Angler’s Delights

Chapter 01

My wife, Virginia, and I had been driving continuously for over eighteen hours in a mad dash to get to our favorite Atlantic Salmon river for the season’s opening day. The biggest obstacle that remained in our way was Kurley’s Mountain! Commencing at near sea level, Kurley’s Mountain Highway climbed the sea side of the mountain to over fifteen hundred feet above sea level. Climbing a distance of slightly less than four kilometers, with the last kilometer having the highest grade incline, the engine of our fully loaded four wheel drive howled in protest as we neared the mountain summit! We had arrived at the foot of Kurley’s Mountain just slightly before daybreak. I geared down to second gear, as recommended on the highway signs, for the long assent ahead! We reached the mountain top just as the sun’s shimmering rays peered through the high trees cresting the mountain! There was a “look-off rest site” atop the mountain where we parked to relax, snack and to enjoy the beautiful sun rise! The sun was a blazon red!

“We’ll have rain within the next forty-eight hours! I hope it doesn’t destroy the fishing!”

I anxiously noted to Virginia as she nodded her head in agreement. I was genuinely concerned that any heavy rains would spell disaster for our fishing trip! We had planned this trip the moment our last one here last year ended. This trip was an annual pilgrimage for us! Having rested for some forty-five minutes, we began our descent down the mountain into the valley below. From the mountain top we would be ten kilometers from the head of a river that meandered some eighty kilometers through the most breathtaking mountain and valley scenery that the Lord had bestowed anywhere upon this earth. It often occurred to me that perhaps the good Lord hadn’t been satisfied with His work so saw it necessary to place into this river the most magnificent of his marine creatures, the “Atlantic Salmon!”

I sincerely believe that it was at this point that He created man, such as myself, to behold his wondrous works! If the Lord needed reassurance that His creations here measured up to our highest expectations He was assured the votes of Virginia and I. Certainly I would often ask myself why such a magnificent sight ever existed outside heaven itself! Whatever my curiosity as to the reasons why, there it was, the most scenic and magnificent “Atlantic Salmon Rivers” on earth! It was to be mine for two glorious weeks to wander, to fish and to enjoy to the fullest. I would be putting my finest steel, fur and feather creations against the wiliest and most magnificent fish in all creation, “Atlantic Salmon!”

Atlantic salmon are born in freshwater rivers, grow for one year or so, then travel down stream to the cold salt waters of the North Atlantic. There he would spend several years, grow into adulthood, and later return to the exact spot to where he was born in the river. There he would spawn and give birth to a new generation. Having done so, he would again commence another journey to the North Atlantic, with all it’s perils, trials and tribulations, to prove once again the powers of its creator and its indeterminable prowess to abide by its predestination of being the greatest sport fish on earth. The Atlantic Salmon is the only fish in the Salmo Genera with the genes permitting it to return to and from the ocean numerous times. Returning to its river of origin and give birth to a new generation on each visit, unlike its cousins whose return to their birth river spells certain death, each to live and have the opportunity to spawn but once, then die.

Our accommodation was located at the estuary of the river. Here it flowed into the cold vastness of the North Atlantic. Our timing was such that we would commence fishing at the river’s place of origin and fish our various favorite fishing spots until we arrived at our lodge. It seemed strange how quickly we would forget or weariness, the eighteen hours of steady driving, and fish all day till darkness, without a murmur of tiredness. It’s amazing what the expectation of a good days fishing will do for one’s mind, body and soul. No drug, legal or otherwise, could ever be prescribed to bring on such a high. It allows one to be totally oblivious to all and every possible torment, all except that is, the torment of the challenge presented by the Atlantic Salmon itself. This, the sport of kings!

Parking at our first fishing spot, Virginia prepared an early morning breakfast on the riverbank. She enjoyed fishing as much as she enjoyed just being out in the wide-open spaces. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, pan fries, hot coffee and toast. We cleaned the dishware and immediately began assembling our fishing gear. First the rod, reel and line and then chest waders, fly vest and we were ready for a days fishing. The water levels were disappointing! It was evident that it hadn’t rained for some time and perhaps the mornings blazon sunrise was a good omen after all! It was still not yet fully daylight! The first light of day was yet to spread its rays on this side of the valley. I cautiously, and carefully, viewed the entire stream in the dim light before attempting my first cast to where I knew salmon should be. I entered the water and made my first cast of the season and of this trip! Both sides of the stream were enclosed by high standing trees ideally located to snag any backcast should one lose a moments attentiveness as to what existed around them.

I was using a nine foot Orvis graphite rod with a number nine line and nine foot, six pound, tippet, to this I had attached a fly creation of my own making. I always liked this fly, having had much success with it, not only for salmon, but for sea and brown trout, as well as speckled. On some occasions I found myself fishing with it an entire day. My creation is a copy of the Bomber, except, I dye my own deer hair in two shades of brown, mid and dark brown. Both colors are equally effective! However I have found that daylight and time of day, watercolor and sometimes water levels, do require a change from one shade to the other. I prefer Tintex mid-brown dye. I attain the desired color shades by varying the period of time I leave the deer hair in the dye and the time it’s allow to “fix”. I use either pure vinegar, or a mix of vinegar and water, to set colors. What you want to attain is two shades of brown dark hair, one dark and one mid-brown.

Another important factor is hook size. For Salmon I use sizes two to twelve, for trout I use mostly size twelve. Although I would never be without sizes ten, fourteen and sixteen. For hackle I use Grizzly and various browns, tied Palmer style. The heads are usually black. I have never had a need to try any other color, and I will “sometimes” but “definitely not always” experiment with a colored “butts”, usually red or green being best. Another well held secret of mine, till now at least, is that I also tie these flies in a weighted version. I tell the difference by adding a dot of red varnish on the head. I often immerse these creations in my own fly floatant mixture of paraffin wax and solvent. The air temperature I’ll be fishing in will dictate its formulation. This concoction gives off a noticeable concentric covering of wax and solvent when the fly hits the water. Whatever this does to the fish, it is at this moment that the fly is the deadliest! It’s an offering that the fish cannot seem to resist.

My first cast of this trip was cast at a forty-five degree angle across and down stream. I made a long cast and bounced my fly against the far side of the riverbank. I allowed the fly to swing mid-stream before beginning my retrieve. I immediately felt the sudden pull of a salmon as he struck my fly, then nothing! Disappointed, but no less determined now that I knew there were fish in the pool, I continued fishing. I chalked my loss of my first salmon of the season to “buck fever”. The excuse eased my pain and disappointment if nothing else. The sun now began to crown the mountain behind me and shortly would hit the river’s waters.

The sky was cloudless, not one of my favorite type days for salmon fishing. I prefer a cloudy or overcast day. Just as these thoughts were passing through my head a beautiful, ten to twelve pound, salmon rose five feet into the air in the same spot as where I hooked the first salmon. I didn’t hesitate! I placed my fly almost perfectly and exactly to where I wanted it. It made a slow swing and, just as it was about to straighten out, the salmon was upon it. He ran, as the reel spun in protest, for about twenty feet or so, then nothing! I reeled in, looked at the fly, and to my amazement the very tip of the hook was missing. I hadn’t inspected the hook after the first fish struck, as I would normally do, after all it was a brand-new fly! No mistaking it however, it was broken. I could only explain it by suggesting that it had to have had been a defective hook. In any event, two beautiful Atlantic salmon had survived to fight yet another day. Hopefully with myself I thought! Unfortunately that was how my first day of this trip started and ended. I did raise a few fish later that evening, but no takers. To plagiarize one famous quote, I thought: “Better two fish hooked and lost than no fish hooked at all!” That night the thought of not having a good nights sleep was definitely not in question! I set the clock for a five a.m. wake-up call! Within minutes we were both asleep.

The next morning I awoke and left for the river, leaving Virginia fast asleep. The plan was for me to fish till ten a.m. come back to the lodge and we would have breakfast. Afterwards I would rest till late afternoon and then we would both head to the river for a quiet evenings fishing. We planned to stay at least till sunset. The following morning was less than ideal. It had rained heavily overnight; the water was rising fast and was discolored. The day proved to be a “lodged lodge day”, i.e., a day fit for activities other than fishing. Perhaps like reading and sleeping, or other such activity which may raise ones enthusiasm for any type of sport! We both did, however, enjoy a very relaxed day which tended to lift our spirits for the challenges to be had during the following days. That evening we enjoyed the lodge’s specialty: “Fly Fishermen’s Seafood Special”. The meal consisted of seafood chowder, a combination of several different type fishes, baked potato or fries, and garnishes. One order, in fact, should have had been sufficient for at least two very hungry fishermen. Combined with more than sufficient wine, it was a truly a feast.

The lodge, located on a bluff over looking the river, had a large screened porch. From there we could see the river from ample, yet low keyed, lighting in place on the surrounding terraced embankment and a magnificent moonlight sky. While the weather had been rather miserable all day, late evening saw the skies partially clear with large clouds breaking, from time to time, the brightness of a glorious full moon. I knew from whence I came, if not tomorrow, then the next day, or as soon the rains run off rescinded its hold on the rivers waters level, that I would be the most fortunate salmon fisherman on the face of the earth. I would be the recipient of ideal fishing conditions for several days. My anticipation would not permit me settle down for a night’s sleep. Instead we ordered a bottle of our favorite beverage and, with some anxiety, sit the night if necessary, on the porch. There we would enjoy the fresh country air, the views to be had and allow ourselves to get lost amongst the vastness of country odors and noises!

We spent several hours quietly enjoying and cherishing every second of our time there. “This is what memories are made of!” I said to myself over and over again throughout the evening. It was two a.m. before we decided to turn in for the day. The next morning at about seven o’clock, we both headed for the river, believing that the waters would still be high and perhaps somewhat colored. I was surprised the waters were almost clear and its levels lower than I had anticipated. We would not bother to fish and decided to have breakfast at the river’s edge. Today it was fried sausage; pancakes and camp fired home brewed coffee! It just didn’t get any better than that! That’s what I though at least. However the best was yet to be! After breakfast I decided that we would travel further up river where I had a few “secret fishing spots” I would check out. I felt that the further up river we went the better the chances of the water being clear and lower. It was a rough ride over the narrow dirt road, freshly awash after the heavy rains. Thanks for the four-wheel drive! “Whoever invented them!” I thought to myself. The drive from the main highway to my fishing hole took almost an hour. It was rough going all the way! The point from where we had to stop to the river’s edge was a walk of some twenty minutes or so.

“The chances of anyone being here under these conditions are second to none, and second left town just before the rains started!” I said to Virginia. That is what I thought anyway!

We assembled our gear and headed for the river! The path to the river led to a high embankment, which overlooked the river. At the bottom of this embankment was a grass clearing of some fifty feet or so wide and extended down river some several hundred yards. The sight from the hilltop was always a favorite place of mine. I would sit there and survey the river and, as sometimes happened, the chance to observe a salmon or two breaking in the waters below. The scene was always a welcome sight! This time however I was in awe! Peering thought the trees from our observation point on the hilltop we could see what appeared to be a tent pitched in the field below. I at first became suspect of my eyesight! “No one ever camped here before!” I thought out loudly.

I had difficulty swallowing the lump it bought to my throat. In over twenty years visiting this “hot spot” I had never seen anyone here whom I didn’t know and, I thought to myself again, they would never have a need to camp here. In fact the number of people that I knew who would stop by this site would only do so every intermittently, and these I could count on two fingers. My suspicions and imagination were now taking hold of me, conjuring up all types of evil scenarios! Who might have discovered this spot! What might they do to my secret fishing hole! Not wanting to turn back, we moved quietly down the steep bank, making as little noise as necessary for fear of frightening off whoever may be camped there!

“Poachers no doubt!” as my imagination went into overdrive! “If we catch them we’ll report them to the authorities!” I thought. Reaching the end of the pathway, and to our left, we observed two gentlemen sitting on a fallen tree. The spring floods probably washed it here as no such large trees were in the immediate area. They were obviously having breakfast as the aroma of bacon, eggs and coffee permeated the air. They still had not seen us, nor did we have a clear vision of them to permit us to identify them. I whispered to Virginia that I would speak loud and attract their attention, which is exactly what happened. They turned, acknowledged our presence, and invited us over. That was a great start from my perspective at least. As we approached it became evident that the two gentlemen were black and, as we introduced ourselves, judging from their accent, were not from within this province!

This relieved my anxieties but not my curiosity as to how they arrived at this spot. “Hi! They call me DJ! This is my wife, Virginia!”

“Glad to meet you Sir! Glad to meet you Mam! I’m Allen and this is my brother Alex!”

“Glad to meet you!” Virginia responded.

“Looks like you two are going fishing, Sir! Are you?”

“Yes we are! Are you here to fish?”

“No! We’re just a couple of tourists who got lost and found our way here by canoe from up river! We were planning to stay here till the river drops before heading down stream”

“We had planned to be back at out lodge by yesterday! The rains changed that on us, so here we are!”

Their explanation made my entire day worthwhile! “Care for a coffee and something to eat! We have plenty of food!”

“No thanks! We ate a short while ago! Your generosity is greatly appreciated though! Maybe some other time!”

Then we heard a loud splash when a salmon jumped in the center of the river!

“Something must be chasing that fish! He’s been doing that all morning! What would be after him to make him do that?” Allen inquired. I laughed as I explained the fish’s action to Allen and Alex laughed upon hearing the explanation. “That’s how much we know about fishing!”

“I guess Virginia and I will see if we can accommodate that fish’s desire for some action!” I responded as Virginia and I headed toward the river. “Maybe we’ll see you both later! Have a safe trip down river!” “Thank you!” they replied in unison.

On our way to the river, Virginia commented that Allen and Alex were two very nice gentlemen and how strange it was to meet them here! I agreed! Virginia and I stood on the river’s edge observing and anticipating the whereabouts’ of the salmon that had breached earlier. Several minutes later, up he came!

“He would weigh at least twenty pounds or more!” I suggested Virginia try her luck first. Virginia positioned herself in the middle of the river and commenced fishing. Satisfied she had sufficient line out, made her first cast. It was as near picture perfect as any cast could be. After several casts however, she had no success in attracting any attention!

“Let me change your fly!” I recommended to my wife!

Virginia retrieved her line and I tied on one of my own “killer recipes”, as we like to call some of my concoctions. Virginia returned to her earlier position and cast to what we hoped would be a waiting salmon! On the very first pass a salmon came flying into the air just missing the fly!

“Did you strike him! Did you strike him!” I anxiously asked.

“No! He missed it completely!”

“Place you fly exactly where you did the last time! If you didn’t hit him he’ll come back for it! He’s a taker!”

It took several casts before she got the fly exactly to where the fish rose. This time there was no splash, just the tip of Virginia’s fishing rod bending, the sound of her reel at it screeched in protest as the fish struck and made its first run! In high water the fish had both the current and water level in his favor. The salmon ran some seventy yards or more on his first drive to free himself from Virginia’s offering. Virginia gained some line back as the salmon sulked at the bottom of the river near the far bank where the water was deepest!

The battle continued from some twenty minutes, both Virginia and the salmon loosing a little, then gaining a little, in their tug of war. The salmon then headed up stream at a terrific rate of speed. The reel grew hot from friction generated by its protest to the pulling of this denizen from the deep. It then turned and headed, just as fast, down stream. This time however Virginia was able to restrict its movement to the middle of the stream! There it sulked once more! Another twenty minutes passed as the two tested each other’s strength, each exchanging gains and losses, time and time again! Forty-five minutes passed and it appeared that neither the salmon, nor Virginia, were going to surrender. Both were, by this time, totally spent! The salmon made three more consecutive jumps, each a little lesser in effort from the one previous!

“He’s about to surrender!” I told Virginia.

“He better! I can’t hold out much longer! My arm is aching!”

“I can’t remember ever having a salmon on this long!” Virginia said anxiously!

“Stay with him! He’s almost ready to give up! I’m going ashore to get my camera! Will you be alright!”

“Yes! I think so! Should I move closer to the bank!”

“Yes! But give me time to get a few picture first!” “O.K.!”

I reached the riverbank and was surprised to see Allen and Alex standing there observing the action! They had seen the whole episode and were eager as Virginia and I to see itsuccessfully concluded.

“That’s how it’s done! That’s exciting ain’t it!” Allen remarked. “It sure is!” I gleefully replied.

I searched my fly vest for my miniature thirty-five millimeter camera as Virginia, by this time, returned back to where we had entered the water. Her line had been retrieved back to the fly line. I knew then that she would land the first fish of this trip. I began shooting pictures as she attempted to hand tail the fish. Virginia had succeeded and, with a broad smile of accomplishment, held the salmon up, with difficulty, for all to behold. It was a magnificent salmon, weighing twenty-three pounds and as silver as could be. There was no doubt in my mind this salmon had entered the river and didn’t stop till he had reached this spot. Their enjoined battle was one in which there would be no losers! Virginia, having had removed the fly and displayed the fish for all to see and photograph, placed him back in the water, head into the current, allowed it to regain its composure and strength and freedom! It didn’t take long! The salmon made a swimming motion with such a force that it sent water flying into the air and Virginia on her backside in the river! She just wasn’t ready for such a quick recovery and with such strength. It surprised her completely; she just wasn’t ready for it! We all laughed at her a she splashed in the water to regain her footing. Once on her feet she felt somewhat embarrassed, especially since she now noticed the two black gentlemen there and enjoying her embarrassment as much as I.

Being a good sport and regaining her composure, Virginia joined the laughter. I now wanted to go down stream a short distance and around a sharp bend to fish a second hole which, in the past; I had some luck from time to time. She concurred and I was on my way! I entered the water and proceeded down river. Allen and Alex watched from the shore. I had no concern with the situation, i.e., Virginia being alone, especially with two strangers on the shore. Virginia and I kept a whistle as part of our safety gear so we could signal each other if there ever arose a problem. Besides I would be only a few hundred yards or so from her.

Virginia had entered the water as I began the short journey down to the next pool. Reaching the spot where she had successfully hooked her first fish, she began to peel out her fly line and fish the same section of water she previously fished. Virginia fished for twenty minutes or so, then retrieved her line and changed flies. She made several casts with the new offering and was soon in battle with her second fish of the day. This salmon was significantly smaller than the first, was a worthy adversary nonetheless.

