovered and were able to continue on. We still joked around a good bit, we still talked, but it was all a little strained. It was like we both didn’t feel like we could be as open with each other as we had been before.

Then, there was the night I heard her come home and go to her room around five in the morning after a date with James. I wanted to throw up. The rest of that week, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. Jen would hardly look at me, and when she did, it was like someone who felt like they had completely betrayed you.

The next week, I took Michelle out dancing. I got she and myself very drunk and we spent that night in a motel room. Michelle is blond, but that night all I could see was Jen’s brown hair. And when I got back home the next day, I couldn’t look Jen in the eye, and I could hear her crying in her room late at night.

In fact, I don’t think things could have been more wretched.


It was sometime after midnight, several weeks later. It was raining hard, and peals of thunder would reverberate through the house. I had been lying in bed for an hour, or maybe two, unable to sleep.

All I could think about was Jen. My whole heart was wrapped up in her. It felt like I had been twisted and wrung out like a washrag. I was tired and sad, and so very lonely.

I just couldn’t take it anymore.

This couldn’t go on.

I had thought we were making a wise decision. I thought we were doing what was best for both of us.

But instead, I felt like I was dying.

I could not live like this.

Slowly, I sat up in my bed, then stood and walked to the door leading to the bathroom between our two rooms.

I opened the door.

In front of me, standing in the doorway to her room, her hand still on the knob, was Jen.

There were tears on her cheeks, but she gasped when she saw me and for the first time in a month, there was light in her eyes.

We nearly ran to each other and embraced passionately. We were choking back sobs as we held each other and ran our hands over each other. We kissed, then kept kissing, and our hands wound up around our necks and held our heads closer together as we gasped and sobbed into the other’s lips.

I picked her up around the waist and carried her into my room and we collapsed onto my bed. The rain was crashing on the window, but couldn’t drown out the pounding of our hearts as Jen pulled her top off and worked her pajama bottoms off as I did the same with my shirt and shorts.

She laid back, her eyes longing, and for just a moment, a flash of lightning outlined our nude bodies before the room became dark again and I laid down on my sister.

Her arms clutched at my back and mine wrapped around her body.

My legs went between hers and our chests pressed together.

Jen gasped into my ear as my penis pressed against her cunt, and pushed through her lips.

Time stopped and I eased my penis up into my sister’s body.

My flesh became her flesh. Hers became mine.

She cried out into the storm and we were one.

I lowered my lips to hers and she greedily accepted them, hungrily kissing me as she reached her hands down and grabbed my buttocks and pulled them up to get me even further inside.

I was completely hers. I gave myself to her even as she gave herself to me.

Jen used her hands to urge me to pull back and thrust myself inside of her. I obeyed her hands and plunged my penis into her willing vagina over and over.

Our bodies grew wet with sweat and the sheets around us grew damp. But in the darkened room, nothing could stop the two naked bodies straining together on the bed, grunting, dripping, kissing, moaning. The window grew cloudy with condensation.

We continued to strain together, one pushing in, one accepting. One urging the other on, the other obeying.

Her legs spread wider and she picked her knees up until her feet were up in the air, swaying with each thrust. My sister’s cunt was now completely open and my shaft thrust into her wet flesh until I found her cervix with the head of my penis.

She gasped into my mouth and her hips shook.

I felt her vagina grow warmer and wetter as her body shook with an orgasm. She broke our kiss to clench her teeth and eyes and just shook. Her fingers dug deep into the muscles of my buttocks and she pulled me up, up, up, faster and faster.

I pulled my arms from around her back and grabbed her face, holding her head tight and kissing her all over. I kissed her forehead and her eyes and her lips and her nose and ears. She continued pulling me into her and her face was tight in a grimace as her pussy flowed with fluid from her orgasm.

Suddenly, she gasped hard and shouted, “Oh God Mark! Cum! Cum!”

I gasped loudly and a loud grunt burst out from my soul as my penis exploded into her body, ejaculating within her writhing flesh.

We cried out together and held each other so tight that neither of us could breath.

My body convulsed with each gush of semen and her body shook hard with her orgasm. I could feel our fluids spilling out of her body, running down between her legs and over my balls.

My body spilled the last of its seed and her shaking began to subside. Bit by bit, muscle by muscle, we began to relax. I leaned back down and kissed her and she tenderly replied. I wiped the sweat and hair from her forehead and she ran her hands slowly up and down my wet back.

