Family Nightmare

Chapter 01

James Scott could hardly contain himself. He ran like the wind with a determination that would put most athletes to shame. He rounded the corner three blocks from his home and ran up to the door of his best friends house. He knocked loudly four times.

“Hurry up Sam!” He panted.

Finally the door opened but it wasn’t whom James wanted to see. It was Sam’s mother Kim.

“What is it James, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“Oh, uh, nothing Mrs. Martin. I just need to tell Sam something. Is he here?”

“Yes he’s here, he’s in his room on the computer. I thought something was wrong James. You had me worried.” She said with her hand on her chest.

“Sorry Mrs. Martin.” James said as he dashed by her and up the stairs.

Kim Martin just shook her head and smiled as she watched her son’s best friend run up the stairs. Both her son and James were 18 and Sam had known James for thirteen of those years. They were both going to graduate in a couple months.

Sam was in his room listening to some Mp3’s when the door flew open. He was surprised enough to jump from his seat.

“Dude your not going to believe it.” James said starring at his friend.

“Damn man, you almost gave me a heart attack.” Sam said breathing heavily.

“Dude your gonna owe me big time.” James said smiling.

Sam sat back down and turned off the music.

“Well? What is so damn important?” Sam said

“Remember how I told you about those kickass vacations my family takes to Louisiana to see my aunt and uncle?” James said.

“Yeah, you told me they lived on some lake, and about how all you did while you were down there was sit on the peer looking at girls in swimsuits.” Sam said

“Well, guess where I’m going this weekend?” James said smiling.

“You suck, damn your lucky. How long you gonna be gone?” Sam asked wondering what he was gonna do without his best friend.

“Just a week, but man it’s gonna be killer.” James said.

“Wait, why am I going to owe you big time?” Sam asked.

“Because my mom and dad said you could go to!” James screamed.

“Really! Hell yeah.” Sam shouted.

Ever since James had told Sam about his family’s vacations Sam has wanted to go but there was never enough room for him in James’ family’s car because of all the luggage. That wasn’t a problem ever since James’ dad got a huge double-cab truck.

“When do we leave?” Sam asked smiling.

“Tomorrow morning is what mom said. You should come over and tell my mom and dad thanks for inviting you.” James said.

“Yeah, that’s cool. Maybe I should give your mom a big hug too.” Sam said laughing.

“Ha ha, very funny.” James said not amused.

“I can’t help it man, your mom is hot.” Sam said.

For as long as James could remember Sam had had a crush on his mom. It didn’t bother him. In fact he liked that people thought his mom was pretty. Sam was always telling him that she looked like Charisma Carpenter from the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sam had even told him that sometimes when he spends the night he would steal some of James’ mom’s panties from the laundry hamper in the bathroom.

As the two boys walked over to James’ house they talked about all the stuff they were going to do, it was going to be killer indeed.

“Man, I’m gonna ride my uncle’s jet ski all day.” James said.

“Yeah man, that’ll be fun as hell. But don’t forget about the girls.” Sam said smiling.

“Oh don’t worry, who do you think is gonna be on the back of the jet ski?” James laughed.

When they got to James’ house they made their way into the kitchen. They both got a glass of tea and sat down at the table. They talked for about ten minutes then James’ mom Alana walked into the kitchen. Sam jumped up and ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Thanks a million Mrs. Scott.” Sam said, welcoming any chance to touch James’ mom.

“Your welcome Sam, but I can’t breathe with you squeezing me.” James’ mom said.

She was all too aware of what Sam was doing but she didn’t care. It made her feel good that people thought she was attractive. It meant all that hard work at the gym wasn’t for nothing.

“You could make it up to me by not stealing so many of my panties. Those things are expensive.” She thought to herself smiling. “Besides, it’s healthy for a boy his age to have a crush.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Sam said releasing her.

“And stop that Mrs. Scott stuff. You know it makes me feel old. Ms. Alana sounds better anyway.” She said.

Sam sat back down at the table flashing a quick smile to James. James just rolled his eyes. He really couldn’t blame Sam though; all of his friends were like that around his mom. She was 35 but looked ten years younger. She was a beautiful woman with dark brunette hair that had light brown streaks and hung almost to her shoulders. She worked out regularly so she was in great shape. James had heard other men call her a trophy wife and he understood. He just thought they were jealous. She was the kind of woman all the other moms wanted to look like. She kept up with the latest fashions, unlike all the other moms in the neighborhood; and she was always wearing little tank tops and low-slung jeans.

“Hey man, we should go get your stuff, then you could spend the night here. That way you would already be here when we leave.” James said.

“That’s cool with me. Is it alright if I stay tonight Ms. Alana.” Sam asked.

“That’s a good idea, its fine with me. Just be sure to tell your mother Sam.” She said.

Sam and James walked back to Sam’s house to tell his mom and to pack his bags. Later they came back and went to James’ room and packed his stuff as well. Alana and James’ dad Greg packed all their stuff too; everyone in the house loved these little vacations.

“What do you think about this?” Alana said holding up a black bikini she had just bought.

“I think you’ll be the prettiest thing on the river sweetheart.” Greg said smiling.

“Thanks baby.” Alana said stuffing the bikini into her suitcase.

“Well, I’m going to get a shower then we better get some sleep. The only bad thing tomorrow will be driving all that way.” Alana said grabbing her towel.

“Yeah, I might be asleep by the time your out of the shower.” Greg said yawning.

Alana made her way into the bathroom at the end of the hall. As she took off her clothes she surveyed herself in the mirror like all women do. Satisfied she stepped into the shower. She lathered herself up and even did a little trimming down there.

“Don’t want anything sticking out while I’m tanning.” She thought to herself.

Inside James’ room he had already went to sleep. Sam, on the other hand, had heard the water running and was now watching stealthily through a crack in the door hoping to see Alana. Sure enough his prayers were answered when she came walking down the hallway in her towel. Sam watched as her hips swayed from side to side. From his angle on the floor he could almost see her ass as she walked by the door.

“That’s so cute, he’s got good taste in women too.” Alana joked to herself all too aware of the pair of eyes starring at her from the doorway.

The next morning everyone got up and started to get ready for their trip. It was a hot summer day so everyone was in shorts and flip-flops. Alana wore a little orange sundress and did her hair up into a ponytail.

Once all the luggage was loaded James shouted shotgun and hopped into the passenger seat. Sam hopped in back, followed by Alana. Greg started the truck and off they went. Everyone talked to pass the time and every once in a while Alana would notice Sam starring at her out of the corner of her eye. She glanced down and saw what had his attention. Her dress exposed a lot of her legs. Sam saw her look down and quickly stopped his starring.

“Poor boy, I hope he’s not feeling too uncomfortable.” Alana thought to herself.

In an attempt to lighten the tension Alana looked at Sam and smiled brightly. Sam smiled back and everything seemed normal to them both. Eventually everyone but Greg fell asleep.

When everybody awoke they were almost at their destination. There was excitement in the air as they neared James’ uncle’s house but Greg had been driving all day and needed to make one last pit stop.

“Well I don’t know about everyone else but my bladder is about to explode. I’m gonna stop at this store off the interstate.” Greg said pulling down the off ramp.

“Good, I think we could all stretch our legs.” Alana said.

The gas station was old and run down but looked normal enough. They all walked inside and Greg asked the two men behind the counter where the restrooms were.

“Down the hall on your left mister.” One of the men said.

Greg went down the dirty old hall and went into the bathroom. While Sam and James looked around for some snacks, Alana went over to the cooler and grabbed a drink. While she was bent over getting her drink she could feel the two men’s eyes digging into her back. She walked up to the counter and handed the man her money. When he gave her change back he let his hand rub against hers just a little more than necessary Alana thought. She just smiled and walked toward the bathrooms.

In the hall she passed her husband but didn’t say anything. A couple rednecks are nothing to get worked up over. Just as she got to the girls bathroom her son James was taking his turn. As James walked up to the urinal he looked down at the old cigarette butts and the puddle of urine on the floor, disgusted he walked into the stall. As he pulled down his zipper he noticed a small hole in the wall over the commode. Curious he peeked through the hole. It led straight through to the women’s stall. Just as he was about to pull back he saw his mom enter the stall. Before he had a chance to pull back she pulled up her dress to reveal a tiny pink pair of panties. James had never thought of his mom the way Sam did but in this light even he admitted that she was very attractive. He knew what was coming next but he couldn’t resist. Slowly she pulled down her panties. James’ eyes got wider as her neatly trimmed bush came into view. James felt a slight twitch in his pants. Almost shocked at the sight of his partially naked mother James pulled up his zipper and walked out.

“Man, Sam would’ve killed to be in my shoes.” James laughed to himself.

The family piled back into the truck and 2 hrs. later they were pulling into to James’ uncle’s driveway. James’ uncle was waiting in the driveway to greet them.

“How’s my favorite nephew?” James’ uncle asked as he hugged him.

“I’m great uncle Jim.” James said.

“Hey bro, how’s it goin?” Jim said to James’ dad.

“Glad to be outta the truck, my legs are killing me.” Greg said.

Alana stepped out of the truck and stretched her arms skyward. With her arms up her breasts stretched the material of her dress.

“You look better every year Alana.” Jim said hugging Alana.

“Thanks Jim, you’ve lost some weight.” Alana said.

“Yeah, I’ve been swimming every chance I get.” Jim said.

“Well who’s the stranger?” Jim asked looking at Sam.

” I Sam Martin, James’ friend. Its nice to meet you.” Sam said.

“Same here Sam. Just call me Jim. You boys might be interested in these.” Jim said as he flung a set of keys to James.

“Sweet! You know me too well uncle Jim.” James said smiling.

“What are those for?” Sam asked.

“Jet skis dude, and I got dibs.” James said.

“What are we waiting for?” Sam said as he and James started running toward the peer.

“You boys be careful. I’ll join you two later.” Alana shouted.

Jim helped Greg and Alana with their luggage then they all sat down at the kitchen table.

“Where’s Jill?” Alana asked.

“She’s in town. She’ll be back in a few hours. She said to tell you that the lawn chairs and umbrella are in the shed. She figured you’d be wanting to get down to the peer pretty fast.” Jim said.

“Well she’d be right about that.” Alana said standing up. “I’m gonna get my suit on and get an early start on my tan. Tell Jill to come join me when she gets back.”

“Will do. Me and Greg have an appointment with the recliners and the T.V.” Jim laughed.

“Amen to that.” Greg said.

Alana grabbed her suitcase and headed to the bathroom to change. She pulled out her new bikini and laid it on the counter. She stripped off her clothes and retied her ponytail. She then stepped into the bikini bottom and then tied the string that held her top together in back. After a quick once over Alana grabbed her umbrella and a lawn chair and made her way down to the peer.

James was on the jet ski and Sam was on the peer patiently waiting his turn. It was a beautiful day, perfect for getting a tan. Sam heard Alana coming up the steps to the peer and ran to give her a hand with the umbrella and lawn chair. He didn’t count on seeing Alana in her bikini so soon and found it hard to look her in the eye.

“Let me help you with that stuff.” Sam said looking at her feet.

“Thank you Sam.” Alana said amused by his predicament.

Sam unfolded the lawn chair and set up the umbrella. Alana stretched out and started rubbing some lotion on her legs. She looked up to ask Sam if he wanted any. But as she did she saw a bulge in Sam’s pants.

“Oh my god. He’s got an erection.” Alana thought to herself with a certain amount of amusement. She quickly averted her eyes and Sam was none the wiser.

“Here Sam, you don’t want to get burned.” Alana said.

Just then James pulled up on the jet ski. Sam hopped on and took off.

Seeing that her son was back Alana asked if he would put some lotion on her back. She would’ve asked Sam but after seeing his “response” to her earlier she didn’t want him to be embarrassed. James obliged and began to rub the lotion onto his moms back. He had done this every summer for as long as he could remember but this time it was different. As his hands slid over Alana’s lower back images of her in the restroom wouldn’t leave his head. James was so shocked to feel himself starting to get a hard on that he stopped what he was doing.

“What’s wrong honey?” Alana said after James stopped.

“Uh, nothing… I as just daydreaming.” James said.

“Yeah, I do that a lot.” Alana said propping herself up onto her elbows.

Knowing he had to do something to cool off James said he was going for a swim. Just as he stood Alana turned around to say not to splash her with any water. What she saw made her mouth fall open. Right before he had turned Alana saw a sizable tent in James’ trunks. She really didn’t know what to think Her own son had gotten hard because of his mom. Greg had told her that when he was young he would get a hard on every time a woman was near. Alana just chalked what she had seen with her son and Sam up to that.

Hours went by with James and Sam taking turns on the jet ski and Alana sunbathing. Finally hunger sat in and James asked his mom if he could take the truck up to the store to get some snacks.

“You know all too well that your father won’t let you drive the truck. I’ll have to drive you.” Alana said standing up.

“Thanks mom.” James said after he motioned to Sam to come on.

“I’ll be there in just a sec let me get some clothes on.” Alana said.

Alana walked back into the house and slipped her sundress back on over her swimsuit. The combination of suntan lotion and sweat made the dress almost see-through in some parts. She grabbed the keys off the kitchen table and hollered to Greg and Jim that she was going to the store.

The store was only about ten minutes away but the road wasn’t paved so she had to drive slowly. About halfway there they noticed a van with the hood up on the side of the road.

“Hey mom, stop the truck. We might be able to help.” James said.

Alana stopped behind the van and James and Sam jumped out. There looked to be two men under the hood of the van but you couldn’t see because of the hood.

“You need any help?” James said coming up beside the van.

“Yeah we sure could.” A voice said from in front of the van.

When James and Sam finally rounded the front of the van they were shocked to see the two guys from the gas station they had stopped at earlier. To make matters worse one of them had a gun pointed straight at James. He and Sam froze in their tracks.

“Don’t move, and don’t say a goddamn word.” The man with the gun said.

James and Sam did as they were told but it was hard to stay still because their hearts were beating so fast.

“Now listen up you two little shits. No funny business and you might get outta this alive.” The other man said.

“I want you to go back there and tell that lady to turn off the engine and come help you with something. Don’t try nuttin stupid.” The man with gun said pointing at James.

James swallowed hard and walked back to the truck and told Alana to turn off the engine. When she asked why he said that he needed her to hold some jumper cables. Alana turned off the motor and followed James to the front of the van. When she rounded the front of the van she immediately recognized the two men. Just when she was going to say something she saw the gun pointed right at her and she froze.

“Keep your mouth shut bitch!” The man with the gun said.

“What do you want with us?” Sam finally said.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” One of the men said.

“Now here’s what were gonna do. You three get in the back of the van. We’re going on a little trip.” The man with the gun said.

Once they were in the back of the van one of the men tied them up and blind folded them. They heard their truck start up and then they felt the van come to life. They drove for what seemed like hours. All they knew was that the road was really bumpy. Finally they all felt the van come to a stop.

“Where are we?” Alana asked with a shaky voice.

“Home sweet home.” One of the men said pulling the blindfold off of her head.

He then removed the blindfold from James and Sam. Their arms remained tied as they were led into an old shack. The shack was empty except for a few chairs, a table, and a bed in the corner. Sam and James were made to sit down then were tied securely to their chairs. One of the men sat down at the table as the other led Alana into what looked like a bathroom.

“Where’s he taking my mom?” James asked bravely.

“She’s your fucking mom? You got one hot fucking mom kid. But remember what I said about keeping your mouth shut.” The man said putting his feet up onto the table.

In the bathroom Alana was shaking and her eyes were starting to tear up. Nervously she asked the man what was he going to do to them. The man stepped over to the commode and unbuckled his pants. Alana looked away as the man started taking a piss.

“I ain’t decided yet.” The man said.

Once he was done the man walked over to Alana. He was at least a foot taller than her and three times her size. He smelled of gasoline and oil. Timidly Alana looked up at the man.

“You sure are fine.” The man said putting his hand on her shoulder.

Alana’s stomach cringed. She knew this might be coming because of what happened at the gas station. Bravely she tried to end the man’s advances.

“If we’re not back soon my husband will come looking for us.” She said trying to keep a strong face.

“That guy that was with you earlier? Shit lady, I ain’t worried about that loser finding us. Hell as a matter of a fact I ain’t worried about anybody finding us out here.” The man said sliding his hand down Alana’s arm.

“Please don’t hurt us.” Alana sobbed realizing the extent of her situation.

“I tell you what, you got my word not a hair on them boy’s heads will be hurt if you do me and my partner a favor.” The man said putting his hand to Alana’s face.

Immediately Alana knew what the men wanted and the thought disgusted her. She wasn’t about to be molested by a couple of backwoods hicks.

“But I’m married.” She said trembling.

“So what, so am I.” The man laughed.

“Either you do what we ask or my friend Tim out there has some fun with your two boys. He’s been in jail for so long that he says it don’t make a difference if it’s a man or a woman to him.” The man said grinning.

Alana’s heart skipped a beat at the thought of what might happen to James and Sam. Again she begged the man for mercy.

“Please, don’t hurt my son and his friend. They’re just kids.” She sobbed.

“Just do what we say and we won’t hurt your son or his friend.” The man said.

“What would you want me to do?” Alana said softly crying.

“Don’t worry baby, it won’t be so bad.” The man said grabbing Alana’s ass tightly with both hands.

“Well, we got a deal?” The man asked.

Alana looked down at the ground and shook her head yes. She would do anything to protect her son. The man smiled and grabbed her ponytail. He began to kiss her roughly. Alana fought at first but eventually his tongue forced her mouth open. The man greedily sucked on her face while squeezing her ass tightly. Finally the man broke his death grip on her ass and stopped. Alana was still in shock and just stood there with her eyes shut and her mouth open.

“I’m gonna tell my partner what a nice piece of ass you are. You wait a few minutes then you come out. But when you do I want you out of that dress.” The man said smiling.

Alana could believe what he was saying. She thought that each of the men would take a turn with her in the bathroom. Now he wanted her to walk out in front of her son and Sam in just her bathing suit and do god knows what.

“Please, I can’t do that. That’s my son out there.” Alana said

“I guess the deal’s off then, been a while since my buddy’s had a virgin asshole to play with.” The man said smiling sadistically.

“You want’ me to have sex with you and your friend with them watching? Please… I can’t… ” Alana cried.

Just as the man turned to walk out Alana grabbed his arm and with tears streaming down her face she shook her head yes. The man smiled and walked into the room where James and Sam were still tied up.

“Where the hell is my mom!” James shouted.

“She’ll be out shortly.” The man laughed.

The man leaned over and whispered into the other man’s ear and a smile stretched across his face.

As the two men were whispering Alana was crying as she stripped off her dress. She knew what she had to do but the thought of being raped in front of her son and his friend was too much to bear.

“Better gag these two.” One of the men said.

“Why… what did we do?” Sam said.

“Shut the hell up boy.” The man said as he shoved a rag into Sam’s mouth and then tied a bandana around it.

The same was done to James Just then the bathroom door opened and Alana stepped out in nothing but her bikini. Muffled words came from James and Sam as Alana walked into the room.

“Shut up and enjoy the show.” One of the men said as he pulled off his shirt.

James and Sam both knew what was going to happen but their captors had tied them well. Alana looked at James with tears in her eyes as one of the men approached her. What she was about to do was to save him.

“Damn girl, you’re fucking hot.” The man said as he walked up to Alana.

“Be gentle Steve, we don’t get one like her too often.” The man said finally revealing his partners name.

“Oh, I’ll be real gentle Tim.” Steve said.

Steve had groped her in the bathroom and Tim was doing the same as Alana tried not to look at her son and Sam. Tim was shorter than Steve but more muscular. He grabbed Alana’s ass and shoved his tongue down her throat. Alana was taken by surprise but didn’t fight for fear of what they would do to James and Sam.

James and Sam turned away neither of them not wanting to see Alana raped.

Alana was surprised when she felt Tim’s hand go inside her bikini bottoms. His hands were rough like sand paper as they rubbed her ass.

“Goddamn you taste good bitch.” Tim hissed as he moved down Alana’s neck.

Steve walked up behind Alana and ripped her bottoms off. In an arrogant move he threw the bottoms at Sam, hitting him right in the head. Sam turned and glared at the man angrily but soon saw Alana’s long legs and bare ass. His eyes then saw her trimmed bush and even in this situation he felt a twitch in his pants. Try as he might he couldn’t turn away.

Steve knelt down behind Alana and spread her ass cheeks to reveal her pussy. Alana looked at Sam starring at her in this depraved position and tears started to fall once again. Her misery was interrupted when she felt Steve’s tongue as it parted her pussy lips. She jumped slightly. Simultaneously Tim undid her top and exposed her tits.

“Holy shit, those are fuckin’ perfect.” Tim said as he took Alana’s breast into his mouth.

Alana’s breasts weren’t huge but they were very firm and round. She had joked with her husband that if it weren’t for her chest they might not have met.

The comment made James’ head spin around and to his horror he saw two men surrounding his completely naked mother. His hands strained against the rope securing him.

Alana was trying to block out what was happening but the combined sensations of her pussy being eaten and her tits being sucked had her body starting to betray her.

“Unnnnnghhhhhh… ” She moaned softly.

Steve continued his assault on her pussy. His tongue quickly darting in and out of her while his thumb rubbed her clit. With all her might she tried to stop herself but slowly her hips were starting to push backwards towards Steve’s probing tongue.

Tim’s expert mouth soon had Alana’s nipples standing at attention. She glanced down at Tim and made eye contact. Tim again started kissing her deeply. Instinctively her tongue started to coil around his. The two men’s smell flooded her nose. Alana’s eyes clinched shut tightly as she felt her body betraying her. Her pussy was getting very wet and she could not stop it.

“Ummmm… ohhhhhhhhhh… ” She moaned into Tim’s mouth.

Without thinking Alana’s hand dropped to Tim’s leg. Quickly he grabbed her hand and placed it on the bulge in is blue jeans. Alana rubbed Tim’s cock though his pants. She was astonished by the size. James and Sam couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched Alana rubbing Tim’s cock.

“Hey Steve, I think this bitch wants some of my cock.” Tim said smiling.

Steve stopped his assault on Alana’s pussy and stood up. Alana stood there in a daze until Tim pushed her to her knees.

“You go first Tim, you know how I like to watch.” Steve said sitting on the bed.

“Hell yeah, c’mon bitch what you waitin on?” Tim said unzipping his pants.

Alana watched in horror as Tim’s cock sprang into view. It was long and thick. Her husband wasn’t small but Tim was definitely more well hung. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her toward his cock. As Alana opened her mouth she glanced toward her son. She closed her eyes as her lips wrapped around the head of Tim’s cock. Alana had given her husband blowjobs before but it was a rarity.

“Oh shiiiiiittt… ” Tim groaned as his cock slipped deeper into Alana’s mouth.

Alana strained to accommodate Tim’s cock in her mouth. She would never admit it but she liked the feel of a cock in her mouth. Her hand slowly grabbed the base of Tim’s cock. She looked up at Tim’s and began sucking his cock the best she could hoping to get it over with.

James looked at his mother as she was made to suck a strange man’s cock. Even though she was his mother he began to feel his own cock twitch as Alana’s lips slid up and down Tim’s cock.

Without thinking Alana’s free hand found its way to her pussy and she began to rub herself. The room was silent except for the slurping sounds Alana’s lips were making on Tim’s cock. She tried to concentrate sucking the man’s cock but she could feel all the eyes in the room starring. She took in a deep breath and slid Tim’s cock down her throat as far as she could hoping he was enjoying it enough to bring this to an end.

“Ummmm… “She groaned around Tim’s cock.

She could feel his cock jumping more and more rapidly and knew he was about to cum. She picked up her pace trying to finish him off as quickly as she could.

“Oh… fuck… bitch… suck it” Tim shouted as Alana’s mouth milked his cock.

Tim grabbed Alana’s head with both hands and began ramming his cock in and out of her mouth. Tim was moving her head so roughly that Alana’s ponytail unraveled.

