Forcing Aunt Lisa

Chapter 01

I decided to head home early during the work day and was coming down my street when I noticed my nephew’s car pulling into my driveway. I don’t know why but I pulled around the corner and quietly made my way to the back of the house. I then spotted my nephew, CJ talking to my wife Lisa in the downstairs bedroom sitting on the bed. I heard her yelling something about her pussy as he was approaching her. The window was cracked open with the blinds pulled up a few inches. I peeped through the window and I was shocked to hear CJ ask his Aunt Lisa for a kiss. Lisa yelled “NO! I’M YOUR AUNT!” She kept yelling at him as she tried to get up while pushing CJ away. CJ started trying to kiss her.

A little earlier, CJ had just left his girlfriend Terri’s house with a raging hard on. They had tried to have sex for the first time but CJ’s cock wouldn’t go in no matter how hard they tried. Terri was in tears because it hurt so badly when he tried to force it in. CJ decided to leave before he killed her with his cock. He was driving home when he noticed that he was going by his Aunt Lisa’s house. He immediately thought about how hot his aunt was. He suddenly got the crazy idea that she would be able to handle his cock because she’s been fucking for years and has three kids which must have stretched her pussy enough to handle him. He saw her car in the garage and knew she was home alone for a few hours and decided to see if he could fuck her. He walked in through the garage but he couldn’t find her in the house and decided to go into her bedroom. He opened the door to the bedroom and Aunt Lisa was napping on the bed. She was wearing a skirt and it had ridden up showing off her panties. Her legs were also spread and the panties had pulled to the side so he could actually see her pussy and the hair around her fuck hole. He immediately was rock hard again and needed a release. His teenage mind was now controlled by his fuck stick and nothing was going to stop him from getting what he needed.

His Aunt Lisa was napping on the bed. It was just after her kids were off to school and her husband was at work so she would be home alone for 6-7 hours and decided to take a cat nap before she started to clean the house. She had gone out earlier that day for an early meeting at school and had a skirt on. She suddenly woke up and saw her nephew CJ staring at her with a glazed look in his eyes. She followed his eyes and saw that he was staring at her pussy that was wide open for him to see. She quickly lowered her skirt and said “CJ! You scared me and WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STARING AT YOUR AUNT’S PUSSY!” She couldn’t believe her nephew actually saw her pussy; no man but her husband had seen her love box since they started dating 20+ years ago and she was very upset, mortified and embarrassed that her 18 year old nephew would take advantage of her like that and that her actually saw her pussy. She was very conservative by nature and didn’t believe in any type of infidelity or abortion but at the same time was very sexual and loved sex with her husband.

CJ quickly apologized but he wasn’t going to be deterred “I’m sorry Aunt Lisa; it’s just that you’re so beautiful. I’ve always thought you were hot and when I saw your beautiful pussy I couldn’t help myself. I’ve always dreamed about seeing you naked and have always wanted to fuck you.”

Lisa was shocked to her core. Her nephew just told her he wanted to fuck her. She didn’t know what to say but her body started to betray her, her cunt was already dripping getting ready for a cock and her nipples were hard and standing out. She had taken her bra off before he nap and it was plain for her nephew to see. Lisa was suddenly very scared to be alone with her 18 year old nephew in her bedroom and screamed “CJ, DON’T EVER SAY THAT AGAIN! You shouldn’t use that language with me. I’m your aunt and you can’t fuck me.” While she was saying this CJ was approaching her. She suddenly saw the big lump in his pants and knew what he wanted. She was appalled by the size of the bulge in his pants, he must be huge. Her pussy was betraying her because it was now on fire and she could feel the juice running down her leg. Her pussy was getting ready for what she could never accept.

CJ reached out for her and grabbed her and she screamed “NO! STOP!”

“Come on Aunt Lisa; just give me a kiss.”

My wife said, “NO! I’M YOUR AUNT! GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME! I WON’T KISS YOU OR DO ANYTHING ELSE WITH YOU! YOU’RE MY NEPHEW AND IT’S WRONG!” She tried to slap him but he was too quick and strong for her. He grabbed her hands and was laying next to her on the bed wrestling with her.

I could not say or do anything, I don’t know why but I just watched as CJ got her pinned and slid his hand under her skirt and up my wife’s thigh. His aunt continued to resist but CJ became more forceful and had managed to work her tits from her blouse and was sucking her nipples while he forced his hand between her legs.

CJ couldn’t believe he was sucking his aunt’s beautiful tits while reaching for her pussy. She was fighting him as hard as she could but he was much stronger and had her pinned in no time. He forced her to spread her legs with his hand which give him access to her pussy. He started rubbing her pussy through her soaked panties and she started to squirm. He then pulled the panties to the side and stuck two fingers in her pussy. She moaned and his hand was suddenly soaking wet. He wasn’t sure but he thought she had just cum on his fingers and hand.

Lisa was beside herself and was screaming “GET OFF ME! DON’T PULL MY TITS OUT YOU ASSHOLE! LET GO OF MY TITS!” Her nephew now had her tits out and was sucking on them. Lisa was desperate by now and wailed, “NOOOOO CJ! DON’T SUCK MY TITS YOU BASTARD!” She next felt his hand snaking its way between her thighs and forcing them open. She tried with all her strength to keep them closed but she lost that battle and her thighs were forced open and he now had access to her pussy. She was fighting him as hard as she could but she couldn’t win, he was just too strong. She was dripping cum from her pussy but she didn’t want him to touch her most private place. This was her nephew about to touch her pussy and it’s just plain wrong. She felt him touch her pussy through her spread legs and he began to rub her pussy through her soaked panties. She screamed in rage and embarrassment, “GET YOUR FUCKING FINGERS OFF MY PUSSY!” She next felt him pull the panties to the side and stick his fingers up her cunt. She was embarrassed that as soon as her nephew pushed his fingers into her cunt she came and spilled her pussy juice all over his fingers and hand. She moaned “CJ, NOOOOOO! PLEASE STOP! Oh God forgive me for cumming on your fingers. CJ, I don’t want this no matter what my pussy does. It’s wrong to force me, please stop, I’m begging you, please stop.” She was starting to cry from the ordeal but we all knew it wasn’t over.

I then noticed I had the biggest hard on I have ever had, my heart was pounding, I was confused, and all I could do was watch as my wife was being raped by my nephew in front of me.

CJ then pulled out his cock, which literally sprung out. He forced his aunt’s hand between his legs and made her grab it. I watched in amazement as her hand was forced to wrap around the largest shaft I have ever seen. It was 13+” long and 4″ in diameter and the head was as even larger. The monster cock head was shaped like an arrow head, it came to a point at the beginning and it spread out evenly until it was probably 5″ in diameter at the end of the head and it was probably 4″ in length and was clearly designed for penetration. His ball sac was as big as the rest of his package hanging down half way to his knees and each testical was the size of a very big lemon. I couldn’t imagine how much cum they produced compared to any other guy but it must be incredible. If CJ was going to fuck her, it would be an ordeal for my wife. Her hand that was being forced to grab his cock didn’t even go half way around and she looked at the monster cock and screamed “CJ, PUT THAT THING AWAY. DON’T FORCE ME TO STROKE THIS MONSTER!” He moved his hand away from hers yet she kept on stroking it. She didn’t realize he had taken his hand away and was not forcing her anymore. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it, probably shocked by its size. It was dripping precum which was now going down his cock and being spread by my wife’s stroking hand.

From her point of view, Lisa couldn’t believe that her nephew had taken his cock out. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen and the head was gigantic. This cock would never fit in her pussy and she was petrified at the thought of him forcing it in her tiny pussy. His balls were even more incredible, they hung down so low and each ball was as big as her fist. She had always wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked by a monster cock but she never had the chance before she was married and would never cheat on her husband. Her girlfriends had talked about how it felt to fuck a big cock and said it was painful, yet the most wonderful feeling in the world. Now here she was staring at a huge cock and her pussy started to leak again just thinking about it. CJ grabbed her hand and forced her to wrap her hand around his cock. She couldn’t even get it half way around! Now he was forcing her to jack him off. She was sobbing uncontrollably by now, “CJ please don’t force me, please, please stop; please don’t force me anymore. I’m your aunt; don’t you love me?”

CJ wasn’t listening to his aunt; he put his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply. She tried to fight him off and turned her head but he held the kiss tight. He was now working her cunt with his hand. I watched as her hips rotated, still trying to push him away while begging him to stop. He pulled her skirt up over her hips and I could see he had pulled her panties to the side, his fingers had made there way inside his aunt’s cunt. His fingers were dripping wet with cunt juice. She was resisting but her pussy had other ideas.

From Lisa’s point of view, she was in total shock by now. She was fighting him but he was too strong for her. He kissed her suddenly and she fought him but he kept his mouth on hers and forced his tongue into her mouth. While this was going on, she felt him finger fucking her again. She tried to move away but it was fruitless. He pulled her skirt up over her hips and she could see, feel and hear his fingers fucking her pussy. She was powerless to stop him and was disgusted with the situation, her nephew finger fucking her pussy that was dripping pussy juice. Why was he forcing this despicable act on her and why was her pussy responding?

All of the sudden he placed one of his powerful hands behind her head and pushed her head to his lap. He held her head with on hand and his big cock with another, CJ placed the head of his huge cock to her lips.

Whimpering, Aunt Lisa said “No I can’t, no stop.”

“Oh you’re going to love this Aunt Lisa.” CJ said in a powerful voice.

