Growing Up

I grew up in a very non-traditional home. During my impressionable years, I spent most of my time with and around somewhat religious people. They worked hard, paid their taxes and bills and basically did nothing more that the usual work, home routine 5 days a week. Most of the other kids my age were avid churchgoers with their parents. I mainly tagged along to church each Sunday to get a glimpse at the girls there. I was quite the looker or so I had been told by different girlfriends that I had had in my eighteen years on this planet.

Soon, Dad went to work one day and never came back. It was eerie, one-day, the loving father and husband, the next a memory. Dad was a middle-aged man in his late forties. He was not a very well built man; he had a pudgy stomach and thinning hair. I do miss him much. Mom on the other hand was a well-built woman, she was very moody and bitchy most of the time, but it was due to dad antagonizing her constantly. Mom stood almost six feet tall and weighed about one hundred and fifty pounds. Her long blonde hair hung to just below her shoulder blades. She was indeed lovely. Her breasts were very large and heavy. She never seemed to notice even the deacons and elders of the church staring at her body on Sunday mornings. That’s just how mom was. I could always tell her mind was a million miles away from the usual Sunday sermons after dad left. She never went anywhere but to work, the store and to church and after about three months, church went also.

A few weeks later mom and her computer concocted some type of home business where she processed medical claims for local doctors offices. To my knowledge in this small of a town, she was the only one doing it. Business was so plentiful that I found mom working into all hours of the night. She’d sleep till noon, shower, eat and go right back to the computer. Anymore it seemed like we barley spoke to one another. Days turned into weeks and weeks to months as mom casually slipped to avid church lady to a beautiful hermit. Soon, she wouldn’t even leave the house. I had to go to the store and get groceries, cook dinners and often serve them to her at the computer. Soon I found mom wearing the same nightshirt all day long day after day. After a week I knew I had to say something to mom about this.

I walked into mom’s room on Monday afternoon; the house was silent except for the constant clicking on the keyboard. She looked up over her reading glasses at me and said “Yes dear, what can I do for you.” She stopped typing and began ruffling papers. I grabbed a chair and sat down facing her. She slid away from the keyboard and leaned back in her chair to stretch a bit. Her nightshirt was white and barley covered her thighs. I could easily see the crotch of her white panties. I was aroused but did not know why. I returned my gaze to meet her eyes and said “Mom, I have to talk to you about something. I think it’s important and I don’t want you getting mad at me. I’m just concerned.” Mom took off her reading glasses and laid them on the table and said, “What is it dear?” I swallowed hard and said “Well mom, it’s just that I’ve noticed that you’ve worn that shirt every day this week and I was wondering if you’d been so wrapped up in your work that you’ve forgotten to change. Mom you barley leave this room. I’ve bought you meals and prepared them as well as washed all the dishes for three weeks now. This is not like you mom. What’s going on?”

Mom stood up and said “Honey, I guess your right, I do look a mess. To be quite honest with you, I could use a hot shower and a few hours away from this computer, It’s so addicting, I’ve made over three thousand dollars this month. That’s three times more than we’re accustomed to. I’m sorry dear I didn’t realize that I was doing it this badly. I have to admit that if not for the clock on my computer, I’d have a hard time knowing what day it was. I gently reach down and tugged mom’s hand and said “Come on. Let’s go to the kitchen and get a bite to eat, you can help me.”

Mom smiled at me and allowed me to hold onto her hand until we got to the kitchen. I released her hand and stood back against the counter. Mom fired up a cigarette and leaned against the refrigerator and said, “Let’s not cook. Let’s order out. Want to?” I smiled and said, “I guess, that’ll save us a mess to clean up and give us more time to talk.” Mom picked up the phone and said “How about Pizza, Chinese, Tai, or what?”

For the first time, I sensed a stirring in my cock as I looked at her holding the phone leaned against the refrigerator. Her white thigh length nightshirt rode above her knee as she perched on one leg, allowing the other to seductively rub the front of her other leg. I suppose she did this subconsciously. Somewhere deep inside me, I was wishing that she wasn’t. Mom was gorgeous. I knew I shouldn’t be thinking about my own mother like this, but I just could not help myself. I hadn’t had the pleasure of a woman’s company in at least a year, since high school.