After what seemed like hours, I slid to her side and despite the wetness of our sweat and our cum, we held each other and slept more soundly, and more deeply, than we ever had before in our lives.

We woke up the next morning and the sunlight streaming in the window revealed what we had both longed for, for so long. We were together. We were together the way we should be.

As I leaned in to kiss her good morning, I knew we wouldn’t have an easy time balancing our love with the lives we had to live. But I knew this was right, that she was right, and that it was right to be together.

And my kiss good morning grew into another passionate blessing of the new day and our new love.

Chapter 07

It had been over two years now since Michelle and I were married. We had a really nice wedding, not too expensive, but well decorated and fun. Michelle agreed not to spend too much on the photos and videos and instead we put our money into great food at the reception, and a DJ who brought a great attitude and had a lot of good music. All our family and friends had had a blast and we knew it was a success when even Michelle’s grandmother joined the dancing, cane and all.

Jen and I even shared a dance together, laughing together as whispered some of our memories of the unbelievable things we did together three years prior. We were both happy now, she with James and I with Michelle, and we were both very supportive of each other and content that we were forever together in the way that mattered.

Michelle and I had remained in the town we grew up in. We bought a little house and Michelle had taken up gardening while I tried a few hobbies, being most successful with woodworking. She was enjoying her work at the nursing home and was due for a promotion after her recent training. I often teased her that it was her figure and her strawberry-blond hair that helped her keep the old men under control and not the training she had. I was probably right too. And just as she was enjoying her work, I was doing well at my company, now having my own office and working hard to maintain a strong list of customers.

Jen and James had been married a year ago in a church on the other side of town. They opted for a more traditional ceremony and had their reception in the old, gray, stone hall of the church. The setting was gorgeous, with the candles and flowers they had picked out. Jen looked stunning in her wedding dress. Her dark brown hair was braided along the sides of her head and cascading halfway down her back. Her veil was held to her head by a delicate crown of ribbon that had been wrapped in with flowers. James looked good too, having obviously bulked up from all his work at the garage. They made a great couple together and everyone appreciated and enjoyed their wedding.

Jen and James had moved out of state soon after their marriage, and it was rare that we got to see them. However, it wasn’t long before we got word that Jen was pregnant, so a visit was in order. Things didn’t work out well for us as we tried to plan. Michelle’s workplace had undergone some management changes and the was unable to get away. I had other engagements besides work, and also could not get the time free.

It was actually almost seven months later when my schedule cleared up. Unfortunately, Michelle was still unable to go, but she urged me to make the visit anyhow to see Jen and James. It took another week before we had made all the arrangements, but I finally arrived one Friday evening.

When Jen greeted me at the door, my heart stuck in my throat. She looked absolutely beautiful. It had been so long since I had seen her, yet she looked just as pretty and joyful and sexy as when she was a senior in high school. All the memories of our sexual experimentation came roaring back into my head in just the few seconds it took for her to happily shout my name and hug me. I felt her swollen stomach and breasts press against me and smelled the perfume of her hair as I returned the embrace.

“Come in! I’m so glad you could finally get here! It’s so good to see you!” she gushed as she stepped out of the doorway and I grabbed my bags and stepped in.

She showed me into the guest bedroom where I dropped my stuff off, then led me into the living room. The scent of some Italian meal was in the air, awaking my hunger. I sat down on one of the sofas and Jen sat next to me, giddy with excitement. She was wearing a loose blue shirt and jeans, both obviously maternity clothes, and her feet were bare.

“Where’s James at?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s working late at the garage tonight. He’ll be home soon. They do the work on the trucks for the Post Office and a few were dropped off today.” She explained.

Then, after a moment, I realized she was just gazing at me.

“Um, Jen? You there?” I teased.

She laughed. “Sorry! It’s…I’m glad you’re here.” She said, smiling.

I looked at her, and she looked into my eyes, still smiling.

“I’ve missed you too.” I told her.

She grinned more, then took a breath and looked away. “Okay, okay, I have to get dinner ready. You just relax.”

“Oh no you don’t!” I protested. “I’ll not have my pregnant sister do all the work while I sit around! Let me help out.”