Lisa couldn’t believe that her nephew wanted her to suck his dick. He pushed the head against her lips but she kept her mouth closed tightly. She would never suck his dick. CJ then pinched her nose shut and waiting for her to open her mouth to breathe. She couldn’t believe he pinched her nose; how long could she go before she would open her mouth and he would inevitably shove his cock in her mouth. She gave out a minute later and opened her mouth and gasped for air. He quickly shoved the head in and she was forced to open her mouth as wide as possible as her forced the apple sized head in her mouth. She couldn’t believe how big it was and had trouble getting it in. Her lips felt like they were going to split open but the cock finally slipped in.

I watched as he forced her head down over his huge cock and her mouth finally opening to accept this monster cock. He started stroking his cock in her mouth pushing her head up and down, over and over. CJ then pushed her head down hard and forced his entire cock in. It was half way down her throat and you could see the bulge in her throat from the oversized head. He kept it in for about 30 seconds until his aunt started punching him. He pulled it out of her throat but kept it in her mouth. My wife was hanging on for dear life as CJ rammed his cock into her tiny mouth and half way down her throat over and over. His huge ball sac was slamming into her chin. This went on for a few more minutes until CJ stuffed it all the way in again and bellowed “I’M CUMMING.” I watched as he grunted over and over again. You could see her throat swallowing again and again while his huge balls contracted with each spurt. After about a half minute of this, CJ pulled his cock out of her throat and kept on cumming in her mouth. She was swallowing as fast as she could but couldn’t keep up with it. Her mouth formed a perfect seal around his cock so the only place left for the excess cum was through her nose; cum was shooting out her nose while he continued cumming in her mouth and she swallowed as fast as possible. He finally finished cumming after about 2 minutes and pulled his cock out. His aunt groaned from the assault and there was cum pouring from her mouth and nose. Her face was a mess from all the cum that sprayed from her nose. It was the thick gooey cum that stuck to everything. She burped and a big cum bubble came out. She looked down at her belly and CJ and I followed her eyes and we all saw the same thing; her belly was slightly distended from all the cum she had swallowed and she started rubbing her belly. She must have swallowed a pint and it showed. She tried to talk but it was impossible to make anything out. It was too garbed from all the cum in her throat and the abuse her vocal cords had taken from the monster cock. Cum was still pouring out of her mouth and nose drenching her with cum, it was everywhere. She suddenly bent over and vomited some cum. It was just a little but maybe enough so her stomach could handle the rest. Her color started to come back and she was able to move again and could feel his seed sloshing around in her stomach and it took all her willpower not to throw up. She was a mess and was dazed from the attack.

While she was dazed and helpless, CJ threw his aunt on her back ripping her panties off throwing them to the floor. He also took her blouse and skirt off leaving her completely naked. She was moaning now, starting to come around and still rubbing her cum filled belly. She was a mess of cum from her head to her tits. Her pussy was soaking wet and her clit was extended. CJ took all his clothes off and got on top of his aunt. Just looking at his naked aunt covered in his cum and seeing her pussy leaking made him ready to force his monster cock in her pussy. He was hard as a rock again and it was going in no matter what. He didn’t realize that his monster cock would have trouble penetrating any pussy and his aunt had an especially tight pussy for her age. His uncle had a 6″ cock but it was on the thin side and her youngest child was a teenager leaving plenty of time for her pussy to tighten up.

She immediately came out of her daze when she felt him get on top of her and she got her voice back and screamed, “YOU FUCKING BASTARD! I HATE YOU! HATE YOU! YOU JUST FORCED ME TO BLOW YOU AND YOU MADE ME SWALLOW YOUR DISGUSTING CUM; I MUST HAVE A PINT OF CUM IN MY BELLY! I HAVE YOUR CUM ALL OVER ME, IT’S DISGUSTING YOU FUCKING PIG! I HATE YOU!” While she was screaming at him, she was spitting cum out of her mouth and cum was still dripping from her nose.

CJ didn’t care what she said as he opened her legs wide and now she started to plead with him.

She looked down between her legs and saw CJ’s monster cock was inches away from her pussy opening and his aunt pleaded with him, “please don’t fuck me, No, don’t go that far, please don’t. I won’t tell anybody if you stop now. I’ll blow you anytime and swallow, just don’t fuck me, please. It’s too big for my pussy, let me suck you off; you can cum in my throat again.”

I could see that CJ was going to be fucking my wife/his aunt any second now with the biggest cock she had ever had or seen. My eyes were glued to her face and cunt as I watched in total shock and could not move.

CJ’s body moved in between his aunt’s legs pressing her into the bed, her knees spread wide as he placed the massive head of his cock to her cum drenched cunt rubbing up and down her slit. She was now being forced to letting him have access to her most private place, letting her nephew put his cock in her no matter what she was saying or how hard she tried to stop him. She had lost a lot of her strength fighting him for the last 45 minutes and was not able to physically fight him anymore.

Lisa’s head was slowly moving from side to side with her hands on his chest trying to push him back.

Pleading, Aunt Lisa begged, “NO! NO! NO! STOP right now… please, we can do something else, you’re too big stop. I’m your aunt for god sakes; I’m begging you to stop. Please don’t rape me. CJ, think what you’re doing, you’re trying to rape your aunt’s cunt.”

CJ couldn’t believe his aunt would say “cunt” to him. It made him want her even more and he was already too far gone to stop and he said “you’re going to love this cock up your cunt Aunt Lisa.”

His aunt begged and pleaded, “No CJ, please no, please don’t do this please NO. My pussy is too small for you, you’ll kill me. YOU’RE MY FUCKING NEPHEW AND I CAN’T FUCK YOU, IT JUST WRONG!”

CJ forced himself on her, “Fuck no; you’re going to get it inside you Aunt Lisa.” He rubbed it over her clit he said, “Don’t worry Aunt Lisa; you’re going to love this big cock and be begging for more later on.”

I watched shocked as CJ started to penetrate his aunt with that tapered cock head. She threw her head back and screamed, “NOOOO! NOOOO! NOOOO! GOD NO! PLEASE STOP! DON’T PUT YOUR MONSTER COCK IN ME! YOU’RE FUCKING KILLING ME, I CAN’T TAKE IT.”

I thought, oh my god what should I do, but I knew I could do nothing and my confusing arousal by this act on my wife had my cock rock hard. He started the penetration and the first 2″ of his tapered cock went in easily. He was now trying to get the rest of the head in but it didn’t fit. He kept putting more and more pressure on her opening and it was slowly going in and she was screaming in terrible pain during this ordeal which must have taken 5 minutes. The head finally went in with a popping sound and blood started to pour from her pussy and all over them. She stopped screaming after the head was in but blood was all over her pussy, his cock and was now dripping off his balls.

From her viewpoint, his monster cock was now at the opening of her pussy. She was telling him to stop but she was forced to spread her legs as wide as possible when he pushed his body between her legs. He was now rubbing his huge head on her slit and clit, getting it wet with her cum so he could penetrate her. The juices were really flowing out of her pussy. She started cumming again and the juices were squirting out of her cunt and all over his monster cock head. This was needed by her because both her pussy and his cock head needed plenty of lubrication for penetration to happen without killing her. She knew this cock was going to have trouble getting in because her husband need to go slow when he started penetrating her and he was wasn’t even half the size of this monster in length and girth. After a minute of rubbing her pussy and clit with his cock head, he started to put it in, the cock head was pushing in, spreading the cunt lips until she thought they would split. The pain was unbearable and she thought he was going to split her in half. He was pushing hard and the head finally popped in along with a few inches of that monster cock. She never felt so relieved that he finally got the huge head in, it filled her and she felt relief and sudden warmth (caused by her bleeding profusely). It was painful but she also felt full like never before. There was cunt juice mixed with blood all over their crotches. The cunt juice was squirting out of her pussy mixing with blood pouring from her ripped cunt lips from the initial penetration. That cock head was just too big not to rip her pussy lips open.

“Oh God.” she gasped over and over as the sounds from her mouth got softer and lower. CJ’s cock was slowly making its way into her pussy. Her pussy was drenched with her cum and blood. He would push hard and it would go in a little at a time with cum and blood bubbling out of her each time he pushed. He was having a real hard time pushing it in. His monster head’s girth was making it hard to get any farther up her cum and blood drenched cunt.

“That’s it Aunt Lisa, that’s it yeah take it Aunt Lisa.” CJ spoke lovingly.

His aunt continued gasping and whimpering, “CJ no, no, no, take it out. You can’t fuck your aunt. Please CJ, stop, please, stop, it’s way too big for my pussy and I can’t fuck my nephew, it’s a sin. Look at what you’re doing, I’m bleeding and I think I have to go to the hospital. You split me open when you pushed it in and I probably need stitches. It hurts so badly and if you care about me you’d take your cock out of me.”

CJ wasn’t listening and just kept pushing it in. After about 15 minutes of pushing and then waiting for her pussy to be ready for more I could see her cunt spread out wide as CJ’s cock slid halfway in and out and I could see his cock glistening with her cunt juice and blood. CJ started fucking her fast and hard with half his cock. They both could feel the cum sloshing in her belly from the previous blow job as he was lying on top of her with his abdomen pressing on her belly as he fucked her hard. She was constantly burping up cum bubbles from the increased fucking and the pressure on her belly when he rammed into her and pressed his abdomen into her belly. They were both grunting and moaning and all of a sudden CJ cried out “I’M CUMMING IN YOUR PUSSY AUNT LISA! I’M CUMMING IN YOU.”

His Aunt was shocked when he started to swell up in her pussy and she knew he was going to cum in her. She felt the first shot of his cum in her cunt. He didn’t even ask if he could cum in her or take it out. That fucking bastard is going to get me pregnant! She cried out “CJ! NOOOOO! TAKE IT OUT! STOP CUMMING IN MY PUSSY YOU DISGUSTING PIG. TAKE IT OUT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”

He kept cumming and cumming, one shot after another and soon enough it was squirting out of her pussy. This went on for a couple of minutes as they both grunted and groaned. His Aunt was also cumming now; the combination of the monster cock and her nephew cumming in her sent her over the edge. CJ’s cum was now all over both of them and they were lying in a puddle of cum and blood. I’ve never seen so much cum; it was everywhere.

