Live aboard Fun

Everyone was milling around on the dock waiting to board the M/V Seawind, a 100′ dedicated diving vessel. There were only about a dozen people waiting, so the trip was not going to be fully booked, meaning more room for everyone, both above and below the water. The ship looked long and sleek, with a large diving deck in the back and a huge sundeck on top of the ship running almost two-thirds the length of the ship. There was also a smaller sundeck at the bow, in front of the wheelhouse.

Suddenly the captain appeared at the top of the gangplank, tall, tanned, a big smile on his face.

“Well, hey, everyone. I guess you’re all ready to board now and we’re ready to have you. My name is Ed and I’m the captain. My first mate and backup captain is Rob here, and Mary is our cook and third crew member. If you have any questions or problems with anything, just ask any of us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with anything while you’re with us for the week.

“So, first of all, let me just make sure our manifest is in order and we’ll board you as I call your names. The Adams family, Don and Jane with their two children Jimmy and Susan, welcome on board. Harve and Sue Mills, welcome on board. John South and Alice Hargreaves, welcome aboard. And last but not least, Billy, Bob and Bunny Johnson, welcome on board for our spring break dive cruise.

“There are plenty of staterooms, so you can each take whichever one you’d like. Our crossing to the Bahamas will take about four or five hours, so get familiar with the ship and get unpacked and your dive gear set up on the back deck. There will be a ship’s briefing in an hour in the salon to explain to you how we run our trip and what your options are and where we’re going to be going. The weather is supposed to be great, in the mid-80s with calm seas and no rain scheduled. So again, welcome aboard and have a great trip.”

Everyone boarded with much talk and excitement, dragging their gear down the ladder to the staterooms. Don and Jane took a stateroom and indicated to Jimmy and Susan that they should take the one across the hall. Jimmy grumbled about having to share when there was so much room and he was going to graduate next year, but in the end he threw his things on his bunk across from his sister, who was a year older and graduating this year.

Billy, Bob and Bunny debated for a minute, but then decided to share a large stateroom together so that Bunny wouldn’t have to be by herself. She was a freshman in college while Billy and Bob were sophomores.

Quickly everyone got their gear stowed and began to explore the ship, eventually meeting on the dive deck where they all checked their equipment and set up their gear in preparation for their first dive when they arrived in the Bahamas. Then it was time for the briefing and everyone gathered in the salon with Rob and Mary.

Rob was a nice-looking young man in his late 20s with dark hair and a shy, engaging smile. Mary was a sun-bleached blonde with a big smile on her face and big tits which threatened to spill out of the top of her bikini. She had full hips and a very relaxed attitude about herself. For the next 20 minutes they explained how the ship best worked and the protocols they would be observing during their trip. When they had finished everyone had a complete briefing on all aspects of life aboard ship.

“So, it’s a nice day and we have at least three more hours before we arrive at customs,” Mary said. “So you can change if you’d like and soak up some sun or sleep while you can until we arrive. If you have any questions, just ask any of us. If you don’t find us wandering about, the crew quarters are down in the galley and you are always welcome.”

“I’ll go first,” Susan said, pushing past Jimmy down the stairs.

“Go first,” Jimmy said, shaking his head.

“Go on, Bunny,” Billy said. “We’ll give you half a minute.”

There was some laughter from some of the others at this as most everyone went to change into their bathing suits. Little did they realize that they might wear nothing else for the next week. Billy waited exactly 30 seconds, watching his watch, before nudging Bob and following everyone else down the ladder. Opening the door to their cabin suddenly, they surprised Bunny who was bent over facing away from them stepping out of her underwear.

“You guys,” Bunny said, standing up and turning around to glare at them. “What will people think?” she asked, her hands on her hips, her tits full and flush, her nipples hard.

“Heck, you’re our sister,” Bob said with a laugh, pulling his own clothes off. “What’s wrong with that?”

“You’re too much sometimes,” Bunny said with a laugh, sitting down on the bunk to pull her bikini on.

“It’s just because I like you so much,” Bob said, turning so that his cock was dangling in her face as she sat on the edge of the bunk.

“I can tell,” Bunny laughed, struggling to pull the bottom of her bikini on with Bob’s cock rubbing all over her face. “You’re not getting any now,” she said, laying back on the bunk and pulling her knees up to her chest so she could pull her suit up.

“It sure looks good,” Billy commented as he pulled his clothes off, staring at Bunny’s pussy sticking out at them, her huge thick clit sticking out from between her pouting, smooth- shaven pussy lips.

“It is,” Bunny said, pulling her suit all the way up and covering herself. “And I’m going to make sure everyone has a taste before the week’s up. Now get out of my way,” she said to Bob, quickly biting the head of his cock as it dangled in her face, “or I’ll really bite it.”

Bob and Billy quickly finished changing themselves and left their cabin, following Susan up the stairs. Both their eyes were bugging out of their heads as they stared at the g-string bathing suit bottom she was wearing as she moved up the stairs ahead of them. There was only a string going from her waist down the crack of her ass into the slit of her pussy. They could see a few tendrils of wispy blonde hair around the edges. Her ass was high and tight and they could easily see her pink asshole puckered around the string. By the time they got to the top of the stairs they both had hard-ons on their suits.

“Gosh, Susan,” Jimmy exclaimed as she came up the stairs into the salon. “Mom and dad are going to kill you when they see that suit.”

“Let them,” Susan said, tossing her nose into the air. “I think it looks good on me. Don’t you?”

“It barely covers anything,” Jimmy replied.

“Do you two like it?” Susan asked, turning to Bob and Billy and smiling at them.

“I think it’s great,” Billy stammered, his eyes glued to the small, sheer patches of fabric which covered barely more than the nipples of her full breasts.

“Great,” Jimmy said, moving past them and down the stairs.

When he got to the door to his cabin he could hear his mother and father in their cabin.

“I can’t believe you did this to me,” he heard his mother say.

“But it looks just great on you,” his father replied.

“I’ll be embarrassed,” Jane lamented.

“It’s the latest hottest style there is in bathing suits,” Don replied. “I’ll be proud to see the looks you get.”

“I’m so embarrassed,” Jane said.

“Come on, lets go up and get some sun,” Don replied.

Hearing this, Jimmy quickly let himself into his cabin, closing the door just as the door to his parents cabin opened. Changing, Jimmy quickly went back up, knowing there were going to be some interesting confrontations going on as everyone first appraised each other. Besides, he wanted another look at that girl called Bunny. She was really hot looking with that huge head of flaming red hair.

Arriving up on the sun deck, Jimmy could see that Susan was laying on a chaise lounge over near one railing, laying on her back. She’s afraid to let mom and dad see her suit, he thought, smiling to himself. Bunny and her brothers were laying on chairs opposite to where Susan was. The married couple, Harve and Sue, were sitting on chairs drinking beers. She was really short but it seemed she had a really nice body under her one-piece bathing suit. His mother was sitting on a chaise lounge facing everyone while his father was spreading a towel on his.

When he finished spreading the towel, he offered the chair to his mother. Hesitating for just a second, she stood and turned to sit on the towel, her back to him. Jimmy almost burst out laughing when he saw she was wearing a butt-floss bikini. He did notice that even though her ass was sure bigger than Susan’s, it still looked pretty good. Settling himself on a chair where he could see everyone, Jimmy enjoyed the breeze from their passage and the movement of the ship on the sea.

Then he saw the last couple coming up the stairs, John and Alice. She was wearing a light white top that buttoned, coming down to her knees, not really giving any idea of what kind of a body she might have. She was tall and willowy, with brunette hair down past her shoulders. Going to the chaise lounges right next to him, John threw a towel down on one and laid down on it while Alice sat on the end of the other, looking out at the sea. Then unbuttoning her top and slipping it off her shoulders as she lay back, Jimmy was shocked to see that she was topless underneath, huge pendulous breasts covering her chest. Glancing at him for a second and smiling, she closed her eyes and lay there, completely oblivious to the stares that were directed her way.

And so it went for the next half hour or so, everyone just basking in the sun. Then people started turning over. When Susan stood and rearranged her towel before laying back down on her stomach, Jane was staring at her. The shock on her face when she saw the thong bikini that she was wearing really delighted Jimmy. There were definitely going to be some fireworks on this trip, he thought.

Another half an hour and people were starting to sit up and talk, slowly breaking the ice and getting acquainted. It usually took a day or so before it became one big family. At one point Mary came up on the sundeck and announced that there were some snacks if anyone was hungry. Seeing Alice sitting there topless, Mary went over to her.

“It’s so nice to see someone sunning topless,” Mary said. “Now I’ll be able to without it seeming weird to everyone, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not,” Alice said. “I’m sorry we have to wear clothes at all.”

“Sometimes we don’t,” Mary said with a laugh. “But there are some kids with their parents this time. I don’t know that they’d appreciate it very much.”

“I’m sure not,” Alice laughed. “But do come join me when you can.”

“I’m going to get something to eat,” Don said to Jane. “Do you want anything?”

“Whatever you bring,” Jane said. “I’m going to talk to Susan.”

“Now, be nice,” Don said. “She’s growing up and it’s not like we’re not here with her.”

“She should have discussed it with us,” Jane said.

“And she would have gotten the same response as if I’d discussed it with you, wouldn’t she?” Don replied with a laugh. “This is a good time and opportunity for her to experiment without having to worry. Besides, you look great in that suit. How are you going to tell her that she doesn’t?”

“She’s too young,” Jane said.

“I’ll be back,” Don said, getting to his feet.

About half the people went downstairs to sample Mary’s snacks, leaving Jane, Susan, Jimmy and Alice on the sundeck. Jane immediately moved over and sat next to Susan, leaning close as she talked to her. Jimmy could see Susan getting upset, then she stood up, her hands on her hips.

“Well, it’s the only suit I brought,” she said. “If you don’t like it, I won’t wear it, I’ll just parade around naked.”

“You’re already half naked,” Jane replied, trying to keep her voice down.

“So are you,” Susan said. “You’re basically wearing the same suit. Is this just some mother daughter thing? Does it look so bad on me?”

“That’s not it,” Jane said. “I just think that maybe you’re too young to wear a suit like that.”

“Mom, I’m going to graduate high school in a month. Everyone wears suits like this now. How old do I have to be? Like I said, this is the only suit I have.”

“What a great spread,” Bunny said as she came back up onto the sundeck.

“Oh, hi,” she said when she saw Alice sitting there. “Are we allowed to be topless?”

“Apparently,” Alice replied, smiling at her. “At least nobody’s complained yet.”

“And I don’t imagine anyone will either,” Bunny said with a laugh, immediately liking Alice. “Do you mind if I sit with you so I can be topless? I mean, people would think it pretty strange if I sat with my brothers and I was topless, you know what I mean?”

“I’d love your company,” Alice said, feeling an immediate attraction to this warm, outgoing, truly vivacious redhead. “Pull up a seat.”

“Your friend won’t mind?” Bunny inquired, sitting down.

“I’m sure he won’t,” Alice laughed.

“Great,” Bunny said, reaching behind herself and untying her top, pulling it off over her head and letting her tits free.

Immediately her nipples hardened into knots, sticking out from the end of her tits.

“God, this feels great,” Bunny said, rubbing her tits briskly as she leaned back into the chaise lounge. “I’m Bunny, by the way.”

“And I’m Alice,” Alice replied with a smile. “You’re diving with your brothers?”

“Oh, yeah. We do everything together. And there’s three more at home and two more sisters too,” Bunny added. “This feels like real freedom to me.”

“How nice to have such a large family,” Alice commented. “I only had one sister.”

“Had?” Bunny inquired. “Did something happen to her?”

“She died three years ago in an auto accident,” Alice explained.

“I’m sorry,” Bunny said. “How awful.”

“But we’re here to have fun and dive, aren’t we?” Alice asked with a smile.

“You bet we are,” Bunny replied. “As much fun as we can.”

“Oh, John, meet Bunny,” Alice said as John returned with a plate full of snacks. “She’s here to sunbathe in the topless corner. You don’t mind, do you?”

“I should say not,” John said, with a smile first at Alice, then Bunny. “It’s absolutely my pleasure,” he said, staring directly and deliberately at her tits, where her nipples instantly hardened under his gaze. “You’re a welcome addition.”

“Thank you,” Bunny said, smiling.

“Hi, I’m Susan,” Susan said, suddenly appearing next to their seats. “I’m here with my parents and my brother.”

“Hello, Susan,” Alice said. “This is John and this is Bunny. How are you?”

“It’s a drag traveling with my parents,” Susan lamented. “And I saw you, you know, topless, and I just thought…”

“You’re welcome to join us if it’s all right with your parents,” Alice said. “We’re all going to be together for a week, so we should all be able to talk with everyone, don’t you think?”

“Oh, I do,” breathed Susan. “I just didn’t know, you know.”

“Of course,” Alice said with a laugh.

“Well, hello, everyone,” Ed said as he entered the sundeck from the wheelhouse. “I’m glad to see that everyone is comfortable. Ladies,” he said, nodding towards Alice and Bunny, “we’re going to be pulling in to West End in about 30 minutes to clear customs. It might be a good idea to cover up a bit in the harbor. But other than that, please wear as little as you’d like. The less the better for me.”

Everyone laughed as Ed disappeared back into the wheelhouse, but the tension on the sundeck was broken. The fact that Alice and Bunny were topless had been openly acknowledged in front of everyone and now it was okay to look, to talk, to pretend to ignore.

Then the entrance to West End appeared and everyone covered up more appropriately as they slid between the jetty walls marking the entrance. Then the Seawind made a right turn, sliding right up next to the seawall as they docked. It took only fifteen minutes to clear customs and then they were backing out, heading back out beyond the breakwater to the first dive site of the day, a place called Sherwood Forest.

Everyone made their way back to the dive deck to check their gear out one last time before they donned it. They were informed that the water temperature was 82 . That meant that wetsuits were not needed. As they wriggled into their BCs as the Seawind anchored, Alice was still topless, her huge tits hanging out from between the straps of her BC, her nipples big and hard on the ends.

Then Rob shouted Dive, Dive, Dive and they started down the steps to the dive platform, falling into the water one by one to explore the staghorn coral formations that comprised Sherwood Forest. Forty-five minutes later everyone was back on board, each with their own tale to tell of what they had seen. The reports were everything from Nassau grouper to sharks to lobster to conch, all of which were plentiful and frequent in Bahamian waters.

They had about a half hour’s ride to the next dive site, but they were told that lunch would be ready after the next dive and then they would have a long break before the final dive of the first day where they would be anchored up for the night. So everyone went back up to the sundeck to bask in the sun and talk about their dive.

Susan had pulled a seat up so that she was sitting in an informal circle with Alice and John and Bunny. Bunny had pulled her top off after her dive and declared that she wasn’t going to bother wearing it anymore unless someone objected. The overwhelming male murmurs of demur weren’t even necessary. Jimmy was still sitting next to the rail where this group were sitting, and every once in a while Susan would give him a look. He couldn’t tell what kind of a look it was. She didn’t look mad, but it wasn’t a look he instantly recognized.

Getting to his feet, Jimmy moved over to where his parents were talking with Harve and Sue. Sitting down in a chair, he joined in talking about the dive they had just been on. He noticed that Jane’s cheeks were flushed and she didn’t look so pissed off as she talked about a trigger fish she had seen. Jimmy even noticed that her nipples were hard underneath the thin material of the top of her suit. When he realized this he averted his gaze, only to find it wandering back to stare at his mother’s hard nipples jutting out.

Again getting to his feet, Jimmy went back to his seat near his sister. Sitting down, he looked over at the group of them and realized that something was different. Then he realized what it was. Susan had taken her top off! She was sitting there with her tits out. They actually looked pretty good, Jimmy acknowledged as he stared at them. They were a nice size and her nipples were real hard. They were just curled into berries on the ends. Susan just looked at him and leaned back into her seat, her tits sticking out in front of her.

“Hey, you guys going to come diving?” Billy asked as he came up the steps. “Oh, hi,” he said as he saw the group of them sitting there topless. “Bunny always did have a knack of finding the most fun,” he said, smiling at them. “I’m Billy. This is my brother Bob,” he said, smiling at each of them, but his gaze and smile lingered on Susan. “This is pretty cool, huh? Well, I’m going diving. I’ll see y’all later.”

Bunny laughed as Bob stumbled after him down the steps to the dive deck.

“They’re really great guys,” she said. “And they’re usually not that shy. They must have liked you two,” she said, looking at Alice and Susan. “In our family there isn’t much privacy with so many of us, so there aren’t very many secrets.”

“They seem very nice,” Alice commented. “But let’s go diving, shall we?” she said as she got to her feet. “I just love being in the water.”

They all followed her down to the dive deck, with Don and Jane and Harve and Sue bringing up the rear. As they sat down to get into their gear, Don and Jane noticed that Susan was topless as she slipped into her BC.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jane asked, staring at her.

“We’re going diving,” Susan replied, tightening her straps and checking her gauges.

“You know what I mean,” Jane persisted. “Where is the rest of your bathing suit?”

“Oh, mom, please don’t be so square,” Susan begged. “You’re embarrassing me. I’m not the only one.”

“You’re too young,” Jane said. “Now get your top.”

“I’m going diving,” Susan said, holding her chin up. “If you want to wear a top, go ahead. I don’t want to. I want to feel what it’s like to dive naked.”

“You’re not!” Jane exclaimed.

“No, I’m not,” Susan said. “Just relax. The fish won’t know the difference.”

“Dive, dive, dive,” Rob said, indicating that it was okay to dive now.

One by one they descended the steps to the dive platform, falling into the water and dropping to the bottom 45 feet away. As Jane and Sue made their way last down the steps, Jane still furious with the way Susan had deliberately ignored her, Mary joined them on the steps with her scuba gear on.

“Hi,” she said. “I think I’ll join you on this one.”

“Oh, great,” Sue said, turning around. “That’d be nice,” she said. “You can –“

And she stopped as she saw Mary’s tits swinging in her face from between the straps of her BC.

“Oh, sorry,” Mary laughed. “I wouldn’t want to knock you out before you got to dive. I love to dive naked,” she continued. “It feels wonderful. Sometimes we have groups of nudists and we all get to be naked the whole time. That’s the best, out here under the sun and diving all the time. Come on, let’s go diving,” she said, falling off the dive platform into the water.

Looking at each other, Jane and Sue quickly followed Mary into the water. They followed Mary around for more than a half an hour, looking as she pointed out the native life and fauna. They didn’t even see any of the other divers until they got back to the dive platform at the end of their dive.

As they made their way up the stairs talking about the dive, Jane could see that Mary’s breasts were heaving and her huge nipples were rapidly getting hard in the light breeze that swept across the boat. She could feel her own nipples hardening under the light fabric of her suit and felt a slight rush of excitement that traveled from her nipples down to that spot between her legs.

As they stepped up onto the dive deck, Jane averted her eyes from Mary’s breasts and looked around. She stopped when she saw Susan in animated conversation with Bunny and her brothers, the two girls still topless. Jane could see that Susan’s nipples were just as hard as hers and Bunny’s, standing straight out from the ends of her breasts. As she sat down to remove her dive gear, she could hear their conversation as they talked about their dive. At that moment her heart melted, seeing her beautiful daughter standing there, the sun glinting off of her body, her breasts full and upright and free, unashamed. She could see how much she had grown up at that moment.

Then Susan turned and saw her, a look of hesitation in her eyes. Jane just smiled at her as she slipped out of her BC and got to her feet.

“So, how was your dive?” she asked, putting an arm around her shoulders. “Did you have fun?”

“Oh, mom, it was so wonderful!” Susan enthused. “I’ve never seen so many fish. It’s just so beautiful.”

“You look beautiful to me, Susan,” Jane said softly. “I’m very proud of you and I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“Oh, mom, thank you,” Susan said, turning and hugging her. “That means a lot to me.”

“I just don’t want you doing anything just because other people do it. You do whatever it is you’re going to do in your life because you want to do it, okay?”

“Oh course,” Susan said.

“Wasn’t the dive just great?” Alice said, coming up beside them.

“It was wonderful,” Jane said, letting go of Susan as she turned to face Alice. “It’s hard to believe.”

“I constantly find life giving me that feeling,” Alice said with a laugh, her breasts jiggling. “I hope I haven’t caused any trouble between you two. You both seem so nice.”

“No, not at all,” Jane replied. “But thanks. It’s hard sometimes realizing that your children are growing up. But then when you do, it’s really beautiful,” she added, looking at Susan with obvious pride in her eyes.

“Well, she’s certainly got a beautiful mother as an example, doesn’t she?” Alice said.

“Well, thank you,” Jane said, blushing.

“Maybe you’ll join us yet, huh?” Alice suggested, glancing down at her own breasts and then to Jane’s. There’s not much to the bottom of that suit, so I’d think you’d really be a sun worshiper like me.”

“My husband put this suit in our suitcase without telling me and left my favorite back home,” Jane explained with a chagrined grin. “This isn’t really me.”

“It should be,” Alice said. “You both have perfect bodies for that type. Me, my ass is just too big. It doesn’t compliment me as much.”

“But you wear it anyway,” Susan added.

“I love the sun, don’t I,” Alice laughed. “And I’m going to get some now,” she said, turning and heading up the steps to the sundeck.

Jane and Susan watched her go, their eyes following her as she went up.

“Do I really look like that?” Jane asked Susan, her eyes still on Alice’s ass as it disappeared from view.

“Oh, mom, you’ve got a great butt,” Susan said with a laugh. “I can’t tell you how often I’ve thanked god that I got your butt and not dad’s.”

“Let’s get some sun,” Jane said as she laughed, taking Susan’s hand and going up the steps with her.

They got to the top and Jane said that she was going to sit with Don, so Susan squeezed her hand and again sat down with Alice and Bunny. Her seat was opposite to Bunny’s now and Bunny was laying on her back with her knees up and her feet apart. Susan realized that she could see the thin, wispy material of her bathing suit pulled into the lips of her pussy. She could see Bunny’s smooth pussy lips wrapped around the material of her bathing suit.

Susan couldn’t believe that Bunny was just laying there like that with her legs open and everyone able to see her pussy like that. Susan could feel her own pussy’s heat and knew if she touched herself down there that she would be wet. Susan couldn’t keep her eyes from Bunny’s pussy. With Bunny laying with her eyes closed, Susan could just stare.

She saw how thick her pussy lips were, how pale in color. She didn’t see any hair at all. Then suddenly one of Bunny’s legs flopped to the side and leaned against the rail, pulling her pussy open even more. Susan was just aghast as she saw her laying so totally exposed like that. Unable to watch any more, she got to her feet and went to sit with her parents. When she got to their seats she was surprised to see that her mother had removed her top and was now topless, her breasts pale against her body.

“Mom, I can’t believe it,” Susan exclaimed. “This is great.”

“Quit making a scene,” Jane said, shading her eyes as she looked up at her daughter.

“You really are beautiful,” Susan said. “I’m so lucky.”

“Susan, sit down and be quiet or go away,” Jane said.

Turning to look back at where she had just been seated, Susan was startled to see that Jimmy had taken her seat. What if he was seeing Bunny’s pussy like it had been when she was sitting there. Walking back over to where he was sitting, Susan could see that nothing had changed except that Bunny’s eyes were open and she had propped up the back of her chaise lounge and was talking to Jimmy. Her pussy was still wide open with the bathing suit material scrunched between her pussy lips. She seemed oblivious to the fact. She and Jimmy were just chatting about diving and their lives in general.

Susan was so shocked that she just went down the steps to the dive deck and into the salon. There was nobody in the salon so Susan looked at the snack table to see what there was to eat. She picked up a piece of fruit and looked for some milk. Not seeing any she looked behind the counter and still didn’t see any. Looking behind her into the galley Susan could see two refrigerators side by side. Going down the two steps into the galley, Susan took a couple of steps towards the refrigerators when she became aware of other people in the galley. Looking to her left she saw Mary sitting on the edge of a bunk sucking Rob’s cock while he played with her huge pendulous tits. Mary’s eyes were closed so she didn’t see Susan standing there with her mouth open watching her suck Rob’s cock.

Susan was so shocked she didn’t move, didn’t make a sound as she watched Rob’s cock completely disappearing down Mary’s throat as she sucked him. Susan had never seen a man’s cock before, especially not a hard one. She was mesmerized as she watched Mary’s cheeks billowing as she devoured Rob’s cock. Then suddenly Rob groaned and his back arched. She could hear Mary purring as she sucked his cock. Rob was groaning and groaning and Mary was gurgling and gulping as she swallowed. Then Susan realized why when she saw some thick white fluid escape from the side of Mary’s mouth and slide down her chin. Rob was having an orgasm in her mouth! Mary swallowed and swallowed, loudly slurping on the end of Rob’s cock as she sucked the cum from it. Then slowly Susan watched as Mary’s eyes opened, fixing first of all on her. Mary just stared at her as she licked and sucked Rob’s cock. Then letting his cock go, Mary wiped her chin with the back of her hand and then licked her hand as she got to her feet.

“Were you looking for something, Susan?” she asked as she walked towards her.

Rob spun around in surprise when he heard this, trying desperately to shove his cock back into his shorts.

“I-I-I just wanted some milk,” Susan stammered, her face red with embarrassment.

“There’s some in here,” Mary said, opening one of the refrigerators. “I’ve already had mine,” she said, winking and smiling at Susan. “All these naked bodies are getting the boys excited. We can’t have them attacking the guests, can we?”

“N-no,” Susan stammered. “Thank you for the milk.”

“That’s okay,” Mary said. “I need to get dinner ready now, though.”

“Okay. Thanks,” Susan said, turning and heading back up into the salon where she encountered Bunny.

“Hi, Susan,” Bunny greeted her. “Isn’t this a great trip already?”

“It sure is different,” Susan agreed, taking a seat.

“Your brother sure is nice,” Bunny said, sitting down next to her.

“He’s all right, I guess,” Susan agreed. “For a brother.”

“I love all my brothers,” Bunny said. “Life just wouldn’t be the same without them.”

“You sure do have a big family,” Susan sighed.

“My parents like to have sex more than anything in the world,” Bunny laughed. “They don’t even care if we’re in the room. When they want some, boom, right there.”

“You mean you’ve seen your parents having sex together?” Susan asked, shocked.

“Together and apart,” Bunny nodded. “No secrets in our house.”

“Wow,” Susan exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anyone have sex before. Except for a minute ago, I think,” she mused.

“What do you mean?” Bunny asked, turning to look at her.

“Well,” Susan began, then lowering her voice she quickly related what she had just seen in the galley.

“How cool,” Bunny said when she finished telling the story. “I wish I had seen it. Did he have a nice cock?”

“I don’t know,” Susan shrugged. “I guess so.”

“You don’t know?” Bunny asked, surprised.

“No,” Susan said. “I’ve never seen one before just now.”

“You poor girl,” Bunny said, putting her arm around her. “And I just spent fifteen minutes giving your brother the hard on of his life.”

“What do you mean?” Susan asked, puzzled.

“Well, when he was sitting talking to me, I pulled my bathing suit up into my pussy and made sure he could see it. I think probably your brother has a nice cock,” Bunny said.

“I wouldn’t know,” Susan said, put off.

“Oh, I’ve seen all my brothers and my father, not to mention some friends of my parents,” Bunny said. “Cocks are nice.”

“You sure are different,” Susan said, puzzled by her.

“I’m just a healthy horny American girl,” Bunny said with a laugh. “And with your body you should be too.”

“I’m not so special,” Susan said, blushing.

“You’re very cute,” Bunny said. “I know my brothers like you.”

“They do?” Susan exclaimed, surprised. “They don’t even know me.”

“But they know they like the looks of your ass and tits,” Bunny laughed. “And why not, you look yummy.”

“Yummy!” Susan exclaimed. “You have the strangest way of saying things.”

“You don’t even realize it,” Bunny laughed. “Look at your tits. Your nipples are so hard they might break. And I know that’s not from the air conditioning,” Bunny said. “You liked watching that blowjob, didn’t you? It excited you, didn’t it?”

“I don’t know,” Susan stammered. “I guess so, yeah. It was just so surprising.”

“You should try it,” Bunny said. “You might like it.”

“Try it!” Susan exclaimed. “My mother would kill me.”

“Then I wouldn’t tell her,” Bunny replied. “Maybe Alice’s friend, John, or even one of my brothers,” she mused. “Or does the captain or Rob turn you on? You’ve seen Rob’s cock. Would you like to do it to him?”

“No!” Susan exclaimed, getting to her feet. “How can you say such things?”

“I’m sorry,” Bunny said, getting to her feet. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Sometimes I don’t think before I talk. I’m already in my first year of college and you’re in high school. When you get to college maybe you’ll try some new things then.”

“I don’t have to wait to go to college to try new things,” Susan said. “I just can’t believe the way you can talk about those things.”

“Well, I’m not a virgin,” Bunny admitted, “but I’m sure you figured that our already. I’m not really shy, not being raised with five brothers and two sisters. And I’ve never done anything I’m ashamed of. I didn’t mean to be gross.”

“No, no,” Susan said, reaching out and putting a hand on her arm. “I just didn’t understand. I am a virgin and I don’t know about some things. I’ve just never really wanted to.”

“You just haven’t met a guy who turns you on enough,” Bunny said, patting her cheek. “When you do, lucky guy.”

“You think so?” Susan asked, blushing.

“Or girl,” Bunny said with a laugh. “And I do think so.”

“Dinner’s ready,” Mary shouted from the galley as she came through the doorway with both hands full. “Hey, you two, tell everyone there’s food on. Then we can do a night dive.”

“All right,” Susan exclaimed. “I love night dives,” she said, turning to leave the salon.

Going up to the sundeck, Susan announced to everyone that dinner was ready. There were some cheers as everyone got to their feet and made their way down to the salon. None of the women bothered to cover up as they all jammed into the salon and filled their plates with Mary’s cooking. By now Sue was the only woman still wearing a top and it was obvious from the glances that she cast around the salon that she was aware of it. As they ate Susan surreptitiously studied Billy and Bob, and also John and the captain and Rob. She privately wondered what it would feel like to touch their cocks. When she realized what she was thinking, she shook her head and blushed, feeling her nipples getting hard.

That might be one good reason to wear a top, she thought. Otherwise everyone would always know when something was exciting her. As the thought ran through her head, she glanced around to see if anyone was looking. She was surprised when she caught Billy’s eye and he smiled at her. She blushed as she thought of him knowing what she was thinking.