I tried vainly not to stare, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I don’t know if it was the light or just the way she stood there, but her breasts seemed larger than ever. I snapped out of my comatose state of forbidden fantasies as mom said “Hello! What do you want to eat?” I said, “You decide, I can eat anything.” Mom turned around and walked to the living room. Her nightshirt just barley covered the cheeks of her ass. I wished so badly that she’d drop something. Still she walked away and turned and sat on the couch and began dialing the phone.

She after all, had ordered pizza. She put the phone down and said, “Alright, tell you what. I’m going to go shower, you set the table and grab a twenty from off my desk and pay for the pizza and I’ll be out shortly and we can do a months worth of catching up tonight.” I readily agreed and hastily set the dinner table as I heard the shower come to life in the bathroom. My chores that she’d given me had only taken five minutes as I strolled to her bedroom and found myself rubbing the cushion of her chair. I leaned down and sniffed it. I could faintly make out her smell. This was insane I thought to myself as I returned to the desk and grabbed a crisp twenty-dollar bill lying there. I returned to the living room.

Mom came from the bathroom wearing only a towel as she approached me. She sat down on the couch beside me and grabbed her drink and said, “So, what’s been going on with you these days?” I didn’t know how to respond. I simply said, “Well, I’ve been looking for a girlfriend. No luck mind you and I must say mom that the urges are beginning to get to be more than I can handle.” I dropped my head in disbelief, that I’d told my own mother this. I was ashamed of myself, but did feel better now that this was all off my chest.

Mom sat there for long minutes pondering what I’d said. She sipped her drink and stared out the window as she spoke. “Hon, I never really thought of you as a man with a mans needs until now, I know that your eighteen years old and by the way I’ve been dressing around you lately, I never thought of how it might be affecting you.” She stopped and sipped her drink while we sat in silence, then she stood and walked to the kitchen counter and said, “Do you masturbate?”

I was shocked that mom would ask me such a thing. I told her yes that I did, but it was not the same. She readily agreed. Mom said, “Well honey what should we do about it? I do have some friends of mine who are a little on the wild side, but I don’t know if they’d relieve your urges, just for the sake of relief.” I pleaded with mom, that I didn’t want that. I couldn’t handle rejection from a woman right now, since my last horrible break up with a girl. I stood and walked towards mom. Her eyes immediately glued themselves to my crotch. I’d gotten up without thinking and all the while I was sporting a massive erection. I quickly placed my hand over my cock forcing it to lay against my leg. Mom said, “It’s ok honey, you don’t have to hide it. I understand.”

I stopped forcing it down and simply stood there; I didn’t quite know what to do. My shorts were very tight and confining. Mom said, “You do know that you don’t have to put yourself through that kind of torture honey. I’ve seen you nude before as a little boy, what could be different now. I know those shorts hurt you honey, just go to your room, put on a long shirt that comes to your thighs and be a little free. You’ve been way too uptight these last few weeks. But you’ve got to promise me that what we discuss and what goes on behind this door, is not to be heard by your friends is that understood?” Mom stood there with a stern look on her face. I nodded yes. She said, “Now go do it.” I turned and went to my room a feeling of excitement ran through me. I tore through my closet.

Moments later I emerged with only empty hands. I had nothing that long. I called out “Mom!” She replied, “Just a second let me pay for the pizza and I’ll be right there!” I heard the door close and heard mom’s footsteps approaching. She entered my room still wearing her towel. She said “What is it hon?” I said, “Mom, I don’t have a shirt that long. What should I wear?” Mom brushed past me and stood before my open closet and began rifling through my clothes. She fretted a bit and came to the same conclusion that I had.

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There was noting like that in my closet. Mom turned towards me and said, “Listen dear, I’ll give you an option to explore and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it. This is strictly voluntary.” I replied, “What is it?” Mom said “Well, I guess you could just lose the shorts altogether if you’d like. I mean after all I am your mother and I have seen it a time or two. I mean your eighteen now and I after all am a grown woman capable of understanding your point of view, so it’s up to you, I won’t feel uncomfortable at all.” With that said, mom left my room and said as she walked away “Pizza’s getting cold hurry up please.” I stood and pondered what to do. One part of me told me to deal with it and keep my shorts on and the other part of me told me to be free, I had parental permission, so go for it.