She agreed and, after I helped her up, we went into the kitchen and got the meal ready. James arrived home and greeted me warmly. We all had dinner and enjoyed a good evening visiting. Jen went to bed earlier than James and I, but it wasn’t long before I turned in too.

When I awoke the next morning, I found I had slept in pretty late. I got dressed and found my way to the bathroom, then went in search of Jen and James.

I made my towards the living room where I could hear music. Entering the room, I say my sister standing in front of the TV, working out to an exercise video. She had her hair pulled back tight in a ponytail and was wearing a white sports bra and gray sweats. Her stomach was bare, and my breath stuck in my lungs for a moment as I admired her in her pregnant glory. She was sitting on a large, blue, yoga ball with her hands on her neck, elbows pointed out to each side as she followed the video’s lead.

I stepped over and sat down on the couch where she could see me. She glanced over and smiled, but looked back at the screen, puffing with exertion as she worked to keep her seat while gently bending to work one side of her abs.

Her face was rosy and she was sweating from her workout. I could tell that the pregnancy was making her face just a little puffy, and it looked like her breasts has swelled a bit as well. She had put on some weight, but it only served to amplify her womanly curves as she had done a great job keeping her arms and legs toned. Her butt was a little rounder, her hips and chest a little wider, but that was all. And it made her look great. Especially with that big, round belly hanging out there, stretching her skin tight.

She glanced back at me and a suspicious grin spread across her face.

“Are you going to sit there and watch me the whole time?” she asked.

I just sat back and smiled. “It’s the best thing I have going on right now.” She smiled, then turned her attention back to the screen.

I silently gazed at her, love and pride filling my heart. She was such a beautiful girl and she would make a beautiful mother. It just showed in the way she carried herself. Her eyes now carried that kind and patient look, like she knows more than she’s going to let on. She looked peaceful and yet determined at the same time. Seeing her there, ponytail wagging back and forth as she worked to keep herself fit even while pregnant, I knew her child was going to grow up loved and cared for.

A few minutes later, the video was over and she asked me to help her up off the ball. After she gained her footing, I then helped her sit down on the floor where she could stretch out.

“Mark, would it bother you if I took off my bra?” she asked, stretching an arm over her head.

I laughed. “What do you think? But won’t James mind just a little?”

“Oh, he had to go to the garage for a few hours. It’s just you and me, bro.” She said, smiling.

“Uh, well, yeah. Go ahead. Please!” I said.

She laughed, then reached down and pulled the edge of her bra up, releasing her full breasts, then pulled the wet fabric over her head and tossed it to the side.

“Oh my gosh! That thing was killing me!” she said, cradling her naked breasts in her hands. She quickly rubbed them to get the feeling back and resumed her stretching. I was fascinated seeing how her breasts rubbed against the top of her stomach in the position she was in. She glanced over and grinned. “Mark! You’re staring!” she said with giggly embarrassment.

“Sorry sis, you are incredibly hot.” I said, smiling at her.

She changed arms and said, “Oh yeah, even though I’m so fat.”

I made a face and said, “Hey, shut up! Don’t you dare think that. You look fantastic. You look like a million bucks.”

Jen thought about that. She reached out and took hold of her thigh and leaned forward, just a little. Her glistening breasts pushed against her round stomach. The freckles sprinkled on her shoulders stood out well in the light.

“So, do I still turn you on, even like this?” she asked, looking up at me.

“My god yes.” I admitted.

She giggled. “Prove it.” She looked at me with a daring grin.

I stood up and gestured at the mound of my erection bulging in my pants.

“Mark! I mean show me! Don’t mess around with me. I’m pregnant and I want to see it!” she scolded, laughing at the end.

This was great. I unbuckled my belt, undid the front of my jeans, then spread them open and pulled the front of my briefs down to expose my penis to her. She looked fully at it and smiled.

“Hey, I remember you!” she said, merrily.

“Oh trust me, he hasn’t forgotten you.” I said.

She smiled. “Bring him over here, let’s see if he really does remember me.”

I walked up to her and she reached up and put her hand on my dick, pulling it down. It was like heaven having her touch me again.

She looked up at me with shining eyes and said, “Come here, come to mama…” then she leaned closer and slid my penis between her lips. Her mouth closed around my shaft and her tongue began to slide across my stiff flesh.