They laid there for a few minutes with the only noise being Aunt Lisa’s pussy making farting sounds as she was still cumming on his cock making his cum squirt out of her with each contraction.


CJ started to laugh and said “Aunt Lisa, I know I forced you but you’ve cum at least 5 times on my cock already. You won’t call the cops because it’s your word against mine and everybody would find out that your nephew fucked you.”

She knew her bluff was called. She started to cry and CJ tried to comfort her. “Please don’t cry Aunt Lisa; it’s ok, it’s ok.” He was very gentle with her, wiping her tears and gently stroking her cum filled hair. He started to kiss her gently on her temples and moved to her neck. She was crying and telling her nephew over and over “CJ, please take it out; please take it out; please take it out.” He then kissed her on the mouth and she didn’t fight him. She was too tired and worn out to fight anymore. Over one hour of being raped had sapped all her energy. She felt him growing hard again inside her and she couldn’t believe it. She resigned herself to getting fucked again. She wondered if he would get all of his cock in her before he came again. Her pussy felt much better after he came in her. The blood was not pouring out anymore and the cum lubricated her so she could now handle his monster cock without any pain.

CJ then warned her, “Aunt Lisa, get ready honey because I’m going to push it all the way in, I’m going all the way in baby.”

Her hands were still on his chest but not resisting as much as CJ pulled almost all the way out of her and then drove his massive cock deep in her. He kept on pushing while she screamed at the top of her lungs “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! IT’S SO BIG! I’M SO FULL! YOUR MONSTERCOCK IS INCREDIBLE! My pussy loves this but it’s still rape.”

She couldn’t believe what it felt like being stuffed by this monster cock. Her pussy was constantly cumming again and she had never felt so full. He was now reaching a place that no cock had ever touched and her pussy was being forced open by his massive head. All the cum he had dumped in her a few minutes earlier helped him get it in deeper.

He stopped with about 9″ inside of her because he reached the end of her pussy. He thought because she was older she could take all of his cock but now he knew that Uncle Jim was not that big. He didn’t realize that his size was extremely rare as was his ability to cum for minutes because his balls were also enormous. He would have to slow down and take it easy until she again got accustomed to his monster cock. He wanted her to enjoy this so she would come back for more.

She was whimpering “CJ, please don’t move for a minute. I’m begging you to hold still. I can’t believe you reached the end of my pussy. I can actually feel you bumping against my cervix. Uncle Jim is not this big and the babies I delivered stretched my pussy but that was years ago. Your cock is the biggest cock I ever had by far so PLEASE don’t fucking move.”

They lay still for about 5 minutes and you could hear my wife’s pussy making squishing sounds as she was constantly cumming on his cock again and their combined cum was bubbling out of her pussy and running down his balls and dripping into the pool of cum and blood they were lying in. Lisa finally said “CJ, start moving it again but don’t go any deeper until I tell you and GO SLOW.”

CJ said “Aunt Lisa, I think you’re starting to like my cock in your pussy!”

She was starting to feel a huge orgasm coming and she pushed her pelvis up and forward to take more of his cock. Every girl I ever fucked always does this. It must be a basic biological response to get them pregnant, to get the cock in as deep as possible so the sperm can get to the egg.

Aunt Lisa screamed during her massive orgasm, “DO IT! GET THAT FUCKING COCK ALL THE WAY IN ME! NOW!”

CJ pulled back a few inches and then shoved it in as hard as he could. He kept on pushing while she screamed “PUSH IT HARDER! PUSH! GET THAT FUCKING COCK ALL THE WAY IN!”

CJ kept on pushing and he felt her open up and the rest of his cock went in. He could actually hear her cervix open up with a ripping noise. He couldn’t believe he was through her cervix and in her womb. He had at least 4″ of his cock in her womb! The tip of his cock was pushing against the back wall of her womb.

Lisa felt her cervix opening and could also HEAR it tearing open. It hurt but the pleasure of her nephew’s monster cock in her was overriding the pain. She finally felt his huge ball sac resting on her asshole. She had finally taken all of his monster cock and part of it was in her womb. She could feel it pushing against what must have been the back of her womb. She was constantly cumming again. She looked at the clock and she figured it had taken an hour to get all of his cock in her. She couldn’t believe that 1 hour ago her nephew started raping her with his monster cock in her pussy and now she was a willing partner.

I watched in amazement as the rest of my nephew’s massive cock disappeared in my wife’s cunt. It was the hottest thing I ever saw. She had a cock the size of my arm in her. I could actually see a bump in her abdomen that must have been the head of his cock. The large bump was above her belly button!

CJ kept still for a few minutes letting her get used to him all the way in her. He couldn’t believe how tight she was, especially how his big sensitive cock head felt when it passed through her tight cervical ring and into her womb. It was like he was fucking 2 pussies; the second one tighter than the first. He could feel her start to move on his cock and he knew that she was now ready to be thoroughly fucked. He pulled out until his head was almost out and pushed it back in. It took about a minute to slide out and another minute to get it all the way back in because she was so tight and he didn’t want to hurt her. You could actually see her belly moving from the monster cock. The bulge would move from the beginning of her love canal to all the way up past her belly button. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

She was going wild like she always does when she cums and was now fucking him back wildly. I love it when she does this with me so I knew that CJ was having the time of his life.

My wife was saying “Fuck me CJ, Fuck me CJ, I love you and love your cock. I’ve never been fucked like this. I can’t believe how good you are. I love it when you pull it out all the way and jam it back in my womb. Fuck me CJ, please fuck me hard.”

CJ then started to pound his aunt’s cunt hard driving her ass into the bed; his cock had her cunt so spread out. I could hear the wet noises coming from my wife’s cunt as CJ destroyed my wife’s cunt to where, as I know now have never felt the same. As he continued to fuck the hell out of her, I noticed her hands had moved to his ass cheeks. It looked very erotic how her hands grasped at his ass pulling on him.

CJ was talking to her now, “Oh fuck Aunt Lisa; your pussy is unbelievable; damn you’re so wet. You’re so sexy and beautiful.”

Lisa was moaning, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.”

CJ spoke softly to her, “Does that feel good Aunt Lisa, you like that?”

She moaned “yes oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. My beautiful loving wife, the mother of my children was on her back under her nephew getting the hell fucked out of her and she was now telling him how good it was.

CJ was fucking her harder now as his big balls bounced off of her ass. His aunt started to moan louder and louder, I could tell she was fixing to climax again. Her hips rose off the bed, she pushed her hips upwards hard into CJ’s cock and pelvis.

CJ told her, “tell me how you love this big cock Aunt Lisa.”

Lisa moaned and whimpered, “Oh god baby oh god yes I love your big cock, yes, yes baby, yes.”

“Is that cock big enough for you Aunt Lisa?”

“Oh god you are huge oh you feel so good deep in me, oh yes baby…. I’ve never been fucked like this before.” She was cumming constantly now, “OH GAWWDDD OH GAWWDDD OHHHH BABBBBYY OH BABBBY YES, YES, YES!” Cunt juice mixed with his cum was squirting out of her again and drenching both their crotches again. It was amazing to watch all the cum that was squirting out all over them and dripping into the pool of cum on the bed. The pungent smell of sex was hitting me even though I was outside the window.

CJ started grunting and driving hard into his aunt, I knew he was fixing to cum again.

My wife is not using birth control and I was wondering if she’d let him cum in her again. His cock was in past her cervix and in her womb and she’d definitely get pregnant.

Lisa also knew he was getting ready to cum and said “CJ, don’t cum in me, your cock is past my cervix and in my womb and I’ll get pregnant.” While she said this she grabbed his ass and held him in her and spread her legs as wide as possible. Did she unconsciously want him to knock her up? She clearly was trying to get his cock in as deep as possible and she knew he was getting ready to cum.

CJ begged “Aunt Lisa, please let me cum in you. I love you so much. I want to feel me cumming in your womb one time… please Aunt Lisa… please.”

I knew that CJ wasn’t going to pull it out not matter what his aunt said. He was raping her! A rapist doesn’t ask, they take but he wanted her to go all the way with him on her own.

I could tell my wife was thinking it over. She was weighing getting pregnant versus feeling cum being blasted into her womb by her raping nephew. She already had a big load dumped in her pussy and might already be pregnant.

My wife told her nephew “No CJ, pull it out or you’ll knock me up!” She started to try and push him off but it was useless.

“Oh fuck oh fuck damn baby I’ME CUMMING AAAHHHHHH.”

I watched as CJ came in my wife’s cunt again. He was in all the way in, pumping his seed in her womb. I actually could see his balls spasm while he dumped his seed in her. It went on for over 2 minutes. I couldn’t believe anybody could cum for that long; he came 3 times in less than 2 hours and was still able to cum for minutes. He must have dumped a pint in her womb. Her lower abdomen was now actually starting to swell from all the cum being dumped in her womb!

From Lisa’s point of view, she felt his monster cock swell even more. She was constantly cumming again. Her pussy was gripping the cock constantly. She never knew it could be like this and never wanted it to stop but she was fighting to get his cock out of her womb. She knew that his cumming in her womb would knock her up. She felt the first shot of cum hit the back of her womb, it was the hottest thing she ever felt. She felt another shot. Oh my God! She came again, the biggest orgasm of her life. She was milking his sperm out to knock her up. It was the hottest thing ever, her nephew cumming in her womb. She couldn’t believe how many shots of cum were blasting into the back of her womb. She could feel herself filling up; her lower abdomen was starting to swell. She now had a belly swollen with cum and now her womb was getting the same treatment. She could feel the hot cum sloshing around in her stomach and womb. He finally stopped shooting cum in her after a few minutes. She was in shock from cumming for at least 10 minutes straight and knowing that her nephew just dropped a load in her womb and she was going to be pregnant.