“Fuck… shit… I’m gonna cum” Tim shouted.

Out of all the times she had sucked her husband’s cock she had never let him cum in her mouth. But before she could finish her next thought…

“Oh… my fucking god!!” Tim shouted as he began to cum.

Alana was taken by surprise as the first jet of cum filled her mouth. She swallowed trying not to gag. The next blast choked her a little and Tim’s cock popped from her mouth. Tim wasn’t done just yet.

“Fuck… oh… fuck… ” Tim moaned as another blast of cum erupted from his cock covering Alana’s nose and mouth.

Finally one last shot of cum landed across Alana’s neck. She’ll never know why she did what she did next but Alana took Tim’s softening cock back into her mouth and sucked out the last bit of cum. She then let Tim’s limp cock out of her mouth with a plop. She looked toward her son and Sam with cum still dripping from her face. She couldn’t believe it but both of them had very noticeable bulges. She had little time to think before Steve grabbed her head and told her to unzip his pants.

“Well, how was she?” Steve asked Tim.

“Best I’ve had in a long damn time.” Tim said leaning against a wall.

Alana’s hands shaked as she pulled Steve’s zipper down. She unsnapped the button holding his pants up and pulled them down. His cock sprang up and hit her on the chin. While not as thick as Tim’s cock Steve’s was longer. With Tim’s cum dripping down between her breasts Alana took Steve’s cock in her mouth. Since his cock wasn’t as thick she could take more of Steve’s cock into her mouth. With the taste of Tim’s cum still in her mouth her head started bobbing back and forth on Steven’s cock. His cock soon glistened with Alana’s saliva.

“Shit you were right Tim.” Steve said.

“Lick my balls bitch.” Steve said as he pulled his cock from Alana’s mouth.

He grabbed Alana by the hair and pushed her towards his balls. Her tongue darted out and she began to lick Steve’s balls.

“Look at your mom now boy. She’s licking my balls and loving it.” Steve shouted at James.

“Tell him you love my cock bitch!” Steve shouted at Alana.

She looked up at him with a defeated look on her pretty face. She didn’t want to say anything but she was afraid for her son and Sam.

“I love your cock.” She whispered.

“Say it louder bitch so they can hear how much of a whore you are.” Steve said.

Alana’s eyes found their way to her son. He was starring at her trying his best to break free but she knew he couldn’t.

“I love your cock.” She said loudly as she took Steve’s cock back into her mouth.

It was the nastiest thing his mom had ever said but James couldn’t look away. Sam was tormented also. He liked Alana and hated to see her hurt but she was so beautiful that he couldn’t stop himself from watching.

“Damn bitch you suck good. But I want some of that pussy.” Steve said lifting Alana to her feet.

Steve turned Alana toward her son and Sam and stood behind her. He held her arms behind her back and started kissing her neck. Steve’s free hand grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it tightly.

“Unnghhhhh… ” Alana groaned.

Alana opened her eyes and starred at her son. She was totally naked in front of him while some strange man groped her. Steve’s hand dropped to her trimmed pussy and he started to rub her clit.

“Ummmm… oh… shit… ” Alana moaned as she arched her back.

“See that boys. This whore loves what I’m doing.” Steve said as his middle finger entered Alana’s pussy.

Alana’s body was on autopilot. Her knees were week and she was light headed. Every time Steve’s finder entered her pussy shockwaves pulsed through her body. She bit her bottom lip and moaned softly.

“Get on the bed bitch.” Steve ordered.

Alana walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Not like that bitch. On all fours.” Steve demanded.

Alana turned and got onto the bed on her hands and knees. Steve turned her so that her pussy and ass were fully exposed to James and Sam. Both boys starred at the sight of this beautiful woman spread before them. Steve walked up behind Alana and rammed all of his cock into her in one violent lunge.

“Ooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuccccckkkk!!” Alana screamed as Steve’s cock pistoned into her.

“Goddamn this bitch is tight!” Steve screamed.

He began fucking Alana in one steady rhythm. Alana’s head was spinning as this man’s cock filled her like she had never been before. As much as she deplored the situation it did feel good to her. Without knowing it her hips started pushing back onto Steve’s cock.

“Look at this fucking whore.” Steve said to Tim as he stopped pumping Alana’s pussy.

Even though he had stopped she was still impaling herself over and over again onto Steve’s cock. James and Sam just starred as Alana fucked herself.

“Ummm… ohhhh… my god.” Alana groaned through clinched teeth.

Steve could feel Alana’s pussy starting to grip his cock. He leaned forward and started whispering into her ear as his cock slid in and out of her trimmed snatch. Alana could feel her own orgasm building and she tried to fight it.

“C’mon bitch, tell me you want me to fuck your brains out.” Steve whispered into her ear.

Alana said nothing as Steve continued to pound her. Steve pulled his cock from her pussy and laid down on his back.

“Sit on my cock bitch.” Steve ordered.

Alana straddled Steve’s cock but just as she was about to sit he spun her around to face James and Sam. She tried not to make eye contact. Her eyes shut when she felt Steve’s cock entering her again. Uncontrollably her mouth opened and a moan escaped her lips.

“Umm… gooddddd… ” She moaned.

Without Steve telling her to Alana’s hips started to rise and fall faster and faster on Steve’s cock. She could not control her body any longer.

“Oh… uhhhmmmmmmm… fuuuckkk… ” She hissed.

Before long she was slamming her pussy down onto Steve’s cock. She sat straight up and as she did she started to squeeze her own tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh… fuck… unnghhhhh… ” Alana moaned loudly.

Sam and James starred at Alana’s face as she fucked Steve’s cock. They couldn’t tell if she was in pain or ecstasy. Steve began pushing upward as Alana was pushing down burying his cock even deeper into her pussy.

“Ohmygod… ohmygod… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… ” Alana groaned as her body took over.

“Fuck yeah bitch cum on my cock!” Steve shouted.

“Fuuuuuuuuuccckkk… OOOOHHHHHHHHHH… I’M CUUUMMMINNNNNGG!!” Alana shouted as her pussy began to spasm. Her body went limp and she collapsed on top of Steve. She was breathing in short gasps as her orgasm tore through her body.

The sensation of Alana cuming was all that Steve could bear. With a grunt his cock erupted deep inside of her. Through clouded eyes she starred at her son. Her mouth was open slightly as she felt hot cum filling her insides.

It seemed like an eternity had passed when Alana felt Steve roll her off of him. She just lied there exhausted, her body glistening with sweat. Her chest was rising and falling as she tried to recover.

“Goddamn that whore can fuck!” Steve said to Tim.

James and Sam sat motionless. They had given up trying to break free and now they just starred in shock at what the two men had just done to Alana. She looked almost asleep as some of Steve’s cum dripped from her pussy. Her body was still trembling slightly from her intense orgasm when she felt someone kissing her stomach. When she looked down she was shocked to see Tim back for more.

“Please… stop… I can’t… ” Alana moaned slightly, her body still too weak to fight back.

Tim didn’t say anything as he started to lick Alana’s inner thighs. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue traced her top lip as Tim got closer to her swollen pussy. Tim raised his head and lined his cock up with Alana’s gaping pussy. Slowly he began to push forward. His thick cock stretching Alana’s pussy wider than it had ever been stretched before.

“Ummmm… ohhhhh yesssss.” Alana squealed softly.

“Damn your pussy is good bitch.” Tim whispered into her ear as he began to fuck her.

Tim went slowly at first but gradually built up speed until he was literally pile driving Alana’s pussy. Alana’s head was spinning as Tim fucked her and eventually her hands found there way to his ass and she actually began to pull him toward her as they fucked.

As they fucked Tim was relentlessly attacking Alana’s tits. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. With each thrust Alana’s mouth would open slightly. Eventually she was panting and moaning loudly.

“Oh shit… fuuuuckkkkk… ” She moaned.

“Tell me how bad you want it bitch.” Tim hissed into her ear.

Alana didn’t say anything, not wanting to degrade herself further. But in her fogged mind her reasoning was becoming more and more diluted.

“C’mon bitch, tell me how bad you want me to fuck you.” Tim said slowing his pace.

Alana felt Tim slowing and her body began to take control.

“Fuck me baby… please fuck me… ” She whispered into Tim’s ear.

“What was that whore? Speak up.” Tim said as he began to fuck Alana harder and faster.

“Please… ooohhhhhhhhhh… fuck me… ” Alana groaned a little louder. She could feel her orgasm building and god help her she didn’t want Tim to stop.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Tim shouted as he thrust his cock deep into Alana’s wet pussy.


Her pussy flooded with juice and her body shook uncontrollably. Tim kept fucking trying his hardest to fuck the poor woman senseless. Finally he could go no further.

“Oh my fucking god!” Tim hollered as his cock erupted inside Alana’s spasming cunt.

Alana’s mouth opened as Tim’s cum flooded her pussy. Finally emptied Tim pulled out of Alana. She collapsed unconscious onto the bed. Physically and mentally exhausted.

“You boys still with us?” Steve said having not heard so much as a whimper from James and Sam for about a half hour.

“Looks like they’re more than still with us.” Tim laughed as he pointed to Sam’s erection.

“Damn boy, if you wanted some action all you had to do was ask.” Tim laughed.

“Wake up the slut Tim, let’s make her suck off this one in front of her kid.” Steve said.

James head shook back and forth as he tried his hardest to yell no, but the gag was doing its job all too well.

Alana’s eyes slowly open as Tim shook her violently. She thought that maybe it was all a dream. But her hopes soon faded when she saw James and Sam still tied to their chairs. She tried to close her spread legs as she felt the last of Tim’s cum drain out of her. Tim grabbed her and through her to the floor in front of Sam.

“You got this boy all worked up bitch.” Tim laughed.

Alana looked at Sam and as her eyes focused she saw the tent in Sam’s pants.

“Well bitch, help the boy out.” Steve said as he pushed Alana toward Sam.

“Please… I’ve done what you want… don’t make me do this.” Alana begged.

“I said help the boy out bitch.” Steve shouted with his hand raised like he was going to slap Alana.

Alana looked up at Sam and silently mouthed the words I’m so sorry as her fingers began to undo his pants. Sam sat in disbelief as the woman of his dreams pulled his cock out of his pants.

Alana grabbed Sam’s young cock and stroked it. It was as hard as steel and fairly big, about the same size as her husband’s. Alana stroked Sam’s cock marveling at how hard and smooth it was. She knew what she had to do so she leaned forward and took Sam’s cock into her mouth.

A muffled groan came from Sam’s mouth as Alana’s soft lips slid up and down his cock. Alana’s tongue wrapped around the underside of Sam’s cock and her lips maintained a vacuum seal. Alana felt her pussy becoming wet again and was surprised when her fingers began to rub her trimmed mound.

James watched helplessly as his mother sucked off his best friend. Her head bobbed up and down with a determination that he hadn’t seen before.

“Ummmmmmmm… ” Alana moaned before she realized what she was doing.

Sam wasn’t a virgin but he had never had a blowjob before, let alone one from his dream woman. Alana felt his cock swell a little more and she knew he was about to cum. She could have pulled Sam’s cock from her mouth but she didn’t. With a groan Sam’s cock erupted into her mouth.

The first blast coated Alana’s tongue and she was amazed that the taste was much sweeter than Tim’s. She swallowed just as the second blast hit the back of her throat, followed by and third and a forth.

Alana didn’t know a man could cum as much as Sam was and try as she might she could keep it all in her mouth. Cum began to ooze from the corners of her mouth as Sam’s cock finally relented. Alana finally let Sam’s cock slip from her lips. She raised her head and looked into Sam’s eyes as she swirled his come around in her mouth. With a hand on each of Sam’s knees Alana looked away as she swallowed his massive load. Alana’s body quivered as Sam’s warm cum slid down her throat.

“WhoooooWeeeee!” Steve yelled.

“I think she liked that a little too much!” Tim yelled.

Tim grabbed Alana by the hair and made her look at Sam.

“Tell him how much you liked it bitch.” Tim demanded.

Alana’s eyes welled up with tears. She didn’t want to degrade herself any further. They had already been through hell. Her son and Sam were probably scarred for life she thought.

“I said tell him!” Tim yelled as he lifted Alana by her hair.

“I liked sucking your cock.” She said softly.

“Tell him some more slut.” Tim ordered.

“I loved it when you came in my mouth Sam.” Alana cried with tears streaming down her face.

Satisfied Tim let her fall back the floor. Tim and Steve began to put their clothes back on and for a short while Alana felt relieved that it might be finally over. Her tears finally dried but what Steve said next caused her stomach to knot up.

“What about him?” Steve said to Tim.

“I don’t know, you want your momma to suck your dick?” Tim asked James knowing he couldn’t reply.

“I think he does, look at that fuckin hard on of his.” Steve said.

“C’mere bitch.” Tim said pulling Alana over to James by her hair.

Alana knew what was going to happen. She knew that if she didn’t do this the men might still hurt her son. With her hands trembling she began to unzip her son’s pants. James’ head shook back and forth as he screamed through the bandana that the men had gagged him with. When Alana had her son’s pants unzipped she reached her hand into his pants and her eyes got wider.

“Well, we ain’t got all day bitch.” Steve said to Alana.

When Alana pulled her son’s cock out everyone in the room knew why her eyes were so wide. James’ cock was for lack of a better word huge. It was a lot longer that Steve’s cock and thicker than Tim’s. As Alana starred in disbelief she could hear Steve and Tim laughing.

“Where you been hiding that thing?” Tim laughed.

“Damn boy, your some kinda freak.” Steve laughed.

Alana sat there for a while just starring at her son’s cock. Her fingers didn’t touch as she began to slide her hand up and down her son’s cock. The head was huge and was already dripping precum. Tentatively she leaned forward and took her own son’s cock into her mouth.

James groaned as his mother’s lips stretched around his cock. Alana’s tongue teased the opening of James’ cock.

“Ummm… ” Alana moaned around her son’s cock.

Slowly she began to adjust to the size and began to really suck off her son. His cock tasted wonderful to her and she began to feel her pussy flood. She knew what she was doing was so wrong but she couldn’t stop herself. James looked down at his mother’s head bobbing up and down in his lap. Her other hand found his balls and started to squeeze them.

“Ohhh… god… your cock is huge.” Alana moaned as her son’s cock plopped from her lips.

Everyone in the room watched in amazement as Alana stood up and straddled her son. With one hand she positioned her son’s cock at the opening of her swollen wet pussy. She kissed her son’s forehead as she lowered herself onto his rock hard cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… goddamn… ” Alana moaned as her son’s cock reached places she didn’t know she had deep within her pussy.

Alana took a second to adjust then slowly started to ride her son’s cock. It felt like his cock was in her stomach, like she was being fucked with a baseball bat. Her mouth opened and she sucked her son’s ear into her mouth.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhiiiiittttttt!!” Alana screamed as she impaled herself again and again.

James moaned as his mother rode his cock. He could feel her tits rubbing against his chest and knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Fuck me… baby fuck me… ” Alana moaned into her son’s ear.

“God… your cock… is so… big… fuck me harder baby.” Alana moaned as she stepped up her pace.

Alana was almost jumping up and down on her son’s lap. Her pussy had flooded with juice and her son’s cock effortlessly slid back and forth. She could feel a familiar warmth emanating from her pussy. Alana looked her son in the eyes and bit her bottom lip. James could see her face cringe in utter pleasure. Alana ripped the bandana from her son’s mouth and pulled out the old dirty rag. Before James could speak Alana passionately kissed her son. Her tongue wrestled with his as she moaned deeply.

Alana could feel her son’s cock swell even more. She slowed her pace but made each thrust harder by dropping all of her weight onto her son’s cock.

‘Baby… Ohhhhh… my… god… baby fuck me… ” Alana begged as her fingernails dug into her son’s back.

Alana felt her body start to quake and she quickened her pace with a few final thrusts. Then it happened.

“OOHHHHHHHHHHH… FUCK… ME… FUCK… ME… FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!” Alana screamed as the first jolt of her orgasm washed over her body.

“OHH… BABY… I’M CUUUMMMING… BABY… I’M… CUUUUUMMMING!!” Alana screamed as another jolt hit her.

Alana’s pussy grabbed tightly onto her son’s cock. The sensation was enough to send James over the edge. With a loud moan his cock began to spew hot cum deep into his mother’s waiting pussy. His body convulsed as more of his cum emptied into Alana’s sweat soaked body.

“Fill me baby… ” Alana moaned as her son’s cum coated her insides.

Finally drained Alana felt her son’s cock slip from her soaking pussy. She just sat there for a while breathing heavily. When she finally did look up she didn’t see Steve or Tim anywhere. In the heat of the moment she didn’t notice either of them leave.

Quickly she got up and untied her son and Sam.

“Quick, get to the truck!” Alana said as she raced into the bathroom to retrieve her dress.

After slipping her dress on as she ran she raced outside to see James and Sam waiting with the truck running. When she hopped into the drivers seat she through the truck into gear and punched the accelerator. She looked at the clock to see that four hours had passed. No one said a word as they drove. After finding the main road Alana broke the silence.

“I don’t know what to say to your two. I’m so sorry for what happened.” Alana said with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t be sorry mom, it wasn’t your fault.” James said putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Let’s just try to forget it all.” Sam said.

“No one’s gonna believe us anyway.” James said.

Alana hated to admit it but he was right. No one would believe what had happened. She couldn’t find that shack again even if she wanted to. And even if someone did believe them she felt so ashamed of the depraved acts she was forced to do. On the trip home the three made a pact not to tell anyone what happened. As far as anyone else was concerned they had gotten lost and had a flat tire.

“I just hope everyone can cope with what happened today.” Alana thought to herself.

Chapter 02

Alana Scott prepared dinner for her family in the same manner she always had. She was cooking the same meal they had the week before on Saturday. In fact they had had this meal every Saturday for the past month. She felt some comfort from her routines. As long as nothing out of the ordinary happened she was almost like a robot. She had even managed to almost completely block out what had happened four months ago. From what she could tell, her son James had come to terms with what had happened, and their relationship with each other was back to normal. She was still a little worried about Sam though. She could count the number of times he had spent the night during the last few months on one hand, and when he did he couldn’t look her in the eyes.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” James said bounding down the stairs and walking into the kitchen.

“Oh…. nothing really. Just getting dinner ready.” Alana said.

“Say, I was wondering how Sam is doing. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks.” Alana said as she continued to set the table.

“Fine I guess. I think he just needs a little more time to… know.” James said.

He knew that what had happened still weighed heavily on his mother, whether or not she wanted to admit it. He had done his best to act normal around her but it was hard for him to look at her the same as before. Just a few months ago he had seen his mother raped by two men and forced to have sex with himself and his friend Sam. He stared out of the corner of his eye as Alana bent over to place the plates on the table. Her tank top revealed quite a bit of cleavage and he could not help but to look. Also hard to ignore was the way her ass looked in the tight pair of Capri pants she was wearing. He thought that maybe she wouldn’t be as open around him after what had happened, and in a way he was glad she still felt comfortable around him. He loved his mother and what had happened was not her fault.

“I understand. Maybe you should invite him over for dinner. It might help him to be around people and not all alone in his room. ” Alana said.

“Yeah, I might just do that.” James said.

“I’ll be back in a little bit mom.” James said standing up from the table.

“Good, I’ll have dinner ready by then.” Alana said.

Alana looked at her son and in the first time in months she hugged him. It was a weird moment for both of them. It was the first time in a while that James had hugged his mother. The contact, while not unpleasant, felt really different than it did before the incident. Since then Alana had made a conscious effort to not change the way she dressed or acted. Her tank tops and hip huggers remained the staple of her wardrobe. It was another way for her to block out what had happened. The less she changed because of what happened the easier it was to forget about. As she hugged her son her breasts pushed against his muscular chest. Alana, while aware of the contact, still allowed the hug to go on longer than normal.

As their embrace ended Alana stared at her son. Almost searching his eyes for forgiveness for what had happened between them. She did what she did to spare him bodily harm. If she hadn’t had sex with her son he would’ve been hurt or worse.

“Bye mom.” James said turning and walking out the door.

Alana stood there for a few minutes thinking until her husband walked into the room.

“Something smells good.” Greg said wrapping his arms around Alana and kissing the back of her neck.

“Thanks sweetie.” Alana said.

“It’ll be a couple hours before its ready though.” Alana said turning to face her husband.

“A few hours huh? Guess I’ll see what’s on the old tube.” Greg said grabbing a bag of chips from off the counter.

Alana watched as her husband left. Their relationship was still a little shaky in her mind. While Greg was none the wiser she had a hard time playing the role of dutiful wife like before. When they were in bed together she would accept his advances like any wife would, but to her something was wrong. She just wasn’t there emotionally.

Just a couple of blocks away James’ friend Sam was right in the middle of what had become his only hobby. At least two or three times a day he would go into his closet and dig out an old shoebox. Inside that box were his prized possessions, a collection of James’ mom’s panties. He had quite a few, fifteen in fact, that he had pilfered over the years. Not even James knew, but Sam had kept the pair of panties that one of the men who raped Alana had slung at him. While he was beating off Sam would bring the panties up to his nose and smell them. They still smelled of Alana’s perfume. Sam used to beat off with Alana’s panties once or twice a week, but now he was doing it every couple of hours. Since the incident Sam had become almost obsessed with Alana. Before he had a crush on her but now he couldn’t get her out of his mind. Every time he closed his eyes images of Alana being fucked or her sucking his cock would flood his mind. With Alana’s face burned into his mind Sam moaned and shot six ropes of cum, one after the other, high into the air. Just seconds after he had cleaned up he heard the door open and James shouting to see if he was home.

” Yo Sam you here?” James shouted up the stairs.

“C’mon in man.” Sam shouted back.

James made his way up the stairs and walked into Sam’s room to find Sam sitting on his bed starring at the floor.

“What’s up?” James asked.

“Nothing much, being bored is about all I ever do anymore.” Sam replied looking up.

“Well if your not doing anything I was gonna ask if you wanted to come eat at my house tonight?” James asked.

Sam’s mind worked quickly to try and decide what to do. On one hand he did want to see Alana but on the other he didn’t know if it would help any. He figured that maybe if he went long enough without seeing her that his obsession with her would fade, but deep down he knew he wasn’t getting over anything. He just needed to see her again so he accepted the offer.

“Sure man, that’d be cool.” Sam said.

James was happy to see his friend wanting to get out of the house, even if it was only for a couple hours.

“Cool. Mom said it’d be a couple of hours before the food’s ready so take your time. I’m going to go catch me a quick nap. I’m beat.” James said turning to leave.

About an hour went by and Sam just lay there on his bed thinking. He knew that later when he saw Alana he wouldn’t be able to look her in the eyes. He thought about telling her what was going on. Maybe she would be cool with it. Maybe she would be flattered.

“Yeah fucking right.” Sam thought.

The more he thought about Alana the more he wanted her. She was so hot. The feeling of her lips on his cock all those months ago still kept him up at night.

“But she’s your best friend’s mom, what would she want with some dumb kid?” He reasoned.

“There’s gotta be a way, I just have to fuck her.” Sam thought to himself.

As the minutes went by Sam began to formulate a plan, a plan that would hopefully end with him fucking his friend’s mom. He would blackmail Alana into having sex with him again. He knew he couldn’t prove anything had happened before but maybe he didn’t have to. If she just thought what had happened might become public knowledge she might be willing to do whatever he wanted.

Then a light went off in Sam’s mind and he jumped up and set up his digital video recorder. In about ten minutes he taped himself telling the story exactly as it happened. How two men raped Alana and forced her to have sex with himself and her son. He transferred the recording to his computer and quickly made some copies. He would tell Alana that if she didn’t do what he wanted he would send the discs to her husbands boss, her church pastor, the local news, and any number of other people. Even without proof, just the idea would have people talking for months.