The salmon made several jumps when first hooked and embarked upon a familiar embattlement strategy, refusing to surrender for some thirty minutes. Landing the salmon in the same spot as the first, it was awarded the same fate as his bigger brother. Virginia was now exhausted from two consecutive battle engagements with her finned adversaries! She then returned to the riverbank to rest awhile. Neither Allen nor Alex were anywhere to be seen. She surmised they had gone back to their campsite. Thirsty after all the mornings action she retrieved a pop from the back pocket of her flyvest and decided to go up stream to the pool’s headwater and fish. Having no luck she felt that perhaps a change of flies might attract some attention. Virginia went to the riverbank to change her fly and observe the waters for some sign of a salmon. While changing her fly, Virginia, for some unknown reason, idle curiosity or perhaps a woman’s intuition, peered through the trees to observe where the camp site was. Nothing was visible but her senses told her that there was something in the woods. Her curiosity impelled her to crawl further up the embankment so as to get a better view. Virginia hadn’t prepared herself for what she was about to witness!

Virginia could now clearly see the camp. She had not however initially noticed that between her and the camp, one of the brothers, stood relieving himself of too much drink. She was less than twenty feet from him. It was Alex! Virginia immediately became concerned that he may have had seen her! She didn’t dare move! Her inquisitiveness and imagination began to suppress her concerns! She began to be aroused by the sight of his huge black manhood exposed so near her! She had never seen a black cock before! This was a first! Virginia’s concerns of being discovered were now preceded by her voyeurism. From that point on the show got even better she would later relate to her husband. Alex had, for reasons unknown, began to attain an erection!

She watched with some trepidation, yet carnal lust, as his manhood attained such stature as she had never witnessed, or imagined, in her entire life. As Alex’s’ cock reached its total erection state, he began to masturbate! This sight was now causing her face to blush while, at the same time, the feeling between her loins began its tell tale signs of arousal. She gently touched herself there as if to assure her possessions that they would not be neglected. Alex was by now at his peak of arousal and about to explode. She could tell this by his gyrations and his mummers of expectancy! His excitement took its toll on her as she began to massage her now swollen pussy! She continued to be aroused by the sight before her!

Alex had an orgasm and blew his load as he let out a loud moan! He stood there for some time just holding, and sometimes shaking, his massive black cock as it went limp in his grasp! He then returned his cock to its proper place, turned and headed back to the camp! His lust was, for now at least, satisfied! Virginia exhaled in relief that she had not been seen! She was left however very horny from what she had witnessed, but had been unable to have her own orgasm. She sighed with relief at not having been seen and returned to fishing.

Chapter 02

Further down river her husband was in a battle of his own. He had fished for more than an hour and rose three salmon. He hooked one and lost it after a short battle. A second struck the fly never to return while a third merely took several peeks at the offer and refused the menu. A fourth salmon was in a life struggle with someone with whom he wanted no part of. After twenty minutes plus, the salmon was landed on the bank. This salmon however was not as fortunate as his brothers who had been caught upstream. This one would find its way to the dinning room table at the lodge. DJ made his way back up river with a fine twelve pound fresh run Atlantic Salmon. Turning the bend in the river he saw Virginia still fishing! This time however she was up river from where he had left her. Virginia saw him approach and hastened her way to the point where they would return on the riverbank.

“That’s a nice fish! You kept one for dinner for tonight, I see!” Virginia noted.

“Yeah! Nice fight too! You know, I always felt that pound for pound a ten to twelve pounder gives the best fight of them all! This one was in the air as much as he was in the water! What a fighter!” I exuberantly replied!

“How did you do!” I asked.

“Caught one! Raised another few but no takers!”

There was something in her voice that momentarily caught his attention, which he quickly forgot as he threw the salmon onto the bank and climbed out of the water. DJ reached back, took her fly rod in one hand and her hand in the other, helping her onto the bank. Looking across the field they saw the two campers approaching.

“How’s the fishing! Get any?” Allen asked.

“Yeah! I caught one and had a little fun with three others! I’m taking this one back for dinner tonight! Virginia caught one and released it! Raised a few more!”

“Hey! Wouldn’t that make a great meal! Fresh salmon! You know back in New York we’d pay $50.00 at a good restaurant for fresh Atlantic salmon!” Alex noted.

“Oh well! Maybe if you’re around long enough we’ll be able to invite you for dinner! What do you say, Honey?” Virginia said extending invitations to Allen and Alex. “Yes! Sure! Love to! So tell me where are you both from and what do you do for a living?”

“Virginia thought that perhaps you were both lawyers.”

“No! We’re not lawyers! We both teach at university! I teach at the University of New York and Alex teaches at Harvard”

“Isn’t that wonderful!” Virginia responded, “What do you teach?”

“Well I teach engineering and Alex, hey Alex! What do you teach?”

“I teach business at the Masters level.”

“You guy’s are both doing exceptionally well then! That’s nice to hear! Especially when one contemplates the stereotyping of you people in the U.S.! Oh! I’m sorry! Guess that wasn’t a very appropriate comment for me to make!”

“Why be sorry? We take that as a compliment! What you say is so true! No one can criticize the truth! We’re glad you recognize our accomplishments!” Allen responded.

“Thank you! I appreciate those comments and your understanding! Tell me about yourselves and how did you end up in Nova Scotia!”

“Alex and I are twins. There is just the two of us! No brothers or sisters”

“Dad is retired. Mom and Dad live in New Jersey. We like to travel every year during our vacation, especially canoeing! This year we planned to vacation in Nova Scotia. Last year we spent our holidays in New Brunswick. We usually spend about a month just travelling and enjoying the countryside. We don’t visit cities much, too much of that where we already live.”

“You married?”

“No! Neither of us have ever been married!” Alex replied.

“No girl friends either?”

“Oh yeah! But no long term commitments! It ain’t in the cards I guess!”

“I’m surprised! You two would make good catches for any female searching for handsome well educated and, undoubtedly well endowed, refined men!” Virginia remarked.

“Well! Maybe so but not yet anyway!” Allen replied, surprised by Virginia’s remarks!

“Are you planning to leave here today?”

“Yes! Everything is packed, just a matter of getting it back in the canoe and away we go!”

“Do you know what the river might be like from here on down?”

“I know every inch of this river, been fishing it for over twenty years now! The waters may be higher further down than it is here because you pick up some small feeders. You shouldn’t encounter any difficulties though! There are some rapids but nothing you should be overly concerned about. Just play it safe as you undoubtedly would anyway!” “We never take any chances on a river! Especially a river that we haven’t been on before!”

It was at this point that I noticed Alex was somewhat uneasy, as was Virginia, nor could I help catching her eyes glancing from time to time to his crotch. He must have had noticed it also as he was visibly aroused. The bulge in his crotch was clear evidence of that! I thought for a moment and then decided that I would at least have some fun with his, as well as hers, predicament. The events on the riverbank of that morning while I was down stream were not yet known to me.

“Hey! Alex! You have had girl friends! No steadies through, eh! Have you ever dated a white girl!” Virginia blushed! Allen & Alex were clearly surprised by my abrupt question.

“No! No I haven’t! Neither has Allen!”

“I suppose that you have often thought about it though? Both of you, hey? You know what they say: “Once in black they never come back!” Laughing at the reaction of all three.

“Well I guess that you’re right sir!”

“You know it’s a fact! The favorite fantasy of white women is to be bedded by a black man!”

“Some white men fantasize about white women being had by black men too!” Virginia replied.

“We suppose so!” Allen responded

“Stop it! You’re embarrassing everyone!” Virginia retorted again! I laughed and agreed.

“Well gentlemen, if you’re ready, we’ll see you off! Then we’re heading back to our lodge!”

“Yes! We better get going if we want to get back to our own lodge before dark!”

We saw them off and headed back up the steep hill to our truck and the trip back to our lodge. The drive out to the highway was no easier than the one in. Once back on the main paved highway it became much more conducive to talking. We hadn’t spoken a word to each other after we started out on the dirt road. This was due solely to the truck and road noise.

“That wasn’t very nice of you to embarrass everyone like that! Talking about sex!” Virginia stated as she broke the silence.

“Oh! Blame me hey! I saw you look at Alex’s crotch! He must have had noticed you too because he was getting a hard on! You looked like you were enjoying it, as was he! So I decided to up the ante!” I replied.

“Yes I noticed it! How could I help it! He was in front of me with a hard on! I’m not blind!”

“Well then don’t blame me if I wanted to have a little fun also!”

“If I tell you something if you won’t be mad at me?” Virginia said after a long silence.

“No! Why? What is it?”


“Promise? What is it?”

“Well, after you went down river today I fished the spot where I had earlier caught the first salmon and had no luck! Not even a rise! So I decided to go up to the head of the pool and try my luck there. I fished for awhile and decided to change flies. I was unsteady in the middle of the river so I went to the shore and got up on the bank to change my fly! For some reason I looked through the woods to see where Alex and Allen and the camp were located. What I saw was Alex urinating!”

“What’s wrong with that? Every does it! Other than his being black you have seen this happen before!”

“Yes! That’s true! But his cock was big! I mean huge! I know I shouldn’t have had but I couldn’t help watching him! Afterwards I felt like a peeping tom! But it wasn’t my fault! I didn’t plan to spy on him or anything!”

“Why should you feel that way? It’s the first real life black cock you have ever seen! Anyone with normal sexual feelings would have had done the same! You probably also had a fantasy! Did You?”

“Well then! You won’t be mad if I tell you what else I saw?”

“Like I said! Why should I get mad? No! I won’t get mad, not unless you tell me that you gave him a blow job or something and I missed it!”

“There you go again! Always fantasizing about me doing a black man!” as she reached across and took my surging manhood into her hand!

“My God! This conversation is making you horny! Imagine this would you?”

“Go on! Tell what else there is! Don’t be holding things in suspense!”

“Well! When he was peeing he began to get an erection! My God! I couldn’t believe how huge it was getting! The way he was holding it in his hand! When he bagan to masturbate, it got even bigger! I couldn’t believe my eyes how big it got! It was monstrous!”

“Sound like you were really enjoying it! Were you!”

“What do you think? I am a woman you know!”

“Yes! I know only too well!”

“What do you mean by that remark! Are you getting jealous or something?”

“Not at all! But I can just imagine just what you were thinking when you saw that guy masturbate!”

“What do you think I was thinking?”

“You certainly weren’t thinking of your prayers or anything like that! Just what were you thinking? Did it turn you on? It certainly seems like it got your attention!”

“You men! You’re all alike! You and your fantasies!”

“Fantasies my ass! You were the one who bought it up! You didn’t bring it up simply as a matter of idle conversation! What were you thinking? I don’t want to hear a lot of nonsense either! Just the facts!”

“If you saw a strange pussy being masturbated how would you feel? Horny I bet!”

“You got that right! I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t! It would probably turn you on too! Now the facts! Nothing but the facts so help your God! What are the facts!”

“You insist!”

“I insist!”

“When I first saw him I was frightened that he had seen, so I didn’t move and stayed real quiet! I was afraid that if I made a noise I’d attract his attention! Then when I noticed how big it was, it being huge and black and all, I was fascinated by it! You wouldn’t believe the size of his cock, it was huge by any standards!”

“How big?”

“It hung half way down to his knees! That’s a fact! I never thought a penis could be that big!”

“Then what happened!”

“Then he began to shake and pull on it! That’s when he began to get an erection and started to masturbate! You wouldn’t believe how that thing grew! I wish I had had a camera! That thing should be in the movies!”

“O.K! Stop fanaticizing! What’s the rest of your story?” Virginia grabbed my cock once again!

“Look at this would you! You’re horny! I knew you’d get like that! The thought of me doing a black man always fascinated you! Didn’t it!”

“I’m not the only one who is fascinated by the sounds of it! It seems to me, now that you have seen one of those big black cocks, you want to put it through its paces! I’m right! Ain’t I?”

“So what! I can fantasize about it if you can! Can’t I?”

“Fantasize nothing! You want the real thing!”

“So what if I do! You’d want to be there to see me work him over! I’m right! Admit it!”

“Yes I would if you put it that way!”

“A big black cock going into your white pussy would be a real turn on! Besides you’d love every inch of it! All that you could take of it anyway!”

“You’re some bad! Besides I wouldn’t be satisfied till I did take it all!”

“Think you could do you?”

“It would be nice to try anyway! M.m.m.m!”

“Let’s get back to your story! What happened next?”

“Well the more he masturbated the hornier I got, so I played with myself too! Through my jeans that is! But it felt good anyway!”

“Then, when he blew his load, Alex’s cock must be at least ten inches, or longer. He couldn’t even get his hand all the way around it! His cock is huge! Believe me! I still don’t believe it hardly! It must be as round as this!” Virginia held her fingers together so as to make a circle and emphasize the massiveness of Alex’s cock!

“That would be a task for any woman to handle!”

“Yes, but they would be more than willing to explore the possibilities!”

“What else!” I asked her.

“He blew his load so far and hard that I was almost afraid that it would splatter me!”

“Honestly! I was about ten feet away and I could hear his cum hitting the branches!”

“I couldn’t believe the amount of the cum he let go! He could have filled a pint bottle! He probably didn’t have a go for a whole year! Then he wiped the head of his dick in his handkerchief and left!”

“What did you do then?”

“Well I became afraid again! I thought that you’d soon be coming back up the river and would miss me and become concerned!”

“I was also afraid that Alex might turn back and see me as he got further away from the trees. You can see the river if you are far enough away from them you know!”

“Did you have a go?”

“No I didn’t! It all happened to fast and I didn’t have time to make myself go!”

“Too bad! So that’s why that you were so turned on by the sight of his crotch in front of you!”

“Like I said, if it were a pussy you’d be turned on too! Wouldn’t you? Besides I’ve seen you look at many a ladies crotch!”

“I’ve never denied it! Now what do you want to do? Lay one of them! Perhaps the both of them! Ha-a! I’d bet you’d like to add that to your list of conquests! Wouldn’t you!”

“You’ve always fanaticized about it! Maybe the ball is in your court!”

“Yeah! Sure! When your horny, you’re all talk! When you’re not horny you don’t even want to hear about it! You’re all talk and no action!”

“That’s what you think! Maybe this time you’ll get a real surprise! Maybe I will take one of them, no maybe both of them, on! You’d like that wouldn’t you!”

“I’ll not hold my breath till then!”

Chapter 03

We decided to make a last stop at another favorite fishing hole of mine before going back to the lodge. We pulled into a clearing near the pool, which was now only ten yards or so from where we were now parked. We enjoyed a snack and beverage and suited up for a spell fishing. We fished for nearly an hour before the first salmon showed; it rose to Virginia’s fly. She was fishing a brown bomber with yellow hackle. The salmon failed to return however even though he hadn’t struck Virginia’s fly. Virginia then decided she would try her luck further up river where the main river was intersected by a smaller feeder stream. I decided to pick up where Virginia had left off.

I cast a size eight Cosseboom. The salmon couldn’t resist, on my third cast he rose, as if to have a look at the offering, on the forth cast his mind was made up and he nailed it! The salmon immediately jumped in a vain attempt to throw the hook! He then proceeded at break neck speed to the tail of the pool! I had great difficulty in preventing the salmon from heading down river. He jumped twice more before heading to the middle of the pool and began to sulk. I moved below him and attempted to move up river again. The salmon responded by doing a three-sixty cartwheel about ten out of the water. It was at this point that I heard a loud splash up river. Judging from Virginia’s reaction and the angle of the bend in her fly rod, I knew she had hooked into a very large fish! I was now torn between my interest in my own salmon and hers.

“He’s heading down river towards you!” Virginia yelled.

I was in water as deep as my chest waders would allow and knew that if Virginia’s salmon went between the riverbank and myself, we’d be in trouble! I had little time and less of a choice!

I had to get closer to the shore as quickly as possible! Virginia had the bigger salmon and I wanted to see her to land it! I took my chances by slackened the drag on my reel and headed for shore! I was only half way from where I wanted to be when Virginia’s fly line whizzed pass me! Fortunately for both of us the salmon passed on the outside. If I hadn’t moved when I did he would have been behind me! I next directed my attention to my own salmon. I turned and began to pick up the slack in my line. I retrieved almost all my backing, convinced that my fish had thrown the hook. “That’s fishing”, I thought out loudly to myself. I was just about to concede that I lost the salmon when he came straight out of the water not more than ten feet in front of me! My line and fly were clearly visible still attached to him.

I pulled in the slack as quickly as possible. I surmised that when the line went slack the salmon sensed he was free and returned to his lair where I first hooked him. In any event we were now both embroiled in a new test of nerves. Virginia’s salmon was now at the tail of the pool! She was putting as much pressure as possible on him in an attempt to get him back to the middle of the pool. My concern then became whether or not the two salmon would cross and entangle our lines! My best bet was to move further up river and hopefully have my salmon follow me and where I could land him as quickly as possible. Another ten minutes passed without further incident and I had a nice fourteen-pound salmon landed on the riverbank. I now turned my attention to my wife’s situation with her salmon! Virginia’s battle was not yet even near an end! She had managed several times to bring the salmon to the middle of the pool. The salmon however was just as determined to return to the tail of the pool where the faster running water would be to its advantage and it felt more secure.

I suggested to Virginia that she try to get alongside the salmon or behind him. Either of these positions will, almost always, cause the salmon to go back upstream. This is where she wanted him in any event if she was to have any chance in landing him! Nakita moved cautiously down stream. Almost all of her one hundred yards of backing were in the water. Should the salmon make an earnest attempt to run further down stream, Virginia would surely lose him. She hadn’t enough line on her reel to allow him to run out of the pool.

“You have to get further down stream and fast! If he makes a run for the river you’ll lose him for sure! You don’t have enough backing!” I told her.