When they finished eating, everyone agreed to meet in one hour for the night dive, thereby giving themselves some time to digest and relax. Most everyone expressed a desire to lay down and catch a nap before the dive and they made their way down the stairs to their cabins. As Bunny moved next to her as they were about to make their way down the steps, she grabbed her arm.

“Hey, why don’t you come visit us in our cabin?” she asked, smiling at her.

“You mean now?” Susan asked, flustered.

“Sure,” Bunny said. “Why not?”

“Maybe some other time,” Susan said. “I am sort of tired and I think I’m just going to lay down.”

“No problem,” Bunny said. “Some other time. Have a nice nap and I’ll see you on the dive deck.”

“Okay. See you,” Susan said, turning towards her room.

Going into her cabin, Susan was relieved that Jimmy wasn’t there. There were extra cabins and she didn’t see why she couldn’t just have one for herself. She lay back on her bunk and looked at the ceiling, tired but unable to sleep. She just kept thinking of the things Bunny had said to her. Unable to sleep, Susan got up and left her cabin. She walked down the hallway to Bunny’s door and listened at the door. Not hearing anything she went topside to see if there was anyone in the salon.

Not finding anyone in the salon, she quietly tiptoed into the galley, not wanting to surprise anyone again. But this time there was no one there. There was a small stairway leading up from the galley to the wheelhouse and Susan moved to the base of the ladder. She could hear voices up in the wheelhouse but because of the black curtain drawn across the entrance at the top of the stair she couldn’t see in.

Quietly climbing the steps one at a time, Susan got right up against the curtain and listened again. She could hear several people laughing. Pushing through the curtain, she stood up in the wheelhouse and saw that the captain, Rob and Mary were watching a screen against the far wall with their backs towards her. They hadn’t heard her yet.

Silently moving forward a couple of steps to see what they were watching, Susan was surprised when she realized that she was watching a view of Alice and John in their cabin, John on his knees between Alice’s legs sucking her pussy. As she watched in shock, Ed pushed a couple of buttons and the camera zoomed in so close she could see the individual bumps of John’s tongue as it danced in Alice’s’ pussy.

She must have made some sound, because suddenly Mary turned and saw her standing there.

“Hi, Susan,” she said, smiling at her. “Is there something you need?”

“No, no,” Susan said, suddenly terrified. “I just was looking for someone to talk to. Everyone else seems to have disappeared.”

“Well, what can we do for you, darlin’,” Ed said, reaching out and turning off the screen as he turned and smiled at her.

“Can I watch that with you?” Susan asked, indicating the screen. “I won’t tell anyone.”

“She walked in on me and Rob earlier,” Mary said. “She caught me with a face full.”

“I won’t tell,” Susan said.

“She’s already seen it,” Rob said. “It can’t hurt.”

“You have to promise not to say anything,” Ed said. “We’ll just make this a magic week for you.”

“Can you see in all the rooms?” Susan asked as Ed reached forward and turned the screen back on.

“We have to be able to monitor the rooms for security in case of an accident or something,” Ed explained. “That’s the only reason we have this at all. But sometimes we have fun with it too, don’t we?” he said with a laugh.

Susan just watched in fascination as John continued to lick and suck Alice’s pussy. She was surprised to see that the only hair on her pussy was a bit above her slit. The rest of it was baby smooth. She could see all the details as John’s tongue slid in and out as he ate her.

Susan could feel her nipples getting hard as she watched. She could also feel the heat from between her legs as she got excited watching. She could see that it excited Mary also, as her huge nipples were all knurled into huge hard knots on the end of her tits. Mary turned and smiled at her, putting an arm around her shoulders and drawing her close.

“This is all pretty exciting, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yeah, it is,” Susan said, feeling Mary’s tit pressing against her arm.

“Your nipples are as hard as mine,” Mary said, reaching up with her free hand to pinch and squeeze her own nipples. “They’re so sensitive. Feel them,” Mary said, gently reaching out and grasping one of Susan’s nipples between her fingers and lightly squeezing. “Isn’t that amazing?”

Susan blushed deep crimson when Mary gripped her nipple between her fingers and squeezed. She felt herself get real wet between her legs as her nipple continued to respond to Bunny’s tweaking.

“Feel mine,” Mary said, taking Susan’s hand in hers and bringing it up to her tit and holding it against.

Embarrassed Susan quickly squeezed Mary’s tit, feeling the hardness of her nipple pressing against the palm of her hand. Then she gripped the nipple between her fingers like Mary had done, squeezing it then quickly releasing it, reclaiming her hand.

“Now feel your own,” Mary said, encouraging her.

Blushing now, Susan reached up with one hand and felt and squeezed her own tit, pinching her nipple as she had done to Mary, then letting her hands drop as she continued to watch the monitor where John was still sucking Alice’s pussy.

“What do you think of that, Susan?” Ed asked turning to smile at her.

“It’s exciting,” Susan said, blushing.

“Do you like it when someone does that to you?” he asked.

“I’ve never done that,” Susan said, embarrassed.

“Ah,” Ed said. “Well, one day you will. Then you’ll remember watching Alice and John like this and me asking you the question. That means you’ll think of me while someone’s eating your pussy and that’ll be almost as good as being there myself.”

“Ed, relax,” Mary said, seeing the shocked look on Susan’s face.

“There she goes,” Rob said, watching the monitor.

They all looked then and saw Alice arching her back, holding John’s head tight against her pussy. She rubbed herself against his face as she came, John slurping at the juices that were flowing from her pussy. Then suddenly she released his head and slumped back against the wall as John sat back on his heels, pussy juice smeared across his face.

“That sure looks tasty,” Ed said, licking his lips. “I wouldn’t mind some of that myself.”

“Ed, think of what you’re saying,” Mary said, hitting him on the arm and nodding her head towards Susan.

“Oh, I’m sorry, darlin’,” Ed said. “Sometimes I don’t think before I speak. You better run on now. I think it’s time for the night dive now that John’s finished diving Alice.”

Rob and Mary laughed when he said this, and Susan managed a grin as she went down the ladder back into the galley and then out the salon onto the dive deck. Everyone was already there except for Alice and John. Moving over to her gear, Susan began to check everything. As she wriggled into her BC she realized that Sue next to her was now topless. She had smaller breasts with hard dark nipples on the ends. As she was getting to her feet she saw Alice and John joining them. They both had smiles on their faces but she could be reading something into it.

All she could think of as she looked at them was what she had just seen in the monitor in the wheelhouse. One by one they dropped into the dark water, their dive lights the only indication of their presence from the surface. It was more than a half hour later before everyone clambered back on board, absolutely tired from their first day in the sun and the water.

One by one they staggered into the salon, everyone but Susan and Jimmy and Bunny and her brothers going down to their cabins.

“Why don’t we get some rum and get drunk?” Bunny suggested.

“Do you have some?” Jimmy asked.

“Down in the cabin I do,” Bunny said. “Why don’t you come and get it with me.”

“Sure,” Jimmy said, getting to his feet and following Bunny down the stairs.

“Well, we won’t see them for a while,” Bob laughed.

“Why not?” Susan asked, conscious of the fact that her nipples were getting hard again.

“Bunny’s hungry,” Billy explained. “I guess she thinks Jimmy would be a nice snack.”

“Shouldn’t we go find them?” Susan asked after about five minutes of uncomfortable silence had passed.

“Sure, if you want,” Bob said with a grin. “We don’t want them to finish the rum, do we?” he said as he led the way down the steps to the cabin area.

When they got down to the door to their cabin, Billy told her to just go in. Turning the handle and opening the door, Susan stepped into the cabin to the sight of Jimmy on his knees, his face buried in Bunny’s pussy as she leaned back on her elbow, a bottle of rum in her other hand.

“Oh, did you come for the rum?” Bunny asked, holding the rum out to Susan as Billy and Bob crowded in behind her. “Don’t stop,” she said to Jimmy, putting a hand on his head to keep him between her legs. “That feels great.”

“What are you doing?” Susan asked, shocked beyond belief as she watched her brother’s tongue slither back into Bunny’s wide-open pussy.

“You’ve got to learn to relax, Susan,” Bunny said, smiling at her. “He’s doing just fine.”

“Why don’t you let me do that for you,” Billy suggested, wrapping his arms around Susan from behind and cupping her tits. “You’d love it.”

“I couldn’t,” Susan said, wanting to pull away from his embrace but there being no room in the small cabin to move.

“Look how much Bunny likes it,” he said, his fingers finding her nipples and gently pinching and pulling on them. “Doesn’t this feel nice?”

“No. Yes, it does,” Susan admitted. “It’s just — well, Jimmy’s my brother.”

“Relax, he’s busy,” Billy said, one hand wandering down her belly to cup her pussy. “Besides, he’s not going to tell on you, is he? Look at the way he’s sucking Bunny’s pussy. It sure looks like he knows what he’s doing,” he said, his fingers rubbing her pussy.

Susan was torn as she watched Jimmy licking and sucking Bunny’s pussy. Her legs were as wide as possible and she could see every little detail of her pussy as Jimmy’s tongue slithered here and there. And then there was that warm, soft, electric feeling as Billy continued to pinch and tease her nipples with one hand while the other one was rubbing her pussy through the thin material of her bathing suit. Not knowing what to do, she just leaned back against Billy as he continued to excite her.

Then she felt Billy’s fingers slide under her bathing suit and between her pussy lips. She almost died when she felt his fingers softly rubbing up and down between her pussy lips, teasing her hole and gently rubbing soft circles around her clit. She could feel herself getting wet as he continued to gently rub her. Susan found that she just couldn’t take her eyes off of Jimmy licking and sucking Bunny’s pussy. It was almost as if every stroke of his tongue she could feel through Billy’s fingers.

Then she felt Billy pushing a finger into her hole. At first she liked it, then her mind got in the way and she stiffened, twisting her body so that Billy’s hand was dislodged from her pussy.

“No, please don’t,” she said, facing him.

“All right,” Billy said, smiling at her. “You’re supposed to enjoy it. If you don’t, there’s no point in continuing,” he said, bringing his fingers to his mouth and licking them. “But you sure do have a nice taste,” he said, sucking on one finger. “I’d sure like to do that to you,” he said, nodding his head towards his sister and Jimmy.

Susan turned her head once more to look just as Bunny gasped and grabbed Jimmy’s head, holding it tightly against her pussy as her whole body began to shake as she came. Susan could hear Jimmy lapping at the juices that were flowing from Bunny’s pussy as she came. She just stood there watching as Jimmy licked and slurped and sucked all the juices that flowed from Bunny’s pussy as she came. She felt Billy’s hand slide around her waist to again cup her breast and tease her already hard nipple. Then Bunny let out a deep sigh and sat up, holding Jimmy’s cum-smeared face in her hands.

“That was just great,” she said, leaning forward and kissing him. “You can suck my pussy whenever you’d like,” she said, again kissing him, her tongue searching out his as she sucked his breath from his lungs. “And you’re still in high school,” she said, laughing as she looked up at Susan staring at them.

“You have a great little brother,” Bunny said. “You’re lucky, like me.”

“Would you like me to do that to you?” she asked, reaching forward and cupping Jimmy’s hard cock in the palm of her hand through his bathing suit. “You sure deserve it.”

Susan gasped when she heard this, and spinning out of Billy’s arms she pulled the door to the cabin open and left, pulling it shut behind her. Shocked beyond belief she went down the hall and opened the door to her cabin. Only it wasn’t her cabin. It was the one next to hers. And to her surprise she found herself face to face with Alice as she sat astride John, her hips sliding back and forth as she fucked him.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Susan said, backing out the cabin. “I thought this was my cabin.”

“That’s okay,” Alice said. “You don’t have to go if you want to visit,” she said as the door was pulled shut by Susan.

“I do need someone to talk to,” Susan said from the other side of the not quite closed door.

“Well, come in and talk to us, silly,” Alice said. “It’s okay.”

“If you’re sure,” Susan said, slowly pushing the door open again. “But I don’t want to interrupt.”

“You won’t,” Alice laughed, grinding her hips into John. “Unless it bothers you, of course. We don’t mind stopping.”

“No. I — I just don’t know,” Susan said as she stood there in the doorway.

“Come in and sit down,” Alice said, getting to her feet and taking her hand, John’s cock slipping from her pussy and pointing up to his head, thick and hard and glistening from Alice’s pussy juices. “Sit here,” Alice said, pulling her down onto the bunk opposite. “Now what is it that’s bothering you?” she asked, sitting right next to her.

Susan could smell the sexual excitement in the air. It was even more than Bunny and her brother. She couldn’t help staring at John’s huge glistening cock as it throbbed on his belly.

“Oh, that,” Alice said, seeing the direction of Susan’s gaze. “I’ll put it away,” she said as she got to her feet, reaching out and taking John’s cock in her hand as she swung a leg over his body and lowered herself onto him, his cock disappearing into her pussy as she sat down on him. “I like this better anyway,” she said with a laugh, smiling at Susan.

“Now talk to us,” she said, slowly sliding her hips back and forth on John’s cock.

So Susan told them what had just happened between her brother and Bunny and how she had let Billy touch her and get her excited in a way that she had never been before. And she told them how she had fled the room when Bunny had made her suggestion to Jimmy. She didn’t say anything about watching them on the monitor earlier that day. She could still see it in her mind, though, the sight of Bunny’s pussy was indelibly inscribed on her memory.

“And I don’t know why I ran out of there,” she said, her eyes moistening. “It felt nice. I’m a senior in high school. Most of my girlfriends haven’t been virgins for a long time. And Billy’s a nice boy. Bob too,” she added. “I just don’t know.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” Alice said, sitting still for a moment. “You’re just afraid it won’t be everything you’ve always been told it should or could be. Or that this isn’t the right person or the right place and circumstance. Don’t force yourself to do anything before you’re good and ready. But don’t deny yourself because of someone else’s expectations either.

“Look at me. I was your age once. Actually not too long ago. I did things when I did and I don’t have any regrets when I look back. Sex, I love sex. And I’m not ashamed of it either. I mean, we’re having this conversation and I’ve got John’s cock in me like it doesn’t even matter.

“You have to decide all these things for yourself. But whatever you decide, you shouldn’t be ashamed of your decision, no matter what it is. It’s more important to live comfortably with yourself and your decisions.”

“I understand,” Susan said, nodding her head. “I guess I knew that but it was something my mother would never tell me.”

“That’s what mothers are,” Alice said, increasing the pace of her hips. “They always want you to wait,” she gasped, slamming her hips back and forth. “But sometimes you just have to have it right then and there,” she said, grinding her hips into John and groaning, and John groaning with her.

Susan realized that they had both just cum. She could see the sheen of sweat on their bodies as they tensed with each successive spasm. It seemed to last forever, even though it was just a minute or so, and Alice sat up, her head back and her eyes closed. Turning to look at Susan, she smiled.

“But enjoy it no matter what,” she said, bringing her hands up to her breasts and lifting them, leaning down and sucking first one nipple, then the other into her mouth, tasting the salty sweat of her lovemaking. “And don’t be afraid to come to us for help.”

“Susan,” John said, “you’re a very pretty girl. There isn’t a boy or man alive that wouldn’t love to be with you. I guess what I’m saying is that you don’t have to settle for just anyone because the opportunity’s there. You can afford to pick someone you like. You can even pick me,” he said, laughing.

“Ah, but you’d have to let me watch, and then join in,” Alice said, laughing. “And I wouldn’t mind. I’m sure you’d be just wonderful to be with. You really are sweet.”

“I should go,” Susan said. “It’s late and we have to dive in the morning.”

“Well, sleep tight,” Alice said. “And come visit us again.”

“Whenever you like,” John said. “Good night.”

“Good night,” Susan said, getting to her feet and opening the door. “And thank you both.”

“Good night, Susan,” Alice said as the door closed. “She really is sweet, you know.”

“I know I’d love to find out how sweet she is,” John said, laughing as Alice began grinding her hips again.

“In time, my dear, in time,” Alice said, laughing as she felt him growing hard again inside of her.

When Susan stepped out of their cabin into the hallway, she didn’t want to go to her own and possibly have to confront her brother. But realizing how tired she was she turned and slowly opened the door to her cabin. Surprised that Jimmy wasn’t there, she went in and undressed and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, when Susan had run from the cabin where Jimmy had just sucked Bunny’s pussy, Bunny laughed when Susan ran from the room, then her smile fell.

“I didn’t want to scare her or anything,” she said. “I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings.”

“I’m sure you didn’t,” Jimmy said.

“Well, how about it, Jimmy,” Bunny said, again cupping his cock in her hand. “Let me see what you have here.”

“What about them?” Jimmy said, looking up at Billy and Bob, both of whom were smiling.

“They’ve seen me suck a cock before,” Bunny said. “I don’t care if they watch. Do you?”

“N-n-no,” Jimmy stammered, not believing his luck.

“Well, let’s get that suit off of you then,” Bunny said, pulling him to his feet in front of her. “Umm, nice,” she said as she pulled down his suit, his cock springing into her face. “This looks yummy,” she said, opening her mouth and engulfing his cock, taking it right into her throat. “Umm, yes, this is nice,” she said after she had let his cock slowly slide out of her mouth, her lips glued to it tightly the whole way. “I want you to cum in my mouth, Jimmy,” Bunny said, looking up at him before sliding back down on his cock.

Then she began to suck his cock in earnest, using her hands, her lips, her tongue, her throat, milking and massaging his cock. Jimmy was beside himself as Bunny sucked his cock. He couldn’t believe how good it felt. He felt excitement like he had never felt before. This was even better than sucking Bunny’s pussy, he thought, something he couldn’t have even imagined ten minutes ago.

Then he was aware of Billy and Bob standing close by on either side of him, each of them with their cock in their hand masturbating as they watched their sister sucking his cock. Then he felt a sudden building of pressure in his balls and they exploded, cum shooting from his cock into Bunny’s mouth as she continued to suck on him. He couldn’t believe what it felt like as he looked down and saw her cheeks billowing as she gulped to keep up with him.

Then slowly he felt his balls stop spasming as Bunny sucked the last of his cum from his cock. Then to his utter amazement, Bunny let his cock slide from her mouth and she turned and engulfed Bob’s cock, sucking him down into her throat, and grabbed Billy’s cock in her hand. As Jimmy just stared down at her, Bunny quickly sucked Bob into cumming in her mouth, gulping his cum just as she had his. Then as she was turning her head from Bob towards Billy, Billy’s cock exploded in her hand, cum flying into her face before she could open her mouth and swallow him. Bunny quickly finished sucking Billy’s cock and sat up, gasping for breath, her lips smeared with cum.

“That was great,” she said, licking her lips and smiling up at Jimmy. “And you came buckets,” she said, reaching out and cupping Jimmy’s cock in her hand. “I wonder what we’ll do next,” she mused, smiling at him as she massaged his cock in her hand. “But kiss me good night,” she said, smiling up at him. “We have to dive in the morning.”

As Jimmy bent over to kiss her, Bunny pulled him down on his knees in front of her, her knees on either side of him. Kissing him, she drove her tongue into his mouth and sucked on his. Then releasing him, she laughed.

“Now kiss my pussy good night too,” she said, bringing her feet up onto the edge of the bunk, her pussy spread wide open.

Quickly this time Jimmy bent over, gluing his mouth to her pussy and savoring again the delicious juices that filled her pussy. She let him suck her for only a few seconds, then pulled him up.

“Now, don’t tell anyone about this,” she said, looking at her brothers then back to Jimmy. “This is between us, okay?”

“Sure,” Jimmy said. “I’ll be cool.”

“Yes, I know you will be,” Bunny said, getting to her feet and wrapping her arms around him. “Now pull your suit back on before I suck your cock again.”

Jimmy laughed as he bent over to pull his suit up. What a night! Once more kissing Bunny, Jimmy said good night to Billy and Bob and left the cabin, a smile from ear to ear splitting his face. He couldn’t believe his luck, he thought as he went up the stairs to the salon. Grabbing a snack he sat down. She had actually asked him to suck her pussy! Unbelievable. And it was so nice. It was soft and warm and wet and so sweet! And then Susan had just barged in with Billy and Bob and she didn’t even care. He had loved it when she came. It was so exciting and her juices just flowed into his mouth. But then she had even sucked his cock. He had never had that done before either. It had felt so unreal when he felt it enveloped in her mouth and her throat. It had been so exciting that he had cum almost immediately. But then watching her suck her brothers’ cocks, that was just totally beyond belief. He couldn’t even imagine anything like that. But she had just sucked them like it was nothing, swallowing their cum too.

“Hi, Jimmy,” Mary said, coming into the salon from the galley, a towel wrapped around her. “You’re up late.”

“Yeah,” Jimmy said.

“Too much excitement to sleep?” Mary asked, walking over and leaning against the table facing him.

“I’ll say,” Jimmy said, a big smile creasing his face.

“Anything in particular?” Mary asked, sitting on the edge of the table.

“Sort of,” Jimmy said, his eyes widening as he saw Mary’s towel fall off of her legs as she sat on the edge of the table, her knees slightly apart.

“Anything you want to tell me about?” Mary asked, a twinkle in her eyes as she saw where Jimmy’s eyes were focused, shifting a bit and opening her knees a little further.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Jimmy said, looking right up her legs at her pussy.

“Do you like looking at my pussy, Jimmy?” Mary asked softly, opening her knees as wide as she could and letting the towel fall away, sitting on the table in front of him naked.

“Yeah,” Jimmy said, nodding his head. “It looks nice,” he said.

“Why don’t you taste it,” Mary said, letting one hand wander down between her legs and part her pussy lips, completely exposing herself to him.

“You mean it?” Jimmy asked, not believing his luck.

“Sure I do,” Mary said, bringing her feet up onto the edge of the table so that her pussy was wide open right in front of his face.

“All right,” Jimmy said, leaning forward and sticking his face into her pussy.

Mary sighed as she felt Jimmy’s tongue slide into her pussy. She was overdue for a good pussy suck. And watching him suck Bunny’s pussy and then get his cock sucked along with her brothers, well, that had gotten her more than excited. She had been delighted when he had come up into the salon instead of going to his cabin. And now she had his face in her pussy sucking her so nicely.

Mary was leaning back with her eyes closed enjoying Jimmy’s tongue so she didn’t notice that Sue had come up the stairs from below. She felt her presence more than anything as she opened her eyes and saw her standing right behind Jimmy with her mouth open as she watched him suck her pussy.

“Oh, Sue, I’m sorry,” Mary said, dropping her feet off the table and dislodging Jimmy from her pussy. “I didn’t know anyone was up.”

“No, I’m sorry,” Sue said, blushing a deep crimson. “I didn’t mean to…”

“Jimmy was just giving me an early tip,” Mary said with a smile.

“I’ll just go back down,” Sue said, turning to leave.

“No,” Mary said, getting to her feet. “You came up for a reason. You’re a guest on board this ship.”

“But I’m interrupting you,” Sue said, still blushing as Mary stood there naked.

“I don’t mind if you interrupt me,” Mary said. “And if it makes you feel that bad, why, I’ll just have Jimmy start again,” she laughed. “Or maybe you’d like to join us?”

“Would you mind sucking Sue’s pussy, Jimmy?” Mary asked him, a smile on her face as she saw Sue’s reaction.

“Well, yeah,” Jimmy replied, past believing.

“Is Harve asleep?” Mary asked, taking Sue’s hand.

“Uh-huh,” Sue said, nodding.

“Well, come sit next to me,” Mary said, gently pulling Sue by the hand over to the table.

Reluctantly Sue let Mary guide her over to the table. Mary sat down on the edge and patted the table next to her, inviting Sue to sit. Slowly and awkwardly Sue slid up onto the edge of the table, her nightshirt hiking up to the top of her thighs as she sat down.

“That’s better,” Mary said, smiling at her. “Jimmy’s real talented,” she said. “Do you mind if I let him finish what he started? Or maybe you would like to go first?”

“No, no, you — you go ahead,” Sue stammered, very shocked by Mary’s casual audacity.

“Come on, Jimmy,” Mary said, raising one leg up onto the table to make her pussy more accessible. “You don’t mind an audience, do you?”

“No,” Jimmy muttered, diving into her pussy.

“Oh, I just love the way his tongue feels inside of me,” Mary said, turning to Sue. “It’s very nice.”

“Aren’t you embarrassed at all?” Sue finally was able to ask.

“That you’re watching me get my pussy sucked?” Mary asked.

“Well, yeah,” Sue replied, watching as Jimmy’s tongue shot in and out of her pussy.

“Umm, that’s nice, Jimmy,” she said. “No, it doesn’t embarrass me,” Mary replied to Sue. “There really isn’t any such thing as privacy on board a ship. And I’ve seen it all and people have probably seen me in it all. So it doesn’t embarrass me. Now, I don’t want to offend anyone, of course. Do you find this offensive?”

“No, I’m not offended by it,” Sue said slowly, watching as Mary’s back arched in response to Jimmy’s tongue in her pussy. “Actually it’s sort of beautiful.”

“Wait until it’s your turn,” Mary laughed as she arched her back again. “I’m about to cum, Jimmy,” she said, holding his head with her hand. “Oh, god,” Mary groaned, arching her back and throwing her head back as she pressed Jimmy’s face into her pussy. “Yes, yes, yes,” she cried as Jimmy slurped at the juices flowing from her pussy. “Oh, god, yes,” she cried as Jimmy’s tongue again slithered up into her, searching out her juices.

Sue just watched in astonishment as Mary came. She had never seen another woman cum and she had only seen Harve cum, he being the only man in her life. She could feel herself wet between the legs from watching and fidgeted where she sat on the edge of the table.

“That was so wonderful, Jimmy,” Mary said, slowly letting her leg down as Jimmy sat up, her juices smeared across his face. “Thank you very much,” she said, leaning forward and kissing him, tasting herself on his mouth. “But now it’s Sue’s turn,” she said, turning and smiling at Sue. “I think she could use some of the same, don’t you?”

“Oh, no,” Sue said, blushing. “That wouldn’t be right.”

“Nonsense,” Mary said. “I can feel how excited you are, even smell it a little bit. Let yourself enjoy. This is a fantasy vacation. And here we have a nice, young, willing tongue just waiting to please,” she said, laughing. “He’ll never know unless you tell him. Or don’t you like having your pussy sucked?”

“Oh, no, that’s not it,” Sue said, blushing.

“Come now,” Mary said, sliding from the table to sit next to Jimmy in front of Sue. “Relax,” she said, putting her hands on her knees and gently pressing them open.

Sue resisted Mary’s pressure on her knees, totally disoriented by what was happening. On the one hand she was feeling a great deal of excitement at having just watched Mary’s pussy being sucked. And she was also excited by the idea of Jimmy sucking her pussy right here in the salon on a table while Harve slept below. But it was just so wrong.

“I can’t,” Sue said softly.

“That’s okay,” Mary said, immediately stopping her pressure. “I understand. I’m sorry for pushing you.”

“No, that’s okay,” Sue said. “Actually I appreciate it. That you’d think of me like that.”

“Maybe tomorrow night,” Mary said. “I’m sure Jimmy’s tongue is going to be kept busy on this trip. But anyway, I feel great and I’m going to bed. Thanks again, Jimmy,” she said, turning and kissing him. “See you in the morning. Good night, Sue. See you in the morning,” she said as she stood up and went into the galley.

“I don’t mind,” Jimmy said softly to Sue.

“Mind what, Jimmy,” Sue asked, blushing again.

“You know, eating your pussy,” he said. “I know I’d like it.”

“Well, thank you, Jimmy,” Sue replied, blushing again. “That’s sweet of you. But I don’t think my husband would like it too much, you know?”

“I’d never tell him,” Jimmy said, a very serious look on his face. “I know how to keep a secret.”

“I’m sure you do,” Sue said, sliding down off the edge of the table, giving Jimmy an inadvertent look at her pussy as her nightshirt slid up over her ass, leaving her pussy not six inches from his face.

“You smell good,” Jimmy said, leaning forward and drawing a deep breath through his nose of her pussy.

“Yes, well, good night, Jimmy,” Sue said, brushing her nightshirt down and covering herself. “I’ll see you in the morning,” she said, turning to leave, then suddenly turning back around and bending over and kissing him lightly on the lips. “You’re quite a gentleman.”

“Good night,” Jimmy said, smiling at her as she rose from kissing him.

Jimmy just sat there for several minutes trying to decide if his whole day had been a dream or not. Deciding that it had been and a great one at that, Jimmy went down the stairs to his cabin. Quietly opening the door and letting himself in, he saw his sister asleep on her bunk, her tits exposed and a sheet just pulled across her lower body. Sighing as he remembered Susan standing behind him while he had sucked Bunny’s pussy, Jimmy slid into his bunk and was asleep within minutes, totally spent from his day.

The next morning Jimmy heard some stirring, and just barely opening his eyes, was rewarded by the sight of Susan pulling on her g-string, giving him a good look at the wispy blonde hair covering her pussy. Opening his eyes all the way and yawning, Jimmy sat up.

“Good morning,” he said to his sister.

“Well, good morning,” Susan said. “I’m surprised you came home at all.”

“Came home?” Jimmy said. “Oh, well, it was late.”

“I guess so,” Susan said. “Did you like it?”

“Like what?” Jimmy asked cautiously.

“You know, Bunny,” Susan replied. “Eating her like that.”

“Yeah, I did,” Jimmy said. “It was really nice.”

“What’s it like?” Susan asked, curious.

“Well, sweet and thick, and just nice,” Jimmy said.

“And did she, you know?” Susan tried to ask.

“You should have stayed,” Jimmy said. “It wouldn’t be fair to talk about it. But if you were there, well, that would be different. Then we would just be talking about something we had both seen or done.”

“Oh, I see,” Susan said.

“I mean, you wouldn’t want me asking you what happened if you went in the cabin with say Billy or Bob, would you? I mean, that wouldn’t be fair either, would it?”

“No, it wouldn’t,” Susan said, smiling. “I get your point. Now let’s go eat some breakfast and go diving.”

“All right,” Jimmy said, jumping to his feet.

“Jimmy!,” Susan said, looking down at him.

“Oh, sorry,” Jimmy said, forgetting that he was naked, his cock standing out in front of him.

Quickly grabbing his shorts, Jimmy pulled them on and followed Susan out the cabin and up the stairs. When they got to the salon they found that they were the last ones there. Quickly getting plates of food, they sat and ate their breakfast, avoiding the others. Then it was out to the dive deck to get ready for the first dive. Jane and Don noticed that everyone seemed to be greeting Jimmy. First Mary, then Bunny, and then even Sue made special efforts to say good morning and hello. Jimmy couldn’t keep the grin off of his face as he realized that everyone was casting glances his way. Alice came over and hugged Susan, smiling at her before returning to don her diving gear.