Back at James’ house dinner was almost ready. Alana finished up setting the table and started fixing everyone’s plate for them. James and Greg, awakened by the smell of food, made their way into the kitchen and sat down at the table. The table was square in shape and Greg sat at on one side with Alana on the opposite side. James sat on one side and Sam’s plate was across from James.

“Is Sam coming over tonight?” Alana asked.

“He said he was, but…….”

Before James could finish there was a knock at the door and then Sam walked into the kitchen.

“Thanks for inviting me to dinner.” Sam said to James.

“No problem man.” James replied.

“Take a seat kiddo and dig in.” Greg said as he pulled out Sam’s chair.

“Thanks Mr. Scott.” Sam said.

“How have you been Sam?” Alana asked glad to see that Sam had finally come out of his room.

“Fine Ms. Alana.” Sam said without looking at her.

Sam sat down and everyone began their meal. From time to time Sam would see Alana looking at him out of the corner of his eye.

“He still can’t even look at me.” Alana thought to herself.

Little did she know that the reason Sam wasn’t looking at her was because he was trying to work up the nerve to set his plan into motion. Sam’s thinking was interrupted when he felt Alana’s leg brush against his. Slowly a mischievous idea began to form in Sam’s head. He could probably do anything right now with the tablecloth masking his actions. Alana wouldn’t be able to say or do anything with James and Greg sitting so close. Also it would let him know how much she wanted to keep everything that had happened a secret. If she shouted at him in front of James and her husband he wouldn’t go through with his plan but if she kept quiet he would know that she didn’t want anyone finding out about what had happened.

“Just be calm man, the worst thing that can happen is getting thrown out of the house.” Sam tried telling himself.

The family went about their meal as usual. James and Greg could hardly keep their eyes off of the T.V. in the next room. Sam looked up and glanced in Alana’s direction. Noticing she was being watched Alana looked up and for the fist time in months made eye contact with Sam. Both just starred at each other for a few moments. Not knowing what to say Alana just smiled.

“God she’s hot.” Sam thought to himself looking at Alana’s beautiful face and pink lips as she smiled.

Sam blushed and looked back down at his plate. After a few more minutes Alana was startled by something. Someone was playing footsy with her. At first she thought it was Greg but quickly realized it wasn’t him because his eyes hadn’t moved from the T.V. Neither had her son’s and that left only one other person but she couldn’t believe it.

“What in the world is he doing?” Alana thought to herself.

She didn’t do anything or even look in Sam’s direction, not wanting to embarrass him. But after a few minutes he hadn’t stopped, in fact he had started blatantly rubbing his foot up and down her leg.

“I bet she thinks I’m crazy.” Sam thought to himself.

Alana looked at Sam and coughed slightly to let him know she knew it was him but he didn’t stop what he was doing. Alana tried moving her legs but there wasn’t enough room for her to get out of range.

“I don’t know what he’s trying to do but he’d better stop it.” Alana thought to herself.

Alana tried to ignore what Sam was doing and for a while it worked until she felt a hand on her knee. Her eyes widened and she gave Sam a startled look. Sam could hardly contain his anxiety.

“No turning back now.” Sam thought to himself.

To Alana’s horror Sam’s hand started slowly creeping up her leg. The thin material of her pants gave little insulation from Sam’s actions. Alana’s heart started beating faster as she tried to think of something to do. She couldn’t say anything or make a scene because she didn’t know how Sam would react.

“He might say something about what had happened in front of Greg.” Alana worried to herself.

Alana slowly dropped one of her hands under the table and grabbed Sam’s wrist. In a show of unusual cockiness Sam flashed a slight grin toward Alana, now knowing she was trying to keep what he was doing under wraps.

“That little shit, what the hell does he think he’s doing?” Alana thought.

What Sam did next made Alana’s heart almost stop. His hand was now on her thigh and he gave her leg a firm squeeze. Then he began to rub her thigh in a circular motion that under any other circumstance would’ve felt good. Alana was lying to herself, it did feel good and she was starting to feel flush. She tried to stop him but Sam was too strong. Alana first checked to make sure her son and husband were still engrossed in the T.V. then she glared directly at Sam and mouthed the words “Stop it.”

Sam just grinned and gave Alana’s thigh another squeeze. Alana was sweating now and her breathing had become quite fast. Sam’s hand was inches from her crotch and she could do nothing should he decide to go further. The boy she had been feeling sorry for was now taunting her in her own house.

Turning his hand just a bit Sam slipped his hand between Alana’s thighs. Using his middle finger Sam began rubbing his hand up and down the crotch of Alana’s pants.

“Oh my god! He wouldn’t?” Alana thought to herself.

Alana tried blocking out the feeling but as Sam kept up his assault she could feel herself starting to get turned on. Alana bit her bottom lip hoping Greg and James wouldn’t notice anything.

“I know you like it.” Sam silently mouthed towards Alana.

Sam’s cock was straining the button on his pants as he watched Alana’s facial expressions.

Without thinking Alana’s legs fell apart and Sam didn’t wait for her to close them. Trying his best not to give himself away Sam managed to get his thumb under the elastic band of Alana’s pants.

“Oh my god…..he’s……….” Alana thought to herself

Alana’s eyes opened; startled that Sam’s thumb was about a half inch from her pussy. She had always trimmed her pubic hair really short and the feeling of Sam’s thumb so close to her pussy made her body tingle all over.

“Please stop!!!” Alana silently mouthed to Sam.

She thought about stopping Sam but any sudden moves might draw unwanted attention to what was going on.

Sam looked her straight in the eyes as his thumb made first contact with Alana’s clit.

“Ohhhhh…..” Alana quietly hissed. Cursing Sam for what he was doing to her.

Alana’s eyes clinched shut as she felt her pussy getting wet. She was powerless to stop Sam’s attack, all she could hope for is that whatever show her son and husband were watching kept going and how glad she was that the volume on the T.V. was always way to loud.

Sam kept his thumb going in a circular motion on Alana’s clit seeing that what he was doing was causing her face to contort in pleasure. At first she tried to push his hand away but what Sam was doing to her made her almost unable to breathe let alone muster the strength to fight him off. Slowly the pressure on Sam’s wrist loosened and he could feel Alana’s body jerk involuntarily every so often.

“Oh….my god…..” Alana thought as she began to grind her ass backwards and forwards in her chair. She was scared out of her mind that someone would notice.

“That’s it…c’mon….” Sam thought to himself as he watched Alana’s beautiful face.

Alana was breathing very fast now and she knew if Sam didn’t let up she would cum right there at the dinner table. In one last ditch effort Alana looked at Sam and through gritted teeth she whispered “Please…..stop.”

Unfortunately for her Sam had no intentions of stopping. He had made up his mind that he would see his plan through until the end. Sam starred intently at Alana. Her nipples were very obviously pushing against the material of her tank top. Her breasts rose and fell faster and faster. Alana’s mouth was open slightly, with her face framed by her dark hair. Just then Sam felt Alana’s legs clamp shut around his hand. He smiled as he watched Alana do all she could to keep from screaming as her body shook.

“Oh…..fucking……shiiittttt……” Alana silently hissed as her orgasm rushed through her body.

Alana’s mouth fell open even more as Sam starred at her. When she finally released her death grip on Sam’s wrist he put his thumb up to his mouth and licked it clean as if there were barbecue sauce on his thumb. After a few minutes Alana’s breathing had slowed and her mind cleared enough for her to fully realize what had just happened. She glared at Sam with a look that would scare most anyone as she watched him calmly finished his meal.

“That little shit has some serious explaining to do. What if someone had noticed!? I can’t believe he would do this!” Alana thought to herself still feeling flush.

After few more minutes the T.V. show that James and Greg were watching went off. One by one James, Greg, and Sam stood up and took their plates to the sink.

“That was delicious sweetie.” Greg said.

“Yeah mom, top notch.” James added.

“Finger lickin’ good.’ Sam said smiling.

“Your welcome.” Alana replied to everyone still trying to reason why Sam had done what he did.

As they all filed out of the kitchen Alana finally stood up. She looked down and noticed a wet spot on the crotch of her pants. Furious she put her plate into the sink and went to her room to change. As she pulled her pants down a bomb went off inside of Alana’s mind.

“Oh no….” She thought.

She slowly remembered that before the incident she had been flirting with Sam a little. There was nothing wrong with what she had done. The boy had a crush on her and she didn’t see any harm in brightening up his day from time to time. But what if Sam had a different idea now after what had happened. She had hoped that they could all just forget about it and it would go away. But now more than before that idea seemed very unrealistic. But what was she supposed to do. She couldn’t let anyone know what had happened. It could ruin her life. Once something like that becomes public knowledge your life is pretty much over.

“Maybe if I just talk to him calmly, adult to adult, maybe I can reason with him.” Alana thought.

Alana slipped on a new pair of panties and some old pants, then she took the damp panties and pants to the bathroom and threw them into the hamper. All she had to do now is figure out a way to get Sam alone long enough to talk to him. However, any idea she might have had went down the drain as she heard Sam tell her son goodbye and then the front door shut.

“Damn it, now what do I do?” Alana thought to herself.

The fact is she knew there was nothing she could do. She would just have to wait until she could corner Sam.

Later, back at his house Sam was reveling in the excitement of his plan working better than he could’ve wanted. Just knowing that he had made Alana cum in her own kitchen with her family right there and that she didn’t do anything to stop it had Sam more psyched than he had ever been before. He knew that he had crossed an invisible line though. He had to carry out his plan and his relationship with Alana would never be the same again.

“Now for step two.” Sam smiled as he lay in bed that night.

He knew the family’s schedule all to well. Tomorrow was Sunday and every Sunday like clockwork Alana would go to church and James and Greg would go to the golf course. He also knew that from about noon until at least four-o’clock Alana would be alone. “Tomorrow she’s gonna know how serious I am.” Sam thought to himself.

Tomorrow when she was alone Sam planned to tell her what he wanted, then if she got angry or threatened to tell, he would let her hear the recording he had made. If what had happened earlier was any indication she would realize that she had no choice.

Back at James’ house Alana was deep in thought. She just didn’t know what to expect. Because she had thought that Sam was so shy what happened earlier took her completely off guard. For minutes at a time she would stare out the kitchen window trying to think of something she could do.

From his spot in the living room James noticed that his mother was taking longer than usual to clean up after dinner. Quietly he watched her mope around the kitchen in what seemed like a daze.

“I didn’t think bringing Sam over was a good idea. It’s still to soon.” James thought.

His mom looked sad so James did what any normal son would do. He walked up behind her and gave her a hug. Alana thought it was her husband at first so she relaxed in James’ arms and snuggled backwards into his chest.

“Are you alright, what’s wrong mom?” James asked.

Alana was startled to hear her son’s voice behind her.

“Oh…uh….I’m fine I was just thinking about some stuff.” Alana said.

Strangely Alana felt very comfortable with her son embracing her, even more so than with her husband. She was glad that even after what had happened her son still loved her.

“You just looked so sad.” James said.

Alana turned to face her son and wrapped her arms around him.

“Thanks but I’m fine.” Alana said squeezing her son tightly.

James looked down at his mother hugging him. She was so pretty he found it hard to look away. The upper swells of her breasts were very visible as he looked down at his mother. Alana was squeezing him so tightly that to his horror James felt a slight twitch in his pants. Shocked he pulled away from Alana.

“Uh…I’m gonna watch a little more T.V.” He said backpedaling.

“Ok…..thanks for… know.” Alana said.

“No problem mom.” James said still startled that he was getting excited about his mom.

For the rest of the night Alana walked around in kind of a daze. She was in a very bad situation and she didn’t know how to get out of it. She finally told herself that whatever happened, she could handle it. A couple of hours passed and as everyone wound down their evening Alana decided to take a bath. She grabbed her bathrobe from her room and walked to the end of the hall toward the bathroom. As she neared she noticed the door was almost closed and she could hear water running.

“Aw crap, as soon as I want to take a bath someone beats me to it.” Alana thought to herself.

Just before Alana turned to walk away she noticed even though the door was almost closed she could see the shower curtain from its reflection in the mirror. In the split second before Alana turned the shower curtain flew open. To her amazement right before her eyes was her very naked son James.

“Oh my.” Alana thought starring at her son through the fogged reflection.

Alana’s face reddened as her eyes surveyed her son’s very attractive frame. Her red face turned even redder as her eyes gazed downward. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open as the full enormity of the situation hit her.

“My god…” Alana thought as she starred at her son’s massive manhood.

She had forgotten, or blocked out, the memories of what she did to her son on that terrible day. Now, with her son’s huge hanging cock starring her in the face, all the memories flooded back in. Quickly she turned and raced back to her bedroom. Standing behind her door Alana could feel her heart beating very fast.

“Why the hell did you do that!?” Alana asked herself.

Visibly shaken Alana sunk down to the floor. With her head tucked into her knees Alana wrestled with her desires. Completely disgusted with herself Alana couldn’t stop herself from soaking another pair of her panties.

The next day went like every other Sunday. Greg and James got up early and headed off to the golf course and Alana got up soon after and started getting ready for church. After a hot shower Alana put on a pair of lacy pink panties and a matching bra, followed by her favorite Sunday dress. It was a dark blue jacket top with a matching skirt. After Alana had applied her makeup she fixed her hair up into a strategic tangle on top of her head. Finally satisfied she left for the service.

While it was a normal Sunday for most people, Sam Martin was not one of them. All night long Sam had planned and then planned some more on how he would take his plan to the next level. Once he was sure Alana had left he let himself into the house and put one of his copied discs into James’ family’s DVD player. Then he sat down in Greg’s chair and waited.

After a couple of hours Sam heard a car pulling into the driveway. He knew it was Alana and although he was prepared his heart still started to beat faster.

“Here we go.” Sam thought to himself.

Alana opened the front door and walked into the kitchen and laid her purse on the counter. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and thumbed through a magazine that was lying on the table. This was her favorite part of Sunday. For about four hours she had the house all to herself.

Alana read her magazine and for a while all the troubles she had been having faded into the background. It was a feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time. As Alana read she slipped her shoes off and released her hair from the tight tangle she had so carefully created earlier. Just as she had finished the last paragraph she heard the sound of static. The kind you hear when the television can’t pick up a signal.

“What in the world?” Alana said startled.

“James, is that you?” Alana asked thinking maybe her son had stayed home.

When no answer came Alana timidly walked toward the entrance to the living room. Just as she got to the doorway she heard the static stop abruptly and then she heard Sam’s voice and her heart skipped a beat. Alana gasped but quickly realized the voice was coming from the television. She peaked her head around the corner just enough to see the television screen. The room was dark and the only light was from the T.V.

“Oh my god…” Alana said quietly as she watched Sam begin to tell the story she didn’t want to ever hear again.

Alana stood there in the doorway as the disc played in all its cruelty. Her heart was racing and her eyes beginning to swell up. Finally the disc ended and static could be heard again. Slowly Alana walked toward the television to retrieve the disc. Just as Alana got to the DVD player and ejected the disc she was startled by a voice from the shadows.

“Don’t think that’s the only copy.” The voice said.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Alana cried as she turned.

“Because as hard as it might seem to believe, I think I love you.” The voice echoed.

“You don’t love me, a terrible thing happened and now everything is all messed up.” Alana said making her way to the light switch.

“Ahh…is that what it is? Did you know that every time I close my eyes I see you?” The voice said.

“I’m so sorry about what happened, you have to believe me that I would do anything to change what happened.” Alana said.

“Oh I know it’s not your fault, but that’s irrelevant. It’s kinda like when a song gets stuck in your head, the only way to get it out is to listen to that very song. I’ve tried for a long time just to forget about what happened but I think the only way to get you out of my head is to repeat what happened.” The voice said coldly.

“No please….you don’t want to do that!” Alana sobbed as her fingers found the light switch.

“Oh but I do.” The voice said as the lights came on.

“But I can’t do that, it would only make things worse!” Alana cried turning to face who she knew was there the whole time.

“That’s a chance I’m willing to take.” Sam said standing up from the chair.

Alana was terrified but she decided that maybe if she put her foot down that Sam might come to his senses.

“Well I am not! I don’t know what you think your doing but its not gonna work.” Alana said loudly.

“What you pulled yesterday at dinner could have ruined all our lives. How could you be so stupid Sam?” Alana said glaring at her son’s friend.

“I wouldn’t use the term stupid. After all you seemed to enjoy it more than I did.” Sam said grinning.

Alana blushed as she remembered almost screaming in her seat at the dinner table just a little while ago as Sam violated her trust among other things.

“I did no such thing!” Alana shouted.

Alana was doing her best to convince Sam that she wasn’t scared of what he might do. She glared at her son’s best friend as an uncomfortable silence came over the room. Alana might have acted like she was unfazed by her current situation but the obvious was starting to sink in a little bit. Sam was holding all the cards. If he went through with his threat there was nothing she could do. It’s not like she could threaten him physically either. He was a good head taller than her and outweighed her by about 90 lbs.

Sam looked around for a moment then looked directly into Alana’s eyes. His stare startled her.

“Well, it looks like you’ve made up your mind. I guess I’ll be going.” Sam said turning to leave.

“That was way too easy.” Alana thought to herself.

“Sam, wait. What are you going to do with those recordings?” Alana asked.

“I’m going to send a copy to your husband at work, then I think I’ll let the local news have a peak.” Sam said coldly.

Alana’s heart stopped and try as she might to speak all she could muster was a weak gasp. Just the thought of her husband finding out what happened made her knees tremble.

“Sam…..please don’t..” Alana begged as she reached out and grabbed Sam by the arm.

“Don’t what?” Sam replied.

“You know what I’m talking about. I’ll do whatever you want me to…just promise me you’ll destroy those discs.” Alana sobbed.

Alana realized what she was saying, she just didn’t see any other way. Sam smiled and walked toward her.

“I’m glad you came to your senses.” Sam said.

Alana’s mascara had started to run because of her crying so Sam gently wiped her eyes with his sleeve. Her heavy breathing was causing her chest to rise and fall and the cleavage her dress revealed did nothing but entice him further. Alana looked up at Sam waiting as her heart pounded. For the second time in her life she was being forced to use her body to protect her family’s way of life.

After what felt like an eternity Sam bent down and kissed Alana on the lips. Finally, after all this time, he possessed the woman of his dreams. The contact between the two was electric, a fact not missed by either of them. Alana closed her eyes and pursed her lips tightly as Sam pressed his lips to hers. She could feel Sam’s tongue trying to part her lips and for a while she debated her options. Sam ran his hands all over Alana’s body. His hands ran over her hips and he grabbed her ass tightly. Alana was shocked at the forcefulness of Sam’s actions and let her lips part slightly. Before she could do anything Sam’s tongue was wrestling with hers.

“Mmmmmm……” Sam moaned into the brunette’s mouth.

Alana was awash in various emotions. On one side, the situation she was in sickened her. But on the other hand, her body was starting to respond to Sam’s actions. As he kissed her one of his hands slid up her body and cupped one of her breasts and squeezed tightly. Alana gasped at the feeling of the young man’s strong hand on her chest. She knew what she had to do, so instead of letting Sam go on and on at his own pace, she decided to get things over with as quickly as possible.

Sam was in dreamland as he tasted Alana’s sweet lips and smelled her perfume. He was a little surprised when she pushed him away and began unzipping her dress from the back.

“Lets get this over with.” Alana said not looking the young man in the eyes.

Sam’s eyes widened as Alana’s dress fell to the floor. Alana stood before him in nothing but her bra and panties. She slowly knelt in front of Sam and reached toward his zipper. Sam stood frozen as Alana’s hand found his zipper. He had planned and planned for this moment, but to be living it was completely different. His cock pulsed as Alana pulled his zipper downward.

“Ohhh……” Sam moaned with his head spinning.

Once Alana got Sam’s zipper down she took a deep breath and reached into his pants. Her mouth opened just a little as her hand made contact with his rock hard cock.

“Oh my god, you are not about to do this..” Alana thought to herself still in denial about the situation.

Alana’s fingers wrapped around Sam’s manhood and with little effort she freed his cock from the confines of his pants. Sam brought his hands up to the side of Alana’s head as if to pull her forward towards his cock. Alana was staring at the hard cock in front of her not completely sure if she was going to go through with what she said earlier. Her heart was beating fast and hard and whether she liked it or not she was a woman, and in front of her was a very handsome, and a very “exposed” you man. She tried to fight it but was finding it harder and harder to keep her body’s responses in check. She hoped Sam hadn’t noticed her now erect nipples blatantly showing through the lacy bra she had on.

Alana’s thoughts were interrupted when Sam pulled her forward. Instinctively Alana’s mouth opened and engulfed the head of Sam’s cock. Just like four months ago she found the size perfect for her mouth and was quite amazed at how hard Sam was. Her husband had no problems getting an erection but Sam was like a lead pipe.

“Oh my god…….” Sam groaned as he watched his cock disappear between Alana’s pink lips.

Sam started rocking back and forth trying to get as much of his cock into Alana’s mouth as possible. Alana put her hands on Sam’s hips and pushed herself away.

“What’s the deal?” Sam said quickly.

“If we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do it my way at my own pace.” Alana said breathing heavily.

“Fine whatever.” Sam shot back.

Alana realized that with the urgency in Sam’s voice and him trying to stab his cock into her mouth that this might be over more quickly than she could’ve hoped for. All she had to do was give this boy a quickie blowjob and he would be gone, at least for a little while. Enough time for her to think of a way out of this mess.

Alana reached out with one hand and lifted Sam’s cock. She turned her head a little to the side and in one delicate motion licked up the underside of Sam’s cock. Once at the top she expertly took the head of Sam’s cock into her warm mouth and slowly she began sucking his cock. Her tongue teased the young man and after a while Alana found herself really getting into what she was doing.

“Ummmm…….” Alana moaned as she took more of Sam’s cock into her mouth.

With a smack Sam’s cock popped from Alana’s mouth and he watched as his best friend’s mom licked his balls.

“Oh…..Miss Alana…..yeah that’s it.” Sam moaned as his knees were becoming weak.

Alana was getting more turned on that she would’ve liked and before she knew it her hand had slipped inside her panties. Once her fingers passed over her neatly trimmed mound she was shocked at how wet she had become. Her pink panties were now almost transparent. She picked up the pace a little and as her tongue slid up and down Sam’s cock she could feel it pulsing faster and faster. She knew it wouldn’t take much more. Alana dipped one of her fingers into her pussy and an electric jolt was sent through her body.

“Ohhhh……” Alana softly purred around Sam’s cock.

Sam wanted this moment to last forever but he knew he was about to cum. As the moment approached he decided against warning Alana, after all she was going to have to get used to this, he thought.

From the moment Sam’s cock entered her mouth Alana could taste the salty precum his cock had been oozing and to her surprise she really liked the taste. She was a little shocked when all of a sudden Sam let out a loud moan and her mouth began filling with his cum.

“Ohhhh…YYYEEAAhHHHHh!!!!” Sam screamed as his cock unloaded blast after blast of cum into Alana’s mouth.

Alana could say nothing as Sam’s cock filled her mouth to capacity. Reluctantly, she swallowed a large amount of Sam’s cum, and to her surprise, he kept cumming. Before she knew it her mouth was full again.

“My god, how much does he have!?” Alana marveled as cum began dripping from the sides of her mouth.

When she swallowed a second time she gagged a little and Sam’s cock plopped out of her mouth. With one last shot Sam’s cock shot a rope of cum across Alana’s face.

“Jeezzzus Christ ……” Sam said as he leaned up against the wall trying to recover.

Alana sat in the floor in her underwear with Sam’s cum running down her face and leaking from her mouth. She was still breathing heavily and at a loss for what to do next. A drop of cum from her face fell and landed between her breasts as she stared at Sam.

“Damn…that was better than last time!!!” Sam exclaimed.

“Please get your clothes and leave before James and Greg get back.” Alana said coldly as she wiped Sam’s cum from around her eye.