My eyes rolled up in pleasure and I put my hands on my hips to steady myself as she sank my penis deep into her mouth. Her tongue ran back and forth over the width of the base of my shaft. Then she began to bob her head up and down my length, stuffing her mouth with me until her spit began to dribble out of the corner of her mouth.

She slid me out most of the way and looked up at me happily, sliding the tip of my penis side to side across her extended tongue. A few drops of spit fell on her chest and belly, shining in the light. She looked back down and reached a hand between my legs and tucked her fingers up into my scrotom. My skin was really sensitive to her touch and she smiled when she felt my dick jerk.

She pushed her mouth forward again and drew me back in. up and down my shaft, then pushed her head forward even more. I felt the head of my penis hit the back of her mouth, then felt her throat relax and her head sank in even deeper until her nose pressed in against my pubic hair. Her fingertips tightened against my crotch and she began pulling and pushing her head back and forth by only an inch, squeezing my penis in and out of her throat. Her chin jutted out into my balls and her nose pressed harder against my body. She paused, and I suddenly felt her lips wrap around the very base of my body, tightening around the hair and flesh surrounding my cock. She had swallowed me completely, and now she used her hand to pull my balls gently forward and rub them around on her chin.

She finally drew back, sliding me the whole way out and gasping air in happily. A thick trail of saliva followed after her and landed again on her round stomach. She smiled up at me, then looked down at herself and rubbed the spit in with her hand.

“So do you remember that?” She asked, grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh…my…” I stuttered, then pulled the yoga ball and sat on it. “Where in the world did you learn that?!” I asked in disbelief.

“Well, you don’t think I got this by washing his socks, do you?” Jen said innocently, pointing at her stomach. I shook my head and she laughed.

She reached down and pulled her sweats down to her knees, then sat on her side and pulled them off her legs. She looked up at me, her wet breasts heaving, her round stomach protruding out over her black panties. Her hair was a little more unkempt now, but most of it held together in the ponytail while the rest hung down around her face. Her forehead and chest was shimmering with sweat.

She looked straight into my eyes, and slowly a smile spread across her face as she invited me.

I looked right back into her eyes and my smile came bursting out of my heart and onto my face. I tore my shirt off over my head, then stood up and worked my jeans and briefs off.

Standing totally naked in my sister and her husband’s home, I walked up before her and knelt down in front of her. She didn’t say a word, but just grinned excitedly as I reached out to her hips and slowly peeled her panties down from under her belly and over her hips. She held herself up and allowed me to strip the fabric from under her butt, then lifted her legs as I slid it along her bare thighs, over her knees, and off.

She folded her legs together casually, but then allowed me to slowly pull her knees to the side, keeping them together and turning her lower body so that she leaned on her side as her buttocks came off the floor and her pussy was exposed. She laid her upper body down, reaching one arm up and resting her head on it as her great belly rested on the floor and sighed with satisfaction as she felt my hand on her hip.

My erection was strong by this time, but I needed more of my sister before I could satisfy myself. I laid down on my side further down on the floor so that my head pointed toward her butt. I reached up and pulled her cheeks apart to expose more of her pussy. Her hair had grown longer than when we had been together last, but it looked right. She looked inviting. My wife, Michelle, loved it when I licked her like this, but there was something about Jen that made me hungry to taste her between her legs.

Greedily, I pressed my mouth against her warm, moist pussy and heard her gasp in delight. My lips pressed against her own hairy lips and her butt cheeks were warm against mine. I slid my tongue out and dipped it into her cunt. She was already wet with excitement. For the first time in years I tasted her fluids as they leaked out of her vagina. Her pussy lips were swollen and fleshy, and as I gouged her flesh with my tongue, I could feel her lips growing firmer as her stimulation built.

I focused my tongue on her clit and heard her gasp out an “Oh god!”. I twirled her erect nub around and then licked it straight up and down until I could feel her trembling. Her legs had begun to feel tacky as she started to perspire, and when I took my face away to look at her, I could see droplets of her clear fluid had run down her cheek and into the carpet.

I got up and scooted myself up behind her so I could put my arms around her sides while I brought my penis up toward her pussy. The sun poured in through the blinds as we lay together on the carpet in the middle of the room. She reached back and pulled my hand around her and put it on her belly and then gasped as she felt the tip of my penis touch her cunt.

Gently, I inched myself forward. My penis squished between her swollen lips and sunk into her body.

I pushed it in deeper. Jen bit her lip.