The first dive that day was a place called Mount Olympus, a wall dive that started at 90 feet. For twenty minutes they were awed by the wonders of the spires and crevasses and colors of the depths as they explored. Then they slowly made their way back up to the surface. Once everyone had undressed and quickly showered off, it was up to the sundeck.

“Are you two having fun?” Jane asked, stopping at the seats where Susan and Jimmy were sitting with Alice and John and Bunny.

“Just great, mom,” Jimmy said, smiling up at her.

“Fine, mom,” Susan said.

“Well, don’t get too much sun. You don’t want to burn,” she added as she walked away.

“You two are lucky to have such a beautiful mother,” Alice said.

“I guess so,” Susan said, laying back and closing her eyes.

She was still in mental turmoil over what had happened the day before. She didn’t know how long she had lain there when she heard her mother’s voice again.

“Your father and I are going down to our cabin,” she said. “We’ve had enough sun for the time being.”

“Okay,” Susan said. “I’ll probably get out of the sun too.”

Looking around, Susan saw that Jimmy was over sitting with Harve and Sue talking with them. Alice was asleep in her chaise lounge and Bunny and her brothers were nowhere to be seen. Getting to her feet, Susan went down to the salon to see if she could locate Bunny or her brothers. Not finding anyone there, she went into the galley and over to the steps leading up into the wheelhouse. Going up the steps, she poked her head through the curtain.

“Hi, it’s me, Susan,” she said. “Can I come in?”

“Sure, Susan,” Ed replied. “Come on in.”

Climbing on up through the curtain, Susan could see that Ed was by himself.

“I couldn’t find anyone so I came here,” she said, fidgeting slightly under his gaze.

“Only me here,” Ed said with a grin.

“Yes,” Susan said. “I see,” she said, running her hand nervously through her hair.

“You want me to check the cabins and see if that’s where people are?” Ed asked, a glint in his eyes.

“Can you?” Susan asked, her eyes widening. “I mean, do you mind?”

“No, not at all,” Ed said, turning to the monitor and turning it on. “We’ll just go room by room, okay?”

“Uh, sure,” Susan agreed, moving closer and standing right next to Ed.

“Okay, here’s number one,” Ed said, flipping a switch.

Susan gasped as she realized that she was looking into her parents’ cabin, and even more that her mother was on her hands and knees and her father was ramming his cock in and out of her pussy from behind.

“Oops,” Ed said, reaching for the switch.

“No, don’t,” Susan said, reaching out and stopping his hand. “I want to see.”

“Okay,” Ed said, a big grin on his face as he watched the monitor.

Susan watched the screen in wonder, watching as her father’s cock slammed in and out of her mother’s pussy from behind. Suddenly she saw her mother pull away from her father’s cock and spin around, sucking his huge cock into her mouth. Susan saw her cheeks billowing and knew that her father had just cum in her mouth. She watched as her mother swallowed and gulped and sucked on her father’s cock, then she crawled into the bunk and he followed, snuggling up against her.

“Well, that was something else, wasn’t it?” Ed asked, turning to look at Susan.

“Yeah,” Susan replied, her breasts heaving, her nipples hard on the ends.

“Let’s check the others,” Ed said, throwing some switches.

He threw several switches, all showing empty rooms, until he got to Bunny’s room. Then Susan gasped as she saw the view from Bunny’s room. Bunny was sitting on top of Billy with Bob’s cock in her mouth. Susan could see that Bunny was sliding back and forth on top of Billy, obviously fucking him while she was sucking Bob’s cock.

“Well, that is a close family,” Ed said, leaning forward to watch. “Look at that girl go.”

“They’re her brothers,” Susan sputtered. “How can she with her brothers?”

“Well, now, don’t rush to judge,” Ed replied, turning to look at her. “It doesn’t have to be as bad as society and the world’s religions make it.”

“What do you mean?” Susan asked, staring at him in shock, her nipples hard knots in his face.

“Well, they always had that as a rule because of birth defects when close relatives mate,” Ed explained. “Nowadays you have the pill and all sort of other forms of birth control so that the baby issue is sort of irrelevant. If they were forcing her, that would definitely be wrong. But if she does it willingly, well, she’s entitled. They seem like really nice, well-adjusted kids to me. And it’s not as if Bunny is only interested in her brothers,” Ed added. “She seems to like boys in general, wouldn’t you say?”

“What do you mean?” Susan asked, surprised.

“Well, let’s just say that I spend more time in here than you do and I see things that you don’t see,” Ed said.

“Oh, god, you were watching yesterday,” Susan said, her hand flying to her mouth.

“Now, you don’t have anything to be bothered about,” Ed said. “It was no different than us watching this now,” he said, indicating the screen.

Susan turned to watch the screen just as Bunny got up off of Billy’s cock and Bob took his place, Bunny lowering herself down on his cock and then taking Billy’s cock in her hand and sucking on it. And to think she had almost let Billy do more with her yesterday.

“You shouldn’t have made Billy stop yesterday,” Ed said, as if reading her thoughts in reverse.

“What do you mean?” Susan asked, blushing.

“Well, it seemed to me you were enjoying it, when suddenly for some reason you just turned off. What was it? Why did you stop him? If you don’t mind that I ask you,” Ed added, seeing her flush.

“I-I-I was just confused,” Susan said lamely. “I wasn’t sure.”

“Well, that’s all right,” Ed said. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Oh, gosh,” Susan said as she realized that Billy was cumming in Bunny’s mouth.

“Here, stand here. You can see better,” Ed said, pulling her over in front of him right in front of the monitor.

Susan watched in fascination as Bunny’s cheeks billowed as she swallowed Billy’s cum. Her mouth was hanging open as she watched Bunny lick, slurp and suck on the head of Billy’s cock as she got the last of his cum. Then Bunny slid off of Bob’s cock and turned around and sucked it into her mouth. Susan was so mesmerized or shocked that she either didn’t feel or didn’t mind when Ed softly let his arms slide around her under her arms and cup her tits, his fingers finding her nipples and pinching and pulling on them.

This went on for several minutes until Bob began to cum, Bunny’s cheeks again billowing as she gulped his cum down her throat. Susan was aware of Ed rubbing her pussy gently with one hand while the other stayed busy with her tits. When Bunny finished sucking Bob’s cock and sat up, Ed suddenly stopped rubbing her pussy and turned her around to face him, both her hands in his.

“You come back tonight after people start drifting to bed,” Ed said, smiling at her flushed cheeks. “Then you’ll really see some things,” he said, wrapping her hands around his hard cock straining against his bathing suit. “Okay?”

Susan could only nod dumbly as he released her hands. She just stood there mute for several seconds feeling the hardness of his cock throbbing in her hands. Then dropping her hands to her sides, Susan slipped from between Ed’s legs.

“You okay, darlin’?” Ed asked, reaching out and caressing her cheek.

“Yeah,” Susan said, nodding. “I’m okay.”

“It’s time for our next dive,” Ed said. “Why don’t you go get ready.”

“Okay,” Susan said, drawing a deep breath.

“And I’ll see you later, right?” Ed asked, smiling at her.

“Yes,” Susan said, shivering with excitement as she glanced back to the screen. “Thanks.”

“Okay,” Ed said as she went back down the stairs. “Okay!”

Susan was setting up her gear when other people started arriving for the dive. She watched Bunny and her brothers to see if there would be any sign of what she had just seen but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Then she saw her parents arrive on the dive deck. She looked at them differently now for some reason. There didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary except her mother sure seemed happy. She had a big smile on her face. Then Jimmy showed up with Harve and Sue. That seemed like an odd group, she thought.

Then Rob announced that they were at the dive site. He explained that it was called El Capitan and was the same kind of dive as Mount Olympus. Susan decided to dive with her parents and they went down the anchor line together. As they explored the reef 90 feet below the surface they were amazed at the variety of corals and sponges and fish. They would swim through crevasses and small tunnels as they explored. At one point they all got jammed up when Don stopped suddenly in a tunnel when he saw a big green moray eel.

As they slowly made their way back to the surface, Susan began to think again of watching Bunny with her brothers. That was just so unreal to her. Thinking of what Ed had said to her, she remembered how Bunny described their household and realized how she had gotten the attitude that she had. It made a little more sense to her that way for some reason. She just didn’t want to treat them any different because she knew about it. She had liked her before and there was no reason why she shouldn’t like her now.

As they broke the surface at the platform Rob called the count, full count, meaning that everyone was now accounted for. They made their way back to their places and sat down, wriggling out of their gear as everyone engaged in animated conversation about their dive.

“Oh, Jane, I’m so glad to see that you’ve decided to dive in the nude,” Alice said. “Now I can too. I didn’t before because I didn’t want to — you know, your children. But if you are, well, this is great.”

“What?” Jane said, looking down at herself. “Oh, my god,” she exclaimed, her hands instinctively covering herself as she realized that she was completely naked. “Where’s my suit?” she cried, embarrassed. “I was wearing it when we went in the water.”

“I’ll bet you lost it when dad jammed us up in that tunnel,” Susan said, shocked and trying not to burst out laughing. “We banged against the sides pretty hard.”

“And I don’t have another one because someone went in my suitcase and took them out,” Jane said, tears forming in her eyes.

“Here, here,” Alice said. “If you don’t object, I’d love to just be nude,” she said. “You can have mine,” she said, looking around at everyone.

When nobody objected, Alice took her g-string off and held it out to Jane.

“Here, please take it if you’d like. I don’t mind,” Alice said.

“You can have mine too,” Bunny offered, holding hers out in her hand. “This is much better.”

“You can have mine if you want,” Mary said, stepping out of hers and holding it out. “I’d love to be naked for the rest of the week.”

“Now I feel silly,” Jane said, drying her eyes with her arm. “I can’t take your suits and leave you without.”

“Then we’ll all just do without,” Alice said. “What do you say?”

“It’s okay, mom. I don’t care,” Jimmy said, at which everyone burst out laughing.

“Well, since I have my son’s approval,” Jane said, laughing, “why not,” and stood up, her arms at her sides. “Here I am world,” she shouted to the wind, raising her arms. “Here I am.”

“I told you your mother was cool,” Alice said, leaning over and whispering in Susan’s ear. “And beautiful too.”

“She sure is,” Susan agreed, amazed and delighted by her mother.

“You’re the greatest mother in the whole world,” Susan said, putting her arms around her naked mother and hugging her. “And you’re beautiful too.”

“They look so alike,” Alice observed, shaking her head.

“Almost,” Bunny said with a laugh. “Almost.”

“Food’s ready everyone,” Mary called from the salon. “Come and get it.”

They all ate like starved souls, which was not uncommon for divers. There was much good conversation as people started relaxing with each other. Always by the third day dive charters turned into big families, everyone intermingling, everyone friends.

“Well, I think it’s unfair if only some of the women are going to be nude,” Mary said loudly. “I think some of these men need to get naked and bRobce this out. What do you say, girls?”

There was a chorus of agreements from the women, even Sue and Susan who had not stripped.

“Well, I’ve never been shy or slow,” John said getting to his feet. “And I’m not starting now,” he said as he quickly stripped off his bathing suit and tossed it into the middle of the floor.

There was a lot of laughter as John sat back down, but the door was open and Billy and Bob quickly stepped through, tossing their suits onto the pile in the middle of the floor. Slowly Don got to his feet.

“I’m told it’s my fault this is even happening,” he said. “So I guess fair is fair. Sorry, kids.”

“Go on, dad, take it off,” Susan said, her eyes wide with delight.

And take it off he did, tossing his suit into the pile on the floor.

“Well, that’s a start,” Mary said, picking up the clothing. “If anyone wants theirs back, I’m keeping them in my bunk,” she said, a big smile on her face.

Everyone laughed when she said this and then they returned to their plates. Susan was torn with the desire to join everyone else and take her bottom off, but she was embarrassed and knew that her mother and father would draw the line there. So she went with everyone else up onto the sundeck when they finished eating.

Now it was really different. There were four cocks exposed as well as the naked women. She could look at them easily. As she lay on her chaise lounge, Susan was able to compare Bunny’s pussy with that of Alice, as their chairs were next to each other, with John on the other side of Alice, his cock flopped over to the side and not pointing at his head like the last time she had seen it. Alice’s pussy was shaved except for the hair above it, and her pussy lips curled out and open, her clit big and sticking out at the top. It was a darker complexion, just like her brunette hair.

Now, Bunny’s pussy was pale, with a bit of red hair above it. Her pussy lips were full and they were spread open because Bunny had her knees wide apart. Susan could see juices pooling inside. Taking a deep breath, Susan just lay back and closed her eyes. Hearing some voices raising, Susan opened her eyes and looked in the direction of the voices. It was Harve and Sue. Susan couldn’t tell what they were talking about, but they were very animated. Then suddenly Harve got to his feet, took his bathing suit off and threw it overboard. Sue just stared at him for a minute, then got to her feet and left the sundeck.

Susan was surprised by this. She couldn’t imagine what had gotten Sue so mad. Getting to her feet, Susan went and sat in the seat Sue had just vacated, smiling at Harve.

“Any problems?” Susan asked, staring at his cock as it slowly started to grow.

“She’s so shy,” Harve complained. “I thought if I did it first she’d be able to relax and take hers off. Instead she got mad.”

“I’d like to take mine off, I think,” Susan said, “but I think my mom would go nuts.”

“Well, that’s different,” Harve said. “You’re here with your parents. We’ve been married four years.”

“Oh,” Susan said. “Well, I’m sure she’ll be okay,” she said, laying back and closing her eyes. “I like everyone taking their clothes off.”

Everyone lay around for the rest of the afternoon until it was time for the late dive. Slowly everyone gathered on the dive deck and slipped into their gear. Susan found herself staring at her father’s cock, watching how it dangled down between his legs. As she watched her mother get into her gear, she could see her pussy open a couple of times as she twisted around.

They all fell into the water and spent the next 45 minutes exploring the area. When Susan surfaced to the platform and climbed up the ladder, Ed was standing there in his gear, a big bag full of lobster in his hand, his huge cock dangling down between his legs.

“You have a good dive, Susan?” he asked.

“Great,” Susan replied, water streaming off her hard nipples, her eyes on his cock.

“See you later,” he said, winking at her as he went up the steps.

“Okay,” she said to his back as he disappeared.

“Jimmy, will you help me in the galley for a few minutes?” Mary asked Jimmy as he got out of his gear. “I’ll give you a treat if you do.”

“Okay,” Jimmy said, slipping out of his gear and following her.

“We’ll help too,” Billy said, Bob following him.

“Isn’t this a great trip,” Bunny said to Susan as she came up beside her. “I hope you’re not mad at me,” she said. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“It’s a great trip,” Susan enthused. “And I’m not mad at you, I was just surprised, that’s all.”

“I’m glad,” Bunny said, putting an arm around her. “Because I like you.”

“I like you too, Bunny,” Susan said, meaning it. “You’re so different. I wish I could be naked like you.”

“Why can’t you?” Bunny asked. “What’s stopping you?”

“My mom would go crazy,” she replied. “And I don’t think my dad would like it either.”

“Well, we’ll deal with that. But let’s go see what the boys are up to, okay?” she suggested.

“You mean spy on them?” Susan asked, giggling.

“Sure, why not?” Bunny laughed. “I’ll bet they’re up to no good.”

“You think so? With Mary?” Susan asked. “All of them?”

“Let’s go see,” Bunny replied, quietly slipping into the salon and then into the galley, Susan right behind her.

As they slipped quietly into the galley, they saw Mary sitting on a stool with Jimmy kneeling between her thighs with his face pressed into her pussy, Billy and Bob standing on either side of her with their cocks in her face where she alternated sucking them.

“I told you,” Bunny whispered into Susan’s ear as she wrapped her arms around her from behind and leaned back against the counter to watch. “Your brother sure has a talented tongue,” she whispered into her ear. “You should try it sometime,” she said, her hands cupping Susan’s tits and gently squeezing them.

Susan was surprised by Bunny’s hands on her tits but it felt nice so she didn’t resist. She could feel Bunny’s tits pressing into her back and could also feel the hair of her pussy scratching against her ass. While they watched, Billy and Bob both began to cum, their cocks shooting cum into Mary’s open mouth while she held both of them in her hands.

“Come on,” Bunny whispered into Susan’s ear. “Let’s go.”

Reluctantly Susan let Bunny pull her from the galley, Mary winking at her as she finished slurping the cum from their cocks.

“This whole ship is crazy,” Susan laughed as Bunny dragged her down the stairs to her cabin.

When they got to the bottom, the door to Alice and John’s cabin opened and Alice stuck her head out.

“Come on in and visit,” she beckoned, a smile on her face.

“Okay,” Bunny said, pulling Susan with her into Alice’s cabin. “We were going to go to my cabin so Susan could hang out naked and her parents wouldn’t catch her,” she informed Alice.

“Well, you can do the same here, can’t you?” she said, sitting down on a bunk.

“Go ahead, take it off,” Bunny encouraged Susan, sitting down.

Blushing, Susan stepped out of her bottom, standing naked in the cabin in front of them.

“You’re beautiful,” Bunny said, stroking Susan’s pussy with the back of her hand. “And such a cute pussy. I’ll bet you taste real sweet.”

“Stop,” Susan blushed, squeezing her suit in her hand.

“Here, give me that,” Alice said, taking it from Susan and placing it on the bunk.

“Do you like being with women?” Alice asked Bunny.

“It’s nice,” Bunny said. “But there’s nothing like a man’s cock for me. Do you?”

“I like women,” Alice said, “and I like men. They’re both fun and delicious. And there’s nothing like a tongue between your legs,” she said, her hands going between her legs as her feet came up onto the edge of the bunk, totally exposing her pussy.

“I agree,” Bunny said, also bringing her feet up onto the bunk she was sitting on and letting her hand gently play between her legs.

“Sit down, Susan,” Alice said, patting the bunk next to her. “Nobody’s going to eat you.”

“Unless you’d like us to,” Bunny said with a laugh.

“Umm, yes,” Alice agreed, a couple of her fingers sliding into her pussy.

“Do you mind?” Bunny said, slipping to her knees in front of Alice. “You look so tasty.”

“Not at all,” Alice said, smiling down at Bunny as she leaned forward.

Susan leaned over and watched in amazement as Bunny’s tongue slid right into Alice’s pussy. Alice sighed and leaned back as Bunny continued to lick and nibble her pussy.

“That feels great,” she said, gently stroking Bunny’s head as she sucked her pussy.

Susan couldn’t believe she was sitting right next to Alice while Bunny sucked her pussy. As she watched and listened to Bunny’s tongue slithering in and out of Alice’s pussy, Susan felt herself getting very excited. Her nipples were hard and she could feel the moistness building between her legs.

Then Alice put an arm around her shoulders and drew her close, cuddling her against her body. As she lay with her face against Alice’s shoulder and breast, Susan could feel Alice’s hand cupping her breast and capturing the nipple between her fingers. The surge of excitement this caused greatly surprised Susan. She could see Alice’s hard nipple just inches from her face heaving with the excitement caused by Bunny’s tongue between her legs.

Reaching up with her hand, Susan gently cupped Alice’s huge breast in her hand, feeling the weight of it. Then she let her fingers wrap around her huge nipple, holding it and kneading it between her fingers. Alice just moaned and drew Susan closer, her hand sliding down her body to cup the cheek of Susan’s ass. Susan just lay there against Alice, hearing Bunny’s tongue in her pussy, playing with her nipple. It all felt so strange and yet so good.

Then she felt Alice’s hand slide down so that her fingers were in the crack of her ass. It felt odd and Susan fidgeted when she felt Alice’s fingers touch her asshole. This only enabled Alice to slide her fingers further into her crack and between her pussy lips. Susan gasped when she felt Alice’s fingers in her pussy. And then Alice groaned out loud and clutched Susan closer to her, her fingers still in her pussy, as her back arched and she came. Susan looked down to see Bunny’s tongue flicking in and out of Alice’s pussy. She could actually see Alice’s clit sticking out from between her legs, fat and swollen with excitement.

And then Alice was just gasping for breath as Bunny glued her mouth to her pussy and sucked the last of her cum.

“Oh, god, Bunny, that’s just wonderful,” Alice said, her hand sliding from between Susan’s legs. “That felt great,” she said, bringing her hand up to her mouth and sucking on her fingers. “Umm, you do have a sweet pussy, Susan,” Alice said.

Then suddenly the door opened and John stepped inside, his cock dangling in front of him.

“Well, what have we here?” he asked, seeing Bunny’s cum-smeared face as she lifted it from Alice’s pussy licking her lips.

“We’re just getting better acquainted,” Alice said, smiling at first Bunny and then John. “Bunny’s just made me feel so nice.”

“So I see,” John said, his cock twitching. “Tasty, isn’t she?” he said to Bunny.

“Umm, yes,” Bunny said, watching his cock as it slowly grew in front of her face.

“Go ahead, Bunny,” Alice said, seeing the look in her eyes. “It’s okay.”

With that Bunny just opened her mouth and sucked John’s cock right into her throat, closing her lips around the shaft at the base. John gasped as she began to suck his cock, her mouth, lips and tongue really arousing him.

“Umm, let’s watch this,” Alice said to Susan, rearranging her so that she was laying in Alice’s arms across her body, her right hand draped over Susan’s right shoulder and on her breast, the left hand casually resting between her thighs. “John loves getting his cock sucked,” she said, her fingertips lightly stroking Susan’s pussy.

Susan was fascinated watching Bunny suck John’s cock just a foot from her face, and she was increasingly turned on by Alice’s gentle stroking of her pussy. Sighing she snuggled against Alice and unconsciously let her legs relax, thus opening them a bit. Immediately she felt Alice’s fingers slide into the warm moistness between her pussy lips. She knew it wasn’t right but it felt so good as Alice’s fingers traced gentle circles around her clit.

Then John groaned and Bunny’s cheeks started billowing as he began to blow his load into her mouth. Susan could see her gulping as her mouth filled with his cum and she continued to suck him. She squeezed her thighs tight on Alice’s hand as she pressed on her clit, sending a surge of electricity shooting through her body. Then they all heard Rob as he announced the next dive.

Bunny finished sucking the cum from John’s cock, licking the head of his cock one last time before she stood up.

“That was yummy,” she said, smiling at him. “Thanks.”

“I think I should thank you,” John laughed. “And if you’ll come back later I’ll make it a point to thank you fittingly.”

“I wouldn’t think of missing such an invitation,” Bunny laughed, “if you don’t mind either, Alice.”

“Gosh, no,” Alice exclaimed, sitting up with Susan. “I’d like to thank you myself,” she said, getting to her feet. “But for now,” she said, leaning forward and kissing Bunny, swirling her tongue in her mouth and tasting John’s cum.

“Umm, John’s cum is so tasty, isn’t it?” she asked as they broke their kiss.

“I sure think so,” Bunny said. “Boy, I just love cum in general, I think.”

“A girl after my own heart,” Alice laughed. “Well, let’s go diving,” she said, opening the door and stepping out into the hallway.

Quickly Susan snatched her suit and pulled it on, embarrassed that she was doing so, and followed them up to the dive deck. It was still strange for Susan to see her parents naked as they all suited up. She noticed that her mother wasn’t so self-conscious about it any more. She wasn’t pressing her knees together as tightly and sometimes actually sat there with a foot or so between them.

Then they all fell into the water, sinking slowly to the bottom 45 feet below. It was a lovely dive, all sort of little creatures living in the coral that covered the bottom. There were grouper cruising the reef as well a shark or two. When her air ran low, Susan slowly made her way back to the dive platform. Just as she rose to reach for the platform she felt a hand cup her pussy, pulling her close. Only able to see bubbles in front of her, not the person touching her, her head broke the surface only to see Ed’s smiling face in front of her.

“Hi, Susan,” he said. “Did you have a nice dive?” he asked, rubbing her pussy with his hand.

“Y-yes,” she stammered, shocked. “It was nice,” she said, feeling his fingers slide under the material of her suit.

“Good,” he said, rubbing a finger between her pussy lips. “Out of the water now,” he said, lifting her with the finger in her pussy, only removing it as her lower body started to break the surface of the water.

He followed her up the ladder and then up the steps to the dive deck. Susan was surprised and then at the same time thrilled that he was paying attention to her. He certainly was handsome, tall and rugged looking from all the time spent at sea. And he treated her like an adult. She really liked that. Her pussy still tingling from his fingers, Susan removed her gear and rinsed off in the shower.

Going up to the sundeck she was surprised not to find anyone there. It was still light out. It was still an hour until dinner and she found no one in the salon. Mary was busy in the galley getting the meal together.

“Who are you looking for?” Mary asked when she noticed her.

“I don’t know,” Susan said. “Somebody.”

“Why don’t you go talk with Ed,” Mary suggested, smiling at her. “I know he likes you.”

“You think so?” Susan blushed.

“Sure. I’ll call you when dinner’s ready.”

“Well, okay,” Susan said, scrambling up the ladder.

“Well, hi, Susan,” Ed said when he saw her head come through the curtain. “I didn’t expect to see you until later.”

“I’m sorry,” she blushed as she got to her feet. “I just can’t find anyone to talk to. I didn’t want to go to my cabin.”

“That’s okay. I like the company,” he said. “But let’s see where everyone is, though,” he said, turning to the monitor on the other side of him. “Come on over here,” he said, turning and smiling at her. “You can’t see from there.”

Taking a deep breath Susan moved over next to Ed so she could see the monitor. She was very conscious of Ed’s cock as she stood next to him, as well as how her nipples had gotten very hard.

“Let’s see, we’ll see if your brother’s in your cabin,” he said, throwing a switch. “No, nobody there. Let’s try your parents,” he said, throwing another switch. “Ah, yes,” he said as the screen filled with the image of her parents in a sixty-nine with her mother on top. “Now that’s nice,” he said, smiling at Susan.

Susan watched the screen closely as her parents sucked each other. She could actually appreciate how much they were pleasuring each other. Watching her mother suck her father’s cock was especially exciting.

“You like that?” Ed asked.

“Yeah,” Susan replied, nodding her head. “It looks nice,” she said, turning to look at him.

“What part of it looks nicest to you?” Ed asked, smiling to himself when he saw her eyes widen when she saw how much his cock had grown while watching the screen.

“I can only really see my mom’s head,” Susan replied, trying to evade his question.

“Let’s check Alice and John,” Ed said. “They’re always fun to watch.”

“Do you watch them a lot?” Susan asked, her heart in her throat.

“Pretty much,” Ed said, smiling as he remembered the scene earlier this afternoon. “Oh, yes, Bunny’s back,” he said.

“Oh,” Susan said as the screen filled.

She saw Alice and Bunny in a sixty-nine on the floor with Bunny on top. They could see Alice’s face in Bunny’s pussy. John was kneeling behind Bunny rubbing his cock in her pussy and on Alice’s face. Susan gasped when she saw John slide his cock into Bunny’s pussy, slowly stroking in and out five, six, seven times, then letting it fall into Alice’s eager sucking mouth. Then he would pull his cock from Alice’s mouth and Alice would glue her mouth to Bunny’s pussy, licking and sucking.

Susan turned to look at Ed, her mouth open, and was further shocked to see his cock completely erect and hard, standing up in front of him.

“Exciting, isn’t it?” he asked, laughing. “Look, come here,” he said, pulling her around in front of him, his cock literally sticking in her face. “Hold me,” he said, taking her hand and putting it on his cock. “Use both hands,” he said as she stood there.

Slowly Susan reached up with her other hand and held Ed’s cock. He didn’t say anything, just sat there watching her as she felt him in her hands. It was warm and hard and soft all at once, she thought.

“Now play with it,” Ed said. “Experiment a little.”

So Susan slowly began to move her hands all over his cock, feeling his balls and squeezing it.

“Now,” Ed said, “do like your mother’s doing,” he said, reaching forward and throwing a switch and putting Jane and Don on the screen.

Susan turned and looked at the screen, not relinquishing her grip on Ed’s cock. She saw that her mother was licking and sucking on her father’s cock, taking it in her mouth. Turning to look at Ed, Susan saw the smile on his face as she felt his cock throbbing in her hands. Looking at it, she saw a small drop of pre-cum forming on the tip. Glancing again at the monitor, seeing her mother sucking her father’s cock, she turned again to Ed’s cock and tentatively stuck her tongue out and tasted the drop of pre-cum. Not finding it unpleasant Susan again stuck her tongue out and licked the head of Ed’s cock, tasting him again. Then she slowly licked up and down the entire length of his cock, feeling the texture of him as her tongue dragged across his cock.

Ed sighed as he felt her soft warm tongue sliding on his cock. Then he watched as she opened her mouth and let the head of his cock into her mouth, closing her lips on it and gently sucking it and exploring it with her tongue.

“That’s it,” Ed said, stroking her head. “That’s exactly right. Now see how much of it you can get in your mouth,” he said, encouraging her. “See how your mother gets your father’s whole cock in her mouth.”

Turning to glance at the monitor, Susan saw her mother slide down on her father’s cock, the whole thing disappearing into her mouth. Turning back to Ed, Susan opened her mouth and let Ed’s cock slide in, not stopping until she felt it bang up against the back of her throat. She still had only half of it in her mouth as she struggle not to choke on his huge size.

“Now slide up and down on it,” Ed said, his hand on the back of her head. “That’s it,” he said as Susan slowly bobbed up and down on his cock. “That’s nice.”

Slowly Susan became accustomed to the feeling and size of Ed’s’ cock in her mouth. She loved the combined sensation of soft and hard as she sucked on his cock. Then they heard Mary announce dinner being ready. As Susan looked up from Ed’s cock he encouraged her to continue.

“Dinner will still be there,” he said. “Go ahead and finish this first. You’re doing great.”

So Susan opened her mouth again and eagerly now sucked his cock in. She had adjusted to the size and flavor and was really enjoying herself. Then suddenly Mary burst into the wheelhouse.

“Hey, you two, dinner’s…” she began, stopping as she saw Mary with Ed’s cock in her hands and her face flushed. “I’m sorry,” she said. “That looks delicious,” she said to Susan. “Go ahead, I’ll watch.”

