It Had To Happen

For years I watched her come home from work go straight to her hall closet. Once there she would turn to face me and my sisters. As she talked about our day and chores she would slowly take off her clothes down to her panties. Yes the bra would come off and daily I would get the pleasure of seeing my moms d cup tits. A NICE pair too. Big hard nipples with a small dark areola. Daily I got to see them because she insisted that we all had eye contact with her especially when we were being scolded for not completing our chores. I never did mind being chewed out by her. Sometimes to make a point she would even come right up to my face and chew me out.

Everyday she would strip down to her nylon brief panties then go into the bathroom to put on her night clothes. Often times it was a short night shirt that still left her panty covered crotch and full ass exposed. I saw so much of her panty covered body that eventually I had to put on a pair of her panties. Once I did I was almost hooked. After I had my first wet dream while grinding my panty covered dick into my mattress I was hooked. Been wearing panties just about since that day. Of course I wore hers, my sister’s, her friends, sisters friends and any other woman I found appealing. Still do to this day.

FACT: Been wearing panties daily since 1990. Back to the dream.

18 years of seeing mom’s tits and panty covered lower half lead me to thinking, even as a young child what it would be like to suck on her tits again. She told she had to pry me off them when I was nursing. One day I was home alone when she came in an began her ritual. She took off her blouse, then her skirt. This day she had on panty hose and heels. My dick started getting hard when I saw her coming up the stairs, so seeing her in her hose heels and bra had me ready to explode. She kept talking to me as she undressed and even turned her back to me a few times giving me a shot of her nylon covered ass. Finally she took off her bra. There was one of the moments I was waiting for. What a sight. I could feel her panties getting wet under my jeans as the precum dripped from my dick head.

I watched her as she bent over to pull her pantyhose down, careful not to pull her panties off with them. She never let me see her totally naked. Not yet anyway.

As she removed her hose, her tits hung and swung so freely as if inviting me to come over and hold them in my hands.

Now in just her panties she walked over close to me look at some papers I had. We talked for a minute then I watched her NICE panty covered ass walk away and disappear into the bathroom. When she came out it was just as I was hoping. She had on her short night shirt with the low button front naked line that she never buttons. It exposes all her panty covered bottom and when she bends over I get a FULL shot of her hanging breast. Of course I always had something for her to look at as I kneeled on the floor.

Tonight would not be any different. I resumed our earlier conversation and she had to bend over. When she did I locked in on those tits with my eyes and never heard a word she said. Mom noticed my focus and just smiled.

The night went on with me stealing glances of her barely covered body. Once I looked up and mom had fallen asleep. Knowing she was a heavy sleeper I decided that tonight was the night I had to have her.

I crawled over and between her open legs careful not to touch her for fear she might wake to soon. Once in position I open my pants, pulled my dick from her panties then made my move.

Ever so gently I grabbed the bottom of her night shirt and pulled it up until I had a clear shot of her tits As usual her nipples were fully erect, pointing to the ceiling. Tonight I would know how hard they are and she will know how hard I am.

With her shirt out of the way I gently pulled her panty crotch to the side exposing her hairy pussy. My mom believes some thing should be left natural. It was too late to turn back now. The plan was a simultaneous attack with my mouth to her tits and my dick in her pussy. I went at the plan.

Grabbing my dick I aimed at her pussy and leaned forward to suck on her tits. As I made contact with her tits my hard dick touch her dry pussy lips that would not let me go any further. Scared she would wake up from the assault on her body I got braver figuring at this point I am in big trouble so I might as well enjoy it. Still trying to push my dick past her pussy lips I began to really enjoy her tits with my mouth. She stirred, but never seemed to awake. I was NOT about to look up to find out if she did. I kept at my work of trying to get my dick in her pussy.

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Realizing it would not work my mind started wondering about my first taste of a woman’s pussy. Keeping my head down I released her tit and moved my lips down to her pussy lips. Not knowing what to do or how much time I would have to do it I stuck my tongue out and jabbed for the opening of her pussy lips. I went right in up to my nose and began to lick the insides of her pussy while sucking on her pussy lips. Again she stirred, again I was to afraid to look up. I just kept at my work of getting her pussy wet. Her juices started running down my chin and I was convinced I could get my dick in now. I licked a little more and mom’s thighs started to shake and tremor. I continued to lick until moments after that stopped. Without looking at her face I made my way back to her tits. Grabbing my dick, I put it to her pussy and leaned forward at the same time locking my lips around the tit I had not touched yet. This time the head smoothly slid past her pussy lips into her hot, wet pussy. Gently I pushed until my dick was completely inside my mom’s now soaked pussy.