“Not just yet.” Sam said still trying to catch his breath.

Alana starred at the boy wondering how he could’ve went from such a nice young man into a blackmailing psycho. She picked up her skirt and used it to wipe Sam’s cum off of her face and chest. There was no talking for a few uncomfortable minutes as Alana just sat there starring blankly at Sam who was sitting naked on her couch. Finally Sam broke the silence.

“Stand up.” He ordered.

“What?……Why?” Alana asked frustrated.

“Because I want to see you better.” Sam said.

“I think you’ve seen enough for one day. Its time for you to leave.” Alana said firmly.

“I’ll leave when I want to, now stand up or Greg gets an earful of my confession.” Sam said.

Alana had tried arguing and even trying to scare Sam out of what he had planned but it was becoming quite obvious that he wasn’t budging. Reluctantly she stood up in nothing but her underwear. Sam was right; she was a very beautiful woman. Her long dark hair was now a tasseled mess that somehow added to her sexiness. The lacy bra and panties she was wearing didn’t hurt either. As Alana stood there she could feel Sam’s eyes traveling all over her body. In some remote corner of her mind she was slightly flattered that Sam thought she was “hot.”

“Well at least now I know I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it.” Sam said mildly amused.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Alana asked confused.

Before Sam could answer Alana saw where he was looking. He was starring at her soaked panties.

“I didn’t enjoy anything Sam. The same thing would happen to any woman who… was…..doing what I was doing.” Alana said trying to justify her wet panties to not only Sam but also herself.

“Is that why your nipples are hard too?” Sam asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Alana said crossing her arms to cover her chest as best she could.

“Turn around.” Sam ordered.

Alana did as she was told and was now standing with her back towards Sam. She felt like piece of meat being paraded around for his enjoyment.

“You really are beautiful.” Sam said eyeing Alana.

Alana said nothing. She just wanted this moment to be over and done with. Sam on the other hand was just getting started. He walked over behind Alana and stepped right up behind her. Alana could feel Sam’s young hard body push up against her, the touch sent a shiver down her spine. Sam brushed Alana’s hair to one side exposing her neck. His hands found Alana’s waist and he gently squeezed. Alana exhaled lightly. She could feel Sam’s warm breath on her neck. Sam began to gently kiss Alana’s neck as she cursed him for finding one of her most favorite places to be kissed.

“Ummmmmm…..”Alana quietly moaned as her eyes rolled back into her head from the pleasurable sensation.

Before long Alana found herself leaning her head to one side to give Sam access to more of her neck. Slowly Sam’s hands crept up Alana’s body and she felt her bra being taken off. Sam cupped a breast in each hand and squeezed them gently. Alana arched her back instinctively and she could feel Sam’s hard cock pressing against her ass.

“My god……he’s hard again.” Alana marveled.

Suddenly Sam stopped his assault on Alana’s neck but before she could be disappointed he began to kneel behind her kissing her back as he knelt. Once he was to his knees Alana felt him pulling her panties down. Sam watched as Alana’s heart shaped ass came into full view. Alana did nothing to stop him and in fact she stepped out of her panties once Sam had them all the way to the floor. There was no use fighting it.

“Come here.” Sam said as he stood and took Alana by the hand.

He led her to the couch and sat her down. Alana watched as Sam knelt in front of her and pushed her backwards until she was leaning up against the back of the couch with her legs hanging off the front. Sam grabbed a knee in each hand and spread Alana’s legs wide.

“Sam…….I don’t know about…..”

But before Alana could finish her sentence Sam leaned forward and kissed Alana’s right inner thigh. Sam started planting little kisses as he neared her pussy and just as Alana thought he as going to kiss her soaking pussy he just gently blew his hot breath over her aching lips as he made his way to her other thigh. Alana just sat there with her mouth open as he kissed his way toward her pussy again. But this time he didn’t disappoint her. The anticipation was killing her and finally Sam stuck out his tongue and tasted what he had wanted to taste for so long.

“Uhhhhh…..ohhhhhhh” Alana moaned. It had too long since the last time someone had eaten her pussy.

Sam was amazed at how soft and smooth Alana’s pussy was. Her pussy tasted great too. This was the most erotic thing Sam had ever done. He had never performed oral sex on a woman before but he had watched enough porno’s to get the idea. He quickly flicked his tongue across Alana’s clit and then he would suck her clit as hard as he could. He had wanted to do this for as long as he could remember and now that he was doing it he was going to enjoy himself.

“You taste great.” Sam said in between licks.

“Ummmmmmmmmmm………Ohhhhhh my god..” Alana moaned as her toes curled.

Try as she might Alana couldn’t help but enjoy what Sam was doing to her. He might be blackmailing her into it but she loved the way his tongue made her feel. Alana grabbed Sam by the hair with one hand and pushed him even harder against her pussy. She could feel her legs starting to twitch and she knew that it wouldn’t be long until she would cum.

“Oh..yeah…….just like that…don’t stop.” Alana pleaded as Sam upped the pace with his tongue.

Alana had Sam by the hair with one hand as she squeezed her tits with the other. She could feel a fire beginning to burn hotter and hotter deep inside her. For his part Sam said nothing, he just continued to enjoy eating Alana’s pussy and watching her squirm in pleasure. Alana was starting to loose control as her ass started lifting off of the couch each time Sam’s flicking tongue touched her clit.

“Ohhhhhh….my….goooooooooddd!!!” Alana moaned as her orgasm approached.

Sam did his best to lick faster and harder and he knew he was doing his job right when Alana grabbed his head with both hands and buried his face in her cunt. Sam couldn’t breathe but he didn’t care as he watched Alana’s mouth open as she came.

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“OHHHHH……..OHHHHHHHHH…OH FUCK!!!” Alana screamed as she came harder than she had ever cum before.

Sam’s mouth was flooded with juice from Alana’s quivering pussy. He savored every bit. Alana’s body shook violently and it was all Sam could do to hold on. As her body convulsed Alana looked down at Sam as he ate her pussy. He had a determined look that she had never seen before. Through the fog of her orgasm Alana realized that it might take a lot longer to get out of this situation than she thought.

“Oh…….my god Sam………..” Alana said in between gasps.

Sam said nothing as he removed his mouth from Alana’s pussy. For a moment Alana starred at Sam’s face as it glistened with sweat and other things. Sam leaned forward and brought his face right in front of Alana. For a few moments they each breathed in each other’s hot breath. Alana looked deep into Sam’s eyes wondering what was next.

“Kiss me.” Sam said softly.

Alana closed her eyes and leaned forward just enough to kiss Sam. Her lips made contact with his in a passionate kiss. Alana’s tongue touched Sam’s lips and she knew all to well what the strange tart taste on his lips was from. Slowly but surely the kiss became hotter hand heavier until Alana and Sam were in the throws of passion. Their tongues were coiled tightly together as each of them fought off the urge to relent and catch a much need breath.

Alana was past the point of caring that she was being forced into what was happening. There was a naked young man on top of her and her body was on autopilot. Her hands explored Sam’s sweat soaked back. Eventually she grabbed Sam’s ass firmly and pulled him toward her. Sam was amazed that Alana seemed to want him to continue.

Alana reached between herself and Sam searching for his cock. She found what she was looking for and positioned Sam’s cock at the entrance to her pussy.

“Fuck me Sam.” Alana hissed as she pulled his body toward her.

As Sam’s cock entered Alana’s pussy she broke the passionate kiss and starred with her mouth open into Sam’s eyes.

“Oh shit……….god you’re tight.” Sam moaned as his cock inched itself deeper into Alana’s burning pussy.

Instinctively Sam’s hips began to buck. Here he was on top of his dream girl and he was going to fuck her brains out. Alana looked over Sam’s shoulder at his rose colored ass as he pounded up and down on top of her.

“Ummmmmm…..” Alana moaned.

Alana was in nirvana as Sam’s hard cock slammed into her pussy. The room was silent except for the sound of flesh slapping into flesh. Alana could feel Sam’s balls hitting her ass with each powerful thrust. She was amazed at his stamina. He fucked her hard and steady for twenty minutes without stopping. A feat her husband hadn’t matched in years.

“Ohhhh..god…yes…” Alana moaned as Sam took a nipple into his hot mouth.

Alana’s pussy felt like warm silk on Sam’s cock and for all his might he knew he was about to cum. As he sucked her tit Sam looked up at Alana and made eye contact with the beautiful woman. Without saying a word each of them knew what was coming. Sam put his arms under Alana’s legs and pulled her knees to her chest in a move he’d seen in countless porn movies. With her knees against her chest Alana held on for the ride of her life. Sam began fucking her harder and faster until he was literally bouncing on top of her. Alana could feel her pussy starting to quiver.

“I……..going…to……..cum.” Sam gasped.

Alana made no move to push Sam off of her; in fact, she didn’t want Sam off of her until she came again.

“Not yet baby….just a little longer.” Alana begged as her own orgasm neared.

Somehow Sam found the strength to continue a little while longer. He looked at his best friend’s mom beneath him with her eyes closed and her teeth clinched. Her face was peppered with beads of sweat.

“OHH…….GOD….OHHHHHHHH………..I’M……..CUMMIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!” Alana screamed as she finally reached her plateau.

Her pussy convulsed around Sam’s young hard cock urging it to release its contents. The sensation of Alana’s pussy squeezing his cock was all Sam needed.

“OH FUCKING SHIT!!!!” Sam shouted as his cock erupted deep inside Alana’s waiting pussy.

Alana could feel the young hard cock inside her straining and pulsing. She could feel Sam’s hot cum coating her insides. Sam’s cock pulsed over and over again. Alana was amazed at how long Sam’s body stayed tense as he emptied a seemingly never-ending amount of cum inside her. She knew Sam was emptying a massive load into her pussy when she began to feel cum draining out of her pussy and down to her puckered asshole.

Finally Sam collapsed onto Alana. As he lay there breathing heavily Alana began to run her fingers through his hair. She didn’t know why, it just felt natural. They lay there like lovers for about fifteen minutes until Sam raised his head and kissed Alana on her soft lips.

“Ms. Alana…..that was fantastic. I’m sorry that I had to force you into it.” Sam said with a “freshly laid” clarity that happens to every male mind after sex.

Alana for her part didn’t know how to react. At first she was furious for being used, but now she felt a little bit bad for Sam. How was he supposed to react after what happened to him?

“It’s ok Sam. Everything will be alright, but you have to promise me something.” Alana said.

“What?…I mean..anything you want.” Sam answered.

“I want you to destroy those tapes you made. And don’t ever try to make me do anything I don’t want to ever again.” Alana said sternly.

Sam reluctantly agreed and the two lay there in each other’s embrace for a while longer until Alana noticed the clock.

“You’re going to have to leave pretty soon. James and Greg will be back soon.” Alana said.

“I know. I just don’t want to leave.” Sam said saddened.

Alana stood up and slipped back on her panties and bra. She walked over to Sam and kissed him on the forehead. Just as he thought she was going to leave Alana whispered something into his ear.

“Come back later tonight and we’ll talk a little more. Maybe we can reach an arrangement that suits us both…”

With that Alana sashayed out of the room with a very stunned and naked Sam still reeling.Angel Yoni Massage London

“OHHHHH……..OHHHHHHHHH…OH FUCK!!!” Alana screamed as she came harder than she had ever cum before.

Sam’s mouth was flooded with juice from Alana’s quivering pussy. He savored every bit. Alana’s body shook violently and it was all Sam could do to hold on. As her body convulsed Alana looked down at Sam as he ate her pussy. He had a determined look that she had never seen before. Through the fog of her orgasm Alana realized that it might take a lot longer to get out of this situation than she thought.

“Oh…….my god Sam………..” Alana said in between gasps.

Sam said nothing as he removed his mouth from Alana’s pussy. For a moment Alana starred at Sam’s face as it glistened with sweat and other things. Sam leaned forward and brought his face right in front of Alana. For a few moments they each breathed in each other’s hot breath. Alana looked deep into Sam’s eyes wondering what was next.

“Kiss me.” Sam said softly.

Alana closed her eyes and leaned forward just enough to kiss Sam. Her lips made contact with his in a passionate kiss. Alana’s tongue touched Sam’s lips and she knew all to well what the strange tart taste on his lips was from. Slowly but surely the kiss became hotter hand heavier until Alana and Sam were in the throws of passion. Their tongues were coiled tightly together as each of them fought off the urge to relent and catch a much need breath.

Alana was past the point of caring that she was being forced into what was happening. There was a naked young man on top of her and her body was on autopilot. Her hands explored Sam’s sweat soaked back. Eventually she grabbed Sam’s ass firmly and pulled him toward her. Sam was amazed that Alana seemed to want him to continue.

Alana reached between herself and Sam searching for his cock. She found what she was looking for and positioned Sam’s cock at the entrance to her pussy.

“Fuck me Sam.” Alana hissed as she pulled his body toward her.

As Sam’s cock entered Alana’s pussy she broke the passionate kiss and starred with her mouth open into Sam’s eyes.

“Oh shit……….god you’re tight.” Sam moaned as his cock inched itself deeper into Alana’s burning pussy.

Instinctively Sam’s hips began to buck. Here he was on top of his dream girl and he was going to fuck her brains out. Alana looked over Sam’s shoulder at his rose colored ass as he pounded up and down on top of her.

“Ummmmmm…..” Alana moaned.

Alana was in nirvana as Sam’s hard cock slammed into her pussy. The room was silent except for the sound of flesh slapping into flesh. Alana could feel Sam’s balls hitting her ass with each powerful thrust. She was amazed at his stamina. He fucked her hard and steady for twenty minutes without stopping. A feat her husband hadn’t matched in years.

“Ohhhh..god…yes…” Alana moaned as Sam took a nipple into his hot mouth.

Alana’s pussy felt like warm silk on Sam’s cock and for all his might he knew he was about to cum. As he sucked her tit Sam looked up at Alana and made eye contact with the beautiful woman. Without saying a word each of them knew what was coming. Sam put his arms under Alana’s legs and pulled her knees to her chest in a move he’d seen in countless porn movies. With her knees against her chest Alana held on for the ride of her life. Sam began fucking her harder and faster until he was literally bouncing on top of her. Alana could feel her pussy starting to quiver.

“I……..going…to……..cum.” Sam gasped.

Alana made no move to push Sam off of her; in fact, she didn’t want Sam off of her until she came again.

“Not yet baby….just a little longer.” Alana begged as her own orgasm neared.

Somehow Sam found the strength to continue a little while longer. He looked at his best friend’s mom beneath him with her eyes closed and her teeth clinched. Her face was peppered with beads of sweat.

“OHH…….GOD….OHHHHHHHH………..I’M……..CUMMIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!” Alana screamed as she finally reached her plateau.

Her pussy convulsed around Sam’s young hard cock urging it to release its contents. The sensation of Alana’s pussy squeezing his cock was all Sam needed.

“OH FUCKING SHIT!!!!” Sam shouted as his cock erupted deep inside Alana’s waiting pussy.

Alana could feel the young hard cock inside her straining and pulsing. She could feel Sam’s hot cum coating her insides. Sam’s cock pulsed over and over again. Alana was amazed at how long Sam’s body stayed tense as he emptied a seemingly never-ending amount of cum inside her. She knew Sam was emptying a massive load into her pussy when she began to feel cum draining out of her pussy and down to her puckered asshole.

Finally Sam collapsed onto Alana. As he lay there breathing heavily Alana began to run her fingers through his hair. She didn’t know why, it just felt natural. They lay there like lovers for about fifteen minutes until Sam raised his head and kissed Alana on her soft lips.

“Ms. Alana…..that was fantastic. I’m sorry that I had to force you into it.” Sam said with a “freshly laid” clarity that happens to every male mind after sex.

Alana for her part didn’t know how to react. At first she was furious for being used, but now she felt a little bit bad for Sam. How was he supposed to react after what happened to him?

“It’s ok Sam. Everything will be alright, but you have to promise me something.” Alana said.

“What?…I mean..anything you want.” Sam answered.

“I want you to destroy those tapes you made. And don’t ever try to make me do anything I don’t want to ever again.” Alana said sternly.

Sam reluctantly agreed and the two lay there in each other’s embrace for a while longer until Alana noticed the clock.

“You’re going to have to leave pretty soon. James and Greg will be back soon.” Alana said.

“I know. I just don’t want to leave.” Sam said saddened.

Alana stood up and slipped back on her panties and bra. She walked over to Sam and kissed him on the forehead. Just as he thought she was going to leave Alana whispered something into his ear.

“Come back later tonight and we’ll talk a little more. Maybe we can reach an arrangement that suits us both…”

With that Alana sashayed out of the room with a very stunned and naked Sam still reeling.

Chapter 03

As the morning sun began to peep into Alana Scott’s bedroom the brightness began to awaken her. She stretched her body out with a soft yawn and slowly opened her eyes. Alana looked over at her husband sleeping soundly next to her, and smiled. Last night her husband had made love to her particularly well and she lay there still satisfied. As Alana sat up in her bed the nightgown she was sleeping in became tangled around her. So as she lifted herself up the gown slid up her torso and revealed one of her breasts. In Alana’s euphoric state she looked at herself in the mirror and did her best playboy model pose.

“Do I make you horny?” Alana whispered trying her best to imitate Austin Powers.

She almost burst out laughing. The last two weeks of her life had been grand. No problems at all and she was enjoying herself. That wasn’t the case at all up until a couple weeks ago. About three or four months ago while on vacation Alana, her son James, and his best friend Sam were kidnapped by two men. Alana was forced to have sex with the two men and then they forced her to do the same with Sam and even her own son. After the ordeal the three made a deal to try and just forget about the whole thing but that didn’t last. A couple months after they got back Sam had become so obsessed with Alana that he concocted a plan to blackmail her into having sex with him again. The plan worked, Alana was made to have sex with Sam but during the experience Alana began to feel sorry for Sam after what he had been through. She made a deal with Sam. A deal that has been in effect for two weeks. The deal was that Sam could have sex with her two or three times a week at times of her choosing. In exchange he would destroy all the evidence he used to blackmail her and eventually try to move on with his life. Alana reasoned that eventually Sam would tire of her or forget about her when his young mind found another girl to focus on. So for the last two weeks Sam has been coming by whenever he could. If there was no one at home with her Alana would have sex with him. Even though she knew it to be very wrong Alana had become quite attached to Sam. The way the young man looked at her as they were making love excited her to no end. In fact, she had become somewhat addicted to the feeling. Even though Alana had become comfortable with her little affair she wasn’t stupid, she was very careful about their little rendezvous’. She was however, very creative in their affair. Once, Sam was on top of Alana, who was on top of the dining room table, and was right in the middle of fucking her when they heard Alana’s husband pulling up in the driveway. Sam was running out the back door just as Greg was coming in the front. He was met by a smiling wife who was doing all she could to keep her young lovers cum from running down her legs.

Alana’s good mood, while she didn’t want to admit it was in fact do to the fact that for the last couple of weeks she had been the object of affection of two men. While before all the craziness had started she was very satisfied with her sex life, now two men were satisfying her. She had the best of both worlds. Her husband provided the experienced, tender love making that curled her toes, while Sam provided the intense fucking that would leave her a sweaty mess on the floor.

Alana’s good mood was reigned in slightly as she remembered that her husband was going out of town for a week on business. Not to mention he wouldn’t be there for her birthday this coming Thursday.

“Can’t have my cake and eat it too.” Alana reasoned to herself.

Not wanting her good mood to disappear all together Alana decided to go downstairs and make Greg some breakfast. A morning in bed together eating breakfast sounded just fine to her. Without thinking of what she was wearing Alana got out of bed and started down the hallway toward the stairs. Halfway down the stairs she realized that all she has on was a thin nightgown that was barely long enough to cover her panties. Alana wasn’t known for her modesty but she didn’t walk around the house naked either. To make matters worse Alana only wore very sexy underwear. Thongs, lace panties, and boy shorts made up the bulk of her underwear drawer. With each step down the stairs her nightgown would slide up her legs and reveal her red lace panties, then slide back down again.

“Oh well, its 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, no one will get up until at least 10:00.” She thinks to herself.

Alana began to make breakfast taking care to be quiet, not wanting to wake her husband or son. Some eggs, bacon, grits and toast will start the morning off right she thinks to herself as she gathers the ingredients. As Alana began to beat the eggs in a bowl she felt a cool breeze on her exposed legs.

“I bet Greg left that window open again.” Alana thinks to herself as goose bumps begin to form on her long legs.

Alana then went back about her business while thinking of what she was going to do on her birthday without her husband being home. Greg usually took her out on the town and she would have a ball. Not this year though she thought subconsciously pouting her lips. Just as that thought had left her mind Alana was startled as a pair of arms wrapped around her stomach. Just as she was about to scream she heard Sam’s voice.

“Good morning sexy.” Sam said as he kissed Alana on the neck causing an electric shiver to race down her spine to her toes.

“Jesus Christ Sam!!! You scared the crap outta me!” Alana said doing all she could not to shout.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you scared so easily.” Sam said releasing his grip.

“It’s ok, it’s just, I was thinking to myself. You caught me off guard.” Alana said slightly amused at her reaction.

Sam pulled a chair out and sat down. He was all too happy to sit and watch as Alana glided around the kitchen in her nightgown. When she reached up into one of the cabinets Sam’s eye caught a glimpse of Alana’s panties.

“Those are nice.” Sam said nonchalantly.

Alana turned to see what Sam was looking at. Realizing it was her panties she rolled her eyes as she turned back around.

“Well they’re new; I’ve only worn them twice so you’ll have to wait a while.” Alana said referring to Sam’s penchant for pilfering her underwear in the past.

“That was before I could have what’s inside your panties.” Sam replied smiling, knowing his little comments about their affair made Alana uncomfortable.

“Sam, it’s not that I mind that much but what are you doing over so early in the morning?” Alana asked quickly changing the subject after Sam’s arrogant remark.

“Well, I wouldn’t have even come over but last night my mom and dad told me that I gotta go see my grandma in Florida this week. She’s like a hundred years old and they said I might not see her many more times.” Sam said staring at the floor.

“Well you should go see your grandmother, how long will you be gone?” Alana asked.

“Two freakin weeks, can you believe it? I don’t know how I’m gonna make it.” Sam said.

“It’ll be ok.” Alana said as she opened the refrigerator to get the bacon.

As the cool air blanketed her body Alana was again reminded that she was wearing next to nothing. Considering that Sam had seen her in a lot less her modesty wasn’t warranted.

“But how am I supposed to go two weeks without….you know? Sam asked.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll take matters into your own hands.” Alana said flashing a sarcastic grin towards Sam, enjoying a little payback for his earlier comment.

“Ha Ha.” Sam said standing up.

As Alana began opening the package of bacon at the counter Sam walked up behind her and reached around with both hands and cupped Alana’s firm breasts. The thin material of Alana’s nightgown offered little insulation from Sam’s gentle caress.

“Ohhhhhhh…Ummmmm..Sam….that feels…uh….you know we can’t do this right now.” Alana whispered.

“I know. But if I’m gonna be gone for two weeks I gotta have something to remember.” Sam whispered into Alana’s ear.

Alana could feel Sam’s hard young cock pressing against her ass. Deep down she liked being able to turn a boy of Sam’s age on. Alana’s ego wasn’t out of control, but the fact that she was desirable to a younger man didn’t hurt her feelings. The bulge in Sam’s pants wedged perfectly right in the middle of Alana’s ass and her body tingled as Sam’s hands massaged her breasts. Alana arched her back and turned her head to kiss the young man. Breathing in softly her lips parted as they pressed against Sam’s. Their tongues teased each other and Alana moaned as she felt Sam’s hand gently rub her panty-covered pussy. The sensation over powered Alana and she inadvertently knocked the knife she was using to open the bacon onto the floor resulting in a loud crash.

“Damnit….” Alana said as she and Sam both froze.