CJ stayed in her pussy while they talked about what just happened.

My wife said “CJ, I told you not to cum in me, you raped me and you probably knocked me up. I can feel about a pint of cum in my womb. My belly is swollen with your cum and now my womb is also.”

I couldn’t believe it, her belly was still swollen with cum and now her lower abdomen was also swollen with his cum and I could actually see it. I’ve never seen anything like it. No cum was leaking from her womb because his shrinking cock was still big enough to plug her cervix. Her cervix was starting to close up and most of her nephew’s cum would be left in there. A pint of cum locked in her womb would definitely do the job. She was going to have my nephew’s child.

CJ says “Aunt Lisa, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I love you and you’re the most beautiful women in the world.”

His aunt responds “It was wrong of you to rape me. That was the best fuck I ever had but we can never do this again. It was rape! You fucking raped you aunt!”

CJ says “What about Uncle Jim?”

Aunt Lisa says “we were just going to start trying for a baby so I going to fuck him (if I can) until his cock falls off. That way, no one will ever know who’s the father is. He’ll never know it wasn’t his. I love him dearly and would never hurt him. You forced me and then I lost control. It will never happen again.”

They stop talking and the only thing you can hear was the sound of my wife’s pussy making squishing sounds as her pussy still was contracting around his cock and their cum was dripping out of her well fucked cunt. They were both moaning now, no doubt caused by her cumming on his cock over and over.

CJ whispers to his aunt, “Aunt Lisa, I’m getting hard again.”

Aunt Lisa says “CJ, we’re can’t, it’s over.”

CJ begs, “Please Aunt Lisa, just one last time. I’ll never be back in your cunt so please let me fuck you one more time.”

They are both moving their groins again and after a few minutes his aunt screams with another major orgasm and then finally passes out from the rape that was now going on two hours.

CJ tried to wake her up but she was out cold. He kept on raping her like a rag doll while she was passing in and out of consciousness over the next 2 hours. He knew he has plenty of time to rape her because she was home alone until the kids came home from school. He dumped 3 more loads into her womb and then pulled out and lay next to her. He had been raping her for about 4 hours and he was finally spent. He had dumped 5 loads of cum in her pussy (4 in her womb) and 1 load in her belly. Her body gave out half way through and she could barely remember the last 2 hours of his assault.

I walked away and went back to my car. I called about 10 minutes later saying I would be home in an hour. I wanted to catch her before she could clean up. I saw CJ leaving about 5 minutes later and then waited 1 minute and drove in. I quickly went to the bedroom and quietly made my way in and saw my wife still lying on the bed in a pool of cum and blood. I could see that she looked thoroughly fucked. She had cum all over her. I could see her belly was slightly swollen but her abdomen was really swollen now. She looked about 3-4 months pregnant now but it was 2 separate bumps with the lower bump much bigger. Her tits had hickeys all over them and her nipples were red, swollen and hard. Her legs were spread wide open and her pussy lips were red, raw and extended and her clit was sticking out at least 2 inches. I could actually see up her pussy to her cervix because it was so wide open. Her pussy walls and cervix were red and raw and both having a spasm every few seconds. You could actually see the cervix open slightly with each spasm. A small spurt of man cum was spurting out of her cervix into her pussy with each contraction. The cum was pouring from her pussy. You could see the cum was also mixed with blood. It was clear there was a lot of damage to her pussy, cervix and maybe even her womb. The room reeked of sex and the bed was a pool of cum and blood.

I walked over to her and shook her awake. She screamed loudly and I asked her what happened and she started to cry. I repeated “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE! You look like you’ve been gangbanged by 50 guys by the shape of your pussy and all the cum that seems to be in you. You’re covered in cum from head to toe. There’s cum dripping from your nose. The room reeks of sex and you’re lying in a pool of cum and blood. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN DOING.”

She was crying hard now and said to me “I WAS RAPED! RAPED! I couldn’t stop him! He had a monster cock that cums forever. He fucked my mouth and throat and shot a huge load of cum in my belly. Feel my belly, it’s swollen and the cum is sloshing around in there.” I felt her belly and it shook like jelly. I could actually feel the cum sloshing around in her belly. I pushed a little harder and she burped and a cum bubble came from her mouth. “Then he raped my pussy. I’m bleeding from the penetration, he ripped me open and I’ll never be the same down there. I think I might have to go to the hospital. It hurts so fucking bad but the bleeding has really slowed down. The blood was squirting everywhere when he ripped me open. He didn’t care about ripping me open and started to really fuck me hard and came in my pussy the first time when he only had half his cock in me and it took forever for him to get it that far. I fought him hard until them but then I just gave up. I didn’t have anything left to fight him. He started to fuck me again and got the whole cock in me. It’s as big as your arm and the head is like your fist. He RAPED me with it and he got through my cervix and into my womb. He came in there and filled it up. Feel it, same thing as my belly except way more.” I could feel it, it was a much higher bump than the belly was and it was harder, not so jelly like. I pushed down on the bump and the cum started to spray out of her cervix and shoot out of her pussy. She moaned and told me to stop. It hurt more when I pushed so I stopped. “Then he wanted to fuck again and I finally passed out. I think he raped me for a few more hours and shot a few more loads in my womb. He left right after you called and the next thing I know is you waking me up. I must have passed out again from the 4 hour rape.”

I asked her, “WHO WAS IT?”

She didn’t answer me, she looked down and wouldn’t look at me.

I yelled at her, “WHO WAS IT?”

She started to cry and said “It was CJ. He raped me and probably knocked me up.”

I asked her, “What do you want me to do about this?”

She thought about it for a minute and said “There’s nothing we can do. He’s stronger than you so you can’t kick his raping ass and I don’t want you to shoot him. It will be a scandal if we call the police. I just can never be alone with him ever. He’ll force me again and I won’t be able to stop him.”

She was burping cum bubbles for the next day and her breath smelled like man cum but her belly went down quickly. She didn’t eat for the rest of the day because she felt so full. She was still leaking his cum out from her pussy for days and her abdomen didn’t completely go down for a week. We had to go to the hospital and she received 15 stitches to close up her torn pussy. The doctor said he never saw damage like this before and asked her if she wanted him to drain the cum from her womb and she said no. He said that she would never be the same down there. She would heal and could have sex again in 2 months but had to stay away from this large cock for an additional month. He also told her that she would now be able to handle a cock of this size with no more damage.

About 2 months later, we saw CJ at a family party and everybody acted as normal as possible. Only the three of us knew about the rape and we wanted to keep it that way. My wife finally pulled him out of the party and into the bedroom. I followed a few seconds later to try to hear them.

My wife said to CJ “I’m pregnant.”

He smiled and asked “Is it mine?”

My wife said, “Yes, your Uncle Jim hasn’t been able to fuck me because of all the damage.”

CJ moved to my wife and hugged her. She brought her knee up and slammed in into his massive balls. She stepped away and slapped him and said “THAT’S FOR RAPING ME YOU ASSHOLE!” He doubled over in pain and looked up at her.

CJ was shocked, he thought Aunt Lisa loved him and would let him fuck her in the future.

Aunt Lisa continued “you better keep quiet about all this. I don’t want anybody to know that you had your way with me and I had your baby. I’m going to raise your baby and I expect a lot of help from you and DON’T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN OR I’LL KILL YOU.” Aunt Lisa felt her pussy starting to get wet as she remembered what he did to her before. She ran from the room scared about the reaction from her pussy. What the fuck was wrong with her? Her problem was trying to bury the memory of the attack which was the best sexual experience of her life. Her body, especially her pussy never reached levels of pleasure like that before. Her mind was trying to forget it but her pussy couldn’t. She never could admit to herself let alone her husband how incredible the sex actually was with her nephew. Now she was worried about losing control of her mind to her pussy and what the consequences would be if this happened.

CJ mind was already racing to a time when he would be alone with her again. He knew she was all talk and he could force her just like last time and there would be no consequences.

Chapter 02

Lisa was so ashamed that her pussy still reacted to her nephew’s monster cock. She just saw the disgusting pig for the first time since he repeatedly raped her a couple of months ago. He had forced her to suck and fuck his cock and take load after load of his cum which knocked her up and now her pussy was remembering how incredible it was. She never felt so much pleasure in her life despite the pain from the initial penetration. She never told her husband that she must have cum on their nephew’s cock about a thousand times and they were also the strongest orgasms she ever had. She was so ashamed that she felt this way and she was trying to control her pussy but was losing.

She decided that she would fix this problem by having sex with her husband for the first time since the ordeal. Her pussy was just recovering from the brutal assault from her nephew’s monster cock that tore her pussy up. She told her husband she was ready and they both ran to the bedroom ready for action. They quickly tore their clothes off and she laid down spread her legs and watched in anticipation as he pointed his cock to her pussy. It was the first time since her ordeal that she could really size up her husband’s cock compared to her nephew and her husband just didn’t measure up. She didn’t care if he wasn’t even half the size of her nephew’s monster cock. She loved her husband and the sex was always great. She always came and many times had multiple orgasms. He rubbed his 6″ cock that was on the skinny side on her clit and up and down her slit to get it wet and then pushed it in. She watched it go in all the way without any resistance at all. She started to worry that the doctor who told her she would never be the same was correct. Her husband started to fuck her and she pretended to be aroused and moved with him so he wouldn’t know she was not feeling anything.