Virginia recognized the situation and moved quickly, retrieving line as she went. She was now almost directly opposite her salmon when he did exactly what I thought he might. The salmon made two consecutive jumps and headed down stream at a dizzying speed! The fly reel screeched in protest as Virginia attempted to restrain his run. We were both convinced that this was one big fish that wasn’t stopping till he hit the open ocean! There was nothing we could do to prevent it! There was so little backing on the reel we could clearly see the spindle! Amazingly and for no perceptible reason, the salmon stopped! His precise holding spot we did not yet know!

Now maybe he had given us a chance, maybe the last chance, to get back as much line as possible, and hopefully get behind him and have him move back up into the pool! There Virginia would have a better chance of subduing him! We both moved down river as quickly as our two legs could carry us, retrieving line as we went. Then we were really in trouble! The water was too deep for our chest waders and the riverbank too high, as well as too heavily treed, to allow us to get by! There were few options left. The first option was to allow the line, which was now over fifty percent recovered, to go slack and hopefully the salmon would go back up river where we could continue the fight.

The second option was to engage him in all out battle and, without any great expectation on my part, hopefully win the duel. I preferred the first option. Virginia was in a sweat and exhausted but not yet willing to concede defeat. In fact she was more determined than ever to land, what she thought, the biggest salmon of her life! We both decided on the first option. Virginia let the line go slack and after several minutes, near the middle of the river, she noticed her fly line was headed up river! We looked at each other in disbelief and laughed! Virginia began to retrieve her line, laying it on the water behind her as she headed back up river.

“Don’t put too much stress on the line or he may turn back!” I shouted.

It was far more difficult to move back up than it had been to come down river! We were now battling the water current. We were within a hundred feet of the tail of the pool when we saw the salmon break water, dead center in the tail of the pool. Our luck was holding! I was amazed that the salmon was still hooked. We were now directly opposite him at the tail of the pool. He was in the fast water and sulking. It’s difficult to move a salmon this size anytime, in fast water it is almost hopeless. You’re at his mercy and he will give few, if any, opportunities to gain the upper hand. Virginia held the maximum amount of strain possible on the salmon! Hopefully without breaking the tippet or causing him to head back down river again. The rod tip wavered above the water, up then down, to the right then to the left! The salmon was trying desperately to rid himself of this annoyance impeding his normal daily routine! Suddenly the salmon made a leap into the air, hitting back upon the water he headed back up stream at break neck speed, stopping just below the run in. The salmon began circling the pool. His actions were to Virginia’s advantage! Each circle the salmon made allowed Virginia to restrict each one a little more than the previous one, and regain lost line. His circling lasted for almost twenty minutes, each encirclement surrendering precious line. Virginia had now gained sufficient line where the fly line itself met the first guide on the rod! Virginia gained a new confidence as she could foresee an end to this tug of war. We had, for the first time, seen the salmon sufficiently long enough to estimate its weight. I suggested it might hit forty pounds or better! Virginia grinned and said she it felt as if it were closer to two hundred! She was totally exhausted by now, only the expectation of the end being near gave her a renewed strength to continue. The salmon rolled near the top of the water several times. Virginia continued to draw in more line. This was a sure sign that the salmon had had just about enough!

“Don’t be over confident – he still has fight left in him yet!” I cried!

I knew I shouldn’t have had opened my mouth. Just as I said it the salmon made a dash back across the pool. The sign of disbelief on Virginia’s face told it all! She was now the one ready to quit! I consoled and encouraged her to keep the strain on him and bring him back over. She handled herself like a master’s champion. Lifting her rod tip she applied the extra pressure to convince the salmon to follow her lead. While it took another ten minutes to so, Virginia bought the salmon close enough to hand tail it. The salmon surrendered peacefully, his battle lost! He had no more fight to give! I placed a tail wrap around his tail and attached it to my scales! Thirty-nine pounds to the ounce! It was a record for her and one that I had not, at least to this date, matched! Virginia sat on the sand leading into the pool with her feet in the water. She was delighted at her victory, with no strength to even stand; she stared at the huge salmon held in my grasp!

“You want to let him go! Come on! You caught him you let him go!”

“No! I haven’t got the strength! You do it for me!” Virginia Implored!

I wanted some picture however so I eased over towards Virginia to permit her to remove the camera from my flyvest pocket! She stood up and moved towards me and in doing so startled the salmon whereupon he made a lunge and broke my grip on his tail. He had just set the terms of his release himself! We watched as he slowly lumbered toward deeper waters. Virginia and I looked at each other aghast! The biggest fish either of us had ever caught and we didn’t even get to photograph it! I laughed to lighten her disappointment and said:

“Isn’t that what salmon fishing is all about!”

“You got that right!” Virginia gave me a hug as we sat discussing the just ended events.

“I played that salmon for exactly eighty minutes! Then it got away before we even got a picture of it! Everyone we tell will say “Yeah! The big one always gets away!” Virginia said dejectedly.

I agreed and suggested the next one might be even bigger! Having rested for some time we were about ready to leave when suddenly there was a canoe in the middle of pool. Virginia, nor I, noticed it when it arrived; it was just there!

“Hi! You two still fishing!” as Alex and Allen made their way toward us in the canoe, smiling.

“That was one great ride down the river! It was everything you said it would be. Lots of fast water and a few good rapids! It was a great trip! The waters were as good as anything we’ve ever been on!”

As they came ashore Virginia caught my eye and appeared to say: “Don’t do or say anything to embarrass anyone this time!” I chuckled and pretended to not have had seen her.

“You two made excellent time! That’s quiet a distance from where we left you!”

“Yes! It was! The waters were real fast though, being in flood and all. It was just super!”

“You’ll have no trouble getting back to sleeping quarters tonight. You are only about two miles from the mouth of the river and it’s still three hours or more before sunset!”

“That’s great! We were beginning to get concerned with just how far we had left to go! It’ll be nice to get a shower and good nights sleep! We didn’t get much sleep last night with all the rain, thunder and lightning and winds!”

“Yes! It was a wild night but not as bad as it can get sometimes around here!”

“Did you have any luck here? Catch anything?” I explained the action we had with special emphasis on Virginia’s battle with a thirty-nine pounder! Their eyes grew like saucers.

“I never thought you could ever handle anything that big, mam! You enjoyed it though! Hey Mam?” I had great difficulty resisting the temptation, I looked at Virginia as she responded:

“Yes! It was all I could handle! It was huge! I couldn’t even hold it!” Virginia remarked and I couldn’t resist the temptation!

“Yes! She’s seen a few things today that she thought she’d have difficulty in handling! But she’s always willing to try at least!”

“I told you not to get smart!” she said very unconvincingly as she elbowed me in the ribs!

I knew the arrival of Allen and Alex had renewed her interest in the events of earlier that morning and blushed as she saw me glimpse at her reaction to my comment and responded: “There’s a lot of things that you thought that I’d have difficulty in handling! I surprised you today though! Who caught the biggest fish? There are a lot of big things I can handle if given the chance!” Alex was surprised by her comment, if not suspicious!

“I’ve always been willing to let you try whatever you want! Like landing that fish today all by yourself! Then there are other things that only a woman can handle! I don’t complain!”

“No you don’t! What’s your point!”

“Nothing more than agreeing with you that’s all! Like you telling me earlier today about a guy up river having a leak! You said he was hung like a horse and it got you turned on! I didn’t get angry! Did I? In fact I told you to go for it if the opportunity presented itself!”

Alex was now aware that he had probably been seen masturbating earlier that morning and immediately went back to his canoe; somewhat sheepishly and without saying a word.

“Alex! You want to leave already?” Allen shouted.

“Yes! It’s getting late and I think we had better be on our way!”

“O.K. I’ll be right with you!”

Just then a salmon broke water not more than ten feet from the canoe. I grabbed my rod, stripping out line as I made my way to the water. I had him on the fourth cast! It was a nice ten pounder plus! The salmon made a mad dash to the opposite bank and then cleared water for good eight or ten feet. Hitting the water he ran as if chased by a shark up river turned and went to the tail of the pool! The salmon settled in the middle of the river in the fastest water. Alex, Allen and Virginia forgot our discussions and watched me play the salmon! He was knee deep in the water standing next to me, excited as a kid at Christmas time!

“Do you want to land him?”

“You mean that!”

“Sure I mean it! Here take the rod and I’ll help you! You gonna have to listen carefully if

you’re going to have any chance of landing him! This guy isn’t ready to die yet!”

“Yes! O.K! But what if I lose him!”

“Don’t worry! You won’t! I’ll be letting him go anyway! There’s more where he came from!”

Allen took the rod and began playing the salmon. It was as if it where his first toy! He was so excited that I thought he might not survive his first salmon experience! He later landed and released a ten-pound salmon. It was then that he suggested that perhaps if we were going fishing tomorrow would we mind if he, and Alex if he wanted to, came along! I certainly had no objections but before I had a chance to respond Virginia replied:

“Sure! We’d love you both to come along wouldn’t we honey!”

“Sure! Why not?” I replied, surprised by her enthusiasm!

“Give them our phone number so they can call us later this evening! We can finalize our plans for tomorrow at that time!”

“That’s great! We sure will!” they replied in unison.

Chapter 04

We bid them farewell for now and watched as they disappeared around the bend in the river as Virginia and I left for the short hop to the chalet. Arriving back at the resort I took our salmon to the chef to prepare it for dinner that evening. We agreed with the chef that we would have dinner at about nine p.m. and made restaurant reservations for that time. We then headed down the path towards our cabin. It sat at the edge of a high bank over looking the very first fishing pool from the mouth of the river! From the verandah we would often see both salmon and sea trout jumping in the waters below. Later, arriving back at the cabin, we showered, changed and I took a cold bottle of wine from the refrigerator. I filled our glasses and, taking the remainder of the bottle with us, we sat outside to smell and hear the sounds of nature and enjoy the beautiful sunset. It was now less than twenty-five minutes till sunset!

“By the way young lady! What’s up with you?”

“What do you mean? What are you talking about?”

“Well I knew that you were turned on this morning by what you saw! I mean a big stiff black cock blowing its load and all! That would turn any woman on! But when those two arrived at that last pool, you seemed to be turned right on again! Were You? Tell me the truth!”

“Well it certainly bought back memories of this morning! Didn’t it for you?”

“Yes! I guess that I have to admit it! By the way what would you really do if you ever got a chance to play with one of those big black beauties!”

“What do you think I would do with it!”

“Hmmm! Let me guess! I figure you’d first play and tease it for awhile!” I started.

“You’d probably then suck it off! After which you’d let it screw the daylights out of you!

Yeah! That’s what you’d do! Isn’t it?” I finished.

“Maybe! But what would you do while I was enjoying all that?”

“Enjoying it! So you would enjoy it! You’d love to fuck one of those guys wouldn’t you?”

“No more than you would enjoy watching us do it! It’s been your fantasy! Hasn’t it?”

“But it’s your fantasy now and you’re enjoying it! I always thought that you didn’t have any fantasies!”

“Not till now I didn’t! Not till I saw the real thing! The sight of that guy this morning really made me fantasize! I mean it was so big and black! Besides it’s only a fantasy! Isn’t it?”

“I guess! But I never ever though you’d be turned on like you are! I told you a real live black cock would turn you on! You would never believe me! Would you?”

“Oh well! I do now! If I got a chance I’d screw those two till their eyes dropped out! I’d make them beg for mercy for sure! M-m-m-m-m! Be nice, wouldn’t it!”

“If those two got hold of you, it wouldn’t be their eyes that would drop out! Those black guys really get turned on when they get a chance to screw a white woman and these two, if you can believe them, never ever had a chance to screw a white girl!” I anxiously said to Virginia.

“Can you just imagine how turned on they’d be if they were give a chance to get at your white pussy! You’d get screwed till your eyes dropped out! They’d fuck you silly!” I added.

“M-m-m-m-m! Good-bye eyes! Hello-o-o-o silly!”

“God! You sure as hell are turned on by those two! I believe you would screw them if the opportunity presents itself!”

“It was always your fantasy, wasn’t it! I got this strange feeling that perhaps your fantasy is about to come true! That is if you willing to let it come true!”

“After all these years why would I not let it happen! But I’ll believe it only when it happens!”

Almost as if from nowhere our two canoeist appeared in the pool below us! It was now almost sunset. We stood up, called and waved to them. They were surprised at our presence as we were of theirs. Neither of us had inquired earlier where the other was staying. It now appeared that they were staying at the same lodge as ourselves. We watched as they tied their canoe to the moorings and headed up the bank to the lodge’s main office! Virginia and I again sat to enjoy the beautiful sunset, almost forgetting our two black friends. Later they stopped by our cabin as they made their way to their cabin.

“Allen and I didn’t know that you were staying at this lodge! Is this where you are staying?” Virginia said inquisitively, adding: “We didn’t think earlier of asking where you were staying tonight!”

“Yes! We’re in the fourth cabin up from here! It’s a beautiful place isn’t it?” Allen replied.

“Yes it is!” I responded.

“Have you two made plans for dinner this evening?” Virginia said, much to my surprise.

“No! No we haven’t! The front desk told us that the dining room is booked solid till midnight! The lady promised to call us if there are any cancellation before that!”

“That’s too bad! I took my salmon to the chef to cook for dinner for us tonight! It’s a long standing tradition we have at the lodge here! We’ve been doing it for years and is part of the reason we come back here year after year! Would you like me to make arrangements with him to save some for your dinners! You said you loved salmon!” I replied in response to Virginia’s invitation.

“Would we? We’d be deeply in your debt for a dinner of fresh salmon!”

“No problem! I’ll phone the chef right now! By the way, what’s your last name?”

“Allcock! Allen and Alex Allcock!”

“Great! Just wait a minute! I’ll be right back!”

I made their dinner arrangements but had no luck in convincing the maitre’d to make room for two more! I thus advised Allen and Alex. We concluded plans for the next day and bid them good night. Virginia and I later headed for the restaurant for dinner! Upon our arrival at the restaurant we were met by the maitre’d who advised us that the table she had booked us for was still in use, would we mind taking a different table or would we prefer to wait till our reserved table was free.

“Which table is free?” Virginia inquired.

“That one by the window in the far corner!”

“That’s the one we wanted when I made reservations! I was told it was booked!”

“We’ll take it!”

“The people who reserved it just phoned and told us that they’d be half an hour or more late. We’ll worry about them when and if they get here!”

We were seated at the best table in the house. It had a gorgeous view of the river that was alight with a full moon and subdued outdoor lighting. The table was beautifully set and, from past experiences at this lodge, we knew that our meal would be prepared for us as if we were royalty. I ordered a bottle of the best red wine in the house! The waitress returned and filled our glasses as we reminisced of our past trips here and what tomorrow might bring, enjoying every moment of the evening. Later we were told that our salmon was prepared and we could eat whenever we wished

“Too bad that Allen and Alex couldn’t get earlier reservations!” I said.

“Why not invite them to join us at our table? It’s already set for four!”

Virginia’s enthusiastic interest in the welfare of Allen and Alex surprised me! She had never been this concerned about anyone before. It was totally out of character for her! Especially since we looked forward every year on this trip! Or so I thought!

“Are you sure?”

“Why not? The salmon won’t be as good later! It’ll be a shame if that was to happen!”

“I’ll telephone them to join us then if that’s your wish!” Suspicious of her reasoning but turned on by her interest in them, upon returning to our table, I remarked: “They’ll be down shortly! Allen just showered and Alex is showering now! They’ll be here as quickly as possible! There’s something I want to know!”

“That’s nice! They’ll enjoy fresh salmon for dinner!”

“Listen! Let’s be honest with each other! Are these guys consuming your fantasies! Or what? Did you want them invited for dinner, or are you enjoying being turned on by them! Perhaps you want to turn them on! What is it?”

“Maybe all three! What do you think the first one is?”

“Probably thinking of getting laid by one of them!”

“Maybe! Maybe not!”

“Giving them a blow job then!”

“Hm-m-m! That would be something wouldn’t it! You’d enjoy seeing me go down on one of them wouldn’t you!”

“Your more horny since you saw that guy masturbating than at anytime since I’ve known you! Aren’t you?”

“Maybe! Maybe not!”

“Maybe not my ass! You’ve had a one-track mind since this morning! You can’t get your mind off those guys! I’m right! Ain’t?”

“Well if you say so! Wouldn’t you like to see me play with one of their big black cocks! When you’re horny you fanaticize about me doing a big black one! Isn’t that true?”

“Well if it happens it happens! I’ll not talk you into anything and I won’t talk you out of anything! I’ll believe it only when and if I see it happen!”

“What’s the “If” something? You always wanted something to happen between a black man and me! Now is maybe your chance to see something happen! Are you afraid something will happen! Or what?”

“You horny little devil! I think you’re really ready to take on one of those guys! Aren’t you? I’ll only believe that when I see it! Nothing more nothing less! Besides I don’t believe a word of what you told me this morning about how he’s hung! Yeah! No doubt that you saw his pecker but no one is hung the way you said he was! Impossible!”

“You’re just trying to edge me on! Aren’t you? Just to prove to you that what I saw I saw!”

“Maybe! But remember what I said! Enjoy if you wish! Tell me! What do you suppose you’re going to do!” As if she had confirmed her intent.

“Let nature take its course I always say! What will be will be!”

“That’s o.k. with me! I’ll not do anything to spoil your fun! The ball is in your court! Perhaps I should say: “His balls are in your court!”

“You’d like to think that wouldn’t you!”

Chapter 05

“Pardon me, sir! I believe your company is here! Should I show them to your table!”

“Yes! Please do!”

“Look Honey! Those two are more handsome than ever! I wonder if they share the same family traits in their precious jewels endowment department!” Virginia remarked anxiously!

Virginia was intrigued with them as they made their way toward us. Her tenacity for springing surprises on me with her lusty comments only served to get me more excited. Virginia was, without question, determined to have her way with at least one of these men! If not both! I felt helpless, should my conscience dictate otherwise, to stop things even if wanted to! And, at this point at least, I didn’t want to! I needed no further convincing that Virginia would in fact screw one of these gentlemen, if not both, should the opportunity arise! I needed even less convincing that she was determined to do everything in her power to ensure that the opportunity would indeed present itself! She had seen what she wanted earlier that day and what she wanted was black cock, large stiff black cock! Nothing less would satisfy her now lustful urges! I could sense from Virginia’s reaction to their oncoming presence, she was hot, her pussy was hot and probably trembling with wanton anticipation of being screwed by these two black guys. I have never seen her so enthralled by anything as she was by the anticipation of what might be!

