Debby’s Diary

Dear Diary,

“I have to admit, I am addicted to Big Black Cock. I love the taste of it, I love the size of it, I love the smell of it. I love the thickness, the long hard shaft. I especially love the smooth cock head that is both hard and rough at the same time. I love how it fits in my mouth.”

Debby sat on her bed writing in her diary. She had a long day tomorrow. First thing in the morning she would have to go see the private investigator about looking into who burglarized her home. She slept well that night.

Debby woke up early the next morning and got ready. She put on a nice conservative thin white blouse with the first two buttons unbuttoned. Then she went with a slightly more edgy un-hemmed mini-skirt and black high heels.

Debby looked in the mirror. She was 5’2″, 115 lbs. 34B breasts. She had beautiful long blonde hair with an incredibly lithe figure. Debby was twenty eight years old and very beautiful.

Lex Max, Private Investigator’s office:

Lex Max was an ex-military, ex-police officer, thirty year old private investigator. Self-confident, smooth, and always alert. Many of his female clients tried to get close to him, but Lex was all business. Through his well-fitted, custom designed suit was a top conditioned physique. He found being a private investigator had benefits even police officers were not privileged too.

Debby walked in his office. It was a neat, comfortable waiting room. A desk to the left was occupied by a rather busty young red head who looked busy polishing her nails. How typical, Debby thought.

“Can I help you?” The secretary asked.

“I’m here to see Mr. Max.”

“One moment.” She got up and walked over the other door and went inside. “He’s ready to see you.” The red head said after a brief moment.

Debby walked in to see a young, handsome man in a fine suit sitting at his desk. Debby was pleasantly surprised. She had expected someone much older.

“Ms. Steinberg, nice to meet you. I am Lex Max, private investigator.”

“Nice to meet you, too.”

“So, what can I do for you? You seemed rather distressed last night on the phone.”

“Well, my place was torn apart, it’s a complete mess. I just want to know who did this. The police are of no help.”

Lex looked at Debby for a moment in silence. “A simple follow routine, eh? We call it scratch and sniff. We dig around until there’s nothing left to dig.”

“That’s what I’m looking for. The police won’t even scratch.” Debby smiled.

Lex smiled back. “A routine like this can run a couple thousand dollars. But I’ll make an exception. If I can’t find anything, I won’t charge you.”

“Thank you. I don’t know what to say, I …”

“Don’t worry, I rarely don’t find anything.”

Debby felt a warm connection with Lex, he was handsome and gentle and witty. She gazed at him for a while.

“I’ll be over at your place later tonight to look around, you didn’t touch anything did you?”

“Oh, um, no, I didn’t.”

“Good. Later tonight then.”

Debby walked down the street thinking about Lex. He’s handsome, she thought. A couple blocks down she felt a cold chill in the small of her back. There were two black men following her. Debby was three cars away from hers but decided to walk pass it so the two men wouldn’t know her car was there. She walked to the corner and waved for a taxi.

The taxi pulled up and Debby quickly got in. She looked out the window to see the two men glaring back at her. She told the driver to take her to All American University.

* * * *

Debby had another appointment with Mr. Smith. The school was still a maze to her; she didn’t know her way around yet. Debby was in the gymnasium because the school considered modeling as a physical activity so the department was also in the building. She walked by the gym and by the men’s locker room.

The doors were open and in plain view a team of black guys were roaming around naked. Debby saw their black chiseled bodies as well as they black cocks. The sight stopped Debby right in her tracks. She just stared wide-eyed. The black men saw her and started laughing, breaking the trance Debby was in. She quickly walked away feeling embarrassed.

The gymnasium was like a maze of sorts. Debby felt her mouth salivating as she approached Mr. Smith’s office. The thought of his big black cock in her mouth made her extremely wet.

As she approached the office, she noticed the door slightly opened. Debby leaned in to get a look inside. Hulking Mr. Smith was happily feeding his big black cock to a dark haired Latina. He had both hands locked in her hair, holding her head still while he forced fucked her mouth.

