Mom & Son Vacation Together

My husband and I have been divorced for ten years. Josh has spent his time divided between us. I found the time when Josh was at his father’s very difficult as he was our only child and I was alone in the house when he wasn’t there.

Josh had just graduated from college and his Dad gave him a new car as a graduation present. I gave Josh a week’s vacation which involved driving from Los Angeles to Portland Oregon. We had a week to enjoy a leisurely trip, stopping as we desired along the way. Our first day on the road was fun. Josh loved driving his new car and I thought it great that we liked each others company so much.

The first night in the motel was uneventful. The room had two beds and the normal hotel furnishings. Josh and I talked about life after school and other such themes. We retired early as we were both tired. The next morning I woke before Josh and when I got out of my bed to use the bathroom, I looked at Josh lying in bed and noticed that there was a rather large raised area at his groin under the sheet. I realized that Josh had a hardon in his sleep. I resisted the temptation to look more and went into the bathroom. When I exited, I noticed that Josh had turned over and was on his side. As I walked towards the window to open the curtains, Josh turned on his back again, this time the sheet had moved down his legs and I could see his penis pushing against the material of his boxer shorts. This had raised the fly open and I could see part of his penis. Instead of turning away I let my gaze linger longer than I should have. I open the curtains and told Josh time to get up. He stretched and, I guess, realized that he had a morning hardon. He rolled over and in a few moments went into the bathroom.

Well I thought, there is nothing unusual about this occurrence. After all, he is my son and we have on occasion seen each other in our underwear. However, there was something that stirred in me this time that did not seem totally motherly. Maybe it was knowing that Josh had grown into a fine young man, or being in the hotel or a combination of both. But, it was strange to have these yet unidentified or understood sensations in my body.

The next night we stopped at another hotel and after dinner we relaxed and discussed plans for the next days drive and sightseeing. I took a shower, wrapped a towel around me and was standing in front of the bathroom mirror when I noticed that I could see Josh in the bedroom. I had left the door ajar so that the steam wouldn’t be so dense and fog the mirror. What I hadn’t noticed was the fact the bathroom mirror was aligned with the mirror over the bedroom dresser so that you could see into the other room. Josh was standing in front of the dresser and I could tell that he was looking at me. Or at least I think he was looking at me. I felt sure that if I saw him through the mirrors, he must be able to see me.

However, when I looked back, I didn’t see him any more, so he must have moved to another part of the room. Then I did something that I still can’t believe I did. Something that seemed to happen without much thought. I was visioning Josh’s hardon from the day before as I removed my towel and dried my hair some more. Instead of wrapping the towel above my breasts as I had done when I stepped out of the shower, I wrapped it around my waist, which left my breasts totally exposed. I tinkered at the bathroom counter and kept glancing into the other room. Finally, Josh came back into view and he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw me thorough the mirrors. I reached for my hairbrush and began brushing as I kept my eye on Josh. He was definitely watching me and I could see that he was getting excited as his pants began to bulge. At this point, I came back to reality and decided it best to end the show. I put on my robe came into the room. I asked Josh if he wanted to watch TV.

He replied that it was his turn for a shower and went into the bathroom. I saw that he too had left the door ajar. I heard the water stop and knew he had stepped out of the shower. I sat on the bed looking at the mirror. I wanted to resist the urge to go to the dresser. I was fighting the feelings I was having. I knew that if I went to the mirror, the reason would be to see if I could observe Josh as he had observed me. I gave in, got up and went to the dresser. I looked into the mirror and sure enough, there was Josh in the bathroom. Naked, his penis was semi-hard. I looked at it and saw what a fine, virile man he had grown into. I was filled with motherly and womanly love for my son. Proud he was my boy, my son. But also, appreciative of his masculinity, his manhood.