Blushing, Susan opened her mouth and sucked Ed’s cock back in. As she sucked, Mary stood behind her watching. Then she felt Mary’s hands slide around her body and cup her tits, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples. Susan felt the excitement all the way down to her toes as Mary rubbed her body against her from behind while she played with her tits. Susan increased her attack on Ed’s cock. Then she felt one of Mary’s hands slide down her body and under the material of her suit right into her pussy. She almost gagged on Ed’s cock when she felt Mary’s fingers slide between her pussy lips. She knew that she was very wet down there and she knew that Mary knew it too as she felt her fingers sloshing in her pussy.

Then she felt Ed’s cock actually swell in her mouth. Surprised, she backed off a little, just as his balls exploded and cum came shooting into her mouth. Very quickly her mouth filled with his cum. When Susan felt it dribbling out the corners of her mouth and sliding down her chin, she reflexively gulped, swallowing his cum, only to be rewarded with another mouthful as his cock continued to empty into her mouth. Finally he stopped cumming and Susan swallowed all of the cum in her mouth, looking up at Ed with a surprised yet proud look on her face.

“G-gosh,” she said, still choking a bit. “I didn’t know it would be like that.”

“You did great,” Mary said, her fingers still busy. “You swallow it all and you are so wet,” she said, slipping a finger into Susan’s hole.

“You better get to dinner before someone comes looking for you,” Ed said. “But first have Mary clean that cum off of your face,” he said. “I’m not sure how you’d answer the questions that would bring.”

“Oh,” Susan said, reflexively bringing her hand to her face.

“Here, I’ll do that,” Mary said, turning Susan around.

And then she leaned forward and licked the cum from Susan’s face and chin. To Susan’s surprise she also kissed her on the mouth, pushing her tongue into her mouth a bit as she did. Then she leaned down and licked the cum that had dripped from Susan’s chin onto her chest and tits. When Mary licked the drop of cum that had fallen on her tit, she then sucked Susan’s hard nipple into her mouth, rolling it around and lightly chewing on it with her teeth.

“Oh, that feels nice,” Susan said, surprised.

“Now get to dinner,” Ed laughed. “Or you’ll never go. Here, suck me just one more time,” he said, holding his cock in his hand.

Susan smiled as she knowingly took his cock in her hand and bent to take it in her mouth. She savored the flavor of it for a minute then stood up, smiling.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Just great,” Ed said. “That was a great blowjob, especially for your first one. You come back later and we’ll see what else you have a talent for.”

“Okay,” Susan beamed, turning and heading down the stairs, her face flushed. “I liked that.”

“Well, that certainly helps,” Ed laughed as she disappeared down the stairs.

When Susan got to the salon, everyone was already eating. Quickly grabbing a plate and filling it, she slid into a seat next to her parents.

“Where have you been?” Jane asked.

“Oh, I was helping Mary a bit in the galley,” Susan replied, smiling at her mother.

“That must be why you’re so flushed,” Jane said. “It must be hot down there.”

“Yeah, it is,” Susan said, laughing inside. “Did you have a nice nap?”

“Oh, yes, and I needed it too,” Jane said, smiling at Don.

“Maybe I’ll start taking an afternoon nap,” Susan said. “I could probably use it too.”

“Uh, well, sure,” Jane said, choking for a second as she thought of what she had meant. “I’m sure it couldn’t hurt.”

“I’m glad you think so, mom,” Susan said, laughing inside as she thought of the permission she had just been given, even though they had no idea.

After the meal everyone sat around talking for about an hour until the night dive had been announced. As she walked with her parents to the dive deck to get ready, her mother dropped her mask and snorkel and bent over to pick them up, totally exposing her ass and pussy to view. At that moment Alice and John were walking to their gear and they both got a full, unobstructed view of Jane’s asshole and pussy.

“Oh, that’s nice, Jane,” Alice said, sliding her hand down the crack of her ass and into her pussy. “Very nice.”

Jane jumped when she felt Alice’s hand in her ass and pussy, spinning around.

“What are you doing?” she asked, her face flushing in embarrassment.

“Well, if you’re going to put it out and expose it like that, you have to expect someone to accept the invitation to enter,” Alice laughed.

“What do you mean?” Jane asked.

“Well, see for yourself,” Alice said, turning around and bending over, her hands on the deck.

“Oh, my gosh,” Jane said, her hand going to her face as she saw how Alice’s pussy was totally exposed, the lips spread and her hole showing.

“Umm, yummy,” Bunny said as she walked by, reaching out and rubbing Alice’s pussy. “Show-off.”

“See what I mean?” Alice said, standing up with a laugh.

“I wasn’t thinking,” Jane said, returning to getting ready for the dive.

“Don’t worry about it,” Alice said. “It’s a very nice view.”

Everyone laughed when she said this as they donned their dive gear. One by one they fell into the water with their lights on and headed to the bottom. When Susan surfaced 40 minutes later her face was flushed with excitement. She had seen octopus, lobster, crab, sharks, all sorts of little critters that lived in the reef. As she left the dive deck Susan saw Jimmy whispering in Sue’s ear. Wondering what that was about, she wandered to the front of the ship, standing there by herself as she looked out to sea. It was so tranquil. There was no noise except that of the generator that supplied the electricity for the ship.

Then she was aware of someone standing next to her. Looking up she saw that it was Billy. She felt her cheeks get warm when she recognized him, remembering his hand between her legs yesterday.

“Hi,” he said. “Mind if I join you?”

“No, it’s okay,” Susan replied, her eyes straying to his cock dangling in front of him.

“You look really beautiful standing here,” Billy ventured.

“You think so?” Susan asked, turning to smile at him, her breasts heaving.

“Oh, yes,” Billy said. “It makes me just want to kiss you,” he said, reaching out and enveloping her in his arms. “Do you mind?” he asked, leaning over and kissing her. Unable to respond, Susan just kissed him back, feeling her body pressing against him, his tongue in her mouth and his cock pressing against her belly. Then Billy pressed her hard against him by gripping her ass in his hand and pulling her forward. Not liking this, Susan broke off the kiss and attempted to put some space between them, but Billy’s cock was just standing out in front of him now.

“No, please,” Susan said. “Not here, not now.”

“I’m sorry,” Billy said, immediately contrite. “I didn’t mean to –“

“No, it’s okay,” Susan said, feeling bad at rejecting him so. “It’s just that someone might see,” she said, letting her hand fall to briefly hold his cock.

“Why don’t we go down to the cabin,” Billy suggested, not believing his luck.

“I don’t know,” Susan said, releasing his cock. “Maybe later.”

Turning, she walked away, not sure why she had teased him like that and then discouraged him. His cock had felt nice in her hand, though. She felt that tingling in her nipples and between her legs as she thought about it. Then she realized that she was at the door to her own cabin.

Thinking it would be nice to lay down for a few minutes, she opened the door and stepped in, only to be stopped by the sight of her brother’s head between the legs of someone beneath him. Shocked, she just stood there as Jimmy looked up, letting Susan see right into the pussy he was eating. She realized that she didn’t recognize it, and seeing as she’s seen everyone on the ship except Sue, she realized that that’s who it must be. Staring, she realized that there was absolutely no hair on her pussy. It was completely smooth. Her pussy lips were thick and parted, her inner lips curling out and open, her dark clit as big as the tip of her finger and sticking out. Susan realized that she was turned on by it. She could hear Sue sucking on Jimmy’s cock. Closing the door but not leaving, Susan sat down on the edge of the bunk by Jimmy’s head and smiled at him. He responded by smiling back and lowering his face again into Sue’s wide-open pussy.

As Susan sat there and listened to and watched her brother suck Sue’s pussy, she felt herself getting more and more excited. Then she heard a strangled cry and Sue’s back arched off of the floor, pressing her pussy into Jimmy’s face as he sucked her pussy. It was obvious she was cumming and Susan loved hearing Jimmy’s tongue as he slurped at her juices. Then Jimmy groaned and grabbed Sue’s clit between his lips and began to tease it with his tongue as he began to cum in Sue’s mouth. Susan leaned over to see and saw that Sue’s eyes were closed and that she was sucking the head of Jimmy’s cock, working him with her hands as she swallowed.

Then Jimmy finished cumming and he struggled to his feet. When Sue opened her eyes and saw Susan sitting on the bunk, she gasped and sat up, shock on her face.

“Don’t worry,” Susan said, waving her hand at her. “I won’t say anything.”

“I’m so embarrassed,” Sue said.

“Why?” Susan asked. “That was great. And I think your pussy looks neat, too.”

“I should go,” Sue said, struggling to her feet.

“No, I’ll go,” Susan said, opening the door. “I was just checking anyway. I’d do that again if I were you,” she said, pulling the door shut behind her.

Wow, Sue, she thought. What a surprise. She doesn’t even go naked. That Jimmy, she thought. Now he’s been with Bunny and Mary and now Sue. I guess he’s pretty cool, she thought.

As she turned to head up the stairs, the door to Alice and John’s room opened and Alice stuck her head out.

“I hoped that was you,” she said. “Why don’t you come play with us,” she suggested. “Tell us how you’re doing.”

Hesitating just a second, Susan nodded and stepped into the cabin. John was laying on the bunk, a smile on his face and his cock sticking up in the air.

“So, Susan, what’s with you?” John asked.

“I just walked in on Jimmy,” she said, standing there. “He was with Sue.”

“Really!” Alice exclaimed. “Well, good for them. I hoped she would relax. She seemed so self-conscious. What were they doing?”

“They were, you know, sucking each other,” she said, embarrassed at giving voice to the act.

“I’m going to have to invite your brother over and see what he’s doing to all these girls,” Alice said. “Maybe I’d like it too.”

“It looks nice,” Susan said.

“It does?” Alice asked, a smile on her face. “That’s a big difference from yesterday. Has something changed your mind?”

“Well, sort of,” Susan said, blushing.

“Oh, goody,” Alice said, clapping her hands. “Come sit here and tell us,” she said, grabbing her by the hand and pulling her to sit next to her on the bunk where John was laying. “Well?”

“Well, I sort of sucked the captain’s cock,” Susan said softly, her cheeks burning.

“You did what?” Alice asked, a look of delight on her face. “You sucked Ed’s cock?”

“Yes,” Susan said, nodding.

“And?” Alice asked, smiling at her.

“And he came in my mouth and some of it got all over my tits,” Susan said, the words rushing out of her mouth.

“And did you like it?” Alice asked, her eyes bright.

“Oh, yes, I did,” Susan said, her eyes earnest. “It was so soft and hard and tasted so different. And then the feeling when he came in my mouth, that was so strange. But I liked the salty taste of it.”

“That’s my favorite caviar,” Alice laughed. “I’m so glad for you,” she said. “I wish I could have watched.”

“Mary watched,” Susan said. “She came in just before he came. It was strange. She was rubbing against me from behind and pinching my nipples. It was all so exciting.”

“Oh, how wonderful,” Alice exclaimed. “Here, show me, suck John’s cock,” Alice said, grabbing his cock in her hand. “I’d love to watch you. Think of it as practice.”

“I’d sure like that,” John said, smiling at Susan. “I’ll bet it feels great.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Susan said, blushing. “It wouldn’t be right.”

“Oh, please. I don’t mind,” Alice said. “I’d love it if you’d suck John’s cock.”

“Really?” Susan asked, eyeing John’s cock. “You wouldn’t care?”

“Here, let me help you,” she said, taking Susan’s hand and placing it on John’s cock. “Do you need me to stick it in your mouth, too?”

“It feels nice,” she said, squeezing it.

“Here, let’s make this more comfortable,” Alice said, standing up. “Get up, John,” she said. “And you take that off in here,” she said to Susan, pulling at her g-string.

Blushing, Susan let Alice take it from her, leaving her standing there naked.

“Now sit here,” Alice said, sitting Susan on the edge of the bunk. “And you stand here, between her legs,” she said, pushing John between her legs so that his cock was sticking in her face. “But stand as wide as you can, John, so she can play with your balls.”

Opening his stance as wide as Susan’s knees would spread, John stood with his cock in her face.

“Go ahead,” Alice encouraged her. “Suck him.”

Opening her mouth, Susan let the head of John’s cock sit on her tongue. Closing her lips on him, she ran her tongue all around the head of his cock, gently sucking on him as she tasted him.

“Do you like the taste?” Alice asked her.

“It’s different,” Susan said, letting his cock out of her mouth. “It’s more tangy or musky or something.”

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“That’s me,” Alice said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Susan asked, licking John’s cock.

“Just before you came in his cock was inside of me. That’s me that you taste.”

“Oh,” Susan said, looking surprised.

“Do you like it?” Alice asked.

“Yeah,” Susan said. “It tastes nice,” she said, wrapping her mouth around his cock again.

“Good,” Alice said. “When you’re finished sucking John’s cock, you can suck my pussy and really taste it, if you’d like,” she said.

Then Alice just sat there and watched as Susan sucked John’s cock. She did well, bobbing down on it and sucking it and using her tongue all over. It was obvious that she liked it. Shifting so that she was sitting on the floor in front of Susan’s wide-spread knees, Alice had a great view of Susan sucking John’s cock as well as a perfect view of her wide open pussy. Before Susan could even react, Alice leaned forward and glued her mouth to Susan’s pussy, her tongue darting up inside of her to slurp out the juices that were pooling there.

Susan gasped when she felt Alice’s mouth on her pussy. She was so shocked she couldn’t believe it. But she didn’t stop sucking John’s cock. For some reason she just didn’t want to let it out of her mouth. Quickly Alice’s mouth on her pussy had her raised to a high pitch of excitement, which she took out on John’s cock. Soon he was groaning and then she felt that familiar thickening of his cock and it was erupting in her mouth. At the same time she felt Alice clamp her teeth on her clit and gently worry it. Light exploded in her head as her body spasmed in reaction. She almost choked swallowing John’s cum as her body writhed in orgasm for the first time in her life. She just sucked and swallowed John’s cock and cum as Alice sucked and slurped in her pussy. Then finally there was no more cum and John’s cock started to shrink. She could still feel Alice’s tongue in her pussy and never wanted it to stop. But finally Alice looked up, a big smile on her face.

“I have never tasted a sweeter pussy in my whole life,” she said. “You have to let me suck you every day until we get back,” she said. “Wonderful.”

“That felt so nice,” Susan said, still breathless. “I can’t believe how good that felt.”

“Promise me,” Alice said.

“I promise,” Susan said laughing. “And I’m not going to wear anything from now on, either.”

“What about your parents?” Alice asked, licking her tongue through her pussy once more.

“I’ll just tell them it gets in the way,” Susan laughed. “How much of a scene can they make. They’ll just look foolish.”

“Well, you don’t want any problems with them, though,” John said. “And that was a great blowjob. You can practice on me any time.”

“I like doing it,” Susan said.

“Are you ready to try me?” Alice asked, smiling up at her.

“You mean you want me to suck your pussy?” Susan asked.

“Only if that’s what you want,” Alice said. “Remember, only ever do what you want to do. That’s the only acceptable reason. If someone else wants and you don’t, don’t, understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” Susan said, seeing the seriousness in her face. “But I would like to try.”

“And I’d love you to,” Alice said with a laugh. “Now let’s switch places,” she said, getting to her feet. “You sit here on the floor and I’ll sit on the bunk. It’ll be much easier that way.”

“Okay,” Susan said, slipping down onto the floor while Alice sat on the bunk. “What should I do?” she asked.

“Whatever you’d like,” Alice said as she brought her feet up onto the edge of the bunk as far apart as possible.

Susan found herself staring at Alice’s pussy which was spread wide open in front of her. She had never seen another woman this close before and she studied Alice’s pussy with curiosity. Her pussy lips were spread wide open and Susan could see her inner lips curled out and around her outer lips. Her swollen clit was sticking out from between her pussy lips, and she could see right into Alice’s hole which was pooling with juices.

Tentatively Susan leaned forward and just licked Alice’s clit with the tip of her tongue. It felt so soft. Again she leaned forward and slowly dragged her tongue along Alice’s pussy, tracing it and tasting her. She liked the taste, she decided after sucking on her tongue and filling her mouth with Alice’s flavor. Then she opened her mouth and sucked one of Alice’s pussy lips into her mouth, worrying it between her lips and gently gnawing on it with her teeth. She was pleased when she heard a soft moan escape from Alice.

Susan was feeling intoxicated as she began to explore Alice’s pussy. Finally she dared to stick her tongue right up into Alice’s hole, really slurping at the juices that had accumulated there. The thick sweetness of Alice’s pussy juices filled her mouth as she savored her flavor. Alice was moaning now as Susan’s tongue took on a life of its own. By now Susan brought her fingers into play, exploring and rubbing all over Alice’s pussy along with her tongue.

Alice was rubbing her pussy into Susan’s face as she sucked her. She couldn’t believe how exciting this was seeing a young girl eat pussy for the first time. And she had a natural knack for it too, she noticed as yet another spasm shot through her body. Then as she felt herself building to more and more of a climax, Susan fastened on her clit and began sucking it and teasing it with her tongue.

Immediately Alice began to cum, her whole body surging up as she pressed her pussy into Susan’s face. She felt Susan’s tongue slide down and into her hole, sucking at the juices that were oozing from inside of her.

Susan couldn’t believe how wonderful it was to suck Alice’s pussy. It felt so nice and soft, and it was warm and wet. Then when Alice would respond to her ministrations, pressing into her or raising her hips up off the bunk, that made her feel so good. Then when she had gotten hold of her clit and sucked on it, Susan was shocked at the reaction as Alice began to cum. When she began to suck on her hole and drink up the juices that were flowing, Susan realized that she had never liked anything so much in her whole life as sucking Alice’s pussy.

She joyfully sucked and slurped and swallowed as she continued to eat Alice’s pussy. Finally Alice had to reach down and lift her face to stop her.

“You’ve got to stop or you’ll kill me,” she said, smiling at her. “It’s just too wonderful to take.”

“Oh, I liked that so much,” Susan said, her face smeared with Alice’s juices. “It tastes so nice and it feels so good. I just loved it.”

“I could tell,” Alice said, pulling her up. “You were fantastic. Now give me a big kiss,” she said, pulling her close.

Willingly Susan locked lips with Alice, their tongues swirling a duet of delight as they sucked the breath from each other. Finally they broke their kiss, looking into each others eyes.

“You should go to bed now,” Alice said. “If you stay here, well, you’re not ready for John like that yet. And it wouldn’t be fair to him otherwise, would it? But you get a good night’s sleep and we’ll see you in the morning, okay?”

“Okay,” Susan said, getting to her feet.

“Good night, Susan,” John said, kissing her. “You were wonderful.”

“Thanks,” Susan said, blushing. “Good night.”

And she slipped out the door, standing in the hallway leaning against the bulkhead. She couldn’t believe how much she had just enjoyed herself. And what she had done! She had never even thought of anything like that. And she had loved it. Sucking John’s cock had been strangely delightful. She knew that she liked the taste of men’s cum now. She had liked the taste of Ed’s and also John’s. But more than anything she loved the taste of Alice’s pussy. She wondered if it was Alice or if that was the way pussy tasted.

Without thinking, Susan let her hand fall between her legs, right there in the hallway, and her fingers were in her pussy. She stuck one finger inside herself and got it nice and wet, then brought it to her mouth and sucked on it, tasting herself. It tasted nice, she thought, savoring it, but it was different from Alice’s.

Turning to her own door, she opened it and went it, closing it behind herself. Jimmy was laying on his bunk, naked she noticed, his cock semi-hard. His eyes widened when he saw her but said nothing as she flopped down on her bunk across from him, her back against the wall and her feet up on the bunk.

“Did you have fun with Sue?” Susan asked him.

“Y-yeah,” Jimmy stammered, trying not to stare at her open pussy.

“And Mary?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Jimmy said, smiling now.

“And Bunny?”

“Yeah, Bunny too,” he replied, sitting up and swinging his feet around to the deck. “Why?” he asked, now deliberately studying his sister’s body, noticing her hard nipples and her open pussy, which glistened with wetness. “You seem to be having more fun,” he said.

“What makes you say that?” Susan asked.

“Where’s the rest of your bathing suit?” Jimmy said, pointing his finger at her pussy.

Susan drew a quick breath as her hands shot between her legs to cover herself. She had forgotten her suit! She hadn’t even realized it. Then she remembered her decision.

“I’ve decided not to wear it any more,” she said, nervously staring at him.

“Well, if you can’t sit here in front of me without covering yourself with your hands, how do you expect to do it on deck in front of all those people you don’t even know? And what about mom and dad?” he said.

“I don’t care,” Susan said, still covering herself.

“Uh-huh,” Jimmy said deliberately staring at her crotch. “I can see that.”

“Well, I don’t,” Susan declared, pulling her hands away and crossing her arms on her chest. “See,” she said, trembling as she watched her brother stare at her wide open pussy.

“Where did you leave it?” Jimmy asked, lifting his eyes from her pussy.

“At Alice and John’s,” Susan said, remembering.

“She’s sexy,” Jimmy said. “I’d love to eat her pussy,” he said before realizing what he was saying. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean it to sound like that.”

“You’re right though,” Susan said. “You would like it.”

“What do you mean? How do you know?” Jimmy asked, staring at her.

“Because I did,” Susan declared, staring back at him.

“You did what?” Jimmy asked, not believing what he was hearing.

“I sucked Alice’s pussy,” she said, looking at him with a smile on her face. “And I sucked John’s cock, too,” she added.

“You’re joking,” Jimmy said. “No way.”

“And,” Susan said, sitting up, her knees wide apart, “Alice sucked my pussy too,” she said, her hands going between her legs and spreading her pussy lips wide, one finger gently drawing circles around her clit.

“I don’t believe this,” Jimmy exclaimed, unable to pull his eyes from his sister’s fingers in her pussy.

“It’s true,” Susan said, still playing with herself, liking the control she was having over him. “I just lay on the bunk like this,” she said, laying back with her knees up and wide apart. “And she just sat in front of me and sucked my pussy,” she said, her fingers still busy. “And then we switched places.”

“Why are you making this up?” Jimmy asked, his cock twitching as he stared at his sister’s pussy spread wide open in front of him.

“I’m not,” Susan said. “And I’ll prove it.”

“How can you prove it?” Jimmy asked.

“You know Bunny has sex with her brothers?” Susan asked, totally changing the subject.

“What?” Jimmy said, confused.

“Yeah,” Susan continued. “I’ve seen them both suck her pussy, and I’ve seen her suck both of their cocks, and I’ve seen her fuck both of them,” she said.

“What’s the point?” Jimmy asked, confused but excited by the picture Susan had just painted.

“The point is I can prove it,” Susan said.

“How?” Jimmy asked.

“Would you believe me if you sucked my pussy?” Susan asked, propping herself up on her elbows and staring at him.

“What?” Jimmy exclaimed, his eyes popping wide open.

“You heard me,” Susan said, a smile on her face. “You suck my pussy and I’ll even suck your cock. Then you’d believe what I told you, wouldn’t you?”

“You’re nuts,” Jimmy said.

“You’d believe me, though, wouldn’t you?” Susan pressed, sitting up and looking at him.

“Yeah, I’d believe you,” Jimmy admitted, totally unprepared for his sister to even be talking like this.

“Fine,” Susan said. “Suck my pussy.”

And leaning back, she again brought her feet up onto the edge of the bunk, totally exposing and opening her pussy to him.

“I thought you liked sucking pussy,” Susan said, taunting him as her fingers played in her pussy. “Or maybe you want me to go first,” she said, sitting up and sliding to the floor in front of him. “Should I suck your cock, Jimmy,” Susan said, grasping it and licking the head. “Would you like that?” she asked, opening her mouth and softly sucking the head of it in.

“Umm, your cock tastes good, Jimmy,” Susan said, continuing to lick and suck on him.

Jimmy just sat there in total shock. He couldn’t believe his sister was sitting on the floor in front of him sucking his cock. And their parents were right across the hall. And the things she was saying about Alice and John. Could she be telling the truth, he wondered as he looked down at her with his cock in her mouth.

“Umm, Jimmy, this is nice,” Susan said. “But there’s nothing better than Alice’s pussy, believe me,” she said. “And I’ll bet she’d let you suck her too,” Susan added, opening her mouth and sucking on his cock again.

Jimmy watched in amazement as his sister just sucked his cock. It felt great and he could tell that she liked doing it. It wasn’t long before Jimmy felt his balls starting to churn as he approached orgasm. Susan seemed to sense this and increased her sucking, trying to fit as much of him as possible into her mouth. Then Jimmy felt his balls explode and cum was shooting from his cock into his sister’s mouth.

“Mmmm,” Susan said from around his cock as she gulped and swallowed as his cum filled her mouth.

Jimmy just sat and watched as she sucked him dry, swallowing every bit of it. Then she looked up at him with a smile on her face, licking her lips.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said, sliding back up on the bunk and bringing her feet up on the edge. “Come on, Jimmy, suck my pussy for me now,” Susan said, her fingers trailing between her pussy lips. “Come show me what you’ve been doing for those other women,” she said.

Jimmy just stared at his sister in total disbelief. This was not the same sister who had boarded this ship just two days ago. This was a total stranger. But this was a total stranger laying with her legs up and apart and a beautiful pussy spread in front of his face begging to be sucked. There was no way he could resist.

So Jimmy fell to his knees in front of his sister’s wide open pussy and just glued his mouth to her hole, immediately slurping the juices that filled her. Susan sighed in delight as she felt her brother’s tongue in her pussy. It felt just as nice as Alice’s had, she thought as he sucked her. She could feel his tongue shooting in and out of her hole, tongue fucking her pussy. Now she understood Bunny much better, she thought. How nice to have brothers to share with. No complications, no future, just fun.

Jimmy was in heaven as he sucked his sister’s pussy. It was by far the sweetest of all the pussies that he had been lucky enough to suck. He was amazed at the copious flow of juices from her pussy. He could hear Susan sighing and moaning as he sucked on her. He loved the feeling of her pussy lips between his teeth as he gently gnawed on them, hearing her moan and feeling her writhe under his tongue. And catching her clit in his mouth and sucking on it, it was just so sweet.

Then he heard Susan’s breathing speed up, become shallower as her orgasm approached. Sucking on her clit, Jimmy pushed two fingers into her tight hole, hearing her groan. He slid them in and out, sloshing in the juices that filled her. Then she cried out, gripping his head in her hands as she held him tightly against her pussy. Removing his fingers from her hole, Jimmy glued his mouth to it and sucked and slurped as she came, bucking against his face and her thick, sweet juices flowed into his mouth.

Susan was beside herself as she began to cum in her brother’s mouth. His tongue had excited her so much and her orgasm was so powerful, it left her limp and empty when it ended. She could still feel Jimmy sucking the last of her cum, his tongue slithering up into her hole. Then finally he sat back, her juices smeared all over his face.

“Oh, Jimmy, that was so good,” Susan said, struggling to sit up. “Now I know why all the others want you to suck their pussies. You’re a pro.”

“Why did you do this, Susan?” Jimmy asked, still shocked.

“Because I wanted to,” Susan replied, staring at him. “Didn’t you like it?”

“I loved it,” Jimmy said. “I was just wondering why?”

“Because I want to have fun like everyone else,” she said. “And if Bunny can be with her brothers and her father like she says, well, so can I.”

“What if mom and dad find out?” Jimmy inquired. “They’d kill both of us.”

“I won’t tell them if you don’t,” Susan laughed. “Did you like sucking my pussy?” she asked, looking him in the face.

“You have the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted,” Jimmy said without hesitation. “It was like drinking honey.”

“Really?” Susan asked, a big smile creasing her face. “You mean it?”

“You bet I do,” Jimmy said, smiling at his big sister. “Whenever you want,” Jimmy said, leaning forward and dragging his tongue once more through her pussy. “I love your pussy.”

“Oh, Jimmy,” Susan said, leaning forward and hugging him. “I never realized what a great brother I had before. “We can suck each other all the time if we want, can’t we?”

“You bet,” Jimmy said, feeling very grown up.

“I’m going to sleep great tonight,” she said, laying back on her bunk. “Good night, Jimmy. Thanks.”

“Good night, Susan,” Jimmy replied, getting up from the deck and sliding into his bunk, a smile of total satisfaction on his face. “What a great life.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Susan agreed with a laugh. “And it’s just going to get better.”

The next morning Susan didn’t even wake up until she heard the call for the first dive. Opening her eyes and stretching, she saw that Jimmy had already gotten up and gone. She smiled as she remembered the last night, first with Alice and John, and then with Jimmy. As she got to her feet she looked for her suit, only to remember that she had left it in Alice and John’s cabin. Then she remembered her vow to go naked for the rest of the trip.

Feeling a little nervous about facing her parents this way and also a little apprehensive about just appearing naked in front of everyone, Susan delayed leaving her cabin until she was sure that everyone would already be on the dive deck. Then taking a deep breath, she opened the door and stepped out into the hall. Slowly making her way up the stairs, Susan encountered nobody as she stepped out onto the dive deck. She could see that everyone was almost totally suited up already. Taking another deep breath, Susan walked briskly over to her gear and sat down, wriggling into her BC. No one said anything other than good morning or asked how she had slept. Jimmy looked at her curiously but she avoided his eyes this morning. It seemed nobody had noticed.

Then everyone was standing up and heading down the steps to the dive platform. As she fell into the water she heard gasp but had no idea what it was about. She quickly drifted to the bottom, feeling the wonderful feeling of the water enveloping her. There really wasn’t much of a difference, but in her mind it felt totally different to Susan diving nude.

When she surfaced at the end of her dive, feeling full of peace and contentment, she went up the steps and sat down at her place and began to slip out of her gear. While she was doing this Jane and Don came up the steps after finishing their dive. When Jane saw Susan her face turned beet red. Walking over to stand in front of her, still in her dive gear, Jane stared down at her daughter.

“And where is your bathing suit?” she demanded.

“I decided not to wear it anymore,” Susan replied, nervously meeting her mother’s gaze.

“And who told you this was okay?” Jane asked, her jaw set firmly.

“I decided for myself,” Susan replied. “What’s the problem with it? You’re walking around naked all the time. Everyone on this ship but me and Sue are,” she exclaimed. “I don’t want to feel so different. No one will bother me.”

“I want you to go put some clothes on,” Jane insisted. “I don’t care.”

“Well, I won’t,” Susan said. “And you can’t make me. If you try I’ll just make a scene in front of everyone and you’ll look stupid and you know it. You don’t feel weird being naked anymore, do you? But at first you didn’t even like it that dad had switched bathing suits on you. Well, I’m comfortable being naked now and that’s what I’m going to do.”

“And if I say no?” Jane insisted.