Other patrons in the restaurant stared at Allen and Alex as they crossed the floor to our table. They were both wearing pure white, well pressed long pants, white shoes and floral shirts. They looked as if they had just arrived from one of the Caribbean Islands. Their blackness was greatly accentuated by their attire and also by their nearly perfect white teeth, which in turn were enhanced by their broad smiles. Their presence captured the attention of every male and female in the restaurant. The two had an incredible aura about them! Each over six feet tall, muscular, good looking, as well as giving the impression of being of blue blood. I wondered whether every husband and wife present were having the same fantasies as Virginia and I! Many, if not all, no doubt did!

“Good evening, gentlemen! Sit down! Make yourselves comfortable!” Virginia said.

“Miss! Could you bring another bottle of wine please? Perhaps you two would like something different before dinner! Virginia and I have finished off two bottles of wine already and on empty stomachs. I’m afraid that it’s beginning to show on us just about now!”

“No! No! Wine is just fine! In an atmosphere like this, a beautiful lady by your side! Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t mind having enjoyed two bottles of wine!” Allen remarked.

“Miss, being that there are now four of us, you better make that two more bottles please!”

“Yes Sir! Right away!”

“That’s the message that I have been trying to give him! In not so many words though!”

“Enjoy!” Virginia replied to Allen.

“You two haven’t eaten yet! Has it been that busy? You didn’t delay dinner because of us!”

“No! My husband and I decided to wait for you both to join us!”

“We just didn’t want you to eat leftovers when there was perfectly fresh salmon to be had!”

“That was terribly nice of you! What can we say to thank you?”

“Thank us after you have had dinner and sampled the salmon I caught today!”

“It’s a deal!”

“Ah! There’s service for you! Two bottles of the best wine in the house!”

“Would you like me to pour, Sir?”

“Yes! Miss! Please do! Let my friend here taste test it!”

“Hm-m-m! Great! Thank you!”

“Would you like your dinner now, or would you prefer to wait awhile longer!”

“Just give us a few minutes if you will! Thank you!”

“Yes! That’s fine sir! I’ll be back later!”

“Tell me, how are you enjoying your trip? Your plans settled for tomorrow’s fishing trip?”

“Yes! In fact I went into town, the stores are open tonight, and I bought Allen and I new rods, reels, lines, licenses, boots, the works! We’re converted salmon fishermen! Spent over ten hundred dollars!” I couldn’t believe my ears!

“Now there’s two men converted to salmon fishing if ever anyone was converted!”

“No sense in doing things half way! All or nothing is the way my brother and I approach things all the time! Anytime you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen!”

“Alex is always quoting his little gems of wisdom! In fact he is right though!”

“We both share the philosophy that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!”

“I guess you both carry those two golden rules into your love life also? That’s why you’re not married yet! You’re hard to please and too hard on your women!” Virginia’s commented.

“Well we won’t comment on that! Perhaps though it may be the other way around! Perhaps we haven’t found any women who could satisfy us! I don’t mean that we have been looking for the perfect woman either! I won’t speak for Allen, but I know that every woman that I have been intimate with have always left me kind of high and dry!”

“I’ll agree with Alex on that one! High and dry more often than not! However that’s our private lives! Not for public consumption!”

“We don’t kiss and tell! You know what we mean!”

“Private lives is it? Perhaps it would be better phrased “Your private sex lives. Maybe your frustration is simply because you have never been with a “real woman!” Virginia remarked!

“I guess that’s possible! We’ve had our share of women though! No disrespect intended, but the results seldom differed!” Allen responded.

“That’s for sure!” Alex added.

“Are you ready for dinner at this table now, sir?”

“Yes! Yes indeed! I think we’re all starving!” There were no dissenters!

We ordered and enjoyed a main course dinner of poached salmon, friend salmon and barbecue salmon, garnishes and topped this off with several bottles of wine. As well not too few liqueurs after dessert. Our guests were all over us with adulations as to the quality of the evening, the meal and our company. Everyone was feeling a little tipsy so we decided to sit outside in the courtyard and enjoy the cool night air. A few more drinks for the road and we headed back to our cabins. We all felt relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep and our early morning fishing trip. It was now almost midnight and we planned to leave at six in the morning. We said our good nights as Alex and Allen left us at our cabin and headed for theirs. Once inside Virginia headed into the bedroom. I garnished a cold beer from the fridge, sat in the lazy-boy and turned on the T.V. to catch the mid-night news. After some time Virginia returned, dressed in the sheerest of negligee, and sat on the arm of the chair as I enjoyed a beer!

“Virginia! Would you like one?”

“Yes! But not a beer?”

“Would you prefer a glass of wine or a liqueur?”

Angel Yoni Massage London

“No! What I want is this!” as she reached down and grabbed my crotch.

I certainly never needed any coaching when it came to sex! She masseused me till I got aroused, which took all of five seconds! She then unzipped my fly, reached in and took out her favorite toy! I had as good a blowjob as Virginia had ever given me! She licked the last traces of come from the tip of my almost limp dick as if it were last remnants of cotton candy adhering to her fingers. Virginia wasn’t prepared to let things die yet though! She removed what there was of her skimpy panties and, after having had removed my pants and under shorts, straddled me! She then reached down and began to massage the tip of my cock against her over wet pussy lips! Her cunt was as swollen as I had never witnessed it before! “She needs more than I can offer her right now! She’d screw the brains out of one of those black guys just about now!” I thought to myself!

It didn’t take too much coaching for me to be hard as ever again! I was pretty proud of my seven inches! She was too for that matter! I wasn’t into her but a few seconds and she had an orgasm! She wasn’t nearly satisfied though! She pulled me to the floor and with me on top I gave her my all! Virginia came twice more after which we just rested right where we were laying on the floor.

I remained buried deep inside her! After several minutes she began to get aroused again!

“Let’s go to the bedroom! It’s more comfortable there!” she implored.

Inside the bedroom she pushed me onto the bed and literally jumped my bones! Virginia was in such a state of passion that I didn’t dare do anything but let her have her way! It was in this situation that I thought, for the first time in our over fifteen years of marriage, isn’t this what every man fanaticizes over! I had another orgasm and she had three! She appeared then to settle down for the night as she slowly went into, what I thought to be, a deep sleep! I pulled the cover over her and took a shower; afterwards I went back to the T.V. with another cold beer! I was convinced that the day’s activities were now ended!

Chapter 06

I finished my beer as Virginia came from the bedroom dressed in another sexy outfit, wearing a red long “see-through” red laced housecoat with matching bra and panties! She looked like a real Sex Goddess! Her attire did nothing to conceal any of her physical attributes!

“Why are you up? I thought you were in bed for the night!”

“No! I think maybe I had too much too drink! After I’m up awhile I’ll be alright!”

“Are you sure that is all that’s the matter with you? You were more horny than at any other time I’ve ever seen you! It’s must be your fantasy about that black dick you saw! Is it?”

“Possibly! It’s something that I could never forget anyway! I mean, it was at least nine inches or more long and I bet it was almost that size around the circumference! It was circumcised! The head of it wasn’t as black as the rest of his cock! It looked colossal!”

“Any girl could have a lot of fun playing with something like that! God that black cock made me horny!” Virginia responded!

“You better settle down or you’ll be getting horny all over again! If that happens we’ll have to get him down here to satisfy that hungry pussy of yours!”

“That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to happen tonight! Would it!”

“Enough of that! We have to get up early in the morning! Time for bed my little horny lady!”

“I don’t want to go to bed yet, all I would do is toss and turn! You go if you want too!”

“No! I’ll wait up awhile with you! Tell me! If Alex or Allen were to walk through that door right now, what would you do dressed like that? Head right for the bedroom before they even got a chance to get an eye full of you I bet!”

“I don’t think so! I think I’d sit there on the sofa and turn them on like they’ve never been turned on before! They’d go home and have to masturbate they’d be so turned on!”

“You mean you wouldn’t even give them a little blow job to ease their pain! Maybe even a little pussy would put them at ease!”

“Hm-m-m! That would be something, wouldn’t it? I’d bet you go right there in your pants seeing me do one of those guys! You would wouldn’t you!”

“No doubt I would!”

Just then the telephone rang, startling both of us. My first thought was something was wrong at home, there had to be an emergency some where within the family. Someone was in trouble. Virginia turned almost ashen with fright.

“Hi! This is Allen! Sorry I’m calling so late but I saw the light was on in your cabin so I figured you’d be still up! I hope I didn’t wake the missus!”

“No! No you didn’t! She’s also up! She had a little too much to eat and drink and couldn’t sleep so we are here just looking at T.V. and talking!”

“What can I do for you?”

“Well, Alex and I were trying to get our new fishing gear set up for tomorrow morning but are having difficulty getting the lines tied together and onto the reels. We thought maybe you’d have a few minutes to show us how it’s done!”

“Just a minute! Honey! Allen and Alex are trying to set up their fishing gear and need a little help! Would you mind if they came over for a few minutes so I could help them!”

“Allen! It’s o.k. with the wife and I, that is if you don’t mind Virginia being in her pajamas. Virginia has, but I haven’t gotten ready for bed yet!”

“No problem! We’ll be right over!”

“Honey! Better get something more on or someone may be embarrassed and it may be you!”

“Who says I’ll be embarrassed! I don’t think so! I think that I’ll get my book and make myself comfortable on the sofa that way I can keep my eyes on both of you! The three of you if Allen and Alex both show up!”

Virginia positioned herself in such a provocative fashion on the sofa that she could have had seduced the most ardent of saints. She lay back against the arm of the sofa with one leg slightly pulled up towards her chest against the back of the sofa, the other over the side onto the floor. She draped one side of her lace housecoat loosely over one leg, the other side draped loosely toward the floor. Her lace bra didn’t leave much to the imagination, her laced panties even less! Reaching for the lamp sitting on the table at the end of sofa, she turned down its tri-bulb to low! She suggested I do likewise with the lamp at the further end of the room. I unhesitatingly obliged.

“You look devastatingly beautiful! But you wouldn’t dare remain there like that when they arrive! Would you?”

“Well! What do you think? I think that you’re daring me! You know how I react to dares! Don’t you! Do you think they’ll take their eyes off of what they’re going to witness! They’ll get so horny they’ll have to excuse themselves, go outside and pull themselves! Ha! Do you think you will all enjoy it!”

“If we didn’t, we’d have to be dead! I mean how could anyone with any life in them not be turned on! Nothing living could resist what I see!”

I honestly didn’t know whether I wanted her response or not. I was both turned on by the idea and yet apprehensive at being disappointed if she didn’t! My fantasy, and curiosity, was whether or not she would actually carry through with this! Just then a knock came on the door. I looked at Virginia; she had a seductive smile of anticipation on her face. She was acting as if she were oblivious to everything around her, grossly involved in her book. Virginia’s face, for the first time in years, was blushed! I didn’t bother to tell her that she was holding the book upside down! From where the sofa was placed in the room it, or her presence on it, could not be noticed until you were inside the kitchen. The living room was off the kitchen area.

I rearranged three chairs around the table, removing a fourth to the corner. I placed the chairs so that, if both Allen and Alex came, they would be seated and have a clear view of what lay before them on the sofa. My heart rate increased and was pounding in my chest with anticipation as to how Alex and Allen would react! Albeit I didn’t know what the hell Virginia would do next either. I made my way to open the locked door. The two men stood in the doorway dressed in knee length white shorts, no belts, shirts, socks or shoes. Their naked muscular black bodies were like those of a body builder. Their blackness accentuated by their white shorts!

“Oh! You’re both here! Good evening gentlemen! Come in! I didn’t anticipate seeing both of you again tonight! Make yourself comfortable at the table! I’ll seat myself between you so you can both watch what I do! I see you got your fishing gear with you! Looks nice!”

I had decided earlier that, after they were seated and had a view of the scenery on the sofa, I would leave them for a few moments so that they could adjust to their unanticipated vision lying on the sofa! I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I was so full of lust and excitement of what might happen I had to go anyway, or wet myself! I allowed sufficient time to regain my composure before coming back into the room. I pretended not to notice Virginia, or them, as I returned to the kitchen. It was clearly evident though that they were both surprised and delighted at the view they were being privileged to! My wife hadn’t moved and ignored their presence entirely!

“Well now! Let’s see what we have here! What’s your problem?” I commented.

I commenced showing them to first tie the leader material to the fly line, then the backing and then the backing to the reels. Their attention however was clearly not with what I was doing but with the scene on the sofa! I didn’t lift my head but merely glanced from one to the other from the corner of my eye. Having had completed the tying of each line to the reels, I needed to mount the reels on the rods in order to get the lines more easily on the reels. Completing this task I noticed Virginia, still laying on the sofa, was stroking her cunt very gently with her index finger as she continued to read her book. The fact that she was being carefully observed by two, now very horny, men didn’t appear to concern her at all.

The sweat on the brows of our company was now nearing floodgate proportions! I thought: “Their anxiety and pulse rate was such as to be a danger to their continued good health!” Although I was probably in no better a condition than they! I placed a pencil through the hole in the spool holding the backing, run the end of the line through the guides and fastened it to the reel.

“Alex, move your chair around and hold this! Place your fingers tightly against the spool, not too tightly, so I can get it on the spool!”

Alex was very reluctant to turn from the table. The reason, no doubt, was the huge bulge in his shorts, which became obvious as he cautiously moved and was somewhat, if not totally, embarrassed by his own personal trauma! I thought it was now about time to brighten up the situation and maybe bring them into the living room. Virginia probably already had at least one orgasm as she continued massaging her pussy slowly and gently! I know all three of us men were turned on to the breaking point! I still did my best to pretend to ignore the situation however, just as if it were an every day situation seeing my wife like this!

“The kitchen seems to small for this! Let’s go into the living room!” Allen and Alex lost it as they tripped over each other to be the first into the living room!

“Oh! Sorry! I forgot to tell you that Virginia was still up reading! It must be a good book! She apparently didn’t even hear you guys come in and I forgot all about her!”

“Here Alex! Sit in this chair! Allen you can have that end of the sofa!”

“You don’t mind if I finish my book! I’m almost through the last chapter!”

“No! No! Not at all! We don’t mind!” Allen and Alex answered in unison!

Virginia put the book back up to her face and, within several minutes, slid down on the sofa so that her buttocks were at its very edge! She slowly, and seductively, allowed her hand to once again find its way to her now very very hungry moist pussy! She then opened her legs just sufficiently enough to allow herself to place her hand over her entire cunt and massage it, allowing poor Alex a full frontal view of the action! Both Alex and Allen were sweating profusely by this time! Allen, seated at the far end of the sofa, was attempting to restrain himself while undoubtedly wishing he were at the opposite end of the sofa. Their erections were now no secret to anyone! I must admit it; the sight of their massive cocks in this condition was impelling! They were, without any doubt whatsoever, as huge as my wife had said they were and bigger than I could have had ever imagined! Virginia slithered and gyrated as she had an orgasm, never even pretending to be aware of those around her!

“Let’s get this job done gentlemen!” as if nothing else was going on!

We finished Alex’s line and I suggested Allen replace Alex in the chair and we complete his reel and line! It was at this point that Virginia let out a soft moan and stiffened out. She had an orgasm this time for sure! I know that this was akin to mental cruelty to both Allen and Alex! “But the show must go on!” I thought to myself! We completed Allen’s line in record time! Virginia pulled herself back upon the sofa as if she were in the room alone! She completely ignored everything except her book!

Chapter 07

“Would you guys like something to drink! A beer, a wine, a soft drink! That’s all we have right now to offer you!”

“We’ll have wine! Thank you!”

“Virginia! Want something to drink?”

“A cold glass of wine please! I feel hot!”

Virginia’s eyes never left her book! I returned shortly with wine and a few snacks for everyone. By this time Virginia was sitting up and was talking with Allen and Alex as if nothing had ever happened and as if she were fully dressed for a casual evening with guests!

“Honey! I finished the book! It was a great story about a woman in love with three men at the same time! In the end they all went away happy and lived happily ever after!”

“Well that’s nice to know!”

“If you would please excuse me! I have to leave you gentlemen for a few minutes!”

Virginia got up, pulled her housecoat around herself and left the room. The look of disbelief and disappointment on the faces of Allen and Alex was almost hilarious! Their disappointment was so obvious after Virginia hadn’t returned within ten minutes or so that they, as well as their now limping dicks, had surrendered all hope of what might have had been.

“Has she retired for the night?” Alex inquired with self concern!

“Maybe! But I don’t think so! She might be back out!”

“You son-of-a-bitch! How could you do this to these guys!”

I mused to myself!

It was just as Alex suggested that they call it a day when Virginia returned! Their eyes, as well as their manhood, gave Virginia their full attention. She had changed her revealing attire for something equally as provocative! This outfit consisted of a black lace shorty, underneath of which she wore matching black laced bra and black panties. Virginia looked at Allen and Alex with that certain feminine sexual connotation in her demure which silently asked: “Well, boys are you ready for this?”, or “Are you two ready to take on this wild sex kitten?” Her sexuality permeated the either room! Virginia also had some difficulty in not commenting on, what was now, their obvious state of sexual anxiety. The whole episode had now lasted for almost an hour and was obviously driving both Allen and Alex to the point of total desperation! Their need for Virginia’s hot wet pussy to satisfy their lust was equally shared by Virginia in her desire to get at their huge massive engorged black cocks! All three were now at their pinnacle of passion for each other! Virginia, in her own feminine way, still enjoyed the teasing of their carnal lusts however!

“I had to get a quick shower and change! I was sweaty and my panties were all wet! That’s not so good, is it? Besides these panties are more comfortable! Look, they have an open crotch so that pussy can get some fresh air!” Virginia’s said, seeking a reaction from us!

“Enough of that! Alex just suggested that we call it a day! They’re tired and want to get some sleep! We were planning to get up early in the morning to go fishing!”