The next night, fate entered into the equation. The hotel had no rooms with two beds. The only thing available was a room with one queen size. We took it and Josh said he would sleep on the sofa. Well when we got to the room there was no sofa only a couple of chairs. I told Josh not to worry there was enough room in the bed for the both of us. We agreed to share the bed and both made nervous quips about not pushing each other out of the bed during the night. This time the mirrors were not aligned properly to allow for any view of each other. But when I came out of the shower, I let my robe drape open as I moved around the room. I was certain Josh must have been able to see quick views of my pussy, but I never actually made eye contact with him to confirm it. We watched some TV and then turned the lights off and settled into our respective sides of the bed.

Sometime during the night, I became aware that Josh had rolled over next to me. I was lying on my back and he had moved facing me on his side. I felt his hand push against my thigh, and instinctively reached down to pat it with my hand. I was shocked when instead of his hand I touched his erect dick. He had another hardon and it had poked out of his fly. I should have immediately drawn my hand back, but I didn’t. I let it rest on his dick. We stayed that way for minutes. I rationalized that he was probably still sleeping and wasn’t even aware of his close proximity to me or thought that I was sleeping also. Josh then draped his hand over my breast. It was done innocently and in his sleep. I should have moved it away, I should have turned over, got out of bed, done something, anything to stop what was happening.

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But I couldn’t, something in me refused to separate myself from my son. It felt nice, it felt warm, and it felt secure lying with him like this. Lying with a man as I had not done for years. Feeling the heat and hardness of his frame, the hardness of his dick resting on my hand. While my mind was having this fight with itself about the propriety of what was happening, I felt Josh’s fingers push ever so lightly on my breast. Finger manipulations that certainly could happen unconsciously while one slept. Or so I reasoned. Then again I did something I could not believe. I flexed my fingers on his dick. Returning the manipulations he gave my breasts. Josh pressed his fingers again. I responded in kind. I felt his dick jerk under my fingers. This back and forth – tit for tat , excuse the pun, went on for awhile. I was telling myself that he was sleeping and didn’t realize what was happening.

But, I wasn’t sleeping and I did realize what was happening. And I wanted it. My body was stirring in ways it had never done before, I was getting wet between my legs, my nipples were hard, and I was having trouble controlling my breathing. I was more turned on by my son than I had ever been with another man. I guess it was knowing that this was so taboo, so forbidden that made it all the more exciting.

Josh suddenly rolled over and got out of bed almost in a run to the bathroom. I believe he must have climaxed. He returned to the bed and both of us slept. Nothing about this was mentioned the next morning. We both acted normally with each other.

When we stopped at the hotel that night, I had to use the bathroom right away. The long drive without a bathroom break had my bladder bursting. I used the lobby restroom while Josh checked us in. When I met him in the lobby, he had the room key and said that this hotel also did not have two beds and would it be ok for us to share the bed again. I assured him that would be fine. I told him he was a good bedmate. When we got to the room, we saw that there was a sofa in this room. Josh disappointedly said he would sleep there and let me have the bed to myself. I should have agreed, but, instead told him not to be silly. We slept together last night and would do it again tonight. He couldn’t be as comfortable on the sofa as in the bed.

His spirits lifted and we went out for dinner. When we returned we got ready for bed. I had been sleeping in pull over nightgowns and Josh had been sleeping in his boxer shorts. For some reason, this night, I put on one of my shorter gowns that button up the front. I never sleep with panties, so there was no issue with myself on that score. I left a couple of buttons undone at the top and noticed how Josh watched my every move as I walked around the room and bent over several times. I knew that he could see most if not all of my breasts as the gown would fall away from my body when I leaned over. I was enjoying the sexual tension that was flowing. But comfortable as I rationalized that all this was an accident.

We both fell asleep or at least we both pretended to sleep. Again, I was on my back and after about thirty minutes Josh rolled towards me again. I felt his hard dick press against my bare thigh and this time I knew it was his dick. Even knowing this, I let my hand move down and my fingers again touched his hardness. In a few minutes, he moved his hand to my breast and we began our game. Fingers pressing in response to each other. I was so hot, and not the weather kind.