Deeper. Her hand grasped mine and held it tight on her stomach.

My body became one with hers; my penis sticking fully her quivering vagina.

Suddenly, we were both still, paused in the midst of our union.

“Do you feel him?” Jen whispered.

I smiled, feeling the vibrations under my hand. “Yeah!”

“He’s kicking!” she said. She turned her head back to smile at me and say, “He knows I’m enjoying this.”

I bent forward and kissed her, fully. When our lips parted and our eyes opened, Jen looked at me with something more than love. Now it was lust.

Obliging her, I hauled my penis down her passage, then thrust it back up inside. She grunted and laid her head back down on her arm. Her cunt felt different, now that she was pregnant. It was a tighter squeeze, as though she was gripping my shaft. It was harder work, but the feeling of her body holding me so tightly was exhilarating.

I continued to plunge myself deep into her body. My skin meshed with hers and our bodies jostled together. The glands in my body pulsed lubricant out through the tip of my penis which mixed with her body’s excretions until our genitals were wrapped with our mingled fluids. The hairy base of my shaft and my balls merged together with the course hair in her cunt as I pumped myself in and out of her until the hair of both our bodies was moist and saturated with our love.

My hand firmly grasped her belly where her child lay, an unknowing member of the new body Jen and I had become. His kicks continued as his mother and her brother celebrated their love together. I worked my other hand under her body and placed it on her belly, then moved the hand I had on top onto her breast. She gasped and moaned again as my warm hand caressed the teat that would soon suckle her child.

“Oh god, Mark, you’re milking me…” Jen gasped, feeling my fingers squeeze her swollen nipple. I was surprised to feel my fingers suddenly wet and realized what she meant. I continued to squeeze and fondle her breast, working out a few more drops of her milk. Her body had not yet started producing the milk she could yet, so it was only a minute before I had drained her. She moaned and clasped her hand over mine on her breast tightly.

She started to tremble, lightly. I continued sliding my flesh into hers. She moaned and began to shake. I felt her cunt pulse with warmth and grow wetter.

She began to whine, trying to hold back a groan, but she couldn’t help it and her loud cry filled the room as she came to an orgasm. I held her tight and worked my penis in and out between her dripping pussy lips. I could feel my balls getting wet from her cum and could barely get any friction with her this wet.

After a few moments where she strained and shook and cried out in ecstasy, she dropped her head down to rest.

The room was quiet, and the sounds of our labored breathing and the sloshing of our genitals echoed in our ears.

“Mark,” Jen said. “Think it’s going to be a while before we can do this again?” she asked, panting.

I grunted. “Yeah, probably.”

She gasped again. “Do you want to do me in the ass?”

She felt my rhythm falter and grinned back at me.

“I sure do.” I said, bending over to kiss her again.

“I thought you would. Go ahead. I don’t let Mark do it. It’s just for you, hunny.” She said.

I kissed her again and as our lips pressed together her tongue pushed into my mouth. After a few moments, our lips separated and she gave me a knowing smile. She wanted me to enjoy her however I wanted.

I slid my penis out of her cunt and reached down and positioned the tip against her anus. It was a much less elaborate entrance into her, but all the more thrilling because this was the absolute pinnacle of her privacy. Her anus was what she would keep guarded even from her husband, and she offered it to me, her brother, freely.

Gently I pressed myself against her. It took a moment where I could feel her trying to relax until I began to easily sink in. The texture of her anus was much more stimulating than her vagina. For such a simple entrance, the nerves in my penis registered an incredible texture inside.

Jen reached her hand down and put it on her hip as I slowly pushed myself all the way in. My balls and groin tucked into her butt cheeks as my dick slid up into her ass as far as possible. I began to slowly pump myself in and out of her until I felt her muscles loosen and it became easier.

It had been so long since we had done this. There was no doubt we were both thinking about the first shower we had taken together and how this had been the result.

A moment ago we had been one body. We were still so now, but it was a different body. We had been two equals, united in love. Now, she had submitted herself to be used for my pleasure. My sister had opened up herself to assuage my lust, and I was hungrily devouring what she offered me.

The juices from her cunt that had mixed with mine now lubricated her anus. As my shaft coursed through her textured orifice, the walls of her rectum began secreting it’s own lubricant than mixed with the juices I had introduced.