“No! No! We’re all right! It was just that we thought she had gone to bed and it would be appropriate for us leave. But if you’re not calling it a night, it’s o.k. with us! We’ll Stay!”

“I’m not at all sleepy! What about you, honey?” Virginia responded.

“No! Not at all! I’m good for awhile yet! One thing I want to do though is get some pictures of our friends here! Do you two mind! We like to have some pictures of new found friends that we meet! Sort of who who’s in the fishing world!”

“We don’t mind at all!”

“I’ll get my camera set up!” Whereupon I left the room.

Allen was seated in the lazy-boy; Alex was on the floor near the far end of the sofa. All three gave no hint of attempting to hide any of their excitement! Both men had very large and visible erections! Virginia’s nipples stood erect beneath her bra and her face was almost as red as her attire! It took me several minutes to set up the camera! I returned with my camera and gear a short time later. Virginia was seated in the middle of the sofa; Allen was still in his chair.

“How do you want to photograph us?” Alex inquired.

“Well! Let’s see! Maybe first we’ll get a group picture of you three on the sofa! This is a new digital camera so I can get both still photographs and movies with it!” I continued:

“We’ll put Virginia in the middle there, Alex can sit on one side! Allen on the other! Don’t let your erections embarrass you! We don’t have to have them in the picture! Just waist up shots! Unless you don’t mind!” I anxiously insisted!

There was no reply! Allen and Alex sat next to Virginia, with some unwanted some distance between them, perhaps still fearful of just how far this thing would take them!

“Move closer to her! She won’t bite! No! I’ll take that back! Maybe she will!”

“Do you two mind if I take full shots or do you want just waist up shots!”

“Don’t matter to us! You’re the director! Just tell us what to do! We’re o.k. with it!”

“O.K then! All quiet on the set! Camera! Action!” as I started the camera rolling.

Allen and Alex delighted in hearing the slightest of any indication by me, or Virginia, of the possibility that they may be the recipients of some of Virginia’s most enduring delights! They looked at each other with broad smiles and a lustful look of anticipation in their eyes! Virginia had placed her hands on the mid-thighs of Allen and Alex, her elbows almost against their crotch! This added to the aggravation and anticipation Allen and Alex were enduring! Allen had placed one arm over Virginia’s shoulder, the other on her knee. Alex had one hand on her knee! Their uneasiness clearly indicating a wishful and passionate desire to place their hands in her territory which yet remained to be explored!

“Great! That’s nice! Honey, since you got open crotch panties on, open your legs a little and let me get a shot of that hot little . . . .!”

Virginia obliged without hesitation, even before I finished what I intended to say! Allen and Alex were aghast with delight! Their anxiety causing them to sit uneasily beside her as their obvious enormous engorged manhood were straining against their restrictive enclosure of their shorts!

“Here! How’s this! Can you see pussy through the lens!” Virginia inquired!

“I sure can! Remember I have this little screen here too! I can see what’s going on just like it was on T.V.! This makes it much easier to see what you’re photographing. Honey! Why don’t grab a handful of those two big erections standing beside you!”

Allen and Alex went ballistic as Virginia responded without even a comment! Virginia’s first feel of their massive cocks, even though only through their shorts, caused her to take a deep breath and react with the anticipated passion of the first time she felt my cock penetrate her pussy many years ago! The enormity of their cocks was clearly evident by the fact that Virginia, try as she may, was unable to get her hand wrapped around either of their black cocks, although each were wearing very lose fitting shorts. What each had beneath their shorts now became clearly visible through the legs Allen’s shorts. The top of his cock actually protruded through the leg of his shorts. I saw his black protrusion and thought to myself: “Impossible! Virginia has no knowledge of what she’s in for! She’ll never ever handle that thing! That’ll tear her pussy to shreds if we, or she, allows that monster to penetrate her!” After a momentary concern I concluded: “She’ll know how to handle it anyway!” Besides if a baby can come out of one of those things a big black cock like that one can certainly go in! Virginia is certainly going to give it a good try anyway!” “It was now time to get this momentary relapse of the evenings happenings back on track!” I thought out loudly!

“Why don’t you two feel a little hot pussy for yourselves, guys! I don’t think it’ll bite!”

I suggested to the two over anxious, yet under nourished to this point at least, gentlemen waiting exuberantly for whatever Virginia may offer next! Allen and Alex reacted without hesitation and as if they were still two small boys at the candy store being told to take whatever candy they I suggested to the two over anxious, and under nourished to this point at least, gentlemen waiting exuberantly wanted! Virginia was about to explode in the heat of passion! She was experiencing the passion bought on by the feel of two strange engorged black cocks she held in each hand, and of two strange black hands working over her horny cunt! Allen and Alex were a little self-conscious of my presence, and somewhat reluctant to do more than I was coaching them to do!

“You two can do better than that? Just holding that sweet little cunt like that won’t satisfy it!”

With that comment, Allen and Alex lost all their inhibitions to their carnal passions and immediately began massaging and finger fucking Virginia’s cunt hole through the opening in her panties! Virginia laid back squirming and moaning with delight of, not one, but two strange hands, the first since we married over fifteen years ago, working over her hot juicy love hole! As Allen and Alex directed their attention to her pussy, Virginia masseused their black cock’s. Her attentiveness almost caused Alex & Allen to almost let their own load go! Virginia screamed in the mists of an orgasm, so prolonged, I became genuinely concerned for her welfare! Her passion rescinding, she called: “No! No more! Let me rest a minute or two! I can’t take any more! My God!”

“I never ever had an orgasm like that in my entire life!” Virginia cried.

The brothers were somewhat reluctant to stop, however their good sense prevailed as they complied with her wish. I didn’t want to admit it but I also had gone; in my pants. With a little forethought though I had, when I went for the camera, taken the time to put on a condom in anticipation of something like this! Virginia was in a wet sweet, as were Allen and Alex, as she enjoyed her afterglow by continuing her attention to the two massive black cocks she still held, one in each hand! Allen and Alex squirmed so as to position themselves at a more advantageous position to better partake of Virginia’s attention! After several minutes Virginia spoke!

“You know guy’s! You’re the only guys to lay a hand on this pussy since JD and I were married and I was a virgin when we married! Isn’t that right JD?”

“Yes it is!” I replied in an anxious voice! Then Virginia added:

“Do you two know why you’re the first to get at my pussy other than my husband!?”

“Well I’ll tell you! Almost since we were first married, every time we made love he always fanaticize about me making love to a well hung black man! We never thought it would ever happen though! Every time we went down south on vacation he would bring my attention to different black men we would see! “What about that one?” DJ would always say I never saw a black man that really turned me on! Until now that it is! Strange isn’t it?” Virginia continued.

“But when I saw you two up river, I knew right then I could make out with either of you! Good looking, sophisticated, muscular! Then I saw Alex urinating in the woods!”

“That really turned me on! I told JD about it and he said; They are your type! You know, you guys are gorgeous! Any woman’s dream! Any normal woman would just love to be in my position right now!” She further added.

Neither Allen or Alex said a word; their anticipation had not yet subsided sufficiently to permit them to think properly. Just thinking about that mornings happenings is what had re-ignited Virginia’s passions. Then she turned her attention toward Alex.

“First lets see what secrets these shorts are trying to keep from us!”

“Pussy and me that is! You don’t mind do you?”

Virginia, looking into Alex’s eyes and unzipped his fly as if any protest by him mattered! Unzipped, she reached in and with some difficulty released his manhood from its imprisonment! She squealed with delighted disbelief! I likewise had difficulty restraining my amazement the massiveness of Alex’s’ stiff cock! Alex laid his head back against the sofa as his passion rose in anticipation of what Virginia might do next!

“My God almighty! You’re hung like a horse! That thing has got to be close ten inches long! I can’t even get my hand around it!” Virginia said in amazement!

“No woman could handle anything like that!” I remarked!

“You’re no woman so don’t try to speak for me! Besides maybe it’ll be fun trying! Isn’t it just as big as I said it was? I told you it was huge! Didn’t I!”

Virginia bent over and bought the head of his monstrosity to her lips, moaned and caressed it’s head lovingly. Virginia began licking Alex’s cock up and down the entire length of its shaft! Moaning with delight and passion! She then slowly eased herself onto her knees on the floor between Alex legs. Removing, then discarding his shorts, he wore no under shorts. Virginia then grabbed his manhood between both hands and commenced masturbating him furiously! Alex had his eyes closed and was moaning! He reached for her head and gently placed it between his massive hands. This was as if to assure himself that she would not be distracted from her task at hand! She lusted to suck him dry of every ounce of bodily fluid that could be extracted through his massive engorged appendage! Allan reached to her now exposed buttocks and cunt and attempted to finger her pussy. Virginia gently pushed his hand away!

“No! Not now! You might make me go again! I want to demolish this erection first! Then I’ll take care of whatever you got there to offer me! O.K.?” Allan was silent!

Placing her mouth over the head of Alex’s black cock, Virginia had difficulty spreading her mouth wide enough to accept his manhood! But try she did! She was totally lost to the real world around her and was engrossed in a state of passionate ecstasy! Alex, as we knew him, was nowhere within the real world. My balls were aching with passion at the sight of my wife going down on this black atrocity! Within several minutes I noticed Virginia’s grip on his cock stiffen and her mouth tightening its hold on his stiff cock! Simultaneously Alex began to stiffen and cry:

“You’re going to make me come! You’re going to make me come!”

Alex’s moans of passions induced Virginia’s anxiety and determination not to let him lose. She wanted every drop of his love juices and was not, even minutely, prepared to entertain anything less! She increased her sucking and massaging of his cock as she felt the tell tale signs of spasms within his mammoth manhood! Alex was ready to send a precious cargo of cum deep down within her throat! Alex, now spent, was not yet finished with! Virginia, for the first time ever, swallowed an entire load of ejaculation! She had never done this for me! In her present situation, Virginia’s passions as they were, there was no chance that she would have had done less! She increased her sucking on his now going limp cock! Nothing less than every last droplet of his love nectar would satisfy her! Alex attempted to push her head away but without success as Virginia strongly resisted his every effort!

“Enough! Enough! Oh God! I’ve had enough! You got it all! You’re killing me-e-e-e! Oh-h-h-h Go-d-d-d-d! You got it al-l-l-l-l! You got it al-l-l-l-l! Oh-o-o-o-o-o-o!”

Chapter 08

Realizing that she had sucked him dry of every ounce of his love juice, Virginia released her grip on his, not yet totally limp, cock! She then allowed it to momentarily rest between her hands as she lovingly adored it with love comments, kisses and licks! Alex, not yet back in the land of the living, moaned at the continued attention she gave his huge cock! Virginia stared directly into the camera with a look of great accomplishment and remarked:

“I told you I’d do it! Didn’t I! Honey!”

“Did you enjoy seeing me suck my first big black cock!”

“What can we say! Poor old Allen and I were aghast at the way you worked that poor black cock over! We thought that you were going to swallow it whole! Did you enjoy it as much as we think you did?”

“Sure I did! It was great! And I got another big black cock to go!”

“Did you enjoy that? Did you like it? Did I do a good job on it? Did this big beautiful cock like it?” Virginia asked!

“That was great! What a blowjob! I’ve never ever been done like that! My God it was good!”

Virginia then noticed some love fluids flow from the tip of Alex’s’ cock. Pulling his cock towards her, she greedily licked up every last droplet of his love juices, moaning in passion as she did so!

“By the way Alex! What do you call this magnificent piece of manhood? You guys always call them by some name don’t you?” Virginia then inquired.

“Pee Wee! I call him Pee Wee!”

“My God! That’s not fair. He’s the biggest cock I have ever seen! Why would you call him Pee Wee! That’s just not fair to a nice hunk of meat like him! You’re insulting him!”

“We call him Pee Wee because he’s small compared with what Allen has! Allen is much bigger!”

“My God! I don’t believe it!” Virginia gasped.

“Nobody can have anything bigger than what you’ve got!” I stated in astonishment.

“Well now! We’ll see about that won’t we?” Virginia responded.

Allen was now distraught with passion for Virginia’s hot cunt! He was ready to blow his load without any attention from Virginia.

Virginia’s neglect to attend to his carnal lusts was more than he could further endure right now and her renewed attention made him feel as if he was about to die and go to heaven!

“Pee Wee! You stay here! I got to go and see your big brother! Don’t leave though! I’m not finished with you yet! I’ll leave Alex to baby-sit you! Now! Let’s see what’s hiding from me inside here!” Virginia remarked as she set about to satisfy her lust!

She then repositioned herself between Allen’s legs in the same position in which she had just finished off his brother. She placed one hand on his crotch and masseused his cock as she unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts with the other! Allen laid back and closed his eyes and totally surrendered to what he was about to be subjected to! I repositioned the camera to take advantage of a better view of the action! Before she had grasped his cock to release it from it’s imprisonment, Virginia cried:

“My God! I don’t believe this! This thing is huge! It is bigger! It’s much bigger! We’re going to have to see this thing to believe it! Oh-o-o-o-o!! This thing is huge!”

I waited in anticipation of seeing the object of her attention as she struggled to free it from its restriction! Allen moaned as he felt a strange female hand in search of his totally erect massive manhood! Virginia was unable to bring his cock from its hiding place within his shorts so Allen unconsciously assisted her remove them! Like his brother he had not worn under shorts.

“Good grief! Just look at this!” she eagerly announced into the camera!

“This thing is inhuman! Any horse would be envious of this!”

“Allen, did you ever measure this?” How big is it anyway? Do you know?”

“Could anyone believe this? I wish I had a tape to measure it before I take pleasure in destroying it!” Virginia remarked with a look of disbelief!

Virginia’s comments only heightened the anxiety of all of us! Especially Allen! He was the one who would be on the receiving end of all of Virginia’s attention! He moaned softly as she deftly toyed with his manhood! His circumcised cock was absolutely black with a head much larger than the shaft of the cock to which it was attached! Its massive head was a brighter color, almost a light brown, than the remainder of his massive black cock! Taking his manhood between her two hands she gently rose herself to her knees and lovingly led it to her wanting and hungry mouth! She moaned as she placed her tongue on the head of his cock and encircled it lovingly! Allen was lost to her lust! Virginia began licking and sucking up and down it’s entire shaft, covering it with her salvia as she did so! She attempted several time to get its entire head into her lusting mouth! It proved difficult! Her passions made her almost oblivious to pain! Virginia eventually accepted its entire first few inches into her mouth!

Allen, unconsciously, placed his hands about Virginia’s head and held it gently, but firmly! Perhaps he shared his brother’s fear that Virginia would try and release her grip on his manhood and destroy the moment! However there would never be a fear of that! Not now at least! Virginia’s passions had no known limits placed on them this night! Allen and Virginia, both lost in passion, moaned with every lick of her hot tongue against his stiff cock! Virginia, her mouth over-stretched and sore due the hugeness of the cock she was trying to digest, directed her attention back to the shaft of Allen’s black cock. She licked and sucked at every morsel of it as if she were a kitten licking its first bowl of milk!

“Would someone please get me something to measure this thing with?”

“If I going to work this thing over I got a right to know what I’m taking on!”

Virginia implored “someone”, not missing a stroke! Allen was still oblivious to everything around him, other than the passion within him! I acknowledged her request and retrieved a measuring tape I carried in my fly vest.

“Oh! Go-o-o-d! Now let’s see how much this big boy has grown up shall we!”

Virginia remarked as I passed her a measuring tape!

Allen gazed at her for a moment, released his grip on her head, and again closed his eyes!

His state of mind was such he really didn’t care much at this time just what she did, just so long as she didn’t neglect what she was doing to him!

“Good God! Honey! Come and see this for yourself! Am I measuring this thing right or what! Come on! Hon, you won’t believe this!”

Alex and I laughed as we looked on at Virginia’s eagerness and astonishment as she measured Allen’s massive “Pussy Tamer!”

“I told you he was bigger than me! I wasn’t lying! Was I?” Alex interjected!

“Good grief! No you weren’t! Hon! Come over and see for yourself!” Virginia implored.

Observing another’s man’s cock was never my cup of tea but, in this circumstance, an exception was definitely in order! I couldn’t refuse her invitation! Looking at the tape I felt my eyes were somehow being deceived! I glanced with disbelief at Alex and Allen, said nothing and went back to my camera! I noticed Virginia had now placed the tape around the middle of the massive black member in front of her! Looking into the camera Virginia remarked:

“Now we have all of you people out there in movie land looking at this and can witness just how big a cock this guy has on him! This cock is a full eleven inches long and almost eight inches in circumference! Horses are not hung like this! Sorry I can’t share this with anyone out in movie land!” adding: “I’m too hungry for a cock this size to share it with anyone!

This is one big black stiff cock that I intend to destroy all by myself! I don’t intend to leave any of it for anybody! You can look and fanaticize about it but I’m not sharing it! What I’m going to do to this beautiful cock you girls can only dream about!”

Virginia, returning her attention back to Allen’s cock, gave exclusive care to satisfying its immediate needs! Allen moaned at the renewed attention his manhood was receiving!

Placing her hands around Allen’s cock Virginia began gently massaging it! Both Allen and Virginia moaned all the while! Virginia, tiring of this, resumed caressing, licking, sucking, moaning, salivating all over his massive black erection. Allen responded with wild thrusts of his pelvis as if wanting to drive his huge cock down her willing mouth! Virginia, having enjoyed these delights for almost half an hour, arrived to the point where she was determined to bring Allen to a climax and suck him dry! “Perhaps it was something Virginia felt in the muscular reflexes of the cock she was holding that signaled its intentions to unload its love juices!” I mused to myself. Virginia, as she had previously done, placed the head of his cock in her mouth!

She was ready for the inevitable explosion of love juice to be blown down her throat! The knuckles on her hands clearly indicated that Virginia had significantly tightened her grasp around Allen’s cock! He began moving his hips faster, fucking her mouth with everything he could muster! His moaning grew louder! Virginia moaned with the passion only a nymph could produce! Alex and I began to masturbate, our excitement bought on by the scene we were witnessing! The sight before us was more than anyone could have otherwise expected us to do! Allen was nearing his journey into the land of unbridled orgasms!