Alana remained motionless for a good minute waiting to hear if anyone had been woken up by the noise. After a few more tense moments Alana and Sam began to breathe again. Alana turned to face Sam and smiled as her lips pressed against his. Alana’s hand followed Sam’s thigh until she found what she was looking for. She began to softly fondle Sam’s hard cock through his shorts.

“Ahh youth.” Alana thought as she was amazed at how hard Sam’s cock was.

“Is this for me?” Alana teased as her hand found its way inside Sam’s shorts.

What both Alana and Sam both were unaware of was that the loud noise had indeed awoken someone. Alana’s son James heard a strange noise, and even though it was very early, he decided he better go see what it was.

“Damn it’s early.” James thought to himself as he groggily made his way down the stairs.

What he saw next would awaken him faster than the strongest cup of coffee. As he reached the bottom of the stairs and peaked around the corner he heard soft moaning. His eyes began to focus and he could see his mother’s back and someone’s arms wrapped around her. As he inched forward a little more he was shocked to see that it was Sam that was holding his mom. James quickly stepped back a couple of inches to remain hidden. As he peaked around the corner he couldn’t believe his eyes. His mother was very passionately kissing his best friend and her hand was inside his shorts.

“Two weeks without this is gonna be murder.” Sam said as he kissed Alana.

“You think you’re the only one who’s gotten used to our little get-togethers?” Alana asked as she stroked Sam’s cock.

Alana could feel a familiar heat emanating from her panties. Just knowing that she was having an affair with a boy her son’s age turned Alana on like nothing else. That simple fact bothered her more than she would ever admit to herself.

James couldn’t believe his ears. As he listened further Sam and Alana let go of enough information that James could get a rough idea of how Sam came to be standing in his house making out with his mom. At first James was furious, he came very close to walking into the kitchen and beating the shit out of Sam. But as mad as he was he couldn’t turn away. Even though Alana was his mother it was impossible to ignore how attractive she was.

“Hey, if I make it quick can I get a piece of ass before I have to go?” Sam asked as James looked on in utter amazement.

“A piece of ass? So that’s what I am huh?” Alana asked not at all liking Sam’s new boldness.

“You know what I mean, please.” Sam asked.

“Oh…Sam I don’t know. I guess so, but you have to really quiet and make it quick.” Alana said nervously.

Although she was horny Alana was all too aware that just above her head her husband and son were sleeping. Alana looked around, and then she smiled at Sam. She then walked over to the counter and pulled her nightgown up around her waist and slid her panties down to her ankles.

“Well it doesn’t get any easier than this.” Alana said smiling at Sam over her shoulder as she spread her legs apart a little wider.

Sam walked up behind Alana and unzipped his shorts. Alana breathed deeply in anticipation as Sam leaned forward and took her breasts into his hands. Although Alana liked the entire act of making love, her favorite sensation was the initial penetration. From his vantage point James could see his mother’s mouth open and her eyes close as Sam entered her. Even though she was his mother the sight of Alana bent over the counter being fucked was probably the most erotic thing James had ever seen.

“Oh my god yes.” Alana cooed as Sam’s cock spread her pussy lips apart. In her hypersexual state every vein in Sam’s cock was appreciated as his young cock slipped in and out of Alana’s wet pussy.

As her young lover’s thrusts became harder and harder Alana stood on her toes and spread her legs a little more to make it easier for Sam to enter her. For the next few minutes the house was quiet except for the sound of Sam’s flesh slapping against Alana’s.

“OHH…OH…..DAMN YOUR TIGHT.” Sam moaned as he watched his cock spread Alana’s velvet pussy lips.

Alana looked over her shoulder and put her finger over her lips and told Sam to be quiet. She knew it would be hard but she didn’t want to wake anyone up. After a few more thrusts James could see Alana’s eyes shut tightly and her teeth clinched together. Alana could tell Sam was close to cumming. His cock was as hard as steel as he fucked her. Alana’s tongue traced her lips as her pussy gripped Sam’s cock tightly. Sam’s hips began to buck violently and Alana looked as if she was riding a mechanical bull. She could feel Sam’s cock flooding her pussy with hot cum as her feet were lifted off the floor with each thrust of Sam’s hips. Every time Sam fucked her she was amazed at how much cum he could produce. After twelve or thirteen convulsions Sam finally relaxed and pulled Alana close to him and kissed her as she breathed very heavily. After a few moments their kiss ended and Alana again leaned forward and put her hands on the counter reveling in the afterglow as Sam’s cock softened inside her. While this particular session didn’t last nearly long enough to make her cum, Alana still felt satisfied.

From his hiding place James realized that he was as hard as he’d ever been. The fact that it was his mother that did this to him still weirded him out a little.

“Oh shit!” Sam exclaimed looking down at his watch.

“What is it?” Alana asked still breathing heavily with her hair in her face.

“I was supposed to be back ten minutes ago.” Sam exclaimed.

Alana smiled and looked over her shoulder at Sam as he stood there still inside her.

“Well you can’t go home with me stuck to you.” Alana said as she sexily wiggled her ass.

Sam smiled back and pulled his limp cock from Alana’s pussy. Alana made a sad puppy dog face as Sam’s cock left her. Sam then quickly pulled up his shorts and kissed Alana on the cheek before he ran out the back door. Alana waved as she stood there still bent over the counter. She shook her head as she bent down and pulled up her panties. She knew she had to do it and she did like the feeling having sex with someone other than her husband, but to just be used by Sam to get off still made her feel dirty. After a few moments she went back to making breakfast for her husband.

Around the corner by the stairs just feet way, James stood not knowing what to think. He quietly made his way back up the stairs closed his door and sat down on his bed. A range of emotions coursed through his body.

“How could she do it? How could she fuck my best friend? After all that we’ve been through….”

At a loss for words James put his head in his hands and lost himself in thought. After a while James stood up. He wasn’t at a loss for words any longer. And all the different emotions were replaced with just one, anger. He was as pissed off as he had ever been. How could his own mother be a willing participant in what he had just seen? After she was raped in front of him how could she do it? He went through so much to try and get his life back to normal how could she do it? How could she be such a slut? HOW COULD SHE FUCK SAM?!?!?!?

That day in his room James changed. He still loved his mother but he no longer thought of his mother in the same light. He no longer felt sorry for her after what she had been through. If she could fuck Sam then she could fuck him. The only thing he had to do was think of a way to make it happen. How does one go about fucking their mother? Then like the grinch that stole Christmas James grinned as an idea began to form.

James had sat in his room for about fifteen minutes before he came up with a plan to fuck his own mother. Before he resorted to blackmail like Sam did he would butter his mom up with compliments and make subtle sexual advances towards her. He knew that deep down Alana loved compliments. He would be alone with her all week, a perfect time to test his plan. If all else failed he would simply tell his mother that he was going to tell his dad and everyone else what happened all those months ago and what she was doing with Sam now. Since his mother was already downstairs alone now was as good a time as any to begin the fun and games.

“This will do just fine.” James said as he slipped off his shirt and put on some old worn out boxers.

Being almost naked would add to his mother’s discomfort. He then made his way downstairs being sure to stomp loudly enough for his mother to hear. Downstairs Alana was about to finish up breakfast when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Her stomach immediately tied itself in knots knowing that she was half naked and with no other way out of the kitchen. Finally accepting what was happening Alana could only hope it was Greg. She could explain her lack of clothing by saying she wanted to surprise him. Alana quickly ran over to the kitchen sink and acted like she was putting dishes into the dishwasher. Behind her she heard footsteps entering the kitchen and going to the refrigerator. When the anxiety reached its boiling point Alana looked over her shoulder to see who it was.

“Damn,damn,damn…” Alana said to herself as she saw her shirtless son drinking out of the milk jug.

“What in the world is he doing up this early?” Alana thought to herself as she tried to hide her modesty.

Although it wasn’t that big of a deal Alana just wasn’t comfortable with her son seeing her almost naked after what had happened all those months ago. James for his part found his mother’s squirming very entertaining. For the time being he acted as if nothing was inappropriate about how his mother was dressed. In fact, he found himself admiring Alana’s body as she finished making breakfast. James was getting used to his new role all too quickly.

“Mom, could you get me the cereal please? I’m starving.” James said innocently as he grabbed a spoon and a bowl and sat down at the table.

Alana cringed as what her son asked of her processed in her mind. The cereal was on the top shelf in the cabinet and she would have to stand on her toes in order to reach it. She knew all to well that if she lifted her arms her nightgown would be pulled up exposing her panties.

“This is REAL good…go ahead give your son an eyeful.” Alana thought as she cursed herself for not changing her clothes this morning.

“Umm…..sure thing…” she mumbled not wanting to draw attention to herself.

James’s eyes got wider as his mom made her way over to the counter. His heart started beating faster and a lump formed in his throat as he watched Alana open the cabinet door. He was actually manipulating his mother so he could get a look at her panty covered ass. Tentatively Alana reached toward the cereal box but she was no where near tall enough.

“C’mon……you can do it.” James thought to himself as he stared intently at his mother’s shapely legs.

Finally his bravery was rewarded as Alana stood on her toes and strained to reach the cereal. As soon as she stretched, her nightgown was pulled up over her panties. James was awestruck at how round and firm his mother’s ass was. Her legs seemed to go on forever and as they ended her amazing ass began. James could feel his cock beginning to stir.

“Damnit…all I had to do was put on my housecoat.” Alana thought to herself as her hand finally made contact with the box of cereal.

Alana quickly closed the cabinet door and made her way over to the table where her son sat. As she leaned forward to put the box of cereal on the table Alana could’ve sworn her son was looking at her chest. Not sure what to make of the situation Alana turned to leave. She could finally put on some clothes she thought. But James wasn’t quite done yet.

“Ummm…mom could you do me one more favor?” He asked.

“What do you need now?” Alana asked a little annoyed.

“Could you get me the big bowl that I use? This little one isn’t gonna be enough for me.” James said surprised that he had the guts to ask his mother to do something else.

Alana’s eyes got wide as she realized what her son wanted her to do. The big bowl he wanted was kept on a bottom shelf in the corner. The only way to reach it was for her to bend over and reach pretty far into the cabinet.

“Can’t you just make two bowls?” Alana asked trying to think fast.

“Pretty please.” James asked.

“Oh for the love of….” Alana cursed herself as she made her way over to the cabinet.

Not wanting to prolong her own misery Alana opened the door and bent over. This time her nightgown slid up her abdomen and bunched up around her shoulders as she reached for the bowl. Her legs remained straight and James’s eyes followed her thighs up until he saw his mom’s panty covered pussy. There was a damp spot that caught James’ eye, no doubt the remains of Sam and Alana’s little get together this morning. Also, there was a little gap between Alana’s legs that James found intoxicatingly attractive. But alas all good things come to an end and his mother stood back up and walked the bowl over to him.

“Thanks mom.” James said smiling.

“You’re welcome.” Alana said with a puzzled look on her face as she wondered exactly what had just happened.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully. Sam and Greg both left and Alana went about her daily chores as usual. James on the other hand was all too eager to put his plan in motion, but he decided to wait for Monday morning.

About 10:30 Monday morning James got up and took a shower like he always does. After he got out of the shower he made his way to his room but this particular morning he left his door open. He knew that his mother made many trips by his door throughout the day. He didn’t have to wait long until he heard his mother’s footsteps coming up the stairs. Confidently James un-wrapped his towel from around his waist and dropped it onto the floor. He wasn’t arrogant usually but James knew his package was bigger than most. Giving his mother an eyeful should ratchet up the tension just fine he thought. James stood with his back toward his door and waited. Just as his mother’s footsteps were right at his door he spread his feet apart a little more and began to comb his hair.

Alana was making her way toward the bathroom to get the dirty laundry. As she passed her son’s doorway she unknowingly glanced inside his room. Her eyes opened wide as she stopped mid-stride.

“Oh my ….” Alana said as she saw her son’s naked body still glistening with water droplets.

As her eyes quickly surveyed his body, her gaze halted just as she had passed his shapely rear end. There hanging about halfway to his knees was his flaccid cock. She had forgotten how large her son was. It was the biggest penis she had ever seen. Instinctively Alana bit her bottom lip as she starred at her son’s cock. Suddenly she felt a tingle between her legs. Since she’d been having so much sex lately Alana was more susceptible to getting turned on. Just as she felt her nipples tingling Alana quickly hurried down the hall to the bathroom not sure what to think.

“How do you like them apples?” James thought to himself as his mother hurried off.

“My god….” Alana thought to herself as she breathed heavily in the bathroom.

She had just seen her son’s manhood and was amazed at how big it was. The first time she saw it was when the kidnappers made her have sex with Sam and her son. But, she was in a dark room with tears in her eyes and to be quite honest she really didn’t get a good look at the sheer size of it. When she mounted her son she knew he was big, but she’d just been raped by two well endowed men. She had briefly seen her son’s package a few weeks ago before all the craziness with Sam started but to be honest that whole week was a blur. To see it today…in the brightly lit house……was shocking.

“Get it out of your head girl…” Alana said to herself.

She starred at herself in the mirror and smiled, slightly amused.

“Well, who wouldn’t stare at that thing? He’s gonna make some girl happy one day.” She thought almost laughing.

After a few seconds Alana went back to her daily duties. Since she was in the bathroom she gathered up the dirty clothes. As she turned she sat the clothes hamper down in order to open the door. As the door opened Alana was a little startled when her son, wearing nothing but some old jogging pants, appeared in the doorway. What seemed like coincidence to Alana was in fact anything but. James had been waiting in the hallway because he wanted to take his little game a bit further.

“ you scared me.” Alana said.

“Sorry mom, I just need to get the hair dryer.” James said positioning himself in the doorway knowing his mother would have to squeeze by him to get out.

Alana, clueless to what was going on, was in a hurry to get back to her daily routine. She picked up the clothes hamper and began to make her way through the door. Because her son was taking up half the doorway she squeezed the clothes hamper through first and then turned to the side with her back facing her son. Slowly she began squeezing by but as she did she was pushed tightly up against her son. Alana’s ass slid across James’ hips and as she reached the mid point she felt something that caused her to pause for a split second.

“What in the world….” Alana thought as she could feel something hard wedged right between the cheeks of her ass. The revelation caused her to become a little uncomfortable.

“Could I get a little room here sport?” Alana asked not wanting to believe that what she was feeling was her son’s erection.

James was delighted that his little stunt was working like a charm. Feeling a little bolder James decided to give his mom what she wanted. But he was gonna have just a bit more fun first. First James put his hands on his mother’s hips.

“Jeez mom, you smell really good.” James said.

“Uh…thanks honey.” Alana said still slightly uncomfortable with the situation.

Before Alana could protest James went ahead and gave her a little bump as his hips pressed forward slightly. Alana’s eyes opened wide but before she could respond James slid her sideways and closed the door behind him. James smiled at himself in the bathroom mirror as his cock tented his jogging pants.

“I hope to god that was just what Greg calls morning wood.” Alana thought as she went about her business.

Throughout the day Alana could swear that her son was starring at her. At first she thought she was just being paranoid but as the day went on she almost caught James several times starring at her as she bent over. The few times Alana did catch her son starring at her he would simple say something nice to her. Alana’s resolve would quickly melt away when her son paid her a compliment. James knew his mom had come close to catching him red handed starring at her chest or ass a few times today but he didn’t care at all.

“What’s she gonna do?” James thought to himself smugly.

James was sitting in his room bored stiff waiting for the next part of his plan. He had already let his mother see him naked this morning and then gave her a little body contact. Now he wanted to see her naked. He planned on waiting for her to take a shower. When she got out she would find that conveniently all the towels were in the dirty clothes. James grinned as the thought of his naked mom flashed through his head. All he had to do now was wait.

Downstairs Alana had just finished watching her favorite talk show. After doing all her daily duties she decided she would take soak in the bathtub for a while. As she made her way up the stairs toward the bathroom her footsteps caused James to take notice.

“It’s about damn time.” James thought to himself.

His heart raced as he heard the bathroom door close. He knew his mother’s routines all too well. After soaking in the bath for a while she would rinse off in the shower. As soon as she closed the shower curtain to rinse off he would make his move and take all the towels downstairs and put them in the washing machine.

In the bathroom Alana started her bathwater and pulled her shirt over her head. Even though she was in her mid thirties, her workouts kept her in great shape. She nimbly reached behind herself and released the clasp holding her bra on. Then she unbuttoned her blue jeans and slid them over her firm ass and down her toned legs. Finally she removed her panties and sat down in the hot water.

“Oh yeah…thats what I needed.” Alana said as the hot water enveloped her body.

Outside the door James was waiting patiently. His plan was moving along nicely. However, after about twenty minutes of waiting he began to grow impatient.

“C’mon how long can you just sit there?” James asked himself.

Nervously he pushed a little on the bathroom door. Slowly but surely the door opened just a bit, but not enough for him to see anything. Then a light bulb went off in his mind. He quietly tiptoed back to his room and grabbed his pocket knife off his desk. He had seen in some movie where someone used the blade of a knife like a mirror to see around a corner. Once he made it back to the bathroom door he carefully eased the blade of the knife through the crack in the door. After a few seconds of fooling around with it he managed to get the angle right.

“Well helloooooo nurse!” James thought to himself as his mothers face came in to view on the shiny knife blade.

The blade was small but enough for James to see that his mothers eyes were closed as she lay there in the tub. As he angled the blade more his mother’s breasts slowly came into view. They were perfectly round and half submerged under the water. The light pink, silver dollar sized areolas were like beacons to James as he starred intently.

“Man those are nice tits…” James thought to himself.

From reading plenty of men’s magazines and a liberal amount of porn he guessed his mom to be about a 32c bra size. Finally satisfied he angled the blade more. Slowly he watched the knife blade as Alana’s tight stomach came into view. Just a little more angle and then his mouth opened a little. Alana’s neatly trimmed pussy was there for all to see.

“Man, my mom is a MILF and a half.” James thought to himself as he starred at his naked mother.

Finally James’ fun time was over. His mother’s legs began to move in the reflection on his knife blade so he slowly eased the blade back through the crack in the door and listened as Alana stood up and closed the shower curtain. After a few seconds James could hear the water running and then the shower. He waited a few minutes with his heart pounding before slowly opening the door. He wasn’t worried about being seen because their shower curtain had a dark lining. He was as quiet as he could be as he opened the bathroom closet and grabbed the stack of towels. Slowly he exited the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Then with lightning speed he raced down the stairs and put the towels into the washing machine and started the wash cycle. Then James went back to the bottom of the stairs and waited to see what would happen next.

After her shower Alana opened the shower curtain and as the cold air came in contact with her damp skin she rushed to find a towel to dry off. Alana stepped out of the shower and took the two or three steps necessary to get to the cabinet where the towels were kept. As she opened the door she could see that the cabinet was empty.

“Oh this is just great. I know I washed the towels this morning.” Alana thought to herself confused.

With no other options Alana opened the bathroom door just a little and called to her son.

“James! Can you please get me a towel?” Alana shouted.

At the bottom of the stairs James smiled as he remained quiet.

“Hey! Is anyone home?!?” Alana shouted again wondering if she was alone in the house.

Finally after shouting once more Alana reasoned that her son had gone out. Faced with no other option Alana cautiously opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hall. As Alana tip toed down the hall she wasn’t at all happy about dripping water everywhere. All she had to do was make it to her room where she kept a terry-cloth bath robe. Then she could go downstairs and get a towel for her hair.

At the bottom of the stairs James heard his mother’s footsteps as they neared the top of the stairs. It was this exact moment that he had been waiting for. Without saying a word James rushed up the stairs. Just as he reached the top he shouted “Did you say something mom!”

As James shouted Alana froze in the hallway. There was no place to hide. She could only do her best to cover herself with her hands. Quickly she crossed her legs over and covered her exposed breasts with one arm while trying to cover her more sensitive areas with the other. As James finally reached the top of the stairs he froze also. Before him was his very beautiful and very naked mother. Neither of them spoke. They simply didn’t know what to say. Alana stood their watching her son’s eyes survey her body, committing every available detail to memory. Finally Alana spoke.

“Where were you?!?” Alana shouted not sure if she should be angry or embarrassed.

“I was watching T.V.” James said trying not to smile.

“Well I shouted twice for you to get me a towel! Turn around right now!” Alana ordered as her cheeks became red with embarrassment.

After a few seconds passed James still hadn’t turned around. He was starring at his naked mother very intently.

“I said turn around!” Alana ordered again.

“Oh….sorry mom. It’s just that you’re very………pretty.” James said boldly.

Alana didn’t quite know what to say next. Her son was starring at her almost completely naked and the look in his eyes made her body tingle.

“Thanks baby, but you should still turn around.” Alana said as her resolve softened after her son’s remark.

Finally relenting James did as he was asked and turned around. Alana quickly made her way to her room and asked her son to bring her a towel from downstairs. As James was going downstairs for her towel Alana stood behind her door wondering why she couldn’t shake the excited feeling her son’s comment had made her feel. After a few more seconds there was a knock on Alana’s door. She carefully opened her door a little and reached her hand out to get the towel. After having her hand out for a few seconds Alana peeked around the corner to see why her son hadn’t handed her the towel. As she looked around the corner she saw her son standing there with a big grin on his face. Alana couldn’t help but smile as she reached for the towel careful not to expose herself.

“I think that’s enough for today don’t you.” Alana said as she closed her door.

Alana used the towel to dry off and after fixing her hair and putting on some clean clothes she sat on her bed rethinking how she reacted. Her son’s comment echoed through her head as she replayed the event in her mind. James knew all to well his compliment had hit one of his mother’s only weaknesses, her ego.

“He did say I was pretty.” Alana chuckled to herself.

After a few more minutes of introspection Alana decided to not pay what happened any mind. She made her way down the stairs and walked into the living room where James was watching T.V. Not wanting her son to think she was a total prude Alana sat down on the couch beside her son.

“Hey, I’m sorry I shouted at you earlier. It’s just that I was embarrassed.” Alana said.

James looked over at his mother and smiled.

“You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about mom. If I looked like you I’d walk around naked all the time.” James laughed.

Alana’s face again reddened. Her son’s compliments were music to Alana’s ears. She wouldn’t admit it to anyone but Alana worked hard to keep in shape and she loved to hear that all that work wasn’t in vain.

“Suuurrrreeee you would.” Alana said smiling.

“Mom, in case you haven’t noticed you’re the pretties thing in this whole neighborhood.” James said smiling.

“Thanks sweetie.” Alana said blushing.

Their humorous conversation relaxed Alana a little bit. The awkwardness she’d felt earlier was all but gone. In fact, she was almost glowing from the ego swelling her son had given her. As Alana talked, unknown to her, her son’s eyes kept darting down to her exposed legs. All Alana had on was a pair of cotton shorts and a tank top, and her toned legs were all her son needed to see to set him off.

“Well next time it’s someone else’s turn to be caught without any clothes on.” Alana laughed as she turned to see what was on the T.V.

“Deal.” James said placing his hand on his mother’s leg.

Alana’s eyes opened a little wider when she felt her son’s hand on her thigh. His hand wasn’t in an inappropriate place but it was a little higher up on her leg than she would’ve liked. Not wanting to let on that she was uncomfortable Alana decided to slide back a little deeper into the couch. Hopefully her movement would make her son remove his hand. Unfortunately as Alana moved so did her son’s hand.

“Nice try.” James thought to himself all too amused with his little game.

For a few moments there was silence in the house except for the T.V. Then to Alana’s surprise she could feel her son’s hand creeping up her leg. The movement was very slight but there was definitely movement. Alana’s heart started beating faster as she debated her options. At first Alana tried clearing her throat loudly but to no avail.

“Hey, do want something to drink?” Alana asked trying to find a way out of the living room without telling her son to get his damn hand off of her leg.

“No thanks.” James said with a smile.