I stood before my full-length mirror and eased down my boxers and let them fall to my ankles, my erection was still at full mast and aching. I then realized that I had often shaved myself down there and was feeling a bit insecure about it. Still I forced myself to walk into the hallway and down towards the kitchen. I rounded the corner to find mom seated on the couch with a plate of pizza. I quickly grabbed a couple of slices and a drink and sat down on the far end of the couch away from her. I felt nauseous. I got my first bite as mom said, “Does that feel better now?”

I said, “Yes, thank you. I appreciate you being so understanding.”

Mom smiled and said, “So formal now, aren’t we?” I smiled and said, “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.”

“About what?” was her reply, “Because your naked in front of dear old mom right?” Again I smiled and replied, “It’s just so new to me that’s all. Are you really sure that your cool with this mom, I mean after all I do get frequent erections and sometimes have to take care of business if you know what I mean.” I’d done it again, offered her too much information, but somehow it felt so right being able to tell her these things.

She had finished her plate and stood to take them to the sink. She didn’t answer right away. She ran the sink full of water and said, “Ok, here’s the deal. If you take care of business as you call it, then all I ask is you don’t hide it, and you clean up any mess you make is that perfectly clear?” I simply nodded. She continued. Now as you know and I think your old enough to know this, but I’m a grown woman with a grown woman’s needs, I much like yourself masturbate from time to time and you know we’ve always believed in open doors in our home, so let’s give a trial run shall we. If you feel the need to do yourself, by all means wherever you are, just do it. Don’t run and hide in your room, and I’ll do the same. I mean after all we can control this, after all we’re both adults.”

I couldn’t believe what mom had just said I had to sit for a few minutes and let it sink in. Mom again spoke, “Honey what would you think if I just dropped this towel and went around nude like yourself, could you handle it? Or would it be too much for you?” I looked up at her and stood to bring my plate to her. I handed my plate off to mom and as I turned my stiff cock rubbed her bare leg. She cleared her throat and returned to the dishes. I realized what I’d done and I quickly apologized to mom. She of course didn’t think I’d done anything wrong. I leaned against the refrigerator much like she’d done earlier and I said, “No, it wouldn’t be too much. I mean after all mom you are beautiful and sexy, funny, smart and just an all around great person. So if you got nude with me it wouldn’t bother me.

She said, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for us to have this conversation. You see, I’ve always hated clothes, hell, there were many times on Sunday mornings, I’d get up and go to the bathroom in church just to remove my bra and panties so I could move a little easier. I’ve always stayed dressed around the house, because I didn’t’ want you to feel uncomfortable. I was brought up to believe that the human body is a beautiful thing and should not be looked upon as being dirty or anything like that. That’s how your father and I raised you. So I know that you know what I’m talking about.” I nodded agreement. Mom finished up the dishes and turned around and said “I know your wondering what I think about your dick, and I think it’s a lot bigger than your fathers and a very nice specimen if I do say so myself.” With that she lit a cigarette and inhaled it deeply and said “Truth time I guess.” She reach up to her cleavage where she had the towel bunched up into a makeshift knot and pulled it quickly.

My heart stopped as I saw my mother’s full frontal nudity for the first time in my life. I was awestruck at the magnificence of her body. She was so much like a goddess. I couldn’t speak. All I could do was stare.” Finally when my eyes met hers, she said “So what do you think of old mom now?” I managed to say “My God!” She said, “Is that good or bad?” I said, “Oh, it’s good mom, it’s good believe me. You’re the most beautiful creature that God could have ever put on this earth!”

Mom blushed and smiled and said, “That’s so sweet!” She walked towards me and gave me a full frontal hug. I was in heaven. Her huge breast pressed firmly into my upper chest/neck area. I felt my hard cock pressing against my stomach and her stomach. She held the hug for a good two minutes while I rubbed her back as she did mine. Finally we released. She took a step back and said “That things really hot!” Trying to ease the sexual tension between us. I cut her a coy smile and said “Yes, that made it a lot hotter.” Mom laughed as she walked past me. I watched her ass jiggle up and down and I knew if I ever needed to cum, now was the time, but somehow I wanted to wait.