Ana Rosa Torres just let the professor penetrate her mouth; she gazed at the big black cock protruding out of her mouth. She stared cross-eyed at the dark dreadful man-meat, then looked up at Mr. Smith as if looking for guidance.

Debby watched on intently, imagining the powerful shaft sliding in and out of her mouth. Debby licked her lips.

“Aw yeah, that’s it, suck it.” Mr. Smith grunted, then started pushing deeper into Ana’s mouth.

Ana Rosa was getting a little concerned for her own well being. The cock was growing thicker to the point her mouth couldn’t accommodate it anymore. Nevertheless, Ana sucked diligently on the masculine organ. His well-endowed member took on a life of its own as it jumped and twitched inside Ana’s throat. Ana’s cheeks looked swollen as if it was filled with something.

Debby saw Mr. Smith’s hips buck and jerk, the huge tool thrusting deep into Ana’s throat. Debby noticed Ana’s throat swallowing repeatedly. She could just imagine the large amount of cum unloading into her throat. Debby felt a wetness between her legs.

Ana licked her lips and stood up. “Was that good?”

“You know, I am going to need to reevaluate your performance. But someone is waiting for me outside, you’re going to have to come back again.”

“Oh, okay.” Ana picked up her purse and walked towards the door.

Debby was stunned to her him say that. He knew she was standing there the entire time. The door opened and Ana looked at Debby. Ana gave her a shy smile and quickly shuffled away. Neither one of them knew who was more embarrassed.

“Come on in.” Mr. Smith motioned for Debby to walk in.

Debby stepped inside and made sure she closed the door. She didn’t want anyone to see her in the same situation. Debby turned around to see Mr. Smith standing there still naked, his cock still rigid.

“Did you come to suck this cock, too?” Hulking Mr. Smith grinned.

“Uh, well, I though we had an appointment.”

“Right. Come here and get down on your knees.”

Debby was confused. She wanted to suck his cock but she thought they were going to discuss the job. Debby just walked toward him. Mr. Smith put his hands on her shoulders and guided her down to his cock. His cock was definitely ready to fuck. Debby wondered if he was going to force fuck her mouth like he did to Ana.

The monstrous black cock aimed at Debby’s mouth. She admired it for a moment before parting her lips to take in the huge cock head. Once it was inside Debby gave the cock head the royal treatment. She licked and tongued it and let the underside of the cock head slide all over her wet tongue.

This was the second day in a row that she had black cock in her mouth. She held the big cock in her hand and worshipped it. The cock head was big and warm in her mouth. She sucked it and drooled all over it. Debby fell in love with big black cock.

“Yeah, babe, you like to suck a good cock, don’t you. Suck it good, yeah. Put your hot mouth over it, aw yeah. Suck my big black cock. Run your wet tongue all over it.”

Debby then felt his two hands grab her hair. This was it. He was going to fuck her face now. Debby felt the big cock slide in deeper into her mouth and to the back of her throat. The night before he let her suck him at her own pace. She loved the feel of his big cock head in her mouth. Now his big black cock was lodged in her throat, stretching it out.

“Mmrph, mmrph… ccrrk, ccrrk! Ungh!” Debby put both her hands on his hips to try to slow down his thrusts, but he was too powerful. The big black cock felt really uncomfortable in her throat. She started to gag.

“Ooh yeah, aw fuck yeah, suck that cock, bitch…” Hulking Mr. Smith grimaced and tensed, pumping his hulking big black cock down Debby’s throat.

“Aw fuck yeah your tight-ass throat feels good, yeah that’s it, take it.”

“Ccrrk! Mmrph! Ungh! Ccrrk!”

Debby liked sucking big black cock but not like this. He practically buried her with big black cock. Hulking Mr. Smith turned from a guile suave gentleman into a ferocious primordial beast. He was naked, jet black; a monster of pure muscle.

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The thick black shaft and oversized cock head pulverized Debby’s tight fragile throat. Debby was on her knees kneeling in front of the muscular black giant with his huge cock down her throat. The huge powerful black man thrusted and pounded his equally powerful big black cock deep into Debby’s throat. She serviced him the only way she knew, just take it. Debby was at his mercy.