“Then you’ll punish me back home,” Susan said. “But for five more days I get to be naked and dive and have fun. If you want to lock me in my room forever when we get back, fine. You do what you think you have to do. But I’m eighteen now and I’ll be graduating high school in two more months. I’d think you would give me some credit already,” she said.

“This isn’t the end of this,” Jane said, moving to her own space and sitting down, the weight of her gear tiring her out.

“Well, I think you look beautiful naked,” Susan said. “And there’s nothing to be ashamed of about your body. Everyone has one, they just look different, that’s all.”

“Out of the mouth of babes,” Don said under his breath to Jane. “Leave her be. Let’s give her her head and see what she makes of it,” he said. “Besides, she is beautiful, isn’t she. Just like her mother.”

“Oh, you,” Jane said, turning to look at him, unable to keep the smile off her face. “But she’s my only daughter,” she complained.

“Yes, and look how she’s grown up,” Don said. “How many parents get to spend time with their kids of this age naked without any weirdness or hangups? Let her be, she’ll be fine. You can keep an eye on her if you want. I mean, she’s sharing a room with her younger brother. What trouble can she get in to?”

“I just don’t like it,” Jane said, watching Susan leave the dive deck.

Susan was furious with her mother. She couldn’t believe she had treated her like that. Some of the others must have heard. She felt like hiding from them. She went down the stairs, stopping in the hallway. She couldn’t go to her own cabin, that’s the first place they’d look. Alice and John, then. Yesterday had been fun with them.

She knocked softly on their door. No answer. She knocked again. No answer. Then Susan opened the door enough to look in. It was empty. She closed the door feeling a bit of despair. They’d be coming down the stairs any minute now, she knew it. Quickly she went to Bunny’s door and knocked. The door opened and Billy was standing there.

“Can I come in?” Susan asked.

“Sure you can,” Billy said, standing aside and letting her in, his eyes taking in the lack of suit. “Are you undressed for me or what?” he asked, a big grin on his face as he closed the door.

“N-no,” Susan said, suddenly acutely aware of being naked as she stared at his cock. “I just decided no to wear anything and my mother’s giving me shit about it,” she explained. “I’m just trying to avoid them, that’s all.”

“Oh, and I thought you were really visiting me,” Billy said, his smile falling a bit.

“I thought I was looking for Bunny,” Susan said. “But I don’t mind finding you,” she smiled, remembering his kiss last night. “I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“No one as beautiful as you who comes to my door naked is rude,” Billy said, smiling back at her. “Do you want to sit down or can I kiss you again?” he asked.

“I don’t have to sit right away,” Susan said, a sly grin on her face.

“Is that a yes?” Billy asked, moving closer to her and putting his hands on her shoulders, pulling her close and kissing her.

This time Susan was ready, her arms going around his body and kissing him back, their tongues swirling together as they sucked each other’s breath. Susan could feel his cock getting hard and inching its way up between their bellies. Then they slowly broke their kiss, Billy holding her by the shoulders and looking down at her.

“Wow,” he said. “What a kiss!”

“Wow,” Susan said, her left hand sliding from his hip to his cock and holding it. “What a nice cock.”

“Why don’t you sit down,” Billy said, turning her and sitting her on the edge of the bunk, her hand never leaving his cock.

“Do you really think so?” he asked, looking down at his cock sticking in her face, just inches from her mouth.

“Oh, yes,” Susan said, opening her mouth and licking her lips.

“Show me,” Billy said, leaning a little bit forward.

Susan just let his cock slide into her mouth. She closed her lips on it and softly sucked, tasting him and feeling him in her mouth. Then she slowly started sliding her mouth up and down on his cock, fucking him. She had been doing this for almost a minute when suddenly the door opened and Bunny and Bob came in, surprised looks on their faces as Susan let Billy’s cock fall from her mouth, a surprised look on her face.

“Oh, yummy,” Bunny said, taking in the scene. “Don’t stop because of us. I’m glad you’re here. The more the merrier,” she said, sitting down right next to Susan. “Go on,” she said as Billy pressed his cock forward into her face. “Suck him,” she said. “I’ll help,” she added, leaning forward and licking the head of Billy’s cock.

Susan giggled as she held Billy’s cock and Bunny licked it. Then she too leaned forward and began to lick his cock, both of their tongues sliding all over him. They met at the tip of his cock, both their tongues slithering around the head of his cock and each other. Then they locked lips with each other, sharing a long deep kiss, their tongues dancing together as they got lost in each other.

“Oh, my,” Bunny said when they broke for air. “What a kisser.”

“A great kisser,” Billy agreed, rubbing his cock on Susan’s mouth.

“Go ahead, suck him,” Bunny said as Susan’s mouth opened and she let his cock in.

Giving herself up to it, Susan began to suck on Billy’s cock again with Bunny sitting right next to her and Bob just standing there watching, his cock hard in front of him. Susan found herself thrilled by the thought of Bunny and Bob watching while she sucked Billy. She could feel Billy’s cock banging into the back of her throat each time she went down on him. Then she felt Bunny’s hands caressing her body, softly running her hands all over her belly and breasts. This really excited her when she felt Bunny pinching and pulling on her already hardened nipples. Then when she felt her hand slowly slide down to her belly and even lower, Susan automatically let her legs fall open as Bunny’s hand slid down into her pussy.

Just as she felt Bunny’s fingers slide between her pussy lips, she felt Billy’s cock swell then explode in her mouth as he came. She struggled to gulp down all of the cum which filled her mouth while Bunny’s fingers on her clit drove her wild. When she finished sucking all of the cum from Billy’s cock, Bunny again kissed her, tasting Billy’s cum in her mouth as they sucked tongues, Bunny’s fingers still busy between her legs.

Then she felt another sensation, and opening her eyes saw that Bob was on his knees between her legs, his tongue working in her pussy along with Bunny’s fingers. Susan sighed into Bunny’s mouth and just leaned back against the bulkhead, letting her feet move up to the edge of the bunk to make it easier for Bob to suck her pussy. Then Bunny shifted her attention to Susan’s tits, sucking on her nipples and chewing on them as Bob continued to suck her pussy. She could feel herself rapidly approaching orgasm as he focused on her clit, and then suddenly she felt that wave of warmth wash over her body as she began to cum.

Bunny sat up to watch as Susan came, seeing Bob’s tongue slither in and out of Susan’s bright pink pussy as he drank her offering. Susan was gasping as Bob continued to suck her pussy, slurping at her juices as they flowed freely from her spasming pussy.

“Let me, Bob,” Bunny said, nudging him aside. “Get your cock sucked.”

So while Bunny took Bob’s place between her legs, gluing her mouth to her pussy, Bob pulled her forward so that she could suck his cock. Opening her mouth Susan let him slide his cock in. As she gently closed her lips around the shaft of his cock, Bob began to slowly pump his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth. Susan quickly adjusted to this arrangement and just used her tongue and lips and the suction of her mouth to arouse him as he rhythmically slid his cock in and out of her mouth.

She could feel Bunny between her legs sucking her pussy. It felt so nice. Susan felt as though she were only one big sexual experience, Bob’s cock sliding in and out of her throat while Bunny’s tongue slid in and out of her pussy. The combination of sensations was proving almost too much for her. Before she realized what was happening she began to cum again, spasmodically jerking as Bunny’s tongue continued to dance in her pussy, slurping at the juices that were again flowing abundantly.

She was gasping as Bob’s cock continued its inexorable journey in and out of her mouth. Her mind felt like it would explode as the sensations from her pussy threatened to overwhelm her. Then suddenly Bob’s cock swelled, then exploded in her mouth, filling it with his cum. Susan was groaning as she swallowed, feeling his cock sliding even deeper into her throat with his cum. She almost choked at one point, then she glued her lips to his cock and sucked him dry. When there was no more cum, she stopped, exhausted, and fell back against the bulkhead, her lips swollen and her pussy completely exposed as Bunny sat between her legs in front of her.

“I told you she would be fun,” Bunny said, looking up at Billy. “And such a sweet tasting pussy.”

“I’ll say,” Bob chimed in. “And she sucks cock great too.”

“I can see we’re going to have a lot more fun,” Bunny said.

At that moment they heard Adam shouting to everyone, calling them to the next dive. Susan looked startled, wondering how she could possibly go up on deck after this. Everyone would know just by looking at her, she was sure.

“Here, wipe your face with this,” Bunny said, handing her a towel. “You don’t want to go up on deck with cum all over your face, do you?”

“No,” Susan said, laughing that Bunny was having the same thoughts as she. “But I feel like everyone will know anyway,” she added.

“No, they won’t,” Bunny replied. “But what if they do? Let ’em be jealous,” she said, opening the door and stepping out.

When they got up on the dive deck, almost everyone was there. Not thinking, Susan bent over to pick up her fins and mask, exposing her ass and pussy to everyone sitting across from her. Her parents and Sue and Harve were the beneficiaries of this show, all of whom gasped when they saw her pussy pouting at them from between her thighs.

“Now you have to,” Harve said to Sue, a big smile on his face.

“Have to what?” Jane said absent-mindedly, shocked by this exposure by Susan, not realizing that it wasn’t even her being spoken to.

“We agreed that as long as one other woman was wearing part of her bathing suit, Sue would also. But once she was the only one, well, then she would join the group. So, it’s her turn,” he said, grinning at Sue.

With a sigh, Sue slipped out of her BC and stood up. With everyone watching her, her nipples instantly screwed themselves into knots. Blushing, she pushed down the bottom to her bikini and stepped out of it. There were a few cheers as she stood there for a moment naked, then a gasp from Jane as she realized that Sue’s entire pussy was shaved bare, naked as a new- born babe’s.

As Sue sat back down and wriggled into her gear, Susan smiled at her.

“I think that is so sexy,” she said, indicating Sue’s pussy.

“Susan!” her mother exclaimed. “Mind yourself.”

“I think maybe I’ll do that too,” she said, angry at her mother for treating her like a child.

“You’ll do nothing of the sort,” Jane said, angry at her.

Susan said nothing, joining the line and then falling off the dive platform. It was so peaceful underwater, she thought, swimming quickly to the bottom to avoid having to see her mother. She can’t yell at me here or tell me what to do. But once Susan reached the bottom, all thoughts of the surface left her head as she gave in to the allure of the sea. It was with some disappointment that she realized that it was time to ascend, back to the bad vibes of her mother. What was her problem?

Surfacing, she was relieved to see that her parents weren’t on the dive deck. Quickly getting out of her gear and rinsing under the shower, Susan disappeared down the stairs, knocking on Sue and Harve’s door. She had seen their gear upstairs. Harve opened the door, smiling when he saw Susan.

“Hi, Susan,” he said. “What is it?”

“Is Sue here?” she asked, a little agitated.

“No, she went upstairs, I think,” Harve said. “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Oh, no,” she said. “I just wanted to ask her about, you know, how she shaves,” she said, letting a hand drop to the juncture of her thighs.

“Oh, that,” Harve said, smiling. “Actually I do it for her,” he admitted, a grin on his face.

“Really!” Susan said, totally surprised.

“It’s easier for me than it is for her,” harve explained. “And I like it, too,” he said.

Just then Susan heard the voices of her parents as they approached the stairs down to the cabins.

“May I come in, please?” she asked Harve, pleading in her eyes.

“Sure, come on in,” he said, standing aside and letting her enter.

The door shut just as she heard her parents voices in the hall. She could hear the angry tone of her mother’s voice but could not make out the words.

Harve smiled at her as he saw the relief on her face.

“Some problems?” he asked.

“She won’t let me be grown up,” Susan complained. “It’s not fair.”

“Well, she’s just looking out for you in the only way she knows how,” Harve said. “It’s just because she loves you.”

“I know,” Susan said. “That doesn’t make it any easier, though.”

“So what do you want to do about it then?” Harve asked, his arms crossed on his chest.

“Will you shave me?” Susan asked, blushing.

“I don’t think that’s what you want,” Harve said, feeling his cock twitch at the thought.

“I just want to try it,” Susan said. “It can always grow back. But just for this week I want to try it.”

“Your parents would be very unhappy with me if they knew,” Harve said, shaking his head.

“I wouldn’t tell them,” Susan said. “Honest. I’d say I did it myself.”

“Maybe you should then,” Harve suggested.

“Won’t you just do it for me once,” Susan begged. “Just to show me how?”

“Susan,” Harve began.”

“Please,” Susan begged, her eyes filling with tears.

“Here, now, don’t cry,” Harve said, putting a hand on her shoulder and patting her eyes with a towel he picked up. “It’s not that important.”

“Please,” Susan begged looking him in the eyes. “It is to me.”

Harve just studied her face, wondering if he dared do this. And what would Sue say if she found out. Then seeing her eyes well with tears again, Harve relented.

“Okay,” he said. “If you really want me to.”

“Oh, thank you,” Susan said, hugging him. “Thank you.”

“What should I do?” she asked, stepping back from him when she felt his cock stirring between their bodies.

“Just sit there,” Harve said, indicating the bunk.

Susan sat on the edge of the bunk, fidgeting as Harve dug into his kit for a razor and some shaving cream. Turning with his gear, he knelt in front of her.

“Okay,” he said. “I’m ready. Are you?”

“Yes,” Susan said. “Do it,” she said, leaning back against the bulkhead and bringing her feet up, completely opening her pussy to him.

“Wow!” Harve said under his breath as he saw her pussy open before his eyes.

Filling his hand with shaving cream, he spread it all over her pussy, letting his fingers wander where they would, feeling the warmth of her pussy between her pussy lips and probing both her asshole and pussy a bit as he applied the shaving cream. Susan only sighed as he touched her, not flinching at all. Quickly Harve stripped the light blonde hair from Susan’s pussy, being careful not to cut her. Susan liked it when he would press on her clit or slip a finger into her pussy as he shaved her. When he finished, he used a towel to wipe the excess shaving cream from her pussy, revealing it now totally hairless.

“I think that’s it,” Harve said, a frog in his throat and his cock fully hard. “You feel it before I give it the final check,” he said.

As he watched, Susan let her fingers explore her now hairless pussy. He could tell she liked the smoothness of her pussy lips by the way she rolled them between her fingers.

“It feels so smooth,” Susan said, cupping her pussy with her hands.

“I’ll give it the final check then,” Harve said, his mouth dry.

“Oh, my,” Susan said as she felt Harve’s tongue probe her asshole then slide up to slip into her pussy. “Umm, yes,” she said, enjoying having a tongue between her legs again.

Harve could not believe how sweet Susan’s pussy was as he ate her. He sucked and nibbled and chewed on her pussy, tongue fucking her hole as she sighed in delight. Susan was on the brink of orgasm, Harve with two fingers jammed up into her hole, her clit caught between his teeth, when the door opened and Sue stepped in, a totally shocked look on her face as she saw Harve’s face jammed between her thighs.

She and Susan locked eyes, an understanding quickly passing between them. Fighting the color in her cheeks, Sue struggled to smile.

“Well, don’t you think you should finish?” she said to Harve, amazed that she could even speak.

Without a word Harve again bent to Susan’s pussy, capturing her clit again between his teeth. Almost immediately Susan began to cum, her pussy pressing against harve’s tongue as he slurped her juices. Finally she finished cumming and harve sat back on his heels, his cock standing out in front of him.

“She was looking for you about shaving her pussy,” Harve said. “When I told her that I usually do it for you, well, she asked me to do it for her.”

“And you always check to see if it’s really smooth, don’t you?” Sue asked, a semblance of a smile crossing her face.

“Oh, Sue, I hope this doesn’t make you mad,” Susan said, sitting up. “I just thought your pussy looked so sexy that I just wanted to look like you.”

“Well, your hair’s gone now, that’s for sure,” Sue observed.

“Do you like it?” Susan asked, standing up and posing.

“I think I’ll be right back,” Harve said, opening the door.

“You better be,” Sue said, glaring at him.

“Oh, Sue, I’m sorry,” Susan said. “I didn’t plan this or anything.”

“I know, Susan,” Sue said. “And I can’t really blame him or you, I suppose. I had it coming to me.”

“No, no, it doesn’t have anything to do with that. I really came looking for you to see if you’d help me shave my pussy like yours. Harve only helped me after I begged him to.”

“And he always sucks after shaving to see if it’s smooth,” Sue said.

“Lucky you,” Susan said, a look of envy on her face.

“Well, he can suck me then when he gets back if it’s pussy he wants to suck so bad,” Sue said.

“Well, quick, sit here facing the door so that the first thing he sees when he comes in is your pussy waiting for him,” Susan said, tugging on Sue’s hand and seating her on the bunk facing the door.

“Go on, sit back and be ready for him,” she said, giving her a light shove on the shoulder.

Laughing, Sue sat back and brought her feet up on the edge of the bunk, her thick-lipped pussy spreading open in front of Susan, her clit sticking out.

“Did you like it when my brother sucked your pussy?” Susan asked, staring at Sue’s pussy.

“He made me cum like crazy,” Sue admitted, blushing. “But I sure did like it.”

“I can see why he liked it so much,” Susan said, sinking to her knees on the deck, an arm resting on one of Sue’s knees.

“Why do you say that?” Sue asked, smiling at her.

“Well, your pussy just looks tasty, that’s all,” Susan said.

“And what would you know of that?” Sue asked her, a look of surprise on her face.

“I’ve tasted Alice and Bunny,” Susan said, a proud smile on her face. “They taste wonderful.”

“Really?” Sue commented, actually shocked.

“Uh-huh,” Susan said. “I’d love to show you,” she added hopefully.

“How would you do that?” Sue asked, her voice low and soft.

“Like this,” Susan said, leaning down and slipping her face between Sue’s thighs, her tongue sliding between her spread pussy lips. “You taste good,” she said, continuing to explore Sue’s pussy with her tongue.

“Oh, that feels nice,” Sue said, her hand lightly on top of Susan’s head. “Where did you learn this?” she asked, feeling Susan’s tongue slide up into her hole.

“Alice,” Susan said. “She sucked my pussy and then I sucked hers. I just loved it,” she said, returning her attentions to Sue’s pussy.

Sue’s pussy was much different in shape from either Alice’s or Bunny’s, Susan quickly discovered. Her pussy lips were much thicker, making it real nice to chew on them, and her inner lips curled out so far that they almost totally covered her outer lips. She had the biggest, thickest, juiciest clit that Susan could imagine. It was the size of her fingertip. And what a juicy pussy, Susan thought as she drank from Sue’s fountain. This was almost a full meal, Susan thought, realizing that she had missed breakfast. There was so much to Sue’s pussy that Susan couldn’t just settle on one part, she had to be everywhere.

Finally, just as Sue was cumming, groaning oh, oh, oh, the door opened and Harve stepped in, a surprised look of delight on his face as he saw Susan sucking Sue’s pussy.

“Well, I see you two sorted this out,” he said, his cock immediately standing out in front of him as he watched and listened to Susan sucking the juices from Sue’s pussy.

“Why did you tell me to hurry back?” Harve asked, smiling down at Sue’s face all twisted in a grimace of delight.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Sue said, arching her back, pressing her pussy up onto Susan’s tongue as it slid in and out of her.

Susan just sucked and sucked as Sue’s pussy poured forth its juices into her mouth. Finally she felt a slacking and just sucked Sue’s entire pussy into her mouth, sucking on it and chewing lightly. Finally Susan stopped, reluctantly letting Sue’s pussy disengage from her insistent mouth.

“Oh, god, that was good,” Sue exclaimed, her hands going between her legs to hold herself.

“I’ll say,” Harve said, his faced flushed from watching and his cock standing out in front of him.

“Now it’s your turn,” Susan said, turning her head towards him and opening her mouth, engulfing his cock.

“Get him, Susan,” Sue said, her eyes wide as she saw Harve’s cock disappear into her mouth.

Sitting up, Sue watched from close range while Susan sucked Harve’s cock, bobbing up and down on him, working him with her tongue and hands. She knew herself how good that tongue felt and she smiled at the thought. She had never even considered the idea of another woman and now she wondered why. It had been so satisfying, she thought, her fingers busy between her legs as she watched Susan sucking Harve’s cock.

Then her eyes widen further as she heard Harve groan and watched as Susan’s cheeks started billowing and pumping as she struggled to swallow all of Harve’s cum as it filled her mouth. Sue knew from experience that Harve came loads, and she smiled as she watched Susan gulping and gulping as she swallowed his copious load. Finally Harve stopped cumming and Susan was able to release his cock, gasping for breath.

“Wow, you sure cum a lot,” Susan said, shaking her head as she looked up at Harve.

“He does, doesn’t he?” Sue agreed with a laugh. “And now I think I want some of that where it does me the most good,” she said. “You can stay and watch if you like, Susan. “Or if he has any left when I’m done with him, you can have some too.”

“No, I’ll leave you two alone,” Susan said, embarrassed as she realized what Sue was referring to. “Thanks for everything,” she said, getting to her feet.

“Thank you,” Harve said, leaning over and kissing her. “This was quite a treat.”

“Yes, it was,” Sue said, caressing Susan’s thigh. “I’ll see you later,” she said, her eyes twinkling as she looked up at Susan.

“Okay,” Susan said as she stepped to the door and opened it. “Have fun you two,” she said as she stepped through the door and closed it behind herself.

She had a smile on her face as she stood in the hallway. This was just great. She’d been with everyone but Adam and Mary, she thought, not counting her parents, of course. Then she thought of what Bunny had said about her father and wondered if she’d have the nerve.

Wanting to rest, Susan went to her own cabin and lay down on the bunk, glad for the privacy and truly exhausted. She was awakened a while later when Jimmy came into the cabin and shook her awake.

“Hey, it’s lunchtime,” he said, looking down at her.

“Already?” Susan asked, rolling onto her back and stretching.

“You did shave!” Jimmy said, noticing her newly hairless pussy.

“Do you like it?” Susan asked, letting her legs fall apart and exposing her pussy to Jimmy.

“Gosh, yes,” Jimmy said, staring. “It looks sort of like Sue’s now,” he observed.

“It should,” she replied. “Harve did it for me.”

“Harve!” Jimmy exclaimed.

“He shaves Sue’s pussy,” Susan explained. “So I asked him to do it for me too.”

“Wow,” Jimmy said, licking his lips.

“And then he sucked my pussy and I sucked Sue’s and then I sucked Harve’s cock,” Susan said, laughing.

“Let’s go eat,” Jimmy said. “You’re making me horny.”

“Okay,” Susan said. “I’m hungry too,” she said, getting to her feet.

When they entered the salon, Susan felt freer than she ever had in her entire life. Getting a plate full of food, Susan turned and set it at the table with Bunny and her brothers.

“Susan, you shaved!” Bunny exclaimed, causing everyone in the salon to turn and look.

“Uh-huh,” Susan said, blushing. “Do you like it?” she asked, pulling the skin of her lower belly upward as she looked down.

There were several low whistles when she did this, for it caused her pussy lips to spread slightly, letting her clit peek out.

“Susan, what have you done!” Jane said, staring aghast as her daughter exposed herself so.

“Don’t you think it’s sexy?” she asked, pulling herself even further open, totally exposing her inner pussy to everyone in the salon.

“It’s very sexy,” Alice said, sitting next to Don. “I’ve always shaved myself some,” she said, standing up so that everyone could see. “And I know Sue shaves,” she said, laughing.

“You should be very proud to have such a beautiful daughter,” Alice said, sitting down and letting her hand slide into Don’s lap, wrapping around his hard cock. “I’d say you find her rather sexy, don’t you,” she whispered into his ear as she continued to squeeze his cock.

Don just sat there in shock feeling Alice’s hand wrapped around his throbbing cock. He had been excited seeing Susan expose her pussy that way. He couldn’t deny it. But Jane was making a scene and everyone was amused by it.

“Jane, sit down,” Don said, tugging on her arm. “You’re not helping anything. There’s nothing you can do about it,” he said, feeling Alice massaging his cock.

Susan had ignored her mother and sat down with Bunny and her brothers, unconcerned. She had just bested her mother in front of everyone on the boat. She felt that she had just grown in a way that there was no changing back from.

As Jane slowly sat down, Don felt Alice’s hand sliding from his lap. He almost breathed a sigh of relief, but in reality he had liked it. There was something funny about it. Jane barely said a word throughout the entire meal. She couldn’t believe that she had totally lost control of her daughter in just three short days! How could she change so much? She was even more bold and comfortable than she was, but that didn’t surprise her. She’d always known that she was shy. But she had adapted to being nude around everyone and didn’t feel self-conscious. Why then was she so self-conscious of Susan’s nudity? Did she feel threatened by Susan? She didn’t think so, could think of no reason to be threatened. Was it the loss of Susan’s need for her that had her so upset maybe? That felt closer to the truth as Jane silently ate her meal. What if that was all it was? If that was the case, then she was being very unfair to Susan and maybe laying a burden on her that she didn’t deserve.

As she was thinking this Ed came up to their table, smiling at everyone.

“Jane, I’d like to talk with you and Susan in the wheelhouse if you don’t mind,” he said. “I think you two could use a good talk with an impartial referee. Do you mind?” he asked. “You don’t want to be doing this in front of everyone, I know that.”

“That’s probably a good idea,” Jane said. “I’d be glad to.”

“Okay,” Ed said. “I’ll make sure Susan joins us. Why don’t you come first and we’ll talk, then Susan can join us, okay? Do you want to be there too, Don?”

“No, thanks,” Don said. “I think this is definitely something best worked out between Jane and Susan.”

“I’ll be in the wheelhouse,” Ed said. “You can come whenever you’re ready.”

“I’ll come with you now,” Jane said, getting to her feet.

“Fine,” Ed said, turning and going over to the table where Susan sat. He spoke to her for a minute and Jane saw her nod her head. Mark then turned and headed through the galley and up the stairs to the wheelhouse, Jane following right behind.

“Why don’t you come visit me,” Alice said when Jane had left, a smile on her face.

“What?” Don said. “What about John?” he asked.

“John’s going to get some sun, aren’t you John?” Alice replied, turning to John and smiling at him.

“Why not?” John said, smiling at her.

As Jane followed Ed up the stairs to the wheelhouse, she couldn’t help but feel a slight bit of apprehension. This isn’t how she had planned on spending her week, feuding with her daughter. When she entered the wheelhouse her eyes took in all the instruments and the captains chair. The only other place to sit was on the bunk, which was just an upper.

“Go ahead and sit there,” Ed said, indicating the bunk.

As she climbed up onto the bunk Ed was treated to a nice view of her pussy as she struggled to turn and sit. When she had arranged herself Ed sat in the captains chair, which to Jane’s surprise put his face on a level with her knees. Jane felt her nipples get hard as she pressed her knees together, suddenly shy about being naked.

“Relax,” Ed said, seeing her reaction. “I don’t bite. You’ve got to relax with Susan. She’s just a girl experiencing being a woman for the first time in her life. She’s not coming to any harm and you’re within five minutes if she should need you. Most parents don’t get that kind of a luxury.”

“I know I’m being stupid,” Jane said. “But she’s my daughter. I can’t help worrying about her. What if…”

“What if what?” Ed asked. “What’s the worst case scenario you can imagine under the circumstances?”

“Well–” she began.

“I’ll tell you what it is,” Ed answered for her. “Your worst fear is that she might have sex, isn’t it? She’s a virgin and you’re worried about that coming to an end right under your very nose. Admit it.”

“You’re right,” Jane said, laughing. “That’s all it is. But that’s so much to me. It should be right the first time.”

“Who’s to say now isn’t right?” Ed asked her. “And how many parents actually have the opportunity to be there when something like this is happening? If you were back home it would be out with some boy in the back of his car or something, no way for you to be there for her should there be a need. Well, here you have that option. You should enjoy seeing her grow up. It’ll only happen once.”

“I guess I just never looked at it that way,” Jane confessed. “I guess it’s that myopia that all parents have when it comes to their children.”

“So I’ve seen in my life,” Ed said, laughing. “Kids’ll drive you nuts.”

“That’s the truth,” Jane said, laughing, finally relaxing a bit.

“Ed, mom, are you up there,” Susan asked, coming up the stairs to the wheelhouse.

“Come on up, Susan,” Ed said. “Your mom and I have been talking,” he said to her as she came through the curtain. “You sit up there next to your mom,” he said.

“Okay,” Susan said, looking at her mother’s face and not seeing any of the anger there that she had seen earlier.

Hopping up onto the bunk, Susan sat back against the bulkhead, one foot up on the bunk. Jane didn’t like it when she realized that Susan was sitting totally exposed to Ed’s view but held her tongue and said nothing. Ed noticed this and smiled at her.

“You know why your mother’s worried about you?” Ed asked Susan, smiling at her.

“Not really,” Susan replied.

“She is afraid to let you go, to see you so grown up,” Ed said.

“But I can’t help that,” Susan cried, looking at her mother in anguish.

“It’s hard for parents to let go sometimes,” Ed said. “They worry when they think their daughters are becoming sexually active.”

“It has to happen sooner or later,” Susan said, uncomfortable with the bend of the conversation.

“And that’s what we talked about,” Ed said. “Most parents don’t have the opportunity to be with their kids when they become sexually active. They usually only find out much after the fact.”

“What are you saying?” Susan asked, staring at her mother.

“I just want you to know that I’m always here for you,” Jane said. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“It doesn’t seem to me that sex is hurting anyone,” Susan said. “And I’m still a virgin anyway,” she said. “Though I wouldn’t mind not being one by the time we get back,” she said.

Jane’s hand flew to her mouth when Susan said this. Susan laughed uncertainly and jumped down off the bunk. Before Ed could react she had turned on the monitor and flipped the switch she had seen Ed flip to watch Alice and John.

“I saw dad leaving the salon with Alice,” she said as the picture formed on the screen.

“What?” Jane screamed when she saw the picture crystallize, sliding forward on the bunk and forgetting to keep her knees pressed close together.

For on the screen was the scene from Alice’s cabin where Don was slamming his cock in and out of her pussy from behind.

“How is this possible?” she said, not believing what she was seeing, her eyes glued to the screen.

“Wow, look at dad’s cock,” Susan said, delighted. “He’s really giving it to her, isn’t he?”

“Susan, leave us alone, okay?” Ed said, seeing the shock in Jane’s face.

“Sure, why not,” Susan said, moving past him. “I’ll see you later maybe,” she said, smiling at Ed.

“Sure,” Ed said. “Later.”

Turning his attention to Jane as Susan went down the stairs, Ed noticed that her mouth was hanging open as she watched her husband fucking Alice. He also couldn’t help but notice how Jane’s pussy was spread open for him to see into, so absorbed was she in the action on the screen.