As Alana tried to think of another excuse James wanted to see how far he could get. Slowly but surely James began lightly squeezing his mother’s thigh. Alana’s heart skipped a beat as she felt her son’s hand, now just inches from her crotch, caressing her leg. The sensation was very pleasurable, too pleasurable as a matter of fact, as Alana could feel herself starting to get wet.

“I’ve got to get outta here.” Alana thought to herself and her son’s hand crept ever closer to her crotch.

Just as James’ little finger was about a half inch from his mother’s pussy Alana jumped up off the couch.

“What’s wrong mom?” James asked innocently.

“Uhh…….I need to………..check the mail.” Alana said not wanting to let on that anything was wrong.

After Alana left James sat on the couch contemplating how to ratchet things up a notch. After a couple of hours of thinking James had come up with nothing. Frustrated he went to sleep hoping tomorrow would come with some inspiration.

Up in her room Alana was pacing back and forth deep in thought. She though everything was fine between her son and her but the groping she’d just endured made her very worried that her son would soon be following Sam’s path toward obsession. After a bit of thinking Alana decided that she had to keep a cool head and not let on that anything was amiss. If her son tried anything she had to ignore him. That way maybe he would loose interest. She could not under any circumstances do anything that might make him snap like Sam had. One thought in the back of her mind troubled Alana even more than her son. She knew how wrong it was but she actually liked it when her son was caressing her leg. She blew the whole thing off hoping it was nothing.

The next morning started off normally enough with Alana making breakfast and James sleeping until about 10:00 AM. It was Tuesday and Alana always worked in her garden on Tuesday. Although she wouldn’t admit it to anyone Alana took great pride in its appearance. After making her son a plate of eggs and bacon Alana went up to her room to put on her usual gardening clothes. Alana untied the belt that held her robe together and let it fall to the floor. Ever since she could remember Alana had never worn a bra to sleep in. She really didn’t need a bra period. Her breasts were by no means huge, but they were firm, perfectly round, and judging from the stares of men throughout her life, big enough. While most women would kill for bigger breasts, Alana was glad that with smaller breasts came less sagging.

“Not bad if I do say so.” Alana said to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Alana opened up her dresser drawer and grabbed her gardening clothes. Her favorite consisted of a yellow sundress and a big straw hat she used to keep from getting sunburned. After slipping into the sundress Alana arranged her hair into a tight little ball on the top of her head. She then grabbed her hat and turned toward her door. After two steps a sharp pain ran up Alana’s left leg. She had inadvertently slammed her toe into a huge box that she kept books that she had already read in.

“Son of a…….damn that hurt!” Alana groaned as she reached down to rub her foot.

After the pain let up a little, Alana decided not to let the same thing happen again. She decided to put the box in her closet on the top shelf so it would be out of the way. The box was quite heavy thanks to Alana being an avid reader. It was a good thing that she exercised quite often because she barely managed to lift the box over her head and onto the shelf.

“Almost didn’t make it.” Alana said as she breathed a sigh of relief.

Just as she turned Alana heard a cracking sound. To her horror she could see that the bracket that binds the shelf to the wall was coming loose.

“Oh shit!” Alana screamed as she braced herself against the wall of her closet using her arms to hold up the shelf.

As Alana stood there she realized that she couldn’t hold the shelf up forever but she didn’t know what else to do short of letting the shelf fall. Then she thought about her son sleeping down the hall. Not wanting the shelf to fall and crush all the things she had on the floor of her closet she decided to call her son.

“JAMES!!! COME HERE!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!” Alana screamed.

Down the hall James was awoken by his mothers scream. Barely awake he jumped out of bed in nothing but his boxers and ran down the hall to his mother’s room. Alana was relieved as she heard her bedroom door fly open.

“What are you doing?” James asked not fully appreciating the situation his mother was in.

“Hurry up and get over hear, this shelf’s about to collapse and there’s about a ton of books on it.” Alana urgently said.

As James got closer he could clearly see the bracket screws dangling out of the wall. Just as he was about to step forward to brace the shelf for his mother James noticed the position she was in. Alana was face first against the wall of her closet unable to move without the shelf caving in. With her arms outstretched Alana’s sundress was pulled up a good bit, almost enough for James to see the bottom of her ass. For a split second James focused on his mother’s sexy legs and ass and he could feel his cock tenting his boxer shorts.

“Hurry up; I don’t know if I can hold this thing much longer!” Alana said wandering what was taking so long.

“Just trying not to trip over all these shoes.” James said expertly while arranging his cock.

James pulled his cock upwards so that the elastic band of his shorts could hold it in place. However, his cock was so big that the top four or five inches were outside his boxers completely exposed. As he stepped forward he positioned himself right behind Alana. Her legs were slightly spread as she tried to give herself a wide footing to support the weight of the shelf. He knew he had to be careful about how he proceeded so James reached up over Alana’s head and just as both hands made contact with the bottom of the shelf he leaned forward with all his weight. Alana was pushed up against the wall very hard. She was so relieved that the shelf wasn’t going to fall that she was momentarily unaware that her son’s cock was pressed up against her ass. After the initial euphoria of the rescue had worn off Alana began to feel something hard pressed against her butt.

“That better not be…” Alana thought to herself with her dress not offering much cushion between her and her son’s erection.

While she wasn’t amused by her son using her helplessness for a quick thrill Alana was glad that the shelf wasn’t going to collapse on her head. After catching her breath Alana decided it was time to end the awkward situation that she was in.

“Honey…can you give me a little room to squeeze by you?” Alana said.

“If I move this thing’s gonna fall on us.” James said as he pressed his cock against Alana’s ass even harder.

“OH!…uhhhh…well we can’t stay like this.” Alana said astounded at the size of her son’s manhood. It felt like there was a baseball bat between her cheeks.

“Hold on a sec, my foot is slipping.” James said trying to find any excuse to press his cock against his mother’s ass again.

Using a thrusting motion James walked his feet an inch at a time closer to his mother. Alana inhaled sharply as her son’s cock was driven into her ass four hard times. James was in heaven as his mother’s firm ass surrounded his cock. Alana knew she had to get out of her predicament but a part of her wasn’t as eager to move as she was minutes ago. It had been two days since her husband and Sam left and her sex drive was as active as ever. The feeling of a man pushed up against her was a feeling she had missed these last two days. As long as she kept everything under control her son’s little games shouldn’t matter much.

“I’m gonna try and turn around. That way I can squeeze by and get the drill gun so we can put those screws back into the wall.” Alana said.

James couldn’t believe his ears. His mother was going to turn around. In the position they were in he would be pressed up against her face to face.

“Sounds like a plan.” James said all too eager for Alana to try her plan.

Alana was all too aware of what she was doing. But it was the only way to get out of the closet without the ton of books falling on them both.

“ we go.” Alana said as she tried to spin around.

With her son pushed so hard against her Alana could barely breathe let alone turn around. Faced with no other option Alana put her hands against the wall as if she were doing vertical push-ups. With all her might Alana pushed her ass backwards into her son. The move was just what James wanted as he felt his mother’s ass press against his hard cock. Just as she reached the limit of her strength Alana let go and spun around a quickly as she could. Success!!!

“Well now, that wasn’t so hard.” Alana said with her face pressed tightly against her son’s chest.

For the first couple of second James was silent as he soaked in the sensation of having Alana’s chest pressed against his. There was also an unexpected aspect of their new position. The part of James’ cock that was exposed over the top of his boxers was now right up against Alana’s stomach.

“Uh oh.” Alana thought as she felt her son’s massive cock pressed up against her abdomen.

James was silent as he wondered what his mother would do or say next. There was no hiding the fact that his exposed cock was right up against her stomach. Half expecting his mother to get very angry James did the only thing he could think of, he tried to make a joke.

“You smell great.” James said not knowing what else to say.

“Uh…thanks. You could use a shower though…a COLD shower.” Alana said trying to make light of their situation as she looked at her son.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds as Alana and her son stood face to face in the closet. The awkwardness of the situation did little calm James’ raging hard on however.

“Oh…you mean….listen mom it’s just that……” James mumbled not knowing what to say.

“No, it’s ok. I know sometimes guys have……… know……in the morning.” Alana said trying to make the situation less awkward as her son’s hard cock pressed into her abdomen.

After a couple more awkward seconds Alana began to squeeze by her son. Finally after a few moments of struggling she was free. She then ran downstairs to the utility closet to get a drill gun and some screws. Once she returned it didn’t take long to secure the shelf.

“Thank god.” James said as the last screw was tightened. He then made sure his cock was concealed by his boxers.

“Yeah, what a way to begin a morning.” Alana said.

As her son stood there breathing hard from holding the shelf up Alana couldn’t help but notice that he was in pretty good shape. He had a muscular chest and if he didn’t eat so much his six-pack would be more defined. After a moment or two, Alana found herself still starring at her son’s body.

“Calm down, he’s your son.” Alana thought to herself as she admired her son’s body while chewing on the nail of her index finger.

James knew his mother was starring at him, and not being one to pass up an opportunity he decided to see how far he could get.

“Man that shelf was heavy.” James said as he raised his arms acting like he was working the kinks out.

Alana’s eyes lit up as her son lifted his arms. Alana didn’t breathe for a few seconds as her son’s massive cock tented his boxer shorts obscenely.

“My god…” Alana thought as she glared at her son’s huge cock.

Since she’d gone a couple of days without sex Alana’s sex drive was on a hair trigger. The site of her son’s huge erection caused her pussy to become wet even if she didn’t want it to. As soon as Alana fully realized that she was getting wet because of her son she knew she had to get him out of her room.

“Hey, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today still.” Alana said as she hurried her son out of the room.

James smiled as his mother scurried him out of her room. He knew he was getting to her. It was only a matter of time in his mind. Alana stood with her back against her door breathing very heavy as she replayed what had just happened in her mind.

“I can’t believe I just did that. I’m like a damned dog in heat.” Alana thought to herself with her head in her hands.

Finally Alana put on her hat and walked down the stairs and out the back door. As Alana was messing around in her garden she couldn’t get the thoughts of her son out of her mind. She had been worried that he’d become obsessed with her but now she was worried about her own seemingly out of control sex drive. Try as she might she couldn’t stop thinking about the huge bulge in her son’s boxers she’d seen earlier. As Alana worked James was snooping around her room. While his mom was outside James had come up with the next step in his plan. He was going to order his mother some very sexy clothes and put a card on the box that said they were from his dad. The card would say how he was sorry for not being there on her birthday. It would also say that he’d left money for James to take her out to eat.

“Here we go.” James said as he finally found the drawer where his mother kept her bras and panties.

James quickly located a yellow thong and looked for the tag so he would know what size his mother was. The whole reason for this was when he ordered her clothes he would make everything one size too small.

“36 B, I was pretty close.” James thought as he checked the size of one of his mother’s bras.

Outside Alana had worked up quite a sweat and was beginning to get her mind out of the gutter. As she worked her way through her garden pulling weeds and other odds and ends she could hear someone talking behind the privacy fence that separated her yard from her neighbors. She didn’t pay much attention at first but as she got closer to the fence she could hear two people who were talking but not very loudly. As Alana moved closer the curiosity got the better of her. She quietly walked up to the fence and began eavesdropping a bit. She finally realized that the voices were her neighbors two son’s Eric and Thomas. They were younger than her son by about five or six years so they were probably about thirteen or fourteen. As Alana listened the two boys conversation went were most boys conversations usually go and they started talking about girls. Alana listened as the boys talked about the girls at their school. Just as she was about to get back to her garden she could swear that she heard her name. As she put her ear up against the fence Alana’s face turned red.

“Man I’d fuck Mrs. Scott’s ass until it was raw.” Thomas said.

“No shit man, I’d give a million dollars for her to suck my dick until I shot my load all over her face. Eric laughed.

Alana couldn’t believe the two boys were using such language. As she listened in, the initial shock of the boy’s potty mouths wore off and Alana wanted to hear more of what the two thought of her.

“Man last week I saw her in some little blue skirt bending over to get the paper outta the driveway.” Eric said.

“For real, damn man I bet her ass looked good.” Thomas said.

“Man the bitch had on a white thong and I came close to exploding in my shorts.” Eric laughed.

Alana put her hand over her mouth because she knew the exact day he was talking about. She knew her skirt was short but she wasn’t aware she was giving the neighborhood a show.

“Man, I don’t know what hole I’d fuck first. You know that pussy’s gotta be tight but man that ass is a perfect ten.” Thomas said.

“Man I’d fuck her in the ass then make her suck my dick.” Eric laughed.

As the two boys went on about their fantasies Alana noticed she was becoming very wet. After all, what woman wouldn’t be turned on to hear other people’s fantasies about them? After a few more minutes the boys eventually started talking about how hot Lindsay Lohan was and then it was baseball. Alana finally finished pulling all the weeds from her garden and then decided she needed a shower after sweating all afternoon. She just didn’t know what she sweated more from, the sun or the neighbors’ two sons talking about her. Inside the house James had just finished ordering his mother some very revealing clothes from Victoria’s Secret. With overnight delivery they would arrive tomorrow. He was, however, experiencing a side effect he hadn’t counted on when he went snooping in his mother’s room. After digging through her underwear drawer his cock was as hard as a rock. Knowing that his mother usually spent hours in her garden James decided to relieve a little tension in his room. James slipped off his shorts and lay down on his bed with thoughts of his mother filling his head. At about the same time Alana was coming up the stairs on her way to the shower. Just as her son was thinking about what happened earlier Alana was grabbing a towel from the hanger on her bedroom door. As she made her way down the hall Alana saw that her son’s door was almost closed. Innocently she peeked through the crack to see what James was doing.

“Oh god.” Alana thought as she dropped her towel.

There right in front of her was her naked son lying on his bed jerking off. Alana’s mouth fell open as she watched her son’s hand gliding up and down on his massive cock. After what had happened earlier and then hearing what the neighbor’s sons wanted to do to her Alana was as turned on as she had ever been. As her son stroked his cock Alana’s right hand grabbed her left breast and squeezed tightly. James was unaware that the woman he was fantasizing about was watching him jerk off. As images of his mother flooded James’ mind Alana’s hand had found its way under her sundress.

“What are you doing?” Alana thought to herself as she rubbed her panty covered pussy.

“God his cock is so fucking big.” Alana thought as her son began really jerking himself off.

Just as Alana’s hand was about to go inside her panties James’ cock erupted. Alana’s eyes widened as cum shot from the head of her son’s cock. Two huge globs flew from James’ cock followed by more that slowly oozed down the shaft and covered his hand. James laid there for a moment breathing heavily. Alana quietly picked up her towel and tiptoed to the bathroom and closed the door.

In the bathroom Alana stripped off her sweaty sundress looked at herself in the mirror. She was still breathing heavily. The muscles in her body were still tight from working in the garden and it made her already attractive figure even more so. After giving herself a chance to calm down Alana stepped out of her dress and pulled her panties down. She didn’t quite know what to think about what she’d just seen.

“I can’t believe I just sat there and watched my son….” Alana thought to herself.

Alana was becoming more and more aware that she was going through sexual withdrawals. After having sex every day, sometimes more than once, for two and a half weeks she had become quite accustomed to it.

“If Greg or Sam don’t hurry up and get back here I’m gonna go crazy.” Alana thought.

After giving herself the once over Alana ran her middle finger over her neatly trimmed bush. Every other day or so Alana would do this to judge when it was time to trim again.

“I guess it’s about time again.” Alana thought as she ran her fingers through the dark strip of hair above her pussy.

After starting the bathwater Alana waited a moment to let the tub fill up a bit. After a few minutes Alana stepped into the hot water and sat down. Alana sank down into the water and closed her eyes as she soaked her tired muscles. In his room James was still recovering when he heard the water running in the bathroom. With little else to do he decided to give himself another peek at his mother. Quietly, after grabbing his knife, James made his way down the hall. With all the stealth of an assassin James opened the door slightly and positioned his knife blade through the opening he had just made.

“Bingo.” James thought as his mothers naked reflection appeared on the knife blade.

At that moment Alana opened her eyes and slowly sat up in the tub. James was tempted to retreat but he held his ground. Alana’s wet breasts were like a magnet to her son. James swallowed hard and with his other hand he reached into his pants. Alana was unaware she had an audience as she continued with her bath time routines. She used a rag and bar of soap to make a lather that she applied to her arms then her chest.

“Jeeezus.” James thought as the sight of his mother massaging her breasts made his knees grow weak and his cock spring back to life.

Alana then brought one of her long legs up out of the water and placed it on the side of the tub. Slowly she applied some kind of shaving gel to her leg and rubbed it into a foam. Then with a sort of grace Alana began to shave her legs. The sight, while normal to her, was all but intoxicating to her peeping son. James watched, hardly blinking, as he stroked his rock hard cock. Soon Alana was finished with one leg and began the whole process over with the other. While this was very exciting to James what happened next would make him all but forget about what he had just seen. After finishing her other leg Alana stood up in the bathtub. The sound of dripping water was very loud. James’ breathing was becoming heavier as he saw his mother naked before him. Alana put her left leg up onto the side of the tub and grabbed the shaving gel. She applied a little to her index and middle fingers. Then she proceeded to massage the gel all over her pubic area. After working the gel into a foam she used her other hand to wipe a strip of foam away where she would leave the hair. After rinsing her hands off, Alana expertly began to shave the prickly stubble on the left side of her pussy. After a few strokes Alana wiped the area clean with a wash cloth and then used her fingers to tell if the area was sufficiently smooth. Satisfied that it was Alana began again on the right side.

“Yeah…..that’s right.” James mumbled as he stroked his cock faster.

With his naked mother just feet from him James was tempted to walk into the bathroom and force his mother to have sex with him but he knew he had to wait. But that didn’t mean he could jerk off while he watched her shave herself. Content for now James continued jerking his cock when lady luck walked up and tapped him on the shoulder.

Alana had shaved her pussy countless times before and had gotten the act down to almost a science but tonight she happened to make a slight mistake. Her arms were still a little tired from gardening earlier and inadvertently she managed to shave a gap into the strip of hair she usually leaves above her pussy.

“Crap!” Alana exclaimed realizing her mistake.

Realizing there was nothing else to do Alana applied some more shaving gel and carefully shaved herself completely smooth. It was something that she had never done before. After she used the wash cloth to wipe off any remaining gel she couldn’t resist touching herself. The area was very sensitive after being shaved for the first time and Alana shivered slightly at her own touch. A slight smile appeared on Alana’s lips as she looked at her bare pussy. She hadn’t seen herself like this since she was about twelve years old. Like a kid with a new toy Alana ran her middle finger up and down the smooth patch of skin just above her pussy. After a few moments Alana realized that she was very turned on.

“Ohhhhhhh…..” Alana moaned as her finger came in contact with her clit.

“Is she doing what I think she’s doing?” James thought as he watched his mother’s hand disappear between her legs.

Alana never masturbated regularly; in fact it was a rare event. However, after the day she’d had she needed to blow off some steam. Little did she know that as she pleasured herself just feet away her son was doing the same thing.

“Ummmm….” Alana moaned as she leaned back against the wall.

Alana’s eyes were closed and her legs were squeezed tightly together as her fingers explored her sensitive depths. As Alana started to really get into what she was doing the first thing that popped into her mind was all the dirty things the neighbor’s two sons had said about her. Soon graphic images started forming in her mind. Things like the two boys fucking her at the same time or her on her knees sucking both their young cocks.

“Unghhhhhhhh…….” Alana moaned as she fingered her dripping pussy. James watched in amazement as his mother fingered herself in the bathroom. Alana’s free hand squeezed her breasts as she sexily bit her bottom lip from the sheer pleasure of what she was doing to herself. Soon without wanting to Alana started to picture her son’s cock as she pleasured herself. For a moment Alana stopped what she was doing because she couldn’t believe she was actually masturbating to thoughts of her son’s cock. After all this time worrying about her son, she was the one who she should’ve been worrying about. After a few more moments Alana’s sex drive was calling to her again. Knowing her rational mind couldn’t win, she slowly began fingering herself again.

“Ohhhhh…..ummmmmmmmmm…” Alana groaned through gritted teeth.

The sheer fact that Alana was thinking about her own son was exciting her like nothing else. Soon she started to imagine what it would be like to be fucked by her son’s huge cock. As Alana thought about her son’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy she could feel her orgasm building.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck….” Alana quietly moaned.

Alana’s wet hair dangled in front of her face as she clinched her teeth tightly together. It was the most erotic thing James had ever seen. He watched intently as his mother’s body began to shake. After a few moments Alana’s mouth opened and she looked as if she was screaming but no sound was coming out. At that exact moment James’ cock erupted.

“Goddamn……shit……shit…oh shit!” James moaned quietly as his cock sprayed cum all over the bathroom door.

Both mother and son were drained as they stood there breathing heavily. Alana removed her middle finger from her quivering pussy and tried to catch her breath.

“I can’t believe I just did that……” Alana thought as she stood there on weak legs.

Alana didn’t quite know what to think about what she’d just done. After about five minutes Alana closed the shower curtain and rinsed herself off.

“What mother masturbates thinking of her own son?” Alana asked herself.

James did his best to clean up his mess with his shirt and finally made his way back to his room to catch his breath. Alana finished up her shower and stepped out of the tub and began drying herself off.

“I couldn’t help it. God, what is wrong with me?” Alana thought to herself as she wrapped a towel around herself.

Alana finally opened the door and started to make her way to her room. As she passed her son’s room she looked inside. As she did she made eye contact with her son, who was sitting on his bed. James smiled at the sight of his mother, still soaking wet, in nothing but a towel. His expression caused Alana to stop.

“What?” Alana asked.

“Oh nothing.” James replied still smiling.

Alana couldn’t help but start smiling herself. She knew what her son was smiling about but strangely enough she wasn’t getting mad like she knew she should be.

“You’re incorrigible.” Alana said as she walked to her room.

“And you look hot in a towel.” James said with a big grin on his face.

Alana’s face turned red at her son’s compliment. She didn’t quite know what to say but all of a sudden she felt very sexy standing there in nothing but her towel.

“Suuuure.” Alana said sarcastically.

“I’m serious. You look great. All I need now is for you to have a wardrobe malfunction.” James said laughing.

“Well I’d better go before my head gets any bigger.” Alana said as she turned and started down the hallway with her ego very inflated by her son’s comments.

As Alana walked to room she noticed a slight tingle between her legs. The fact that it was because of her son’s comments made her a little uneasy but that feeling quickly passed. In her room Alana began drying her hair and putting on some clothes for a quiet evening at home. Even after she’d gotten herself off Alana was still very turned on, thanks to her son’s remarks, and try as she might she couldn’t shake the images of her son’s cock from her mind. Alana opened her underwear drawer and pulled out a black satin thong. As she slid into the thong the smooth satin came in contact with Alana’s freshly shaven pussy.

“HELLO!!!” Alana exclaimed as a shiver ran down her spine.

As she moved around her room putting on her clothes and fixing her hair every once in a while the material of her thong would rub against her smooth pussy. The sensation it caused was new to Alana and she liked it. The only bad thing was the sensations weren’t doing anything but making her more excited.

“Now I know why all the young girls shave.” Alana thought to herself.

After slipping on her favorite “being lazy” clothes Alana took a deep breath to calm herself. Maybe some T.V. would take the edge off of her libido.

Down in the living room James was watching T.V. trying to recover from earlier. As he watched he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He turned to look and made eye contact with his mother. Alana wasn’t dressed particularly sexy or anything, just a tank top and some cotton shorts, but James’ eyes quickly darted between her chest and her eyes. Alana swallowed hard as she notices her son’s stares. James was long past trying to cover up his actions. It was full speed ahead as far as he was concerned. Eager to break the tension in the room Alana spoke.

“What’s on T.V.?” Alana asked.

“Nothing.” James said still starring at his mother’s chest.

Alana didn’t quite know how to react to her son’s stares. Part of her knew she should tell him to stop but the dominant half liked the attention.

“Why don’t you go get us some DVD’s to watch?” Alana asked as her heart started to beat faster.