I knew that if this continued we both would not be able to deny what was happening. In a moment of sanity, I decided I had to cut this off before it was too late. I rolled on my side with my back to Josh. I figured this would be a signal that it was over and all would be ok. That was not to be. Josh moved closer to me. He was positioned on his side facing my backside. He pressed into me so that his body matched the contour of mine. I could feel his dick now pressed against my backside, and to my horror or delight, I don’t know which, Probably both, I realized that my gown had moved above my hips as I had rolled to my side and Josh’s dick was against my naked ass.

I didn’t move. I was frozen. I wanted it to stop; I wanted it to continue. I told myself to get up, that would break the spell both of us were under. But I didn’t get up. I laid there being still, trying to steady my breathing, trying to act as though I was asleep and hoping that Josh was sleeping and did not know how close he was to me, to my wet pussy. Then I felt him push his hips towards my ass. Just barely discernable, but, I was certain I felt the pressure. A minute or two passed and he pressed again. I think I felt his dick twitch against the crack of my ass. I remained still. Determined not to participate on a conscious level. Josh pressed again, a little more firmly. My mind was saying, ok you can control this, but my body had its own mind. The next time he pushed, I pushed back. Very lightly, but, it was a response to him. This pushing back and forth continued for awhile. I might have pushed back into him for every two or three he did to me. But I was returning the pressure and I felt bewildered at how this could be happening with my own son. My baby. Although, he was certainly no baby anymore, and he seemed to actually want to be with his mother in this sexual way.

As my mind had this conversation with itself, I became aware that Josh had moved his penis from pressing against my ass to a lower angle where his dick was actually at my pussy lips. I know I was very wet down there and the moisture and the hotness of our genitals were propelling me to sensations I could no longer deny. But, I could not consciously let this happen. It was happening in our sleep, I justified. Now Josh was pushing his dick against my pussy. I remained still, resolved that I would not push back and he would soon need to cum again and go to the bathroom. My body was on autopilot now. At some point, my ass pushed back. He pushed forward and I was certain I could feel his dick in the outer folds of my pussy lips. Josh would push very lightly, but not withdraw. When I would push back very lightly, his dick would move just a fraction of an inch into me. This went back and forth, until I knew with out any doubt that his dick was in me. Not all the way, but, he was in my pussy and I wasn’t willing to stop it from happening.

Finally Josh pushed harder and his dick penetrated me all the way. We both lay there, his dick twitched inside me. I did not move. But Josh started to fuck me. He would pull his dick nearly out of me and then push it all the way in. There was no other way to describe it. He was fucking his mother and I was letting him. I was enjoying it. Although, I still tried to convince myself that if I lay still, he would think he was screwing his sleeping mother. Then involuntarily, I moved my hips in time with his. My pussy quivered with lust. I was fucking my son back. Josh draped his hand over my breast and squeezed. He found the opening to my gown and moved his hand over my bare breast. At the same time he ground his dick in me. I pushed back fully this time. It was so deep, so hard. I placed my hand over his as he played with my nipples. Not to stop him, but to send him a signal that it was all right. Then I felt his dick swell in my pussy and he climaxed in me. I came too, hard, long. I’m not sure that the whole time wasn’t one big climax for me. One beginning where the other ended. Finally, we lay there, quite, still. After a few minutes, Josh’s dick got softer and I could feel him slide out of me. We both fell asleep like that.

In the morning, we again acted as if nothing had happened. It was an accident. It did not recur again on that trip. Will it happen in the future? I can’t say for certain. All I know is that I enjoyed it happening that time and feel even closer to my son for it. I wish there were some way we could openly admit what happened. Acknowledge what took place between us. But for now, we both are comfortable with letting it remain an accident that happened in our sleep. I think we both know the other knows, but that’s ok. We love each other and are closer than I ever thought possible.