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The minute her husband Jim penetrated her, he knew her pussy was forever changed. There wasn’t any resistance and he could hardly feel anything. It was warm and nice but what a disappointment. He fucked her and got into it but it wasn’t like the old days and he came in her pussy after a few minutes and rolled off of her. He knew she didn’t come close to cumming and was sad for the both of them. He loved her and wanted her to be happy including her sex life.

Lisa was trying to get into the fucking but she hardly felt him and was sad for the both of them. Her bastard nephew had now wrecked her love life with the husband she truly loved. She didn’t cum and she couldn’t feel him shoot his cum in her.

They were silent after the sex, both of them lost in their own thoughts about their situation. She didn’t know what she could do to make their sex life better and he was thinking that she would never be satisfied with a cock his size. They both knew there was trouble between them but neither expressed it to each other.

They went about their lives over the next month as normally as possible. He was putting a lot of hours in at the office and she was dealing with her pregnancy. They had sex about twice a week but it just wasn’t very good.

Jim was at the office and remembered that is was about three months since the rape of his wife by his nephew and started to get hard thinking about it. He remembered the doctor had told them that she could have sex with that monster cock after three months. He suddenly got an idea that would help them all. He would set up a “situation” where CJ would be alone with his aunt but this time, Jim would film the rape. Jim called his nephew and told him to meet him at his house in an hour in his bedroom to help him move some furniture. CJ wanted to make up with his aunt and uncle so he agreed right away. He called his wife and told her to meet him home in 45 minutes for a nooner. He asked her to put on her sexy outfit that consisted of stockings, crotchless panties, push up bra, high heels and mask to cover her eyes and wait for him in their bedroom. Jim drove home in 30 minutes, parked around the corner, grabbed the video camera with its tripod, opened the bedroom window and pulled up the shade enough to videotape the “meeting” and went outside to set up the equipment.

He had just finished his setup and started the camera when his wife walked in and started to get ready for her liaison with her husband. She stripped down naked and then put on her push up bra she showed her nipples and she put on the panties that were crotchless and then put on her stockings and high heels and lie down and put on her mask and waited for her husband to come fuck her.

A few minutes later, my nephew walked into the bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes bulged out by what he saw; his aunt was dressed up ready to fuck. He immediately got hard and decided to take advantage of his good luck. He quickly stripped out of all his clothes and moved over to the bed. He wanted to fuck her before she knew what was going on but he knew she wasn’t lubricated enough for him and he didn’t want to rip up her pussy again. He then saw a bottle of Astroglide on the night stand next to the bed (thanks to his Uncle Jim) and quickly applied it to his monster cock. He then got on the bed and his aunt said “what took you so long stud.” He couldn’t believe his luck and he quickly positioned himself between her spread legs and brought his cock up to her pussy. He pushed it in and was surprised that the head actually went in this time without too much pressure.

Lisa was ready for sex with her husband and had gotten ready like he asked and heard him come in the bedroom. She waited and then felt him spreading her legs getting ready to penetrate her. She suddenly felt something big pushing into her pussy and loved the feeling of the big cock… OH MY GOD! That can’t be my husband’s cock and she pulled of her face mask and was shocked to she her nephew with his monster cock head already in her pussy. She screamed “CJ! WHAT THE FUCK! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! GET OUT OF ME! PULL IT OUT! TAKE YOUR COCK OUT! GET YOUR COCK OUT OF MY PUSSY! NOT AGAIN! NO! NO! NOOOOO!”

I had a front row view taping the ensuing struggle with Lisa screaming and trying to get disengaged from his monster cock in her pussy. They had lain on the bed at the proper angle where I could actually see her cunt being penetrated; I couldn’t have planned and directed this any better. CJ grabbed her hands and moved them above her head and held them with one hand. He then started to push his cock deeper into her and it was going in an inch at a time, much faster and easier than the first time. He had it in all the way up to her cervix in short notice. She was calling him every name in the book but he wasn’t paying any attention to her. His only desire was to fuck his aunt until he dropped one of his monster loads into her.

She was screaming at him “TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT YOU MOTHER FUCKER! I’LL KILL YOU! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD YOU FUCKING RAPIST! GET YOUR COCK OUT OF MY CUNT!” but it kept going deeper. She could feel his monster cock filling her up and she was already close to cumming with her pussy rippling with pleasure. His head finally pressed against her cervix and she had a huge orgasm. Her cum started to bubble out of her pussy with each contraction of her pussy on that monster cock that filled her up to the breaking point. She was moaning through her orgasm as CJ held his cock in all the way to her cervix and her pussy was making squishing sounds with each contraction while her hands now set free by her nephew where rubbing his ass and trying to pull him in as far as possible.

His aunt finally stopped cumming and said “CJ, don’t mistake my cumming on your cock as approval of you raping me again. I can’t go around fucking my nephew no matter how good it feels. Your uncle would kill us if he saw your cock buried in my pussy.” She suddenly got very frightened thinking about meeting her husband for a fuck and said, “CJ! PULL IT OUT! NOW! UNCLE JIM IS GOING TO BE HERE ANY SECOND! I was supposed to meet him here like this so we could fuck; it was his idea for a nooner.”

CJ didn’t pull out; he couldn’t pull out without finishing in her pussy. He thought about what his aunt said about his uncle and said, “Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jim asked me to come over to help him move some stuff in the bedroom. I think he set this up which means he wants this to happen!”

I thought to myself; smart boy.

Lisa began to think about this and agreed with her well hung nephew that was buried in her stuffed pussy that this might be a set up. She began to wonder where her husband was and looked around the room to see if he was hiding while watching them fuck. She finally gazed out the window and saw her husband filming them! She screamed “JIM! YOU FUCKING BASTARD SET THIS UP! YOU SET UP ME BEING RAPED BY YOUR NEPHEW YOU SICK FUCK! FUCK YOU! FUCK THE BOTH OF YOU!” She started to cry and I took the video tape equipment and brought it in the room and set it up much closer to the bed and got a better angle where it would get everything.

CJ in the mean while was whispering to his aunt “Aunt Lisa, don’t cry, don’t cry, Uncle Jim must know that you need my monster cock. We just want you to be happy.”

I finally spoke, “Lisa, you haven’t been happy with sex since CJ raped you and clearly I wasn’t getting the job done. You need a big hard cock once in a while to keep you happy and I thought this was the best solution. Would you rather be with a stranger who can satisfy you? Your nephew can satisfy you and clearly loves you and I thought I needed to force this situation before you went looking somewhere else to satisfy your needs.”

Lisa thought about what her husband said and even though it made sense to her and CJ’s cock clearly was taking care of her needs and she was going to his baby; she just would never let her nephew or anyone else other than her husband fuck her with her consent. She finally said “You actually want somebody else’s cock in me? You want to watch another man’s cum in my pussy? You want me to cum on another man’s cock? You’re a sick bastard. JIM, you might be OK with CJ fucking me but I never will let him or anyone else other than you fuck me without my approval.”

CJ was getting really worked up listening to all this, his uncle was letting him fuck his aunt against her will and he was fine with that; he liked forcing his aunt and now he had permission from his uncle and there was nothing she could do about it. He started to swell up and jammed his cock head against her cervix and screamed “I’M CUMMING, OH I’M CUMMING, TAKE IT AUNT LISA, TAKE MY CUM IN YOUR TIGHT HOT CUNT! OH FUCK, OH FUCK, I LOVE YOUR PUSSY AUNT LISA.”

Lisa felt CJ suddenly swell and then push up hard against her cervix and cum. She screamed “DON’T PUSH YOUR COCK IN MY WOMB AND CUM IN THERE! You’ll hurt the baby. Just cum in my pussy.” His first spurt felt tremendous as he shot his cum against her closed cervix; she felt it actually tickle her cervix. Her pussy started to make squishy noises again as he shot spurt after spurt into her cunt and it started to bubble out.

I was filming them inches away from where they were coupled and my nephew’s cum started to bubble out of her and spurt all over their groins. CJ was grunting as he came in her and you could see his balls contracting every few seconds as he spurted stream after stream of cum in her.

She couldn’t believe that her nephew was cumming in her pussy again while her husband was taping it. She was so disgusted yet turned on by this situation that she had the biggest orgasm of her life. She was now screaming “FUCK ME CJ! CUM IN MY PUSSY! OH GOD, I’M CUMMING ON YOUR COCK! KEEP THAT MONSTER COCK IN MY CUNT AND FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM! FUCK YOUR AUNT’S PUSSY!”

The combined orgasm went on for another minute and then it was quiet. The only noise was my wife’s pussy making noise as their combined cum kept bubbling out of her pussy with the lips of her cunt stretched tight around his cock.

My wife started to cry and said “Jim, my mind will never accept CJ as a lover because I’m married to you. I want you for my lover, not my nephew. Just because my pussy wants his monster cock doesn’t mean I can ever accept this in the end. He’s raping me every time he forces me and I’ll never change my mind about this and will always fight him. You set me up to be raped and filmed it and I know you were trying to help me but this is wrong.”

I was going to answer her but I started to see CJ moving in her. He must be getting hard again and his cock was starting to saw in and out of her pussy. My wife groaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around her nephew’s back and started to fuck him back and said “Jim, his cock feels great in my pussy and I can’t stop him so I’ll let him fuck me but this doesn’t mean I want this. This is rape even though my pussy wants this.”

CJ was now fucking her hard and they were both grunting and his aunt finally said “CJ, stick it in all the way, through my cervix and into my womb but don’t cum in there, you might hurt our baby.”

So CJ jammed it in and really started to push as I kept on filming. They were both quiet now, concentrating on getting his cock all the way in. I heard a sound which was her cervix being forced open and they both gasped as I started to see his cock go deeper until he finally was all the way in. His balls were right up against her ass and I knew his cock head was in her womb.