“Like what?” James asked still not making eye contact.

Alana was becoming very turned on as her son starred at her chest and she knew she shouldn’t, but her sex drive was starting to take over. Even thought this man was her son the line Alana had fought so hard to uphold was becoming blurred. She kept telling herself that a little innocent fun wouldn’t hurt anything. Not believing she was actually doing it Alana leaned over the back of the couch knowing that in that position her son would be treated to a great view of her cleavage. Alana’s heart was literally about to jump out of her chest she was so excited by her taboo act. She knew she was playing with fire but the excitement she was feeling was driving her crazy. As Alana bent over James’ eyes opened wide. He knew his mother was starting to weaken but this was a breakthrough. As he stared at his mother’s chest a bulge began to form in his pants.

“Oh I don’t know, a comedy would be fine with me. Then you could get whatever you wanted.” Alana said as she flung her hair over to one side.

Alana’s heart was racing now and the adrenaline had her more out of control than she would’ve liked. Alana noticed that her son was blushing. Just knowing that she had her son excited caused Alana to push it just a bit further.

“What’s the matter?” Alana asked as she leaned farther forward and arched her back to make her chest stick further out.

James’ eyes got wider and for a moment he couldn’t speak. Finally he came back to his senses and smiled.

“Nothing at all, I’ll be back in just a few minutes.” James said standing up.

As he stood Alana’s eyes caught a glimpse of the bulge in her son’s pants. This time she was the one who blushed. James was so quick to go get his mother some movies to watch he didn’t notice she was starring at his crotch. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway because James had an idea he was dying to try. Just how far could he push his mom now that she seemed to cracking a bit. As her son left to go to the movie rental Alana sat on the couch rethinking what she’d just done. Where before she would’ve chastised herself for what she’d done now she was justifying her actions to herself.

“If I want to have a little fun so what. It’s not like I did anything wrong.” Alana thought to herself.

If she wanted to use her son for a little bit of excitement until her husband came home so what. It’s just a little harmless flirting. It’s not like she was going to fuck him or anything. Alana kept telling herself that she was in control. As long as she didn’t let her little game get out of control there was no harm in it. Little did she know that her son’s only thoughts were of how to make her lose control. At the video store James picked out a cheesy comedy for his mother then he went searching for something a little more unique. He wanted to find a soft core movie like the kind he’d seen on Cinemax or Showtime. The movies weren’t graphic enough to be called porn and they had somewhat of a plot. Also they were slow to get going, sometimes building for an hour or so before the sex scenes. The perfect type of movie to get his mother all revved up so he could see how far she would go. After about thirty minutes Alana heard her son pulling up in the driveway.

“What did you get?” Alana asked smiling as her son came through the door.

“Uh……I got a comedy and some other movie everyone said was good.” James said.

“I hope the comedy is funny.” Alana said as she patted the couch where she wanted her son to sit.

James clumsily made his way over to the couch after he put the DVD in the player. Alana was sitting on the far end of the couch and she wanted James to sit right in the middle. James sat down and looked over at Alana who was smiling. James smiled back a little shocked that his mother seemed to be playing right into his hands. After a few minutes Alana was getting into the movie and hadn’t done anything. James was becoming frustrated at his mother’s lack of action.

“Are you comfortable all scrunched up like that?” James asked.

Alana shrugged her shoulders like she didn’t mind. James wasn’t about to take no for an answer so he reached over and grabbed his mother’s legs and pulled them across his lap.

“There, that’s better now isn’t it?” He asked.

Alana was a little surprised that her son would be so bold but she didn’t see any harm in what he’d done. As the movie played James couldn’t resist touching his mother’s legs. At a particularly funny part as they both laughed James put a hand on his mother’s knee. Alana acted as if she wasn’t aware of her son’s hand but she suddenly realized that maybe she was in over her head. She thought she could keep their little game at innuendo’s and teasing but her son had quickly upped the ante. James loved how warm and smooth Alana’s legs were. As he caressed his mother’s leg his cock began to stir. Alana took a deep breath as her son gently squeezed her leg right above her knee but she kept perfectly still. As the movie went on James was very careful about keeping his movements under the radar, or so he thought. With every squeeze, and every inch her son’s hand moved up her leg Alana’s heart would skip a beat. It was so wrong but it felt so good.

“What have I gotten myself into?” Alana thought to herself nervously.

Partly she wanted her son to stop because what he was doing was wrong but also because it felt so good she almost didn’t want him to stop. After a few more minutes Alana was starting to get very nervous. Her son’s hand was slowly but surely inching up her thigh and she didn’t know how to or even if she wanted him to stop.

“Are you cold?” James asked noticing that his mother’s leg would shake every couple seconds.

“Um…….I’m…ok I guess.” Alana managed to say.

Alana had by now become very wet and the hormones running through her body had every inch of her skin dying to be touched. She was teetering on the edge of control. It’d been almost three days since this oversexed housewife had had sex and her body was fighting with her mind for control.

As James sat there rubbing his mother’s leg he remembered that his dad had told him that Alana loved to have her feet massaged. James debated the blatant move for a few minutes before deciding to turn up the heat. Slowly, James let his left hand glide down his mother’s leg until he had grabbed one of her feet. Alana bit her lip as her son rubbed her foot lovingly.

“You’ve got nice feet.” James said smiling at his mother in the dimly lit room.

“No I don’t, but thanks anyway.” Alana said still not sure of her situation.

“Yeah you do, they’re small and perfect.” James said as he used his thumb to massage the arch of his mother’s foot. The sensation of her son’s hand on her thigh and him rubbing her feet made caused Alana to start to get really turned on. She knew she shouldn’t be but she was enjoying her son’s loving treatment.

James knew he was getting to his mother. In fact he wanted to see how far he could push his luck. Quickly before she could say anything James lifted his mother’s foot and kissed the top of it.

“What are you doing?” Alana asked shocked.

“It comes with the massage.” James said smiling.

“Oh….ok.” Alana said still surprised by her son’s move.

After a few more minutes of massaging his mother’s feet James again turned his attention to her thigh. Slowly but surely James began to move his hand higher up on his mother’s leg. Alana didn’t know what to do. What her son was doing felt so good that she didn’t know if she could stop him.

“Oh………..god.” Alana moaned to herself as her son’s hand moved even higher up her thigh.

James was at a crossroad of sorts. If he moved his hand up more and touched his mother’s pussy she could do two things. She could scream and the shit would hit the fan. In that scenario he would have to pull the blackmail card. However, if she did nothing, that meant that she either liked what he was doing or was too scared to stop him. Alana on the other hand was about to scream she was so turned on. If he moved his hand any higher she didn’t know what she would do.

“Here goes nothing.” James thought as his hand crept upward.

Then, as the movie played, it happened. Alana closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. Her son’s hand had come to rest right up against her swollen pussy. The contact was electric for Alana. The mother in her wanted to slap her son but the woman in her wanted more. A shiver ran down her spine.

“Oooooohhhhhhh…..”Alana moaned hoping the volume on the T.V. was enough to drown her out.

James’ heart was beating so hard he didn’t know if he could take much more. The thing that really set him off was that he could tell his mother’s shorts were damp. She really did like what he was doing. He had to play it cool though, he wasn’t out of the woods yet. James gently squeezed Alana’s leg and could feel her tense up. After a few more caresses Alana still hadn’t acknowledged his actions. James took it as a sign to keep going.

“Ummmmmm……” Alana moaned quietly.

The reason Alana hadn’t let on that she was aware of what her son was doing was because she didn’t have any idea how to stop him without slapping him. Which she was almost certain would set him off. She could only hope that the movie would hurry up and end. The outer edge of James’ hand was rubbing right up against his mother’s pussy. He knew there was no way she didn’t feel what he was doing but he kept himself under control. After a few minutes of her son rubbing her pussy Alana was almost shaking. The muscles of her inner thighs were squeezing her son’s hand uncontrollably. It was all she could do to keep from screaming. James couldn’t bring himself to look over at his mother as his hand rubbed up against her pussy. The heat from between Alana’s legs was almost as intense and his heart beat.

“Oh…………fuck……god please make him stop…” Alana thought to herself as she was about to cum.

The side of her son’s hand was rubbing directly against Alana’s clit and the fire building between her legs was now almost an inferno. Alana’s fingers were squeezed together so tight she thought they might break.

Just as Alana was starting to feel her pussy spasm involuntarily: RIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

The phone caught them both by surprise. Alana quickly jumped up and went to get the phone. James sat there still in a daze cursing his luck. As Alana got to the phone she took a second to compose herself. After a few quick breaths she picked up the phone.

“Thank god.” Alana thought to herself still shaking.

“Hello?” Alana said still breathing heavy.

“Hey baby, just thought I’d check in. Have you been exercising or something, you sound out of breath?” Greg replied.

“Hey sweetie, we’re doing fine. I was just…..I mean yeah.” Alana said completely surprised at hearing her husband’s voice.

“I just wanted to call you to let you know everything’s fine here and I’ll see you Saturday.

“Well, I gotta go. Tell James hello for me. Love you.” Greg said.

“I love you too.” Alana said as she hung up the phone.

As Alana stood by the phone she realized that the sound of her husband’s voice had calmed her down quite a bit. Now that she was thinking clearly Alana knew she had to get to her room. As quietly as she could Alana made her way to the stairs.

“Hey! I thought we were going to watch the movie. Who was on the phone?” James said as he saw his mom going up the stairs.

“It was your father, maybe tomorrow, I’m really sleepy.” Alana said not even looking at her son.

“Fuck.” James thought to himself knowing that his fun was over for the night.

In her room Alana tossed and turned as she thought about what had happened. She was disgusted with herself that part of her wished that her husband wouldn’t have called when he did.

“God I’m acting like a fucking whore.” Alana thought to herself.

It was all she could do just to keep herself from fingering her pussy until she came. She was just afraid of what would pop into her head as she did it.

The next morning Alana awoke groggy and generally out of it thanks to a sleepless night. After slipping on her house coat Alana made her way to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She deliberately avoided looking towards her son’s room afraid of what she might see. Alana reached the bathroom door and walked in with her eyes still half shut because of the crud in them. As she entered Alana was surprised by what she saw. There in front of her was her son James completely naked with his head and arms inside the towel closet.

“Oh for god’s sake.” Alana said as she couldn’t help but look at her son’s exposed cock.

“Jeez mom! Can’t you knock before you barge in?” James said startled by the sound of his mother’s voice.

Alana was so tired, both physically and mentally, that she made no effort to turn away. She simply walked over to the sink and began to brush her teeth. James was genuinely surprised that his mother had barged in on him but he didn’t mind. In fact, he found the situation kind of funny. Regardless he decided to have a little bit of fun. As Alana brushed her teeth James walked up beside her and stood with his hands on his hips.

“Where is my towel?” James asked.

Alana tried to avert her eyes but the mirror in front of the sink gave her an eyeful of her son’s naked body. The sight of her son’s dangling cock started getting to Alana and she knew she had to get things under control.

“I don’t know, just please, cover yourself up.” Alana said.

“Hey, you’re the one who came in uninvited.” James said smiling.

“Very funny, now get a towel or something on for god’s sake. You shouldn’t be naked in front of your mother.” Alana said after she rinsed.

“I tried to find a towel but the only ones clean are your girly pink flower towels and I’m not using one of those.” James said.

Alana reached into the cabinet and grabbed the first towel her hand came in contact with. “Here.” Alana said as she threw the towel to her son.

James grabbed the towel and unfolded it. In her haste Alana had grabbed a hand towel. It was about half the size of a bath towel. James grinned and wrapped the towel around his waist. The towel was so short that half of his cock was still exposed.

“Thanks mom.” James said sarcastically.

Alana couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. After a few good chuckles she reached back into the cabinet and grabbed a pink towel and threw it to her son.

“Not a word. Just put it on and let me finish cleaning up.” Alana said.

James reluctantly put the towel on and went to his room. Alana washed her face and put her hair up into a pony tail before going downstairs to make breakfast. As she went about her business making some food Alana started to remember what happened last night. She could hardly believe she let her son do what he did. Still, this morning everything seemed alright between them. Even seeing her son naked wasn’t as jarring as it could’ve been. On the bright side, as far as things got, technically nothing happened that was so bad she should lose sleep over. As she made breakfast Alana was so lost in thought that she didn’t here her son walk up behind her.

“Happy birthday beautiful.” James said as he wrapped his arms around his mother. Alana was taken by surprise by her son’s sneak attack. She decided to play it cool though, he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“Thank you honey.” Alana said waiting for her son to release her.

“How come you always smell so good?” James asked as he put his chin on Alana’s shoulder.

“Because I’m made of sugar and spice.” Alana joked.

After a few more second James was still holding on tight to his mother. He was tempted to kiss her on the neck but he didn’t know if he should push his luck so early in the morning.

“Can I finish making breakfast now?” Alana asked.

“I guess so.” James said as he let go of his mother.

Right as her son was letting go of her Alana was shocked as she felt him kiss her on her neck right under her ear. A tingle ran down her spine causing Alana’s mouth to open slightly. Not sure what to say Alana just continued making their food. Finally dragging himself away from his mother James made his way to the living room. Just as he turned the corner James heard a knock on the door. James walked into the living room and looked out the peep hole on the front door. He smiled as he saw the UPS man standing there. After opening the door and exchanging pleasantries with the man James closed the door and ran back up to his room. There was no need to open the package because he knew what was in it. The only thing left to do was attach the fake birthday card he had made out yesterday. The card took a little time to make as James had to write it pretending he was his father. The card said that Greg was sorry about missing Alana’s birthday so he bought her some clothes to wear when James took her out to dinner with the money that was with the card.

“That outta do it.” James said as he put a one hundred dollar bill inside the card.

Then quickly James ran back downstairs and put the package on the front porch. About this time Alana was setting the table for breakfast. As she turned to get the milk from the refrigerator a sharp pain coursed through Alana’s neck.

“Owwwww!!!!!” Alana groaned as she rubbed her neck.

Last night with all the tossing and turning Alana inadvertently fell asleep with her head turned too far to one side. The result had just presented itself to her. Alana walked to the living room to tell her son that the food was ready. As she walked up to the couch Alana couldn’t resist resting for just a second. Alana sat on the opposite end of the couch from her son who was watching T.V. James looked over at his mother who was obviously in pain.

“What’s wrong?” James asked.

“My neck is killing me. I think I slept with my head turned last night.” Alana said rubbing her neck.

James hopped up off the couch and walked up behind where Alana was sitting.

“What are you doing?” Alana asked as she looked up at her son.

“Helping you with your neck, now sit still.” James said smiling.

Alana turned back around as James leaned forward over the back of the couch. From his vantage point he could clearly see down Alana’s house coat. As she breathed Alana’s breast rose and fell in an almost intoxicating rhythm. Finally snapping out of his daze James put his hands on his mother’s shoulders and started to massage her sore muscles.

“God that feels good.” Alana said.

After a few minutes James’ hands began to move down little by little, a fact that Alana was all too aware of.

“Oh great here we go again.” Alana thought to herself.

She let him continue because his massage felt so good, and besides, she could stop him at any time. James’ heart was beginning to beat faster as his hands inched downward towards his mother’s breasts. Just as he felt his fingers came in contact with the top swells of his mother’s breasts Alana tensed up slightly. After a few seconds James continued. After James had touched the top of Alana’s breasts a couple of times and she didn’t say anything he became bolder. Alana for her part saw what her son was doing as a win win situation. He got a cheap thrill and she got one heck of a good massage. About ten minutes went by before Alana leaned forward.

“Thanks, but I think I’ve had enough.” Alana said.

“Suit yourself.” James said a little bummed that his fun was over.

After a few minutes of awkward silence James decided to tell his mother about the package at the front door. He was very anxious to see his mother try on the outfit he’d carefully picked out for her.

“Hey I think I heard someone knock on the door.” James said.

“Really? I better see who it is. God I don’t want to talk to anyone right now.” Alana said as she walked to the front door.

James waited patiently as his mother opened the door and examined the package. When Alana came back into the living room she had a very big smile on her face. James breathed a sigh of relief. At least his mother seemed to think there was nothing funny about the package.

“What’s that?” James asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s from your father.” Alana said as she read the card.

“Well don’t just stare at it, open it.” James said.

“Ok ok.” Alana said all too eager to see what her husband had gotten for her.

James starred intently as his mother opened the package. He could hardly restrain himself as his mother removed the packing paper. Finally his patience was rewarded as Alana’s faced lit up.

“Isn’t it gorgeous?!?” Alana asked as she held up a black satin dress.

“Yeah, I bet the cost an arm and a leg.” James said happy that his mother seemed to like the dress.

“What else is in there?” James asked.

Alana put the dress aside and reached back into the box and after a few seconds she pulled out a pair of glossy black high heels. They were a little different than the type of heels Alana usually wore. They were elevated about two inches. Alana starred at the shoes wondering what in the world her husband was thinking when he ordered them.

“Those are niiiiiiiiice!” James said.

“You would think so.” Alana said not at all surprised that her son liked the heels.

“Well what else is in there?” James urged.

Alana put the heels aside and did some more digging. James noticed his mother’s face turn beet red as she looked inside the box. He knew she must’ve found the thong he picked out for her. It was a black thong with a sheer front. You could see right through it if it wasn’t for the little red heart embroidered right in the middle. Alana was a little shocked at the underwear her husband had picked out.

“Maybe I should’ve opened this in my room.” Alana thought to herself as her son looked on.

“Well?” James asked.

“Uh……..I think that’s it.” Alana said.

“C’mon mom, what are you hiding?” James said as he snatched the box from Alana.

“Hey! Give that back!” Alana yelled.

James reached into the box and pulled out the thong and dangled it from his index finger.

“Well helllllllo, what have we here?” James said smiling.

“That’s for your father and me. Now give me my underwear or do you need some new panties?” Alana said as she grabbed the box and the thong from her son.

“Calm down mom, I was just teasing.” James said still with a slight smirk.

“Hey mom, it says I’m supposed to take you out for dinner tonight.” James said smiling as he picked up the card that had fell on the floor.

“I don’t know. Maybe I should wait until your father comes home.” Alana said not thrilled with the idea.

“Awww mom, dad wanted you to go out and have a good time for your birthday. The dinner reservations are already made. Don’t make me call him.” James bluffed.

“I’ll think about it.” Alana said as she picked up her package and went up the stairs.

James was thrilled that his mother seemed to think the package was from his dad. His plan was going along quite nicely. Tonight he would take his mother out for dinner and get her a little drunk to loosen her up a bit. Then he would take his plan to the next level by using the alcohol as an excuse to be a little more daring with his mother. If last night was any indication tonight after a few drinks his mother should be ripe for the pickings. Upstairs Alana was trying on her new clothes. Alana took off her housecoat and slipped the panties on before taking a moment to look at herself in the mirror. The panties were very small and considering Alana’s usual attire that was saying a lot. The front of the panties dipped so low that if she wasn’t completely shaved her pubic strip would be visible. As she stood there with nothing on but the black thong Alana blushed. The little red heart made the reflection in the mirror very erotic to Alana’s eye. After a few seconds she slipped the dress on over her head. As she pulled the bottom of the dress over her shapely rear end Alana noticed that the dress was very tight also. In fact, after she got the dress on and looked at her self in the mirror, Alana was slightly thankful that the thong was so small. The material of the dress clung so tightly to her skin that Alana was hesitant to be seen in public in it. As she surveyed herself in the mirror there was one undeniable fact though, Alana was a very beautiful woman, and she knew it.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Alana thought to herself as she slipped on the high heels.

Alana turned around and looked at her backside in the mirror. The heels had her standing almost on her toes, and this in turn, made the muscles in her legs and ass tighten. As Alana debated even going out of the house in the dress she wondered why on earth Greg would order such a dress for her to go to dinner with her son.

“I bet he ordered the dress before he knew he’d miss my birthday.” Alana reasoned.

Alana debated going out to dinner with her son but finally decided that she should go out and enjoy herself. Her husband went to a lot of trouble to set this evening up and she would feel awful if she ruined all his hard work. The only thing that bothered Alana was having to keep her son under control. She had to be very careful. At least she was feeling like herself and not all worked up like the night before. Alana walked down the stairs to tell her son that she would go out like her husband wanted her to do for her birthday.

“And wear something nice.” Alana said after tell her son she would go to dinner.

“Yeah, I need to look as good as my date.” James said excited at the news.

They both went their separate ways for the rest of the afternoon, both getting ready for their night out on the town. As Alana took her time getting ready James decided to make a quick trip to the mall to get something to wear. As he walked around he bumped into a few friends. They exchanged pleasantries and a couple people asked if he and Sam would be coming to the party tonight on the lake. James explained that Sam was out of town and that tonight he was taking his mother out for dinner because it was her birthday. After James had finished his shopping he made his way back to his car. On his way home James starting thinking about the party all his friends were going to. He’d been to a bunch of parties on the lake and they were some fun times but he had bigger fish to fry. About five miles from his house James saw the old liquor store where he and his friends got all their alcohol. Just as he was about to pass the store a light bulb went off in his head. He quickly whipped his car into the parking lot. His ideas was to buy some vodka and Everclear for a before dinner toast with his mom. The vodka was for him while the Everclear was for Alana. His mother liked vodka and cranberry juice so it couldn’t be that difficult to get her to have a drink with him. The thing was that Everclear was so strong that after a couple drinks his light drinker of a mother would be nice and loose.

Later that night Alana had just gotten done with her shower and now she was in her room getting ready for her birthday night out with her son. As the day had gone on Alana had relaxed a lot and she was even looking forward to the date with her son. As she let her towel drop to her feet Alana looked at herself in the mirror. A swell of pride washed over her as she looked her toned body over. Alana slipped on the slightly inappropriate thong she thought her husband had gotten her before again looking herself over in the mirror.

“UmmHmmm….baby got back.” Alana laughed as she looked at her ass in the mirror.

Alana then sat down at her makeup table. She applied some dark eyeliner to match her black dress. A liberal amount of eye shadow was followed by some glitter lip gloss that she’d never worn before. Alana never liked bright red lip stick and Greg had told her that the natural tone of her lips was sexier. Alana slipped on her dress and began the long process of curling her hair. After about an hour Alana had her hair arranged into an elegant tangle on the top of her head. As she looked at herself in the mirror she thought something was missing. After putting on some silver dangling earrings she put on a black choker to top off her already killer outfit. After slipping on her heels and grabbing her pocket book Alana was ready to go.

James had been ready for hours. He was wearing a white button dress shirt with black slacks and shoes. He paced back and forth waiting on his mother to come down so he could get her to have a drink before dinner. While he paced he didn’t notice his mother until she was halfway down the stairs. As he turned James’ mouth fell open in awe. Alana stopped and smiled. Her son’s reaction had made all her hard work worth it.

“Well?” Alana asked.

“Mom….you look gorgeous.” James said.

“Awwww…..thanks honey, you look pretty good yourself.” Alana said as she walked into the living room.

“Geez mom, you’ll be the prettiest thing no matter where we go.” James said still in shock.

All the compliments started to make Alana’s head swell a little but that was fine with her. After a few more moments of starring at his mother James finally remembered his plan.

“Hey mom, we should have a drink before dinner. It is your birthday after all.” James said walking to the kitchen.

“I guess one drink wouldn’t hurt. But you better not drink too much, you’ve got to drive.” Alana said as she sat down on the couch.

“Don’t worry mom, I’m Mr. Responsible.” James said as he went about making the drinks.

He grabbed two glasses from the cabinet and put about a shot of vodka in one of them. In the other he liberally poured about two shots of Everclear. Afterwards he filled both the glasses the rest of the way up with cranberry juice. James then quickly took a small sip of his mother’s drink to make sure it wasn’t overly strong.

“Just right.” James thought to himself.

“Here we go.” James said as he made his way into the living room.

“Thanks.” Alana said as she took a glass from her son.