I followed her back to the living room where we again sat on the couch in our former seats. She leaned back and stretched and smiled. I sat there with my legs open facing her. My throbbing erection was just begging for attention. Mom said “You sure don’t make it easy on a girl do you?” I said “What?” She said “Is it always hard?” I replied “Yhea, most all the time.” Mom let out a loud breath and said “Honey after all I’m only human and if I keep looking at that thing, my hormones are gonna be bothering me too. I mean it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen, touched or dare should I say tasted one.” I almost lost it right then. I couldn’t believe that mom just admitted she sucked cock. Mom continued by complimenting my on the size of my balls and my masculinity compared to dad’s lack of it. She rambled on and on for a few minutes and finally she stopped and a strange hush fell over the entire house.

I simply stretched out a bit and got comfortable and decided that I needed to go now! I began stroking my cock openly as my other hand cupped and rubbed my large heavy nut sac. I engrossed myself in this for a few minutes and quickly eyed mom who was watching me with a very different look in her eye. She was subconsciously pinching her left nipple a bit as she watched. I continued on. She opened her legs a bit and would give herself a rub on the clit now and again. I knew if I could hold out, maybe she wouldn’t.

Mom stood and walked to the bedroom as I heard her going through her dresser drawer. She came back carrying a bottle of lube and her vibrator. It was just a standard five-inch vibrator, nothing abnormal about that. She sat down next to me this time and opened her legs and turned the vibrator on and gently touched her clit with it. Her pussy was tight, I could tell. Her pussy lips did not sag at all they were drawn up close to her body. Her clit was huge and swollen. She pushed the vibrator all the way inside her pussy until it disappeared. She concentrated on her clit only. Soon the toy had worked its way out and fell to the floor humming as mom gyrated her hips as she worked her clit. I stroked steadily on my ten-inch cock engrossed in mom’s self pleasure. She turned on the couch and placed her feet on my shoulders, with her legs spread apart and nearing orgasm. Her eyes closed as her feet touched my cheek and she ran her toes through my hair. I looked directly at her vacant pussy. I touched her knee and said “Mom can I help?” Mom did not answer. I gently slid my hand down her smooth thigh. Still no resistance. I pressed on. I slid my hand down to her shaven patch and waited for a smack on the hand, it never came. I gently let my hand touch hers. She moved it aside without opening her eyes. I for the first time felt the fleshy lips that I’d emerged from some eighteen years later. Looking at her, although she was my mother, right now she was a woman with needs and I wanted deeply to help her with those needs. I extended my middle finger and gently pushed it inside her. She gasped for air and her breaths became increasingly shallow. I hastened my pace in and out, in and out faster and faster until she bucked and almost rolled off the couch. I let my other hand fall below the first one and gently tickled her tight pink asshole. She said “Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” With that, juices rolled from her hot pussy. I stopped and removed my finger and hands from mom’s body and sat silent. She lay there spent for a few minutes and opened her eyes and said, “You do know that was wrong don’t you?” I said “Why, I love you and I don’t see it that way, you had needs and I wanted to help you with them, and if that’s wrong, then so be it. I’ll be wrong, I don’t care about right or wrong when I’m with you mom, I just know what I can do for you and make you happy, because you deserve it after all you’ve been through.” Mom’s scolding look disappeared almost immediately as my words trailed off and I sat with my head bowed, my cock hard and my needs unanswered.

Mom sat up and smiled and said, “It felt wonderful though. I appreciate it. Honey what if someone found out about this?” I said, “What could they do? I’m eighteen you’re grown up too, so what could they do and after all mom I’m not a blabbermouth. I am discrete. Mom smiled as she looked down at my cock still hard and said “I know what you need.” She leaned over and grabbed her lube and ran a large pile of it between her massive breasts. She pressed her breasts together as she lay on her back and said “Have at it sport.” I didn’t have to be told twice. I straddled her midsection keeping my weight on my left knee and my right foot on the floor. I eased my cock between her tits. I slowly slid in and out of her soft skin. My pace quickened moments later. I felt mom’s hand cupping and rubbing my balls.

Suddenly it hit me. I muttered “I’m cumming!” My balls tightened. I began to loose my load between mother’s tits. Spurts of cum splashed up on her chin and lips and I forced harder and harder to get in her mouth. Still to no avail. Soon, my balls were empty and my cock was flaccid again. I got off of mom and sat down spent and sleepy. Mom sat up. Cum ran down her stomach and her thighs. She needed a shower, and some freshening up, but damned if I was going to say anything. I liked her just the way she was.