CJ kept still for a minute letting his aunt get used to him busting through her cervix and lodging the monster head in her womb. They were both groaning and my wife’s cunt was making squishing noises and she came over and over on his cock. Their combined cum was again bubbling from her pussy and onto his balls and it was a slimy mess of cum down there. CJ then started to fuck his aunt, pulling all the way out and driving back in. They were grunting and groaning; really getting into it. This hard brutal fucking went on for a long time (over 30 minutes) until Lisa could feel his cock start to swell


He shot about 5 loads of cum in her womb before he pulled out. It felt so good to cum in there and he thought a little cum in there wouldn’t hurt the baby and then he finished cumming in her pussy. They groaned in their mutual orgasm as cum was now spurting out of her pussy which was still wrapped tightly around his cock. After they were finished, my wife quickly pulled away from his cock which made a popping sound as it came out and cum started to pour out of her wide open hole. She squatted and stuck her finger up her cunt to help the flow of cum out of her and said “I need to get the cum out of my womb so it doesn’t hurt the baby. CJ, stick your finger in and out of my cervix to keep it open so the cum comes out.”

CJ lay down and got his face real close to her wide open pussy and pushed his finger into her cervix and started to finger fuck her cervix. The cum that had been forced into her womb now started to drain through her cervix and pour out of her pussy. CJ’s hand and arm was now covered with their cum. His aunt was moving her pelvis faster while she was being finger fucked in her cervix and started to scream from another major orgasm which caused the remaining cum in her womb to explode from her and spray everywhere including his face. I’ve heard about a woman having an explosive orgasm but I never saw one until now and it was incredible.

CJ wiped the cum off his face with the bed sheet as he watched his aunt moving her pelvis over his body. Finger fucking his aunt’s cervix and watching her have an explosive orgasm had gotten him hard again. He moved his body underneath hers until his cock was lined up with her pussy and he grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his cock.

She screamed for him to take it out “CJ, TAKE IT OUT YOU MOTHERFUCKER! I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE! YOU’LL HURT THE BABY AND I’M SORE AND SPENT FROM CUMMING SO MUCH. TAKE IT OUT! NOW! CJ, you can’t keep on fucking me, it hurts again, you’re cock is just too big for me to be continually fucked by you. I’m going to get some of my girlfriends to fuck you all the time and that way you’ll stop raping my pussy. A couple of them love big cocks and they can handle you without any trouble.”

CJ wasn’t listening to her babbling and just kept on pushing his cock in while he pulled her down on it. He finally was all the way in and just held his aunt there for a while. He then started to move her up and down like a rag doll fucking her with nice long stokes.

I was behind them and could see everything including my wife’s butt hole which was opening and closing with each stroke. I decided that there was a way I could use my cock to please my wife and immediately decided to try and fuck her ass while CJ was fucking her pussy. She never allowed me to fuck her ass before because she thought it was dirty so here was my chance. I set the camera on its tripod and made sure it was at the proper angle to catch this and quickly stripped. I lined up my now hard cock to her asshole and pushed in. Her asshole was so wet with cum that the head popped right in.


I ignored her and kept pushing into her tight asshole while she was still screaming and bucking to try and get me out. I got all the way in and starting to fuck the literal shit out of her. CJ and I started to fuck her hard; like you would a slut who you didn’t care about and was trying to break her.

Lisa was grunting like a pig while she said “oh my god! Oh my god! I’m being raped in my pussy and ass. Oh it hurts, too much cock in me, too hard, slow down please.”

We fucked her like this for about 20 minutes and all three of us were grunting and getting close to cumming. My wife was the first to cum as I felt her ass lock down on my cock over and over again. I then felt CJ’s cock swell and he pulled out of her womb and came in her pussy. I could feel him spasm with each spurt. This finally pushed me over the top and I rammed my cock in a far as possible and came in her ass. We stayed there for a minute and all was quiet except my wife’s pussy making noise from the cum pouring out of her. I pulled my cock from her ass and then she got off CJ’s cock and fell on the bed. CJ and I watched as she lay on the bed with cum pouring out of her pussy and a little dribbling out of her ass. The pussy was wide open and you could see the cervix opening and closing. Her asshole was also opening and closing in synch with her pussy and cervix and the small amount of cum that I deposited in there was being forced out. She stayed like that for a few more minutes and I got some real good close ups of her creampies.


We both decided to get out quick so we got our clothes back on and left the room. CJ asked me if Aunt Lisa would be ok with what happened.

I replied “give her a few days and we can plan another rape. Her pussy loved it and the rest of her will come around soon enough.”

Lisa was thinking about what just happened; her husband set up and videotaped the rape of her pussy by their well hung nephew and then joined in to fuck her ass. She never felt more disgusted that she loved the sex that fulfilled her more than any time sexually in her life. The second time with her nephew was best sex ever and her husband joining them was even better. Feeling two cocks in her for the first time was the most incredible sexual experience of her life. How was she going to deal with this? Would she break down and allow this to happen again and could she even stop it because her husband approved of it? Would she actually tell her husband to set it up again? She wondered what the movie would look like. She wondered if she could stop herself from calling CJ to come over and fuck her without her husband’s knowledge or did she want her husband to always watch and fuck her ass while her nephew stuffed her pussy. She pondered all these issues as she rubbed her cum filled pussy to another orgasm.

Chapter 03

Lisa, Jim and CJ all were thinking about what happened yesterday when Jim set up the rape of his wife by their nephew CJ and then Jim joined in and fucked her in the ass while his nephew raped her pussy. All three of them loved the sex but who would make the first move to continue the story. CJ wanted to fuck his aunt again; it was the only thing he could think of. Jim wanted to set up another threesome and Lisa didn’t want CJ as a lover but loved his cock so she wasn’t sure what she wanted but she knew that she extremely horny when she was pregnant and needed a cock every day to satisfy that itch.

Lisa was home alone and very horny and decided to watch the videotape of her being fucked by her nephew that her husband had filmed and then joined in for a threesome. She started rubbing her pussy while watching the DVD and then got a call; it was her friend who needed her help right away so she left and forgot to take out the DVD.

Her son Jimmy, who was a senior in high school and had just turned 18, came home and decided to watch TV. He turned it on and was shocked at what he saw. The image on the TV was of his mom being fucked by his cousin. He pressed the play button and watched the DVD and he was shocked but was turned on and pulled out his hard cock and started jerking off.

Lisa returned home and walked in on her son jerking off to her being fucked on TV by his cousin. She watched him stroking his cock which was much larger than her husband’s cock. It wasn’t as large as her nephew’s monster cock but it must have been about 9″ and was thick enough. She didn’t know what to do; her son was jerking off to a videotape of her being fucked by his cousin. Should she talk to him about it and tell him she really didn’t want it no matter what he saw on the tape? Should she leave and hope that he never brought it up? She decided to leave and slowly moved away but she bumped into a chair that made a noise and her son turned around and saw his mom. Lisa froze when he saw her and he also froze with his cock in his hand. Lisa decided to talk with her son now that she was caught watching him jerking off to her being fucked by his cousin.

She now walked towards her son and said “Jimmy, please don’t watch that disgusting DVD anymore; CJ and your Dad tricked me no matter what you see on the TV.”

My son still was stroking his hard cock and said “Mom, it looks like you enjoyed it; you’re moaning and asking for him to cum in your pussy. I can’t believe you wanted him to cum in your pussy and then watching all of his cum bubbling out of your pussy; it’s so hot.”

I said “no son it’s wrong turn it off, I was tricked into fucking CJ and once his cock was in my pussy I couldn’t control my feelings. I’m still a woman who has needs and once a cock is in me I lose control. Please stop jerking off in front of your mother and turn off the DVD.” Jimmy was now standing facing her while stroking his hard cock and she saw the look in his eyes, the same look his cousin had before he forced her into having sex 3 months ago.

Jimmy was now looking at his mother in a whole different light. Watching his cousin fucking her on the DVD had him wanting the same. He grabbed his mother and pulled her on the couch with him and started trying to kiss her.

His mom cried out “Jimmy! NO! I CAN’T; NOT WITH YOU! PLEASE STOP!”

Jimmy was wrestling with her and said “Mom, you fucked my cousin and you won’t even kiss me or just let me look at you. I’ve never been with a woman or even seen a pussy. Please just let me see you naked, just one time.”

His mom didn’t know what to do, her son was begging her to let him kiss her and see her naked. He already watched her fucking his cousin on TV and she felt bad that he had never been with a woman and that she would turn him down while he knew that she had been fucked by his cousin. She was on the couch with him and he was trying to force her to take her clothes off. She said “Jimmy, if I let you see me naked do you promise that’s all you’ll do. Promise me you won’t try to fuck me.”

Jimmy would promise anything to see his mom naked so he said “I promise.”

She said “let’s go into the bedroom and take that damn DVD out before somebody else sees it.”

They went to her bedroom and she started to take off her clothes while she looked at his cock and was thinking about what she was doing. Now she was getting naked with her son and she didn’t know how far it would go. She didn’t want to hurt her son but she couldn’t let him fuck her no matter what. She could feel her pussy getting wet and she was wondering if her son would be forcing his cock in her pussy just like her nephew did.

Jimmy watched his mother strip and saw how sexy she looked with her pregnant belly and swelling breasts and he took his clothes off. His mother said “Jimmy, I didn’t say you could take your clothes off.”

Jimmy replies “Mom, I need to take them off so I can jerk off while I see you.”

His mom’s tits came into view and they were perfect, big and swollen with a little sag. She then pulled off her pants and panties and he saw her trimmed bush and her pussy lips with a larger bump at the top of her lips. He didn’t know it at the time but that was her clit already swelling in excitement. Her pregnant belly also really turned him on.