As my lips and tongue worked on her tit I began to move my dick in and out of her pussy. Now I had all I wanted accept the feel of her panty covered ass. Since I was kneeling on the floor between her legs it was easy to reach both hands under her and get a full grip of mom’s panty covered ass. Once in position I started moving from tit to tit as my hands squeezed mom’s ass and my dick stroked in and out of her pussy. I took my time enjoying the feeling and never looking up to see if mom was awake. I did not feel any protest of any kind and probably would not have noticed if there were. I kept slowly stroking her pussy soaking her tits and squeezing mom’s ass.

Suddenly she began to shake and tremble again. This time she threw her legs up and wrapped them around my waist at the same time as her arms wrapped around my back. She squeezed tightly as her body shook and shook for what seemed like hours as I stroked mom’s pussy.

When the trembling stopped I felt a kiss on my head and her hands start to rub up and down my back. Mom’s ass and hips began to move in my hands as I heard her voice. It was a soft, purring sound. I looked up, briefly locked eyes with mom before we locked lips. Our tongues danced as our bodies began to move in rhythm.

When the kiss broke mom pulled my head back, looked me in the eye and said Thank You. Now it is your turn. She pushed me back on the floor with my dick still buried in her pussy. Now on my back mom began to move her pussy up and down on my dick. She varied the stroke, sometime short, sometime long, and sometimes on the down stroke mom would grind all the way down into my groin, getting my dick deeper in her pussy. Mom looked at me, noticed me staring at her tits. Mom put both her hands on her tits, squeezed them firmly then pulled one of her nipples to her mouth. While sucking one nipple she leaned forward until the other nipple touch my lips. I opened my mouth and mom fed me her tit. As I sucked on mom’s tit she began to fuck me harder and faster, still varying her stroke.

Mom laid her body completely on top of mine as she worked her pussy on my dick. With her lips right next to my ear mom told me to put my hands inside her panties and squeeze her ass as she fucked me. I did as instructed and mom began telling me how she wanted me to fill her pussy with my cum. She fucked harder and hard and faster until my dick began to explode in her pussy. The first jets did go inside her, but mom quickly took her pussy off my dick then moved down to let the next jets fill her mouth. Gently mom sucked my dick until the last drop of cum. Then she began to lick me clean of all her pussy juices.

That is the position she was in when my sister came out of the kitchen with drinks in hand. My other sister was not far behind her. They had both somehow made it past mom and I, stripped to their panties and fixed drinks for everybody. Mom looked up at them but never took her mouth from my dick until it was completely clean.

Once completed, mom and I sat up and my sisters handed us drinks. We all toasted to the new life. My sister then pointed out that I was the only one that had on street clothes. Mom was the one that bent over with her tits in my face again while she helped me out of my jeans and shirt and my sister pulled my shoes and socks of. It was not until mom moved over beside me that everyone realized that I had on a pair of mom’s nylon brief panties. My younger sister, who knew I had been wearing all of their panties was quick to point out that she has known all along. Then mom reach over stuffed my dick into her panties, stroked it hard then helped me to my feet to model the panties for the three of them.

I did and they each took turns stroking and kissing my dick through moms panties. That is how we spent the rest of the evening until it was time for my father to come home. Mom knew that my sister’s and I always jumped in the bed when we heard his car pull up. Just before we heard that sound she stood, took her panties off, then helped me out of the pair I had on and into the pair she just took off. Once fully tucked inside her panty she kissed my nylon covered dick then ran her tongue along it’s length, up my chest to my lips and inside my mouth. We kissed. When the kiss broke she whispered good night all told us all to go to bed.

In the morning I awoke with a pair of lips wrapped around my dick. I opened my eyes to see the top of my mom’s head bobbing up and down on my dick. She did not stop until I filled her mouth with my cum. Then she kept sucking till I went limp in her mouth. Mom let go of my dick then handed me a fresh pair of her panties from the pile she had placed in a mound on my bed. She told me to put them on after I showered. When she got up to leave she went to my drawer to pull out all of my male underwear and toss them in the trash. My dick began to swell again at the sight of her naked ass bent over to push my underwear in the trash then pick it up and walk out. I looked out the window to see the sun shining brightly, stroke my dick and knew that today would be a wonderful day.