In and out I slid my penis through her anus. She squeezed her buttocks and giggled happily as I rammed myself against her firm muscle, jolting her body with my thrusts. My scrotum slapped at her wet cunt and smeared our wetness on both our bodies.

She felt my tempo increasing and leaned back to smile at me and watch my hips buck against hers. I paused, pushing my shaft deep inside her and leaned forward to give her a kiss. I set my hand on her cheek and pulled her face close as I kissed her passionately. She responded, breathing deeply and kissing back with her wet lips.

As we kissed, I began pumping myself into her ass again. I reached down and pulled her thigh up, spreading her knees wide apart. I continued kissing her and just held her leg up, exposing her. I felt her kissing grow in fervor and she reached her hand back to place it on my head and pull me closer. Our tongues met and pressed together and we both gasped and drank at each other as though we were starving.

I pulled my lips from hers and sank them down on her neck. She laid her head back down and I heard her moan once as I tenderly suckled on her neck. My penis thrust in and out of her body and I continued to hold her legs apart.

She moaned again, louder, and then again.

“Oh…I can’t believe…you’re making me cum…like this!” she gasped, then groaned loudly as I increased my pace.

I kissed the base of her neck where it met her shoulder and licked her smooth skin tenderly. I felt her anus tighten around my dick. Her leg began to shake. Her body began to shake. She was breaking out into a cold sweat. Her anus relaxed and tightened and alternated between the two until my thrusts had pushed air up into her, resulting in what would normally be a very embarrassing sound. In our case, neither of us cared, for Jen was in a full-blown orgasm.

She cried out and her body arched. Her knees and arms tightened and her legs pulled back together. Her body began to buck against me as I continued my assault on her neck and anus. Her wet buttocks squeezed hard and nearly forced my body away, but her anus also clenched down and wouldn’t permit me to exit.

For a moment, we were locked together. She finally let out another loud cry, so loud that it took me by surprise, and shook violently.

“Mark! Please stop! I can’t take any more!” she pleaded.

I pulled my lips from her neck. Her body gently helped expel my penis.

I embraced her from behind and she held me to her tight, shaking.

After a number of minutes, she calmed down. Her breathing returned to normal and her body stopped trembling.

“I can’t believe how that felt.” she said quietly. “I’ve never cum so hard in my life.”

I kissed her on the cheek.

She turned to look back at me. “Would you like to cum on my stomach?” she asked, smiling.

I smiled back and got up. “You’re sure you don’t want it inside?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I want to see it. I want you to cum all over my stomach.”

She rolled onto her back and sat up, propping herself up on her elbows as I got on my knees between her legs.

I admired her beautiful, naked body. Her body glowed with sweat. Her nipples had relaxed and held a soft, rosebud form. Her long, brown hair was clinging to her forehead and cheeks and shoulders in wet strands. Her pussy glistened with moisture, and a milky drop of her cum had oozed out and dribbled into her butt crack.

I got up close to her until I could rest my penis on her tall belly. She grinned at me as I looked into her eyes and began to rub my penis up and down on her skin. I closed my eyes and allowed my body to react to her, allowed myself to become stimulated. I smelled the scent of our sex together. I felt my penis slide along her pregnant belly on her sweat and my pre-cum.

“Yes, just like that Mark, just like that.” Jen said quietly, encouraging.

Finally I felt it welling up within me. The fluids my body had been storing up mixed together with my sperm and began pulsing through their tubes. With a grunt, I released a spray of cum that splashed across her stomach and breasts and into her eye. She blinked in surprise as I let out another volley, a rope of cum that spilled between her breasts and all over her belly. I grunted again and slid my penis across her stomach, through my own cum, building up stimulation to spur two more pulses of cum that poured all over her belly and dribbled down to the floor. A few, smaller gushes ensured that her belly was glistening with my sticky cum.

I groaned happily and moved back and laid on my side next to her. She just smiled, looking down at her cum-covered skin, absently running her fingertips through what had pooled where her stomach met her breasts. She smiled at me and leaned over. We kissed deeply again, this time as exhausted lovers who have, for today, had their fill.

It took some time, but eventually we got ourselves up. Jen went to take a shower and I stayed and cleaned up the clothes and dried the carpet. We spent the rest of the day in quiet, happy intimacy.

Not long after I had returned home, Jen’s son was born. Truly, a child of love.