Lisa stripped and watched her son who was watching her. She was very nervous at his reaction when she pulled of her top and bra off and he saw her tits. She knew her tits were swollen and her nipples had gotten much larger since her pregnancy. He was staring at her and she knew it was lust and now she pulled her pants and panties off and he saw her pussy and she was excited and ashamed by the situation. Her son was drooling at her naked body that she was letting him see her in all her naked glory. She saw him looking at her pregnant belly and she felt ashamed yet more turned on than ever before. They moved to the bed and she lied down and spread her legs and looked away in shame as he got on the bed with her and looked at her body.

He said “Mom, you’re so beautiful; I never knew anybody could be so beautiful. Look at your tits; your nipples and standing out. I read where that means you’re horny. Are you horny?”

His mom answered “Yes son, my body is horny but I don’t want this. Just look at me for a few more minutes and that’s it. This is wrong and I’m ashamed at myself.” She started to cry at the situation and her son felt bad for her and rubbed her temple and moved next to her where his hard cock was now against her thigh. She felt his cock touch her thigh and was petrified but didn’t move away. She was ashamed and was crying and her son was trying to console her.

Her son was now rubbing her pregnant belly and he said, “Mom, what are all these marks on your tits?”

She replied “those marks are from you cousin sucking my tits, they’re hickeys. CJ sucked on my tits and nipples while he fucked me over and over.” She was starting to lose it just thinking about what CJ did.

Her son asked “Mom, can I do that for a second? I’ve never done that before, please let me one time, just for a second, please.” He was touching her tits now as she thought about what to do. His fingers were now gentle touching her hard nipples and she groaned in delight.

She finally answered, “Son, you can do it for 1 minute and that’s it. After that you can look at my pussy and then we’re done.” He grunted an answer I couldn’t understand and immediately started to suck on my nipples and maul my tits. He was a little rough but his teenage enthusiasm more that made up for his lack of experience. He got on top of me for a better angle and I had to spread my legs and he now had his cock between my legs. While he was mauling my tits his cock was rubbing all over my pussy and rubbing on my clit. I spread my legs more and started to move my hips to increase the contact between us. I could feel his cock head moving between my lips and rubbing my clit over and over. If we changed the angle slightly, his cock would definitely go into my pussy. I wonder if he knew how close we were.

He couldn’t believe he was now sucking and squeezing his mother’s tits while he lay between her legs. His cock was rubbing up against her pussy and he could feel the wetness and feel her pushing against him. He was close to fucking her but she was keeping the angle to where the bottom of his cock was rubbing between her pussy lips and on her bump on top of the pussy. He needed to change the angle if he was going to get his cock in her. He decided to try and he grabbed his cock and lowered and pushed and the head popped into her hot, wet, fuck hole.

She screamed “JIMMY NOOOO! TAKE IT OUT! DON’T FUCK YOUR MOTHER I’M BEGGING YOU.” Jimmy kept the head in as his mother tried to squirm away and this only caused it to go deeper. She was yelling and squirming around but all this did was help him get his cock in deeper so he held on while his cock sank deeper and deeper into his mother from all her squirming. “Son, please pull your cock out of my pussy. This is not right; I never wanted your cock in me; it’s wrong, just like what your cousin did to me yesterday. I’ll do anything but this; let me suck you and swallow your cum; you’ll love that.” He finally all the way in and it was a perfect fit. His head was pushing against the end of her cunt and his balls we’re resting on her asshole. He didn’t know enough about female anatomy to realize that his cock head was pushing against her cervix and his cock was the perfect size for his mother’s cunt.

Lisa point of view of the initial penetration of her cunt by her son was when she felt him move on top of her and felt his arm go between her legs. She thought her was going to try and finger her but she suddenly felt his cock change positions and push against her pussy opening and slowly go in. She screamed for him to take it out and squirmed as much as possible to get it out but it kept going in deeper. Her son’s cock was penetrating her and she could feel it filling her up. She could feel every inch and every ridge of his cock unlike her husband’s cock which didn’t do anything for her since her nephew’s monster cock raped her pussy. She finally felt his balls on her asshole while his cock head was pressing on her cervix. She knew that he had the perfect size for her as soon as he was in all the way. Her son’s cock was the perfect match for her pussy. Her nephew was too big and hurt her and her husband was too small and didn’t do anything for her.

Lisa was now saying “Oh my god! Oh my god! I can’t do this. Son, don’t please don’t I’m your mother and this is incest.” While she was saying this she spread her legs and pushed her pelvis up to get him deeper and grabbed his ass with her hand and pulled him in as deep as possible. She felt his cock swell and she knew he was going to cum and said “NOOOOO! DON’T CUM IN ME! NOT MY SON! Please pull it out and I’ll swallow your cum.”

Jimmy couldn’t believe how great it felt to have his cock in his mom’s pussy. She was telling him to pull out while he felt her move to make it easier for him to get it deeper. He felt her hands on his ass pulling him still deeper into her and they both groaned in ecstasy. She wanted his cock no matter what she was saying and this put him over the edge and he could feel his cock swell in her pussy and felt the familiar tingle in his balls that signaled his pending orgasm. He cried out to his mom “OH MOM! I’M GOING TO CUM IN YOUR PUSSY! OH SHIT! HERE IT COMES!” He pushed in as deep as possible which lined up his cock head right into the opening of her cervix and shot spurt after spurt into his mother.

She felt her son push his cock in a little deeper and now felt his cock head was in the opening of her cervix and she had never felt anything so perfect before this. There was an oneness with their bodies that she had never felt with anybody before this. She then felt his first contraction and felt his cum shoot against her cervix and this caused her to have a monumental orgasm. She was cumming on her son’s cock while her shot his seed into her. He stopped cumming after a minute but she was still in the middle of her orgasm and her pussy and cervix contracted again and again.

Jimmy finished cumming in his mother’s pussy and was still groaning in ecstasy from his orgasm and the orgasm his mother was still having. He felt like they had become one person in some kind of cosmic sense when they were cumming together. He couldn’t believe how hard her pussy was squeezing his cock every few seconds. He wanted this to last for ever but soon enough she stopped cumming on his cock and they lay joined together in blissful silence. Jimmy was starting to come back to the reality of just cumming in his mother’s pussy and started to worry about her reaction. She didn’t want to do it and he forced her but they ended up cumming together so he thought she might be ok with it. He decided to see how she would react to a kiss so he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth and her eyes shot open but she kissed him back.

She said “I’ve never felt this close to anybody during our fucking, not even your father. You cock is a perfect match for my cunt and I’m happy that I took your cherry and you came inside my pussy. How was it for you?”

Jimmy replied “Mom, it was the most incredible thing ever!”

Jimmy pulled his shrinking cock out of her pussy and said “mom I’m sorry about fucking you against you will; I just lost control when I saw the DVD. You’re beautiful and hot and have a great body but I’m sorry that I forced you.” He started rubbing her pregnant belly and watched his cum dribble out of her pussy.

She lay naked on the bed, spread eagled with her son’s cum bubbling from her pussy. She was coming to grips that her son had just fucked her against her will and she never had such incredible sex in her life before. She felt him rubbing her pregnant belly and wanted him to continue touching her. There was something different about the way he touched her compared with anybody else and she wanted it to continue no matter what happened but she was still ashamed that she let her son fuck her so easily. She was becoming a slut, his slut and said “you didn’t force me; I think I wanted this to happen deep down as soon as I saw your cock.”

Chapter 04

She lay naked on the bed, spread eagled with her son’s cum dripping from her pussy. She was coming to grips that her son had just fucked her against her will and she never had such incredible sex in her life before. She felt him rubbing her pregnant belly and wanted him to continue touching her. There was something different about the way he touched her compared with anybody else and she wanted it to continue no matter what happened but she was still ashamed that she let her son fuck her so easily. She was thinking about what she had done in the last few months. She was pregnant with her nephew’s baby and also just had a threesome with that same nephew and her husband. Now her son had taken her and she loved it. Her transformation from a proper wife to a complete slut was complete. A cock in her pussy, ass or mouth, anybody’s cock was all that she wanted now.

She looked over at her son and saw he was already hard again. She was also ready for more. “Son, did you like losing your virginity to me?”

“Yes Mom, I loved it.”

“Looks like you need more help with that hard cock of yours. Let me take care of that for you.”

“Oh Mom, can I fuck your ass like Dad did in the video?”

“OK son but go easy, that was my first time and I’m still sore from that and you’re much bigger than your Dad. Go in Dad’s drawer and get the KY gel and rub it on your cock and then push your cock in my slow and easy.”

I did just as my Mom told me and she got ready to take my cock up her ass by getting on all fours and sticking her ass up nice and high. I got my cell phone out and took a video of my taking her ass. I put my cock head on her asshole and pushed and it slowly slid in. Her asshole opened up wider and wider and I finally saw my head pop in and her asshole close around my cock. It was a wonderful feeling, different from her pussy, tighter and more taboo.

She felt her son’s cock penetrate her asshole and then it started to move deeper and deeper in her ass until she felt his balls against her asshole. She felt so full but it wasn’t painful. It was perfect again just like when he was all the way in her pussy. She suddenly felt her muscles tighten up and she came on his cock over and over.

“OH! OH! OH MY GOD! Keep it in all the way… oh my god. I’m cumming on your cock in my ass.”

He felt her cumming on his cock and pushed it in a little deeper and kept it there while she came over and over. She finally finished and they stayed still for a few minutes.

“Son, that was great, I love your cock, you can have me any time and I mean any time. Did you see how much I liked getting fucked in the ass on the video? I loved it but I really love it when there’s a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time.”