The big black cock penetrated all the way to the back of Debby’s throat. She choked and gagged on the thick man-meat. Debby’s pretty face was smothered in his crotch, smelling the masculine musky scent. His heavy balls slapped away at her chin.

Debby deep-throated the big black cock as if her life depended on it. She desperately tried to suck him off as fast as possible because she couldn’t take much more of this punishment.

The black hulking monster Smith loved fucking Debby’s pretty face. His big black cock grew harder, stretching her out to the limit. Debby’s throat wrapped tightly around the massive cock head; her tight throat muscles stroking the thick black shaft.

The abuse was more than Debby could handle. The plunging took Debby out of consciousness. Just then, the big black cock exploded inside her throat. A jet stream of hot cum blasted its way into Debby’s cum filled belly. The second and third load erupted into her. Debby’s eyes widened by the surprise she felt. The next large wad plastered the walls of her throat.

Debby swallowed frantically from the invasion of the black man’s cum. Hulking Mr. Smith shot more sperm this time around given that he unloaded on another young woman before her. It must have been the way he used her.

After shooting five loads straight down her throat, Debby felt more than filled. Debby was shocked by the size of the pure black meat and the copious amount of sperm gushing out of it.

Debby sucked Mr. Smith off good. She licked and sucked the cock head clean, letting the huge member run all over her wet tongue. Debby looked up at Mr. Smith. He gave her a sinister grin and petted her head.

“Good job.” Mr. Smith pulled out a wad of cash and threw it on the table.

“Come back tomorrow.”

Debby took the money and left without saying a word.

* * * *

Debby felt confused. She didn’t know why Mr. Smith treated her the way he did. She felt used. But Debby needed the job, and decided to shake it off and return tomorrow. She had to get back home and meet Lex to investigate to break-in.

When Debby got home Lex was already standing at her front door. She was happy to see him.

“Hi,” Lex smiled.

“Hi,” Debby smiled back.

“Let’s have a look shall we,” Lex replied.

“Okay.” Debby wanted to tell him about the two black men who followed her earlier today, but she didn’t.

The door opened and the two walked in. Much to Debby’s surprise, the place had been completely rearranged. The place had been ransacked a second time.

Seeing the shock on her face, Lex quickly responded by pulling out his gun, “Stay here.”

Lex moved stealthily around the place. A moment later he returned, “Nothing, looks like they left.”

“Who would want to do something like this?”

“Looks like the same guys who want to cover their tracks in the first place.”

“What am I going to do?”

“Do you have somewhere you can stay?”

“Um… yes, I think so.”

“Good. What’s the address?”

“1300 A Street. It’s my sister’s house.”

“Okay. I suggest you stay there and don’t leave the house, we don’t want anyone seeing you there.”

“I can’t believe this is happening to me. One day everything is fine, the next day everything is turned upside down.”

“Trust me, as long as you stay at your sister’s everything will be fine. Don’t leave the house and don’t contact anyone. I’ll contact you.”

Debby took Lex’s advice and headed over to her sister’s. Katie was Debby’s half sister. Katie had a degree in broadcasting and worked a spot on television.

Katie and Debby weren’t that close but she was the only relative Debby had. They never shared sister to sister moments and never really had anything in common. Katie lived on the outskirts of a nice suburban neighborhood. When Debby showed up at Katie’s doorstep Katie didn’t ask but knew something serious was wrong.

Katie showed her a spare room and left her to get settled.

* * * *

Dear Diary,

“My life is changing so rapidly. First my job, then my house. What’s going on? I wonder who those two black men were. I shouldn’t be afraid, but they are so intimidating. Lex is a wonderful private investigator. I know I should listen to him but I won’t let a few men ruin my life.”

The next morning Debby woke up and felt as everything was a dream. She went downstairs to make a cup of coffee. Katie was already downstairs sipping on coffee and reading the morning paper.


“Good Morning.”

Debby and Katie didn’t talk much, and the silence presented another awkward moment.

“What are you doing today?” Katie asked without looking up from the paper.

“I guess I’ll go to the gym and do some grocery shopping.”

Katie didn’t respond. Debby just stood there for a minute waiting for Katie to say something. She didn’t.