“Oh! Oh! Oh-h-h-h-h! That’s it! I’m coming!”

“My God! I’m Com-m-m-i-n-g-g-g-g-g!”

Allen’s reflexes drove his stiff black cock deep down Virginia’s throat and commenced delivery of its load of love juices! Virginia gagged as she swallowed the first delivery of Allen’s of love juice! Quickly regaining her composure Virginia began to suck and swallow greedily! She did not want to waste a single droplet of his precious fluid! Allen screamed as if in pain! His reactions causing Virginia to tighten her grip on his massive cock! Like his brother, Allen delivered his complete load into Virginia’s willing and wanting mouth after which he vainly attempted to gently push her aside! Like his brother, Virginia was having no part of it, not until such time as she felt assured she had ingested every ounce of his come! Allen continued his attempt to escape but without success! He moaned gently! Virginia, recognizing that he had nothing further to deliver, released his cock from her mouth and eased her grip! Then, looking at it as if it were a living thing of its own, spoke to it lovingly! Virginia, noticing some remaining cum leak from his now going limp cock, eagerly lapped its every last droplet! It was evident that she was more than satisfied with every inch and every ounce of Allen’s offering! Virginia now turned to Allen, who had by now returned back to the world of the living, and said to the black cock she still held:

“There big boy! Did you enjoy that! Did you expect this treatment tonight?” Virginia asked Allen’s cock, as it were a third person whom she intended to satisfy!

“How was that? Did you enjoy it? I just love these black cocks! Wish I could take them home with me!”

“God! That was sex like I never ever had it before! You’re fantastic! This is like dying and going to Heaven! No kidding!” Allen responded.

“By the way! Alex calls his cock Pee Wee! What do you call yours?”

“He’s known by “Pussy Tamer!” He been called that for sometime. I don’t know how it came about, but that’s what he’s called!”

“Little wonder he’s called “Pussy Tamer”! I bet he has tamed many pussies! Right?”

“No! Not really! Maybe three or four! When women see it, or feels it, they become afraid it’ll hurt them so they usually don’t go any further!”

“Silly girls! What a waste of good stiff cock! We’ll see if he can tame this hungry pussy of mine! I bet she’ll put him through his paces! It’ll be a long time before he fucks another pussy like the one he’s going to fuck tonight! What do you think “Pussy Tamer!”

“But she has to rest a little and then pussy will take care of all your most intimate needs!”

Allen was now beside himself! Alex and I were now about to blow our loads! Virginia, recognizing this possibility, rushed to me, took my cock into her mouth just in time as I blew a full load down her throat. To my amazement, and for the first time ever, she swallowed ever ounce of my cum! Not taking the time to lick my cock clean, as she had done previously with Allen, her attention went immediately from me to Alex! Virginia knew that he was about to explode his second load of the evening! Virginia motioned Alex to her where she was kneeling on the floor in front of me! She would finish him off while he stood in the middle of the room! Under the circumstances he didn’t hesitate. Rushing to her, he held his cock as tightly as possible in an attempt to prevent premature ejaculation, Virginia rose to her knees and took his all into her mouth! She began to suck him hard and within seconds he laid his head back, yelled, and blew a full load of love juices down her waiting gullet! Virginia moaned with delight! Regaining his composure he put back on his shorts sat on the sofa, laid back and closed his eyes! Alex was washed out! Allen recovered his shorts and retreated to the bathroom and returned only after the most recent incident had ended! It was at this point that I retrieved my belongings and went to the bathroom, leaving all three in various states of exhaustion in the living room. I so thought at least! When I left the room Virginia was sat in the lazy-boy, Allen and Alex were on the sofa! No one was saying anything.

I excused myself, took a very quick shower, brushed my teeth and returned to the living room! The whereabouts of everyone when I left was now totally altered! Alex was sitting in the lazy-boy observing what was going on between his brother and my wife! Virginia was on the sofa, her ass to its edge and her leg’s spread eagle! Allen was on the floor between her legs chewing pussy as if it were the Last Supper! Virginia’s head was laid back with her eyes closed and holding his head between her tightly clenched hands. She had entered the land of the orgasmic unknown! Neither of the them had noticed my re-entry into the room! I stood and enjoyed the sight that lay before me! It was a strange, but yet comforting, feeling knowing that she was enjoying this as much as, possibly even more than, I was at watching her enjoying it!

I felt happy for her that she could let herself go like this! After all we had both agreed to it and I didn’t feel the least bit threatened by either Alex or Allen! It was then that I noticed that the camera was still running! I shut if off, placed in a new disk and re-set it so as to get the best pictures possible. I decided to get some good close-ups of the two now making love on the sofa. I moved over to the sofa and for the first time, Allen acknowledged my presence! He lifted his head from between Virginia’s legs and was a little unsure of what my reaction might be! I reassured him by giving him a tap on the head and a wink of the eye! Allen immediately went back to chewing Virginia’s pussy as if it were the last pussy on the face of this earth! Virginia was too far gone to care! I looked over at Alex; he was totally intent at the sight of his brother chewing a white pussy! I felt sure he was saying to himself: “Leave some for me Bro.” “There’s was no fear of that!” I thought: “These things don’t wear out and there’s enough for everybody! In good time my friend!” Not wanting to further distract Allen, I asked Alex:

“Did she have a go yet!”

“Yes! Two brutes! I’ll bet she’s about ready to go again too!”

“Yeah! I want to get good pictures of her face as she orgasms! I love that look she gets on her face as she’s having a go! You know what I mean?”

Chapter 09

Alex didn’t reply, the action was far more interesting than any comment I could make! Allen now noticed me taking some close up shots of him sucking pussy so he obligingly raised his head a little so as to expose his tongue caressing Virginia’s hot cunt! The sight of a black man doing a white woman, for some unknown reason, has always excited me! The sight of my wife being done by one, was profound. The fact that the white woman was my wife being done by not one but two black men was more than I could have had ever believed could happen! Both had credentials way beyond anything I, or my wife, could ever muster up in our wildest fantasies! Allen then began to finger fuck Virginia’s cunt hole! His fingers were almost as large as his cock. I am sure that Virginia probably felt it was cock that she was getting! The love juices flowing from her cunt was more than I had ever witnessed in all our years together! She was moaning, gyrating, squealing, shouting:

“Oh! Oh! God! Oh God! It’s so good! Don’t stop Don’t stop! Oh! God! Lick it! Suck it! Fuck it! Oh it’s s-o-o g-o-o-o-d! It’s-s-s-s So-o-o-o-o g-o-o-o-o-d!”

I knew from her reaction that she was about to have the orgasm of her life time! Allen fastened the pace of his finger fucking and used his free hand to finger fuck her asshole! Allen directed extra attention to licking her clitoris! It was as much as Virginia could take! I moved the camera to her face as she exploded into Allen’s face! This orgasm lasted for several minutes! Her body convulsed so intensely I couldn’t help but ask her if she was all right! Virginia didn’t respond, just opened her eyes for a moment, similed and cried: “Oh-o-o-o-o-o-o-!” Relaxing, She gently pushed Allen away as she lay for several minutes enjoying the wonderful afterglow! I shut the camera off and looked at Allen on the floor! He was now seated with his legs spread and his cock experiencing an erection so hard that it hurt! I was still amazed its magnitude! Pure black, it reached almost to his chin! Truly something any man of any race would be proud of! He looked at Virginia’s exposed pussy and then up at her! She had now gained most of her composure and returned his gaze!

“Did you like that? It was for the great blow job you gave me! I wanted to return the favor!” Allen said.

“What do you think! I only managed to make you go once when I sucked you off. You made me go three times! Every go was better than the one before it! Do you think I liked it!”

Virginia completely ignored my presence. However I knew why, and it didn’t bother me in the least! In the meantime I had turned the camera back on to catch all the conversation, as well as whatever else there might be to tape!

“I think you loved it! That’s what I think!”

“You’re absolutely right! I did!”

“How’s Pee Wee! Is he recovered yet!” Virginia inquired, directing her attention to Alex.

“No! Not quiet! Just a little longer and he’ll be ready for you again though!”

“Do you think that your Pussy Tamer would like to say hello to this horny sweet courageous little hot pussy of mine right now!” as she directed her interests to appeasing Allen’s needs, as well as her own carnal desires!

To our amusement Virginia reached down between her legs and with both hands spread her pussy lips wide! Allen stared into her wide opened cunt with disbelief! His excitement almost caused his cock to burst with anticipation of fucking it!

“Why don’t we ask him!” Allen responded, getting onto his knees between her legs!

He then placed the head of his cock at the opening her honey hole! He held it there and massaged her cunt with its massiveness in a circular motion! Virginia watched his every move with heightened passion, moaning with delight as the black monster massaged her horny cunt! Her passion consumed her entire being!

“Be careful! Don’t hurt me! It might be too big to go all the way inn! I don’t want it to hurt me! Oh-o-o-o! Oh-o-o-o-o” God that feels g-o-o-o-d!” Virginia screamed.

“No! I won’t shove it in until you want me to! Do you think you’ll be able to handle it all! I won’t hurt you! You just take as much as you can handle! God that feels g-o-o-o-o-d! I just want to fuck your God damn brains out! Oh-o-o-o-o-o-o! God that feels good!” Allen’s anxiety and comments edging Virginia further on!

Virginia now began shoving her pelvis towards Allen’s stiff cock, cautiously telling him to be still each time! Her cunt was stretched to its limits by the very mass of his huge black intrusion! Virginia’s passion to be impaled upon his monstrous black cock was far greater than any other concern she may have had for any damage it may, or may not, do to her poor ravenous pussy! After several serious attempts at gaining entry into her love nest, she yelled:

“Oh God! I think it’s in me! It’s in me! Oh God it feels tight! Oh-o-o-o! It’s in me? It’s in me-e-e-e-e-e-e?”

I could see that she had taken about the first three or four inches of Allen’s cock! Allen had his eyes closed and, in the heat of passion, didn’t even hear her speak! Virginia implored him now to hold still as she attempted to swallow more of Allen’s gift deeper into her angry and hungry pussy! He obliged showing great restraint for fear of hurting her!

“He’s got about four inches into your hot cunt! Do you think you can take more!”

“Oh yes! Yes-s-s-s! Oh God it feels so good! Allen fuck me! Fuck me! Oh-o-o-o!”

Allen responded in kind! His first thrust drove his cock into her a full five or six inches. She screamed with passion and pain caused to her pussy by Allen’s black intrusion! Allen’s black cock glistened in the camera light, wet with Virginia’s love juices! Allen, knowing that she had now handled this much cock, began to pump harder and faster! Virginia literally came right of the sofa, screaming with passion!

“Can you take more? Do you want him to shove it in further!”

Although I had grave reservations of her ability to do so!

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give it all to me! I want it all! I want all you can give my hungry pussy! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pus-s-s-s-y! Oh-o-o-o!”

Allen didn’t need coaxing! With gentle strokes in short increments, he gave her as much as she could handle! I couldn’t believe my eyes as she took his first eight inches!

Even Alex was now gazing at her ability to take this much of his brothers brutal weapon! Allen didn’t take notice of either of us! Virginia was now taking almost all Allen could offer as she exploded into the wildest craziest orgasm I had ever witnessed! It seemed to last forever! Upon hearing her scream Allen blew his load deep within the loving walls of her cunt! He screamed as if he were a pig being slaughtered! Virginia reached up and grabbed Allen by the hips and refused to let go, forcing Allen’s cock deeper to where it would unload it’s love juices! Allen kept pounding her now over-stretched cunt! The sight of this monstrous black cock pounding away at Virginia’s white pussy was everything my wildest fantasies thought it would be!

Virginia was enjoying every inch and every stroke Allen gave her! Allen, having had spent his load in Virginia’s love nest, began to retrieve his cock from her pussy, very slowly and gently! Virginia moaned in pleasure as he did so! She knew she had had enough for awhile and badly needed a rest from all this action and wild wonderful sex! Virginia watched Allen’s cock as it gracefully exhumed itself from her swollen hot, satisfied for now, pussy! She delighted in its massive blackness and wetness attained from the depths of her hot cunt! The fact that it was much lesser a mass now than when it had gained entry into her cunt, gave her a sense of self satisfaction! She had accomplished what some had considered an impossibility; her cunt had taken Allen’s all! I now observed her cunt lips were a blazon red from all this wear and tear, and swollen to proportions that I would never have had believed possible! Her poor pussy not only needed, but also deserved, a rest! Once Allen had withdrawn his all, the love juices of their engagement began to drain from her pussy! It felt hot to her engorged and hot pussy lips! Virginia reached between her legs to see if in fact it may be something other than love juice! The thought, at first, that she might have had been damaged by Allen’s cock momentarily frightened her! Allen recognizing her concern, looked into her face and remarked:

“Looks like all that love juice that I blew into your hot pussy is not wanted in there! Your pussy is spitting it all out!” His comment settled her as she moaned with unreleased passion!

“Would you like me to lick it out for you! Would you like that? I’ll lick her out real good for you if you want me too!”

Virginia, nor I, could believe our ears! She laid back in anticipation of Allen doing so, something that she always wanted me to do but never succeeded in! Allen didn’t need, nor did he receive, a verbal response! He lowered his head to her cunt and began a slow and gentle lapping up of her juices, which now flowed freely from her cunt! Virginia screamed with delight as she grabbed his head and forced her pussy firmly into his face! He lapped and sucked furiously as she came again! Allen looked into the camera, cum dripping from his lower lip, but never missed a lick! A moment’s hesitation and he was back at her cunt hole again with new and renewed vigor!

“Can’t waste any of this precious stuff can we!”, as he continued till he was satisfied that there was no more to be had.

Virginia was now too tired to react! She removed herself from around Allen’s head, excused herself and left the room. Allen didn’t protest. Retrieving and placing his shorts back on, he stretched out on the sofa and relaxed! He held his limp cock in one hand, closed his eyes and relished the afterglow of his experience!

“I couldn’t believe that she took all that cock! You know she’s the first woman I ever met who could handle that much of my cock! It’s the very first time in my life that any woman was able to take that much cock!”

“God! I never dreamed it could feel so good to get that much of my cock buried deep into a pussy! She was great!” Allen stated afterwards.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it! You know, it’s always been a fantasy of Virginia and I to have a black man screw her! We never ever met one she was willing to screw till now! This is just pure raw sex! We never dreamed of two black guys doing her at the same time!”

“Virginia is a beautiful woman and what man worth their salt would turn her away! EspeciallY since she’s so horny. She just had to have these cocks shoved into her tonight! We’ve had horny women but nothing like her! She loves stiff cock! Especially big stiff black cock!”

“Virginia, no doubt about it, just loved those cocks to suck on and have them shoved into her poor tight little cunt tonight! I’ve never ever known her to be so God damn horny! I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t know if she’s had enough yet even! We’ll have to wait and see! What do you say! Have a cold drink anyone!”

“Yes! A cold beer would be just great!” Just then Virginia returned.

“We’re having a beer! Like one?”

“No! But a nice glass of cold wine would be great! I also think everyone would like something other than pussy to snack on! I think everyone is hungry!”

Virginia’s vileness was both a turn on and a surprise to me! She was still undoubtedly in the game for more good stiff cock! Virginia retreated back to the bathroom while we retreated to the kitchen. I provided the drinks and moved the fourth chair to the table and we sat drinking beer awaiting Virginia’s return. Hearing the shower coming on I looked at Alex and Allen and said:

“Sounds like she’s grabbing a shower! She really needs to freshen up!” I said laughing!

We sat at the table and began to discuss our plans for tomorrow, although they had no interest in the topic whatsoever. Alex noted the time and suggested that perhaps we should put our plans off till later in the day! Allen agreed, so I conceded, after all it was now near three o’clock in the morning! I poured a glass of wine for Virginia just as she returned to the kitchen. She was dressed in another outfit no more concealing than the previous one she had discarded. She smiled and went directly to the deep freeze in the back porch. Virginia returned with four frozen dinners.

“I guess these will be alright! They’ll take ten or twenty minutes to get ready in the oven.”

“That will be great!” Alex and Allen replied in unison.

“Did you pour me a glass of wine, Honey? I’ll get these ready!” Virginia inquired.

“I already did! I poured it when I heard the bathroom door open!”

Virginia placed the dinners in the oven and returned to the table. Never being one not to express what’s on her mind and always willing to give me little jolts from time to time, Virginia said:

“Well guys! Did you enjoy your little bit of fun tonight! I did! I never ever thought I could so bad, but I loved every inch of what you two gave me! I’ve even got a sore pussy from it and I even love that! You guys were great! Without offending you!”

“Your cocks were even greater!” Virginia added without a blink!

We looked at each other, one wondering how the other might respond to Virginia’s bluntness!

Allen spoke up!

“Well! When it comes to giving sex you were the greatest! Nothing could ever compare with the work out you gave me tonight! That was the best fucking I ever got! The best, in point of fact, that I thought I would ever get! Just great!”

“I didn’t get the chance to sample all your goodies as Allen did, but what I did get I’ll never complain! Your were just fantastic!” Alex added.

“You don’t think that I’m about to let you go home disappointed do you? I have some tasks that Pee Wee hasn’t attended to yet! He’s not out of here tonight till all his work is done!”

Virginia remarks were an obvious response to a reference by Alex that Allen had perhaps received a little more of her goodies than he had! In the meantime, I couldn’t believe my ears! Virginia had become an instant sex machine! I didn’t know how else to express her actions! She had turned into a wild nymph! No question about it! Alex’s eyes lit up as if he were a kid anticipating Santa Clause! We then enjoyed a light lunch and finished it off with several more glasses of fine wine!

Chapter 10

Virginia had by now finished her first glass of wine and was well into the second and was becoming less and less inhibited with every sip of wine! Virginia, seated between Alex and Allen, pushed her chair back from the table, slid forward on her chair, and spread her legs to expose her still hot pussy, observed our reaction. We all took a peep, while Allen and Alex almost went ballistic! Virginia retorted:

“Well boys! What do you think of these panties! They’re brand new and have the same type of open crotch as the other ones I was wearing! Do you like them?”