“He’s pretty good with that thing, isn’t he?” Ed said, trying to distract her.

“Huh?” Jane said, staring at him.

“Don’t take Alice seriously,” Ed said. “She’s one of those who has to have every man. We see them all the time on these trips.”

“Is that why you spy on your guests?” Jane asked, angry, still in shock.

“Actually I don’t use it to spy on people, just to make sure I have everybody,” Ed said. “It saves having to go knock on every door every time we need to do a head count. It just so happens that sometimes we see more than that,” he said, turning towards the screen. “That boy sure can fuck,” he said, shaking his head. “You’re a pretty lucky lady.”

“I can’t believe it,” Jane said.

“But it’s turning you on, isn’t it?” Ed asked, staring at her.

“Why would you say something like that?” Jane asked, flustered and angry at the suggestion.

“Because,” Ed said, getting to his feet, “you’re soaking wet,” he said, sliding his hand between her legs right into her pussy, his two fingers feeling the wetness as they slipped inside of her.

“Oh, what are you doing?” Jane asked, momentarily frozen with shock as she felt his fingers in her.

“Enjoying myself,” Ed said, his fingers busy. “How about you?”

“I can’t believe,” Jane started to say, feeling her body responding to his fingers, “how nice that feels,” she finished, looking down and seeing his fingers in her pussy. “You shouldn’t be doing this,” she said, squirming as his fingers excited her.

“You just keep watching that screen and tell me that,” Ed said, pulling his fingers from her pussy and licking them. “Tasty,” he said, smiling at her. “I think I’d like some more of that,” he said, sliding his hands around behind her ass and pulling her forward until she was sitting right on the edge of the bunk.

Then he shifted his hands, grabbing hold of her ankles and pushing them upwards until he had her feet resting on the edge of the bunk, her pussy spread wide open, his cock pointing at it. Slowly bending forward, Ed dragged his tongue through Jane’s pussy, tasting the syrupy sweetness of her juices as his tongue probed up into her hole. Jane moaned when she felt his tongue questing up into her pussy, releasing a flood of pent-up juices into his mouth.

Glancing over at the screen for some reason, Jane saw that Don’s cock was not longer plunging in and out of Alice’s pussy, that she was now sucking on it. She watched in a disembodied sort of way as Ed continued to suck her pussy. It seemed like almost no time had passed before Jane was cumming, pressing herself into Ed’s mouth as he contineud to lick and suck at her pussy. She was gasping for breath when he suddenly stopped, standing up and looking down at the glazed look on her face.

Then Jane was aware of a pressure in her pussy, and looking down saw that Ed wsa slowly pushing his huge cock into her pussy. She watched in disbelief as it slowly slid into her, stretching her pussy wider than it had ever been, totally filling her. Then as she watched Ed began to slowly fuck her, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy, totally filling her each time he thrust forward.

By now Jane had just given herself up to it, her head thrown back and her eyes closed as Ed continued to fuck her. She didn’t even hear when the curtain parted and Susan again entered the wheelhouse, her eyes widening in shock as she saw Ed fucking her mother. She moved over to stand right next to him, quiet as a church mouse as she watched close up his cock sliding in and out of her mother’s pussy. She could see her mother’s pussy lips clinging to Ed’s cock each time he pulled back, then it would disappear as he slammed his cock back into her. She watched as Ed used his fingers to rub Jane’s clit as he fucked her. She could hear her mother whimpering as Ed’s huge cock slammed in and out of her pussy.

Then Ed increased the pace of his cock in and out of her pussy and Jane began to moan even louder as her own orgasm approached. When she felt Ed’s cock explode within her pussy her own orgasm let loose and she cried out with the intensity of the feeling, lifting her head and opening her eyes, only to totally panic when she saw Susan standing there watching.

Futilely trying to disengage herself from Ed’s spurting cock as they both came, Jane could only stare at the look of delight and rapture on Susan’s face as she watched her mother’s pussy get filled with cum as she too came.

“This is beautiful, mom,” Susan said as she watched Ed’s cock slide in and out of her now gooey pussy.

Jane just collapsed back against the bulkhead, too overcome with all sort of emotions to hold herself up any more, her eyes just staring at her daughter standing there, her nipples hard and her chest heaving as she watched her mother get fucked. Then Ed stepped back a step, his cock sliding from Jane’s pussy, a stream of cum following it. Susan could see her mother’s pussy really gaping open, her hole full of cum and her clit swollen.

“Oh, mom, how beautiful,” Susan said, leaning forward and gluing her mouth to her mother’s cum-filled pussy.

Jane struggled to disengage Susan’s mouth from her pussy, quickly succumbing to the sensations her tongue was producing between her legs. Susan, meanwhile, was feasting on the cum cocktail in her mother’s pussy, sucking and slurping and swallowing with relish, intoxicated by the combination of flavors and smells as she sucked at the hole from whence she had entered this world just eighteen years before. Jane felt disembodied as Susan sucked her cum-filled quim, an observer, not a participant, until suddenly she found herself cumming again as Susan’s tongue drove her to another orgasm. When she had finished cumming for the third time, Susan finally stood up, a big smile creasing her cum-smeared face as she stared at her mother.

“Oh, mom, that was so exciting,” Susan said. “And your pussy tastes so good with all the cum in it,” she added.

“Susan, what’s happened to you?” Jane wailed, tears coursing down her cheeks.

“Nothing’s happened,” Susan said. “I just learned that I like certain things,” she said. “And sucking is my favorite, especially pussy.”

“And how about my cock?” Ed asked, standing there as he had the whole time watching.

“And your cock,” Susan said with a laugh, turning to look at him. “Here, let me,” she said, bending over and sucking Ed’s cock into her mouth, sucking all the juices from it and licking it clean before standing up again to see the surprise on her mother’s face. “I just love the taste of cum,” she said. “Don’t you?”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Jane said, covering her face with her hands. “My whole life is being destroyed.”

“How can you say that?” Susan asked. “I just watched you cum like crazy when Ed fucked you, then you came like crazy when I sucked you, and you didn’t complain. Now that it’s over and you think about it, you’re upset? And you tell me I need to grow up!”

“That’s quite a daughter you’ve got,” Ed said. “Like I told you.”

“And what about your brother,” Jane asked, “does he know you’re doing these things?”

“Huh! Jimmy’s so busy sucking everyone’s pussy on this ship he doesn’t even notice what day it is.”

“What are you saying?” Jane asked, looking at Susan.

“Mom, get your head out of the sand,” Susan said. “You’re probably the only person on board who’s not having total fun. I mean, look at dad. He just had a great time with Alice, and he’ll probably get some from Bunny before this is over if she has her way. Everyone’s having fun, that’s all. I know when we get back I have to go back to my same old boring life. Well, just this week I’m going to have all the fun I possibly can so at least I can have a memory of what it’s like, that’s all.”

“Sort of makes sense, doesn’t it?” Ed said. “I mean, we hope people enjoy their trips with us. It is supposed to be something out of this world in normal terms. I guess this qualifies. It’s not the first time we’ve seen passengers do this. And with all due respect, you’ve got a pussy that deserves the attention,” he said. “My cock felt right at home.”

“I’ll say,” Susan agreed as she saw her mother blush.

“Now either get out of here or I’m going to have some more,” Ed said, holding his once again hard cock in his hand.

“Oh, mom, yes, do it again,” Susan implored, letting her fingers slide into her mother’s pussy.

“I think I’ll go,” Jane said, squirming off the bunk and onto her feet. “I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

“Believe me, it was no bother,” Ed said. “I hope we can do this again.”

“We’ll see,” Jane said, going through the curtain and down the stairs. “Are you coming, Susan?” she asked.

“I’ll be along in a minute,” Susan replied. “I’m going to suck Ed’s cock first. It looks like he needs it.”

“Susan!” Jane exclaimed, her head sticking back through the curtain.

“Well, you got your pussy sucked, and fucked. What’s the problem?” she asked.

“Will you please talk to her?” Jane implored, looking at Ed.

“It won’t be the first time,” Susan said, her chin high.

“What?” Jane said, her mouth hanging open.

“I sucked his cock last night,” Susan said. “It was the first time I had ever done it. And I liked it! I like the taste of cum. And I like the way it sort of swells up before it explodes in your mouth. So do you.”

“What are you saying?” Jane asked, staring at her.

“I watched you suck dad the other day,” Susan said, tossing her head towards the monitor. “That’s when I decided to do it to Ed. I just copied you.”

“Oh, my god,” Jane said, her hand to her mouth.

“Why don’t you just watch and see that it’s no big deal,” Susan said, slipping to her knees in front of Ed. “I sucked your pussy full of Ed’s cum. This is just a little more direct, I think.”

And with that Susan just opened her mouth and sucked Ed’s cock in, closing her lips on it and just sucking it with her whole mouth. She loved the flavor. She could still just make out the taste of her mother’s pussy on Ed’s cock as she continued to suck on it. Jane just stood there frozen and watched as her daughter sucked this huge cock that just minutes before had been plunging in and out of her pussy, making her feel like more of a woman than she had ever felt before.

She could see Susan’s throat bulge as she tried to get more and more of Ed’s cock down her throat. When she looked up at Ed’s face, he was just smiling at her! She blushed, realizing that her nipples were hard as she dropped her gaze to Susan sucking on him. Susan was bobbing up and down on Ed’s cock now, really fucking him with her mouth. As Jane watched in open- mouthed fascination, Ed threw his head back and groaned as he began to cum in Susan’s still sucking mouth. She could hear Susan gurgling as she struggled to swallow all of Ed’s cum, her throat convulsively gulping as her mouth filled. Then Susan was sliding up and down on Ed’s cock again, sucking the last of his cum and leaving Ed once again hard.

Letting his cock finally fall from her mouth, she turned a shining, cum-smeared face to her mother.

“Didn’t that look great, mom?” she asked, getting to her feet. “It tasted great!”

“I think we should go now,” Jane said, still in shock.

“Heck, it’s time for the next dive,” Ed said, a big smile on his face.

“All right,” Susan said. “Come on, mom, let’s go dive together,” she said, moving to the stairs. “Okay?”

“Sure, let’s go diving,” Jane said, shaking her head as she made room for Susan to come down the stairs.

“I’ll come back later, Ed,” Susan said, turning to smile at him. “This is fun.”

“Have a good dive,” Ed said, laughing as they disappeared from view. “What a pair!” he thought, his cock twitching. “I can’t wait to taste that stuff and then fuck it.” he thought to himself.

Susan and Jane walked to the dive deck in silence, Jane still shaken by her experience. Closely watching her father as Jane sat next to him to suit up, Susan could detect to sign of what they had seen on the monitor between him and Alice. Looking at Alice, Alice just smiled at her as they all stood up and made their way down to the water. Susan spent the entire dive with Jane, as they explored the water wonderland below. By the time they surfaced at the end of the dive, Jane was in much better spirits.

Claiming to be tired, Jane said she was going to lay down for a couple of hours until dinner. Thinking about it, Susan realized that she too was tired and decided to do the same. As they turned to go into their separate cabins, Susan turned and hugged her mother close.

“Mom, I love you so much,” she said. “Please don’t be so worried about me.”

“I’ll try,” Jane said. “But it’s hard. You’re my daughter.”

“I know,” Susan said. “It’ll be okay,” she said, opening the door and stepping into her cabin.

She was relieved to have the cabin to herself as she flopped down on her bunk. What a day it had been! She still couldn’t get over seeing Ed’s huge cock sliding in and out of her mother’s pussy. And then getting to suck all the cum from her, that had been the best. As she lay there Susan realized that she had decided to finish the trip without her virginity. She knew there was never going to be a better time, not like this. She knew that she wanted to know what it felt like to have Ed’s cock going in and out of her pussy like her mother had. She had to know!

Susan was laying there thinking/dreaming, her fingers idly playing in her pussy when Jimmy opened the door and came into the cabin. He looked at her, taking in her fingers in her pussy as he sat on his bunk. Susan turned to took at him, an odd look on her face.

“Jimmy, have you fucked anyone yet?” she asked, looking at him.

“Gosh, no,” Jimmy said. “What makes you ask something like that?” he asked, surprised by the question.

“Oh, I just thought with you sucking everyone’s pussy that you had maybe fucked someone too, that’s all.”

“No,” Jimmy said. “But I sure want to. I mean, it’s nice, you know, sucking them and all. And they suck me too, you know. But I do want to. Have you?”

“No,” Susan answered frankly, turning her head and staring at the ceiling. “But I’ve decided I’m going to before we get back.”

“You’re kidding?” Jimmy responded, really surprised. “Do you know who?” he asked slyly.

“No, not yet,” Susan replied. “But I know I want to feel what it’s like to have Ed’s cock inside of me,” she said. “He’s so big!”

“Wow!” Jimmy exclaimed. “But wouldn’t it hurt a lot? I mean, if he’s so big. Maybe the first time shouldn’t be so big, maybe,” he said.

“That’s just what I was thinking,” Susan said, turning to look at him. “I need someone else to be first. Oh, it’s so beautiful watching a cock slide in and out of a pussy,” she said, holding herself tight between the legs.

“Who have you seen like that?” Jimmy asked, staring at her.

“I’ve seen,” Susan said, a smile on her face.

“Who? When? Today?” Jimmy asked, not believing her.

“Yes,” Susan said. “Today.”

“Today? Who did you see, Susan?” Jimmy asked, dropping to his knees at the edge of her bunk. “Tell me, please.”

“Ed,” Susan said, a smile on her face as she saw the consternation on his face.

“And?” Jimmy asked, his eyes wide.

“Who’s the last person on board that you’d think it would be?” Susan asked, a grin on her face.

“The last person,” Jimmy mused, staring at her. “I would have said you, but I know that’s not it, is it?”

“No, not me,” Susan laughed. “But I did suck his cock when he finished. That was great.”

“You’re kidding!” Jimmy exclaimed. “Wow. Who was it?”

“Keep guessing,” Susan said. “You haven’t guessed yet.”

“The last person,” Jimmy said to himself. “Well, that would be mom, of course,” he said. “It couldn’t be her.”

“Why not?” Susan asked him, a deliberately neutral expression on her face.

“You’re not serious?” Jimmy asked. “You’re telling me that mom let Ed fuck her and you watched. And then you sucked his cock? Did she see that?”

“Uh-huh,” Susan said, laughing. “But I did that after I sucked her pussy and ate all of their cum. I made her cum too.”

“You’re full of shit,” Jimmy said, pushing to his feet and staring at her angrily. “You’re just making it up.”

“And dad fucked Alice and she sucked his cock too,” Susan said, laughing loudly now.

“Why are you making this up?” Jimmy asked.

“I’m not,” Susan replied, still laughing. “But it’s so nuts I know you can’t possibly believe it. But I promise I’m telling the truth. I saw it all! You wouldn’t believe it. I sucked mom’s pussy right after Ed came inside of her. It was awesome. She was so freaked out she didn’t know what to do. Then she came. It was so cool.”

“How can you prove it?” Jimmy challenged.

“I’ll bet if you just ask dad if he’d like to fuck Alice his face will give him away,” Susan said. “If that’s true you’d have to believe me, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, if it’s true,” Jimmy agreed. “But what if I ask him and he gets pissed off at me?”

“Then let’s bet so it’s worth it,” Susan said, sitting up.

“Bet what?” Jimmy asked.

“If I’m right you suck my pussy for me. If I’m wrong, I’ll suck your cock for you,” she said.

“You mean it?” Jimmy said, a big smile on his face.

“Yup,” Susan said. “Because I know I’m right.”

“What if I just say I believe you right now?” Jimmy asked, beginning to have doubts.

“Then I’d say you were a smart little brother,” Susan said, smiling at him.

“What about the bet?” Jimmy asked.

“Well, you still have to suck me,” Susan said. “But I’ll suck you too anyway. Is that fair?”

“Yeah,” Jimmy said, a big grin on his face. “I liked sucking your pussy. You taste the best of everyone on board.”

“Well, come on then,” Susan said with a laugh. “I’m ready right now.”

Jimmy laughed as Susan grabbed his cock and pulled him towards the bunk. Quickly she maneuvered so that she was on top of Jimmy, her legs spread around his head, her pussy right in front of his mouth. Even as she opened her mouth to take his cock in she felt his tongue slide up into her pussy. She almost came right then it felt so good. She hadn’t realized how worked up she had gotten watching her mother and Ed. It felt like Jimmy was trying to suck her entire pussy into his mouth as he ate her. Susan responded by increasing her attack on his cock, letting more and more of it down into her throat as she sucked on him.

Then it seemed that both of them were cumming at once. Susan couldn’t tell who started, she just knew that her whole body began to tremble and then her mouth was filling with cum as Jimmy’s cock began to spurt. She sucked and swallowed reflexively, frozen by her own orgasm as Jimmy continued to suck her. Finally it subsided, each of them, and Susan just lay there, Jimmy’s cock in her mouth. She could feel him breathing into her pussy, his tongue still up inside of her.

Then suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Susan, Jimmy, it’s dinner time,” Don said from the other side of the door.

“We’re coming,” Susan said, trying not to laugh as she got up off of Jimmy. And had they cum!

Jimmy jumped up off the bunk in panic, waiting for the door to open. Susan just laughed at him, shaking her head.

“You have cum all over your face, silly,” she said. “It looks like you’ve been eating pussy.”

“Oh, man,” Jimmy said, wiping his face on a towel. “That was great, but what an ending.”

“There’ll be more,” Susan said, opening the door.

As they stepped into the hall they ran right in to Alice and John as they came out of their cabin.

“Well, hello, you two,” Alice said. “You haven’t visited us in a while, Susan. You should come visit us tonight after dinner. Bring Jimmy with you too.”

“Sure,” Susan said, smiling at her, remembering her father’s cock slamming in and out of her pussy. “You too, Jimmy?” Susan asked, turning to look at him.

“Yeah, sure,” Jimmy agreed, embarrassed by the way Alice was looking at him.

“We can have dessert together,” Alice said, laughing as she went up the stairs first.

Jimmy was afraid his cock was going to stand up again as he followed Alice up the stairs, her pussy just inches from his face. They all got their food and sat down at a table next to the one Jane and Don were sitting at. Susan smiled at her parents.

“Did you have a nice nap, mom?” she asked.

“A little,” Jane responded, reluctantly smiling. “Did you get any sleep?”

“Not really,” Susan said. “I mostly talked with Jimmy.”

“Well, try to get to bed early tonight, then,” Jane suggested. “You should get enough sleep, vacation or no.”

“I promise,” Susan said as she turned to her food.

They all fell to, enjoying another of Mary’s meals. Then Ed came into the salon, a big smile on his face.

“Well, good evening, everyone. Hope everyone’s having a good time,” he said.

Jimmy happened to look over at Jane when Ed entered the salon. He noticed a slight blush come to her cheeks at his words, and at that moment he absolutely believed everything Susan had told him earlier. As he thought about it again he was totally shocked. She said she had sucked their mother’s pussy and then sucked Ed’s cock while she watched. Holy shit! He turned and looked at Susan.

“You were telling the truth!” he said, his eyes wide.

“I told you I was,” Susan said, smiling at him. “But I’m glad you said you believed me before dinner.”

“Well, yeah,” Jimmy replied, blushing a bit.

“Let’s get a bowl of those strawberries and some of that Cool Whip and have dessert down in our cabin,” Alice suggested, leaning over Jimmy to talk to Susan.

“Okay,” Susan agreed. “Come on, Jimmy, let’s get those strawberries.”

Quickly filling a bowl with strawberries and another with the Cool Whip, Susan and Jimmy followed Alice and John back down the stairs to their cabin. When the door had closed Alice turned to Jimmy.

“Well, I’ve certainly heard people talking about you, young man,” she said, smiling at him.

“Why?” Jimmy asked, embarrassed.

“Oh, only good things, I promise,” Alice laughed. “Sit down, sit down.”

As they sat on opposite bunks Susan started to eat a strawberry.

“Oh, wait, Susan,” Alice said. “We have a special way of eating strawberries that I think you might like. Would you like to try?”

“Sure,” Susan replied. “How?”

“Well, I’ll show you,” Alice said with a laugh, smiling at John.

Reaching for a strawberry, Alice dipped it in the Cool Whip.

“Now watch,” she said, turning and kneeling on the bunk.

Bending forward, Susan and Jimmy were presented with a view of her ass and pussy sticking out. Reaching between her legs, Alice opened her pussy lips and pushed the strawberry into her pussy. Jimmy’s eyes were wide open and so was his mouth, so shocked was he. Susan just laughed when she saw the Cool Whip covered strawberry peeking from within Alice’s pussy.

“Who gets to eat it?” Susan asked.

“Go ahead, Jimmy, you go first,” John said, seeing the look on his face.

“You mean it?” Jimmy asked, staring at him.

“Sure. Why not?” John said.

“Wow,” Jimmy said, falling to his knees in front of Alice’s exposed asshole and pussy.

Susan’s eyes were wide with delight as she watched Jimmy fasten his mouth to Alice’s pussy and suck. She could see Alice’s fingers busy rubbing her clit as Jimmy sucked at her hole. Then she could see Jimmy chewing as he continued to slither his tongue into Alice’s pussy.

“Okay, okay,” Alice laughed. “Someone else’s turn.”

John quickly got a strawberry and pushed it into Alice’s pussy. Then he smeared Cool Whip over her pussy. As Alice laughed, John dove into her pussy, licking and sucking as he went after the strawberry. When he raised his face after a couple of minutes, he had Cool Whip smeared across it.

“My turn,” Susan said, grabbing a strawberry and sticking it into Alice’s pussy. “Yummy,” she said, diving in.

Jimmy watched in astonishment as Susan sucked Alice’s pussy. Even though he believed what she had told him, seeing her suck another pussy was totally different. He felt his cock getting real hard as he watched. Finally Susan sat up, a big smile on her face.

“I just love the taste of your pussy, Alice,” she said.

“And I like your appetite for strawberries,” Alice laughed as she turned around. “But now I want a strawberry.”

“Here,” Susan said, laying back on the bunk, her feet spread wide apart and pressed against the bunk over her head.

Alice laughed as she prepared a strawberry and slowly pushed it into Susan’s pussy. Jimmy watched as Alice bent over and glued her mouth to Susan’s pussy. Jimmy smiled to himself as he watched, knowing that Susan’s pussy was as sweet as any strawberry. When Alice finished after a couple of minutes John took her place, gluing his mouth to her pussy as he sucked the strawberry from her. When he raised his face after a couple of minutes, he had a big smile across it. Then Alice prepared another strawberry and inserted it into Susan’s pussy.

“Your turn, Jimmy,” she said, looking at him.

Jimmy froze for a minute, not knowing what to do. Then Susan spoke up.

“Go on, Jimmy, get that strawberry,” she said, eager to have Alice and John see him suck her pussy. “It’s not the first time and you know it,” she said.

“What’s going on here?” Alice asked.

“I’ve had Jimmy suck my pussy twice for me, and I sucked his cock too,” Susan said as Jimmy attacked her pussy, sucking at the strawberry that was jammed into her. “Ooh, yes,” she said. “I like this.”

“Hey, why don’t you two eat the strawberries and Jimmy and I will just concentrating on sucking your pussies,” John suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Alice said, laying on the bunk beside Susan, spreading her knees and opening her pussy to them. “Jimmy, would you like to suck on my pussy for me?” Alice asked, smiling at him. “I know John wants some more of Susan.”

“Heck yeah, sure,” Jimmy said, smiling. “You mean it?”

“Suck away, young man,” Alice said, popping a strawberry in her mouth. “Make me cum.”

“Oh, Jimmy, isn’t this fun,” Susan said as John again bent to suck her pussy.

“You bet,” Jimmy said from Alice’s pussy.

Soon the only sounds in the cabin were those of tongues slithering through pussies and the moans of Susan and Alice as they were driven to orgasm. First it was Susan who came, John slurping at her pussy as she bucked against his face. Then it was Alice’s turn, her thick cum filling Jimmy’s mouth as he drank. Finally they were done and Jimmy just sat there on his heels, his hard cock out in front of him, Alice’s pussy juices smeared all across his face.

“That was just wonderful, Jimmy,” Alice said, sitting up. “Come here,” she said, pulling him close and kissing him. She could taste herself on his tongue as they sucked the breath from each other. “And what a nice cock,” Alice said, reaching out and holding Jimmy’s hard cock in her hand. “What would you like to do with this, Jimmy?” she asked. “Would you like to put it in my mouth or in my pussy? Which one would you like?”

“You mean it?” Jimmy asked, his mouth hanging open as he watched Alice massage his hard cock.

“You make the choice, Jimmy,” Alice said, smiling up at him.

“You’d really let me fuck you?” Jimmy asked.

“If that’s what you’d like, sure,” Alice said. “Have you ever fucked anyone before?”

“No,” Jimmy said, his eyes glazed. “But I’d sure like to.”

“Well, here then,” Alice said, laying back down and opening her legs wide. “Fuck me, Jimmy. I’d love to be the first one for you.”

“Go on, Jimmy,” Susan encouraged, excited to watch. “Do it. Here’s your chance.”

“Go on, boy, do it,” John said, smiling as he watched Alice tease him.

Alice pulled her pussy lips wide open with her fingers as she watched Jimmy’s face. Jimmy could see right into her hole as she lay there. Letting a strangled cry escape from his throat, Jimmy fell to his knees and held his cock at the entrance to Alice’s pussy.

“All right, Jimmy,” Susan said. “Do it.”

Slowly pressing his cock against Alice’s pussy, Jimmy held his breath as it disappeared inch by inch into her pussy. Finally it totally disappeared into her pussy and Jimmy just rested there, feeling the warm wetness of Alice’s pussy. He could feel the muscles of her pussy gripping his cock, milking it. Then he slowly started moving his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of Alice’s pussy.

Susan watched with held breath as her little brother began to fuck Alice. She was torn between admiration and jealousy as she watched. Then reaching out and grabbing John’s cock, Susan pulled him close and began to suck on him while watching Jimmy fuck Alice out of the corner of her eye. She could see his cock glistening each time he pulled it out of Alice, then it disappeared as he slammed it back in. John was sliding his hips back and forth fucking her face so Susan just had to sit there, he did all the work.

Then she saw Jimmy stiffen as he began to cum in Alice’s pussy. Alice had her feet wrapped around his back and was milking him with her pussy as he came. Jimmy groaned as he ground his hips into her, trying to push his cock even deeper. Susan was surprised suddenly by her mouth filling with John’s cum as his balls blew. She gulped, just barely managing not to cough, swallowing his cum as she sucked him. By the time John had finished cumming and Susan had sucked him dry, Jimmy’s cock had withdrawn from Alice’s pussy.

Susan could see his cum between Alice’s pussy lips, her hole gaping from Jimmy’s cock. Releasing John’s cock Susan dove in between Alice’s legs, gluing her mouth to her cum-filled pussy. Jimmy watched in surprise as she sucked Alice’s pussy, slurping at his cum as she ate her pussy. Alice was laughing as Susan sucked her, holding her head with both hands. Then Susan sat back up, her face glistening with Alice and Jimmy’s cum. Turning to Jimmy, Susan opened her mouth and sucked his gooey cock in, licking and sucking the juices from it before letting it fall from her mouth.

“Well, I see that you have been busy,” Alice said, laughing as she sat up. “And you, Jimmy, you use that cock of yours very nicely. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“That was great,” Jimmy said. “It felt so good.”

“Yes, it did,” Alice laughed. “And what about you, Susan? Have you let anyone fuck you yet?”

“Not yet,” Susan replied. “Not yet.”

“I’d love to be the first,” John said. “If you’d like.”

“I haven’t decided,” Susan said, smiling at John. “But I know I’d like your cock in me, John. I’m sure of it.”

“Well, why don’t you just do it now?” Alice said, her eyes shining at the prospect.

“Not now,” Susan said. “We have a night dive to do.”

“Maybe before we get back,” John suggested.

“I hope so,” Susan said, a twinkle in her eye. “I think I’ll go upstairs now. You want to come, Jimmy?”

“Jimmy, I hope you come back and give me some more of that nice cock of yours,” Alice said. “Would you like that?”

“You bet,” Jimmy said. “If you don’t mind,” he said, looking at John.

“Not at all,” John said. “The more the merrier. Alice has quite an appetite.”

“See you later,” Susan said. “And thanks!”

“No problem,” Alice laughed. “We’ll see you both later, won’t we?”

“You will,” Susan said, opening the door and going out, Jimmy right behind her.

In the hallway they ran into their parents who were coming out of their cabin. They all stopped in the hallway, a momentary awkward silence. Then Jane spoke.

“What were you two doing in there?” she asked.

“Just visiting,” Susan replied. “Did you take a nap?” she asked, smiling at her mother.

“Yes,” Jane said, a slight blush suffusing her cheeks.

“Or maybe you did something else?” Susan suggested.

“Susan, watch yourself, young lady,” Don said, giving her a stern look.

“Oh, dad, you think you’re so, so adult,” Susan said. “I know a lot more than you think. Were you two going up or were you both going to visit Alice and John?” she asked, a knowing grin on her face as she stared at her father.

“We’re going up for the night dive,” Don replied. “Why would you ask?”

“Oh, just curious,” Susan said, laughing as she scampered up the stairs.

“What was she talking about?” Don asked, looking at Jane.

“As if you don’t know,” Jane replied, staring at him.

“What do you mean,” he asked as they went up the stairs.

“She saw you fucking Alice, that’s what she meant,” Jane said.

“What are you talking about?” he asked, his cheeks flushing.

“I saw you too,” Jane retorted. “Don’t think I didn’t. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Jane, I don’t know what to say,” Don sputtered.

“Don’t say anything,” Jane said. “When I saw that I let Ed fuck me.”

“You what?” Don said, stopping her and turning her to face him.

“Yes,” Jane said, staring at him. “And Susan happened to walk in and watch.”

“I don’t believe this,” Don said.

“It’s true,” Jane said, turning and going over to her gear.

“Hey, everyone,” Ed said, walking onto the dive deck. “This is a great spot for night diving. Lot’s of lobster and conch.”

“Hi, Jane, Don,” Ed said, coming over to stand in front of them as they got into their gear. “Everything okay?”

“Wonderful, Ed,” Jane replied, smiling at him. “I really needed that this afternoon.”

“Any time,” Ed said, smiling at her. “I enjoyed it too.”

“Maybe some more later?” she asked, reaching out and briefly holding his cock in her hand.

“My pleasure,” Ed said, seeing the shocked look on Don’s face. “Bring Susan again too.”