“Here’s to the most beautiful mom in the world.” James said raising his glass.

Alana smiled and after touching glasses she took a sip of her drink. After a few tense seconds Alana continued to drink her drink as her son talked. James for his part was grateful that his mother didn’t seem to think anything was funny about her drink. The two talked for a while as James waited for his mother to finish her drink. After about ten minutes Alana had finished her drink and James could tell she was ready to go.

“I think I need one more.” James said as he finished his drink.

“What time are the reservations?” Alana asked worried about the time.

“We’ve got plenty of time. Enjoy your birthday and quit worrying.” James said as he grabbed his mother’s glass.

In the kitchen James fixed his mother another drink this time adding even a little bit more alcohol. He poured himself just a glass of cranberry juice. He then made his way back to the living room and handed his mother her glass. Alana began to sip on her second drink not feeling the effects yet because she was sitting down. After a few more minutes Alana finished her second drink.

“I guess we’d better get going.” James said knowing that now his mother should be very buzzed.

“Yeah, I’m starved.” Alana said standing up.

As she stood up Alana felt light headed. After a couple seconds she regained her balance and thought that once she got some food on her stomach she would be alright. As they walked to the car James just starred at his mother’s ass as she walked. The satin dress clung tightly to Alana’s ass and left very little to the imagination. When they neared the car James ran ahead and opened the door for his mother.

“Thanks sweetheart.” Alana said as she got into the car.

As Alana sat down into the seat the already short dress slid even higher up her legs almost revealing her panties. Alana quickly pulled down on her dress before looking up at her son.

“Ooops.” Alana thought to herself.

“No prob mom.” James said smiling.

As they drove Alana kept noticing her son starring at her legs. Alana was starting to feel excited about her night out and with the alcohol numbing her senses Alana didn’t see any harm in teasing her son a bit. Nothing crazy, just a little reward for taking her out. Alana slowly crossed her legs and she smiled as her son’s gaze drifted from the road to her legs.

“You better watch where you’re going sport.” Alana said smiling at her son’s predicament.

“I can’t help it. You look incredible.” James said doing all he could to inflate his mom’s ego.

Alana smiled at the compliment and the two chatted on the way to the restaurant. About twenty minutes later they arrived at their destination. They walked in and were quickly seated at their table.

“Man this place is nice, huh?” James said.

“Yeah, who knew your father had such good taste?” Alana said as she surveyed her surroundings.

James smiled as he looked at his beautiful mother sitting across the table from him. Alana sipped her water and looked around for a few minutes before becoming aware that her son was starring at her.

“What are you looking at? Do I have something in my teeth?” Alana asked.

“I’m looking at the most beautiful woman in the world.” James said hamming it up.

Alana blushed upon hearing her son’s compliment. Little by little her mental barrier was starting to crack.

“Thank you sweetie.” Alana said.

Finally the waiter came and took their orders and shortly there after brought them their drinks. Alana ordered some champagne and James got sparkling spring water. As they talked Alana finished off her first glass of champagne and James quickly ordered her another. James knew his mother wasn’t much of a drinker so a couple more glasses would have her all over the place. The restaurant was a very nice one with elaborate decorations and a live violinist who played as the diners enjoyed their meals. Alana couldn’t stop looking around at all the different pictures and decorations all over the walls. As she looked she drank another glass of champagne as James sipped his water.

“This place is unbelievable.” Alana said.

“Yeah, it sure is.” James said looking deep into his mother’s eyes.

After a few minutes Alana said she had to go to the bathroom before their food arrived. As she walked to the bathroom Alana realized that she was now pretty drunk. In the bathroom she decided that she wouldn’t drink anymore tonight. At the table James was debating his options. He was running out of time and if he didn’t do something tonight with his mother there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t just shut him out for the last day before his dad got home. As James debated his options the waiter brought their food out. Just as the waiter had finished putting their food on the table Alana came back from the bathroom.

“This smells goooooood.” Alana said smiling.

As the two ate Alana began to get thirsty. When the waiter came back around Alana asked for some water. James heard his mother ask for water and knew she must be almost drunk if she’s asking for just water.

“Water? It’s her birthday. She’ll have champagne.” James said smiling at the waiter.

Alana just smiled thinking that her son really wanted her to enjoy her birthday dinner. As the two finished their meals James noticed that his mother had almost drank all of her glass of champagne. He smiled as he noticed his mother was very red in the face. He knew he must be drunk by now but she wasn’t showing it. Since he couldn’t tell if his mother was feeling anything he decided to see if he couldn’t get he blood pumping a little bit. There was a dance floor in the middle of the restaurant where people could slow dance to the music of the violin player.

“Can I have this dance?” James asked as he stood up.

Alana smiled as she stood up. She thought it was very sweet of her son to dance with her. As they reached the dance floor James took Alana’s hand in his and they began to dance. Alana put her head on her son’s shoulder as they danced. It had been a wonderful evening so far and she was having a great time. As the dance went on Alana started to feel slightly warm. Like someone had turned off the air conditioning. Before long Alana’s head felt like it was floating.

“I tink I’ve had too much to drink.” Alana said with slightly slurred speech.

“You’ll be just fine. One more dance then we can go.” James said.

James was waiting for his mom to say something like she’d just said. He now knew that she wasn’t fully in control anymore. It was time to see just how far he could push his game.

“Go all the way or go home.” James said to himself as they started the second dance.

The slow movement of the dance made Alana almost too dizzy to stand but she was having a wonderful time thanks to the alcohol. As the dance wore on Alana felt her son’s hand slowly slide down from her lower back to her ass. In her fogged mind Alana was barely aware of the movement but she knew something wasn’t right.

“You better behave yourself.” Alana said as she danced.

“What, oh sorry mom.” James replied smiling.

“It’s ok, just remember that I’m your mother.” Alana said smiling.

After a few more minutes Alana felt her son’s other hand on her ass. Alana rolled her eyes at her son’s blatant attempt but as long as he doesn’t do anything else what’s the harm, Alana thought to herself. The alcohol had Alana very comfortable with herself and she actually started to like the feeling of her son’s hands on her ass. Once James realized that his mother wasn’t going to freak out he knew he was on to something. As they danced James started to caress his mother ass. Gently he squeezed one cheek then the other. Alana’s ass was both soft and firm as James kneaded the fleshy globes.

“That feels good. But you know you shouldn’t be doing that.” Alana said as she looked at her son through glazed eyes.

“If it feels good then why stop?” James said.

“Because I’m your mother honey.” Alana said.

As James groped his mother’s ass his cock began to stir. He took the opportunity to grind his hips into his mother. Alana felt her son’s cock pressed into her stomach but she didn’t see any harm in it. In fact in her fogged mind she really didn’t mind anything. All she knew was that what her son was doing felt good and that was enough. As they danced James continued squeezing his mother’s ass and grinding his hard cock against her. Alana took her head off her son’s shoulder and looked at her son. He was very handsome, and such a nice boy for taking her out to eat. Without realizing what she was doing Alana lightly kissed her son on the lips.

“Thanks sweetie, tonight is just wonderful.” Alana said as she starred at her son.

“I’m just getting warmed up beautiful.” James said still surprised at his mother’s kiss.

Knowing it was time, James quickly he led Alana off the dance floor and paid the check.

“Well I guess we should be getting home.” James said as he led his mother out the door.

Alana could barely stand now and all she did was giggle every other second. James was thrilled that his mother was this fucked up but he hoped she be able to make it to the car. James had to almost carry his mother the last few feet to the car. After setting her down in her seat James got in and drove as fast as he dared on the way home. As they drove, James looked over at his mother who was just starring out the window. What caught his eye, however, was the way his mother was sitting. On the way to the restaurant Alana had her legs closed very tightly but now, in her altered state, she had her legs spread wide open.

“Still with me over there?” James asked.

“Oh…..yeah baby….the lights sure are pretty at night.” Alana said in a trance like state.

James put his hand on his mother’s thigh almost shaking from his excitement. After a few seconds he noticed that his mother hadn’t even moved. With more daring James moved his hand up his mother’s thigh. Alana still hadn’t said anything, so after taking a deep breath, James moved his hand under his mother’s dress. As his hand came in contact with his mother’s panties Alana turned and looked at her son. James froze; maybe he’d gone too far.

“You’re a naughty boy baby, you shouldn’t touch your mother like that.” Alana said as her head swayed from side to side.

“No I’m not mom, I’m just trying to make you feel good. It does feel good doesn’t it?” James said as his thumb rubbed his mother’s pussy through the thin material of her panties.

“Ohhhhh…ummmmm yeah it does feel good.” Alana said as her head leaned back on the seat.

Alana was starting to drift in and out of reality. She knew where she was but she didn’t think what her son was doing was in any way wrong. As far as she was concerned if it felt good then it was alright. For the rest of the trip home James rubbed his mother’s pussy and squeezed her thigh. The only reason he didn’t do anything else was because he was afraid he would cum in his pants. As they pulled into the drive way James turned off the car and carried his mother up the steps. As he fumbled with the keys to unlock the door James noticed his mother was starring at him.

“What is it?” James asked.

“You’re so handsome.” Alana giggled.

James stood his mother up as straight as he could. Then he pulled the hair clip from her head causing her hair to fall down to its full length. For a moment James looked at his very beautiful mother then he pressed his lips against hers in an electric kiss. Alana offered no resistance as her son’s tongue entered her mouth. In Alana’s mind she was just kissing her son on the cheek for being such a good date but in reality she was making out with her son. James breathed heavily as his mother soft smooth lips pressed against his. Finally he broke the kiss. After a few more seconds he had the door open and was leading his mother into the living room. James led his mother over to the couch. After helping his mother sit down James began taking his shirt off. Alana sat there starring at her son as his shirt came off to reveal his muscular chest. In her confused state Alana was starting to forget that it was her son who was standing in front of her.

“I’ve been waiting for this.” James said as he unbuckled his belt.

Alana watched as James pulled his slacks down. She could feel her pussy getting wet and almost like a robot she sat up on the couch and reached forward and grabbed her son’s cock through his boxers.

“Oh yeah.” James moaned as his mother squeezed his cock.

“Does that feel good baby?” Alana asked still not aware of what she was doing.

“You know what would feel really good?” James said.

“What?” Alana asked as she rubbed her son’s cock.

“If you put it in your mouth that would feel really good.” James said as he brushed the hair from his mother’s eyes.

In Alana’s altered mind the request seemed very reasonable. If it would feel good to suck her son’s cock then she was going to do just that. Slowly Alana pulled her son’s boxers down until his massive cock sprang free hitting her on the chin.

“Goodness you’re big.” Alana said with slurred speech.

“Oh god yes.” James moaned. Alana reached forward and grabbed her son’s massive cock. She then lifted her son’s cock and used her tongue to trace a line up the underside of James’ cock before popping the head into her mouth. Alana was on autopilot. Her body was so relieved to be getting some sexual gratification that her delirious mind had no chance fighting it.

“Oh shit mom…….” James moaned as Alana’s warm mouth surrounded the head of his cock.

Alana’s lips slid back and forth on her son’s cock as her tongue teased the engorged head. Her son’s cock tasted like heaven as she struggled to fit even a third of its length into her mouth.

“God you’re so big.” Alana said as she used her other hand to jerk off her son.

James grabbed Alana by the back of her head and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth causing her to gag.

“Easy baby.” Alana laughed.

Alana lifted her son’s heavy cock and alternated between sucking her son’s cock and licking his balls. James looked down at his mother sucking his cock contently and knew he couldn’t last much longer. Alana slurped and sucked her son’s huge cock faster and faster. She was very aroused and starting to want her son to fuck her. “Oh mom, I’m gonna cum….go slower…” James moaned.

“Ok baby……god your cock is big.” Alana said as she went back to slowly sucking her son off.

After a few more minutes James closed his eyes and with a grunt unloaded a huge load of cum into his mother’s mouth.

“OHHHHH…..FUCK!” James moaned as his cock drained into Alana’s mouth.

“UMmmmmmmm……baby you taste good.” Alana said as her tongue was coated with her son’s cum.

Alana continued to suck her son’s cock as it pulsed. With each pulse more cum filled her mouth and Alana continued to swallow every drop. Finally Alana could feel her son’s cock softening.

“You taste really good.” Alana said as her son’s soft cock slipped from her lips.

“Goddamn you can suck a cock.” James said as he watched his mother clean his cock with her mouth.

After a few seconds Alana let go of her son’s cock and fell backwards into the couch. Her eyes were almost closed. She was completely out of it. James wasn’t anywhere near done so he was glad to see his mother still too drunk to reason.

“Come here sexy.” James said as he pulled his mother to her feet.

James leaned forward and kissed his mother deeply. Their tongues coiled around each other tightly as they kissed each other like lovers. Finally breaking the kiss James grabbed the bottom of his mother’s dress and pulled it over her head.

“But baby, now I’m naked.” Alana said with the innocence of a child.

“That’s how I want you to be mom. You’re gorgeous.” James said.

James leaned forward and began kissing his mother on her neck. The sensation caused Alana to moan with pleasure. Slowly James made his way down to his mother’s breasts. He sucked his mother’s tits for a while gently nibbling on her nipples.

“Oh god baby that feels great.” Alana moaned.

James got down on his knees and kissed his mother’s stomach before pulling her panties down. The sight of his mother’s shaved pussy was intoxicating. Slowly he leaned forward and with his tongue spread Alana’s pussy lips. “OHHH!!!!!GOD……” Alana screamed.

James put his hands on his mother’s hips and sat her down on the couch. Then he lifted both of her legs and spread them apart as wide as he could. Alana could barely think as her son’s tongue flicked her clit.

“Your pussy tastes great mom.” James said in between licks.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Alana groaned in pleasure.

After a few more minutes James was becoming aggravated at the low sitting couch. His neck was starting to cramp up as he ate Alana’s pussy. After a little while longer James stood up and took his mother by the hand and led her up the stairs to her bedroom. As the two lovers made their way to the bed James cut on the lamp beside the bed. The room lit up and Alana collapsed on the end of her bed. In front of her was her son, cock at full staff, about to fuck her. Alana spread her legs wide. She was a bit surprised that she felt her son’s tongue, not his cock, touch her pussy. James wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to taste his mother’s pussy again. Slowly his tongue teased Alana’s swollen pussy lips.

“Oh god baby….” Alana moaned.

James used his left hand to spread his mother’s pussy lips so his tongue could get to the really tasty pink meat of her pussy. As his tongue probed his mother’s clit James slipped his middle finger into her hot pussy. Alana was writhing on the bed as her son ate her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Although her son was very good at eating pussy Alana only wanted one thing.

“Baby, I want you to put your cock inside me.” Alana said as she locked her alcohol fueled eyes with her son.

James stood up and positioned his cock right in front of Alana’s pussy. Slowly he leaned forward until the head of his massive cock was inside his mother. Alana’s mouth opened wide as another inch was buried inside her pussy.

“OH!!!…..go slow baby…….really slow.” Alana screamed in both pain and pleasure.

James did as he was asked. As he slid his cock deeper into his mother he leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth. Alana’s fingernails raked down her son’s back. With another push James had about half of his cock inside his mother. He slowly withdrew and then pushed again. After repeating this for a few times James rose up and locked eyes with Alana. With one last push James buried his entire cock in his mother’s womb.

“OHHHHH…….FUCK…..OHHHH GOD!!!!” Alana screamed as her son’s cock pressed into her belly. The look on Alana’s face sent James over the edge. He began fucking his mother with all he had. Alana locked her legs around her son and enjoyed the best fucking she had ever had. Alana couldn’t believe how much her son’s cock stretched her pussy. The sensation of fullness was unbelievable.

“GODDAMN MOM……YOUR PUSSY’S TIGHT!!!” James screamed as his mother’s pussy milked his cock.

Alana groaned with pleasure and her son fucked her hard and fast. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. With every powerful thrust Alana could feel her son’s cock swelling. She knew he would cum soon and the alcohol made sure she didn’t care. In between moans Alana looked at her son as he fucked her raw. Alana could feel her climax building with every powerful thrust of her son’s cock. Before long she was screaming at her son.

“FUCK ME….FUCK ME…….FUCK ME HARDER!!!!” Alana moaned.

James picked up the pace with his last few thrusts. Alana finally let go completely.

“OH FUCKING ……SHIT…..FUCK…..I’M CUMMINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!.” Alana screamed as her orgasm rushed through her.

James kept fucking his mother as she came. Alana tensed up and screamed as she experienced the biggest orgasm of her life. James starred at his mother’s face as she shook. Alana convulsed for a good minute as her son kept fucking. Just as her orgasm let up a little Alana opened her eyes. Just as they made eye contact James leaned forward and kissed his mother. As their tongues fought Alana could feel her son’s cock erupting inside her. She could feel her son’s hot cum coating her insides. As her son came Alana grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper inside of her. Alana began to feel her son’s cum running out of her pussy. There simply wasn’t any room for it. As her son’s cock finally stopped erupting he collapsed on top of her. After a few minutes James rolled off of his mother. After about ten minutes James looked over at his mother. Her eyes were closed and she was almost motionless.

“Ha, she passed out.” James said after checking to make sure she was still breathing.

James sat on the end of his mother’s bed for a while thinking about tomorrow when Alana awoke. The alcohol would be out of her system by then and she would be fit to be tied. He knew he really didn’t have anything to worry about because he could blackmail her just as easily as Sam had. Still, just as a little added insurance James went to his room and got his digital camera. James then got onto the bed beside his mother. He turned her head toward him and pushed his cock into her mouth. He snapped a picture then took a couple more in various poses. Satisfied he got up and walked to his room and fell asleep.

The next morning Alana awoke with a splitting headache and a very upset stomach. As she sat up in her bed Alana put her pounding head in her hands.

“Uhhhhhhh………..” Alana groaned.

“What the hell happened last night?” Alana asked herself as she looked around her room.

As the fog of last night lifted, Alana notice that she was sitting naked on her bed. Confused Alana stood up.

“Owwwwww…..” Alana groaned as her pussy ached.

Alana stood there for a few seconds wondering why on earth her pussy was so sore. She tried to remember what happened last night but could only remember bits and pieces. After slipping on her house coat Alana walked downstairs. As she entered the living room she saw her dress and panties in front of the couch.

“Oh my god no.” Alana thought to herself as she started to remember more of what happened.

Alana collapsed onto the couch in tears as the full enormity of what happened last night hit her. She had fucked her own son. As she sat on the couch crying she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She couldn’t bear to look at her son so she kept her head buried in the couch.

“How could you?!?” Alana asked crying heavily.

After a few seconds of silence Alana heard something drop onto the coffee table. Alana peeked out of one eye and saw what looked to be like photographs.

“What in the hell are those?” Alana asked as she finally glared at her son.

“See for yourself.” James said coldly.

Alana picked up the pictures and immediately put her hand over her mouth. The pictures showed her son’s cock in her mouth and her son performing oral sex on her.

“Before you say a word listen to what I have to say because I’m only going to say it once.” James said calmly.

“Last week I saw you fucking Sam in the kitchen. I know he forced you into it at first but then you kept letting him fuck you. You walked around like nothing was wrong. You probably fucked dad like normal then had your little fuck parties with my best friend. Last night, while you were drunk, I fucked you in your own bed. As far as I’m concerned you can do whatever you want with dad and Sam but when I want to fuck you I will or I will tell dad what you’ve been doing and plaster those pictures all over the neighborhood. End of story. So why don’t you go take a shower and get cleaned up?” James said as he sat down beside his mother.

Alana couldn’t think of anything to say. Her son was right. She had fucked his best friend knowing how wrong it was and now she shouldn’t be too surprised that her son had taken the same path as his friend. She cursed the day that her family had gone on that vacation.

“But I’m your mother. We can’t do this. What I do with Sam is wrong but he’s not my son.” Alana said trying to explain herself.

“Look mom, I know he forced you into it. I still love you, but after what happened I don’t think of you as just my mom. I think about fucking you all the time. You’re the only woman I want.” James said.

Alana knew her son was wrong for doing what he did but she wasn’t surprised. After all, she’d just been through the same thing with Sam. If she used her body to help keep Sam from going crazy why couldn’t she do the same for her son?

“Listen, no matter how wrong it is I’m going to help you. But it’s going to be on my terms or not at all.” Alana said trying to regain some control over the situation.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” James asked.

“It means that I’m in control of when and who I sleep with. If you can’t get that simple fact then you can take those pictures to whoever you want. I don’t care anymore.” Alana said as she looked into her son’s eyes.

James couldn’t believe that his mother had called his hand like this. He really didn’t want to see his mother hurt. Besides, if she was still going to fuck him then that was all that mattered.

“Deal. You’re in charge. As long as you still…help me out I’ll do whatever your want.” James said.

Alana smiled knowing that she was at the very least in charge of her family’s nightmare.

“Good, the first thing I want you to do is destroy all these pictures. I’m going to take a shower.” Alana said as she stood up.

As his mother took her shower James cut the pictures up into little strips and put them into a coffee can. He took the can into the back yard and burned the pictures.

Up in the shower Alana was deep in thought. She was proud of herself for standing up to her son. But her mind weighed heavily on the fact that now she was going to have to live three lives. She would still have to be the dutiful wife for her husband. She would also have to keep up her affair with Sam. And now on top of all that she was going to have to sleep with her own son. In the back of her mind she felt the slight tingle of pride that she was woman enough to satisfy three men.

The next day Alana and James got up early to go pick up Greg from the airport. As they drove they came upon a traffic jam caused by a big rig that had tipped over.

“This is just great.” James said as he put the car in park.

“Calm down honey, it won’t take that long.” Alana said as she tried to see up ahead.

After a while every time the car would inch forward James would moan and groan. It eventually began to take its toll on Alana. After about twenty minutes of listening to her son’s bellyaching Alana decided to put a stop to it. And she knew just how to do it. As James griped he felt something on his leg. He looked down and was surprised to see his mother’s hand rubbing his cock through his shorts.

“What’s the matter; I don’t hear any more complaining.” Alana said sarcastically.

“Uh……my day just took a turn for the better.” James said smiling.

“Oh, I’m about to make your whole week.” Alana said as she began to unbutton her son’s shorts.

After Alana’s slim fingers slid the zipper down on her son’s shorts she reached into his boxer’s and freed his massive cock. Alana starred at her son’s cock for a few moments as she stroked it to its full hardness. Then as if it was nothing out of the ordinary Alana lowered her head and took her son’s cock into her mouth.

“Ohhhh…..shit.” James exclaimed.

Alana’s tongue swirled around the head of her son’s cock while her hand caressed his balls. The salty taste of her son’s manhood caused her mouth to water. Before long Alana was bobbing her head up and down in her son’s lap. The car was quiet except for slurping sounds. James used his hand to hold Alana’s hair out of her face.

“Goddamn you’re beautiful.” James said as his mother’s warm mouth engulfed is cock.

Alana popped her son’s cock from her mouth and smiled.

“Thanks baby.” Alana said as she kissed the tip of her son’s cock before taking him into her mouth again.

After a few more minutes Alana could feel her son’s cock swelling. She knew he was going to cum. In anticipation Alana picked up her pace.

“Oh…..God… mom….I’m gonna cum.” James managed to say.

Alana sucked her son’s cock with all she had. As her lips slid up and down on his cock she used her hands to jack him off. Finally she was rewarded.

“OHH…….SHIIIITTTT!!!!” James groaned as his cock erupted into his mother’s mouth.

Alana’s mouth kept a vacuum seal around her son’s cock as he flooded her mouth with cum. As jet after jet of cum filled her mouth Alana held her ground. After she was sure that she had it all Alana lifted her head. She looked right into her son’s eyes and swallowed every last drop of his cum. James was amazed at how sexy his mother was as she daintily used a napkin from the glove box to wipe the corners of her mouth like she’d just finished a steak.

“Looks like I won’t be needing breakfast this morning.” Alana said as she looked ahead out the windshield smiling.