“Mom, I can arrange that right now, Mike is home and could be over here in 2 minutes. He always told me how hot you were and I’m sure he would love to fuck you.”

“Son, I’m not sure about this, I would love to have 2 cocks in me again but could he keep it a secret?”

“I’m sure Mike would keep it a secret. I’ll text him to get over here right away and I’ll tell him that I’ll kill him if he tells anybody.”

I stopped the video and then sent it with a text message for him to come over quick if he wanted in on this. He replied immediately that he would be over in 2 minutes. I also told him to keep this a secret and he said OK.

I still had my hard cock up her ass and was fucking her nice and slow, pulling my cock all the way out and then pushing it back in. We were both groaning as I fucked her when we both suddenly saw the bedroom door open and saw Jimmy’s best friend Mike walked in!

Lisa said “Michael, get over here. You have to promise me right now that you’ll never tell a soul about this.”

Mike said “I promise Mrs. Smith.”

“Take your clothes off and let me suck you cock.”

They both watched as Mike quickly stripped and put his cock in his best friend Mom’s mouth. She sucked it with gusto while her son fucked her ass.

“Jimmy, get Dad’s video equipment out and tape us.”

I pulled my cock out of her ass and I set up the equipment quickly and started the taping.

“Jimmy and Mike, I want to be fucked in my cunt and ass right now. Jimmy, get underneath me so I can put you in my pussy and then Mike can put his cock in my ass after he puts some KY gel on his cock.”

We quickly got ready and my mom put my cock in her pussy. Mike put some KY on his cock and got behind her and started to put his cock against her asshole and pushed in.

“Michael, go real easy on my ass, I’m a little tender back there.”

He did what she asked and put his cock head on her asshole and pushed. It went in a little bit but the whole head wouldn’t go in. He pushed much harder and it suddenly popped in and went all the way in.

“MIKE! OH MY GOD! I SAID SLOW! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! THAT FUCKING HURT! OH! OH! It’s getting better, oh yeah, much better. OK boys now fuck me like there’s no tomorrow. Fuck me as hard as you can and cum in me no matter what I say.”

I started to lift my mom up and down on my cock while my best friend fucked her ass. We got a rhythm going and everybody was well on the way to monster orgasms. Lisa felt Mike’s cock expand in her ass and then felt him shoot load after load in her ass. This made her start to cum and this forced my cock deep against the back of her cunt. My cock swelled up and I pulled her closer and jammed my cock against the back of her cunt and started to cum. I shot spurt after spurt into her while she groaned.

We all collapsed on the bed with my Mom between us. She had cum seeping from her pussy and ass as Mike and I watched her. “Boys, that was great, I loved it. Are you ready for more?”

We were already getting hard again so Mike and I switched places. My Mom got on top of Mike and sat on his cock and I then pushed my cock in her ass and we fucked like rabbits. We all came again fell on the bed again.

Mom then said “Come on boys, I need more.”

“Mom, I need to rest for a little while before I can get hard again.”

“Boys, I need a hard cock, NOW!”

“Mrs. Smith, I got a couple of friends who will fuck you and keep it quiet. Let me text them.”

“Michael, are you sure?”

“Positive Mrs. Smith, they won’t say a word about this. Jimmy and I will make sure of this.”

“I guess it’s OK. Do I know them?”

“Yes, you know them, it’s Tom and Mark.”

“Oh God, I’ve know them since they were little boys. I don’t know about this Michael, it’s bad enough that I’m letting you fuck me.”

“Mrs. Smith I swear they’ll never say a word to anybody and they need a break, they’re both virgins. They’re too shy to ask girls out. Please give them a chance.”

“Come on Mom, give them a chance, you know you want to and Dad won’t be home till tomorrow afternoon.”

“OK but this better not get out. I don’t want everybody knowing I gangbanged a bunch of teenage boys.”

Mike quickly texted his 2 friends and they texted back that they would be over in a few minutes.

We waited a few minutes and the boys walked in the bedroom. Tom and Mark were nervous but excited when they saw my Mom on the bed spread eagled with cum seeping from her pussy and ass.

“Mark and Tom, do you promise to never tell anyone about this?”

“We promise Mrs. Smith!”

“Boys take your clothes off and come join me on the bed. Mark, lay down and I’ll show you how to fuck. Tom, after I get Mark’s cock all the way in my cunt, you push your cock in my ass and then I want you boys to fuck me as hard as you can”

Mark got on the bed and I watched my mom get on top of him and took hold of his cock and put it to her pussy and sat down on his cock until it was all the way in. Tom got behind her and rammed his cock into her ass. The boys went crazy and fucked her only like teenage boys can. Both the boys finished within a minute and the gangbang was on now with 4 boys having fucked her.

“Mark, how was your first time? Did you like it?”

“Oh Mrs. Smith, it was incredible, I loved it, thank you.”

“Thomas, did you like fucking my ass? You might be the first boy to ever lose his cherry in an ass.”

“Mrs. Smith, it was tight and warm and it felt great. I loved fucking your ass and I’ll fuck it anytime you want.”

With my Dad out of town and not expected back until tomorrow afternoon, we kept at it for hours. The boys were able to sleep over and she took turns with us all night long. We rested for a few hours early in the morning and started again. It was about noon with the 4 of us around my Mom. She was a mess with cum all over her. The bed was also full of cum and the room smelled of sex. Each boy had cum in one of her holes at least 10 times so my Mom had taken at least 40 loads of cum in her mouth, pussy and ass. She now had 3 cocks in her and was stroking the other one when all of the sudden the bedroom door opened and my Dad walked in! HOLY SHIT!

Chapter 05

My Dad walked in while my friends and I were gangbanging my Mom. She was a mess with cum all over her. The bed was also full of cum and the room smelled of sex. Each boy had cum in one of her holes at least 10 times so my Mom had taken at least 40 loads of cum in her mouth, pussy and ass. She now had 3 cocks in her and was stroking the other one.

“What the fuck is going on here?”



“Mr. Smith!”

“Everybody stay right here, I’ll be right back.”

We all stopped fucking and our hardons died.

My Mom said “That’s weird, I wonder where he went?”

“Mom, should we book out of here?”

“No son, you guys stay, he already saw us and he didn’t look angry, he looked like he was in a hurry to get something.”

So we all sat on the bed naked and waited and my Dad soon came back in the room with my cousin Allison!

My Dad said, “Allison, I think you know everybody here.”

Allison replied, “Oh my god Aunt Lisa, what’s going on?”

My Dad said “It looks like your aunt is fucking all these boys and it looks like it’s been going on for a while. My guess is that your aunt wanted to be gangbanged and enjoyed it the whole time.”

“I did enjoy it, I can’t get enough cock.”

My dad grabbed Allison’s hand and pulled her to the bed while we all watched. “Uncle Jim, I don’t want this, all these boys and my cousin Jimmy! I just lost my cherry to you last night but this is way beyond this.”

“You took her cherry Jim! How was it? Did you enjoy it Allison?”

“Aunt Lisa, he forced me when I was drunk and it hurt at the beginning but once I got used to having a cock in my pussy, it was wonderful. We fucked a bunch of times and it got better every time. I especially like it when he came in my pussy, thank god he’s fixed or I’d be pregnant by now.”

Her aunt started laughing “Allison, he’s not fixed.”

“Oh my God Uncle Jim, you asshole!”

“Sorry Allison but I wanted to cum in your pussy.”

Allison started to cry and my mom pulled her on the bed and consoled her. Allison was wearing a short skirt and a tube top and my mom was completely naked with cum all over her and that included cum draining from her ass and pussy. Allison’s legs were spread and she wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy was on display. It looked wet, probably from my dad’s cum draining from her. I got hard again and decided to go for it so I quickly got between her legs while she wasn’t watching and stuck my cock in her pussy.

Allison cried “NOOOOO Jimmy! OH! Oh my God! Take it out, I don’t want this.”

My cock went in half way in one thrust. I pulled out and thrust again and it went in deeper. After a few more times I was all the way in with my balls resting on her asshole.

My dad yelled “give it to her Jimmy!”

I pounded my cousin like there was no tomorrow. “Jimmy, oh, oh, oh, please stop, please stop, don’t fuck me, I don’t want this. I can’t have anymore cum in me or I’ll get pregnant.” I fucked her hard while her head was in my mother’s lap. My mom moved on top of my cousin and lowered her pussy to her mouth.

“Lick my pussy Allison, lick the cum out of my pussy.”

“No Aunt Lisa, it’s gross.”

My mom pushed her pussy down on her mouth and she had no choice so she started to lick and suck her pussy. This was so hot to watch that I quickly swelled up and got ready to cum, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming in your pussy, take my cum Allison.”

“Noooooo Jimmy, pull it out, I’ll get pregnant.”

I kept my cock deep in her pussy while we all watched me cumming in her. My mother had even raised her pussy off of Allison’s mouth to watch me cum in her pussy. I finally pulled out and the cum poured out of her pussy.

My friends saw this and needless to say, the gangbang was on. My cousin kept on telling us to stop or at least not cum in her pussy but we paid no attention to her. We all fucked my cousin and mom until were couldn’t do it anymore. The ladies took turns sucking the cum out of each others pussy after each one was fucked. We took a break for dinner and started up again and everybody slept over again and we continued all night. My cousin slept between me and my dad while the other boys slept with my mom. I’m not sure if anybody really slept, especially the girls who were continually fucked all night long. The next day my mom and cousin told us they couldn’t do it anymore so the gangbang was finally over. Lord knows how many loads of cum my mom took over 2 days but it had to be well over 100. My cousin took most of the loads after she arrived and must have ended up with well over 50 loads in all her holes. I can’t wait for our next gangbang.