“We’ll see,” Jane said, getting to her feet.

“What about Susan?” Don asked, scrambling to his feet after her.

“Susan’s been sucking his cock,” Jane said. “What do you think of that?”

“You can’t be serious,” Don said, staring at Susan’s naked ass in front of them.

“Oh, yes,” Jane said. “I watched. She did a good job of it too. I was surprised actually.”

“How can you say this?” Don asked as they got to the dive platform.

“After watching you with Alice, and me here and always willing, I’d do or say anything,” Jane said, falling into the water.

Don spent his entire dive in a state of bewilderment. How had they possibly seen him with Alice. And Jane’s reaction to it all. He couldn’t believe she had fucked Ed. And what she was saying about Susan. This was too much. When he surfaced from his dive he found Susan and Jimmy on the dive platform talking with Sue and Harve.

Sitting down and slowly slipping out of his gear, he studied Susan, trying to see if there was anything about her body language which would support what Jane had told him. When Susan sat down and slipped out of her gear, Don found himself staring at her bald pussy when she spread her legs. Involuntarily his cock grew into a semi-hard state.

“Who’s that for, dad?” Susan asked with a smirk as she stood to leave the dive deck.

Don blushed when he realized that she had seen him staring at her pussy.

“Can I talk to you, please?” Susan suddenly asked him, trying to hide a grin.

“S-sure, Susan,” Don stammered, wishing he was wearing some clothes as his cock continued to get hard. “What is it?”

“No, I’d like to talk more private,” Susan said. “Maybe down in the cabin, okay?”

“Sure,” Don said. “Now?”

“If you don’t mind,” she replied.

“Okay, let’s go,” Don said, taking a deep breath as he stood and made way for the stairs.

Susan let him go first, knowing how embarrassed he was by his cock being so hard out in front of him. When they got to the bottom of the stairs they ran into Alice as she was leaving her cabin.

“Oh, hello, you two,” she said. “Wasn’t that a great dive?”

“It was nice,” Susan agreed.

“So why are you down here then,” Alice inquired. “The sun’s out.”

“We’re just going to have a talk,” Susan informed her.

“Oh, I see,” Alice said, nodding her head. “Maybe you’d like an impartial third party to listen, maybe offer a different point of view?”

Susan and Don answered simultaneously, Susan saying yes and Don saying no. Alice laughed.

“It looks like you two are going to need a referee,” she said.

“Please, dad,” Susan implored. “I think it will help.”

“If you insist,” Don said, very uncomfortable now.

He was sure Jane suspected something and he didn’t want Susan also involved.

“Come on in here,” Alice said, opening the door to her cabin. “We won’t be interrupted this way.”

Without even looking at her father Susan went into Alice’s cabin and sat down on a bunk. Don silently followed her in and sat next to her, Alice sitting on the bunk opposite. Don was acutely aware of Alice’s pussy as she sat there with her knees spread. His cock twitched as he remembered how good it had felt to fuck her.

“So what is it?” he asked to take his mind in another direction.

“Mom is pretty pissed off about you and Alice,” Susan said bluntly, watching his face.

Don’s face turned a bright red when this totally unexpected statement was made.

“What are you talking about?” Don asked, trying to buy some time.

“You know, you fucking Alice from behind and then she sucked your cock,” Susan said, delighted at the devastated look on his face. “Isn’t that about right?” she asked, looking at Alice.

“That sounds familiar,” Alice said, a smile on her face as she watched Don’s consternation.

“Why are you doing this?” Don asked, staring at his daughter now with totally different eyes.

“Because you hurt mom’s feelings,” Susan said. “She’d like some attention like that too.”

“And what makes you think she hasn’t been getting attention?” Don asked, angry now. This was his daughter.

“I just think maybe you should invite her to join you,” Susan said. “She might feel more included.”

“And what would you know about it?” Don asked.

“Because I was there when Ed fucked her,” Susan said matter-of-factly. “She didn’t like it when I came in, but then I think she got off on someone watching her.”

“And what’s this your mother tells me about you and Ed?” Don asked, feeling more and more angry at this presumption.

“I like sucking his cock,” Susan said. “So what?”

“Don’t you think you’re a little young yet to be doing and talking about these things?” Don asked her.

“How old were you and mom when you started?” Susan asked. “I know you were high school sweethearts. What grade were you in?”

When Don didn’t answer Alice smiled to herself. “Poor man doesn’t know when he’s beat!” she thought. Then she heard Jane looking for Don, calling to him as she opened the door to their cabin. Without a word Alice got to her feet and opened the door, stepping out into the hallway and confronting Jane.

“He’s in here,” she said, seeing her eyes widen. “Susan’s with him. They wanted an impartial referee for their conversation. But I think you should be here too.”

Hesitating just a minute, Jane nodded and joined Don and Susan in Alice’s cabin. By default she had to sit next to Alice on the bunk.

“Susan told Don that she thinks you’re hurt because he didn’t include you in his, shall we say, fun,” Alice said. “I’m sorry, Jane. If I’d known that it would bother you I never would have done it. I just assumed.”

“It takes two,” Jane said, staring at Don. “I did no better when I went with Ed.”

“What’s this better stuff?” Alice asked. “You got laid. That’s all. You weren’t planning a life together or any big emotional attachment. You got laid. I got laid. That’s all it was to me. I’m not trying to take him from you. I just wanted his cock and tongue for a bit, his body. I don’t mind that he’s a nice guy,” she said, seeing the look on Don’s face. “Now, I think you two should kiss and make up. Come on, you two,” she said, grabbing each of them by the hand and pulling them to their feet. “Now kiss,” she demanded, holding them face to face, Don’s still erect cock sticking out and poking Jane in the stomach.

“Come on,” she said, putting a hand on each of their asses and pushing them tightly together. “Don’t you want to kiss?” she asked.

Laughing awkwardly, Don bent down and kissed Jane.

“Now, that wasn’t much of a kiss and it’s not funny,” Alice said. “Do you need a demonstration or can you manage on your own?”

This time Don bent forward and caught Jane in his arms, gluing his mouth to hers and really kissing her. After only a momentary hesitation Jane responded, wrapping her arms around Don’s neck and kissing him back.

“That’s better,” Alice said, standing close and pressing her body against both of theirs. “Get in to it,” she said, sliding her hand down each of their asses and between their legs, grabbing Don’s balls and letting her fingers slide in between Jane’s pussy lips.

Both Don and Jane jumped when they felt Alice’s hands, breaking their kiss.

“It feels to me like you two are ready,” Alice said, letting her hands drop. “Please continue. I’d just love to watch.”

“I think we should leave now,” Jane said in a husky voice.

“Oh, come on, mom,” Susan said. “I watched you and Ed. I’d much rather see you with dad.”

“Now, now,” Alice said, grabbing Don’s cock in her hand. “I have a cabin rule that no hard cock shall exit this door. So if you aren’t going to do something with this, I certainly will.”

“I think I can manage,” Jane said, wrapping her own hand around Don’s cock.

“Oh, by all means, please do,” Alice said with a laugh, releasing Don’s cock.

“I think we should go now,” Don said, very uncomfortable now.

“Why?” Jane asked, looking at him. “Don’t you want Alice to see you fuck me?”

“No,” Don exclaimed. “I mean, what about Susan?”

“I’m not worried about Susan or Alice,” Jane said, staring at him as she tugged on his cock. “Doesn’t it turn you on to fuck me in front of someone else? Does it embarrass you to be with me?”

“Oh course not,” Don said, unprepared for this attack. “I just didn’t think…”

“Were you thinking when you fucked Alice?” Jane demanded.

“You know there’s only one way out of this,” Alice said, laughing at Don. “I mean, if you don’t want her, I think I could have a marvelous time with her,” she said, moving behind Jane and letting her arms wrap around her waist, cupping her tits. “In fact, maybe you should go,” Alice said, pinching Jane’s nipples between her fingers. “Maybe you should just leave us girls together.”

“Well, Don what’s it going to be?” Jane asked, blushing as she felt Alice’s hands on her tits. “Do you think you can bring yourself to fuck me or do we throw you out and just keep it girls only?”

“You’re joking,” Don said, not believing this.

“I don’t know,” Jane said, leaning back against Alice. “At least Alice shows an interest in me.”

“Not like I do,” Don said, suddenly angry as he pulled Jane close to him. “Not like I do,” he said, kissing her, wrapping her in his arms.

“Oh, well, we’ll just have to watch this time,” Alice said to Susan as she watched them kissing.

Susan watched with bright eyes as her parents kissed. It was so beautiful to her. She watched as Alice maneuvered them so that Jane sat on the bunk, Don’s cock sticking in her face. When nothing immediately happened, Alice reached for Don’s cock, only to have Jane suddenly grab it and suck it into her mouth.

“That’s better,” Alice said, smiling. “He has such a delicious cock too.”

“Oh, mom, suck him, suck him,” Susan said, getting to her feet and standing close to watch as her mother sucked her father’s cock in front of her and Alice.

She and Alice watched for at least five minutes as Jane sucked Don’s cock. Susan was surprised that she could suck the whole thing into her mouth. It was obvious that Don was approaching orgasm when Alice suddenly reached out and grabbed Don’s cock from Jane’s mouth.

“What are you doing?” Jane asked, looking at her in exasperation, her eyes slightly glazed.

“You should save some of that,” Alice said with a laugh. “Or don’t you want some equal treatment yourself?”

“Yes!” Susan exclaimed. “Suck mom, dad. Suck her pussy.”

Don turned to look at Susan, not believing that this was his daughter standing there naked, her pussy shaved, exhorting him to suck her mother’s pussy right in front of her.

“It does look so tasty,” Alice said, dropping to her knees next to them. “Maybe you’d like me to do this,” she suggested, letting a hand trail up Jane’s thigh to her pussy.

“Not yet,” Don said, dropping to his knees between Jane’s legs.

Jane was really turned on having Don treat her like this in front of Alice. When he dropped to his knees in front of her, she leaned back, bringing her feet up onto the edge of the bunk, opening her pussy to him. Susan was so different from anything she had ever experienced that she didn’t even think of her as her daughter anymore as she locked eyes with her. Susan was beyond her control anymore.

When she felt Don’s tongue slide into her pussy Jane sighed with relief, giving herself up to the waves of pleasure it produced. She loved getting her pussy eaten and having an audience was proving to be very stimulating to her. She arched her pussy up into Don’s face as he sucked her, grinding her pussy into his mouth. Jane felt herself building to an orgasm when suddenly Don’s tongue wasn’t there anymore.

Opening her eyes Jane saw that Alice had lifted Don’s face from her pussy, holding him in her hands as she laughed. She started to complain when she saw Alice grabbing Don’s rigid cock in her hand but Alice spoke first.

“Now use this thing the way it was intended,” she said as she laughed.

Pressing his cock into Jane’s pussy, Don immediately buried it deep inside of her. To his consternation Susan was kneeling right next to him, her face not six inches from his cock as it slid in and out of Jane’s pussy. She was licking her lips as she watched.

“Go, dad, go,” she said. “Fuck mom’s pussy. Fuck her good.”

As Don heard this in shock, he was even more shocked when Susan reached into Jane’s pussy and began to massage and rub her clit. Then he felt her hand as she wrapped it around his slippery shaft as it slid in and out of her mother’s pussy. Susan was feverishly rubbing both her mother’s pussy and his cock as he fucked her. He couldn’t stop. His excitement was at a feverish pitch now. He could feel his cock swelling as he built to an orgasm. Jane was moaning with pleasure as Susan continued to rub her clit. Don could feel Jane’s pussy begin to spasm as she came, gasping for breath as her pussy contracted.

This was too much for Don and his balls exploded, shooting cum deep inside of Jane. The whole time Susan was there, rubbing her mother’s pussy and stroking his cock. He couldn’t believe the intensity of his orgasm as his balls pumped shot after shot of cum into Jane’s pussy. Finally they both stopped cumming, just resting with Don’s cock deep inside of Jane. Then as he caught his breath and straightened up, his cock slid from Jane’s pussy, a stream of cum following it.

Before he could even react Susan had wrapped her lips around his cock and was sucking on it, slurping at the juices that covered him. By the time he could react and pull his cock from her mouth, she was done, his cock clean as a whistle. Before he could even assimilate this Susan had turned and dove into her mother’s swampy pussy, gluing her mouth to her hole and sucking at the cum cocktail that filled her. Jane just moaned as Susan sucked her pussy, slurping and sucking all the cum from inside of her that she could. When she could find no more and Jane’s pussy was clean, Susan sat up, cum smearing her face and a big grin from ear to ear.

“Now we’re really a family,” she said. “I’m so happy. Wasn’t that great! You have a great cock, dad,” she said.

Don just stared at her in bewilderment, trying to understand that this was his daughter who had just watched him fucking her mother, then she had sucked both his cock and her pussy! What was happening to his world.

“I have to agree with all of that,” Alice said. “I know I’m as hot as a cat on a hot tin roof. Do you mind if I borrow Don’s tongue, Jane?” she asked.

“Help yourself,” Jane said, waving her hand at Alice. “It really doesn’t matter, does it?”

“I’ve never thought so,” Alice replied, smiling at her then sitting down next to her on the bunk. “You and I will be friends,” she said, leaning forward and gently kissing her on the mouth.

Then turning and leaning back against the bulkhead next to Jane, Alice drew her feet up and spread her knees, opening her pussy wide.

“Come on, Don,” she said, “suck my pussy for me.”

Don just stared in bewilderment. What had happened to his life? Is this his punishment for fucking Alice? He looked at Jane, questioning her with his eyes.

“Go right ahead,” Jane said. “If you don’t Susan might beat you to it from the looks of it.”

Don looked at Susan, seeing her licking her lips as she stared at Alice’s pussy. Looking at Alice himself, Don found that he agreed with Susan and dropped to his knees, burying his face in her pussy. Alice sighed as she felt his tongue begin to work. Turning her head towards Jane, Alice leaned over and again kissed her, this time gently probing into her mouth with her tongue seeking her tongue out.

Very cautiously Jane allowed herself to respond to her. It was very strange being kissed by a woman, but not nearly as strange as it being the woman whose pussy Don was at that moment eating. She could hear his tongue in Alice’s pussy as they kissed, could feel Alice’s kiss become more insistent as Don aroused her. Then she felt as though Alice were sucking her very breath from her body as Don’s tongue made her cum. She broke off the kiss and leaned forward to watch as Don sucked Alice’s pussy. She could see his tongue darting in and out as he slurped at her juices.

Finally Alice finished cumming and Don stopped sucking her pussy. As he sat back, his face smeared with Alice’s cum, he realized that Susan was still kneeling there, had been silent the whole time. He looked at her, saw nothing but adoration in her eyes as she returned his look.

“You guys are just so cool,” she said, shaking her head. “That was great. I can tell you really like pussy, don’t you, dad?”

“We have a pretty smart daughter, don’t we?” Jane asked with a chuckle.

“And she’s just like her father, too,” Alice added.

“What do you mean?” Don asked, looking at her.

“Susan sucks pussy with absolute passion,” Alice said. “Just like you.”

“Susan sucks…” Don said.

“And she has the sweetest little pussy I’ve ever tasted,” she said. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Oh, dad, would you?” Susan asked, quickly getting up off her knees and sitting on the bunk next to Alice. “Would you suck my pussy too?” she asked, drawing her knees up and apart and exposing herself.

Don could only stare at his daughter’s hairless pussy spread open in front of him. He could see her clit swollen with desire and sticking out from between her pussy lips. He could see that she was already full of juices as they dribbled from her pussy and down to her tight pink asshole.

“If he won’t, honey, I’ll be happy to,” Alice said, leaning over and kissing her. “Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes,” Susan said. “But I’d rather you do it, dad,” she said, looking at him imploringly. “Don’t you want to suck my pussy?”

“Oh course he does,” Alice said, rolling off the bunk to kneel in front of Susan. “But he doesn’t know how to say it,” she said, leaning forward and sliding her tongue right into Susan’s pussy, up into her hole.

Susan gasped when she felt Alice’s tongue slide into her pussy. She wished it were her father, but Alice sucked her so nicely. Don stood there in shock watching as Alice sucked his daughter’s pussy. He could see every detail as her tongue snaked in and out of her hole. He could see when she Alice captured Susan’s clit between her lips and sucked on it, teasing it with her tongue and lightly with her teeth. Don looked at Jane to see how she was reacting to this and was shocked to see that she was just watching, a lazy smile on her face as her fingers slowly played in her own pussy.

Don heard Susan’s breathing suddenly increase and realized that his daughter was about to cum. He watched as Alice glued her mouth to Susan’s hole and sucked, her tongue sluicing in and out of her pussy as her juices flowed. Susan was almost crying out loud as she came, her orgasm so powerful as Alice sucked her pussy. Then she finished cumming and Alice sucked the last of her cum from her pussy before looking up, a satisfied smile on her cum-smeared face.

“Oh, Alice, that was so nice,” Susan said, struggling to sit up. “I just love it when you suck my pussy. “Maybe you’ll do it next time, dad,” she said, smiling at his shocked face.

Before Don could reply they heard Rob announcing the night dive. Giving a shout of glee, Susan jumped up, a big smile on her face.

“I love diving,” she said. “There’s always something to look forward to when you’re done,” she said, opening the door and stepping out into the hallway. “Are you coming?” she asked, turning to look at them.

Alice laughed as she got to her feet, pulling Jane up from the bunk.

“Well, this is a diving liveaboard,” she said. “But they just didn’t tell us about all the diving possibilities, did they?” she asked Jane.

For some reason Jane found this extremely funny and was still laughing when they arrived on the dive deck. They all quickly got into their equipment, moving down the steps to the dive platform and falling into the water. Susan was in heaven as she followed everyone else down to the bottom, only their dive lights illuminating the reef. She loved diving naked, the feeling of the water flowing over her entire body unencumbered.

When her dive was over Susan slowly made her way back up to the ship. What a wonderful week this was turning into. When she climbed out of the water she felt her nipples get hard, her whole body alive like it had never been before. As she sat down to remove her gear, Bunny came and sat down next to her.

“Well, where have you been lately?” she asked.

“I’ve been here,” Susan answered with a laugh. “Why?”

“Well, I missed you, that’s all,” Bunny replied. “We’ve got a couple of bottles of rum. You want to party with us up on the upper deck?”

“Sure,” Susan said. “Now?”

“Well, sort of,” Bunny answered. “But we’ll mostly wait until everyone else has gone below. That way we’ll have the place to ourselves.”

“Great,” Susan said. “Can I tell my brother?”

“I already did,” Bunny laughed. “It wouldn’t be a party without him. Let’s go get some supper now.”

“I’m hungry,” Susan declared. “Really hungry.”

“Let’s go eat some food then,” Bunny said. “The rest will wait until later, won’t it?”

“It’ll have to,” Susan said with a laugh, going into the salon with Bunny.

As she sat down Susan noticed that her parents were sitting with Alice and John, all of them laughing like old friends. Susan just smiled at them as she went to sit with Bunny and her brothers. It was nice to see them finally relaxing. Dinner was great and everyone was excited about their day. The dives had been excellent and life aboard ship couldn’t be more fun.

As Susan finished eating and got up to throw her trash in the trash can, she saw Ed through the curtain down in the galley. He looked up at that moment and saw her, smiling. As she smiled back at him she saw him beckon with his head, indicating that she should come into the galley. Casting a quick glance at her parents and seeing that they were still laughing with Alice and John, she quickly slipped down into the galley and followed Ed up the stairs to the wheelhouse.

Once the curtain fell shut behind her, Susan felt her nipples get very hard and felt a tingle of excitement in her belly. She only felt this way when she was around Ed, she realized.

“Well, Susan, how have you been?” Ed asked. “I haven’t seen much of you in person lately.”

“Oh, I’ve been having a great time,” she replied, smiling at him. “This is a wonderful trip.”

“I see you managed to get your parents calmed down about each other,” Ed observed.

“They do seem happier now, don’t they,” Susan agreed nervously.

“And more relaxed,” Ed said. “Like you should be. What’s the problem? Come here and give me a hug,” he said, opening his arms.

Shyly Susan stepped into his embrace, letting her arms go around his waist as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. She could feel his cock pressing against her belly and she knew her nipples were sticking into his chest.

“What are you going to do this evening?” Ed asked, letting a hand slide down to cup her ass, holding her tightly against him.

“Oh, Bunny and her brothers have some rum and we’re going to drink up on the sundeck,” she replied.

“Ah, that can be fun,” Ed said, squeezing her ass. “Would you like to have a drink with me first?” he asked.

“Well, sure,” Susan replied, startled. “What do you have?”

“Well, I thought I’d drink your pussy and you can suck my cock-tail,” Ed said with a laugh, his fingers tickling her asshole. “If you’d like, of course.”

“Really?” Susan asked, looking up at him. “You really want to suck my pussy?”

“Of course I do,” Ed replied. “I’m just waiting my turn.”

“Oh,” Susan said, hiding her face in his chest as she blushed. “Have you been watching me?” she asked, indicating the blank monitor.

“Whenever I can find you,” Ed answered. “You seem to have the most desired pussy to eat on the ship from what I’ve seen.”

“Oh, you should taste Alice,” Susan said, looking up at him. “I love the taste of Alice’s pussy.”

“So I’ve seen,” Ed said, his fingers pushing into her now wet pussy. “Maybe I’ll get lucky and taste Alice before the trip is over. But right now I’d like to taste you, if you want.”

“I’d like that,” Susan said, pressing her hips into him.

“Here, let’s do it this way,” Ed said, releasing her. “You just relax,” he said, leaning down and picking her up, turning her upside down and bringing her pussy right up to his mouth. “Now we can do it at the same time,” he said, sinking his tongue into her sweet honey pot.

Susan found herself upside down with Ed’s cock sticking in her face. As she felt his tongue in her pussy she opened her mouth and began to suck on his cock. Very quickly she remembered how much she liked sucking his cock and everything vanished except his tongue in her pussy and his cock in her mouth.

Ed was in heaven as he sucked her virginal pussy, her thick sweet juices filling his mouth. He could feel her playing with his balls as she sucked him, his cock really disappearing further down her throat with each minute. Then he felt her legs clamp on his head as her pussy spasmed and she came, flooding his mouth with even more juices. As he slurped at her pussy, sucking like crazy, he felt his cock swell and explode in her mouth, cum shooting into her throat as she gulped, trying to swallow all of it as fast as she could.

Slowly they both stopped cumming, continuing to lick and suck gently on each other. Then Ed slowly righted Susan, letting her stand on her own two feet in front of him, her face flushed from sucking his cock and being upside down for so long.

“You do have the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted,” Ed said. “There’s no doubt about it.”

“You think so?” Susan asked, feeling very pleased inside.

“You bet I do,” Ed said. “And when you’re ready, I know my cock wants to visit your pussy.”

“Oh,” Susan exclaimed, blushing because she had been thinking the exact same thing.

“But you go be with your friends now,” Ed said. “There’s plenty of time for us yet.”

“Okay,” Susan said. “Thank you. I really liked it.”

“It was all my pleasure, I assure you,” Ed said with a laugh. “I’ll suck your pussy whenever you’d like.”

“Okay,” Susan said with a laugh. “I’ll remember that,” she said, turning to go down the stairs. “See you later.”

“See ya,” Ed said, shaking his head at such loveliness. What a pussy!

As Susan went through the galley into the salon she felt positively high. She had loved sucking Ed’s cock while he ate her pussy. He had made her cum like crazy. Seeing nobody in the salon, Susan went out and up to the sundeck. There were no lights but she could make out some people over in the far corner. Going over she realized that it was Bunny and her two brothers plus Jimmy. But what was most amazing to her was the fact that Bunny was sucking Jimmy’s cock while Billy fucked her from behind.

Susan stood there and watched in amazement as Bunny fucked and sucked right there in the open on the sundeck. Susan turned and looked back the way she had come to see if anyone else could see what was going on but nobody was there. Returning her attention to Bunny, Susan could tell she was really enjoying herself.

“Should we join them?” Bob asked her shyly.

“What? Here?” Susan asked, again looking around.

“Sure,” Bob replied. “Why not? They’re doing it,” he said, indicating Bunny and Billy and Jimmy.

As Susan looked she could see Billy’s cock sluicing in and out of Bunny’s pussy as she sucked Jimmy’s cock. She felt a sudden thrill at the thought that at any moment someone could just show up and catch them. Before she knew it she found herself laying back on a chaise lounge, her knees spread and Bob’s tongue shooting up into her pussy. Susan almost laughed out loud when she thought of the scene it would be if they were caught, but she quickly succumbed to the wonderful feelings Bob’s tongue was producing in her pussy as he ate her.

Then Susan heard Billy and Jimmy both groaning and realized that Bunny was getting filled from both ends as they came, Jimmy filling her mouth and Billy filling her pussy. She turned her head and watched as Bunny’s cheeks billowed as she struggled to swallow all of Jimmy’s cum as his balls emptied into her mouth. She watched as Billy’s gooey cock slid from Bunny’s pussy, all covered with their combined juices. Bunny turned around and sucked Billy’s cock into her mouth, sucking all of their juices from it before releasing him.

Then she pushed to her feet, moving over to where Bob was sucking Susan’s pussy and knelt down over her face, lowering her cum-filled pussy onto Susan’s mouth. Susan immediately grabbed Bunny and glued her mouth to her snatch, sucking at the cum cocktail that dribbled from her pussy. She sucked Bunny’s pussy while Bob sucked hers, delighting in the open air freedom of this impromptu orgy.

Susan was still sucking Bunny’s pussy when she began to cum in Bob’s mouth. She bucked against his face as her pussy spasmed, her tongue all the way up inside Bunny’s pussy. She came and came, finally stopping when Bob stopped sucking on her clit. When Bunny got up off of her face Susan saw to her surprise that Alice and John and Ed were all standing there watching her.

“Oh, hi,” Susan said, feeling her cheeks blush as she sat up. “I didn’t hear you.”

“No, I guess not,” Alice said with a laugh. “You seemed to be enjoying yourself.”

“It’s nice up here,” Susan replied.

“Don’t you think it’s about time you used a cock the way it was meant to be used?” Ed asked, smiling down at her.

“What do you mean?” Susan asked, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with everyone looking at her.

“Well, that sweet pussy of yours needs more than a tongue, I’d say,” Ed replied. “And from what I see you’ve got five cocks here just waiting for the privilege to slide up into you. If you’re ready, that is.”

“Here? Now?” Susan asked, a sudden panic sweeping over her.

“It doesn’t matter where,” Alice said. “What matters is are you ready? Only you can answer that question. But Ed’s saying that you have your choice here if you’re ready,” she said, reaching out and taking Ed’s and John’s cocks into her hands at once, squeezing them. “It’s a better offer than I’ve had yet,” she said with a laugh.

“It’d be my pleasure,” Ed said, smiling at her. “It’s my job to see to your enjoyment. I like to think that we leave no stone unturned.”

“I think Susan should have first choice,” Alice said, turning to Susan. “What do you say? Is this going to be your night?”

“Oh, I want to,” Susan said, holding her pussy with her hands.

“Then what’s stopping you?” Bunny asked. “Pick one and let’s get to it.”

“How can I pick?” Susan said, staring at them.

“Hold a finger up behind your back,” Bunny said. “Then all the boys will line up and whoever is in the position of the finger you have behind your back is it. That way you don’t have to choose, it’s just luck.”

“You think so?” Susan asked, her eyes brightening.

“Why not?” Bunny said. “Go on, put a finger behind your back.”

“Okay,” Susan said, sitting up straight. “I will,” she said, putting her hands behind her back.

“Okay, you guys get in a line now,” Bunny said, grabbing them by the arms and pushing them together. “Okay. We’ll start here with Jimmy is one and Ed is five. Show us your finger,” Bunny demanded.

Taking a deep breath Susan slowly pulled her hands out from behind her back. Everyone could see that her thumb was up with her other four fingers curled into her palm.

“Five!” Bunny exclaimed. “It’s Ed! Aren’t you lucky,” she said. “I hope I get a chance with that cock.”

“You will, I promise,” Ed said, smiling at her. “But I think it’s Susan’s turn if she wants to,” he said, turning to smile at her, his cock in his hand.

“Yes,” Susan said, nodding her head. “I do want to.”

“Well, you have to do it here with all of us,” Bunny said. “Think how special it will be, under the stars with your friends around.”

“I don’t mind,” Susan said, blushing. “Really.”

“Well, why don’t you suck on this for a bit and get it ready,” Ed said, moving closer and letting his cock dangle in front of her face.

Smiling, Susan opened her mouth and let his cock slide in, her mouth stretched as wide as she could. She used her hands to hold his shaft and his balls as she began to suck Ed’s cock.

“This is making me very horny,” Alice said as she watched Susan. “Why don’t you suck my pussy for me,” she said to Billy.

“Sure,” Billy said. “Great.”

So Billy dropped down on his knees and buried his face in Alice’s pussy, driving his tongue up into her as he sucked her hole. Bunny dropped to her knees and began to suck on John’s cock. Susan was getting her face fucked by Ed as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth. Everyone was watching her as she sucked on Ed’s huge cock. After a few minutes Ed pulled his cock from Susan’s mouth. Her lips were a bit swollen and her eyes were bright with excitement.

“You think that pussy of yours is ready for this?” Ed asked, his cock in his hand.

“Yes,” Susan nodded, “do it now.”

“Well, get on your hands and knees,” Ed said.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched as Susan turned around, her pussy and asshole pointing at them.

“Jimmy, get your sister’s pussy and asshole nice and wet for me,” Ed said.

As Jimmy hesitantly dropped to his knees in front of Susan’s pussy and asshole, Bunny dropped to her knees and began to suck on Ed’s cock. But everyone else watched as Jimmy began to tongue Susan’s pussy and asshole. Her pussy lips were spread open and her clit was sticking out and they could see Jimmy’s tongue darting in and out. Ed watched Bunny in admiration as she sucked his cock, able to take the whole thing deep into her throat as she sucked on him.

“Okay,” Ed said, gently pulling his cock from Bunny’s mouth. “Susan, you ready for the captain to come aboard?” he asked, his cock in his hand.

“Oh, yes,” Susan said, squirming as Jimmy’s tongue drove her wild. “Please do it now.”

“Jimmy, you better get out of the way,” Ed said with a chuckle as he watched Jimmy voraciously sucking his sister’s pussy.