“Do we like them? You bet! What’s better though is what’s wearing them!” Allen responded.

“You’re just being too nice! You’re just trying to flatter me so you can get back at this little pussy! That’s what you’re up to! Isn’t it?” Virginia replied.

Allen didn’t respond as Virginia reached between her legs and with both hands held each side of the opening in her panties, exposing her cunt for all to see!

“Well what do you think of this? Just feel her! She’s swollen bigger than at any time ever before in her lifetime!” Virginia remarked with delightful sexual playfulness.

Both Allen and Alex immediately obliged! Their enthusiasm unrestrained and passions renewed, a mere feel of her hot wet cunt undoubtedly was insufficient to satisfy their new lust for it! Virginia moaned as they fondled her hungry cunt! I was totally ignored by all three! Their interests lay elsewhere! Virginia now laid her head back against the chair as her two amours masseused and finger fucked her cunt for all it was worth! I left the room, as if it mattered to anyone but myself, deciding that perhaps it was time to reactivate the camera and capture the scene solely for the sake of prosperity! I returned just in time to witness Virginia having her first of a new series of orgasms! Allen, for the first time this evening, was French kissing her furiously and playing with her titties! She had her hand up the leg of his shorts massaging his now stiff cock! Alex continued to finger fuck her hungry wet cunt hole! I found the whole scene titillating to say the least! Her orgasm spent, she gently pushed both her lovers away, and laid back with closed eyes and sighed!

Her afterglow subsiding, she opened her eyes, looked and us and smiled in a most seductive way! Virginia bought herself back up in the chair and moved it back to the table. She then made a large sigh and remarked:

“God! You guys are great! I never ever though that sex with a black man would ever be this great! Had I known I would have had done this years ago! Am I not the luckiest girl in the world? I got two handsome black guys to fuck me all at once! God! I love it! Just think of it! I got the two biggest, stiffest most beautiful black cocks to fuck me! Wow! How lucky can a girl be? It was well worth waiting all these years for!”

Virginia’s renewed lust for more stiff black cock was now as great as ever! Any inhabitation she may have had harbored earlier were totally discarded. She was now leading this sex exhibition to its final scene totally and utterly uninhibited! All she wanted was sex, more sex and more sex! I didn’t mind this the least! I always fantasized about her being fucked by a black man with a huge black cock! Like her, I was more than happy to have had waited all these years for it to happen and have the opportunity to witness the events of this evening! Allen and Alex downed their last drink without stopping for a breath of air! Their message was not lost on Virginia! Virginia, taking a drink from her glass and placing it back down on the table. She pushed her chair from the table and stood up! Alex and Allen looked at her wide eyed as if asking: “What next?” I started the camera rolling asking myself the same question! Virginia, without comment, reached to Allen’s crotch!

“You two must be hungry for more of my starving hot cunt! Are you? We can’t keep Pee Wee and Pussy Tamer waiting any longer can we! Well now lets she if Pussy Tamer has had sufficient rest since I saw him last!”

Virginia unzipped and removed Allen’s shorts, leaving him standing there in the nude! Allen needed no prompting to assist her to do so! His cock had an erection and stood at an angle as if looking into Virginia’s face for attention! “Does this black monster really have a life of its own!” I said to myself!

“Oh! Look at this would you! The biggest baddest black cock in the world is all rested up and ready to go! Oh, God! You’re beautiful! The sweetest pussy pacifier in the world! Oh! I just love you, you big bad black stiff cock!”

Virginia quickly bent over and bought her mouth to his massive erection and kissed it lovingly on the head. She now turned her attentions to Alex and repeated her previous actions. Then, taking his engorged member into her hands, said:

“Don’t be jealous of your big brother you sweet gorgeous thing you! I love you too! There’s not a hot hungry wet pussy in the whole world that you couldn’t satisfy! There’s a hot horny pussy here that you have to satisfy tonight, just to prove it!”

Alex’s cock was fully erect and standing straight up. It blackness glistened under the dimness of the light hanging from the ceiling above the kitchen table. As with his brother, Virginia bent over and reached for the massive erection with her outstretched tongue. Virginia first licked and then kissed the tip of his huge cock! Looking, first at me, smiling and then looking directly into the lens of the camera, remarked:

“Are you ready! I’m going to screw these two like they’ve never been screwed before! When I’m through with these two it’ll be a year before they’ll want any pussy again! Come on boys there’s work to be done!”

Holding a cock in each hand she led them, not back to the sofa where I had anticipated she would, but to the bedroom where we shared a queen size bed! Her captives were the most willing of prisoners! Inside the bedroom she placed herself in the middle of the bed! She then directed Allen and Alex to opposite sides of her. She had retained her hold on Alex’s cock as he placed himself beside her! Then, without releasing her hold on this massive manhood, she placed herself on her stomach between his legs and began to suck his cock! Allen, looking at the action, held his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. He massaged them gently for fear of otherwise blowing his load prematurely! Alex was by now passionately ecstatic by the treatment he was getting! He moaned with every movement Virginia made with her hands, mouth, tongue and lips around his huge manhood. Virginia had lost all sense of the world around her. She was total engrossed in the task at hand! I was most anxious to capture on camera the best of these sexual marathons! Especially since it was my wife who was the leading star! It also provided me with a legitimate excuse to get in for a close-up view of the action! This also fulfilled my sexual urges! The action was great! While this thought was present in my mind, my wife very anxiously remarked:

“My God! Would you look at this? I’ve never seen a bag or balls on anything like these! They’re unreal! They’re big, they’re black and they’re beautiful!”

Virginia had been so engrossed in the pleasure their massive cocks provided her, she inadvertently ignored their bag and balls! Virginia, now that she had both men on the bed and was giving head to Alex, first noted the size of his bag and balls when she began to suck them! She was now enthralled by their massive size! Likewise I was no less amazed and had her hold his bag in her hands so I could get a better picture of them! Alex held her head tightly as she sucked and kissed his balls greedily, not failing to make contact with every inch of the membrane surrounding them! She continued holding his hungry cock with one hand all during the process. Virginia then looked at Alex and She recognized from the muscular reactions in his massive cock that he was about to blow his full load of come, remarked:

“Don’t you come! Don’t you come!”

“He’s not going to go! Is he? Is he? Don’t let him go yet!”

“No! No! He’s all right now! Maybe you better give him a rest for a minute or two or he’ll blow his load all over you! He can hardly hold back!”

“Are you sure he won’t go! Are you sure!”

“Yes! I’m sure! I’m sure!” Alex replied.

Virginia now turned her attention to his brother who was already more than anxious for her attentions! She placed herself between his legs, addressing his engorged member as if it were another party within the party! She gave it all the attention it craved! Likewise the massiveness of his bag and balls were as equally fascinating to her! When she recognized that he was about to explode, she ceased her activity and suggested that he rest awhile. There was no disappointment shown by Allen! After several minutes Virginia renewed her attack on Allen’s still stiff cock! Sitting up she leaned over and bought her lips to the tip of the black monster, the recipient of her renewed affections!

She salivated over its entire length and girth as Allen reached to her loving wet cunt! Virginia moaned as she first felt his hand against her love nest. Allen massaged her cunt gently and then began to finger fuck her willing cunt hole! Virginia greeted his attentions with loud cries of passion! She gently moved herself so as to better position her cunt for the extra attention Allen was giving it! None of Allen’s attention to Virginia’s cunt distracted her attention from the loving care she was bestowing upon his huge cock whatsoever! Allen grabbed Virginia’s hips and, lifting her as if she were a rag doll, positioned her so that she lay on his chest as they attained the “sixty-nine” position! Virginia assisted his every move, never though at the cost of losing her concentration on the massive black cock with which she was so engrossed!

He spread Virginia’s pussy lips as he began to lick, suck and chew her as she had never ever been chewed before! Their action lasted for, what seemed like seconds, but was in fact, close to ten minutes. Virginia then screamed that she was about to have an orgasm! She screamed with a gurgled sound as she refused to let free the huge black monster in her mouth as Allen began to shoot his load of jism down her throat! They both climaxed together as they held the center of their attention even tighter than before! They both wanted every last ion of pleasure extracted from the body of their lover! When her orgasms subsided, Virginia lay motionless on top of Allen! Her face still in his crotch, she held his now limp cock tenderly to her face. Allen remained holding Virginia about the hips with her pelvis straddling his face! The proximity of Virginia’s cunt to his face caused the smell of her wetness to remain in his nostrils. They laid in each others arms totally exhausted from the intensity of their love making. Several minutes passed before there was any activity from either Allen or Virginia. Allen reactivated Virginia’s sex interests by first kissing, then finger fucking her swollen pussy! Virginia responded by sucking and kissing Allen’s huge black cock! Even in its current flaccid state it was large by any measurement of any known man’s cock, flaccid or otherwise. Virginia was aroused to the extent that she would not now be satisfied with a flaccid cock, no matter how big, she wanted, if not had need for, a stiff cock that could be shoved up her hot cunt hole! Allen’s flaccid cock fell short of meeting that requirement. She therefore turned her attention to Alex’s Pee Wee and inquired as to his state of readiness for more real hot sex!

“Is Pee Wee ready for some real hot white pussy?” she inquired of Alex.

Virginia had already noticed that Alex’s cock standing at full mast! Without waiting, or wanting a reply, she lay on her back and indicated to Alex to mount her! Alex, always eager to satisfy a horny pussy, if not just her lust, willingly complied. Alex removed Virginia’s panty and bra and commenced his manly duty of satisfying her horny pussy which Virginia exposed for his personal pleasure and do with it what ever his, or her, carnal desires may lead them!

“Be careful! Don’t hurt me! That’s not a normal human size cock you got there you know!”

Alex made no comment! Virginia pulled her knees up as Alex reached down between her legs, grasping her pussy lips between his fingers, pulled them open and placed the head of his enormous cock at the entrance to her hungry cunt hole. Looking between their bodies she gasped for air at the sight and feeling of Alex’s monster as it attempted a forced entry into her tight cunt.

Alex now lowered himself onto her as his pushed his cock tight against the resistance of her tight cunt. Virginia moved her pelvis up to meet the first thrust of his massive black cock! She squealed with passion as she did so! I placed myself at the foot of the bed on the floor so as to get a better view of this huge battering ram pounding my wife’s wanting cunt.

The sight of his huge balls and black cock beating against the whiteness of my wife’s ass and pussy was breathtaking! Alex’s cock had not yet been able to penetrate the hungry pussy it had hoped to satisfy! Allen looked on as if he had just won the grand lottery! He still held and was massaging his massive tool! Alex pulled back and drove his cock back a second time to the upward thrust of Virginia’s pelvis. Virginia screamed! Alex drove home four or five inches of his cock into the wetness of Virginia’s cunt hole! The fourth thrust and Virginia’s cunt took the entire length of his massive weapon!

“Oh God! It’s in me! Oh! Oh G-o-o-o-o-d! ” Virginia screamed in passion! Your cock is so big it’s filling my pussy! Oh! God! My pussy feels tight! It feels so-o-o-o-o go-o-o-o-d!”

This encouraged Alex to further heights! This time he only pulled partly out and drove all of his nine inches deep with her swollen hungry cunt! Their passion was now at its height as he fucked her like she had never ever been fucked before! Being that he had almost spent his load when she was giving him a blow job, I felt that he would last but a few minutes! However that was not to be! The madness of their activity on the bed prevented me from keeping the camera steady! I extended the tripod and set it so as to keep its sights on the action between their legs. “Meat shots”, I think they call them! Virginia and Alex were moaning with every thrust of his cock into her ravenous cunt! I stood up for the first time since Alex stuck his cock into Virginia to view the action from another perspective! Virginia and Alex were French kissing and in a total sweet! Her head was being held between his hands and hers were placed around his buttocks. It was evident that she was pulling him towards herself with every thrust! His stamina was incredible! He maintained his rapid fire fucking for almost twenty minutes before he blew his load deep within her cunt! During this time I counted no less than seven orgasms that Virginia willingly suffered through! Each time not being given an opportunity to recuperate by her ravenous lover! From behind them I could see Alex’s black cock and balls pound her without mercy! Her pussy lips, swollen, were stretched by his massive battering ram! But Virginia loved every inch and every stroke of it! Alex, screaming, drove his pelvis tight up against Virginia’s and held tight as his cum was being deposited deep within her! She held him tightly, not willing to let go so as to ensure that every drop of his come was extracted into her hungry cunt. She now flexed her cunt wall mussels tightly around his cock so as to ensure her desires were met! Alex responded to this experience by holing her more tightly and screamed loudly:

“Oh-o-o-o-o-! Oh God! That feels good! That feels good! Do it again! Do it Again! Oh-o-o-o-o! God that’s good!”

Virginia responded in kind! Now spent they both totally relapsed into the afterglow of their action! Alex raised himself onto his elbows and looked Virginia into her now open eyes: “How was that?” he inquired. Alex then raised himself up and glanced down between their entwined bodies. His now much limper cock was still buried into her, for now satisfied, cunt! Virginia followed his glance to the very same spot. She then reached down to her pussy and felt around the black member that had just done such a magnificent job in satisfying her lust! Virginia sighed with satisfaction! Alex now began to extract his ever limper cock from her cunt hole! Virginia moaned with delight as he did so! I returned to the camera so as to ensure it was capturing the whole scene! As Alex’s cock left its love nest, Virginia’s cunt began to exhale Alex’s deposit! “Alex you’re not going to waste all that love juice are you?” I thought to myself. Alex, to my surprise, needed no coaching. He immediately, from a bended knee position, placed his head between Virginia’s legs and sucked feverishly!

He ceased only when satisfied that he had absorbed every last drop of the nectar offered by Virginia’s cunt! During this process Virginia was forced into another, somewhat less intense, orgasm! Alex now lay on the bed beside her, kissing her gently on the cheek! She looked at him, smiled, and closed her eyes. Virginia rested for some time before excusing herself and going to the bathroom taking her scant clothing with her! Shortly we heard the shower going!

“She really does need a refreshing shower this time! Doesn’t she!” I remarked.

Chapter 11

“Alex! I always heard you black men like to fuck white women! I never thought though you could fuck them like you fucked Virginia! Boy you got staying power!”

“When you find a good woman like Virginia that can take all of Pee Wee you got to fuck her like that!”

“You got to take advantage of it because you might never find another piece of tail like her again! God! Can she ever fuck! She just loves good stiff cock! The bigger the better! Doesn’t she! She can really give a guy like me a ride!”

“No! You’re wrong! She likes good stiff very large stiff cocks! Just like you and Allen got! I don’t believe there is anyone else alive who could get her do what she’s done, like you two!”

Alex and Allen resounded their confirmation as Virginia came back into the room dressed in her finest and all smiles! Looking at Alex she remarked:

“Well! Tell me! How did Pee Wee enjoy his play time with pussy?”

“Utterly and tee totally unbelievable! It was fantastic! I’m telling the truth! Nothing in my life even comes near the fucking you gave me! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Did you?”

“I don’t kiss and tell! What do you think?” Virginia replied.

“You look satisfied to me!”

“Satisfied with what Pee Wee gave this sweet hungry pussy of mine! Yes-s-s-! Anyone woman would be satisfied with that! But like all good things, pussy knows that there is still food on the table and she’s still hungry! What do you think Pussy Tamer!” looking towards Allen’s still massive erection!

“I could do no less than agree!” Allen remarked with his lust yet to be fully satisfied.

“Well he’ll just have to wait just a little longer till pussy gets her second wind!” Virginia replied.

“That’s O.K. with me any day!” Allen responded.

Virginia’s desired rest was much less a concern than getting fucked by the biggest baddest cock available that night. Her anticipation and anxiety of getting this battering ram pounded into her poor pussy was far more important at this moment than resting! Virginia wanted to be fucked by Allen’s Pussy Tamer “now” and rest could come later! She motioned to me to move as she moved over to direct her attentions to matters now occupying her mind, body and soul! Allen assisted her remove her scant garments as his huge, eleven inch, erect black cock swayed wantonly as he shifted his position on the bed. Virginia lay on the bed as Allen reached down between her legs, gently moving them apart as he placed his massive body between them. Virginia complied by moving herself so as to be positioned properly for what was to be!

She gazed in amazement at the huge black cock swaying above her hot wet hungry cunt as she did so! Allen, elevated on one arm, looked down as Virginia reached for his cock and placed it at the opening of her hungry cunt! Allen moaned gently, his anticipation and passion reaching fever levels! Virginia pulled his massive member tightly into her pussy, lifting her hips as she did so! Allen complied with her desire, as he pushed forward gently, neither saying anything. I had now placed the camera so as to extract the best view from between their legs. Feeling this huge cock against her cunt, Virginia moaned loudly. Allen strained as he attempted to enter the depths of her soul! On the first attempt it failed to penetrate it’s objective! He pulled back as Virginia, still holding his stiff shaft, permitted him to so! Allen pushed forward into her love nest again, she assisting his efforts by pulling his cock harder into her waiting orifice! They moaned in unison as each attempted to enshrine his cock deep within her wanting cunt. Neither of them distracting their vision of the happenings between her cunt lips! This attempt was no more successful than the first!

She told Allen to hold still as she pulled his cock towards her cunt and met this forward action with a corresponding action of her own. Allen’s head fell backward as he delighted in her efforts. Virginia now made circular movement with his cock around her cunt lips as if trying to ensure that his cock was well lubricated and at the best possible position for the entry into its destination point. After several seconds, an uncontrollable reaction caused Allen to thrust forward! Virginia counter maneuvered and screamed with hurt and passion as they succeeded in getting the first few inches of this massive intrusion into her hot moist cunt!

“Oh God! It’s in me! It’s in! Oh God! It’s so-o-o g-o-o-o-d! Don’t pull it out! Don’t pull it out!” Virginia screamed.

Allen complied and now lay his body against hers, his weight supported by his knees and elbows! He placed his hands around Virginia’s head and placed his head near hers on the pillow! Virginia responded by grabbing his buttocks and bringing her pelvis towards his with as much force as she could muster! Allen matched her every effort! This stretched her cunt to its maximum without giving birth! This time she took almost half of what Allen could offer! They were both in a hot sweat and now lost to the world around them!

“Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she implored Allen as if he were in need of encouragement!

Allen responded with long slow strokes of his massive cock into hot pussy, each stroke forcing it a little further into her hot wanting cunt! They were both panting and screaming as he did so! Virginia reached her orgasm within seconds of his first entry into her hot spot! Allen’s passions, now nearing the flash point, now that they had managed to force her cunt to accommodate his oversized weapon, threw all caution of hurting her to the wind! He sped up his thrusting, with each thrust bringing a verbal reaction from Virginia! Allen would pull out his massive “Pussy Tamer” almost to its head and would then drive it back its remaining length into her cunt with a vengeance! His fucking her didn’t slow for almost fifteen minutes! His stamina was incredible! It was if he would never be ready blow a load into her cunt! I repositioned the camera to capture the scene of this massive pussy tamer pounding into Virginia’s over-stretched cunt! It massiveness was impressive at it did its duty to satisfy Virginia’s pussy’s needs. Virginia’s buttocks were read from the beating Allen’s massive balls administered with each stroke of his cock into her hungry cunt! She, however, found no need to complain! While viewing this scene I noticed that Virginia’s pussy was making strange sucking noises as Allen pounded away at it!

When he pulled out her cunt would seem to suck air in, when he shoved his cock into her it would almost fart as it exhaled air! This amazed me! Allen had now commenced to French kiss Virginia as he placed one hand beneath her buttocks, holding her tightly against his every thrust, he fingered fucked her asshole, which drove her to depths not known to her before! Virginia by this time had experienced several orgasms, each succeeding one a little more intense than the one previous! Allen had now reached his point of no return! Virginia felt the reflexes of his cock deep within the walls of her hot cunt! Virginia now stopped moving and strengthened her pussy’s grasp around Allen’s cock. The pleasure of this feeling, which he had never experienced before, was the last call, he blew his load into her, as she needed him to do! They both attained their orgasm together as each held still while his deposit was being made deep with her pussy! Recognizing Allen’s mussels relaxing, Virginia again exercised her cunt mussels around his still massive and erect cock. She was intent to milk it of its last remnants of love juices. Virginia’s actions caused Allen to cry out in delight of the sensation! They now lay holding each other in the afterglow! I had captured it all on camera as best I could. After several minutes Virginia came back to life and lifting Allen’s head between both hands she looked him in the face and said:

“How did I do! Did you like it! Did you like the way I fucked your Pussy Tamer?” She said smiling!

“Like it! Did I like the way you fucked me? Did Pussy Tamer like it! My God! What questions! We both died and went to heaven! I don’t think he’ll ever come out of where he is right now! God! You can fuck like no other woman on earth!”

Allen now eased himself up on one arm and looked at the sight of his black cock still buried in Virginia’s beautiful white pussy! Virginia shared the view with him!

“Looks nice doesn’t it! My black cock deep in your white pussy! What a sight! Do you like it?”

Virginia reached down and felt all around his still massive and erect cock and her stretched pussy! She closed her eyes and whispered to herself as she did so! Allen remained motionless to allow her to continue to enjoy the moment!

“Oh! God! That feels good!” she whispered loudly. “I’ll never let you take this out of me! Never! I want it in me forever!”

Her actions and vocabulary led Allen to retain his erection and stay deep within her. Virginia now began to rotate her hips, still playing with what lay below and occasionally bringing his massive balls to within her asshole! By this time Alex’s cock had re-arisen! Virginia opened her eyes, noticing his condition, motioned him toward her! He needed no coaxing! Reaching for his cock she bought it to her lips and commenced to kiss, suck and lick his erect black cock! The excitement of having a black cock in her and another to suck on quickly rekindle her waning passions, as well as those of her lovers! Allen again commenced to pump her harder and faster! Virginia matched his every effort and thrust. All three were now moaning and screaming with heightened passions! The sight of two black men fucking her like this was more than I had imagined and caused me to again orgasm in my pants! The sound of me going caused a chain reaction! First Alex blew his load into Virginia’s mouth and, as before, she willing and lustfully, swallowed every last droplet!

Allen drove his cock the furthest ever into the prison now holding it, and unloaded with its second delivery there that night! Virginia screamed as she entered her final orgasm of this event! All three then fell silent! Alex now took his cock from Virginia’s hand! She had earlier refused to surrender it to him. Allen elevated himself up once more; Virginia again took his cock into her grasp, as he gently pulled it from her pussy. Virginia moaned as he did so! As expected from previous experiences earlier that evening, Allen recouped every last ounce of love juices from her engorged cunt as it was now being forced out by her once hungry cunt! Virginia moaned, but was gone beyond the point of another orgasmic experience! There was by this time no fuck left in anyone! For now anyway!! Allen, Alex and Virginia laid, totally in the nude, lay on the bed for some time. All three were exhausted from their marathon event! I sat in a chair in the corner of the bed room and awaited for whatever might happen next, if not, for them to recoup their energies and we’d call it a night!

I also enjoyed the sight of Virginia’s white body as she lay between the blackness of Allen and Alex’s bodies! Occasionally Virginia would reach between her legs to her love nest and gently massage her well worn wet pussy! It was as if it needed some consolation after a stressful work out! Likewise, once in awhile, Allen and Alex would touch their cock, and/or balls, as if offering them similar comfort for a job well done! Virginia was the first of the three to come back to life! She first lifted her head as if to see where everyone was. She acknowledged my presence with a smile as I sat in the chair! Virginia gazed at Allen and Alex as they lay beside her in the bed! Then, gazing back at me as if to suggest: “I’m not finished yet!”, looked at the condition of Pee Wee and Pussy Tamer! Reaching down at Allen’s limp cock, she startled Allen as she took his limp cock into her hand and massaged it gently! Allen’s initial shock dissipated quicker than it appeared as he gently moaned with delight at Virginia’s renewed interest in his manhood! Alex now moved, his attention attracted by the renewed action of Virginia and Allen! Alex reached for his manhood as Virginia’s attention to his brother’s cock grew!

Virginia next moved herself down between Allen’s legs and commenced to give his, now coming back to life, black monster a blow job! She took his manhood into her mouth long before it commenced to have an erection! She loved the sensation, she would later relate to me, of feeling Allen’s massive cock grow within her mouth! As it grew it became increasingly difficult for her to maintain her mouth hold on it consequently she licked and sucked his cock with a fervor she hadn’t shown before. She seemed compelled to ensure that she was going to have this cock stand at its fullest erection and satisfy her hungry cunt at least once more this night.

Virginia played particular attention to Allen’s balls, below his balls to his asshole, in her effort to ensure her objective was attained! Allen didn’t disappoint her! His cock took her loving attention in stride and rewarded her with an erection, which by appearance at least, was bigger than anything we had earlier witnessed! Successful now in securing Pussy Tamer’s attention, Virginia was ready to have it penetrated her hot cunt once again! She was ablush with passion as she moved herself in a position, on her knees, above Allen’s massive black cock! Virginia, taking Allen’s cock into her hand, placed the head of it and placed it at the orifice of her hungry cunt, wetting it in her flowing love juices! Allen only looked with satisfaction at her action, his passions rising with her every movement! Virginia lowered herself gently onto the black engorged cock that she held to her cunt! Both Allen and Virginia moaned as each felt the tenderness of the others love tool! Using her weight as leverage, Virginia caused Allen’s cock to penetrated her cunt hole ever so slowly! Her actions causing Allen to thrust upwards into her cunt!

Virginia screamed with delight as this black intrusion, once again, successfully entered deeply into her cunt hole! Allen reached for her hips and began to pound her cunt for all it was worth! Virginia screamed loudly with renewed passion shooting through every inch of her body and soul! After several minutes of Allen’s unmercifully pussy pounding, Virginia orgasmed! Allen however was not yet near the point of satisfying his own passion! Allen pulled Virginia down upon his own body and held her tightly as her continued to pound Virginia’s hot pussy! Virginia, if indeed she had wanted too, was useless to resist Allen’s invigorated pounding of her cunt! Allen’s pounding took another toll as it sent Virginia into her second orgasm, and impelled her to ask for “mercy!” Allen responded by remaining still, but retained his massive cock in her pussy as he held her tight! Virginia responded with a sigh of relief at his consideration! After some rest, Virginia was the first to notice that Alex was by now in a state of total exasperation, holding his massive stiff cock in one hand and massaging his balls with the other! I had been too busy filming the whole scene to care! Virginia reached for Alex’s cock and massaged it lovingly, and responded as if it had questioned her intentions.

“Come on Pee Wee! Come on over and join your big brother and me! You can mount me from behind if you want! I can handle you both at the same time! Come on! Don’t disappoint me!”

Alex needed no coaxing as he placed himself on his knees, between his brother’s legs, and placed the head of his cock at Virginia’s asshole! Virginia squealed with delight and passion! Allen again began to fuck her cunt hole!

“Alex, be careful! I never took one up my bum before! Don’t hurt me!” Virginia implored!

Alex was passed the point of hearing anything, or caring! After several attempts to enter her asshole, he attempted to lubricate it with love juice from her cunt and around Allen’s massive cock! Virginia screamed with the delightful sensation this caused her! Allen appeared interested in only getting his load discharged within Virginia’s cunt as quickly as possible! Fearful perhaps that Virginia wouldn’t have the staying power to accomplish the task! After several more attempts, with cooperation and assistance from Virginia, Alex succeeded in penetrating her asshole! The feeling of one black cock up her cunt, another up her asshole, Virginia continued to scream in passion! She had never been fucked like this in her lifetime, but she loved it! She had several more orgasms! Now totally exhausted, even more so than ever before, she lay limp in the arms of Allen as they continued to pound away at her cunt and asshole!

She could feel the two cocks touch inside her with each thrust they made into her! Then, now to her delight, she felt spasms in their massive intrusions, as they exploded deep within her cunt and asshole! She had now accomplished more than she had ever dreamed of, she fucked two black men at the same time, in every conceivable way possible! Alex and Allen withdrew their now limp cocks from each of Virginia’s orifices and lay on the bed, all three were totally spent, any sign of an erection was only a happy memory! Virginia’s cunt and asshole now felt sore, but for this time at least, totally satisfied! Some thirty minutes later, Allen and Alex came back to life and slowly made their way to the door themselves! Virginia lay asleep on the bed! I got a blanket and placed it over her! She had a look of absolute and total satisfaction on her face! She sighed a sigh of appreciation and was gone!

I went into the kitchen, poured myself a glass of cold wine! I placed the first disk of the evening’s happenings into the video machine and sat to review what I had captured of the night’s events. I looked out the window and witnessed the sun as it came up above the horizon! It was a blazing red sunrise! The last thing I remember after that was my loving wife waking me up at seven p.m.! I looked up and stared at Virginia through red sleep deprived eyes! Virginia looked striking and refreshed! She wore tight fitting black denim jeans, white blouse over which she wore a black vest, which together, always accentuated her beautiful curved figure! Her deep brown tan and almost blond hair accentuated her gorgeous looks! She was a sight to behold! Her tight jeans were clearly making visible the outline of her most private possessions! She was a thing of every mans dreams and I loved her!

“You getting up sleepy head?”

“Yes! What time is it?”

“Seven o’clock, time for dinner! I’ve made reservations for eight-thirty for us! That o.k!”

“Sure! Sure! Oh God! I feel like I’ve been run over by a train!”

“You sure do! Go get a shower and get shaved and dressed. Then you’ll feel better!”

I did as directed, without protest, or conscious knowledge of really what was happening at that moment, or of what had happened the night before! After several minutes in a cold shower I began to regain my composure! My memories became clearly vivid! I now realized as to how casual and unconcerned Virginia had been as I left to shower! I now became anxious to shower and dress as quickly as possible! I was smitten by her response to her evening’s experiences! I entered the living room where Virginia sat glancing through magazine with one hand, again, stroking her vagina! I went over and kissed her on the head and gently rubbed her loins!

“There! How’s that? Do I look better!”

“You sure do! Honey! How you feeling!”

“I’ll feel a little better when I get some good food in me! How about you?”

“I’m starving! Other than that, sore but happy!”

“What do you mean, sore but happy!”

“After what those two put me through last night with those giant cocks of theirs my pussy is sore! I think that it will take at least a couple of months for her to fully recuperate! Those two couldn’t get enough pussy last night! God they were horny!”

“They were horny! If that’s what they were what were you? I’ve never seen you like that before! I never ever thought you could be so bad! God! It’s a good thing they had a much cock to give you as they did or you would have never been able to be satisfied!”

“There was a time there that poor old Allen thought you were going to tear the cock right off him and take it home with you! I mean you couldn’t get enough of those two! Could you?”

“Mm-m-m-m-m! I was as horny as that was I! I guess I was! I just couldn’t get enough of those big black cocks! I could still be fucking them now if I hadn’t gotten so tired! God! Those guys sure could fuck! What did you think of the blow jobs I gave them! Their cocks were huge weren’t they! They sure fucked me good! My poor pussy won’t be able to forget them for quiet some time!”

“I don’t think any woman alive could’ve fucked those guys the way you did! I mean they were in worse condition that you by the time they left here! You fucked them good! Did you really enjoy it! Would you want to do it to them again!”

“Would I! Mm-m! Yes I would! At the drop of a hat! But only as long as you wanted met too! O.K.?”

“Anytime honey! Anytime!” I noticed now that her pants were busting with the hugeness of her now very swollen pussy, her index fingers playing deftly between their lips!

“Virginia! You got yourself all horny again from just thinking about last night!

Why don’t we take a walk around the grounds! We haven’t done that yet!

By the time we make the rounds it’ll be dinner time! What do you think?”

“I think you’re right! Maybe I shouldn’t allow myself to get horny again tonight!”

“Let’s go!”

The evening’s air was invigorating! The sound of the river flowing by, the noises of the birds, squirrels, crickets, moose and deer in the distances, a loon calling from a nearby pool up river, a of geese overhead was capable of defying the worst of mans worries! The smells of the various trees, flowers and other wild fauna tantalized the senses! It was just a great place to be and great to be alive! Nothing mattered to Virginia and I, just us! Nat last nights goings on, nor tomorrows! Just tonight, together and alone! We would need, or want company this night! We slowly wandered through the pathways, stopping here, stopping there, enjoying nature! But most of all each other! We felt now that our wildest, and baddest, fantasies had now been fulfilled and we were both fully satisfied never to return there again! All we needed was each other for ever! It was probably the most enjoyable, and romantic, walk we had ever enjoyed in all our life! We arrived at the restaurant just in time for our reservation! We were both in a need of a great steak tonight and that’s what we had! We went first class, as was perhaps the way we always did things, even in friendships! We didn’t drink as much this evening, limiting ourselves to just a few glasses of wine! During desert the waitress of the previous evening returned to finish the balance of her evening’s shift. she approached our table:

“Good evening! How are you people tonight? You’re looking beautiful! Mam!”

“You look as if your husband just won the lottery for you!”

“Thank you! No! He didn’t win any lottery! But he is good to me!” smiling at me with that seductive look of hers.

“Your friends were in earlier this evening for dinner! They looked terrible! They said they didn’t get much rest last night and couldn’t sleep much today! They looked awful! They asked if you two had been in! They asked that if I did see you tonight to tell you that they would be in touch with you later! I doubt it though! They’re probably asleep for the night by now!”

“Yes! They probably are! Thank you very much for the message!” I replied.

We ordered dinner and finished it off with dessert and a few liqueurs. Virginia’s interest in sex, which I had thought that by now had waned, was still a topic of interest to her! Her lust never seemed to abate as she again surprised me by asking:

“What would you like to see me do next! What’s your next fantasy!”

“Really, I don know that I have another sexual fantasy!

What are you thinking about now?”

“Well, I don’t know really! It is just that you’ve had so many of them, I thought I’d ask!”

“I’ve always had a fantasy about you being screwed by a black guy! You satisfied that fantasy, not just for me but for you too, in getting fucked by two of them! I should rephrase that, by two of them at once! What more can I say!”

“You must be thinking something else though or you wouldn’t ask!

What is it? What are you thinking about?”

“No, nothing! I just thought that I would ask, that’s all!”

“Virginia, I won’t settle for that! That’s not an answer! Come on! What are you thinking about?”

“You’re the one with all the fantasies all the time! I was just thinking about another fantasy you used always bring up when you were real horny! That’s all!”

“I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking that I’d like to see you with another woman! That’s it! Isn’t it! I’m right ain’t I!”

“Well you always said you’d like to see that happen! Didn’t you!”

“Yes! Yes I did! Are you telling me that now you’d like to do that! Is that what you’re saying?”

“Only if you want me too! Having a woman chew my pussy might be nice to try for once! Would you like to see me with another woman? Maybe when we’re finished fucking each other we’ll both take you and work you over! Would you like that!”

“No question abut it! I’d love it! Lets agree for now though, until such time as that opportunity presents itself!”

“It’s only a fantasy and as far as this trip is concerned, your sex activities are on hold for a few days! Your poor pussy needs a rest after what she’s been put through! Don’t you agree!”

“Agreed! No more sex or talk of sex till then!”

“Great! Let’s call it a day then! You’re fantasy of doing it with another woman can wait!”

Virginia and I returned to our cabin, had a nightcap, made love and called it a day. The next morning I awoke at about six. I was in the kitchen when I noticed a message had been pushed under the door: it read:

Dear DJ & Virginia:

Sorry to inform you that we have had to make an urgent and unscheduled trip back home! Unfortunately one of our dearest friends, and long time neighbor, has passed away! We have little choice but to leave. We asked at the desk for your address and/or telephone number but unfortunately they could not, or would not, give us that information without your approval but it’s four in the morning and we didn’t want to disturb you both! Please note our telephone number and address and we beg you contact at the earliest possible time!

Kindest Regards,
Allen & Alex

p.s. What is the possibility of getting a copy of your movies of last evening! We thank you both! Especially Virginia for a life long remembrance! There’s no woman like you!

Virginia and I laughed and enjoyed their thoughts. That evening we enjoyed a replay of her acrobatics with them and afterwards had an official burning of their memorandum!

Tomorrow we’re going fishing!!