Debby walked out the front door without saying another word. The thought of not getting along with her sister made her irritated. Debby had completely forgotten about the warning Lex gave her. She walked down the street toward the local center. The walk made her feel good. Debby looked at all the nice houses in the suburbs and the tall green trees standing in front of the lawns.

As Debby entered the gym, she was taken back by the number of black men there. In fact, it was all black men, and a few white women working out as well.

Some of the women were checking out the black men pumping iron, while others were being helped by big black personal trainers. Debby noticed one woman lying on a bench while a trainer stood right above her. His bulge in his shorts was over her face, and what a bulge it was. Debby stared at that bulge and the two working out; the trainer would lower himself down to catch the bar, his crotch barely touching the young woman’s face.

Debby actually wanted to use the bench, but since they were on it, she moved to the other end of the gym. There was a bench here, but it was secluded from the rest of the equipment. It must have been an extra bench that was going to be donated because no one used it, and no one ever worked out at this end of the gym.

The bench sat in the middle of a secluded storage room at the end of the gym. Debby lied down on it and began to push the bar. Debby concentrated and strained to push up the remaining few reps. When she opened her eyes she was staring at a big black bulge right in front of her face. An ugly bald black man looked down at her and grinned.

“Need a spot?”

“No thanks. I’m fine.” Debby realized that she shouldn’t even be out of the house.

The big black man just stood over her head, grinning. Out of nowhere another black man appeared, just as ugly and just as big. The sight of the two black men reminded Debby of yesterday’s events.

Both of the black men had bulked up chests and arms, and bulging black cocks to boot.

Debby realized the two black men were the ones who were following her. Just as she was about to get up, the one standing above her reached into his pants and pulled out the big bulging member. Debby gasped. The cock head was right in front of her face. It was jet black and tremendously thick. She just stared at it. The monstrous black snake grew towards her. The burly black man held the thick organ and swung the pole at her face, touching her lips.

Instinctively Debby parted her lips, and the big black cock grew into her mouth. Debby was afraid they were going to do something to her if she didn’t cooperate. She just laid there, the cock head parting her lips wider.

“Suck it, bitch.” The man began to push down into her mouth.

Debby wrapped her lips around the cock head and started to tongue it.

“Jerome, take the other side.”

The other black man, known as Jerome, pulled out his equally impressive black cock and approached Debby. Jerome grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart. He tugged at her shorts, sliding them off.

Jerome aimed his big black cock at Debby’s pussy.

“Damn she’s wet.”

Debby waited patiently for the intruder to invade her hole. Jerome rubbed his cock head inside her pussy lips, lubing both cock and pussy. With one swift motion, Jerome buried his big black cock all the way into Debby’s tight shaven cunt.

“Damn she’s tight.”

Jerome plowed into her; he plunged twelve thick inches of big black cock into Debby’s cunt.

“Mmrph! Ungh…oh gawd…” Debby moaned even though her mouth was stuffed with black cock.

Debby took in rigid black meat from both ends. The cock in her mouth thrusted into the back of her throat while the other rammed it in to the hilt.

“Let’s switch Tone.”

The big black cock in Debby’s mouth belonged to Tone. He pounded down her throat some more before yanking her up by her hair. Jerome proceeded to grab her hair and pull her towards his cock. Debby got on her hands and knees and took in Jerome’s cock into her mouth. Her spread out ass invited Tone to plant his black shaft into her butt.

Debby went wide-eyed at the intrusive anal invader. She felt frightened to have such a large tool ream her ass hole.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your ass!” Tone barked like a madman.

He forced his big black cock straight into her ass. He didn’t even give her time to adjust. Debby cried out; Jerome took the opportunity to lodge his meat deeper into her throat.

“Ccrrk! Ungh!” Debby didn’t care what they did to her anymore. She just wished it to be over.

After the relentless fucking the two burly black men unloaded simultaneously. Debby could feel both cocks tremble inside her. The cum was about to overflow out her mouth so she swallowed it down. She felt relieved.

“Can I go now?” Debby pleaded.

“I don’t think so; I think it’s time to pay your house a visit.”