With a chagrinned look on his face, Jimmy got to his feet, his face smeared with Susan’s pussy juices. Then Ed stepped forward and began to gently rub his cock in between Susan’s pussy lips, rubbing her clit and getting the head of his cock nice and wet from her pussy juices. Then Ed let the head of his cock nestle at the entrance to Susan’s hole. Everyone was gathered as close as they could to watch Ed’s huge cock pressing against Susan’s pussy.

“All right,” Ed said as he rubbed the head of his cock against the entrance to Susan’s hole. “Are you ready?” he asked, sliding a finger up into her pussy.

“Yes,” Susan gasped, squirming against his finger in her pussy. “Do it now.”

“Here we go,” Ed said, replacing finger with his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

Everyone was leaning close as Ed began to press his cock against Susan’s pussy. Susan couldn’t believe how it felt as her pussy began to stretch as the head of Ed’s cock began to push into her. Then suddenly as everyone watched, the head of Ed’s cock and about two more inches suddenly slid into her pussy, causing her to cry out as it stretched her.

“Are you okay?” Ed asked, just standing there and feeling her pussy clench and unclench against his cock as it lay nestled inside of her pussy.

“It’s so big,” Susan gasped.

“I can’t wait to feel that inside of me,” Alice said, shaking her head.

“Well, here we go again,” Ed said, slowly sliding his hips back and forth and just sliding the head of his cock back and forth in the first couple of inches of her pussy, getting her accustomed to the feel of it.

Then Ed slowly began to push more and more of his cock into Susan’s pussy each time he rocked forward, slowly sliding inch after inch into her. Susan was gasping as she felt his cock filling her pussy. Then suddenly Ed pushed his cock into her, driving the last three inches into her pussy and tearing past her maidenhead.

Susan cried out when she felt his cock tear into her, then she felt his pubic hairs tickling her pussy and realized that his cock must be totally buried inside of her. She just knelt there feeling his cock throbbing inside of her, feeling totally stuffed. Then as everyone watched, Ed slowly began to slide his cock back out of Susan’s pussy, inch by inch, until just the head of it was still inside of her. Then he slowly pushed it back in, not stopping until it totally disappeared inside of her.

Susan groaned as she felt Ed’s cock moving back into her. Slowly, slowly Ed began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy, only increasing the tempo when he felt her pussy adjusting and beginning to get wet, lubricating the way. Soon Susan was moaning as her pussy got used to Ed’s cock. She began to press her ass back into him as he pumped his cock into her. She began gyrating her ass as Ed’s huge cock slid in and out of her pussy.

Everyone was watching with held breath, though every one of them were slowly masturbating as they watched. Ed’s cock seemed so huge compared to Susan as it continued to move in and out of her, now covered in a sheen of juices. Susan began to moan louder as she felt herself cum for the first time. Ed barely controlled himself when he felt her pussy spasm on his cock when her orgasm hit her. He just continued sliding his cock in and out of her pussy as she writhed on the end of it, impaled. Susan’s eyes began to glaze as she continued to cum, one endless, nonstop orgasm.

Slowly Ed began to realize that he was going to cum, whether he wanted to or not. Picking up the pace, he began really fucking her now, his cock pumping as fast as he could, in and out, in and out, Susan just moaning on her hands and knees. Then suddenly Ed pulled his cock from her pussy.

“Turn around,” he said, holding it in his hand. “Turn around,” he repeated, helping her in her dazed state to turn around.

When Susan had turned around, Ed held his cock in her face. Automatically Susan opened her mouth and let Ed slide his cock in. Her eyes opened wide when she first tasted herself on Ed’s cock and she moaned. Wrapping her lips around his cock, Susan slurped and sucked on him, swallowing as she sucked their juices off of his cock. She couldn’t believe how intoxicating it was as the taste of her pussy all over his cock filled her mouth.

Then Ed began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face. Susan just relaxed her jaw and let him push cock right into her throat, almost choking her as he continued to fuck her face. Then Susan felt his cock beginning to swell as he prepared to cum. Wrapping both hands around the shaft of his cock, Susan began to suck on him, using her tongue all around the head of his cock. Then suddenly it erupted in her mouth, jets of cum shooting into her throat. Susan gulped and gulped as Ed filled her mouth with cum. She continued to go down on him, sliding her mouth down onto his cock and back, sucking him as he continued to shoot cum into her mouth.

Finally Ed’s balls stopped pumping and cum stopped shooting into Susan’s mouth. Slowly and languidly she licked and sucked Ed’s cock, making sure to get all of the cum off of it. Then she released him, letting him step back from her.

“Wow, you were great,” Alice said, moving forward and hugging her. “What a great fuck! His cock looked awesome in your pussy. I can’t wait. But how is your pussy? Let’s see if it’s all right,” Alice said, encouraging Susan to open her legs and put her feet up on the seat.

“Well, you’ve definitely been opened up,” Alice said. “You look yummy,” she said, leaning forward and gently licking Susan’s pussy. “This will feel nice,” she said, “for both of us.”

And with that Alice began to lick and suck Susan’s newly fucked pussy, drinking up her first fuck orgasm, tasting the excitement in her juices. Almost immediately Susan began to cum again, her whole body shaking as her pussy spasmed again. Alice just slurped at the juices that flowed from Susan’s newly deflowered pussy, drinking up the nectar which ran into her mouth.

“God, what an incredible tasting pussy,” Alice exclaimed as she lifted her face from Susan’s quivering snatch. “Would you like some more cock?” she asked her.

“What do you mean?” Susan asked, gasping.

“I see some pretty hard cocks just waiting for a place to go,” she replied. “This is your night. Would you like some more? I know John’s just dying to fuck you.”

“I’d like that,” Susan agreed, her pussy on fire.

“Well, get on your hands and knees and we’ll get these guys in line for you,” Alice said, one last time bending to stick her tongue up into Susan’s pussy.

“Come on, John,” Alice said. “I know you’re ready.”

“You bet I am,” John said, moving forward, his cock erect in front of him. “You ready, Susan?” he asked, rubbing his cock in her pussy.

“Yes,” Susan gasped as she felt his cock between her pussy lips. “Fuck me.”

So John steadily pressed his cock into her newly broken in pussy while everyone watched as inch after inch disappeared. Finally he was totally buried in Susan’s tight snatch, feeling her pussy clench and unclench his cock. Slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy, feeling the tightness as her pussy gripped him. Susan was gasping as she thrust back against him each time be buried himself in her. Finally John was thrusting in and out as fast as he could, really slamming himself into her as they fucked. When he groaned as he felt his balls contracting, Alice quickly dropped to her knees next to them and pulled his cock from Susan’s pussy, immediately sucking it into her mouth as he began to cum, filling her mouth. Susan just rested on her knees, her pussy gaping open now, her pussy lips swollen, gasping for breath.

“Come on, Billy, it’s your turn,” Alice said when she finished sucking all of the cum from John’s spurting cock.

Without hesitating Billy stepped forward and slid his cock directly into Susan’s pouting pussy, not stopping until he was completely buried inside of her. Susan groaned when she felt his cock filling her, her pussy still sore from the fucking Ed had given her. Then she felt herself begin to cum again as Billy began sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

“God, I’ve wanted to fuck this pussy since I first saw you,” he grunted as he fucked her. “And it feels even better than I imagined.”

Susan just smiled to herself when he said this, thinking what she had been like just a few short days before. The idea of any kind of sex just hadn’t occurred to her in her life before this, and now here she was losing her virginity on the upper deck of a ship with a bunch of people who she didn’t even know a few days ago watching her pussy get stuffed with cock.

As Billy felt his cock about ready to explode, he reluctantly pulled it from Susan’s pussy where Alice immediately sucked it into her mouth as his balls blew, filling her mouth with yet another load of cum. Her cheeks billowed as she struggled to swallow Billy’s copious load as shot after shot of cum filled her mouth. Then when she had finished sucking all of the cum from his cock, she let him go, leaning forward and gluing her mouth to Susan’s pussy, her tongue shooting up into her hole.

Susan moaned as she felt Alice’s mouth on her pussy. She felt like she was on fire. The world was starting to spin when she felt yet another cock pushing into her pussy. Looking back over her shoulder she saw that it was Bob. Almost instantly she felt herself begin to cum again as Bob’s cock slammed in and out of her swollen pussy. She didn’t know where she was as her head spun from her orgasm.

Then she felt his cock pull out and not push back in. Through the haze of her vision Susan looked back over her shoulder and saw Alice sucking Bob’s cock as he came in her mouth, swallowing yet another load of cum. Then she sighed when she saw Alice turn to her and glue her mouth again to her pussy, sucking at the juices that were flowing from her hole. Susan couldn’t believe how she felt, one orgasm after another after another. One cock after another after another. She felt like she didn’t even know who she was, much less what was going on.

“God, what a feast,” Alice exclaimed as she lifted her face from Susan’s swollen pussy. “Who’s next?” she asked, looking around.

“Jimmy, it’s your turn now,” she said, licking her lips.

“Me?” Jimmy asked, looking at her in surprise.

“Sure, you,” Alice responded with a smile. “Don’t you want to fuck your sister?”

“Well, sure, I guess,” Jimmy said, unsure of himself.

“Oh, Jimmy, go ahead. It feels wonderful,” Susan heard herself saying. “I don’t mind.”

“Wow. Okay,” Jimmy said, standing forward. “You’re sure?”

“I’m sure,” Susan laughed. “But I want you to cum in my mouth, okay?”

“Sure,” Jimmy said, rubbing the head of his cock in Susan’s juicy pussy. “Here goes,” he said, pushing his cock into his sister’s pussy.

Everyone watched as Jimmy’s cock disappeared into his sister’s pussy. Jimmy couldn’t believe how it felt as Susan’s pussy gripped his cock and squeezed, milking him.

“Oh, Jimmy, that feels good,” Susan said, pressing back against him. “Fuck me, Jimmy. Go ahead and fuck me,” Susan said, completely turned on by the fact that it was her brother’s cock inside of her. The fact that everyone was watching made it even better and more exciting.

Everyone had smiles on their faces as Jimmy began to fuck his sister, his cock pistoning in and out of her shaved pussy, her pussy lips swollen and clinging to his cock each time he drew back. Her clit was swollen and sticking out underneath Jimmy’s cock. They were all mesmerized as they watched and didn’t hear when Don and Jane walked up.

“What’s going on here?” Jane asked curiously as they approached the group of people standing around the chaise lounge where Susan was kneeling with Jimmy’s cock in her pussy.

“Oh, my god,” Jane gasped when she stepped into the circle between Ed and Alice. “What are you doing?” she shouted as she saw Jimmy’s cock gliding in and out of Susan’s pussy. Right there in front of everyone like some show.

Don just stood there with his mouth hanging open. He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Jimmy was so shocked by the sudden appearance of his parents that he just kept on fucking Susan on autopilot.

“Now, Jane,” Alice said, putting an arm around her shoulders both to restrain her and to reassure her. “This is of Susan’s choosing,” she explained. “She wanted to lose her virginity and she asked us as a group if we would help her.”

“You — you mean Jimmy. . .” she began.

“Oh, no, he didn’t win,” Alice said with a laugh. “Ed did.”

“Ed!” Jane exclaimed, whirling to stare at him. “You took my daughter’s virginity?”

“Well, I’d say she gave it to me,” Ed said. “I sure didn’t ask her.”

“Jimmy’s just the last one,” Alice explained. “She wanted everyone but someone had to go first. Ed picked the proverbial short straw.”

“You mean they all –” Jane began, looking at John and Billy and Bob.

“And she hasn’t stop cumming yet,” Alice said. “As soon as she feels a cock in her pussy she begins to cum and doesn’t stop. She’s really something.”

“But she’s my daughter,” Jane said, almost crying.

“And she’s growing up and making choices,” Alice told her. “You’re lucky to be here. And you’re lucky that it’s a nice group of people she’s decided to open up with. You could have done a lot worse.”

“A lot worse!” Jane exclaimed, turning to look at Alice.

“Look, Jimmy’s going to cum,” Alice said excitedly.

Suddenly Susan pulled away from Jimmy’s plunging cock, dislodging him. Turning around on the chaise lounge she quickly opened her mouth and sucked Jimmy’s gooey cock into her mouth, slurping at the white froth that coated it. She closed her lips around the shaft of his cock and sucked on him, bobbing her head back and forth. Then Jimmy groaned and threw his head back as he came in his sister’s mouth. Everyone could see Susan’s cheeks billow as she tried to hold all of his cum. Then they could see her adam’s apple bob as she swallowed.

Jane and Don watched in disbelief as Susan continued to suck Jimmy off, not stopping until she had gotten all of the cum off of him. Then she released his cock and collapsed back on the chaise lounge, a foot on either side of the chair on the deck.

“Marvelous,” Alice said, kneeling down to hug her. “You were just marvelous.”

“Susan, how could you?” Jane asked.

“Oh, mom, it was wonderful,” Susan said, her face brightening. “I feel so good. And I wanted to so bad.”

“But your brother,” Jane said.

“So what?” Susan replied, her face showing her disgust.

“You’re not supposed to do these things with your family,” Jane said lamely.

“Well, that didn’t stop you from fucking Ed, did it? And that didn’t stop you from fucking dad in front of me, did it? And that didn’t stop me from sucking your pussy after dad filled it with cum, did it? And that didn’t stop me from sucking dad’s cock after he came in your pussy, did it? So why are you saying no to Jimmy? You’re such a hypocrite,” Susan said.

“She makes a good argument,” Alice said with a laugh. “Besides, you can’t cry over spilt milk, it’s still spilt. And speaking of which, I’d like to have Ed’s cock inside of me right now. Where is he?”

“He’s busy,” Bunny said.

Turning around, everyone laughed when they saw Bunny bent over, her hands on the deck, her ass up in the air with Ed’s cock sticking out of her pussy from behind.

“I had to. It’s so big,” she said as Ed slowly slid his cock back into her pussy. “This feels great. No wonder you fucked him, Jane.”

Everyone watched while Ed fucked Bunny. His cock looked so huge slamming in and out of Bunny’s pussy. After several minutes Ed warned that he was going to cum. Spinning around and taking his cock in her mouth, Bunny hungrily sucked his huge gooey cock right into her throat, massaging his balls with her hand at the same time. Ed groaned as he began to cum, filling Bunny’s mouth as she struggled unsuccessfully to swallow all of his cum. She choked and gulped as fast as she could, but still cum ran out the corners of her mouth to drip down onto her tits. When finally Ed stopped cumming and Bunny finished sucking the last of the cum from his cock, she let him go, rising to her feet.

“What a cock,” she exclaimed as she licked her lips.

“I can’t wait for my turn,” Alice said, licking the cum from Bunny’s tits.

“What kind of ship is this?” Jane asked, feeling her world spin out of control.

“We try to accommodate out passengers in whatever way they like, as long as it doesn’t offend anyone else or cause problems,” Ed said. “Does all of this offend you? If it does, I’ll issue an order forbidding this kind of activity anywhere but in your cabins.”

“Talk to her, Don,” Alice said, moving over to stand next to him. “Don’t let her ruin a good time for everyone else,” she said, letting her hand drop to hold his cock.

“This is all so stupid,” Susan said, getting to her feet. “Everyone’s having a good time. Why should you complain? I watched you get your pussy sucked then fucked by Ed and you didn’t complain then. In fact you really liked it. Why don’t you just relax and enjoy yourself. In fact, why don’t you just get some right here and now, that way you’ll feel more a part of things.”

“What do you mean?” Jane asked, blushing.

“Well, it looks like Alice is going to have dad again, so why don’t you let John or Billy or Bob or all of them have you. You know you’d like it, you’re just afraid to admit it because you think you’ll sound like a hypocrite. I’ll bet dad won’t even mind, will you, dad?” Susan asked her father.

As she turned to look at him she smiled, because Alice was on her knees sucking on his cock, his hand resting lightly on the top of her head.

“See,” Susan said, “even dad’s getting with the program.”

“How about it, Jane,” John said as he came up behind her, lightly letting an arm encircle her waist. “You sure turn me on,” he said. “Wouldn’t you like it if I sucked your pussy for you?” he asked, his hand dropping to hold her pussy. “I can feel how hot and ready you are,” he said, bringing his gooey finger up to trace circles around her hardening nipples.

“Relax, mom,” Susan implored. “Nobody minds. You’re not going to disappoint anyone but yourself.”

Jane just stood there, frozen with indecision. Everything she had ever learned about right and wrong in her life was thrown up in turmoil. She loved the feel of John’s hands on her body as she watched Alice sucking Don’s cock not ten feet away. Suddenly her resolve melted and she reached behind herself to grasp John’s hard cock which was pressing between the cheeks of her ass.

John turned her around then and kissed her, long and hard, his tongue pushing into her mouth, his hard cock sticking up in the air and pressed between their bodies. Susan watched in delight as John’s hands wandered all over her mother’s body. When he grabbed both her ass cheeks in his hands and pulled on them, separating them, Susan could see her mother’s asshole and pussy exposed. Unable to resist, she reached forward and dragged a finger through her mother’s pussy, stopping when her finger rested on her mother’s asshole.

Jane groaned when she felt Susan’s finger, not even realizing whose finger it was, and let her whole body collapse against John as he kissed her. Susan could feel her mother pushing back against her finger as it rested against her asshole and was surprised when the tip of her finger suddenly slid in. She heard her mother groan as she continued to press against her finger, more of it sliding into her ass.

Then John broke their kiss, leading Jane over to a lounge chair where he positioned her on her hands and knees. Everyone had drifted over to watch as John got down on his knees and spread Jane’s ass cheeks apart, opening them to expose her asshole and pussy. Then leaning forward, he stuck his face into her pussy, jamming his tongue up into her hole as he sucked on her.

Jane moaned when she felt John’s mouth on her pussy, arching her back as she felt his tongue sliding up into her. Susan noticed with surprise that her father was standing next to her, watching in fascination as his wife had her pussy eaten publicly by a strange man. Then John got to his feet, his erect cock standing out in front of him. As Susan watched with held breath, he rubbed the head of his cock in Jane’s pussy, then leaned forward, easily sliding his cock into her. As everyone watched, John began to fuck Jane, his cock working in and out of her pussy.

“Isn’t this wonderful,” Susan heard Alice whisper in her ear.

“Yeah, it is,” Susan agreed, watching as John fucked her mother.

“And look at your father,” Alice said. “I just sucked his cock and look at him.”

Looking at her father, Susan could see that his cock was hard and sticking out in front of him as he watched his wife getting fucked in front of everyone. She could see that he was getting off on it. Then seeing that John was getting worked up and knowing that he was ready to cum, Susan moved over next to him and whispered in his ear as he continued to fuck her mother. Smiling, he nodded at her when she finished whispering.

John continued to fuck Jane, his cock sluicing in and out of her juicy pussy as everyone watched. Even Don had a huge erection as he watched his wife’s pussy being filled by a strange cock. Then suddenly John’s breathing got ragged as his balls built towards orgasm. Then he pulled his cock from Jane’s pussy, cum shooting from the end of it. Susan fell to her knees and opened her mouth, letting the stream of cum shoot into her throat before enveloping John’s cock in her mouth, sucking on the slimy gooeyness as John’s balls continued to pump cum into her mouth.

When Susan finished sucking John’s cock, she turned and buried her face in her mother’s swampy pussy, sucking the cum from her hole. Jane groaned when she felt Susan’s mouth fasten on her pussy, not knowing it was Susan. When she finished sucking her mother’s pussy, Susan got to her feet, her face smeared with cum as she smiled at everyone.

Then suddenly Billy stepped forward and speared Jane’s pussy with his cock, instantly penetrating her pussy and burying his cock deep inside of her. Jane just moaned when she felt her pussy again filled with cock, rotating her hips and pressing back against the cock buried deep in her pussy. Susan watched with delight on her face as Billy fucked her mother. Even though Jane was more experienced than Susan, she knew that her mother had to be feeling something of what she had felt when everyone fucked her only an hour ago.

Jane was groaning as she began to cum as Billy’s cock sloshed in her pussy. Susan was fascinated watching Billy’s cock slide in and out of her mother’s pussy. Soon enough Billy groaned as he felt his balls explode. Susan quickly grabbed his cock and pulled it from her mother’s pussy, sucking it into her mouth as jets of cum shot into her throat. Susan loved the taste of Billy’s cock as she sucked the combined cum of her mother and him from his cock.

As she released Billy’s cock she could see that Bob was taking his place and burying his cock in her mother. Turning to see her father’s face, she saw that Bunny was on her knees in front of him sucking his cock. Susan could tell by the look in his eyes that he was past caring about anything. And from the sounds of her mother’s moans, she was too.

So Bob fucked Jane like crazy until he came. And again Susan sucked his cum-spurting cock into her mouth and swallowed all of his cum. Then she turned to her mother and began to suck her swampy pussy. Susan could both see and feel how swollen her mother’s pussy had become from getting fucked as she sucked on her lips, her clit, snaking her tongue up into her hole. Jane just moaned as she came again and again while her daughter sucked her pussy.

Then Susan felt a cock brush against the side of her face. Looking to her left, she saw that it was Ed’s cock and that it was very hard. And big. It looked so huge to her. She couldn’t believe that just an hour ago that it had been deep inside of her pussy. Susan moved aside to make room for Ed.

“Hi, Jane,” Ed said, rubbing his cock in her pussy. “I was hoping I’d get a chance for some more of this. Do you mind?”

In answer Jane just moaned as she pressed back against his cock as it was resting at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly inch after inch of Ed’s cock slid into Jane’s pussy. It was fascinating to see something that big disappear into something that looked so small. Slowly Ed began to glide his cock in and out of Jane’s pussy. Her swollen pussy lips clung to the shaft of his cock each time he pulled back.

Susan loved seeing Ed’s cock in her mother’s pussy again. There was something so sexy about something that big plunging in and out of her seemingly small pussy. Glancing over at her father, Susan saw that he was watching Jane get fucked with great interest. He was obviously turned on by it, as his cock was again hard, even after Alice had sucked him. Then Susan noticed Jimmy standing just behind their father. She could see by his hard cock and the look on his face that he was totally turned on watching their mother get fucked right out in the open in front of everyone. By everyone.

Susan moved over next to Jimmy, leaning her body into his as she whispered in his ear. He started to move away after a moment, but Susan reached between his legs and grabbed him by the balls, holding him captive. She whispered in his ear some more and then Jimmy slowly nodded his head, Susan now massaging his cock in her hand.

Going back over to kneel next to where Ed’s cock was still moving in and out of Jane’s pussy, Susan looked at Jimmy and smiled. Then Ed began to groan and Susan was pulling his cock from her mother’s pussy and sucking it into her mouth. Ed groaned one more time and then exploded in Susan’s mouth, his thick jets of cum shooting into her throat. Susan sucked and slurped and gulped as Ed’s cock filled her mouth with cum. Again she noticed how much she liked the taste of her mother’s pussy on a cock.

When she finished sucking Ed’s cock, everyone was applauding. Susan smiled, looked hard at Jimmy, then turned and began to again suck her mother’s just-fucked pussy. She was sucking on the juices that filled her mother’s pussy when she felt someone standing next to her. Without even looking, Susan moved to the side to make room for Jimmy. She heard everyone gasp as they realized what he was intending and Susan grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance to Jane’s hole.

Jimmy plunged forward, his cock easily swallowed up in his mother’s pussy. Jane moaned softly as she felt yet another cock invade her, gently swiveling her hips as her son began to fuck her. Susan was delighted when Jimmy began to fuck their mother. It was even more fun to her because she knew her mother had no idea who it was that was fucking her. She was just glued to the lounge, face down, her ass up in the air, just waiting for a cock.

Looking at her father she could see that his eyes had narrowed as he watched his teenage son fuck his wife. Without hesitating, Susan moved over to her father and dropped to her knees in front of him, opening her mouth and sucking his hard cock in. Don looked down at her as she began to suck on his cock, staring for a minute. Then he patted her on the head as she sucked him, smiling.

Everyone was watching in disbelief as Jimmy fucked his mother and Susan sucked her father. This was a show out of the wildest of imaginations. Jimmy was slamming his cock in and out of his mother’s pussy while Susan sucked her father’s cock, trying to force more and more of it down her throat as she sucked him.

Then suddenly Susan stopped sucking her father’s cock, letting it fall from her mouth. Rising to her feet and grabbing him by the cock, Susan pulled him towards where Jimmy was fucking Jane. Going to one side, still holding her father by the cock, Susan lay across her mother’s ass, her ass pointed at her father. She squeezed his cock hard as she lay across her mother.

“Fuck me, dad, fuck me,” Susan implored him, her bald pussy pointing at him. “Fuck me hard,” she said, “like Jimmy’s doing to mom.”

When Don heard this his eyes widened and a look hard to describe crossed his face. Taking his cock in his own hand, Don rubbed the head of it between Susan’s pouting pussy lips. Then with almost no preparation at all he slammed himself all the way into her. Susan gasped at the violence of his penetration then quickly succumbed to the sensations of her father’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. She could feel every time Jimmy slammed into their mother and soon it felt like she was getting fucked by two people at once.

Finally Jimmy began to groan as he felt his orgasm approach. Grabbing his cock and pulling it from their mother’s pussy, Susan pulled Jimmy around to the side of the chaise lounge and began to suck his cock while her father continued to fuck her from behind. Again she savored the taste of her mother’s pussy on a cock. And she loved Jimmy’s cock. She loved the way it felt as it slid into her mouth and down into her throat. It was just perfect, so smooth and hard. She felt his cock thicken as his balls exploded and she eagerly gulped at the cum that filled her mouth, swallowing all of it while her father continued to fuck her from behind.

Then she felt her father’s cock pull from her pussy, leaving her feel incomplete. Then she felt the head of his cock pressing against her asshole. Susan gasped around Jimmy’s cock as she realized that her father was going to fuck her in the ass. She had never seen that done before and had no idea what to expect.

Sucking on Jimmy’s cock, she felt herself unconsciously resisting as her father’s cock continued to press against her rosebud. She heard a gasp as someone saw what was happening and was aware of everyone crowding around again. Trying to relax, Susan suddenly felt as though she were splitting in two as her father’s cock slipped two or three inches into her ass.

She could hear everyone murmuring as she felt her father’s cock throbbing in her ass. It was a strange but not unpleasant feeling. Then she felt him begin to press into her. She could tell his cock was slowly sliding up into her ass. She still felt as though she were splitting in two but it wasn’t so bad that she couldn’t ignore it.

Then she felt her father’s thighs press against hers and she knew that his cock was all the way inside her ass. She was suddenly aware that Jimmy’s cock was no longer in her mouth. He had moved around to watch his father fuck her in the ass. Susan couldn’t believe what it felt like when her father began to slide his cock in and out of her ass. It filled her even more than it had in her pussy. As it continued to plumb the depths of her bowels Susan felt herself begin to cum for the first time, a body-wrenching orgasm that had her writhing on the end of her father’s cock as she lay across her mother’s body.

Then Don began to pant, and then groan as he approached orgasm, his cock never slowing down as it slid in and out of his daughter’s ass. Finally he cried out and slammed his cock as deep as he could into Susan’s ass, completely burying himself as his balls exploded, cum shooting deep inside her bowels. Susan could feel her father’s cock expand and then explode. She imagined that she could feel the cum spurting against her insides as her father’s cock pulsed inside of her as it shot more and more cum into her.

Finally Don’s balls stopped spasming and his cock stopped spurting. He just stood there with his cock buried in his daughter’s ass, a group of total strangers standing around watching, approving. Slowly he stepped back, his cock sliding from Susan’s ass, followed by a thin dribble of cum that slid down into her pussy. Alice immediately dove into Susan’s ass, sucking and slurping at the cum that dribbled from inside of her and sucking and licking her pussy. When she finished sucking her clean Alice helped Susan to her very shaky feet.

“Oh, dad, that was great,” Susan said, wrapping her arms around her father and hugging him. “I never knew anything could be so much fun. Did you like fucking me? Did it feel good?” she asked, looking up at him.

“It reminded me of your mother sixteen years ago,” Don said, smiling at her. “Still the best I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, dad, you’re so sweet. Now I really know why mom married you, don’t I?” Susan said with a laugh.

“What are you talking about?” they heard a groggy Jane ask as she struggled to her feet. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, Jane, you are so funny,” Alice said as she moved next to Don, and arm around his waist and one around Susan’s. While you were letting everyone aboard ship fuck your all too inviting pussy, including your son, I might add, Susan here sucked Don’s cock for a bit and then he fucked her while she was laying across your back. But then it got really good when he fucked her in the ass while Jimmy was still fucking your pussy.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Jane replied, staggered by what she had just heard.

“Hell, it didn’t seem like you cared about anything but another cock in your twat,” Alice said. “I’m jealous. I expect to get gang-banged tomorrow night or I’ll be very disappointed. Had you ever done that before?”

“Not really,” Jane answered. “Just once in college with Don and a friend of his. I think Don fucked me and I sucked his friend.”

“Well, Susan’s a chip off the old block,” Alice said.

“Dad said I reminded him of you,” Susan said, smiling at her mother. “He said you were still the sweetest pussy he had ever fucked.”

“You really did?” Jane asked, looking at her daughter first, then her husband.

“Yeah,” Susan said, actually blushing.

“In the ass, Don?” Jane asked her husband. “You had to do that?”

“I loved it, mom,” Susan said. “I had no idea. You like it that way?”

“It’s her favorite,” Don answered. “Always has been.”

“I like it that way too,” Alice agreed. “But it turns a lot of people off.”

“I thought it was strange but nice,” Susan said. “I think I’d like to see what it felt like having a cock in both places at once.”

“It’s even better if you have one to suck at the same time,” Alice said. “That way no hole goes to waste.”

“I’d love to fuck your ass,” Ed said, overhearing their conversation. “But only if you didn’t mind and of course Don didn’t mind.”

“I want your cock in me,” Alice said. “I want you to fuck me and I want you to fuck me in the ass. That cock of yours is gorgeous.”

“Well, let’s see what Jane has to say first,” Ed said.

“Go ahead, honey,” Don said. “You know you’d love it.”

“I’m tired,” Jane said, shaking her head. “This has been too much for me.”

“Maybe later,” Ed said, smiling at her.

“Maybe later,” Jane agreed, nodding her head as she stared at his huge cock. “But I’m going to bed now.”

“Me too,” Susan said. “I’m beat. Come on, Jimmy.”

“Now, I want you two to behave,” Jane said.

“Oh, mom,” Susan laughed as they made their way down to their cabins.